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									                CHALLENGING WORDS

                           billy goat
                         looking glass


A story on a mama and papa who are trying to get their baby to
hush and go to sleep. They buy different things until in the end
                they love her no matter what.
             --- Conversation Questions---

(1) Tell me what they are trying to do in this story.
(Answer)    Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)   Do you remember how you use to go to sleep?

(2)   Imagine you had a baby that would not stop crying,
      tell me what you would do.
(Answer)      Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)     Do you have a baby brother or sister?

(3)   Pretend you were baby getting all these things how
      would you feel?
(Answer)    Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)    Tell me about a favorite present that you have

(4)   Explain why you think the dad got all those things for
(Answer)     Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)    Tell me about a gift you gave to someone
               younger than you.

(5) Define ‘mockingbird’.
(Answer)    Any North or South American bird that can imitate
            the calls of other birds.
(Follow Up)    Do you think you have seen a mockingbird?

(6)   Name the thing papa buys if the mocking bird doesn’t
(Answer)    A diamond ring.
(Follow Up)    Do you think a baby should have a diamond ring?

(7) Tell me what the billy goat wouldn’t do.
(Answer)    Wouldn’t pull.
(Follow Up)   Tell me why you think they wanted it to pull.

(8) Do you remember the dog’s name?
(Answer)    Rover.
(Follow Up)   Tell me if you have a dog, and what his name is.

(9)   Can you tell me the last thing they bought the baby?
(Answer)    Horse and cart.
(Follow Up)   How do you think the horse and cart will help the

(10) Tell me the last thing they said about their baby.
(Answer)    You’ll still be the sweetest baby in town.
(Follow Up)   Tell me what you think that means.

1.   Draw your favorite thing papa gave the baby.
     Write what it is.

2.   Write a couple sentences on how you would get
     the baby to go to sleep at night.

3.   Write all the things papa bought for the baby.

4.   Draw the things Papa bought for the baby.


1.   Show the children a doll or picture of a baby. Have them tell
     you whom the story might be about. Today our story is a
     song you sing to babies. Let’s read and see if we know it.

2.   Have the tape of the song, Hush, Little Baby. Tell them we
     are going to read the book of our song. Let’s read and see if
     it is the same.

3.   Ask the students if they know any songs to sing to babies.
     Tell them our story is a song that a lot of people sing. Let’s
     read and see if we know this one.

Book: Hush, Little Baby
Author: Margot Zemach                                   Illustrator: Margot Zemach
ISBN: 0-525-44297-9                                     # of Text Pages: 23    AR: 2.0 LEX: NP
                                             Building Oral Vocabulary
3            mockingbird                   5           diamond           7         looking glass
                                               Prediction Questions
 8    What will Papa get next?
16    What will they do if Rover doesn’t bark?
22    Now what will they do?

This resource is provided by THE LEARNING CORPS—Barren County Board of Education, an AmeriCorps project funded in part by the
      Kentucky Commission on Community Volunteerism and Service and the Corporation for National and Community Service.

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