Opening Hymn God is Love

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					Opening Hymn: God is Love

Scripture Reading: Rev.3:14-19

Sermon: The Key

Closing Hymn: Christ for the World

         My message today is a sobering one. This is the question each of us
must answer. Is our mind on the finishing of the work of carrying the 3
angel’s messages of Revelation 14 to Christian North America, or are we
simply occupying until Jesus comes, deceived by our own complacency?
         The time is far spent. We should be proclaiming, “The time is
fulfilled: the Second Coming of Jesus is at hand!”
         It has been over 160 years since the message of the final Judgment
began. Noah preached for 120 years before it was too late to get into the ark.
How long will this message languish?
         Many of us have Christian friends, neighbours, and relatives who we
don’t really reach out to with our beliefs because we figure they are probably
as good Christians as we are, isn’t that right? But what if they are lost
because we didn’t explain the Way more perfectly? If they are deceived
regarding the Gospel, who will save them?
         To focus in on our problem, Jesus, the True Witness, says that we are
Laodicean. We are neither hot, nor cold. He tells us that we need to buy three
things from Him. Most of us can name off those three things. What are they?
#1. Gold, tried in the fire. – What is that? Many of you are still unsure. The
Gold is our spiritual experiences from sharing our faith; which may lead to
#2. White raiment from Jesus – the clothing that is “the righteousness of
saints” – Rev.19, verse 8.
#3. Eye-salve from Jesus – the Holy Spirit’s presence to open our spiritual
         But few of us realize that these things that we must acquire from
Jesus are given to help us to break free from our Laodicean condition, after
we have received, personally, the rebuke of Jesus, the true witness: after we
have repented of our apathy toward the work of saving souls!
         You see, our emphasis in the message to Laodicea has been on
receiving the 3 needed things – gold, raiment, and eyesalve. We need to put
the emphasis on the rebuke: “…be zealous and repent!”
           Why do we not have “gold, tried in the fire?” Do we have that? No!
We don’t have it because we don’t carry the three angel’s messages to our
neighbour. Jesus Himself stated that His disciples would have tribulation!
We don’t have tribulation. This is because we aren’t doing anything. People
around us know that we are here, but to them we are just another
denomination! We are not zealous for their salvation!
           Do we have the righteousness of saints to clothe ourselves with? We
think we do. But we have deceived ourselves, like the rich young ruler who
came to see Jesus. He also kept all of the Ten Commandments, from his
youth up. What he lacked still in the quest for eternal life, we lack. What is
it? It is to take up our cross – which is to be prepared to suffer persecution for
stirring up people with the truth. When we tell it straight, that their
“Christian” church has been deceiving them into breaking the
Commandments of God, we will see persecution!
           Do we really have the gift of the Spirit? Where is His deep love for
the souls of our neighbours? Every spiritual gift is evangelistic, isn’t it? Our
relatives, friends and neighbours are going down to the pit of death without
ever receiving the true gospel! The Everlasting Gospel! The saving gospel!
           Jesus says “Repent!” We have the key to the kingdom of heaven, yet
we are not actually entering in, and we are actually hindering others from
going in, by not sharing the truths we know! Turn to the 11th chapter of Luke,
verse 52, please. This same rebuke by Jesus fits us today, just as it did for
Israel of old. Luke 11, verse 52. Jesus said this to the church of His day.
“Woe unto you lawyers,” He said: “…you law-keepers,” is His point. Jesus
wasn’t talking to a lawyers convention! He was rebuking a crowd of
Pharisees, a crowd of the Seventh-day Adventists of His day, who weren’t
being light-bearers to their neighbours! Please read it in your Bible, while I
paraphrase it for you for clarity.
           “Woe unto you, you law-keepers! For you have kept to yourselves
the key of knowledge; you haven’t actually entered in yourselves, and those
that are trying to enter, you are hindering, by not sharing the truths you
           People, our friends, our Christian friends, neighbours, and relatives,
do know that something is wrong with the message they are hearing from the
pulpit of their churches. I did, before I was led by God to active Adventists.
Jesus had to send me across Canada, all the way from Toronto, Ontario, to
Calgary, to bring me into a church of non-Laodicean, active Adventists. That
church had spawned four new congregations, just around the time I arrived!
           But we, and I include myself now, are Laodicean, today. We know
that we have the truth, unto eternal life, but we are not sharing it! Jesus, the
true witness, here in Luke 11, says that we don’t have eternal life yet! What
do we lack yet?
                                    (2)                                              (7)
                 Let’s kneel before God, and pray.                                         We lack what the rich young ruler lacked. We lack the deep love for
As our eyes are closed, visualize the very throne of God, with millions of        the souls of others that Jesus is willing to give us, that will prepare us to
angels in attendance. By faith, we are there, speaking to our Creator-God!        suffer persecution willingly, and dare to go out and serve with Jesus to save
