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                                                             Cascade Pacific Council

                                                             Boy Scouts of America

                       Volume 61, No. 3
                      May-June-July 2008

Cascade Pacific Council
w w w. c p c b s a . o r g                 Pack 122 hikes on the Shelburg Falls
                                           Trail in the Santiam State Forest after
                                           particiapting in a Tree Plant.
 Page 2                                                noteworthy                                                              Compass Points
Annual Council Court of Honor - May 27, 2008
Congratulations to the New Silver Beaver                                                                    What’s Inside
                                                                                                  Key Program Quality Indicators       6
Recipients...All 17 of Them!                                                                      Advancement                        4-5
                                                                                                  Camping                          20-23
W      hat is a Silver Beaver? Someone who has an intangible Scouting spirit who is a
       model person, a contributing member of society and provides leadership through
service to others. The provide an significant contribution to the community, not just the
                                                                                                  Commissioner Service
                                                                                                  Good Turn For America
Scouting community, with long term dedication and sacrifice.                                      Finance                            7-8
     Some words that have been used to describe Silver Beavers are:                               Membership                       14-15
                                                                                                  Noteworthy                         2-3
                                                                                                  Risk Management                     17
            Leadership, Selflessness, Outstanding, Dedication, Steadfast                          Scouting in Action          9-12,24-26
                                                                                                  Training                         18-19
     Join fellow Scouters at the Council Court of Honor on May 27, 2008 at 7 p.m. for an                         District Pages
evening of celebration of BSA volunteers. This will be a night of honor for a special group
the newest Silver Beaver recipients. The Silver Beaver is the highest award that a council        Calapooia                                            27
may present. Heroism Award recipients will also be recognized.                                    Chinook                                              28
     The Council Court of Honor will be held at Tualatin High School Auditorium, 22300            Columbia Gorge                                       29
SW Boones Ferry Road, Tualatin. This location provides ample parking on both sides of             Eagle Valley                                         30
the school building. Attendees can congratulate friends, while enjoying refreshments after        Fort Clatsop                                         31
the ceremony.                                                                                     Fort Vancouver                                       32
    Tickets may be purchased at the pre-registered price of $7 per person or purchased            Lewis & Clark                                        33
at the door for $10 per person. Place reservations at                    Mid-Columbia                                         34
     Please congratulate these 17 new outstanding Silver Beavers, who will be presented           North Clackamas                                      35
the Silver Beaver Award at the Council Court of Honor.                                            Pioneer                                              36
                                                                                                  Sea Scouts                                           46
                                                                                                  Silver Star                                          38
                                                                                                  Sunset Trail                                         39
                                                                                                  Three Rivers                                         40
                                                                                                  Thunderbird                                          41
                                                                                                  Tillamook                                            42
                                                                                                  Tuality                                              43
                                                                                                  Wapiti                                               44
                                                                                                  Willamette                                           45
Cynthia Ann Branch      Ric Chambers           Patricia Farrin         Chris Foleen               Van-Port Metro                                       37
Chinook                 Thunderbird            Tuality                 Sunset Trail
                                                                                                  Varsity/Venturing                                    46
                                                                                                                    Compass Points
                                                                                                             Published Six Times Each Year
                                                                                                    CASCADE PACIFIC COUNCIL, BOY Scouts OF AMERICA
                                                                                                        2145 SW Naito Pkwy., Portland, OR 97201
                                                                                                                  Distribution - 11,000
                                                                                                                   Editor: Jeff Aradine
                                                                                                                   Submission Deadlines:
                                                                                                     Jan-Feb: Dec 8; Mar-Apr: Feb 8; May-Jun-Jul: Apr 6;
Don C. Glazier          Robert Gray
Wapiti                  Tuality
                                               Donna Hall              Larry Dee Hansen                   Aug-Sep: Jul 6; Oct: Sep 7; Nov-Dec: Oct 8
                                               Thunderbird             Willamette
                                                                                                               Council Contact Information:
                                                                                                                 Portland: 503.226.3423
                                                                                                             Administrative Fax: 503.225.5717
                                                                                                          Tour Permits/Camp Fax: 503.225.5733
                                                                                                                Vancouver: 360.693.1741
                                                                                                         Salem: 503.581.6601 Fax: 503.581.6602
                                                                                                                    Council Officers:
                                                                                                  President                           Richard L. Silliman
                                                                                                  Council Commissioner                        Jeff Smith
                                                                                                  Treasurer                              David L. Quivey
Dr. Roger O. Jarvis     Kenneth T. Kinsley     David L. Loseke         Kristina L. Martin
                                                                                                  Scout Executive                     Ronald W. Garland
Silver Star             Wapiti                 Wapiti                  Thunderbird

                                                                      Pictures continued Pg. 12
 100% Quality Districts in 2010
May-June-July 2008                                             noteworthy                                                              Page 3
It Did Not Happen By Accident!                                                                      Annual Business
O     n Friday, April
      11th,         the
                                                       Maybe – just maybe – that planned
                                                  program began with a Program Planning             Meeting Notice
council held its 2008
Eagle Recognition
Dinner      at      the
                                                  Packet and materials provided by Cascade
                                                  Pacific Council and the Boy Scouts of
                                                                                                    T  he annual business meeting of the
                                                                                                       Cascade Pacific Council will take place
                                                                                                    on Wednesday, May 28, 2008 at noon.
Marriott Hotel. The                                    The May Roundtable is the date for           Lunch will be served for a cost of $20
dinner was designed                               distribution of these Program Planning            per person. Reservations must be made
to recognize the                                  Packets for all chartered units in the council.   with Robin Stoeckler at 503.225.5757
603 young men who Ron Garland                     The packet contains:                              or no later than
completed the Eagle Scout Executive                                                                 Wednesday, May 7, 2008.
rank in the past year;                            •	   Council Calendar                                  Those eligible to vote at the annual
their parents; and leaders.                       •	   Unit Resource Book                           meeting are: all registered chartered
     In addition, scholarships were presented     •	   Guide to Safe Scouting                       organization      representatives;     and
to five Eagle Scouts, ranging from $500 -         •	   Program Helps for Cub Scouts                 registered duly elected council members
$2,500. These scholarships are provided           •	   Program Planning Wall Chart                  atlarge, including current Executive Board,
by the Cascade Pacific Council Eagle Scout        •	   Program Highlights                           Advisory Board, and President’s Council
Association. The recipients were:                 •	   Summer Camping Log for Troop                 members.
•	 Justin Scott Ashby, Sunset Trial Troop         •	   Leadership Inventory Worksheets
     547, $500                                    •	   Membership Inventory Worksheets
•	 Tyler Cedric Beauchamp, Silver Star                                                              100th Anniversary
     Troop 48, $500                                    By distributing this packet in May, the
•	 Brandon Eric Langford, Three Rivers            unit has material and dates to conduct            Logo Winner
     Crew 400, $500
•	 Michael Ralph Boswell, Sunset Trail
     Troop 547, $2,500
                                                  a Unit Planning Conference during the
                                                  summer months. Make this a fun meeting,
                                                  with something for everyone to do! Think
                                                                                                    W       hen the time came to create
                                                                                                            the extraordinary symbol that
                                                                                                    would mark the milestone of the 100th
•	 Russell David Pollard, Thunderbird             about a group of adults sitting around at         Anniversary, the National Council knew
     Troop 542, $2,500                            summer camp dedicating one evening to             there was no one better to create this icon
                                                  this discussion.                                  than Scouts themselves. During the latter
      This dinner and scholarship presentation         Dream about the possibilities – who          half of 2007, more than 4,000 Scouts from
made me stop and realize – It did not             knows, maybe the result will be new Eagle         representing all 50 states participated in a
happen by accident! The advancement               Scouts each year for years to come!               special contest.
trail, camping and outdoor activities,                                                                   After careful consideration by the
community service projects, leadership            I am proud to be a Scout!                         Anniversary Logo Leadership team, the total
positions – all had to be a part of a unit’s                                                        entries were pared down to approximately
Well-Planned Program!                                                                               500 semifinalists. From there, our panel of
                                                                                                    11 select judges scored the semifinalists to
                                                                                                    provide input on determining the category
Scouting and Politics                                                                               and overall winners. Among the thousands

S   ince we are in a presidential election        presence as an endorsement or symbol of           of outstanding submissions, Eagle Scout
    year, it is a good time to review the         support by the BSA. In addition, photos           Philip Goolkasian’s entry eventually
BSA policy regarding the participation of         of candidates or Scouts in uniform or BSA         emerged as the design that captured both
Scouts in political rallies and other political   marks and logos are not allowed in political      the history and future of the Boy Scouts.
events.                                                                 campaign materials               Philip’s design took the traditional
     Uniformed                                                           of any kind.               elements of Scouting and integrated them
unit members                                                                  We must all be        to create something new and modern. The
and leaders may                                                          alert to situations        eagle cutting through the letters B and S
participate in                                                           that would imply           fashions a look that is both dynamic and
flag ceremonies                                                          that the BSA favors        elegant. His design overcomes a common
at       political                                                       one       candidate        challenge for creating a good logo. He
events and may                                                           over another. Strict       incorporates all of the necessary the
lead the Pledge                                                          observance         of      elements, but simplifies them into a strong,
of Allegiance;                                                           this long-standing         concise statement. Philip’s logo succeeds in
however, they                                                            policy against the         communicating the essence of the Boy Scouts
should      retire                                                       active participation       of America and the 100th Anniversary,
after          the                                                       of        uniformed        while resisting the urge to add unnecessary
ceremony and not remain on the speakers’          Scouts and leaders in political events is         elements.
platform or in a conspicuous location where       mandatory.                                             To see Philip’s winning design go to
television viewers could construe their                                                   

                                                                                                        100% Quality Districts in 2010
 Page 4                                               advancement                                                       Compass Points
2010 National Boy Scout Jamboree; Celebrating 100 years of Scouting
T   he highly anticipated 2010 National
    Scout Jamboree will be held July 26th
through August 4th, 2010 at Fort A.P. Hill,
                                                Gardens, and many other sites. A trip to
                                                the Jamboree is more than just a Scouting
                                                experience; the tour makes it an educational
                                                                                                anticipated to fill very fast due to this
                                                                                                being the Centennial Jamboree. When
                                                                                                youth apply they will be placed into the
Virginia. Eligible Scouts should not miss out   experience too!                                 nearest Jamboree Troop to them that is not
on this “once in a lifetime” opportunity!                                                       full yet, so apply early!
Help spread the word so that every Scout
                                                Where is Jamboree?            It will be held
in the council knows about this event. Look
                                                at Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia. After a once in    How Much Will it Cost?            The fee
                                                a lifetime experience at the “Centennial        for this very extensive trip is $2950 per
for youth applications at
                                                Jamboree” we will return home a few days        Scout.
register. Now is not too early for eligible
Scouts to make the decision to apply for a                                                      Contingent Organization:
spot in the council contingent.                 Who can Attend?        Scouts: A Scout who      Participating in National Jamboree can only
                                                has completed the 6th grade, or will be at      be as a member of a Council Contingent.
Tour Details: Our Contingent will leave         least 12 years old and a 1st Class Scout by     After youth apply they are placed into a
7-10 days prior to the Jamboree and tour
                                                July 1, 2010, but will not have reached his     “Provisional Jamboree Troop” of 36 youth,
sites such as Washington D.C., Arlington
                                                18th birthday by August 3, 2010. He also        and 4 adult leaders.
Cemetery, the Capitol, all the Monuments,
                                                agrees to live and abide by the Scout Oath           Don’t let youth miss out on this ultimate
the Smithsonian Museums, Gettysburg,
                                                & Law, and the Jamboree Code of Conduct.        celebration of Scouting’s 100th Anniversary.
Colonial Williamsburg, Mt. Vernon, Busch
                                                                            The     limited     Share information about this opportunity.
                                                                            number       of          For more information or answers to
                                                                            Cascade Pacific     questions please contact: Shari Spencer,
                                                                            Jamboree  , (541) 258-5327
                                                                            Troops        is    or Jack Branch, jackdbranch@yahoo.
                                                                                                com, (360) 751-2896.

                                       2008 Eagles and Quartermaster
 February 2008                                   Collin B. Keefer           Troop     874        Aaron M. Clement            Crew      390
 Gregory M. Andrus          Troop     371        Reid W. Kinser             Troop     365        Joseph P. Davis             Troop     420
 Nathaniel R. Andrus        Team      371        Ryan R. Kummerle           Troop     654        Steven R. Day               Troop     648
 Kyle J. Bailey             Troop     419        Paul M. Lange              Troop     174        Austin A. Deaville          Troop     41
 Thomas V. Barbic           Crew      839        David R. LeBlanc           Team      192        Steven R. Dewey             Crew      520
 Christopher D. Baum        Troop     168        Matthew S. Lents           Crew      286        Matthew S. Faunt            Troop     64
 Landon J. Bentz            Troop     93         Dana E. Louderback         Crew      275        Daniel C. Gaston            Troop     544
 Daniel W. Bingner          Crew      594        Anders H. Manley           Troop     525        Douglas R. Gilmore          Troop     162
 Andrew E. Bjarnson         Troop     573        Alexander W. Mattson       Troop     359        Matthew L. Hampton          Troop     799
 Shane J. Bloemke           Crew      511        Landon J. McGlinchy        Crew      871        Eric S. Hauser              Troop     344
 Morgan C. Brethower        Troop     270        Brennon C. Nelson          Crew      288        Keaton T. Johnson           Troop     505
 Peter E. Carlson           Troop     872        Taylor F. Pearce           Troop     432        Alexander T. Jones          Crew      391
 Antonio L. Casale          Troop     220        Aaron D. Pecora            Troop     648        Todd M. Josi                Team      687
 Kyle R. Davis              Team      441        Evan D. Pestalozzi         Troop     174        Alex M. Jubitz              Crew      386
 Casey J. DePaolo           Troop     93         Shane A. Phillips          Troop     565        Brandon J. Kania            Crew      270
 Benjamin J. DeRemer        Troop     586        Michael T. Poyfair         Team      388        Erik A. Knudsen             Troop     870
 Wyatt R. DeRemer           Troop     586        Zachary M. Rolland         Troop     622        Theodore J. LaGrow          Troop     728
 Seth C. Dowden             Troop     210        Alexander F. Schulz        Troop     124        Theodore G. Lindsey         Troop     139
 Ian W. Edwards             Crew      130        Austin A. Sears            Troop     170        Tyler J. Mitchell           Troop     423
 Nathan G. Farmer           Crew      839        William D. Sears           Troop     213        Christopher S.C. Myers      Troop     344
 Eric K. Fellows            Troop     260        Kevan Stoeckler            Ship      601        David B. Opp                Troop     207
 Joshua R. Flanery          Crew      367        Joseph D. Stott            Crew      564        Jacob A. Plant              Troop     475
 Blair R. Forsberg          Crew      190        Michael J. Templin         Crew      559        Kolben S. Preble            Troop     581
 Benjamin C. Green          Ship      202        Kyle D. Trost              Team      840        Joshua B. Scoville          Crew      309
 Eric A. Hardman            Crew      838        Sean P. Tyler              Troop     272        Christopher L. Shults       Troop     611
 Christian H. Hayes         Team      269        Nathan A. Wilson           Troop     270        Daniel L. Strasser          Team      67
 Nicholas E. Helbig         Troop     115        March 2008                                      Christopher R. Tillett      Crew      125
 Thomas J. Helwig           Troop     396        Lance A. Allison           Crew      843        Travis A. Van Dyke          Team      517
 Cy M.M. Hill               Troop     288        Steven A. Bateman          Crew      587        Hans V. Vierck              Troop     359
 Justin R. Holmes           Crew      286        Andrew D. Birch            Troop     198        Kyle R. Walkoski            Troop     505
 Kevin D. Huff              Troop     6          Carl R. Brinker            Troop     728        Joshua J. Williams          Team      699
 Brandon L. Jensen          Team      25         Matthew T. Carlson         Team      190
 David T. Juratovac         Troop     140

 100% Quality Districts in 2010
May-June-July 2008                                              advancement                                                              Page 5
Frequently Asked Questions: Cub Scout Advancement and Awards
Following are the answers to common                    a boy joins Cub Scouting as a 9-year-old,       current level of ability,
questions about Cub Scouting.                          he must earn the Bobcat badge (all boys in      so “going back” to pick
                                                       Cub Scouting earn this badge), and then he      up those badges is not
If a boy joins a Bear den, may he                      will begin working on the Bear badge with       permitted.
go back and earn the Tiger Cub                         his fellow Cub Scouts. He is not required to
                                                       have earned the Tiger Cub or Wolf badges.
                                                                                                       If a boy completes
and Wolf badges?                                       Since those badges are for younger boys         the Wolf badge
     No. In the Cub Scout program, all boys            (7- and 8-year-olds), the requirements for
in a den work toward the same badge. If                                                                early, may he begin
                                                       those badges are below a 9-year-old’s
                                                                                                       working on the Bear badge?
 Council Advancement Committee                                                                              No. In the Cub Scout program, all
 Vice President                    Shari Spencer         541.258.5327        boys in a den work toward a badge that
 Process & Review                  Rob McDonald          503.245.2564
                                                                                                       is geared to their level of development. If
                                                                                                       the Wolf badge is completed before the
 Training Coordinator              Peter Harding         503.981.9269
                                                                                                       end of the program year, a boy may work
 Venturing Advancement Chair       Robin Stoeckler       503.641.2956
                                                                                                       on electives to earn Arrow Points, but he
 Special Needs Scouting            Kenneth Ettinger      503.526.0718            may not begin working on the requirements
 Awards & Recognitions             Robin Foleen          503.439.1441   for the Bear badge. His work on the Bear
 Advancement/Eagle Chairs                                                                              badge will begin the next program year,
                                                                                                       when he graduates into a Bear den.
 Calapooia                Both.    Bill Bell             541.926.9914     no e-mail
 Chinook                  Adv.     Martha Hokanson       360.425.8571
 Chinook                  Eagle    Gregory Booth         503.728.9294     no e-mail
                                                                                                       May Cub Scouts earn badges such
 Columbia Gorge           Adv.     John Gentry           360 892.5231           as the 50-Miler Award or Mile
 Columbia Gorge           Eagle    Ronald Shake          360.885.9467            Swim, BSA?
 Eagle Valley             Adv      Stephen Caldwell      503.852.4490             Cub Scouts are not eligible to earn
 Eagle Valley             Eagle    Randy Parker          503.434.1646              these awards, which are part of the Boy
 Ft. Clatsop              Adv.     Sam Dunkin            503.325.0132
                                                                                                       Scout program. All of the awards that
                                                                                                       Cub Scouts may earn are listed in their
 Ft. Clatsop              Eagle    Mike Umbriaco         503.458.5387
                                                                                                       handbooks or listed on this Web site.
 Ft. Vancouver            Both     Robert Ellingwood     360.573.9787
 Lewis &Clark             Adv.     D. Smith Piper        503.288.9234
                                                                                                       When a Cub Scout earns the Arrow
 Lewis & Clark            Eagle    Scott Downing         503.282.4770
 Lewis & Clark            Eagle    Barbara Williams      503.698.9920
                                                                                                       of Light, may he immediately join
 Mid-Columbia             Both     Helen Elsmore         541.298.5233          a Boy Scout troop?
 N. Clackamas             Adv.     John McGrath          503.771.4513
                                                                                                            Boy Scouting is available to boys
                                                                                                       who have earned the Arrow of Light and
 N. Clackamas             Eagle    Sally Warnke          503.698.6406
                                                                                                       are at least ten years old—so a Webelos
 Pioneer                  Adv.     Lois Lowe             503.245.9138             Scout who has earned the Arrow of Light
 Silver Star              Adv.     Debi McElveny         360.254.4301       is eligible to join a troop immediately
 Silver Star              Eagle    Dick Lang             360.882.4982                (provided he is at least ten years old).
 Sunset Trail             Adv.     Dawn Huff             503.524.3242               However, many packs coordinate
 Sunset Trail             Eagle.   Michael Huff          503.524.3242
                                                                                                       with a local Boy Scout troop to facilitate
                                                                                                       the transition from Cub Scouting to Boy
 Three Rivers             Adv.     Dennis Nguyen         503. 454.1999
                                                                                                       Scouting. In these instances, it is better
 Three Rivers             Eagle    Ed Holbrook           503.266.2478     no e-mail
                                                                                                       for the boy, his family, and both units if
 Thunderbird              Adv.     Mark Soots            503 491.5649           all Webelos Scouts make the transition
 Thunderbird              Eagle    John Miller           503.253.4194     no e-mail                    together, in a coordinated fashion, rather
 Tillamook                Adv.     Perry Reeder          503.815.3937     no e-mail                    than having each boy leave the pack as
 Tuality                  Both     Brett Carter          503.628.0130
                                                                                                       soon as he is eligible.
                                                                                                            We hope that this helps to answer
 Wapiti                   Adv.     Ike Eisenbach         503.968.8734
                                                                                                       some questions you may have. Your Unit
 Wapiti                   Eagle    Scott Young           503.590.6917        Commissioner and District Executive are
 Willamette               Adv.     Bud Pinkerton         503.585.1552        also great resources and can help you find
 Willamette               Eagle    Bill Shaffer          503.393.1773     no e-mail                    the answers to many more questions. Also
 Quartermaster                                                                                         take a look at our council web site at www.
                                                                                              where you are able to find
 Sea Scouts               Adv.     Cindy Calderwood      503.544.9313
                                                                                                       answers 24 hours a day on your time line.

