WISH LIST FOR The Ronald McDonald House

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					                              WISH LIST FOR
                         The Ronald McDonald House

Urgent Needs:
                      WHITE Queen Sheet Sets
                      Hand-held Games for the Children @ the House: PSP + Games, Nintendo DS +
                      WII or PS 3 with Games
                      Used, But in Working Condition, Laptops for the Families to Use while at the House

Sugar, flour                                      Dow bathroom cleaner -- Windex
Cooking oil                                       Laundry detergent (Dishwasher and dish soap)
Spices                                            Fabric softener sheets (any brand)
Microwave popcorn                                 Bleach (Color Safe Clorox) -- Comet cleanser – Pine Sol
Salt and pepper                                   Air fresheners spray
Frozen dinners (any brand)                        Air fresheners solids
Canned soup (any brand or type)                   Glade Plug-Ins and sprays
Paper plates                                      Carpet fresh
Cups and glasses
Plastic utensils                                  BEDROOM AND BATHROOM
Silverware                                        White twin, and queen size – flat or fitted
Aluminum Foil                                     Standard pillows
Waxed paper                                       Towels, hand, bath and wash cloths
Plastic wrap                                      Queen and twin size – mattress pads
Sandwich baggies                                  Clock radios
Zip Loc bags (all sizes)                          Shower curtains and liners
                                                  Toilet paper, Kleenex,
Batteries – AA, AAA, C, D and 9 volt                         CHILDREN
Light bulbs – sizes 60, 75, 100 watts and 3 way              Video games for Nintendo Game Cube
37 cent stamps                                               Games for Play Station
Avery Labels 5160 or equivalent in another brand             Newly released videos
Computer diskettes or Re-writable CD’s                       Disposable diapers
Copy paper                                                   Portable cribs
Pilot Rolling Ball pens – all colors                         Strollers
Scissors, Scotch tape, staples and White out
Permanent markers – all colors                               BIG ITEMS
Advantix film 400 ASA                                        Twin and Queen size mattress sets
Colored file folders                                         White appliances:
Printer ink – please call if you wish to
purchase                   Washers, dryers      TOYS
and refrigerators                               Legos
   for one of our three printers                CD players / musical toys
Memo pads                                       Remote control toys
                                             Educational toys
                                             Braille Books / toys for two blind
                                              Girls (ages 7 & 13)
                                             Arts and Crafts kits