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• Often the most striking feature of an
• Colors can be warm or cold, bold or
Christmas tree and advertising billboard light up Ploschad Sovietskoy
(Soviet Square) in the centre of Murmansk, seen from the 18th floor of
Hotel Arktika. Murmansk is the largest city in the world North of the
Arctic Circle. Taken at 5pm. Simon C Roberts, NB Pictures
A man pulls a child on a
sledge past the immense
concrete soldier named
Alyosha built on a hill
overlooking the city of
Murmansk. An eternal
flame burns at the base
of the statue in memory
of those who died in the
two World Wars. Taken at
An American warship, Daniel Morgan, which was torpedoed by the
Germans and sunk on 7th May 1942 sits rusting alongside another boat in
the Barents Sea just outside Murmansk. Taken at 2pm.
Laundry hangs outside a house in Magarass, a native Yakutian village in
Northern Russia. Taken at 9am.
Soviet-style apartment blocks in Murmansk. Taken at Noon
A gust of wind sends robes flying as Cardinals file by to kiss the
Gospel during the funeral of Pope John Paul II in the center of St.
Peter's Square at the Vatican. Smiley Pool, The Dallas Morning News
Pair of swans
floating on the
reflecting pool of the
Lincoln Memorial in
Washington, D.C.
Bill Weems, National
A Potlatch tree farm of fast growing poplar trees decorates the I-84
roadside in Umatilla, Oregon during a blustery November day. Jed
Conklin, The Spokesman-Review

• The use of a frame to enclose a subject
  can work effectively
• Used intelligently, a frame can enhance
  a photo’s aesthetic appeal
Members of the Roanoke Valley Pickers Charlie Hinson (center, on guitar) and
Eddie Johnson (right, on banjo) play with their band members at the Explore
Park visitor’s center. Josh Meltzer, The Roanoke Times
Framing unfenced cattle in the car’s windshield
connects the woman rural mail carrier to the
countryside she delivers mail to. A photo of the cattle
without the frame would have much less impact.
The long arm of the law reaches the middle of nowhere in Chile, where wary police stop
a visitor for speeding. / national Geographic
A task normally taken in stride is too much for 87-year-old
Edwin Genero, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. For a
decade his 43-year-old daughter, Charmine, has tended to his
increasing needs in her Arlington, Virginia, home. / National

A dreadful disease was crippling
hundreds of people in the
Japanese City of Minamata. The
source of the illness had been
traced to the pollution of the sea
and fish by mercury waste from
the Cisso chemical factory.