                                                                                                           100% Quality Districts in 2010
Page 6                   key program quality indicators                           Compass Points

                                   as of march       2008
                  Advancement                                         Training
                                                       BS Direct                 CS Direct
         Boy Scouts               Cub Scouts        Contact Leaders           Contact Leaders

                      Service                                         Retention
   Boy Scout Troops           Cub Scout Packs
                            Good Turn for America   Boy Scout Youth          Cub Scout Youth
 Good Turn for America

100% Quality Districts in 2010
May-June-July 2008                                                              finance                                                              Page 7
2008 Eagle Scout Recognition Banquet                                                                              Memorials and
O     n April 11, 2008 Todd Construction
      once again was the Presenting
Sponsor for the Eagle Scout Recognition
                                                                •	 Tyler Beauchamp, Troop 48, Silver
                                                                     Star District, $500
                                                                •	 Brandon Langford, Crew 400, Three
                                                                                                                  Tributes March 2008
                                                                                                                  In Memory of C. M. Bishop, Jr.
Banquet. The Eagle Scout class of 2007                               Rivers District $500                         •	 Donald R. Voss
was well represented with 358 people in                         •	 Justin Ashby, Crew 547, Sunset Trail
attendance, making it was the largest Eagle                          District, $500                               In Memory of Jean Chase
Recognition Banquet anyone can remember.                             There were 45 applicants this year for       •	 Alice Lind Chase
Our Master of Ceremonies for the evening                        the scholarships and the committee had the        •	 Dorothy A. Chase
was Ron Pedersen, former weatherman                             hard task of narrowing it down to these five      •	 Thomas & Sharlene Chase
from Portland and proud father of an                            outstanding Eagle Scouts. The committee is        •	 William & Fern Hranac
Eagle Scout. Jake Nichol, President and                         led by Todd Grewe and also includes, Tim          •	 Harold & Geraldine Olson
CEO of Leatherman Tool Group was our                            Giorgi, Ken Mattson, Tom Wesel, and Dave
Keynote Speaker. Jake is the father of two                      Widen. Countless hours were spent by              In Memory of Florence Marks
Eagle Scouts and has actively participated                      these Eagle Scouts reviewing applications         •	 Albert J. Jantzen
in Scouting for many years. As a special                        and narrowing the field down to these five        •	 William & Linell Joyce
treat Leatherman also agreed to be                              recipients.                                       •	 V. Sidney Raines
the gift sponsor for the evening and the                             Michael                                      •	 Mark & Ellen Richardson
Eagle Scouts in attendance all received a                       Boswell was                                       •	 Don Strand
Leatherman Micra engraved with the Fleur                        also asked                                        •	 David & Nancy Wolf
de lis and the council name.                                    to     speak
     The Cascade Pacific Council Eagle                          on what it                                        In Honor of Howard Marks
Scout Association was honored to present                        means       to                                    •	 Florence A. Marks Trust
five scholarships to some very deserving                        be an Eagle
Eagle Scouts. In the past few years they                        Scout. His                                        In Memory of Masashi “Mike”
have presented one $2,500 and four                              message                                                           Michigami
$500 scholarships. This year they chose                         of how as                                         •	 Harry & Gretchen Johansen
to present two $2,500 and three $500                            Scouts and
scholarships. The recipients were:                              Eagle Scouts                                      In Memory of James A. Tolbert
•	 Michael Boswell Crew 547 Sunset Trail                        we are all                                        •	 Frances & Douglas Callahan
     District $2,500                                            intertwined                                       •	 First Frame, Inc.
•	 Russell Pollard, Troop 542 Thunderbird                       together like                                     •	 Glenn & Carol Harrison
     District, $2,500                                           the roots of                                      •	 Russell B. Harrison
                                                                the redwood                                       •	 David & Carolyn Huff
                                                                fo r e s t ,                                      •	 Maxine E. Humphrey
                                                                suppor ting                                       •	 Kiwanis Club of Albany
                                                                each other Keynote speaker, Jake Nichol, CEO of   •	 Janet & Jim Jones
                                                                through the Leatherman Tool Group.                •	 Jean & Mary McCorkle
                                                                good and                                          •	 The Standeven Family
                                                                rough times that life throws at you. It is a      •	 Juanita Weigel
                                                                message that will be remembered by all in
                                                                attendance for many years to come.                of finding even
                                                                     Overall the evening was a huge               greater prizes
                                                                success and we are already preparing for          to give out on
                                                                next years banquet. Mark your calendars,          the local level,
Scholarship recipients Brandon, Russell, Justin, Michael, and   for Friday April 17, 2009 at the Marriott         prizes that will
                                                                Downtown Waterfront in Portland.                  both motivate
                                                                                                                  and       inspire
2008 Fall Popcorn Sale                                                                                            your Scouts.
                                                                                                                       Sign ups

O     nce again the fall air will be filled
      with the smells of freshly popped
poporn and the smiling faces of Scouts with
                                                                year our Scouts sold $829,000 in popcorn,
                                                                a 15% increase over 2006 sales. If we
                                                                keep up this trend we could potentially sell
                                                                                                                  begin soon so
                                                                                                                  watch your mail
                                                                                                                  and Roundtable
voices calling out “ Would you like to buy                      $953,000. That’s just $47,000 away from           Packets for more
some popcorn and help me pay my way                             the big M.                                        information. This year the sale will be from
to camp?”                                                            Trails end is already gearing up for         September 27th to November 2nd.
     Now is the time for your unit to start                     the sale and has put together a great prize            If you have any questions please
making plans to be a part of the biggest                        program once again to help motivate your          contact Shelley Staudinger at 503-225-
popcorn sale this council has ever seen. Last                   Scouts. As a council we are in the process        5748 or

                                                                                                                      100% Quality Districts in 2010
 Page 8                                                      finance                                                                             Compass Points
Vacations and Wills                              Home is Where the Your Retirement Can
W       ould you consider going on a
        vacation trip without some advance       Deduction is      be a Gift to Scouting
planning? Selecting the destination and
travel itinerary, making the needed
reservations, choosing the appropriate
                                                 I  t is increasingly common for donors to
                                                    leave their residence, vacation home,                         L  ike most individuals, you have probably
                                                                                                                     given some thought to what you will do
                                                                                                                  for retirement income. A lot of thought. And
                                                 or other land to the local council after
clothing and notifying friends or neighbors                                                                       again, like most individuals, you probably
                                                 their lifetime. This is often done through
of your plans are important elements of a                                                                         didn’t know how you could make a large
pleasant vacation experience.                    a bequest in the donor’s will, but there’s a
                                                 way to do the same thing, and get a current                      gift to Scouting and get extra retirement
     One item that many people overlook                                                                           income at the same time. But you can!
is the need to review your will prior to         tax benefit for doing it.
                                                                                                                        A BSA retirement trust is just a form of
departing for vacation. Has your family                 A life estate gift gives you an immediate
situation, or other factors, changed such                                                                         the popular charitable unitrust. It can be
                                                 income tax deduction for promising the
that it would warrant the appropriate                                                                             created easily with cash, stocks, bonds, or
                                                 local council that it will receive your home                     land that you already own. You place the
changes in your will?
                                                 or vacation home after your death, and/                          property into the trust and receive income
     Many people find it difficult to face
their own mortality. As a result, they put       or the death of your spouse or other family                      and tax deductions usually based on the
off doing something that could greatly           member. You continue to live there and                           full fair market value of the property. If
benefit the people and organizations they        use the property exactly as you do now,                          your gift was appreciated property, you
love and who rely upon them. Preparing           and your use is undisturbed until after your                     also avoid capital gains tax. You decide
for the future and protecting your loved         lifetime (or that of a spouse as well).                          who receives the income, the amount of
ones is an important way to apply the Boy               The life estate gift helps you get a                      income, when you want to start receiving
Scout Motto, “Be Prepared”. This small           current income tax benefit for a gift you may                    the income, and how long the trust will last.
investment in time will ensure that your
                                                 have planned to put in your will anyway.                         When the trust ends, your local council
desires with respect to family, friends, and
worthy organizations, like Scouting, will be     Contact Mike Egan at 503.225.5779 or                             receives the trust property.
carried out.                            for more information                                  Of course, these trusts aren’t limited to
     For a FREE wills kit, contact Endowment     about this interesting and helpful way to                        retirement income. They can be created
Director, Mike Egan, at megan@cpcbsa.            benefit your local council, as well as you                       at any time, for any reason. But contact
org or call 503.225.5779.                        and your family.                                                 Mike Egan at 503.225.5779 or megan@
                                                                                                         for more information about the
                                                        Many great things have been made
                                                                                                                  BSA retirement trust, and about how you,
The James E. West                                possible for Scouting through the use of life
                                                 estate gifts. Find out for yourself how your
                                                                                                                  your family, and your local council will all
                                                                                                                  benefit. You’ll see that these income trusts
Fellowship Award                                 house can be more than a home.                                   are a real gift to retirement planning.

T   he     James
    West Fellowship
Award is a National

recognition          for
individuals         who
contribute       $1,000
or more in cash
or      securities     to
the            Cascade
Pacific         Council’s
endowment            trust
fund. Organizations or individuals may
contribute an award in honor of someone
- an Eagle Scout, Silver Beaver recipient,
council president, or district chairman, or in
memory of a departed loved one, business
associate or special Scouter. We salute a
James E. West Fellows for perpetuating
Scouting’s future through their generosity.
     To join the James E. West Fellowship,
contact Mike Egan at 503.225.5779,, or download the
application at                   New James E. West Fellows: Gary Lockwood, Jeff Smith, Tom Phillips, Roberto Vidal, Ron Garland (presenter)

 100% Quality Districts in 2010
May-June-July 2008                         s couting               in action                                                                  Page 9
Troop 740 Court of Honor and Reunion
2   008 marks the 25th anniversary of the formation of Troop 740. At our next Court
    of Honor, 7:00 Monday June 16th, we invite all former members and leaders of the
troop to attend, at St. Lukes Church, 120 SW Towle, Gresham, OR 97080.
     Additionally, we would like you to share some photos of your fondest memories of
Troop activities. We especially would like to see or at least hear from as many of the 43
Troop 740 Eagle scouts as possible.
     If you are able to attend or have information you would like to share, please reply
to either Doug Moore 503-504-6824, or Peter Kappertz

          Do you have a unit activity coming up or pictures of
      a past event? Send us your stories and pictures and we will
   include them in our Scouting in Action section of Compass Points.
                   Send your articles and pictures to:
         today!                                           Kevin, Life Scout, Troop 740 Gresham, tries his hand at
                                                                                              bouldering during a recent troop outing to the Club Sport
                                                                                              Adventure Center climbing gym in Tigard.

                                                              A Parent’s View of Camp Staffing...
              upcoming                                        C    amp staffing is a great experience for the staff member. When
                                                                   asked for thoughts about their sons’ camp staff experience, one
                                                              parent responded with a letter, excerpts of which are below:
               events                                               “When my two boys were of staff age, I strongly encouraged them
                                                              to staff. Both did. My reason? Perhaps I’m old-fashioned, but I think kids
                                                              have few opportunities to learn the value of hard work anymore. I started
                                                              work at age 13, and worked through high school and college. At an early
               Kerr COntraCtOrS                               age, I learned that it’s not a question of what life can provide for you,
                                                              or if life is fair, but instead what you make of your own life. I learned
            SpOrting CLayS ShOOt Out                          that working hard taught me how to apply myself to setting and meeting
                  MAY 16, 2008                                goals. I learned that you do the grunge work and the glamorous work,
                                                              and that both can be enjoyable depending on your mind set. I learned
              MITCHELL’S CLAY TARGET                          to take direction with grace, humility and appreciation. I learned the
                CENTER IN GERVAIS                             intoxicating fun of working with a team on a meaningful project.
     Contact Shelley Staudinger at 503.225.5748 or                  I wanted that experience for my kids. To overcome the money issue, for more information             I made them a simple offer: I made up the difference between the camp
     Visit to register for the event       pay and them working at McDonalds. I told them that to me, as the parent,
                                                              I felt that they would learn and grow much more as camp staff, and for
                                                              them, they would have a whole lot more fun. That made subsidizing it
                CpC SCOuterS                                  worth it to me. They both took me up on the offer.
                                                                    As a parent, I cannot emphasize enough the incredible opportunity
           ShaMBLe gOLF tOurnaMent                            that camp staffing presents for a youth. A camp staffer is unique; he
                June 16, 2008                                 cannot get the same growth in any other summer activity. He will learn
                                                              that he must carry his share of the load and then some, and do it with
          LangDOn FarMS gOLF COurSe                           a cheery demeanor. He will learn that pleasing the customer (campers)
        Contact Wendy Wendy at 503.225.5777 or                is critical, and he must tune into what they think and feel. He will learn for more information               leadership. He will learn the importance of teamwork. He will learn that
                                                              these things are not burdens, but actually sources of great satisfaction,
                                                              He will gain an incredible amount of self confidence, not through silly self-
           6th annuaL gOLF MarathOn                           esteem nonsense but instead by EARNING it. Kids know the difference.
                                                              The ones that KNOW that they can accomplish whatever they set their
                OCtOBer 20, 2008                              minds to develop the quiet, humble confidence of a Scout. And staffing at
          LangDOn FarMS gOLF COurSe                           summer camp is absolute best way to do that.”
      Contact Shelley Staudinger at 503.225.5748 or           - Rod, parent of two former camp staffers for more information                  Parents and adult leaders, could you think of a more impactful
                                                              summer job? We hope you’ll talk with a few young people (good role
                                                              models) about camp staffing, and direct them to the information available

                                                                                                  100% Quality Districts in 2010
 Page 10                                        s couting               in action                                     Compass Points
                                                                                              just look at camp as a summer job. They
Camp Staffing Helps Build Character in Youth                                                  grimace at the trickle of a salary, but don’t
by Jim Hill                                  get up early, ready for a full day and           recognize the tidal wave of experience,
Director of Camping and Properties           are on-time to breakfast and everywhere          teamwork, job-satisfaction, training, and

I remember an advertising campaign else they go that day. They’re
  a few years ago that touted the life- expected to be on their game
changing effects of being a McDonald’s at all times, and they carry
                                                                                              yes, fun, that their child receives by working
                                                                                                             at camp, not to mention the
                                                                                                             good they’re doing in service
employee. The fast-food giant was proud through with a smile. When                                           to younger youth.
of changes they made in young people. I they see something that needs                                               I’ve even had a few
also remember comparing those claims to to be done, they do it right                                         applicants turn down a great
the growth I’d seen in young people who away…rather than waiting                                             summer camp job because
worked at summer camp. Some changes for someone to tell them to                                              their parents would rather
were similar, but camp trumps fast-food in do it as might happen in other                                    them work a fast-food job, in
many ways.                                   jobs.                                                           my opinion a great loss. Yes,
     The McDonald’s ad focused on                 Staffers are part of a                                     it’s hard to pay for college on
responsibility, as I remember it, and how team, much more so than                                            camp staff pay, but having
the new employee took a shine to daily most jobs. The camp staff                                             done it myself I believe the
tasks and matured as they assumed team comes together for one                                                sacrifice is worth the outcome
responsibilities. Camp is no different; we week of training and preparation, and              of life-experience that any other in-town
certainly give young people responsibilities then operates as a cohesive unit for many        job cannot match.
and see maturity blossom                                    weeks afterward. They                    McDonald’s does offer good first-time
as a result…but we                                          learn to work together and        jobs. I’m not knocking them; lots of people
also ask them to be countless                               the team excels, providing        got their start in fast-food. In fact, I’ve
self-starting, motivated, parents speak                     a great camp experience           read that an estimated 10% of Americans’
energetic,           caring, with me about for thousands of campers.                          first jobs were at McDonalds, an impressive
compassionate, and much the changes                                      I’ve        had      estimate. I do, however, believe that a
more: we expect camp
staff to be role models for
                               they ve seen                 countless parents speak           better first-job experience waits for older
                                                                                              Scouts at summer camp, and that they’ll be
younger Scouts.
                               in their child with me seen inthe changes
                                                            they’ve           their child     a better person because of the staffing
     Unlike working in a                                    after a summer working at         experience.
restaurant, camp staffers                    camp. Invariably it’s a story of incredible             I implore leaders to think about young
are always “on-stage” as role models. Their change, of seemingly sudden improvement.          people that they know, to consider which
training tells them that everywhere they go, Truth be told, we’ve just given that young       ones could be those great role models, which
and everything they do, they are studied person training and a vision, and let them           ones you would be impressed with were
by younger Scouts, and their example carry it out. They’ve made the change on                 they staffing at your camp this summer. Talk
learned. They carry the responsibility of their own, in a setting of support, with an         to the few best young people you can think
showing younger Scouts what Scouting is all expectation of excellence.                        of, and encourage them to work at summer
about, by example.                                Sometimes, though, new staffers’            camp. Ask them to visit
     Camp staffers are self-starters. They parents don’t see the big picture, and             campstaff, and download an application.
                                                                                              We’d love to talk with them.

Safe Swim Defense                              2. Physical Fitness: Require evidence
                                               of fitness for swimming activity with a
                                                                                              be the adult in charge of the swim and may
                                                                                              give the buddy signals.