                                                                                  others. We can only receive that kind of love by choosing to repent of our
                                                                                  selfish, Laodicean condition, and become zealous for the kingdom of Jesus!
         Our Great Father in heaven; Jesus, the true Witness, is right about      We need the “gold, tried in the fire” – the spiritual experiences from boldly
us. We are neither hot nor cold! We repent, therefore, and ask that you make      sharing the truth, which will lead to persecution.
us zealous for your Kingdom, on earth, in our lives, as it is in heaven.
         Please, burn into our hearts that our Christian friends, neighbours,              I have, in my possession, the key of knowledge that Jesus was
and relatives are still in a lost condition, for lack of knowledge, and that we   referring to. I have it on a shelf in my home. I rarely take it out and unveil
lack that one thing that is keeping us from eternal life…the love for the souls   the truths of the gospel that will stir up people, and cause many to rise up
of others that will cause us to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.                 against us, but which the few honest ones, led by Holy Spirit, are seeking to
         Now, we want the gold tried in the fire. Help us, please, to burn with   know. I fail to even invite them into my home, where they would expect me
the desire to save and be saved. Encourage us to get for ourselves a key of       to share it. You have it on your shelf at home too. If you don’t, you should!
knowledge, and use it to proclaim the Everlasting Gospel!                         What is this key of knowledge? It is a Bible Study Guides packet, like this
         In the name of our Saviour and Lord, and for the sake of His             one. (Hold up Encounter Bible Study Guides) The leadership of the world-
Kingdom we pray; Amen.                                                            wide Seventh-day Adventist Church have provided us with the best key of
                                                                                  true knowledge that they could, based on the experience of hundreds of
                                                                                  evangelists and pastors. This packet (hold it up) is the key of knowledge that
        Our closing Hymn is:                                                      every one of us can afford. We should always have at least one packet on
                Christ for the World                                              hand at home. If you need one, order a Bible Study Guides packet through
                                                                                  your church treasurer; and please, cover the cost yourself. Buy it. What you
                                                                                  pay for, you tend to use; isn’t that right?
                                                                                           I recommend the Encounter Bible Study Guides…with one caution:
                                                                                  when you use any guides, only give out two or three at a time; never a whole
                                                                                  bunch. Promise to go over each one with them, and make sure they answer
                                                                                  every question. Then, ask the decision question at the end of each one. Then
                                                                                  you give them the next two or three. (pause)
                                                                                           Now: why don’t you or I take out this key of knowledge and unveil
                                                                                  the truths of the gospel to our Christian friends and relatives and neighbours?
                                                                                  Why are we not zealous for the kingdom of our Lord Jesus?
                                                                                           It is because we think that they are as Christian as we are, isn’t it?
                                                                                  But this is our error, and everyone’s grave danger. It is strong self-delusion!
                                                                                  Revelation 14, verse 6 says that the first part of our message to the world is
                                                                                  the Everlasting Gospel, which must be preached to all of the peoples of the
                                                                                  earth. If almost half of the world is Christian, why does Jesus proclaim that
                                                                                  the Everlasting Gospel must be preached to every nation? Here is the answer.
                                                                                  Listen carefully.
                                                                                           Almost the entirety of Christianity doesn’t have the Everlasting
                                                                                  Gospel; but rather they have only half of the true gospel. This is a major part
                                                                                  of the reason that Jesus calls them the daughters of Great Babylon.

