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					                                          A newsletter of the
      California Job’s Daughters Foundation

                       Brick by Brick
                             “Building for the Future of Job’s Daughters”
                                      California Job’s Daughters Foundation
                                      A 501[c][3] Non-Profit Public Charity

          Volume 16, Issue 1                                                         Spring/Summer 2011

                                                                                         DEADLINE FOR NEXT BRICK
Thank you to the Board of Trustee's for your confidence and electing me Presi-              September 30, 2011
dent at our Annual Foundation Meeting in January. Building for the Future of                    ***********
Job's Daughters is very near and dear to my heart. Without the skills, I learned as        Articles or ideas to
a Job's Daughters I know that I would not have been as successful in my career.                 Ida Evans

As we start a new year, just a reminder to remember the California Job's Daugh-    
ters Foundation. Without the support we receive from our family and friends the
Foundation would not be able to award scholarships, support Leader-
ship Training for daughters, council members, and deputies, or Miss California                   IN THIS ISSUE
Job's Daughters. In addition, we support the California Job’s Daughters annual
Philanthropic project and Supreme Philanthropic, H.I.K.E (Hearing Impaired Kids              Check out Cars4Causes
                                                                                             See report from Bethel 148
All contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.         Auburn about past scholar-
This allows us to solicit public support of charitable gifts for income tax purposes.
                                                                                              ship recipients.
We are able to solicit grants from businesses, inclusion in wills, life insurance
trusts, and be a beneficiary of an estate for tax purposes. Every little bit helps the
Foundation to promote a positive future for our youth.                                       Information about scholar-
If you are interested in becoming an active part of the Foundation, Board of Trus-
tees, please contact myself or Sharron Porter.(Secretary) The only requirement is            New Trustees needed
a willingness to support the youth of Job’s Daughters and be a Certified Adult Vol-
unteer through Job’s Daughters International                                                 Info on all of the Founda-
                                                                                              tion Fundraisers
Regards, Donna
The California Job’s Daughters Foundation, Inc. is a 501 [c][3] non-profit corporation established January
31, 1996 to provide financial support for the Job’s Daughters of California. The objectives of the Founda-
tion are to provide educational opportunities, leadership development of adults and youth, support of
H.I.K.E., the Job’s Daughters Philanthropic project and to promote the Order in California. All contribu-
tions to the Foundation are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. This allows us to solicit public
support of charitable gifts for income tax purposes. We are able to solicit grants from businesses, inclu-
sion in wills, life insurance, trusts and to be a beneficiary of an estate for tax purposes. We can reserve
stocks and bonds, annuities or insurance, as well.

The Foundation operates independently from the Grand Guardian Council of California, (GGC) but financially
assists the various activities of Job’s Daughters in California through the GGC.

From the Desk of the Secretary:

The job of secretary certainly has its rewards. I enjoy all the notes sent in with donations espe-
cially those honoring someone or memorials that show the love for a departed one. You can
certainly see the difference Job's Daughters has made in many lives because of the volunteers
who give or gave so freely of themselves and their time, money, compassion, and knowledge.

If you know of someone who would benefit from our newsletter or would like to be removed
from the mail list, please contact me either through the office, website, or at cajdfounda-
      Happy Spring to all.
      Sharron Porter

                                                                   CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE!!!
The foundation is in need of new members. Several
trustees had to step down before the end of their        is all you
three year terms and the Foundation is looking for               need to look up and read about
replacements who can finish out the terms of those               what is happening with the Founda-
members. Also, in October, the Board will be elect-              tion. Lots of good information about
ing new members for three year terms. The Call for               all of the Fundraising projects.
Nomination form is located on the website,                       Please take a look, the website is Just click on the Trustee                very user friendly and should an-
button and you will see a link to the form. To be con-           swer all of your questions about
sidered, the nomination form must be received be-                what is going on in YOUR Founda-
fore the August 27 meeting in Tulare. Please con-                tion. Check it out!!!
sider submitting your name. There is much work to
do and fresh ideas are always needed and wel-
comed. The current list of Trustees is on the last               There are many ways you can sup-
page of this newsletter and also on the website. Call            port the California Job’s Daughters
a member and ask questions. Your help is needed.                 Foundation. Can you name them??
                                                                         Answers on page 5
                        DONATIONS FROM SEPTEMBER 21, 2010 TO FEBRUARY 27, 2011