B   efore a BSA unit may engage in
    swimming activity of any kind, a
minimum of one adult leader must complete
                                               complete health history from physician,
                                               parent or legal guardian.
                                               3. Safe Area: When swimming in areas
                                                                                              6. Ability Groups: Divide into three
                                                                                              ability groups: nonswimmers, beginners
                                                                                              and swimmers. Keep each group in its own
training, have a commitment card with them     not regularly maintained and used for          area. These classification tests should be
and agree to use the defenses in these         swimming activity, have lifeguards and         renewed annually for youth and adults.
plans. Training in this program is available   swimmers systematically examine the            7. Buddy System: Buddies check in
at our Boy Scout summer camps and other        bottom of the swimming area to determine       and out of the swimming area together.
district activities.                           varying depths, deep holes, rocks, and         Emphasize that each buddy lifeguards his
Safe Swim Defense                              stumps. Detailed swimming rules can be         buddy. Check everyone in the water about
1. Qualified Supervision: All swimming         found in the Guide to Safe Scouting.           every 10 minutes or as needed. Check all
activity must be supervised by a mature        4. Lifeguards on Duty: Swim only where         areas, count the pairs and compare the
and conscientious adult age 21 or older        there are lifeguards on duty. For unit swims   total with the number known to be in the
who accepts responsibility for the safety of   in area where lifeguards are not provided      water.
all participants and is trained in safe swim   by others, the supervisor should designate     8. Discipline:           Be sure everyone
defense. It is recommended that all units      two capable swimmers as lifeguards.            understands and agrees that swimming is
have at least person currently trained as a    5. Lookout: Station a lookout on the           allowed only with the proper supervision
BSA Lifeguard.                                 shore where it is possible to see and hear     and use of the complete safe swim
                                               everything in all areas. The lookout may       defense.

 100% Quality Districts in 2010
May-June-July 2008                                  s couting               in action                                                         Page 11
Sunset trail troop 618 recognizes 50th eagle Scout
Four young men of Boy Scout Troop #618,         benefit the community.
Sunset Trail District, received their Eagle          John Powers, 18, working
Scout Badge in a Court of Honor Ceremony        with Donate Life Northwest,
held December 28th, 2007 at St. Andrews         organized presentations and
Lutheran Church in Beaverton. John Powers       recruitment drives to distribute
(son of Fred & Susan Powers), John-Albert       organ donor cards and educate
Conlu (son of Alan & Nena Conlu), Rolando       others about the need for organ/
Rado (son of Mirtala Rado), and Leonard         tissue donors. A 2007 graduate
Williams (son of John and Renee Halpern-        of Sunset High School, John is
Williams) share a long history in scouting,     presently attending Washington
having all been Cub Scouts in Pack 200 a        State University where he is a
William Walker Elementary School. Each          pre-med major.
of the scouts emphasized that it was their           John-Albert Conlu, 18 year                 Pictured are John Powers, John-Albert Conlu, Rolando Rado,
long friendship and the encouragement           old Sunset 2007 High School graduate,           and Leonard Williams of Troop 618 in Beaverton.
they received from each other that led to       carried out a DVD drive collecting 120          and led a Bike Safety Rodeo at William
their continued involvement in Boy Scouts       new/used DVD’s for Doernbecher Childrens        Walker Elementary School. A 2007
and ultimately, their attainment of the         Hospital. He is currently attending Oregon      graduate of Sunset High School, Rolando
Eagle Award. To earn the rank of Eagle          State University where he is studying           is a Private First Class in the United States
Scout, a scout must earn 21 merit badges,       construction engineering management.            Marine Corp. and is stationed in Maryland
be active in their troop, serve in leadership        Rolando Rado, 18, working with the         where he is receiving training in tank
roles and carry out a service project to        Beaverton Police Bike Patrol, organized         mechanics.
                                                                                                      Leonard Williams, 18, a senior at
Northwest Antique Airplane Club Seeks Help                                                      Sunset High School led the construction of 20
                                                                                                personal plantar boxes for the Willamette
T  he Northwest Antique Airplane Clubs
   49th annual Fly-in / Air show, at
McMinnville Airport (across from the Spruce
                                                assist with assigned activities for Friday,
                                                Saturday and Sunday. A camping area
                                                for tents will be provided for those who
                                                                                                West Branch Habitat for Humanity. He
                                                                                                is undecided on which college he will be
                                                                                                attending after graduation in June, but
Goose) is again asking if the Boy Scouts        plan to stay overnight. All meals will be
                                                                                                plans on studying history. Debbie Black,
could assist with activities                    provided and hot showers are available.
                                                                                                Eagle Troop Advisor, reported that Troop
during the Fly-in.                                        Duties would include directing
                                                                                                618 was first chartered in 1966 in NE
     Don’t     miss     this                                     car parking, recycle and
                                                                                                Portland with 7 scouts.
opportunity to experience                                         trash    collection    and
                                                                                                      In 1974, the troop moved to Beaverton,
classic    and      antique                                       other activities during the
                                                                                                meeting at St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church
airplanes up close. This                                         weekend. Shifts will be 2
                                                                                                (it’s charter organization) and became
is also an opportunity to acquire the                            ½ hours long.
                                                                                                part of the Sunset Trail District. Today, the
Aviation Merit Badge, nights of camping                    For more information contact
                                                                                                troop has 25 active members and with this
and many service hours.                          Paul Silveria at: cell 360-607-6005, or
                                                                                                special ceremony celebrated Troop 618’s
     80 Scouts and Scouters are sought to      
                                                                                                50th Eagle Scout (Leonard Williams).

                                                                                                      100% Quality Districts in 2010
Page 12                                       s couting                  in action                                   Compass Points
New Silver Beavers continued from pg. 2...                                                     New Boy Scout Rank
J  oin fellow Scouters at the Council Court of Honor on May 27, 2008 at 7 p.m. for an
   evening of celebration of BSA volunteers. This will be a night of honor for a special       Requirements
                       group the newest Silver Beaver recipients.
                             The Council Court of Honor will be held at Tualatin High School
                       Auditorium, 22300 SW Boones Ferry Road, Tualatin. This location
                                                                                               T  he    National     Youth    Protection
                                                                                                  Committee recommended additions
                       provides ample parking on both sides of the school building.            to Boy Scout rank requirements that
                       Attendees can congratulate friends, while enjoying refreshments         were approved and became effective
                       after the ceremony.
                            Tickets may be purchased at the pre-registered price of $7         January 1, 2008.
                       per person or purchased at the door for $10 per person. Place               These changes will help us advance the
Richard A. McKinney
                       reservations at                                importance of Youth Protection training
Columbia Gorge
                                                                                               beyond the initial Boy Scout joining
                                                                                               requirements, and keep youth informed
                                                                                               and actively engaged in understanding
                                                                                               the key elements of personal safety and
                                                                                                   The additions can be found online
Steve Rice             Philip Rossi             Jack D. Scrivener        E. Blair Timmerman    at the National Council’s website www.
Council                Pioneer                  Lewis & Clark            Eagle Valley
                                                                                               scouting .org
Important Background Check
A    s dedicated BSA volunteers, you understand the
     importance of keeping our youth safe in the
                                                                     Do you or your unit have uniforms that
                                                                    aren’t being used by anyone in your unit?
Scouting program. To ensure Youth Protection, our
organization has conducted criminal background
checks on all new volunteers since April 2003. Because
some volunteers have been continually registered in                     Please consider donating them to
the program before April 2003, some have not had
a criminal background check. In the next few moths,                    a Goodwill, St. Vincent De Paul, or
we will be communicating with those volunteers on this
                                                                     Salvation Army near you. The Cascade
         Volunteers who have not had a background                   pacific Council is working with these and
check will receive a letter from our Chief Scout
Executive, Bob Mazzuca, recognizing them as valued                   other organizations to make uniforms
volunteers and explaining the need for criminal
background checks and our continued youth protection
                                                                     available across our council to those in
efforts. The letter will explain the need for consent                                  need.
to conduct a criminal background check and direct
volunteers to a Web site.
         The letter with the Web site information is
scheduled to be mailed by June 2, 2008. The Web
                                                                       Needing a uniform shouldn’t be the
site address is, and the site will be                reason a boy doesn’t join Scouting. We
active from June 1 until August 1, 2008. On the site,
volunteers will be asked to review an authorization                 all know there are far too many positive
statement, agree to consent to a background check,
and provide information, such as your Social Security                 benefits from the Scouting program.
number, which is necessary to conduct the CBC, and
verify and submit the information.

100% Quality Districts in 2010
May-June-July 2008                              commissioner service                                                              Page 13
It’s a Team Effort- Words from the Council Commissioner
I n the month
  of May we
take our first
                                                camp. Please promote camp attendance at
                                                every opportunity you have. IT’S A TEAM
                                                                                               help maintain the standards of the Boy
                                                                                               Scouts of America. They also oversee the
                                                                                               unit charter renewal plan so that each unit
review of the                                        July begins with the celebration of the   reregisters on time with an optimum number
Unit and District                               birth of our Nation. We continue to follow     of youth and adult members.
Centennial                                      up with our unit’s throughout the summer            Are you a person who loves to help
Quality awards.                                 months to come.                                and serve in Scouting? Then maybe
This is the first                               The one great thing about commissioner         commissioner service is just right for you. Do
look back at                                    service is that we don’t do this job alone.    you know of someone who could assist units
the commitments                                 We have a whole support team, which is         in achieving their best? See your District
that were made,                                 behind each and every one of us. IT’S A        Commissioner on how you can help.
and a review of                                 TEAM EFFORT!                                        On a final note, special thanks to all of
where we are                                         It is equally important that each         the volunteers who helped make this year’s
now. This review is an important process        district have a full and active commissioner   Commissioner Conference a great success.
to ensure that every Unit and District is       staff. Every unit deserves an assigned Unit    Congratulations to Jeff Axel this year’s
successful by year’s end. This review is not    Commissioner. Every effort needs to be         recipient of the Helen Howell’s Award for
only done by the Unit Commissioner, it is       made that each unit is served by an active     Exceptional Commissioner Service.
also done with the help of the Assistant        commissioner. IT’S A TEAM EFFORT!                   Remember excellence in commissioner
District Commissioner as well as the District        Commissioners are district and council    service, IT’S A TEAM EFFORT! Scouting
Commissioner. IT’S A TEAM EFFORT!               leaders who help Scout units succeed. They     Changes Lives
     Also in May and continuing thru June,      coach and consult with adult leaders of Cub               Jeff Smith, Council Commissioner.
we want to make sure that all of the unit’s     Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, Venturing
we serve will have an opportunity to attend     crews and Varsity Teams. Commissioners
                                                                                               Monthly Meetings
               Commissioner Service Calendar
 May 19     6:30 pm Council Commissioner Cabinet Meeting          CPC Office
                                                                                               T  he 4th Wednesday each month 7:30PM,
                                                                                                  Portland council office. There is a
                                                                                               meeting held for Roundtable Commissioners
 May 19     7:00 pm Council Commissioner Meeting                  CPC Office                   and Roundtable Staff members. This is a
 May 27     7:00 pm Council Court of Honor                        Tualatin High                required meeting for each district to send
                                                                  School Auditorium            representatives to. The council commissioner
                                                                                               staff works very hard each month to
 May 28     7:30 pm     Council Roundtable Commissioners Meeting CPC Office                    provide resource materials and great
 June 23    6:30 pm     Council Commissioner Cabinet Meeting      CPC Office                   ideas, so each district can have a quality
 June 23    7:00 pm     Council Commissioner Meeting              CPC Office                   roundtable. Make plans to attend each
                                                                                               month throughout the year. Questions?
 June 25    7:30 pm     Council Roundtable Commissioners Meeting CPC Office                    Contact Sharon Kuroda (Cub Scouts) at
 July 23    7:30 pm     Council Roundtable Commissioners Meeting CPC Office                    (360) 423-6564 or hoothoot@kalama.
                                                                                               com and Steve Leach (Boy Scouts) at (360)
 July 28    6:30 pm     Council Commissioner Cabinet Meeting      CPC Office
                                                                                               425-2114 or
 July 28    7:00 pm     Council Commissioner Meeting- Potluck BBQ CPC Office

    Be sure and visit the
commissioner page at for
    updated information
      and tools for the
    commissioner staff.
                                                                                                   100% Quality Districts in 2010
 Page 14                                             membership                                                         Compass Points
It’s Boy Scout Recruiting Time!                                                                 Tiger Cub Den Leader
A    troop open house can be an effective tool to recruit new Scouts into a troop, especially
     in the spring when outdoor activities are on the horizon. Select a date, set up a school
rally, and make a presentation to the fifth- and sixth-grade boys to spark their interest,
then follow up with an invitation to visit the troop.
      Follow the Troop Open House calendar below for specific suggestions for this
                                                                                                P    acks are finding great success recruiting
                                                                                                     new Tiger Cubs by recruiting their 2008-
                                                                                                2009 Tiger Cub Den Leaders now. Where
recruitment plan. For more details on how to conduct a troop open house, see The Boy Scout      do you find these wonderful leaders? They
Troop Open House, No. 18-706, and the Troop Open House video, No. AV-02V018.                    are the parents of the new Tiger Cubs
Key:                                                                                            you are recruiting now! Just invite them to
CM-Cubmaster                                      PLC-Patrol Leaders’ Council                   participate in the Scouting experience by
SM-Scoutmaster                                    SPL-Senior Patrol Leader                      serving as a Tiger Cub Den Leader, or as
TCC-Troop Committee Chair                         TG-Troop Guide                                a co-leader.
TMC-Troop Membership Chair                        WDL-Webelos Den Leader                              Some Packs have had success by
                                                                                                visiting with their current Tiger Cub families
                  May                                           Person Responsible:             and kindergarten teachers to identify
                  •	 Work closely with new Scouts and •	              TMC                       active parents who would be good leaders.
                       parents during their transition to the                                   Having a strong Tiger Cub recruitment in
                       Boy Scout troop, ensuring their needs                                    the spring and fall is the key to keeping
                       are met and that their move has been                                     packs healthy.
                       natural and fun.
                  •	   Work on rank advancement with new        •	    SM, SPL, TG
                       Scouts.                                                                  Pinewood Derby Cars
                  June                                          Person Responsible:             are Back
                  •	 Ensure that all new Scouts attend •	 SM, TMC
                       summer camp.
                                                                                                T  he Cascade Pacific Council will be
                                                                                                   providing pinewood derby cars
                                                                                                to every registered Scout in packs
                                                                                                that achieve a 10% growth in youth
                  July                                          Person Responsible:             membership over the December 31, 2007
                  •	 Work closely with new Scouts and •	 TMC                                    report for their pack. This was a popular
                       parents during their transition to the                                   incentive for packs to recruit more boys
                       Boy Scout troop, ensuring their needs                                    over the previous year.
                       are met and that their move has been                                          Need more recruiting ideas? Be sure
                       natural and fun.
                                                                                                to talk to your district membership chair
                  •	   Work on rank advancement with new •	          SM, SPL, TG
                       Scouts.                                                                  or your district executive when attending
                                                                                                your district membership kickoff to get
                  August                                        Person Responsible:             more information on how to receive your
                  •	 Get names, addresses, and telephone •	           TMC, WDL, CM
                       numbers of second-year Webelos
                       Scouts. Record the information on the
                       Webelos Scout Tracking form.
                                                                                                Recruit Tiger Cubs
                  •	   Plan a joint Boy Scout troop/Webelos •	       SM, PLC, CM, WDL           Early
                       den camping trip for October.                                             June 1 is the magical day! Boys who are
                  •	   Plan a program of upcoming events to •	       TMC                         in Kindergarten now can officially join
                       present at a Webelos den meeting visit                                    Cub Scouting on June 1, 2008. To help
                       in November.                                                              packs grow and provide more youth
                  •	   Select a den chief for each Webelos •	        SM, SPL, CM                 an opportunity to join Cub Scouting,
                       den                                                                       packs are encouraged to start recruiting
                                                                                                 kindergarten youths. New Tiger Cubs
                                                                                                 can officially be registered June 1,
 Cub Scout Mascot Costumes                                                                       2008, but there is no reason to wait until
                                                                                                 then to start recruiting them. All packs
   you Can Check Out through the Volunteer Desk tiger, Wolf and Bear Costumes                    are invited to do two things.
                                                                                                    1. Recruit a Tiger Cub den leader,
                                                                                                    2. Invite kindergarten kids to attend
  To Help You With Your Join Activities. Do Not Forget The Tiger Truck Is Available ,            day camp with you.
                                                                                                    Watch for more information from
            One Must Be 25 years Old Or Older , With proof Of insurance.                         your district executives.

 100% Quality Districts in 2010
May-June-July 2008                                       membership                                                             Page 15
Summer Camp Programs Boost Cub plus One June One
Scout Retention                Plus One by June One is one way the council says thank you
                               to its troops for actively recruiting new boys to their troops.
Studies reveal that youth who attend summer camp and participate in
other summer activities are more likely to stay in the program for a longer      You can earn a $5 rebate for every boy scout who attends
period of time. Summer camp often serves as the reason that a young              camp this summer. There are specific requirements to earn
person will stay involved in Scouting. Kids want to go to camp and have          the rebate. Here is how it works:
outdoor experiences.                                                             1. Conduct a troop open house.
     Consider a typical family in a Cub Scout pack. Their school year
                                                                                 2. Promote Scouting in the local 5th grade classrooms
ends in May or June. Summer becomes full of family trips and activities.
September rolls around and the family must decide what extracurricular           3. Have one more youth registered in your troop by June
activities they will take part in for the coming school year. If this family’s   1, 2008 over your membership on December 31, 2007
pack became dormant over the summer, they may now have a difficult               4. Must attend one of our council summer camps.( Baldwin,
time deciding whether to stay in Scouting. This directly affects retention       Pioneer, Meriwether)
efforts. In a national study, one of five boys (21.1percent) who dropped
                                                                                 Rebates will be distributed in September after your troop
out of Cub Scouts was in a den that met less than twice a month. The top
factor influencing the decision to leave Cub Scouting is that the meetings       has attended camp and fees have been paid. For more
became boring.                                                                   information, contact your District Executive.
     When boys are recruited into the program, they are promised fun
and challenging outdoor activities. Take full advantage of summer
programs, make sure each den is going to camp and every boy in a pack            District Membership Chairs
has an opportunity to go to camp. Work on the Summertime Pack Award
Plan, earn Cub Scout segments, this keeps families involved in Scouting          Council Vice President, Membership
year-round.                                                                                         503.658.8088
                                                                                 Jim Grabski
     Good communication with families and early planning is key. Provide                  
information on unit activities. Communicate with parents so they can plan        pacific Service area
vacations and weekends around troop calendars.
     Share the magic of Scouting this summer.                                    Fort Clatsop       Karen Gill         503.325.5108
                                                                                 Lewis & Clark      Pat Meyer          503.281.9289
 2008 new units                                                                  Pioneer            Shellye Dant       503.699.8294
 The following are the newest to join CPC:                                       Sea Scouts         Tim Calderwood     503.639.4310
 District    type             #        Charter Organization                      Scoutreach         Benita Andrews     503.289.7434
                                                                                 Sunset Trail       Eric Hearn         503.225.5737
 January new units
                                                                                 Tuality            Jim Rossetti       503.648.9398
 Northwest         Crew      79        Sherwood Snowboard Team                   Wapiti             Todd McDonald      503.225.5750
 February new units                                                              Columbia Service Area
 Mid Columbia      Pack      282       Hood River Lions Club                     Chinook            Jesse Ramieriz     360.274.7147
 Northwest         Crew      453       Summit SBT                                Columbia Gorge     Morgan Andersen    360.834.3232
 Mid Columbia      Pack      392       Stevenson Lions Club                      Fort Vancouver     Maxine Davison     360.366.0296
 Willamette        Pack      7105      Knights of Columbus St Edwards            Mid.Columbia       Mike Vosika        541.493.4011
 March new units                                                                 North Clackamas    Scot Forbes        503.225.5736
 Americas          Pack      5590      Woodburn United                           Silver Star        Bennett Jacobs     503.225.5738
 Americas          Pack      5591      Woodburn United                           Three Rivers       Andrea Raschio     503.759.3764
 Americas          Pack      5592      Woodburn United                           Thunderbird        Sally Palmiter     503.667.2109
 Northwest         Crew      910       Westview Track & Field                    Cascade Service Area
 Mid Columbia      Pack      312       Dallesport Fire Awareness Club            Calapooia          Dustin Johnson     541.905.5327
 Mid Columbia      Crew      753       Gateway Presbyterian Church               Eagle Valley       John Andrews       503.487.1241
 Van-Port          Crew      9         Brothers & Sisters Keepers Inc            Tillamook          Sharon Larson      503.472.3868
 april new units                                                                 Willamette         Scott West         503.769.0629
 Van-Port          Pack      9         Brothers & Sisters Keepers Inc            Scouting and Soccer Service Area
 Van-Port          Troop     9         Brothers & Sisters Keepers Inc            Americas           Ramon Rendon       503.252.1159

