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					         NYCDOE Magnet Program District 25 & 28

                    JHS185 Magnet School
                          Grade 6

Essential Question: Why is it important for us to be informed
about our built environment?
Suggested Time Frame: 5-6 weeks
Magnet Theme: Architecture
Stage 1- Desired Results
Standards-Based Learning Goals:
E1c Read and comprehend informational materials.
E1edemonstrate familiarity with a variety of functional documents.
E2a Produce a report of information
E3a Participate in one to one conferences with the teacher
E3b Participate in Group meetings
E4 Conventions, Grammar, and Usage of the English Language
E5b Produce work in at least one genre that follows the conventions of the genre

Big Ideas for this Unit:                              Magnet School Theme: Architecture
-environments                                         Relevant/Connected Big Idea:
-connections                                          Exploring different aspects of the Architecture curriculum to
                                                      incorporate into newspaper articles to produce a class wide

Enduring Understandings:                              Overarching Essential Question(s):

Being informed helps people have a better             Why is it important for us to be informed about our built
understanding of the world around them.               environment?

                                                      Why do we need the built environment in our society?

                                                Content and Skills
Content (nouns)                                      Skills (verbs)
Students will know…                                  Students will be able to……
-The 5 W’s                                           -Identify the 5 W’s in newspaper articles
-Main Idea Supporting Detailing                      -Identify the Main Idea and supporting details in articles
-Relevant and irrelevant information                 -Identify relevant and irrelevant information in texts
-Facts and opinions                                  -Identify Fact and Opinions in texts
-Context clues                                       -Use different context clues to broaden vocabulary skills
-Headlines and bylines                               -Use different strategies to figure out context clues
-Format of a newspaper                               -Use
-the different sections of a newspaper
-Categorizing their articles

                                 Stage 2- Summative Assessment Evidence
    If students understand, know and are able to do the items in Stage 1, they should be able to show their
           understanding by completing an authentic task found in the world beyond the classroom.

        Design the Culminating/Summative Project:

G- (goal)
Students will demonstrate their understanding of newspaper articles and their understanding of architectural sites, and
architects by writing an article that shows the importance of understanding.

R- (role)
Students will become newspaper reporters who are researching and writing about different architects, buildings,
bridges and parks.

A- (audience)
Future architecture students that will need to be introduced to these important figures and structures

S- (situation)
Students are to write articles on the different aspects of the built environment and how they affect people’s every day

P- (purpose and product)
Students will produce a newspaper that will teach future students of architecture about the need and importance of
bridges, structures and parks .

S- (standards for performance)

                                           Culminating Project
 A newspaper is needed to be included in the packet that recruiters are using to get fifth graders to come to
       our school to understand the importance of studying architecture next year as sixth graders.

                                                     Task 1

You will choose one of the three architectural topics (architect, park, structure or bridge) and write a
newspaper article based on that topic and the function of the structure in our society. You will include the 5
W’s, facts, and many supporting details in your article and the importance of these structures in our society.

                                                     Task 2

Once your article is written and edited to perfection it will be your responsibility to format your article into
the class newspaper.

                                       Model of Culminating Project

                                            The Park

In the mid nineteenth century Frederick Law
Olmstead was appointed the parks
superintendent and Calvert Vaux was appointed
the Architect on New York’s newest project
Central Park. Both Men had a vast background
in designing recreation areas. Olmstead was a
landscape designer and a founder of American
landscape architecture. Besides designing Central
Park he also designed Prospect Park just across
the bridge in Brooklyn and many other well
known urban Parks. Calvert Vaux was a
landscape designer as well as a park developer.
He teamed up with Olmstead on many other
projects including Prospect Park. He also
contributed on the landscape design for the

The area now known as Central Park was located
in the center of the island of manhattan. It is the
are between 59th street and 106th street, and 5th
and 8th avenues. It was built between the years of
1857 and 1870. The project was completed in

The area prior to becoming the park it is today
was an irregular terrain of swamps and rocky
bluffs that was uninhabitable by architectural
standards. The project to make it a public
recreation area took many years and over 20,000
workers to complete the park. It was one of the
nineteenth centuries massive public works

The park was built as a recreational area for the
rich in the surrounding areas. Since its original
completion the park has been refurbished a
couple of times, to meet the needs of the current
time. Today the park is visited by over 5 million
people annually.