                                               Annual Sponsor
 Mrs. Jo-Ann Anderson              Mr. Walter A Kelley                Trish Vosper
 Mrs. Joyce Anderson               Shirley Kindig                     Hilda Walker
 Mary Armato                      Howard & Jackie Kirkpatrick         Mr. & Mrs. Tony P Wordlow
 Mrs. Mary Barnes                 Betty Lampson                       Kent & Ann Yaeger
 Marsha Baumgarten                Carolyn & Bill La Valley            Roy & Dorothy Youngblood
 Frank & Ruth Bennett             Mrs. Lois LeFrancois                Angels Gate Lodge No 198
 Stephanie Bezner                  Kathleen Leggett                   Montebello-Whittier Masonic Lodge No 323
 Bill & Linda Bray                Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon S Merchant       Oakland Durant Rockridge Lodge No 188
 Mrs. Mildred E Brown             Kathy Miller                        F&AM
 Jennifer Coleman                 Everett & Mary Palmer               Pacific Rim Lodge No 567
 Debbie Eller                     Marcia Parent                       Santa Barbara Masonic Lodge #192
 Mr. & Mrs. Ray Essinger          Nancy & Gary Phillips               JDI Bethel No 108 Porterville
 Donna Fairchild                  Michelle Porter                     JDI Bethel No 129 San Jose
 Debralynn Findon                 Sharron Porter                      JDI Bethel No 324 Thousand Oaks
 Gary & Margaret Fitzpatrick      Sandy Rae                           JDI Bethel No 345
 Jeannine Galatioto               Arlen Rankine                       Lucerne Chapter #13 OES
 Mrs. Mary Gano                   Lynda Reed                          Old West Chapter #642 OES
 Karen Gneiting                   Bud & Dawn Riebel                   Past Grands Club
 Joanne Grant                     Kathy Rodden                        South Coast Guardian Council Association
 Roxie Gribble                    Helen M Rogers                      Mar Monte Guardian Council Association
 Mrs. Shirley J Gross             Patricia Schilder                   In Memory of Frances Hanisch
 Susan Hamblet                    Cathy Sieber-Lowe                             by Walter D Hanisch
 Rod & Ingrid Haney               Garneda Skinnel                     In Memory of Vic Crawford,
 Susie Hardman                    Tom & Teresa Steig                           PABG Bethel No 237
 Betty Hinkley                    George & Donna Thom                          by Susan L. Benedict
 Josephine Macdonald Hunter       Kathy Thompson                      In Honor of Ashley Vincent‟s Graduation
 Don & Marie Journey              Jackie Tracey                                from Cornell Law School
 Mr. & Mrs. Bill Keel                                                          by Susan Metal

                                                General Fund

Cathleen Miller                             In Honor of Debbie Lamparter Summerlin, Cancer Support by Mrs.
Barbara Michael                             Debbie Eller
David Alexander                                    By Sharron Porter
Patricia L Stahl                            In Honor of Mrs. Karen Garner for help with Bethel No 108 by Shar-
Louanne & Tim Clark                         ron Porter
Sandra Rae                                  In Honor of Michelle Moore‟s hard work with Bethel No 108
Illinoistown-Clay Lodge No 51 F & AM        In Honor of Mrs. Majorie Mylander and work with Bethel No 108
Orient of California AASR                   In Honor of Miss Pam Clark and all her work with Indian Tribe
United Way of San Diego County              Members
United Way California Capital Region        In Honor of Raymond Davies by Harvey E Chernik
Lynda Bree through Community Health In Honor of Howard McMackin‟s 80 Birthday