                                                                                                        100% Quality Districts in 2010
 Page 16                             good turn for america                                                               Compass Points
Tour Permits                                     the two week filing requirement also allows
                                                 time for correction avoiding cancellation of
                                                                                                  climbing and/or rappelling; or, 3) Involves
                                                                                                  an overnight experience.           Local tour
T    he purpose of a tour permit is to
     reinforce trip planning, safety, and two-
deep leadership. Through the use of a tour
                                                 the trip.
                                                      For tours and trips under 500 miles
                                                                                                  permits are to be completed two weeks
                                                                                                  prior to the unit outing. For tours or trips
                                                 one way, the local council establishes           500 miles or over one way, a National tour
permit the unit provides the council office      the guidelines for when a tour permit is         permit application is required 30 days in
with information regarding the unit outing       required. It is not necessary to require         advance.
or trip. This information becomes critical       tour permits for all activities. Doing so can    By signing the tour permit, the leader
for the Scout office if an emergency arises      cause the process to become meaningless          signifies that:
during the unit outing or trip.                  with the tour permit no longer being used        •	 He or she has a copy of the Guide to
Since the single highest number of               as a planning and safety tool. Most short,            Safe Scouting, No. 34416B, (available
injuries and fatalities in the United States                       in-town den trips do not            at in his or her
are caused by motor vehicle                                        require a tour permit;              possession and that they have read it.
accidents, tour permits                                            however, it is recommended     •	 That Safe Swim Defense, Safety
reinforce      driver    and                                       that dens obtain permission         Afloat, and Climb on Safely policies
insurance        requirements                                      slips from parents.                 will be followed if swimming, boating,
and encourages routine                                             The      Cascade     Pacific        climbing, and/or rappelling are part
maintenance checks on                                             Council,       BSA    policy         of the unit outing.
vehicles prior to the trip.                                       regarding tour permits          •	 That two adult leaders will be on
       The two week advance                                       is: Local tour permits are           the outing. Co-ed Venturing crews
filing requirement helps ensure                                   required when the unit               must have both male and female
that trips are well planned.                                      outing or trip meets any             leadership.
Because of the large number                                       of the following criteria: 1)   •	 That the adult leader in charge of the
of tour permits filed, late/rush                                  Is more than 50 miles one            group is at least 21 years of age.
filings cause delays for those                                    way; or, 2) Involves any        •	 That all drivers, vehicles, and insurance
who have filed promptly. If there                                 of the following activities:         coverages will meet the national
are concerns with a tour permit,                                  skiing, swimming, boating,           requirements as listed on the tour
                                                                                                       permit (and printed below).
Good Turn for America is a national call to                                                       •	 That if a backcountry trip is planned
                                                                                                       the BSA Wilderness Policy will be
service                                                                                                followed.

S   ince the BSA’s inception in 1910, members have learned to live the principles of the               For tours or trips 500 miles or over one
    Scout Oath and Law through community service and “helping other people at all                 way, a National tour permit application is
times.” With that history in mind, the BSA has developed a service initiative - Good Turn         required.
for America.                                                                                      Insurance Requirements for Tour Permits
     What began with a singular act of service on a foggy London night quickly evolved                 All vehicles MUST be covered by a
into daily Good Turns and then into more encompassing national initiatives. These have            public liability and property damage
included selling war bonds, collecting rubber and scrap metal, growing victory gardens            liability insurance policy. The amount of
during World War II, and more recently, Scouting for Food.                                        this coverage must meet or exceed the
     We now have the opportunity to raise our levels of community service and increase            insurance requirement of the state in which
awareness of the Scouting program within our neighborhoods. Nationally, the Boy Scouts            the vehicle is licensed. (It is recommended,
of America has partnered with The Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, the American              however, that coverage limits are at
                                                       Red Cross, the American Cancer             least         $50,000/$100,000/$50,000
                                                         Society, America’s Second Har-           or $100,000 combined single limit.)
                                                         vest, and the Department of              Any vehicle carrying 10 or more
                                                         Homeland Security to increase            passengers is required to have limits
                                                         our efforts in meeting the chal-         of $100,000/$500,000/$100,000 or
                                                         lenges of the 21st century.              $500,000 combined single limit. In the
                                                                Good Turn for America             case of rented vehicles the requirement of
                                                         will build on our members’ and           coverage limits can be met by combining
                                                         participants’ current service ef-        the limits of personal coverage carried by
                                                         forts and will also include im-          the driver with coverage carried by the
                                                         portant partnerships with other          owner of the rented vehicle. All vehicles
                                                         community service organiza-              used in travel outside the United States
                                                         tions. These partnerships will           must carry a public liability and property
                                                         provide many additional ave-             damage liability insurance policy that
                                                         nues for all of our members and          complies with or exceeds the requirements
                                                         participants to provide commu-           of that country.
                                                         nity service in their neighbor-          Transportation Requirements for Tour
                                                         hoods.                                   Permits
                                                                                                                                 Continued Pg. 17

 100% Quality Districts in 2010
May-June-July 2008                               risk management                                                                     Page 17
Entering the Risk Zone                           AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, and               especially in the afternoon.
                                                                                                  •	 Travel with two adults in each vehicle
I t’s early afternoon, and except for a brief    other authorities unanimously urge stopping
                                                 the car as quickly as possible and allowing          whenever possible. If this can’t be
  stop for lunch, you’ve been driving for
                                                 the fatigue and drowsiness to pass – even            done, assign an older youth to be
close to six hours on your way home from
                                                 if it means being late to your destination.          your “co-pilot” and make sure he stays
a spring break high adventure activity. In
                                                 Surprisingly perhaps, statistics show that           awake.
the van with you are six Boy Scouts. But
in sharp contrast to the loud talk and           2 p.m. is one of the most dangerous times        •	 Always stop when you detect even one
                                                 during the daylight hours for fatigue-               of the following critical warning signals:
horseplay that marked the beginning of
                                                 related collisions. But taking even a short          continual yawning; difficulty focusing
the trip, all of them are now fast asleep
                                                 break can help tremendously.                         or keeping your eyes open; trouble
– and so is the Scouter in the other front
                                                       By far the most dangerous time for             keeping your head up; wandering
seat, who was supposed to stay awake and
                                                 drivers, however, is late at night. The              or disconnected thoughts; drifting
talk to you. In the past few minutes, you’ve
                                                 number of fatigue-related collisions in an           between lanes or onto the shoulder;
noticed your own eyes getting heavy, too,
                                                                      average day soars from          repeatedly jerking the steering wheel
as some of the blood that
                                                                      just over 200 per hour at       to stay on course; missing traffic signals
carries oxygen to your brain
                                                                      7 p.m. to 900 per hour          and warning signs.
and keeps you alert is diverted
                                                                      by midnight and peaks       Vehicle Safety Guidelines
to your stomach to help digest
                                                                      at more than 1,100 at           Please remember the following
your lunch. You yawn.
                                                                      2 a.m. After that, the      guidelines pertaining to vehicle safety:
      In your rearview mirror,
you can see a second, well-                                           number declines sharply,    •	 Comply with all state and local traffic
                                                                      but doesn’t return to the       laws, including posted speed limits.
loaded van carrying the rest
of the troop, but as you squint                                       200-to-300-per-hour         •	 Drive defensively, including watching
                                                                      level until nearly 9 a.m.       traffic, taking no chances, and using
at the arrow-straight highway
                                                                                The       BSA’s       extra caution.
ahead, you feel very much
alone. Before you realize it, you nod off.                           Risk           Management    •	 Meet the driver qualifications on the
                                                 and Marketing divisions have created a               tour permit, and limiting driving time
Your eyes seem to close for only a split
                                                 nationwide campaign aimed at alerting                according to BSA specifications.
second, but by the time you jerk awake,
two wheels of the van are almost on the          volunteer Scouters to the perils of “the risk    •	 Limit the number of passengers to the
                                                 zone.” “Studies of over-the-road truckers            number of seats with safety belts.
shoulder of the road. You shake yourself
                                                 show that even professional drivers                  Ensure that passengers remain in their
vigorously and turn up the radio. “I’m
                                                 can’t always determine their own mental              seats with belts secured. Ensure that
O.K.,” you tell yourself. “I just got a little
                                                 condition, and there’s also a lot of denial          no one rides outside the passenger
groggy. I’ll be fine in a minute.”
                                                 about being too tired to drive,” says BSA            compartment or cab of any vehicle.
      Whether you know it or not, you’ve just
entered “the risk zone” – a dark region          Director of Audiovisual John Clarkson. “We       •	 Drive with headlights turned on,
                                                 hope to raise Scouter’s awareness that the           because the extra moments of visual
of physical and mental fatigue in which
                                                 leading risk factor in driving is when one           contact provided by the headlights
sudden death could lie in wait for you and
                                                 isn’t in tiptop condition for it.”                   might be enough to prevent some
the Scouts whose safety is in your hands.
                                                 How to Avoid the Risk Zone                           accidents.
More than 43,000 Americans die in traffic
accidents each year. According to studies              To recognize when you’re in “the risk      •	 Review, understand, and comply with
                                                 zone” and help you steer clear of it, safety         all BSA rules and procedures that
conducted on several major U.S. turnpikes,
                                                 experts offer tips below:                            pertain to vehicle safety.
roughly half of all fatal crashes were
caused by drowsy motorists who ignored           •	 Make sure to get plenty of sleep the          •	 File a Local and/or National Tour
                                                       night before a trip.                           Permit. Pay attention to each of the
“the risk zone” and kept on driving. So
what are you going to do?                        •	 Drive only during the daytime. Stop               policies and reminders.
      When you find yourself in “the risk              and sleep at night.                        •	 Check the vehicle for good mechanical
zone,” the National Safety Council, the          •	 Take a break every 75 to 100 miles,               condition.

Tour Permits Continued...
1. You will enforce reasonable travel                                                             (including driver) the driver must have a
                                                   at least 16 years of age may be a driver,      commercial driver’s license (CDL).
speed in accordance with state and local           subject to the following conditions:
laws in all motor vehicles.                                                                             c) Driving time is limited to a
                                                   (1) Six months’ driving experience as a        maximum of 10 hours and must be
2. If by motor vehicle:                            licensed driver (time on a learner’s permit
     a) Driver Qualifications: All drivers                                                        interrupted by frequent rest, food, and
                                                   or equivalent is not to be counted);           recreation stops.
must have a valid driver’s license and be               (2) no record of accidents or moving
at least 18 years of age. Youth Member                                                                  d) Seat belts are provided, and
                                                   violations;                                    must be used, by all passengers and driver.
Exception: When traveling to an area,                   (3) parental permission has been
regional, or national Boy Scout activity or                                                       Exception: A school or commercial bus.
                                                   granted to leader, driver, and riders.               e) Passengers will ride only in the
any Venturing event under the leadership of             b) If the vehicle to be used is
an adult (21+) tour leader, a youth member                                                        cab if trucks are used.
                                                   designed to carry more than 15 persons

                                                                                                      100% Quality Districts in 2010
 Page 18                                               training                                                         Compass Points
What makes a Leader Trained?                                                                    Advanced Adult Leader
W       e often hear that question. Most leaders know that they need to be trained,
        but are not sure exactly what that means. Below are the requirements for each
position to be “trained” in our computer tracking system. If you are registered for one
                                                                                                Training – Wood
of these positions and know that you have not taken all these courses, chances are that         Badge
you’re not officially trained. Please see your District Executive or District Training Chair
to figure out how to correct this. You and they can either get you the training you need,
or use a Training Correction Form to update your records and show you have completed
                                                                                                W       ood Badge for the 21st Century, is
                                                                                                        the premier training program for all
                                                                                                Scout leaders in the Boy Scouts of America.
the training.                                                                                   This includes all Cub Scout, Boy Scout,
     Here are the requirements for many positions:                                              Varsity and Venturing Leaders, as well
•	 Cub Scout leaders are considered trained when they have completed New Leader                 as Professional Scouters. Wood Badge is
     Essentials and the Cub Scout Leader Specific training for their position.                  designed to train adult volunteers using the
•	 Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters are considered trained when they have                latest leadership skills and techniques. It is
     completed New Leader Essentials, Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster Leader              once in a life time training experience
     Specific Training, and Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills.                                   As a result of attending Wood Badge,
•	 Troop committee members are considered trained when they have completed New                  participants will be able to:
     Leader Essentials and the Troop Committee Challenge as their Leader Specific               •	 View Scouting globally, as a family of
     training.                                                                                       interrelated, values-based programs
•	 Varsity Scout leaders and assistants are considered trained when they have completed              that      provide      age-appropriate
     New Leader Essentials, Varsity Scout Leader Specific Training (available April 2002),           activities for youth.
     and Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills.                                                 •	 Recognize the contemporary leadership
•	 Venturing crew Advisors, assistant Advisors, and crew committee members are                       concepts utilized in corporate America
     considered trained when they have completed New Leader Essentials and Venturing                 and leading government organizations
     Leader Specific Training.                                                                       that are relevant to our values-based
                                                                                                                               Continued pg. 19

MySCOuting portal                                     District Training Chairs
                                                      pacific Service area
Now Available                                         Ft. Clatsop        Rod Clark             503.338.3806
T   he National BSA organization is making
    headway on a one-stop, one-login website
for online leader resources such as training,
                                                      Lewis & Clark      Mary Ellen Hepp       503.335.2738
advancement, rechartering, and more. You can          Pioneer            Sherri McPherson      503.558.8556
begin to use this new resource by visiting www.       Sea Scouts         Cristi Wilkins                 and clicking on “My Scouting” in
the upper left-hand corner.                           Sunset Trail       Jim Holmstrom         503.524.7853
      This one-stop site will give you opportunity                                                               olgriznmamabear@msn.
to have ONE username and password that will           Tuality            Carl Yergen           503.647.5393
access all online areas, rather than different
                                                      Wapiti             Tom Kroen             503.692.2799
ones for each individual site.
      On your first visit to the MyScouting           Columbia Service Area
portal, BSA-registered adults can create a            Chinook            Sharon Kuroda         360.423.6564
username and password. If you have your
member number (found on your member card,             Columbia Gorge     Mario Raia            360.254.3603
distributed in the spring after recharter),           Ft. Vancouver      Julie Pond            360.573.2401
it’s a very simple process; if you don’t have         Mid-Columbia       Jeff McCaw            541.386.4950
your member number you can still register by
providing additional contact information.             N. Clackamas       Carolyn Frietas       503.513.6265
      Once logged-in, you’ll find sections (see the   Silver Star        Dennis Moore          360.687.3549
left-hand menu) for E-Learning [online training       Three Rivers       Al Tate               503.266.9456
courses], Recharter, and Advancement.
      Look for more to come in the future,            Thunderbird        Dan LeBrun            503.668.8533
including a real biggie: ONLINE TOUR                  Cascade Service Area
PERMITS. Online Tour Permits will allow units
                                                      Calapooia          Jon Aaberg            541.967.6855
to submit tour permit information online, have
them approved by the local council online, and                                                                   douglas.f.reynolds@tek.
                                                      Eagle Valley       Doug Reynolds         503.662.4112
the approval delivered back to the unit...all                                                                    com
without paper forms.                                  Tillamook          Sharon Larson         503.472.3868
                                                      Willamette         Cott Thompson                 

 100% Quality Districts in 2010
May-June-July 2008                                     training                                                                   Page 19
Philmont Scout Ranch Training Center                                                           Basic Leader Training
S   erving as the only national volunteer
    training center for the Boy Scouts
of America since 1950, the Philmont
                                                     Registered attendees receive a
                                                confirmation packet including their
                                                schedule, the PTC Family Guidebook, and
                                                                                               T   he new Basic Leader Training comprises
                                                                                                   two parts: New Leader Essentials for
                                                other helpful materials. The information in    all unit-level leaders and Leader Specific
Training Center (PTC) provides a unique
environment for the training of volunteer       this packet, along with that provided on       training, which is based on the leader’s
and professional leaders. Each year, more       this Web site, should help you prepare for     unit-level position.
than 6,000 Scouters and family members          your week at Philmont.                              Basic Leader Training is designed for
attend PTC.                                          Every week at Philmont is different. As   maximum flexibility. The sessions can be
     Each conference features the latest        conferences, the weather, and the needs of     delivered over time—training on one or
tools and techniques, audiovisuals,             your family change, we do our best to help     more evenings a week or month—or in a
discussions, idea sharing, and activities       you have a fun-filled family adventure.        one-day training event that incorporates
led by a faculty of experienced Scouters.       Please understand that there is so much to     all program areas. It is suitable for large
Invitation to these conferences is upon         see and do at Philmont, there is no way you    or small groups and may be presented to
recommendation of the local council or a        can do it all in one visit.                    leaders of one or more units each time.
national committee.                                  While the primary purpose of              Each council and district may decide the
     Each summer, the Philmont Training         the Philmont Training Center is to host        appropriate delivery method, keeping in
Center offers weeklong courses that cover       conferences, the opportunity for families to   mind that the focus is to remove roadblocks
every aspect of the BSA’s program—from          join their Scouter and enjoy a wide range
                                                                                               and achieve 100 percent trained leaders.
Tiger Cubs and Scoutmasters to Endowment        of family programs is what makes PTC
                                                                                                    New Leader Essentials is an introductory
and Scoutreach.                                 unique.
                                                     Family Programs. Programs are             session that highlights the values, aims,
     Conferences are led by a faculty of
outstanding volunteer and professional          planned for all members of the family—         history, funding, and methods of Scouting.
Scouters selected by the divisions and          infant through adult. Family members           It addresses how these aims and methods
committees of the National Council for their    enjoy a staff-led program of hiking, tours,    are reached in an age-appropriate style
expertise in specific conference topics.        handicrafts, games, campfires, and outdoor     within Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Varsity
     The conferences are designed to            activities. Family program groups meet         Scouting, and Venturing. Videos, discussions,
discuss specific Scouting issues, share         while conferences are in regular session.      and hands-on reinforcement are presented
information from all over the BSA, and train         Leisure Activities. There will be ample   during the 90-minute training session.
using “best methods” that will enhance the      opportunity for a Scouter to enjoy the         Ideally, all unit-based volunteers—Cub
Scouting program for our youth and adults.      majesty of Philmont with his or her family     Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, and
Each conference features the latest tools       or spouse. Evenings are devoted to family      Venturing leaders—take this session at the
and techniques, audiovisuals, discussions,      activities and free time. Sunday and           same time, so they understand that they
idea sharing, and activities.                   Wednesday afternoons are free for family       are all striving for the same results with the
     Attendance is by invitation only. All      activities, hiking, fishing, or sightseeing.   youth they serve. Each leader completes
registered Scout leaders should receive an           For more information about the PTC        New Leader Essentials training only once.
invitation. If you did not please see your      please visit their web site at http://www.
                                                                                                    Contact your district training chair or
District Executive.                   
                                                                                               district executive to find out when the next
                                                                                               training session is in your area.
Wood Badge: Cont.                               at
                                                    The price is $195 and includes all
    movement.                                                                                         Benefits of new Leader
                                                meals, program materials, & recognition
•	 Apply the skills they learn from their
     participation as a member of a
                                                items. (An $85 deposit is due at the time                    Essentials
     successful working team.
                                                your reservation is made.)                       •	 Assistance in implementing the full
                                                Anyone who meets these requirements may              Scouting program with chartered
•	 Revitalize their commitment by sharing       attend.
     in an overall inspirational experience                                                          organizations.
     that helps provide Scouting with the
                                                •	 Is currently registered in Cub Scouting,      •	 A better understanding of the
                                                    Boy Scouting, Venturing or Varsity               advantages of encouraging
     leadership it needs to accomplish its
     mission on an ongoing basis.
                                                •	 Is at least 21 years of age (18 for               youth and adult volunteers to
                                                    Asst. Scout Masters)                             move through the traditional
     This year our course will be held on two
‘weekends’ (all day Thursday, Friday and
                                                •	 Has completed basic training in their             program as their youth mature.
Saturday) with the first weekend held at
                                                    registered Scouting position                 •	 An awareness of the different
Butte Creek August 21-23 and the second
                                                •	 Has completed a BSA Class 3 medical               aspects of the Scouting program,
                                                    form within the last year.                       which may result in leaders taking
weekend September 11-13 held at Camp
                                                    For     more     information    please           advantage of those programs
Cooper. This allows those with Sunday
                                                contact Neal Smith,Wood Badge 2008                   for a child in a different age
commitments to keep those obligations.
                                                Course Director, (503) 730-6336 or                   group.
     Since this is our only course this year,
spots are filling fast, please register early