                                                               Rubric For Culminating Project

   CATEGORY          4                               3                                     2                                       1
Who, What, When, All articles adequately address 90-99% of the articles adequately         75-89% of the articles adequately       Less than 75% of the articles
Where & How      the 5 W's (who, what, when,     address the 5 W's (who, what,             address the 5 W's (who, what,           adequately address the 5 W's
                 where and how).                 when, where and how).                     when, where and how).                   (who, what, when, where, and

Supporting Details The details in the articles are   The details in the articles are clear The details in the articles are clear   The details in more than 25%
                   clear, effective, and vivid 80-   and pertinent 90-100% of the time. and pertinent 75-89% of the time.          of the articles are neither clear
                   100% of the time.                                                                                               nor pertinent.

Interest             The article contains many        The article contains details about   The article contains few details        The article contains no details
                     details about the importance     the importance and function of the   about the importance and function       about the importance and
                     and function of the structure in structure in our society.            of the structure in our society..       function of the structure in our
                     our society.                                                                                                  society.

Spelling and         No spelling or grammar errors   No more than a couple of spelling     No more than 3 spelling or         Several spelling or grammar
Proofreading         remain after one or more        or grammar errors remain after one    grammar errors remain after one or errors remain in the final copy
                     people (in addition to the      or more people (in addition to the    more people (in addition to the    of the newspaper.
                     typist) read and correct the    typist) read and correct the          typist) read and correct the
                     newspaper.                      newspaper.                            newspaper.

Requirements         All of the required content was Almost all the required content was At least 75% of the required              Less than 75% of the required
                     present.                        present.                            content was present.                      content was present.

                                                         Unit Essential Question:
                                                        Skills                                Possible                            Benchmarks,
                   Big Ideas of      Important
                                                     What should          Connection to       Topical                              Scaffolding
                  the mini-unit/     content to                                                                 Mini-Unit
Mini-Unit Title                                      students be            Magnet           Essential/                             Towards
                     Concept        know about                                                                 Assessment
                                                     able to do?             Theme             Focus                              Culminating
                    Statement         mini-unit
                                                       (verbs)                               Questions                               Project
                                                    Identify the 5
                                                    W’s in
                                                    -Identify the
                                                    Main Idea and
                                                                                                                                  Students will
                                   The 5 W’s        details in articles
                                                                                                                                  understand The
                                   -Main Idea       -Identify                               How do the 5      Students will be
                                                                                                                                  5 W’s,
                                   Supporting       relevant and                              W’s help        given an article
                                                                                                                                  Main Idea and
                  Information      Detailing        irrelevant                              construct an        and asked to
                                                                          Architecture of                                         supporting
 Examining        -proof           -Relevant and    information in                            article?         identify the 5
                                                                           a newspaper                                            Details, relevant
 newspaper        -environments    irrelevant       texts                                                      W’s, Main Idea
                                                                          article:Looking                                         and irrelevant
  articles        -connections     information      -Identify Fact                              Is there      and supporting
                                                                             for 5 W’s                                            information,
                                   -Facts and       and Opinions in                         relevant and      details, relevant
                                                                                                                                  facts and
                                   opinions         texts                                     irrelevant       and irrelevant     opinions and
                                   -Context clues   -Use different                          architecture?       information.      context clues
                                                    context clues to
                                                    vocabulary skills
                                                    -Use different
                                                    strategies to
                                                    figure out
                                                    context clues

                  Information      The 5 W’s        -Use the 5 W’s          Writing an          Why are         Based on a         Students will
                  -proof           -Main Idea       in newspaper           article that      opinions not     recent current         produce a
  Writing         -environments    Supporting       articles               shows their       related to the   event students        newspaper
 newspaper        -connections     Detailing        Create a main         understanding     construction of     will write a       article about

  articles                     -Relevant and    idea and                   of the         an article?       newspaper          one of the
                               irrelevant       supporting            construction of                         article       architectural
                               information      details in articles    a newspaper                                         structures they
                               -Facts and       -Identify             article and how                                        chose which
                               opinions         relevant and          their structure                                       addresses the
                               -Context clues   irrelevant            is important to                                          idea of its
                                                information in            society.                                            function in
                                                texts                                                                           society.
                                                -Identify Fact
                                                and Opinions in
                                                -Use different
                                                context clues to
                                                vocabulary skills
                                                -Use different
                                                strategies to
                                                figure out
                                                context clues