Charities                                          By Donna Fairchild
Mary Lake through Abbott Laboratories              By Sharron Porter
Employee Giving Campaign
Debbie Vazquez Tow through Allstate Giving Campaign
Joan Stafko through Kaiser Permanente Community Giving Campaign
In Memory of Barbara J. Hansen, PBG, PHQ Bethel No 66,
         Recipient of the Degree of Royal Purple by Mr. Kenneth R Hansen
In Memory of Kermit Hallenbeck by Irene Hallenbeck
In Memory of Andrew E. Dufresne by Roy & Dorothy Youngblood
In Memory of Rachel Caddes by Roberta Larson
In Memory of Samuel Woolsey by Hazel Woolsey
In Memory of Nan Francis by R.A. & J. M. Hunter
In Memory of Jennifer Swenson, PHQ Bethel No 283 by Dora Swanson
Andrews Scholarship                                             Klotz Scholarship
In Memory of Lois Andrews,                                      In Memory of Fred Klotz
PBG Bethel No 347 Elk Grove                                             James & Arlene Boyer
        JDI Bethel No 347 Elk Grove                                     David & Pat Lautrup
        Pam & Steve Borglund                                            Dana & Suzi Kelly
        June Dwyer                                                      George & Donna Thom
        Donna Fairchild
        Mary M Gano                                             Peters Scholarship
        Dr Carol Ann Hackley                                    In Memory of Jim and Lorraine Peters
        Marsha Holmes                                                   Terry & Dottie Campbell
        Judy Murphy                                                     Elva Christian
        Horward & Dolores McMackin                                      Kathy Miller
        Nancy & Gary Phillips                                   In Memory of Jim Peters
        Sharron Porter                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Tom Steig
        Cris W Powell                                                   Donna L Hurd
        Bill & Kathy Rodden
        Bill & Kathy Tuttle                                     Atwood Training
        Mr. & Mrs. James Yonce                                         R Stephen Doan
        In Loving Memory of “Mom Lois”                                 Mr. & Mrs. Walter R Ringwald
                by Amy L Bush                                          George & Donna Thom
Short Scholarship                                               Berniece Roberts Scholarship
In Memory of William W Short                                           Tom Roberts
        Terry Short
        George & Donna Thom                                     Florence Roberts Scholarship
Merry Christmas                                                        Tom Roberts
        Rose Marie Short
In Honor of My Mom Rose Marie Short                             Williams Scholarship
        Just Because by Garneda Skinnell                        In Memory of Danielle Williams
Dr Osburn Scholarship                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Tom Steig
In Memory of Dr. Steve Osburn                                          George & Donna Thom
        JDI Bethel No 65 Merced                                        Joy Walker
        Mary Barnes                                                    Orinda Lodge No 122 F&Am
        Roxie Gribble
        Kathy Thompson                                          Anderson Scholarship
        Cathlene & Ray Essinger                                 In Memory of Bob Anderson
        George & Donna Thom                                            George & Donna Thom
        Sharron Porter                                                 JDI Bethel No. 249 Newhall
        2005 Grand Family                                              Old West Chapter No 642 OES
Purple Cord Scholarship
In Honor of Debbie Lamporter Summerlin                          Storey Scholarship
1985-86 Grand Bethel Marshal by Sandi Weaver Uribe              In Memory of Jerry Storey
                                                                       Betty Jean English
LeFrancois Scholarship                                                 Donna Fairchild
        Lois LeFrancois                                                Cathy, Bert, Jessica, Erica Lowe
General Scholarship                                                    Mancel & Beverly Spoor
Judy Murphy                                                            Suzanne Telliano
JDI Bethel No 24 San Pedro
Mildred Dunn
Inez Scourkes
Donna Falzon
Semper Fidelis Chapter #135 OES
In Honor of the „94 Grand Officers and “Chicks” for friendship and adventures enjoyed then and still providing fun
and warm memories now
        by Kathy Miller
In Memory of Evelyn Lazarus, PGG
        Mary Barnes
        Past Grands Club
In Memory of Anita H. Simon PGG by Past Grands Club
In Memory of Elwood Schmutz by Janice Schmutz
In Memory of my Mom, June Fisher MM Bethel No 1 by Patt Kinsel
In Memory of Herb Huffman by Frank & Ruth Bennett
In Memory of Bethel No.76 San Fernando by Frank & Shirley M Bruno
In Memory of Kathryn Womach by Barbara Michael
In Memory of Tess Misner by Mr. & Mrs. Tom Steig
                                           DID YOU KNOW???
    From 1996 through 2010, the Foundation has given out over $150,000 in scholarships.
    43 Bethels have received one scholarship
    20 Bethels have received two scholarships
    9 Bethels have received three scholarships
    7 Bethels have received four scholarships
    2 Bethels have received six scholarships.
    An annual sponsor costs $25. Is your Bethel one??
    The Bethels of 12 of the most recent Scholarship winners were not Annual Sponsors
    The Foundations gives grants for leadership training for both adults and daughters.
    The Foundation donates to HIKE and The Grand Guardian’s philanthropic project each year.
    $15,500 is budgeted for 2011 for grants and donations.
    Over $41,000 is budgeted for 2011 for scholarships.
So, please talk to your Bethels, Bethel Councils and to parents to see if they are willing and able to make
a donation to the Foundation, either as an annual sponsor or as a direct donations to a specific scholar-
ship. All donations are greatly appreciated and will insure the Foundation has funds in the future to keep
presenting scholarships to our deserving Job’s Daughters.