                                                                                                   100% Quality Districts in 2010
 Page 20                                                 camping                                                           Compass Points
New family camps at beach front property                                                           Summer Camp
I f your family likes to go camping at the beach, consider leaving all those noisy,
  unpredictable public campgrounds behind to head for the seclusion of Boy Scout                   Leaders’ Meetings
beachfront property!
     Cascade Pacific Council is offering Family Camps, including a Memorial Day Weekend            A   ttending the pre camp leader meeting
                                                                                                       will have a great impact on the
Family Camp to be held May 23-26, 2008. As members-only activities, families are
assured of a more peaceful and pleasant experience than they might have at public                  enjoyment of camp. Camp directors will
campgrounds, and more elbow-room and friendly faces throughout the property.                       provide details and last-minute information
     At these relaxed events, families enjoy a variety of activities such as sand-castle           about your camp, and will be available
building, beach walks to the tide-pools, beach games and more. The events are loosely
scheduled with an ‘open campus,’ so families can pick and choose from family camp                  to answer questions at these important
activities, head into town to visit local attractions, or just enjoy the quiet coastline.          meetings:
     At the close of the spring event we asked each family for their thoughts about the
new program:                                                                                       Boy Scout Summer Camp:
   “Fantastic schedule. We were able to enjoy some camp activities and explore the
                                             surrounding area each day.”                               Units   attending    Camps    Baldwin,
                                             “Great family experience; safe and fun for the        Meriwether, or Pioneer please plan to
                                             whole family.”                                        have at least one leader attend a pre-
                                             “Very reasonable – you can’t get all this at [other
                                             places] at the beach.”                                camp meeting on Friday, June 13, 7 p.m.
                                             “Its a great deal.”                                   at Happy Valley LDS Church located at
                                             “Will definitely come again.”
                                             “Please do it again next year! We had a fantastic     10300 SE 132nd, Portland. Pre-ordered
                                             time and want to come back.”                          camp clothing (ordered by May 15) can
                                             “This was an awesome alternative to a typical
                                             holiday weekend we typically avoid! “                 be picked up and additional discount
                                                   A second End-O-Summer family camp will          purchases can be made on-site.
be held August 16-19, 2008 at Camp Clark near Tillamook. For details and to sign up
online, visit Signups are now open.                                     Cub Scout Resident Camp:
                                                                                                       Dens attending Adventure Cove, Cub
Camp Staff Job                                   Equipment donations                               World, or Gilbert Ranch can meet with
Opportunities                                    sought for camps                                  camp directors and other key staff for up-

C    ascade Pacific Council hires more than
     300 people to serve as camp staff           C    amps would welcome the donation of
                                                      equipment in usable condition, such as
                                                                                                   to-date information, advice, and to ask
                                                                                                   questions about camp. Plan to have at least
members at the best camps in America.            these suggested items:                            one leader attend a pre-camp meeting on
     Applicants may acquire a camp staff              •	 Hand tools and power tools
                                                      •	 Pickup trucks and trailers                Friday, June 6 at 7 p.m. OR Saturday, June
application from any council service center,
or can be downloaded from the council
                                                      •	 Nails, drywall screws                     7 at 1 p.m. at Happy Valley LDS Church
                                                      •	 Commercial kitchen appliances             located at 10300 SE 132nd, Portland.
web site at                 •	 Lumber and building supplies
      Age requirements by June 15, 2008                                                            The content of each meeting will be the
                                                      •	 Plumbing supplies
include: Age 14 (staff-in-training)for all            •	 Retail display furnishings                same; please attend only one meeting.
day camps. Age 15 (staff-in-training or 16            •	 Health lodge supplies                     Pre-ordered camp clothing (ordered by
(paid staff) for all resident camps.                  •	 Small Sunfish-type sailboats              May 15) can be picked up and additional
                                                      •	 Camping trailers
                                                                                                   discount purchases can be made on-site.
                                                      Local companies and organizations
                                                 that are remodeling or otherwise                  Cub Scout Day Camp:
                                                 discarding usable equipment…thank you
                                                                                                   Dens attending day camps, please review
                                                 for remembering the Boy Scout camps.
                                                      Please contact the ranger at your            the Leaders’ Guide online at www.cpcbsa.
                                                 favorite camp to inquire about their need         org/downloads . Each camp will have its
                                                 for these items, or contact Jim Hill at jhill@    own meeting the summer for leaders and
                                        A list is available at www.
                                                                                                   parents attending camp with their den;
                                                                                                   meeting dates are listed in the guide.

 100% Quality Districts in 2010
May-June-July 2008                                            camping                                                                           Page 21
unforgettable river                             Early Bird Camp Payments Due May 16, 2008
Rafting Adventures                              A    s the early bird deadline approaches
                                                     for all camps, please take note of the
                                                                                                              Decreases in youth attendance less than

S   couting units can enjoy an unforgettable    items listed below:                                           two weeks prior to camp will result in a
    experience on the Deschutes River this           Accurate attendance projections are                      forfeiture of the entire fee. Scouts that
summer. The Challenge Rafting program           important, as they allow as many Scouts                       meet the council refund criteria, as printed
organizes one, three, and five-day trips        as possible to attend; please be as                           on sign-up form and in the Resident Camp
in June, July, and August. The program          accurate as possible when updating your                       Leader’s Program Guide may qualify for a
provides experienced river guides, all          reservation. Please inform the council of                     partial refund.
necessary food, equipment, dry bags, and        attendance increases or decreases.                                 Program guides for each camp may
river permits. Scouting units may participate        Decreases in youth attendance prior to                   be downloaded at
as a unit, patrol, or individual family.        May 16, 2008 will result in a transfer of                     downloads
     All programs are open to adults, and       the initial $10 deposit and the March 15,
youths who are at least 13 years of age         $50 session guarantee payment.
or older, and are specifically designed as           Decreases in youth attendance after                      Get Winter Lodge
high-adventure experiences.                     May 16, 2008 through two weeks prior to
     Please visit       camp will result in a forfeiture of $60 per                   Dates for Next Winter!
for a listing of dates and full details.
     Contact Challenge Rafting Coordinator
Chris Baker at 503.225.5707 or cbaker@
                                                                                                              E  ach fall thousands of volunteers con-
                                                                                                                 verge on the winter lodges to prepare
                                                                                                              them for winter use, also gaining them                                                                                                   the advantage of selecting popular unit
                                                                                                              dates. One requirement of a unit making
Service Needed at                                                                                             a reservation is that they participate in the
                                                                                                              wood cut or lodge cleanup day. For plan-
Scout Offices                                                                                                 ning purposes:
Units with Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts seeking                                                                        Wood Cut (Saturday, Sept. 20) is for
service hours for rank advancement might                                                                      Boy Scout troops, Varsity teams, Ventur-
consider assisting with landscaping and                                                                       ing crews, and Explorer posts. To make a
grounds keeping at either the Salem or          Troop 69 doing service work at our Portland Service Center.   winter reservation, these units must attend
Portland Volunteer Service Centers. Projects                                                                  and provide service at the wood cut.
include brush trimming, leaf raking, and        sprucing-up was a lot of work after winter                         Lodge Cleanup Day (Saturday, Oc-
weed-pulling.                                   weather, and is a tremendous improvement.                     tober 11) is for Cub Scout packs. Adult
     Recently, Troop 69, chartered to the       BIG Thanks to troop 69!                                       leaders (no youths) from packs attend and
Rotary Club of Portland Pearl, in Pioneer           Please contact Dave Somann at                             provide service to qualify their pack to
District spent a Saturday cleaning up the       503.658.7077 for information and to                           make a reservation.
parking lot and landscape around the            arrange a service project.                                         Details about lodges and service
Portland Volunteer Service Center. The                                                                        days can be found at

Opportunity Fund provides Financial                                                                           Projects Available for
Assistance                                                                                                    Adoption
N    o Scout should be denied the               initial sign-up fee paid prior to submitting                  Adoption of projects is needed at all council
     opportunity to attend camp due to          the form.                                                     facilities and camps. Adoption of a project
lack of funds. With this in mind, the council         Camperships are based on family                         can be as simple as providing manpower
offers an Opportunity Fund which provides       need and processed on a first-come, first-                    or as complex as completely taking on
camperships for eager Scouts.                   served basis. Applications can be turned in                   a project from planning and funding
     Opportunity Fund applications are          at Volunteer Service Center.                                  to completion. Whatever your group’s
available at the Scout Service Centers. The           Applications may be faxed to the                        abilities and ambition, camp rangers can
form is two-sided and is downloadable           Portland Scout office at 503.225.5733.                        find a project to meet your needs. A few
from the CPC web site at www.cpcbsa.            Applications are due May 1, 2008.                             sample projects are now featured at www.
org. The Opportunity Fund is set up to help           Members of the Boy Scouts of America          
provide funding for Scouts who cannot           in the Cascade Pacific Council attending a                         To inquire about a project, please
afford to attend camp without financial         Cascade Pacific Council camp are eligible                     contact Jim Hill at, who
assistance.                                     to apply.                                                     will connect you with the ranger at the
     Use the Opportunity Fund form in lieu          Note: No application can be accepted                      camp in which you’re interested in serving.
of the March session guarantee payment.         unless a unit (or Rover) is registered for                         Adopt-a-Project hours do qualify for
All Scouts using the Opportunity Fund form      camp. Only one Campership per person                          the popular Hodag Award.
should have a reservation and the $10           per year is awarded.

                                                                                                                  100% Quality Districts in 2010
 Page 22                                                                                                      camping                                                                                                                      Compass Points
                                                                                                     Order of the arrow
  Oa Spring Ordeals
  Congratulations to all our newly elected candidates for the Order of the Arrow! After being elected by their peers, candidates must
  complete an Ordeal induction weekend to become a part of the OA. Our Lodge conducts five Spring Ordeals to provide multiple
  opportunities. Unit leaders -- please encourage your newly elected candidates to get signed up as quickly as possible for one of
  these weekend events. Spring Ordeals will be held May 9-10(Camp Lewis), May 16-18 (Camp Meriwether), May 30-Jun 1 (Camp
  Baldwin), June 6-8 (Camp Cooper), and June 13-15(Camp Pioneer). More information on the Ordeal and registration process is
  available online at or by contacting our Lodge Adviser, Brad Harris (503-539-8921 or email brad@
  Brotherhood Membership
  After ten or more months in the OA, Ordeal members are eligible to seal their membership in the Order of the Arrow by obtaining
  their Brotherhood (represented by two bars on the OA sash). Brotherhood can be obtained at any of our upcoming Ordeal weekends
  (where we need a lot of extra help from our current OA members in getting our camps ready for the summer camping season) and
  throughout the summer at Council summer camps. Learn more online or talk to your chapter leaders regarding completing this next
  step in the OA.
  the Oregon trail Leads to Conclave
  On September 5-7, Arrowmen from all over Oregon and southwest Washington will be converging at Camp Lutherwood just west
  of Eugene for our annual Section W-1A Conclave. This weekend offers training, fellowship, fun, and adventure for all OA members.
  Be sure to mark your calendar today, and plan to attend this awesome event!

2008 Summer Camp as of April 24, 2008                                                                                                                                                                               Rover Camp Dates
       2008                                                                                                                                                                                                         R   over camps are for individual Boy
                                     Jul 5
                                             Jun 29-

                                                        Jul 6-12

                                                                            Jul 13-19

                                                                                                      Jul 20-26

                                                                                                                               Aug 2
                                                                                                                                       Jul 27-

                                                                                                                                                     Aug 4-9

                                                                                                                                                                                Aug 10-

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Aug 17-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Scouts who cannot attend camp with
  Boy Scout Camps                                                                                                                                                                                                   their troop or for Boy Scouts who would
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    like to return for another week. Leadership
              B aldwin                                                                                                                                                                                              is provided, so adults need not attend with
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    their Scout.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Please visit www.cpcbsa.orgdownloads
      M eriwether                                                                                                                                                                                                   for the camp reservation form, with which
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    reservations may be made for this exciting
               P ioneer                                                                                                                                                                                             week at camp for individual Scouts. Dates

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Camp Baldwin
                                                       July 6-11

                                                                   July 13-18

                                                                                        July 20-25

                                                                                                                  July 27-1

                                                                                                                                   Aug 3-8

                                                                                                                                                 Aug 10-15

             2008                                                                                                                                                                                                              August 10-16, 2008
        Cub Scout Camps                                                                                                                                                                                                       Camp Meriwether
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 July 17-23, 2008
         a dventure C ove                                                                                                                                                                                                        Camp Pioneer
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 July 6-12, 2008
                                                       July 4-6

                                                                   July 11-13

                                                                                        July 18-20

                                                                                                                  July 25-27

                                                                                                                                   Aug 1-3

                                                                                                                                                 Aug 4-6

                                                                                                                                                                   Aug 8-10

                                                                                                                                                                                     Aug 15-17

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Independent Camp
                    C uB w orld                                                                                                                                                                                     All units that plan to camp out of council
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    or hold their own summer camp this year,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    please complete the Independent Camp
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Survey, available online at www.cpcbsa.
                                                       July 3-5

                                                                   July 6-8

                                                                                        July 10-12

                                                                                                                  July 13-15

                                                                                                                                   July 17-19

                                                                                                                                                 July 20-22

                                                                                                                                                                   July 24-26

                                                                                                                                                                                     July 27-29

                                                                                                                                                                                                       July 31- 2

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    org/register.       This information helps in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    two ways: your district camp promotion
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    team will know of your plans and utilize
            G ilBert r anCh                                                                                                                                                                                         their time to help other units; also the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    information is used to help track Scouting’s
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    outdoor program participation, which gives
                                                                                                     Lots of space                                             Plenty of room, but reserve soon
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    useful statistical data to National and local
Sessions with asterick (*) are Monday start sessions.              Key:                              Almost Full. Call today.                                  Near Capacity. Existing reservations                 volunteer leaders.
White boxes represent sessions offered.                                                                     Full: No Additions.                                          may add.

 100% Quality Districts in 2010
May-June-July 2008                                     camping                                                                 Page 23
  Work Weekends                                                                                Cub Scout Outdoor
  Winter takes its toll on any property, and camps are no exception. Troops and families
  can help camps get ready for a busy summer season by attending one or more work
                                                                                               Activity Award
  weekends scheduled this spring:

     Camp Baldwin Family Work Weekend - May 16-18, 2008

     Butte Creek Family Work Day - May 31, 2008
                                                                                               T  iger Cubs, Wolf and Bear Cub Scouts, and
                                                                                                  Webelos Scouts have the opportunity to
                                                                                               earn the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award.
     Camp Cooper Family Work Weekend - May 30-June 1, 2008
                                                                                               Scouts may earn the award in each of the
                                                                                               program years as long as the requirements
     Camp Ireland Work Days - May 10, June 14, 2008                                            are completed each year. The first time the
                                                                                               award is earned, the Scout will receive the
                                                                                               pocket flap award, which is to be worn on
     Camp Lewis Work Days - May 3, 2008                                                        the right pocket flap of the uniform shirt.
                                                                                               Each successive time the award is earned,
     Camp Pioneer Beaver Weekend - June 6-8, 2008                                              a Wolf track pin may be added to the flap.
                                                                                               Leaders should encourage Scouts to build
                                                                                               on skills and experiences from previous
     Camp Pioneer Black Bear Weekend - September 12-14, 2008                                   years when working on the award for a
                                                                                               successive year.
                                                                                                    Information can also be found on the
     Royce Finel Work Days - May 17, 2008
                                                                                               council web site at

     Scouters’ Mountain Work Day - June 13-15, 2008

     Baldwin Wood Cut Days -Oct. 11 and Oct. 18, 2008

Medical Corps Needed Ice Cream Parties at Baldwin!
at Camps             Ranger Larry isadopt a project at Camp All this service adds upyour better facilities
                       to troops that
                                      offering ice cream feeds
                                                               for summer camp for
                                                                                          Scouts. Learn

M     any camps across                        Baldwin this spring. Troops are encouraged       more about adopting a project at www.
      the country provide                     to contact Larry ( to
medical services each                         find a project that meets their skills and
summer through visiting                       interests, and schedule time to complete
nurses and doctors who                                                    their      project
plan a week or two to                                                      this spring.
spend at camp. This                                                                   T h e
makes for a fun escape                                                     Adopt a Project
for the medical specialist,                                                program is in
and is a great help to the                                                 full swing at
camp. Cascade Pacific Council is interested                                Baldwin, with            Participation in the Adopt a Project
in building up a Medical Corps of                                          many projects       program also counts toward Hodag Award
professional medical volunteers (Physician,                                being adopted       requirements. Information about this unique
EMT, LPN, RN, NP, LVN, PA) who would like                                  by        troops,   service award can be found at www.cpcbsa.
to plan a week or two of vacation at a                                     service clubs,      org/camp-properties/serviceaward.
summer camp. Interested? Please contact                                    the staff alumni
Jim Hill at 503.225.5744 or jhill@cpcbsa.                                  association and
org.                                                                       other groups.

                                                                                                   100% Quality Districts in 2010
Page 24                                                                                                                       Compass Points
   Order by June 14th and save up to 15% on camp clothing!
                       CAmp TrAding posT
    You can save a bundle on camp shirts and hats                              leader meeting if ordered by May 15, see below).
    by pre-ordering before camp!                                               All Pre-Orders are placed online and require a debit
    Order by June 14 to save up to 15% on your                                 or credit card.
    purchase. Pre-Orders can be picked up at camp                              Visit to place your
    or shipped to your door (or pick up at pre-camp                            order today!

      Cub World                                                                      gilbert ranch



                                            T-Shirt    Black, S-XL $13.00,
                                                       XXL-XXXL $15.00
                                            Jacket*    Black, S-XL $35.00,
                                                       XXL-XXXL $40.00
                                                       4XL-5XL $45.00
                                                       (mens’ & ladies cuts)
                                                       *pre-order only, not
                                                                                                              T-Shirt   Forest Green, S-XL $13.00,
                   ble by pre-or
                                 der only              available at camp
                                                                                                                        XXL-XXXL $15.00
     jacket availa

                                               Hat     Black Fire $13.00
                                                                                                                 Hat    Black $13.00

                                                      Colors and logos may vary slightly for all products.