                                                the differences
                                                     between                                                                Students will
                                                   bylines and                                                             have produced
                               -Headlines and
                                                    headlines          Formatting a     How is the plan                     a newspaper
               Information                        -Identify the       newspaper that     or format of a                      that reflects
Constructing                   -Format of a
               -proof                                different          shows their     newspaper the     The completion         their
    and                        newspaper
               -environments                      sections of a       understanding       same as the          of the       knowledge of
formatting a                   -the different
               -connections                        newspaper               of the         plan of your      newspaper       the structure
 newspaper                     sections of a
                               newspaper           -Categorize        construction of    structure you                     they chose and
                                                    their own          a newspaper.      wrote about?                       the structure
                                                articles into the                                                           and or format
                                                     different                                                             of a newspaper
                                                 sections of the

Weekly Grid
              MONDAY                      TUESDAY                     WEDNESDAY                     THURSDAY                     FRIDAY
AIM:          Can you find the 5 W's in   Can you use the five        Do you know how to find       What does relevant and       What is the difference
              magazine/newspaper          W's to write a summary      the main idea of a            irrelevant mean?             between fact and
              articles?                   of an article?              passage?                                                   opinion?

DO NOW:       Make a list of the 5 W's.   Find an article in the      What do you think the         State something that         Look over the three
                                          magazine on your desk       main idea was of the          happened to you              following statements
                                          that you are interested     article we read               yesterday that was           and decide if they are
                                          in. Start reading.          yesterday?                    important.                   facts or opinions:
                                                                                                                                 __Cats are the best pet to
                                                                                                                                 __Niagra Falls are
                                                                                                                                 located in the United
                                                                                                                                 States and Canada.
                                                                                                                                 __Reading is a better
                                                                                                                                 way to spend time than
                                                                                                                                 watching TV.
ACTIVITY:     In your groups you will     Read an article from the    Using Graphic organizer       Look through the article     Make a list of fact and
              read the article            magazine you chose and      identify the three            that was assigned and        opinions in your own
                                          find the five W’s.          supporting details and        underline the irrelevant     life.
              As a group you will find                                Main Idea of an article you   information.
              the 5 W's of the article    Using the 5 W’s write a     chose.
ASSESSMENT:   Teacher Observation         EXIT SLIP:                  Teacher observation           Look at copied article and   Identify all of the
                                          Write your summary                                        underline relevant           opinions in the article I
                                          based on the article you                                  information                  handed out.
                                          read independently and
                                          completed chart.

HW:           Find a newspaper article    Find a newspaper article    Find a newspaper article      Find a newspaper article     Find a newspaper article
              and identify the 5 W's of   and identify the 5 W's of   and identify the main idea    and identify relevant and    and write a summary
              that article.               that article                of that article. If needed    irrelevant information       using the 5 W’s.
                                                                      use the graphic organizer     using two different
                                                                      we worked on in class.        highlighters.

Weekly Grid
              MONDAY                           TUESDAY (MINI UNIT 2)         WEDNESDAY                         THURSDAY                       FRIDAY
AIM:          How can context clues help       How can we choose a           How do we take notes on           Why is it important to write   How can we organize
              us find the meaning of           topic for us to write an      reputable websites to find        articles using the 5 W’s?      the information in our
              words?                           article about?                relevant information about                                       newspaper articles?
                                                                             our topics?
DO NOW:       Is there a word in the article   Choose one of the             Explain how you would             Using the information you      Continue writing the
              titled________________ find a    following three topics        normally take notes to write      found start completing the     essay
              word that you are unsure of      that you are interested in:   up research or an article.        five W’s
              the meaning.                     structure, park or bridge?
ACTIVITY:     Focusing on context clues        Looking for information       Using a graphic organizer to      Students outlining and         Students will continue
                                               about the structure they      find information on their         starting to write their 5      writing their stories
                                               chose.                        structures.                       paragraph essays
ASSESSMENT:   Teacher observations             EXIT SLIP: What               Teacher Observation               Teacher Observation            Teacher Observation
                                               structure did you choose?
HW:           Choose an article from a         Continue looking for          Continue looking for              Continue looking for           Continue looking for
              newspaper that has words         information that is           information that is relevant to   information that is relevant   information that is
              that you are unsure of the       relevant to your article      your article about the            to your article about the      relevant to your article
              meaning. Use context clues       about the structure you       structure you chose.              structure you chose.           about the structure you
              consultant to help you figure    chose.                                                                                         chose.
              out the meaning of the word.

                                                              Unit Resources






Teacher Materials:
Graphic Organizers