                                 (6)                                                                               (3)
         Nearly all of the churches of Christianity today teach that believers             The Everlasting Gospel has two, equally necessary, halves. Jesus
only have to accept Jesus as their Saviour and He will forgive every sin they     paid the penalty for all of our sins: and, Jesus gives us power, His Holy Spirit
commit. He paid the wages of sin for them, so they simply have to ask             power, to become overcomers.
forgiveness and Jesus has promised that every sin will be forgiven. Many                   Listen! “But as many as received Him, to them gave He power to
even think they can choose to sin; pre-meditated sin, if you will, and expect     become the sons of God.” John 1, verse 12
Jesus to save them into His kingdom. So, they hardly have to know the Ten                           “To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life,
Commandments: whenever they sin, they just have to ask forgiveness, and           which is in the midst of the paradise of God.” Revelation 2, verse 7
presto, they think they are without sin in the Judgment! This is a complete                         “He that overcometh shall not be hurt of the second death.”
mis-understanding of the word kingdom. The KING has laws that His                                                                   Revelation 2, verse 11
citizens are to keep! The Plan of Salvation is that we are to learn to obey His                     “He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white
Commandments and strive, with the help of Holy Spirit in us, against sin. We      raiment.” Revelation 3, verse 5
are to overcome, as Jesus Himself overcame. “Blessed are they that do His                           “To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my
Commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in      throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in His
through the gates into the city [New Jerusalem].” Revelation 22:14                throne.” Revelation 3, verse 21
                                                                                           Did Jesus sin? No! Jesus refused to sin, in the power of the Holy
Now: let’s look at a Biblical answer to our problem of how to deal with other     Spirit. If we are to be overcomers, we will overcome in the same power of
Christians. Would you please turn to the 18th chapter of Acts, verse 24? Acts     the Holy Spirit. Remember the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness? Holy
18, verse 24. If we apply this text, ourselves, we will receive what Jesus says   Spirit brings to our remembrance the words of Scripture, and, like Jesus, we
we need to help us to break out of our Laodicean apathy. Acts 18, verses 24       will answer temptation to sin with “It is Written!”
to 26. (read)                                                                              Did the apostle Paul continue in sin? No! He protested, “God
         Friends, we need to expound unto all of our Christian friends,           forbid!” “Let not sin therefore, reign in your mortal body, that you should
relatives, and neighbours, “the Way of God more perfectly!” Let me put it         obey it in the lusts thereof!!” Romans 6, verses 1 and 12
the other way around. They…need us to expound unto them the Way of God                     Both halves of the Gospel, together, make up the Everlasting Gospel.
more perfectly! They need the Everlasting Gospel, or they will be lost!           Here they are. Jesus covers and forgives the sins that are past, through the
         God has said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”           forbearance of God; Romans 3, verse 25, and Jesus gives us the power to
Hosea 4: verse 6. In this Judgment hour of history, half of the Gospel            overcome, so that we can be the sons and daughters of God. John 1, verse 12
will not save! Only the Everlasting Gospel will save, both them and us.                             “Here are they that keep the Commandments of God, and the
Understanding, and making the true Gospel message our own, is part of             faith of Jesus.” [His faith was faith in the Scriptures] Revelation 14, verse 12
saving ourselves!                                                                                   “And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to
         Will anyone sin in the earth made new? God forbid! Sin is to end,        make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the Commandments of
and never rise the second time. Will anyone kill in the new earth? Where          God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” [Again the Scriptures,
then would be the eternal life of the one killed? And would not the killer        especially Revelation] Revelation 12, verse 17
have to be destroyed? That is all here on earth today. That’s what we don’t                         “Blessed are they that do His Commandments, that they may
want any more of. “Sin is the transgression of the Law.” – [the Ten               have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.”
Commandment Law] 1st John 3, verse 4                                              Revelation 22, verse 14
         But will we be unable to choose to kill? No, our power of choice                  Friends, let’s repent of our Laodicean condition, before Jesus spews
will always remain. But we will have overcome sin, won’t we? We will              our names out of His mouth, in Judgment! Let us make ourselves zealous for
choose not to sin. It is this choice, empowered by the Spirit, in us, of Jesus,   the kingdom of our great Saviour God. Jesus is rebuking almost every one of
Who refused to sin, that makes it possible for God to save us, unto eternal       us! We must possess the Key of Knowledge – even that key that we can give
life. Eternal life will be given to those who are judged and found to be          so easily to others – Bible Study Guides. We must decide to love our
striving against sin…those who don’t want to sin, any sin, anymore! We            neighbours enough to expound unto them “the Way of God more perfectly:”
must be judged to be, if not overcomers, at least overcoming sin.                 or they, and us, will perish!
                                    (4)                                                                               (5)