     Pickup Pre-Orders at the Pre-Camp Leader Meeting!
    When you place your order by May 15, you can opt to pick up your items at the pre-camp leader meeting. We’ll make every effort to have
    your items produced and ready.
    Cub Scout camps (Cub World, Gilbert Ranch, Adventure Cove) meetings will be:
       • Friday, June 6 at 7pm OR Saturday, June 7 at 1pm, both at the Happy Valley LDS Church (10300 SE 132nd, Portland)
    Boy Scout camps (Baldwin, Meriwether, Pioneer) meetings will be:
       • Friday, June 13 at 7pm at the Happy Valley LDS Church (10300 SE 132nd, Portland)

100% Quality Districts in 2010
May-June-July 2008                                                                                                                  Page 25

 Adventure Cove                                                   baldwin

              FRONT                                                                       FRONT

                       BACK                                                                       BACK

                     T-Shirt   Sand, S-XL $13.00,                                             T-Shirts       Charcoal S-XL $13.00,
                               XXL-XXXL $15.00                                                               XXL-XXXL $15.00

                        Hat    Chocolate Brown $13.00                                               Hat      Black $13.00

                                   Colors and logos may vary slightly for all products.

 meriwether                                                       pioneer

              FRONT                                                                       FRONT

                       BACK                                                                       BACK

                 T-Shirts      Steel Green S-XL $13.00,                                      T-Shirt      Navy blue, S-XL $13.00,
                               XXL-XXXL $15.00                                                            XXL-XXXL $15.00

                       Hat     Forest Green $13.00                                                Hat     Steel $13.00

                   to place your order today!
          Pre-orders must be placed online, and require a debit or credit card.
                                                                                                  100% Quality Districts in 2010
 Page 26                            Compass Points

Scouting: Helping fulfill your dreams for him

 100% Quality Districts in 2010
May-June-July 2008                              calapooia district                                                                  Page 27
District Calendar                               District awards recognition dinner
                                                is fast approaching on May 1st. This is an
                                                                                                 you want to do things next year. A general
                                                                                                 yearly program plan gets you there. Also,
MAY                                                                                              it will allow your Boy Scout troop to sign
1        District Recognition Dinner            excellent opportunity to nominate a top
                                                leader in your unit. There are categories        up during or at the end of your camp for
2-4      Camporee at Camp Alpine                                                                 next year’s great adventure. Give your
2-3      Outdoor Skills Training                at all levels of scouting and volunteering.
                                                If you have a leader that you would like to      scouts the experience of a lifetime get
8        Roundtable                                                                              them outdoors, get them to camp, get them
15       District Commissioners Meeting         recognize, contact Chris Williams, Richard
                                                Chandler or Scott Johnson. Also if you           a quality program.
21       Public Relations Meeting
28       District Committee Meeting             want to help out with the dinner, contact        District Status
                                                Chris Williams.                                       Membership        676 Scouts and 55
June                                                                                             units as of April 10, 2008. At the end of
12       Roundtable                             Scouting Summer
                                                      Summertime is traditional premier          March the Calapooia District has achieved
19       District Commissioners Meeting                                                          1.7% growth in overall membership! The
18       Public Relations Meeting               scouting time. Weather is good, the
                                                scouts are out of school, and leaders            district has not shown a March growth in
25       District Committee Meeting             take vacation to lead their units at camp.       several years. Good job everyone. Our
                                                                                                 district year end goal is to grow 2% over
JuLy                                            What could be more true to providing the
                                                                                                 last year which is 959 scouts. We currently
10       Roundtable                             promise of the outdoor experience, than
                                                a Pacific Northwest summer? 14 troops            have 676. We need 293. Last year the
17       District Commissioners Meeting
                                                and 5 pack have signed up for summer             district brought in 320 from September
21-25     Day Camp
                                                camp or an independent camp (as of 11            thru December. Why wait till Fall, lets get
23       Public Relations Meeting
                                                April 08)to provide our scouts a summer          this done now and maybe we can break
30       District Committee Meeting
                                                outdoor experince. Scouting is outing;           a 1000 scouts by November! The key is
Meeting Locations                               our core values are steep in providing an        Tiger Cubs and New Boy Scouts. We need
*Roundtable---Lebanon LDS Stake Center          outdoor experience to our scouts. For the        to recruit at least 45 Tiger Cubs and 30
5th and Airport in Lebanon 7 pm                 first year Boy Scout and all Cub Scouts,         new Boy Scouts by June 30. This is so very
*District Commissioners Meeting---Pizza         camp provides the best opportunity to be         doable. With peer to peer recruiting, Invite
Factory, 1188 S. Main Lebanon 7 pm              totally immersed in scouting. Trained staff,     a friend to a pack or troop meeting, bring
*Public Relations Meeting—Wyatts, 211           providing outstanding programs, under            a pal to camp, recruiting should be a snap.
1st Street, Albany 12 pm                        credentialed and approved facilities is not      Invite them to your summer picnic and field
*District Committee Meeting—Old Armory          something that can easily be replicated          trips. To assist you the district is going to
Bldg, 4th and Lyons, Albany, 7 pm               by a troop. Council camps are great for          provide flyers for May and end of School
                                                fostering fun and advancement whether            for k-4 for packs and a 5th grade flyer for
Commissioner Corner                             it is merit badges, lifesaving, or even Cub      the troops. We have postcards for Cubs
     Boy Scout Leaders: The requirements        Scout ranks.                                     and Boy Scouts, also. Just contact your DE
for the ranks of tenderfoot, second class             Independent camp can be a blast            about how many for what event and your
and first class have changed on January 1,      for your older more experienced scouts.          point of contact and we will get them out.
2008. Scouts beginning to work on those
ranks should be aware of these changes.
                                                5 days in the wilderness or canoeing the         Friends of Scouting
                                                Pacific Northwest waterways is a fantastic            At the time of this article the district
A copy of the changes is available in the       experience. Plan it, support it and run it       was at 64% of its goal in mid-April! At
2008 Boy scouts Requirements Handbook           within the framework of the Guide to Safe        this rate we will achieve our goals on
or on-line at                 Scouting and you will truly have an outdoor      the May 21 Victory Celebration! Has
     All units: Scouting is a twelve month      experience your scouts will remember for         your unit participated? All units that
program. Units should be planning their         years to come.                                   participate receive a ribbon at the June
summertime activities which include day               Last word from the soapbox.                Roundtable. Those that achieve President
camp, summer camp and the on going              Summertime is also the time to plan for          receive their Presidential Ribbon at the first
recruiting of new scouts. A youth may           next year. In May you will be getting your       Roundtable after Council has audited their
attend one activity with a unit without being   program planning kits. Recommend in June         achievement. You are making the slogan
registered. Take that opportunity to invite     you plan your program, in July you plan on       Scouting Changes Lives happen with your
a young man along on an activity to see if      how you are going to finance that program,       support of Friends of Scouting.
he is made for scouting. The planning for       and August present it to your families. This
the summer should be happening now at           level of planning does not have to be            Congratulations!
the committee meetings. If you need help        locked in stone detail; it can be and should         In April, Scoutmaster Tim Haggey of
with ideas, contact a commissioner or your      be written in pencil. Stuff happens, but you     Troop 7100 received his Wood Badge
DE.                                             need to have an idea of where and how            Beads. Congratulations Tim!

District Contacts                                          District Commissioner                               District Executive
             District Chairman
                                                               Richard Chandler                                Scott W. Johnson
                    Tom Corr
                                                               H/541.928.2865                                   541.928.6694
                                                                                                     100% Quality Districts in 2010
 Page 28                                     chinook district                                                             Compass Points
District Calendar                                has resources for you to utilize to make
                                                 ALL your recruits as successful as possible,
                                                                                                   before the 15th of May but we are half
                                                                                                   way there already.
May                                              please call him at 360-274-7147.                       Keep your ears peeled for another
1        District Committee Meeting                                                                Silent Auction Fundraiser to be happening
8        Roundtable                              Friends of Scouting                               at the end of April, beginning of May. We
10       Scoutcapades / Pinewood Derby                 We are past the half way time point
                                                 in hitting our goals and doing a good job         have some awesome stuff to auction off
         at the Three Rivers Mall                                                                  and will have a table for youth and adults!
15       District Commissioners’ Meeting         making progress. Remember that we are
                                                 over half way done in this campaign…and           This will be a MUST attend event!
15       District Dinner
27       Key 3 Meeting                           almost half way to both the Community and         Scoutcapades
                                                 Family Goals. We have some money raising               Scoutcapades is coming up fast
June                                             to do and a short time to get it done. To be      May 10th at the Three Rivers Mall is the date
5        District Committee Meeting              a Centennial Quality District we NEED to          and place. The Pinewood Derby will also
12       Roundtable                              make these FOS goals. We are continuing           be taking place for all those that placed
12       OA Chapter Meeting                      our efforts to go after the families that         in their Packs. Please check the Pinewood
17       Key 3 Meeting                           haven’t had the opportunity to give yet           Derby Rules on the Chinook Website: www.
19       District Commissioners Meeting          so you may get a friendly call. Please do
July                                             what you can to help push us up. Again: our       index.html just to make sure everything is
1        District Committee Meeting              Family Goal is $27,000 and our Community          OK. For questions about this event please
4        4th of July Parade, Downtown            Goal is $9,500. WE CAN DO THIS but                e-mail Kevin Farley at
         Longview                                only with everyone’s help. We will, and I         DAY CAMP
8        Roundtable                              mean WILL be Centennial Quality District               The next big event we have in July is
8        OA Chapter Meeting                      all the way into the 100th anniversary and        the Chinook Cub Scout Day Camp. This is a
22       Key 3 Meeting                           beyond together. However, we won’t do             must attend this year as it is Pirates! There
26       Mother Son Day at the Lake              this unless we can do it together. Call Tami      are a lot of great crafts planned and
         Sacajawea                               Perry for more information and materials          speakers as well. The Cubs get to make
Meeting Locations:                               at (360) 423-6960.                                their own really cool treasure chests, shoot
*District Committee Meeting- JH Kelley,          2nd      Annual                Community          the BB guns, learn Archery, among other
821 3rd Ave, Longview                            Fundraiser                                        things. Please remember that the T-shirts
*Roundtable Meetings- LDS Stake Center,                We had a wonderful breakfast buffet         are for the prepaid Cubs ONLY – that
900 11th Ave, Longview                           on March 28th at oh gosh it is early to           is all YOUTH that pay before May 16th.
*District Commissioner Meeting- LDS Stake        raise money for the Community Campaign.           We are having a pre-camp orientation for
Center, 900 11th Ave, Longview                   We sold well over 60 tickets and had an           all unit leaders June 12th at 6PM before
*OA Chapter Meeting is at 6:30PM before          attendance of 40 come to the breakfast. Of        Roundtable at the LDS Stake Center, 900
Roundtable                                       those we put into the Community pot $2250         11th Ave, in Longview. One representative
Spring Recruitment                               and the Family pot $460. Not a bad deal.          from each unit attending camp IS REQUIRED
     We are right in the middle of our           This is a new thing for this District still and   to attend. There will be a trading post for
BIG PUSH to get those kindergarteners            we are still in the learning stages, but NEXT     the food goodies (breakfast items this
involved so they sign up in June. Grab them      year will be even bigger and better. We           year as well), and a trading post with the
and don’t let them go!!! We have started a       will stay with the Breakfast Fundraiser and       Chinook Store items.
reputation of doing what we need to – and        put a few tweaks and twists into it for next      2nd Annual Fishing Derby
that is to get our Cub Packs reenergized.        year. The goal, of course, is to get even              Clatskanie Kiwanis and Troop 241 are
By growing the Packs continually, as we          more businesses involved, a Community             hosting the second annual Fishing Derby
have been doing, we will have a better           fundraiser needs to have the businesses           at Scout Lake on June 14th. Cubs, Scouts,
Pack to Troop transition which will help         that represent the community. Thank you           Friends and family of Scouts are invited to
the Troops as well. To make it easier this       to all who helped; Rick Winsman (who was          attend. Anyone willing to help get ready
year, set up the committees now that will be     also guest speaker), Jon Saatvedt, Bethany        and plan the event contact Bob Tosh, (503)
doing the recruiting so they are continuously    Young, Stacie Kelley, and Mike Parker. This       728-3583 or Sporty at 503-728-2712.
recruiting and working on building the           event was sponsored by Speedy Litho who           This was a really fun event for all last year
Packs up, advancing the youth, and getting       donated the printing, and the Monticello          and will continue on. Like to fish?? Come
them ready for the Cross Over to the Troop       Hotel who donated the Ballroom and                and fish to your hearts content! Want to
of their choice. Recruiting isn’t just done in   the setup. This fundraiser brought the            learn? Perfect place to do that too. More
the spring and the fall…it is done all year      Community Campaign up to almost 50%               information to come at Round table. We
long. Jesse Ramirez, the Membership Chair,       of goal. There is still much work to be done      look forward to seeing you there.

District Contacts                                            District Commissioner                               District Executive
             District Chairman
                                                                    Brad Pyl                                        Tami Perry
                                                              H/503.397.5033                                    B/360.423.6960
 100% Quality Districts in 2010
May-June-July 2008                 columbia gorge district                                                                         Page 29
District Calendar                            diligent team of volunteers who helped
                                             us to have a great District Dinner. Thank
                                                                                                 summer program for the new boys. Good
                                                                                                 Cub Scout Packs are in the process of
May                                          you to Michele Sullivan and the awards              planning and scheduling Spring Recruiting
1        Commissioner Staff Meeting,
                                             committee for helping us to recognize our           events. If you would like some assistance
                                             many adult volunteers.                              in this process please call Bo Henderson at
1        District Committee Meeting,
         7:30pm                              2008 Silver Beaver Awards                           360-693-1741 ext 742.
3        District Dinner 6:30pm                   Congratulations to Rich McKinney for           Popcorn is coming!
8        Cub Scout Morning Roundtable,       receiving the Silver Beaver Award. This             Now is the time to start thinking about
         9:30am                              will be presented to him on May 27th at             selling popcorn for next fall. Beginning in
8        Roundtable, 7:00pm                  the Council Court of Honor. Please come             May your unit will be able to sign up to
15       OA Chapter Meeting, 7:00pm          and support them. The Silver Beaver is              sell Trails End Popcorn. Start planning now
17       District Pinewood Derby, 9:00am     the highest award a council can give to a           so that your unit can take advantage of
                                             volunteer.                                          this great fundraising opportunity. If you
June                                                                                             have any questions please call Ed Brands
5        Commissioner Staff Meeting,         Camporee 2008
         6:30pm                                    Thanks to all the units that turned out for   at 360-253-9494.
5        District Committee Meeting,         another great Camporee. True Camporee               District Email
         7:30pm                              spirit was present during friendly troop                 Sign up to receive all the district
12       Cub Scout Morning Roundtable        competition. Without the leadership and             updates. Simply log on to www.cpcbsa.
         9:30am                              the tireless efforts of the committee and           org/email and click on district lists. Select
12       Roundtable, 7:00pm                  volunteers, the Camporee program would              Columbia Gorge and fill in the required
19       OA Chapter Meeting, 7:00pm          not be the huge success that it has become.         information. This will help keep you
                                             A special thanks to Robert Stuart and all the       informed of upcoming events and important
July                                         staff for there hard work and dedication.           dates and deadlines. If you have questions
17       OA Chapter Meeting, 7:00pm
                                             Thanks                                              contact Bo Henderson at bhenderson@
Meeting Locations:                                Congratulations and special thanks to or by calling 360-693-1741
*Commissioner Staff Meetings - Hearthwood                                                        ext 742.
                                             Ed Brands for a spectacular job during the
LDS Building, 220 NE Hearthwood Blvd,.
                                             spring candy sale under his leadership we
                                             sold over $29,000 worth of product.
*District Committee Meetings - Hearthwood
LDS Building, 220 NE Hearthwood Blvd,.       District Pinewood Derby
Vancouver                                         We are holding the Columbia Gorge
*Morning Roundtable – Vancouver Stake        District Pinewood Derby on May 17th at
Center, 10509 SE 5th Ave., Vancouver         the Hearthwood LDS Building (220 NE
*Roundtable - Hearthwood LDS Building,       Hearthwood Blvd, Vancouver). Please
220 NE Hearthwood Blvd,. Vancouver           stay tuned for further details. We will be
                                             sending emails out on our district email list.
Friends of Scouting                          If you are not signed up visit www.cpcbsa.
     Thank you to everyone for a great       org and click on email lists then Columbia
Family Friends of Scouting drive. It’s not   Gorge.
too late to turn in money or pledges that
you may have left. If you have questions     Fall Join Nights
please call Bo Henderson at 360-693-              Now is the time to begin planning your
1741 ext742.                                 fall join night. Attend the fall roundup
                                             training on August 14th and receive a
Everything Eagle Night                       packet that will ensure a successful school
     On Thursday May 8th at Roundtable       night. New youth need to be recruited in
we invite all Scoutmasters, Parents, and     order to have a healthy pack.
potential Eagle’s to come and learn about
what it takes to complete your Eagle. We     Spring Recruiting
will be discussing, projects, paperwork           Did you know that boys who are now
and more. 7pm a the Hearthwood LDS           Kindergartners can join your pack on June
Building.                                    1st? Did you know that those boys can also
                                             attend Cub Scout Day Camp this summer?
District Award’s Dinner                      Now is a great time to recruit new Tiger
     Thank you to Julie Andersen and her     Cubs to your pack and provide awesome

