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					               WINNER       TO HAVE WORK SHOWN AT

                       With Author Cutter                    Hays!
               AND ON LOCAL CABLE TV CHANNELS 19& 24!

TIME:        1 to 2 minute scenes
SELECT FROM: TWO or more of 5 Scenes
             “The Mouse Knight”
DEADLINE:     June 1, 2011

Your work will be seen by THOUSANDS of people in these PRESTIGE SETTINGS!                      If
this leads to an animated film or greater success for the series, you may have a shot at serious

     1ST PLACE:
     1. Looped tape of your animation playing at COMICON, ALL WEEKEND in
     Cutter Hays personal Booth!! *during hours booth is open
     2. An ORIGINAL, Framed and SIGNED SKETCH by Author Cutter Hays, complete
     with a Certificate of Authenticity.
     3. Airing on local Cable Television “The Mouse Knight Animators Show”

     2nd PLACE
     1. Limited Edition Copy of an illustration from “The Mouse Knight” Series, Hand
     Signed by Cutter Hays.
     2. Airing on local Cable Television “The Mouse Knight Animators Show”
     Airing on local Cable Television “The Mouse Knight Animators Show”
1. This is an agreement between Animator (signed below) and Management (people
    running this contest.)
2. HAVE FUN! This is a fun project! If you are ENJOYING this, we will see it!
3. All submissions must be uploaded no later than 11:50pm, June 1, 2011. Management
    reserves the right to view any projects that have technical issues for the following 24
    hours only.
4. All submissions must use ONLY the 5 scenes below as the basis for their work, and the
    language must be verbatim:
         The mouse knight fights the snake - from the fight
             to his knighting:
         Squibble talks to Hades - from the meeting to the exit from the Underworld:
         From One-Eye's betrayal to his execution at Percival's hands, possibly even the
            final blow by the Black Mouse (about one minute more)(This might be a long
            scene, but it would be full of drama):
         From his face off with the charging cat to his beating by the bullies:
         From Squibble's premonition of danger to the descent of the Hawk upon them
            all, right up to the cliffhanger at the end of the chapter:
         Squibble's return home and his first encounter with the grown Percival: their
         From the claiming of Excalibur on the lake
             to the ride on the owl (scene ends as the owl takes to the air with them aboard):
5. All animations should be as similar as possible to the existing illustrations in THE
    MOUSE KNIGHT series. You may review these here: or
6. Contestants may animate a maximum of all 5 scenes.
7. Contestants must animate a minimum of 1 scene.
8. The length of the animation cannot exceed 7 minutes under any circumstances, or be
    less than 30 seconds.
9. All submissions become the property of Management. However, Management
    reserves to the animator the right to use the submitted animation in their own
    PORTFOLIO. Further, the Management states that the animation as submitted
    will always have the Animators Name associated with it.
10. All animators who submit a project for this contest agree to have their animation shown
    at COMICON as well as on local television and any other use Management chooses.
11. The first 5 seconds of the animation must have:
        a. the animators NAME
        b. the animators PHONE NUMBER
        c. the animators EMAIL ADDRESS
        d. the NAME OF THE SCENE EXACTLY as stated below
12. All animators must sign a copy of this agreement and submit it by fax to
        a. 1 866 905 7585 prior to submission of animation
           b. Or emailed to:
           c. If this agreement is not signed and dated no later than June 1, 2011, the
               animation will not be considered.
           d. If more than one animator works on this project, all must sign & submit this
           e. If the animator uses other talent for the voices or any other part of this project,
               that talent must sign and submit this agreement as well.
   13. All finished animations are to be uploaded to the animators own YOUTUBE account
       and the link emailed to:
           b. All emails will be responded to with a confirmation email.
           c. If the animator does not receive the confirmation email, the animator must
               assume that their submission has not been received, or it is not able to be
   14. Any terms of this agreement may be changed by Management up to June1, 2011,
       11:50pm. Animators may check the website at that time to be informed of, and
       accept any such changes, or withdraw their submission.

I certify that I am the original animator or artist on this project and all work is my own work.
I have carefully read & I now agree to all of the terms above without reservation:

____________________ ___________           ________________ ____________________
NAME                 DATE                  PHONE NUMBER EMAIL

____________________ ___________

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