             Industrial waste from the
                     Chisso Chemical
                  Company, 1972. W.
                        Eugene Smith
Chiso wastewater pool for factory discharges.
Manuel Delacruz leans over a gutter that was curb high with swift moving
runoff as he tries to diagnose a problem with his truck during a powerful but
short-lived storm that passed through the area Thursday afternoon.
Aerial view of damage from
Hurricane Katrina in New
Orleans, Louisiana, the
morning after the storm,
Tuesday morning, August 30,
2005. Smiley Pool, The
Dallas Morning News
Water surrounds homes in the devastated Ninth Ward in this aerial
view of damage from Hurricane Katrina
Orleans Parish prisoners are held on a highway overpass in
an aerial view of damage from Hurricane Katrina in New
People sift through the rubble of a convenience store in an aerial
view of damage from Hurricane Katrina in Long Beach, MS.
Residents, including a man with only one leg, wait on a rooftop to
be evacuated from the flood waters of New Orleans as officials
evacuate the city after Hurricane Katrina, Thursday.
Rubble is all that is left of an apartment complex in an aerial view of
damage from Hurricane Katrina in Pass Christian, MS, Wednesday
morning, August 31, 2005. A fire burns in the background.
Tony Marez, 7, center, his sister Michelle Marez, 6, left, and brother Ricky Marez, 8,
play a bean bag toss game at Miller Park in Bloomington on Sunday, July 4, 2010.
(The Pantagraph/STEVE SMEDLEY)
A relative of one of the 33 miners trapped deep underground in a
copper and gold mine is hugged by a policeman after the T-130
drilling machine completed an escape hole at the San Jose mine
near Copaipo, Chile, on Oct. 9. (Ivan Alvarado / Reuters)
In step - Female North Korean soldiers march during a military parade to
commemorate the 65th anniversary of founding of the Workers' Party of Korea, in
Pyongyang on Oct.10. North Korea's leader-in-waiting, the youngest son of ailing
ruler Kim Jong-il, took center stage. Petar Kujundzic / Reuters
A sinkhole created by tropical storm Agatha is seen in the Ciudad Nueva
neighborhood in Guatemala City, Guatemala, on May 29. Agatha caused landslides
and floods that left tens of thousands homeless in Central America. Luis Echeverria /
Guatemala Presidency via EPA
Gregg Smith shovels out after a heavy snowfall in the Boston suburb of
Marlborough, Mass., Dec. 27. A powerful East Coast blizzard menaced would-be
travelers by air, rail and highway Monday, leaving thousands without a way to get
home after the holidays. Bill Sikes / AP
A construction worker walks through a new residential building site in Shanghai on March
3. New-home prices in China rose 0.48 percent in February. Aly Song / Reuters
A Chinese military band rehearses before the opening session of the Chinese People's
Political Consultative Conference, held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, on
March 3. Ng Han Guan / AP
• Texture is an intrinsic property of each
  and everything
• Texture can have a decorative effect
  lend lend an overall pattern to an object
A sandbag is lowered by
water into the broken
section of a the London
Avenue Canal levee in
New Orleans following
Hurricane Katrina.
Smiley Pool, The Dallas
Morning News
Snow and wind made walking difficult on the Capital's Mall during a
snow storm. Andrea Bruce, The Washington Post
Jewish settlers peer out from holes in their roof as Israeli police arrive
to evict them from their home in the Jewish settlement of Gadid on
August 19, 2005. David Guttenfelder, Associated Press
Children play in the water from a fire hose that was sprayed on them
from the Golden Gate Fire department during the Harvest Festival on
Saturday at Big Cypress Elementary School in Naples, Fla. Lexey
Swall, Naples Daily News
Texas Rangers pitcher Kameron Loe delivers a ninth-inning pitch in a
downpour against Baltimore. Louis DeLuca, Dallas Morning News
Long Reach High School senior Ashley Shiner, her date Alex Mendoza, Howard
High senior Lindsey Davis and former Long Reach student Trend McLlough enjoy
the evening during the Long Reach prom on May 14 at the Hilton Hotel in Silver
Spring. Ji-Eun Lee, Patuxent Publishing Company
World Record Holder Aaron Peirsol steamlines and kicks off the wall as he
swims backstroke during the Santa Clara Grand Prix on June 26, 2005 at the
Santa Clara Swim Club Aquatics Center in Santa Clara, California. Donald
Miralle, Jr., Getty Images
A photograph from the Texas Air National Guard archives shows former
enlisted Air Guardsman George W. Bush (left) having his second
lieutenant bars pinned on by his father, George H.W. Bush, during a
1968 commissioning ceremony. The image is comprised of the faces of
those who lost their lives in the war in Iraq. Sean Stipp, Freelance
The Wake, 1950. W. Eugene Smith
“I would rather make warm and friendly photographs, but when I looked at these
people in the Guardia Civil I was aware that at least two of them had tortured their
countrymen, and I could not feel very friendly.”
ONLY WAY OUT- Palestinians crouch inside the Door of Humility for a glimpse of the
outside world as Israeli tanks and soldiers take aim at the Church of the Nativity. Eight
men died inside before the 39 day siege came to an end. Carolyn Cole, Los Angeles
Firefighters battle a house fire amidst heavy smoke. All of the
entrances in the house were blocked by clothes and paperwork,
preventing the firefighters from entering the structure. Arson charges
were later filed against the tenant. Josh Meltzer, The Roanoke Times
"I love the community and we're all involved. It's what the people are here.
We all do the same thing," said Mary Sumpter. "It's a sense of America and
where I live and work everyday." Sumpter is a realtor who donates and
places 3,000 flags on the streets of Flint suburbs Vernon, Bancroft and
Durand for the fourth of July celebration. Steve Jessmore, The Flint
To fuel up, Chris and Nick Holste chow down at the Mule Skinner Saloon in
Oxford, Neb. Hired farmhands, the twins keep almost identical schedules. Up
at 6 a.m. they fix tractors, balers and gearboxes, taking a break for a dinner
of steak and potatoes. / National Geographic
     Backgrounds / foregrounds

• Need to notice background and
  foreground elements in photo
  – Usually beginning photographers just
    concentrate on subject
• Background / foreground elements can
  be distracting
  – Trees, cars, person walking by
You can use selective focus to make one element stand out by
focusing on it. This photo was shot over an onlooker’s shoulder.
Robert Townsend / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
In this photo the president of the Missouri Farmers Association
stands in front of a mural depicting the organizational meeting
of the MFA in 1914.
Serbian sunbathers relax across from what remains of the Freedom
Bridge, felled by NATO bombs in 1999. Ed Kashi / National
In this photo the lights in the background are integral to the
composition and add to the aesthetic appeal of the picture.
In focus - Toronto's Corey Patterson plays a ball off the wall, hit by Detroit's Brandon
Inge during the ninth inning of their baseball game in Toronto on Friday, May 6. Fred
Thornhill / Reuters
The ads in the background of this picture make it
unpublishable. The beer ads merge with the face and
hand of the dart thrower. A more shallow depth of field,
different angle or back lighting may have helped.
This photo tries to
do too much. The
purpose is to show
a fireman using his
boot to collect
donations from
motorists. The
center of interest,
however, doesn’t
clearly stand out
from the poster in
the background.
    Strong center of interest
• Usually means having a person in the
• Even in pictorial, including person adds
  scale and contrast
• Viewers usually find other people most
  – Usually what attracts reader’s attention
Road less traveled - A man walks on a road covered with ash from the Puyehue volcano on
June 7. The eruption in southern Chile prompted the government to order 3,500 residents to
leave the area while ash blanketed towns about 62 miles away in Argentina. Ian Salas / EPA