District Contacts                                                                                            District Executive
           District Chairman                            District Commissioner                                  Bo Henderson
              Tom Crozier                                      Ed Green                                  B/360.693.1741 ext. 742
           H/360.335.8292                                 H/360.254.2193                                     B/503.225.5742                                
                                                                                                     100% Quality Districts in 2010
 Page 30                                eagle valley district                                                       Compass Points
District Calendar                                or just plain golf, please contact Roger
                                                 Hawks at 503-472-8041 or via email at
                                                                                                   Spring Product Sale/Popcorn Sale
May                                     or Sharon Larson             Wrap up
1-31     Spring Recruitment                      at 503-472-3868 or                  Thank you Ellen Mills for again leading
1        District Commissioner Meeting,          We look forward to friendship, fellowship         the district in a strong Spring Product sale.
         6:15 PM                                 and a little bit of friendly competition out      Thank you to each unit the participated
1        District Committee Meeting,             on the greens – FORE! Scouting.                   and their unit chair that made it possible
         7:00 PM                                                                                   for the boys to earn those extra dollars for
7        Roundtable, 7:00 PM Program             Membership                                        summer camp. There are many wonderful
         Planning Packets                             Units – Please welcome Pack 7205 to          opportunities that we need funds to make
10       District Adult Recognition Dinner       Dundee United Methodist Church. Gary              happen. Again, congrats to everyone who
                                                 Langewalter is the Executive Officer and          sold and earned their own way to camp
June                                             has asked that Joyce Colling to serve as the
1-30     Spring Recruitment Follow-up                                                              this summer.
                                                 charter representative. They are anxious
1        Tiger Cubs may join Cub Scouts          and excited to see Cub Scouts in their            District Volunteer Awards and
5        District Commissioner Meeting,          community. All packs should be focusing           Recognition Dinner
         6:15 PM                                 these next eight weeks on Cub Scout –                  All current and former registered adult
5        District Committee Meeting,             but particularly Tiger Cub – recruitment.         volunteers are invited to participate in our
         7:00 PM                                 NOW is the time to get your tiger cub             annual District Recognition Dinner. This
12       Eagle Valley Pre-Day Camp               leader registered and trained. The busy           year the event will be held on May 10th
         Leader’s Meeting – 6:00 PM              Fall recruitment season will be easier when       at 5:00 PM at McMinnville Cooperative
12       Roundtable, 7:00 PM                     you already have your leaders in place.           Ministries. You will be able to RSVP and
July                                             New Volunteers                                    register online at
14-18    Eagle Valley Day Camp at                     Please welcome John Andrews as the           under District Dinners. This is a wonderful
         Camp Smith, McMinnville                 new district Membership Chair. As he has          opportunity for fellowship, to recognize
Meeting Locations:                               the opportunity to meet and greet the units       the accomplishments of the district and
*McMinnville Cooperative Ministries              and leaders, he will be asking you to focus       individual units as well as those volunteers
                                                 on the membership status of your units.           who stand out among their peers. There
Friends of Scouting                              Do you have enough boys in each den/              are many ways to recognize your peers and
     Eagle Valley District Troops who have       patrol? Do you need help getting into the         the committee hopes that you will nominate
earned the recognition of Presidential in        schools? Is publicity your largest obstacle?      them for an award. The nomination forms
our annual Friends of Scouting campaign.         Do you have someone designated as                 will be available at Roundtable and also
Those still working towards their goals          the membership person – either Pack               online. The planning committee hopes to
are Troop 7215, Troop 7270, Troop                Growth Coordinator or Webelos to Scout            see you all there to recognize your friends
7279Congratulations to each and every            coordinator for your troop?                       and co-leaders who have earned some
one of you for your dedication and                                                                 well deserved recognition over this past
financial support of Scouting with your gifts.   training Opportunity                              year.
                                                      The district training team has scheduled
Families who understand why the Council
                                                 a training directed at all levels of Scouting     Ahoy Mattie! Day Camp
must have a Friends of Scouting campaign,                                                                July 14-18 Sign-Ups. The dates for
also understand where the money is used          from Cub Scouts through Venturing on April
                                                 26th. Included in this session of training will   Eagle Valley Day Camp are July 14-18.
and that we are fiscally responsible with                                                          There have been several dates published
your money. We have a balanced budget            be New Leader Essentials, Cub Master, Den
                                                 Leader, Webelos Leader, Cub Committee,            but the actual dates are the one printed in
every year, we provide five service centers,                                                       the Council Calendar. Even if the dates on
nineteen districts have a paid professional      Charter Representative, Scoutmaster,
                                                 Varsity and Venturing leader and Troop            the registration form don’t match, please
to help steer the district and the growth                                                          KNOW that the dates are July 14-18.
and progress of the Scouting movement.           Committee. We are looking forward to
                                                 a strong year of leader training – both           It is NOT too early reserve your spot for
Save The Date                                    basic and more advanced to Woodbadge              just $10 per boy. Our Pre-Camp leader
     September 12th with a 7:30 AM               and even Philmont Training Ranch. Every           meeting scheduled for June 12th at 6:00
Tee Time Shotgun style “FORE! Scouting”          boy deserves to participate in a safe and         PM prior to Roundtable at McMinnville
Golf Tournament. The tournament will be          well executed program. Training provides          Cooperative Ministries.
played at Chehalem Glenn Golf Course             a robust program that helps retain youth
in Newberg, OR. The price is $125 per            in the program, thus allowing Scouting to
person or $400 per team. If you would            Change Lives.
like to sponsor a hole, join the committee

District Contacts
             District Chairman                              District Commissioner                             Sr. District Executive
                   Vacant                                          Jody Hall                                      Sharon Larson
                                                               503.662.3052                                     B/503.472.3868

 100% Quality Districts in 2010
May-June-July 2008                      fort clatsop district                                                              Page 31
District Calendar                            Lee Loving, John Tanksley, Ian Bauer, Tom
                                             Strecker, Birch Kelley, Valerie Carlson,
May                                          Kathy Peinhart, Bob Blue!!
1       Key Three Meeting
        District Committee meeting
2-4     Tuality Camporee in Jewell
8       OA Chapter meeting
13      District Commissioner meeting
15      District Awards Dessert 7:00
        Masonic Hall Astoria
26      Place Flags @ Ocean View
3       Key Three Meeting                                                                  * Have fun at Summer Camp Webelos
        District Committee meeting                                                         Scouts and Boy Scouts. For more information
10      District Commissioner meeting                                                      about attending call Karen Gill at 325 –
12      OA Chapter meeting                                                                 5108.
19      Day Camp Staff training 4:30                                                       Picture: Troop 628’s spent a week at
        Astoria LDS Church                                                                 Camp Pioneer in 2007: Ken Huntley,
        Round Table                                                                        Jacob, Mitchell, Frank VanWinkle, Bronson,
21      Day Camp set up 10:00 Camp                                                         Sterling, Scot.
        Rilea                                Ft. Clatsop Day Camp June 23 – 27!!
23-27   Day Camp at Camp Rilea               Questions call Karen Gill at 325 – 5108
                                             or Karen Hoekstre, Day Camp Director at
July                                         861-2990.
2       District Committee Meeting           Picture: Cameron, Pack 509, Day Camp
9       OA Chapter meeting                   2007
14      District Commissioner meeting
16      District Picnic (place TBA)
Meeting Locations:
*Key Three Meetings 7:00 at Seafood Lab
in Astoria
*District Commissioner Meetings 7:00 held
at Seafood Lab in Astoria
*OA Meeting 7:00 Masonic Hall in Astoria
*Round Table 7:00 Astoria L.D.S. Church

thanK yOu:
• Camp Royce Finel April 19 Clean Up
Crew! Extra Kudo’s to Birch Kelley’s Coast
Guard Help!
• Unit Candy/Pepperoni Stick Sale
Chairmen: Bob Blue, Shannon Meehan,
Judy Robison, Jason Burris, Terri Wright     *Placing flags at Ocean View Cemetery on
and Birch Kelley!                            Memorial Day is an annual tradition for Ft.
• EVERYONE who made the Camporee             Clatsop Boy Scouts. For more information      *Our Candy and Pepperoni Stick sale was
such a GREAT event – Special thanks to       on how you can participate contact Karen      a big success.
camping chairman Mike Clark!                 Gill at 503 325 5108.                         Picture: Judy Robison, Candy Sale Chairman
• Every volunteer, every Mom and             Picture: boys placing flags are: Sam and      pack 509, led the district with her pack
Dad and Grandma and Grandpa, every           Travis of Tropp 211.                          selling 8310.00. Devon, Judy’s grandson,
scouting friend who is making the scouting                                                 was the top seller in the District. He sold
dream come true in a scouts life!!                                                         1740 candy bars and pepperoni sticks.
And Unit FOS Chairmen – Shannon Meehan,

District Contacts
          District Commissioner                           District Director                          Scouting Coordinator
             Mike Umbriaco                                 David Noyes                                    Karen Gill
           H/503.458.5387                                B/503.225.5731                                 503.325.5108

                                                                                               100% Quality Districts in 2010
 Page 32                          fort vancouver district                                                                    Compass Points
District Calendar                              Popcorn Sale
                                                    Caramel corn… buttered popcorn…
6        District Committee meeting, 7pm,      kettle corn… and chocolate covered                     Webelos Woods-October 17-19
14       Eagle Boards                          caramel crunch! It’s a good thing we get a                  Save the date for this great event,
15       Roundtable, 7 pm,                     lot of hiking in, because this is good stuff.          held annually at Camp Lewis. 4th and 5th
16       District Dinner                       The popcorn sale is an excellent opportunity           grade Webelos are invited to attend; Boy
                                               for scouts to work on their salesmanship               Scout troops are invited to host a station
June                                           and budgeting, while earning funds. Sign               and show off their troop program. Program
1        Plus 1 June 1 Registration            ups start at June Roundtable.                          offerings include lots of fun scout skills
2        District Committee meeting, 7pm       Friends of Scouting                                    stations (including first aid, fire starting,
                                                    At press time, we are at nearly 78%               knots, and basic orientation), and a chance
11       Eagle Boards                                                                                 to talk with troop and pack leaders. The
12       Roundtable, 7 pm                      of our district goal- well done to the units
                                               who have completed their presentations                 weekend is wrapped up with a pancake
July                                           and followed up with all their families. FOS           breakfast to send you on your way home.
     No Roundtable- have fun at camp!          is a vital component of our council budget,            More info will be available at the June
9        Eagle Board                           which comes back to support you and your               and September Roundtable meetings, and
Meeting Locations:                             scouts.                                                via the district email. Registration will go
                                                                                                      live in early summer on
*District Committee Meeting- 14410 NW          Fall Round-up Kick-off- Tuesday                        register.
21st Ave
*Roundtable- Vancouver West LDS stake          evening, August 19th            New District Commissioner
center, 9728 NE 50th ave.                           We’ll have bags full of supplies for                  Please give a warm welcome to our
                                               your fall round-up, snackies, and some                 newest district commissioner, Eric Pond.
                                               great ideas to get your leaders excited.               Many will recognize him from our monthly
District Dinner- May 16th                      Supplies include youth and adult apps, Trail           Roundtable meetings- for years Eric has
     This is still the best dinner in the      to Bobcat booklets, Boys’ Life mini-mags,              opened up our Roundtables.
council- the menu includes meats, salads,      sign-in sheets, Parents’ Guides, a sample
seasonal veggies, and a table of desserts;     agenda, and camp open house info. This                 How did you get started in Scouting? In
the program includes fellowship and            is an important gathering that allows our              1963 my friend asked me to join Pack 62
recognition. Cost is $10/person if you         district volunteer membership team to                  in Corvallis, Oregon; it was the best!
register by May 7th ; go to www.cpcbsa.        coordinate their efforts with yours!                   What’s one scouting memory that stands
org/register to register.                      Online training resources                              out for you? In those days, our Pack raised
Annual Program Planning Packets                     Point your browser to o l c . s c o u t i n g .   money by recycling newspaper; we earned
     These are an excellent resource for       org, and check out the training offered                enough for a train ride from Albany to
your unit, containing the council calendar,    online. Courses include “Fast Start” for Cub,          Portland. We visited the zoo and toured
program helps, planning charts, most-          Boy Scout, and Venturing leaders; youth                the old forestry building, the one built down
needed forms, and other helpful bits.          protection; safe swim defense; safety                  town for the 1905 Lewis & Clark Centennial
They will be distributed at the May 15th       afloat; and the troop committee challenge.             Exposition. Before burning to the ground in
Roundtable. Use this stuff to plan your        This is a great way to orient your newest              1965 it was known as the world’s biggest
unit calendar for the next school year;        leaders and tide them over until they’re               log cabin. What a great trip for a Bobcat!
annual program planning is a component         able to make a full training courses.                  What is something that you’ve learned in
of earning the Quality Unit award, and         Summertime Pack Award                                  scouting? My scouting trail has led me from
will help keep everyone in your unit less           This award recognizes packs who                   CPC summer camps to to the Tooth of Time,
confused and more enthused.                    maintain a limited activity schedule through           to the foot of Mt. Fuji, and to a Jamboree
                                               the summer months. The requirements are                tour of the White House. Youth in our town
Tiger Cub Den Leader                                                                                  are looking for that kind of adventure, and
     Have you identified next fall’s Tiger     simple- plan an activity for each month
                                               of summer- June, July, and August- have                it’s fun to help them find the trailhead.
cub leader yet? Now is an excellent time to                                                           What will you to do as District
talk with parents of kindergartners, invite    fun together- and submit the form to the
                                               council office. Your pack will receive a               Commissioner? Challenge every Cub
them to visit your pack, and figure out who                                                           Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, Venturer,
you want to be the leader for next year.       ribbon for your pack flag. This helps to get
                                               things moving again in the fall, and ensures           parent and leader in Ft. Vancouver District
Look for someone who can still smile at the                                                           to double the fun by asking a friend to join
end of the day, is willing to be involved in   that your pack will retain more of your
                                               cub scouts. The form can be found at the               the BSA, and then paddle the canoe like
their children’s activities, and has a sense                                                          crazy!
of humor.                                      council office, or online at www.scouting.

District Contacts
             District Chairman                              District Commissioner                                 District Executive
                 Rick Klaus                                        Eric Pond                                        Kate Benson
            H/360.887.7665,                                  H/360.573.2401                                   B/360.693.1741 ext. 752
 100% Quality Districts in 2010
May-June-July 2008                    lewis and clark district                                                                        Page 33
District Calendar                               503.225.5735 or                 •	 All project details must be completed
                                                if you would like flyers made. Holding                  and all required signatures on the
May                                             a join night and getting youths out to a                Eagle Leadership Project Workbook
1        District Leadership Meeting, 7 pm      camping event that same summer will do                  and the Eagle Rank Advancement
2–4      Camporee!! at Butte Creek              wonders to help build packs and troops!                 form must be completed prior to his
8        Roundtable, 7 pm                       It is very important that every pack have               18th birthday.
17       FOS Victory Celebration                a volunteer solely responsible to be their          •	 He has 90 days past his 18th birthday
31       District Dinner, 6:30 pm at All        Pack Growth Coordinator. Pat Meyer of                   to hold (not plan) his Board of Review.
         Saints Catholic School (38th           Pack 100 would be glad to help any new              •	 He may not begin physical work on
         & Glisan)                              coordinators with their mission of growth.              his project until it has been approved.
June                                            Webelos-to-Scout Transition                             The by (1) his Scoutmaster, (2) his
3        District Leadership Meeting, 7 pm           Reminder to all troops to complete                 Troop Committee, (3) the organization
12       Roundtable, 7 pm                       the registration of all new Boy Scouts so               that will benefit from the project, and
July                                            they are official at Scout camp this summer.            finally, (4) the Eagle Advancement
         No meetings                            Remember also to submit information                     Chair for his District.
                                                about your Troop to Charles Freeman, so             •	 The project must be something that
Meeting Locations:                              that Webelos looking for a Troop will know              otherwise would not be done on a
* District Leadership- LDS Church, 29th &                                                               regular basis.
                                                where to find you. Be sure to mark your
SE Harrison
                                                calendars for Webelos Woods in the Fall.            •	 The Eagle Rank is earned by the
*District Roundtable- Rose City Park United                                                             Scout, and it is up to the boy to contact
Methodist, 58th & NE Alameda                    Wood Badge                                              the Advancement Chair to set up an
                                                       is the premier training program for all          approval appointment or go over
Friends of Scouting                             Scout leaders in the Boy Scouts of America.             their completed application and ask
     Many Boy Scout Troops met their 2008       It is designed to train adult volunteers using          for a Board of Review.
presidential FOS goals, including 24, 107,
117, 120 and 420. The following LDS
                                                the latest leadership skills and techniques.        •	 If a Scout’s records are incomplete,
                                                It is once in a life time training experience           he can view his Troop’s Advancement
churches met their presidential goals for all   and space is available for the fall course,             records at the District Office by
of their Scouting programs: 55, 112, 141,       August 21-23 and Sep 11-13. Please                      appointment.
719 and 815. A great big thank you to           register online at                  Here are some good rules-of-thumb for
everyone who has contributed to making          register.                                           adult leaders:
Scouting possible for our 50,000 youth.
You change lives! Family and Community          Training                                            •	 Make it a point to know your boys,
                                                     is not just critically important for a safe        review their age and whether they
Friends of Scouting campaigns are still
                                                and successful Scouting program, it is also             are advancing when renewing your
under way. FOS Chair Braheem Hazeem
                                                fun and easy. Contact Training Chair Mary               charter. If a boy is not advancing, ask
(503) 777-3258 and his team (“Team
                                                Ellen Hepp at (503 335-2738), maryellen.                him what his goals in Scouting are.
Hazeem”) remain on hand to process
generous contributions of any size    , to learn about                  •	 Not every Scout will want or need to
                                                training opportunities available to you.                become an Eagle Scout. It’s ok to just
2008 Camp Sign-ups                                                                                      have fun and learn the principals. If a
      If you are not registered for the 2008    Eagle Advancement – How can you                         boy wants mostly to be with his friends
summer camp season, register now. Camps         help?                                                   and contribute to the group, that’s ok.
will be opening soon for the one experience            The first step is to look in the Boy Scout       But don’t let time pass him by until it’s
that generates the greatest memories and        Handbook. Every stage of Advancement                    too late to complete the requirements.
does the most for retention. Council camps      is listed in the Boy Scout Handbook. At the         •	 Hold Troop Boards of Review regularly,
are the best in the Northwest! If you are       back of every Boy Scout Handbook, just                  like every two to three months. Not
going to camp out-of-Council, be sure to let    before the Index, are pages with checklists             all Scouts will be advanced at every
the Council now, by submitting the on-line      for each rank advancement requirement.                  Board of Review. The purpose of the
form found here:        It can be easily referenced for the basic               Board is to review a Scout’s activities
under ‘Independent Camp.’                       steps involved in all advancement.                      with the Troop. If the Scout has met
Membership                                      Here are some good rules for boys to                    all of his advancement requirements,
    It’s never too late to run membership       know:                                                   he can be advanced at that time.
events for new Scouts. With summer              •	 Any Scout of Life Rank can plan and                  It’s also an opportunity to talk with
approaching, a good join night can                     work on his Eagle project. He is not             a Scout about where he is lacking in
catch youths who have not yet registered               required to have all 21 Merit badges             advancement requirements, and what
for sports. Contact Charles Freeman at                 beforehand, only enough merit badges             their plans as Scouts are.
                                                       to have qualified for Life Rank.
District Contacts                                             District Commissioner
         District Chairman (Acting)                                 Joe Carter                                   District Executive
              Martin Cavinaw                                      503.234.4075                                   Charles Freeman
               503.493.8629                                       503.317.3178                                   B/503.225.5735
                                                                                                        100% Quality Districts in 2010
    Page 34                         mid - columbia district                                                                         Compass Points
District Calendar                              and 2 adults from each troop to handle an
                                               activity station. After all the competitions
                                                                                                 to strictly this class. Persons who are
                                                                                                 interested in completing this class should
May                                            are finished, we will have a challenge tug        contact Carolyn (490-4303 or ckirby@
1         Dist. Comm./Key3/Comm’rs
                                               of war and a travois race. Younger scouts
          Meeting, 7PM
                                               can practice their skills and older scouts        Camporee Patch Contest
4         Pack Growth Coordinator’s
                                               utilize their leadership.                              Each year our district has a contest for
          Meeting, 5:00 UCC, The Dalles
                                                     Webelos may attend and camp with            the design on our Camporee patch. The
7         Cub Scout Specific Trng., 6:00
                                               a host troop. Packets with all Camporee           winner is awarded $50 towards summer
          PM, Print It, Hood River
                                               info will be available at April roundtable        camp and bragging rights for the year.
8         Roundtable/OA Chapter
                                               or from Nick Kirby. Please register online        The patch submitted by Sam Kirby was
          Meeting, 7PM
                                               at <> so that we can get            selected at the patch to be made and
16-18     District Camporee, Trout Lake,
                                               an accurate count on how many plan to             distributed to Camporee participants this
                                               attend. Cost is $8 per boy or adult, which        year. This is the third patch by a member
June                                           includes an embroidered patch. Webelos            of Troop 378 to win the contest. The patch
5         Dist. Comm./Key3/Comm’rs             ad Webelos leaders who attend only for            depicts one of the activities at Camporee.
          Meeting, 7PM                         the day Saturday can pay $1. Contact              Come to Camporee and find out what it is!
12        Roundtable/OA Chapter                Nick Kirby for information (541-354-              There are still the Camporee contests, the
          Meeting, 7PM                         1323).                                            competition for “Best Campsite” and the
23-27     District Day Camp, Horsethief
          Park, Dallesport, WA
                                               Fall School Nights                                Spirit Stick to be won. Sign up online and
                                                    It’s not too soon to begin planning for      have a blast!!
July                                           fall recruitment. Now is a good time to
                                               get on the school calendars for a school
Meeting Locations:                             recruiting night. Call your local school and
*                                              reserve a date.
                                               Pack    Growth             Coordinators’
                                                    We are seeing positive results from
                                               these meetings. Pack 398 is hosting the
District Day Camp - “Pirates”                  May meeting at the United Congregational
      Day Camp will be held June 23-27.        Church in The Dalles. Please send a
The location will be Horsethief Park near      representative from your pack. You will
Dallesport, WA across the river from The       not be sorry.
Dalles. Have you signed up the boys from       Cub & Boy Scout of the Quarter
your pack and ordered your T-shirts?               NOW IS THE TIME! Who will you
      This activity is a great one for both    nominate from your unit for Cub or Boy
recruitment of boys to your pack too.          Scout of the Quarter? Do you have anyone
Invite them to camp and sign them up for       who epitomizes the spirit of Scouting,
membership as they are having a great          participates actively, wears his uniform
time. Each pack needs to have a day            with pride and models other Scouting
camp coordinator immediately and sign-         qualities? Recognize him by nominating
ups for day camp need to begin now. If         him. Nomination forms available from
you have Boy Scouts who wish to help staff,    Bryan Gwinner.
this is a great opportunity for leadership
skills. Contact Brian Spellman (541-993-       Outdoor Leader Skills training
7106), Camp Director or Brad Knowland               Our district has a new instructor for
(503-701-1085), Program Director.              Outdoor Leader Skills Training, Carolyn
                                               Kirby. She has been getting training over
Camporee                                       the past few months and is looking forward
     Spring Camporee will be held May          to offering a class for persons who need
16-18. The location will again be the          this segment of their adult training. This
Mt. Adams Horse Camp near Trout Lake,          class will not be offered at Camporee. It
WA. This is a fun and educational event.       will be offered over a weekend later in the
We have all new activities planned for         summer and the weekend will be devoted            District Executive Bryan Gwinner
this year. We need every troop to attend