 FOUNDATION FUNDRAISERS                                                     CONTRIBUTIONS
eScrip A portion of your purchases from mem-
ber stores/vendors (such as Macy’s, Office De-      In case you misplaced your Contribution / Donation Envelope here is a
pot, Safeway) comes back to the Founda-             copy of the printed information for your use:
tion. There is no cost to you. Just register your
card at Click sign up. Search
by Group ID 3342088-California Job’s Daugh-                                Please print all information
ters Foundation, Inc. Double click to designate
the Foundation as your recipient and complete            Donor’s Name ________________________________________
the registration process.
                                                         Address _____________________________________________
Ralph’s Grocery, Food 4 Less, FoodMaxx A
                                                         City ______________ State ______ Zip ____________________
portion of your grocery purchases come back to
the Foundation. Please visit individual websites             Annual Sponsor       General Fund      Scholarship Fund
and look for community giving or community
service. (Web addresses on Foundation website.)
                                                                                  Training Fund
Ink and Toner Cartridge Recycle Bring your
empty cartridges to Grand Bethel, Grand Coun-           Please send information regarding Wills/Grants to the above address
cil or give them to any member of the Founda-
tion. The particular cartridge determines the                       Please make checks payable to:
amount we receive.                                           CALIFORNIA JOB’S DAUGHTERS FOUNDATION
Cars4Causes: see page 7 in newsletter                          Thank you for your Tax-Deductible Contribution
                                                                              TIN 33-0692562 Each time you perform a
search, you can donate to California Job’s
                                                    Enclosed is my gift in the amount of $ ___________________________
Daughters Foundation. When you go to the site       Please make my gift a memorial or honorary tribute:
it will ask you to log into your charity. Type      In memory of : ______________________________________________
IOJD You should have two choices. Pick your
favorite. You will be able to see how much has
                                                    In honor of: ________________________________________________
been donated this year. Have fun. It is a good         Occasion: ________________________________________________
search engine.                                      Send acknowledgement to:
                                                    Name _____________________________________________________
Annual Auction at Grand Council. This is the
Foundations biggest fundraiser. Please be sure
                                                    Address ___________________________________________________
to support it.                                      City _____________________ State _______ Zip _________________

    All above info is from the website
In the past several years, the members of Bethel No. 148 Auburn have been grateful to receive many scholarships from Masonic
Bodies, including the California Job’s Daughters Foundation. Each of these scholarships has contributed to the girls’ successes and
accomplishments in college as well as their endeavors following graduation. All of these girls have been very involved in Job’s
Daughters and have contributed much to Bethel No. 148. All are also Past Honored Queens. We would like to share with you some
of their successes as a way of showing how much you have helped us in our lives. Thank you for awarding so much to the deserv-
ing members of our Bethel! Four of our members have received foundation scholarships recently, and have made great use of

Megan Goudy is attending William Jessup University. She is majoring in Psychology, with a minor in English. Currently, Megan
is taking a full course load and maintains a 4.0 grade point average. She hopes to attend graduate school after graduation to become
a research psychologist. Because of the close proximity of her school to her Bethel, Megan has remained very involved with Job’s
Daughters and has decided to run for Miss California Job’s Daughters this year.

Kristen Lohse graduated from UC Davis in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. While at Davis, Kristen was a mem-
ber of the Davis Honors Challenge Program; a member of the Psi Chi honor society; a member and an officer in Prytanean
Women's Honor Society; board member in Colleges Against Cancer; and was on the Relay For Life committee of UC Davis, serv-
ing as an Event Chair for the 2009 Relay For Life event. In her sophomore year, Kristen began volunteering at the MIND Institute
as part of the Fragile X Research Team. This continued through her junior year when she was hired part time as a research assis-
tant. Upon graduation, Kristen was hired full time as an Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator for the Fragile X team. There she
helped manage the clinical trials for Fragile X syndrome until September 2010, when she moved to San Francisco. Currently, Kris-
ten works with autistic children providing ABA based therapy in home sessions, as well as supporting them in school and in after
school programs. In Fall 2012, she plans on starting graduate school to gain her Ph. D. in Clinical Psychology as she continues her
inspiring work with autistic children.

Erica Lowe graduated from California State University, Chico in 2008 with a degree in Exercise Physiology. Following gradua-
tion, Erica attended graduate school at University of the Pacific from which she graduated in September 2010, becoming a Doctor
of Physical Therapy. Currently, Erica lives in L.A. working as a Pediatric Physical Therapist at Pediatric Therapy Network - a non-
profit organization that helps children with special needs. Erica was very involved in Bethel No. 148 until her majority and after-
wards joined our Executive Bethel Guardian Council for a time. Now, she visits as often as she can.

Jessica Lowe graduated from California State University, Chico in 2008 with a degree in Nutrition and Food Science with an op-
tion in General Dietetics, with a Minor in Chemistry. Following graduation, Jessica attended graduate school at University of Cali-
fornia, Los Angeles from which she graduated in June 2010, gaining her Master’s in Public Health. Currently, Jessica is keeping
herself busy with a fellowship, an internship, and a job. All three take place at University of Southern California, University Center
for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. With the Leadership Education in Neurodevel-
opmental Disabilities (LEND) Fellowship, Jessica gains long-term, graduate level interdisciplinary training and provides interdisci-
plinary services and care to improve the health of infants, children, and adolescents with disabilities. In her Pediatric Dietetic In-
ternship, Jessica will complete at least 1,200 hours of practical supervised experience through an accredited program before sitting
for the registration examination to become a Registered Dietitian. Additionally, Jessica serves as a Project Coordinator for Project
Access, which improves access to care for children with epilepsy.

Other girls in our Bethel have made great strides with the help of other Job’s Daughters and Masonic scholarships.

Lindsay Mulsow is currently attending American River College and working at the mall, while still remaining active in our Bethel
and attending events and fundraisers. She was elected by the members to become a Grand Bethel Officer for the 2011-2012
year. Next year, she plans to transfer to the Art Institute of California in Orange County.

Ala Navratil is attending Sierra College and is majoring in Psychology.

Danielle Malosh attended the University of Portland and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a minor in His-
tory. She currently serves in the United States Army as a First Lieutenant and just finished a tour in Iraq. She hopes to pursue a
master’s degree in the near future.

Megan Goudy, PHQ
Bethel 148 Auburn
The Foundation is participating in a new fund raiser program called CARS 4 CAUSES. They are a
charity dedicated to helping charities attain additional funds through a Vehicle Donation Program.
This is a Partnership program. There is absolutely no obligation or liability to the Foundation. In
addition to it benefitting the Foundation, the contributor receives an acknowledgment required for a
vehicle contribution deduction. The Foundation is registered as a Preferred Charity.


      Step 1: A donor contacts Cars 4 Causes by phoning 800-766-CARE (800-766-2273) or by
      accessing their website. The donor has the opportunity to designate a charity they would
      like to benefit from the proceeds of their donation.
      Step 2: C4C picks up the vehicle at no cost to the donor – then get it ready for sale by
      completing minor repairs, and securing all DMV paperwork. We also have the
      vehicle smog-checked to be certain it meets state requirements.
      Step 3: C4C advertises and sells vehicles to get the highest possible price. When the
      vehicle is sold C4C sends a check to the designated nonprofit organization.
      Step 4: After the vehicle is sold C4C provides donors with a written acknowledgment
      Required for a vehicle contribution deduction for the selling price of the vehicle.
      Plus C4C sends an individualized personal thank you letter.

The Foundations will receive 70% of the proceeds. CARS 4 CAUSES also has provided informa-
tion on the Foundation website Their website information is on the Foun-
dation website under the fund raising button but the address is below. It goes right to the donation
page for the Foundation. Check it out.

                Watch for Gadgets4Causes coming in the Spring 2011.

    So, hold on to those old cell phones and check back for more information.
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