District Contacts                                         District Commissioner
                                                                                                                 District Executive
                                                                                                                 Bryan S. Gwinner
                                                               Chuck Hiatt                                       B/541.298.5022
                                                           H/541.386.3312                                        C/503.754.3546
    100% Quality Districts in 2010
May-June-July 2008                   north clackamas district                                                                             Page 35
District Calendar                                but we’re looking forward to a good event,
                                                 so bring the family and enjoy!
                                                                                                   that can be worn on the uniform. If anyone
                                                                                                   knows of a church that needs a youth
May                                                                                                program, a civic organization that wants
1        Commissioner Corps Meeting              District Committee and                            to serve young people, or a collection of
1        District Committee Meeting              Commissioner Corps. looking for                   families that may need something like a
8        Roundtable                                                                                scouting program, please don’t hesitate to
8        Friends of Scouting turn in at          hands
                                                      The North Clackamas Committee is             let the District Executive know.
12       Friends of Scouting turn-in             looking to fill various leadership positions      Good Turn For America
19       Friends of Scouting turn-in             with dedicated volunteers. If anyone                   No service project is complete
24       Cub Scout leader training               has the capacity and he enthusiasm to             unless it’s been registered at www.
28       Order of the Arrow meeting              serve in Membership, Program, or as      Any service
                                                 a Commissioner, please let the District           project, including one of the council projects
June                                             Executive or the District Commissioner            or any Eagle Scout projects are eligible to
5        Commissioner Staff meeting              know immediately. Service on the District         be posted online. Your DE has your access
5        District Committee Meeting              Committee will be fun, gratifying work that       code to that website.
6        New Leader Essentials                   any volunteer can feel good about. The
12       Roundtable                              youth need some people to stand up for            Candy sale a complete success
20       District Dinner                         this community. Throughout the last few                Clap your hands together for Carla
25       Order of the Arrow meeting              months, the district has secured most of          Wellington for leading the first successful
                                                                                                   candy sale in many years! We brought in
July                                             the major positions. What it really needs
                                                                                                   over $15,000 this year, smashing last year’s
3        Commissioner Staff meeting              now are people sit on the committees and
                                                 to help the units along. Commissioners are        measly little $9,000. Thanks so much to all
3        District Committee Meeting                                                                the units that sold that candy. You did a
10       Roundtable                              the biggest need by far.
                                                                                                   great job, and you’ve supported the council
Meeting Locations:                               Centennial Quality unit                           as well as your units. In addition, Casey
*Commissioner meeting- LDS Center                Commitment forms                                  Litchfield of P. 193 deserves special honors
Ruscliffe Rd.                                         For the year 2007, many units were           because he sold enough candy to enter a
*District Committee- LDS Center Ruscliffe        under a deep-grained misunderstanding             drawing, and won a whopping $250 gift
Rd.                                              that the Centennial Quality Unit program          certificate to GI Joes. Way to go Casey!
*Roundtable- LDS Center Ruscliffe Rd.            was similar to the regular Quality unit           This is his first summer as a Cub Scout, and
*OA meetings REI Clackamas Town Center           program that went back for many years.            so he’s looking forward to grabbing all
                                                 The main difference is that units need to         sorts of great gear.
Camp in 2008                                     commit to certain goals early in the year,
     Everyone’s all set up to go camping!        and then work to attain those goals by the
Keep in mind that your district executive        end of the year. Please take the very short
would love to come visit you out at camp,        amount of time to sit down with your DE
as well as attend any outdoor events. Did        or a commissioner to determine your goals
you really think he wants to sit at his desk     now. Making goals for 2008 in August
all summer? This is the season for true          doesn’t give much of a timeline in which to
scouting, filled with all sorts of memories.     improve. The program was put together
Everyone have fun, be safe, and keep the         with the best interests of every unit in mind,
Fall in mind for making our district even        and it can be a great tool if it is used. Set
stronger. Any more units that need to sign       those goals. Earn that patch. Improve the
up or wondering about different camping          lives of those youth.
opportunities should give John Maahs, our
district camping chair, a call at (503)657-      William D. Boyce Award available
0200                                                 The North Clackamas District is
                                                 dedicated to bringing Scouting to as many
District Dinner June 20                          families in the area as possible, and it’s well
     Come join us for a celebration of a great   known that the best way for any community
year of scouting for the North Clackamas         to experience Scouting is by starting a
District. District Dinner is a special time to   new unit. Any volunteer who helps a
get together and give awards and talk            community get a scouting unit together can
about the past and the future of scouting in     be awarded the William D Boyce New Unit
this great district. Location and fare TBA,      organizer award, which is a square knot           District Executive Scot Forbes

District Contacts
               District Chair                               District Commissioner                                    District Executive
               Larry Chalew                                      Hank Brown                                             Scot Forbes
              503.318.7288                                    H/503.577.8010                                         B/503.225.5736

                                                                                                         100% Quality Districts in 2010
 Page 36                                        pioneer district                                                                 Compass Points
District Calendar                               Camporee - May 2-4
                                                    Troops should be ready for the annual
                                                                                                 event coordinator Dawn Christy-Jimenez
2-4          District Camporee, Evergreen       Pioneer District Camporee, which will be         Spring Membership Campaign
             Aviation Museum                    held at the Evergreen Aviation Museum,                Pioneer District encourages all Packs
8            Roundtable                         May 2-4. Be sure your troop gets the             to hold a Spring Open House and work
8            District Commissioner Staff        opportunity to join Scouts from throughout       to recruit a new Tiger Leader by June
             Meeting                            the district in a weekend of fun and             1st. Recruitment is a year-round process.
8            OA Meeting                         competition in outdoor skills. Contact Robb      Please work to get new boys to attend
15           District Volunteer Recognition     Thompson (503.699.3087) for details.             camp with your Pack or Den this summer.
             Dinner, Lake Grove Presbyterian    District Dinner – May 15                         Recruitment materials and assistance is
             Church                                  It is not too late to buy tickets for the   available. Contact Tom Maguire for help
                                                2008 District Volunteer Recognition Dinner,      (503.998.2657 or
2            Cub Scout Olympics, Lake           which will be held Thursday, May 15, 6:30-       Cub Scout Fall Membership Kickoff
             Oswego High School                 8:30 p.m. at Lake Grove Presbyterian                   The Pioneer District Membership
7            District Committee Meeting         Church, 4040 Sunset Drive, Lake Oswego.          Kickoff is upcoming August 14, 2008, 7 -
14           Roundtable                         Plan to bring a group of volunteers and          8:30pm, at the Lake Oswego Roundtable
14           District Commissioner Staff        spouses from your unit and join Scouters         location (14903 SW Westlake Dr.). You
             Meeting                            from throughout the district for an evening      do not want to miss this meeting! This will
14           OA Chapter Meeting                 of fun and recognition of the hard work          be the Cub Breakout for August. All Pack
                                                that has led to a successful year of Scouting    Growth Coordinatoors, Committee Chairs,
July                                            for youth in the Pioneer District. Tickets       Cubmasters, or at least someone who is
NO Roundtable or committee meetings.            for this catered dinner are $15 each for         willing to represent your Pack is welcome.
Meeting Locations:                              reservations (same as last year) and $20         The evening is a must attend for all
*Roundtables/Commissioner/OA/District           at the door. When you register be sure           Packs. Program will address recruitment
Meetings: Held at the LDS Lake Oswego           to send in the separate form for naming          strategies, incentives, available resources
Stake Center – 14903 SW Westlake.               a Unit Scouter of the Year from your unit        through your council office, and school-
                                                to be recognized during the evening. The         access issues. Recruitment bags for all
New District Executive                          dinner highlight will be the presentation of     Packs will be handed out that night.
     Please      welcome       Mr.     Dillon   the District Award of Merit to volunteers
Vanderlinden. Dillon joins the Council          who have contributed outstanding service
Professional staff as a graduate from                                                                 Selling popcorn is a fantastic way
                                                to children in our community. Come out and
Brigham Young University, and is an Eagle                                                        for a pack or troop (and any other unit)
                                                support all our volunteers. Buy tickets online
Scout from the BSA Trans-Atlantic Council                                                        to raise money for activities. Your council
                                                at the district’s website listed at the bottom
in Europe.      Mr. Vanderlinden comes                                                           provides a great, risk-free sale of quality
                                                of this page. Unit Scouter of the Year
from experiences within the Food and                                                             products with good commission. To sign-
                                                selection forms are available at Roundtable
Construction industries. He is married and                                                       up, please contact Brenda Youngson (503)
                                                and online at the district’s website. Last
has a two-year old daughter, enjoys rock                                                         635-3243 , our
                                                spring, more than 110 people attended the
climbing, and is active within his Church.                                                       popcorn sale chair.
                                                dinner. Let’s make this year’s event bigger
                                                and better. If you have questions, please        District Volunteerism
                                                call the District Committee Chairman, John            The Pioneer District Leadership
                                                Cullicott (503.699.4911).                        has extensive background in all levels
                                                                                                 of Scouting. Volunteering at the District
                                                Cub Scout Olympics – June 7                      level provides a powerful and rewarding
                                                    Pack leaders should be sure their units
                                                                                                 opportunity to serve your community. District
                                                are on track to participate in the 2008 Cub
                                                                                                 Leaders invite anyone with an interest to
                                                Scouts Olympics on Saturday, June 7, from
                                                                                                 contact us today! See Key leadership roles
                                                8:30a.m. to 2 p.m., at Lake Oswego High
                                                                                                 at the Pioneer District Webpage www.
                                                School, on the Football Field. Individual,
                                                competitive events such as long jump, dash
                                                races, and pack events will tug of war, silly
                                                relay races, and many more. Come out
                                                                                                       TRUSTWORTHY LOYAL HELPFUL FRIENDLY COURTEOUS KIND

                                                and join the fun. Invite potential newcomers
District Executive Dillon Vanderlinden          to attend with you. Register at the District
                                                Webpage today. For information, contact                CHANGES LIVES
                                                                                                       OBEDIENT CHEERFUL THRIFTY BRAVE CLEAN REVERENT

District Contacts
                  District Chairman                        District Commissioner                             District Executive
                     John Cullicott                             Russ Garrett                               Dillon Vanderlinden
                    503.699.4911                              503.816.6538                                  B/503.225.5712
 100% Quality Districts in 2010
May-June-July 2008                      van - port metro district                                                            Page 37
May                                            diverse nature of the active                                              Bergfrunde
1        Key 3 Meeting                         participants that made this                                               Ski Club as
8        District Committee Mtg.               year shine. Young people                                                  conducted
8        Roundtable                            of Asian, Latino, Hispanic,                                               several
                                               Russian, African American                                                 fundraising
June                                           and Caucasian heritage all                                                activities in
4        Key 3 Meeting
                                               enjoyed opportunities to                                                  support of
12       District Committee
                                               go horseback riding, tubing                                               this year’s
12       Roundtable
                                               and spent a day having                                                    program.
July                                           a     challenging     outdoor                                             The cost of
7-9      Kinney Memorial Camp                  personal experience. By the                                               this three
11       District Committee                    way if you missed it, Aburey                                              days       of
14-16    Mobile Day Camps                      had the best power snow of                                                camping fun
21-23    Mobile Day Camps                      the past three seasons. In the Packs 771 & 557 arrive at Cub World       is $20.00.
28-30    NAYA Mobile Day Camp                  words of one young participant from Troop For more information please contact the
                                               209 “I was cold, wet and hungry but it was Scoutreach District Executive
2008 Safe Haven Spring Break                   cool, I had fun. Nice going guys!
                                                                                           Summer Mobile Camps
     This year’s edition of Safe Haven         Richard Kinney – Anne Beckworth                  This years session of three day mobile
Spring Break produced the most diverse                                                     camps are set to occur each week beginning
group of outreach participants of the          Memorial Camp
                                                   The 2008 edition of the Kinney –        July 14th – ending August 13th. This year’s
past three years. While Aubrey Watzek,                                                     camp sites are a mixture of traditional
Butte Creek and C.O.P.E. remained the          Beckworth Memorial Camp will be held
                                               at Cub World the week of July 7th. The      partakers like the Hillsboro & Vancouver
stables of activities, it was the culturally                                               Boys & Girls Clubs and N.A.Y.A., however
                                                                                           some new participants like P.A.L. are looking
District Contacts                                          District Executive
                                                                                           forward to hosting their initial on site camp
                                                                                           experience. It should be another great
               District Chair                                                              season as Jeff Stewart and the Cub World
                  Vacant                                    Vernard Taylor
                                                           B/503.225.5743                  staff, once again will provide leadership
                                                               for this event, thanks guys.

     in 2010
                                                                                                100% Quality Districts in 2010
 Page 38                                     silver star district                                                         Compass Points
                                                                                                  that experience. Get out there and enjoy
District Calendar                                your unit has not had an FOS presentation,
                                                 it’s never too late. If you have any questions   what the council works so hard to provide.
1        District Committee Meeting              relating to your unit’s FOS campaign or          2008 Silver Beaver Award
1        District Awards Dessert                 if you have money to turn in, please call             Congratulations to Dr. Roger Jarvis for
3        District Pinewood derby                 your Silver Star District Executive, Bennett     receiving the Silver Beaver Award. Besides
8        Roundtable                              Jacobs at 360-693-1741 x738 or e-mail            his work locally, with Troop 475 and the
9-10     OA Ordeal                               him at                       Silver Star District, Dr. Jarvis has been
15       OA Chapter Meeting                      District Pinewood Derby                          involved in Scouting in at least three other
22       Scout-A-Dega Nights                          This years’ Silver Star District            states and several countries over the course
                                                 Pinewood Derby will once again be held           of the last 35 years. He is truly a deserving
June                                             at Sifton Elementary in Vancouver and            recipient. Roger will be recognized, along
5        District Committee Meeting                                                               with the rest of this year’s recipients at the
12       Roundtable                              will be hosted by Pack 402. The fun will
                                                 kick off on Saturday, May 3rd at 9am for         Council Court of Honor, to be held May
17       Pre-Camp Lewis Leader                                                                    27th.
         Orientation                             Tigers. They will be followed by Wolves
19       OA Chapter Meeting                      at 9:45am and Bears at 10:45am and               Fall 2008
                                                 Webelos at 11:45am. The cost is $5/per                It’s never too early to start thinking
July                                             car and refreshments will be available for       about Fall recruitment. Please mark your
7-11     Camp Lewis Staff Week                   purchase. The top three winners from each        calendars for Aug. 14th, when we will have
14-18    Camp Lewis Week 1                       den are invited. All proceeds will go to         the District Fall Membership Kickoff at
21-25    Camp Lewis Week 2                       cover the cost of the building usage and         our normal roundtable time and location.
28-1     Camp Lewis Week 3                       awards.                                          This will be a great opportunity to make
Meeting Locations:                               Spring Candy Sale                                plans and receive resources for those all-
*District Committee Meeting, Commissioners            Twelve units participated in this year’s    important first few weeks of school.
Meeting, Roundtable: St. John The Evangelist     candy and meat stick sale, once again            Pre-Camp             Lewis           Leader
Catholic Church                                  demonstrating how easy the products are
*OA Chapter Meeting: Bethal Lutheran             to sell and how far the sale can go to help
Church                                                                                                 On June 17th at 7pm there will be a
                                                 pay for summer camp. All together, they
                                                                                                  mandatory orientation for leaders of Cub
                                                 sold just over $25,000 in candy, meat sticks
Spring Recruiting                                and cookie dough. This was a considerable
                                                                                                  Scout packs attending Camp Lewis this
     Spring is an ideal time of year to                                                           summer. At least one leader from every unit
                                                 increase over last year. Special thanks
recruit new members into your unit. If done                                                       needs to attend. We will take this time to
                                                 is deserved by Paula Jones, the District’s
early enough, new kids can be added onto                                                          go over some of the activities and theme
                                                 candy sale chair.
existing reservations for camp. Remember                                                          related materials so leaders will know
that a youth that has been to camp is            Camporee                                         what to expect and bring with them. This
much more likely to stay in Scouting. Also             The annual Silver Star Camporee was        will also be the distribution date for any
remember, that kindergartners can be             help the last weekend of April at Camp           pre-ordered t-shirts. The meeting will be at
registered as Tiger Cubs as of June 1st and      Currie and was for the third year in a row       the Orchards LDS Chapel located at 7101
go to camp. It is also a great time to recruit   a huge success. An event this large could        NE 166th Ave. in Vancouver. This is also a
a new Tiger Den leader, that way they have       not be possible were it not for the massive      great opportunity to turn in medical forms
time to recruit other first-grade families for   volunteer effort so many people put into         and special needs forms.
                                                 it. Special thanks goes to this year’s brand
the fall. If you need help creating a spring
                                                 new camporee chair, Rob Jones!
                                                                                                  Scout-A-Dega Nights
recruiting plan, call Bennett Jacobs at 360-                                                           This is a brand new fund-raising event
693-1741 x738.                                   Summer Camp                                      for the Silver Star District. Essentially a
Friends of Scouting                                   It’s almost that time of year again and     “corporate pinewood derby,” the event
     The Friends of Scouting campaign is         the camps in the Cascade Pacific Council         allows local businesses to build pinewood
doing well in the Silver Star District, but      are almost full. If your unit has not yet        derby cars to race against each other for a
there is still some ground to cover to reach     signed up for a day or resident camp,            per car donation to Friends of Scouting of
the district goal. Four units have reached       there still may be spots available. For more     $250. The race will be held on the evening
their Presidential Goal as of press time         info, call the Council Service Center at         of May 22nd at the Clark County YMCA
and a few others will hopefully make it          360-693-1741 x759. Remember, summer              with help from Pack 402. If you or someone
before the deadline. Friends of Scouting is      camp is the time scouts look forward to the      you know owns or works for a business
a crucial element of the program and it’s        most each year. It is the responsibility of      that might like to purchase and race a car
important for every unit to participate. If      each adult volunteer to strive to heighten       please contact Sean Smith at 360-326-
                                                                                                  8302 or
District Contacts                                    
                                                             District Commissioner
                                                                                                              District Executive
                                                                                                               Bennett Jacobs
             District Chairman
               Mike Parnell                                     Roger O. Jarvis                          B/360.693.1741 ext. 738 or
             H/360.887.7190                                   H/360.687.4857                                   503.225.5738
 100% Quality Districts in 2010
May-June-July 2008                            sunset trail district                                                                      Page 39
District Calendar                              District Director 503- 225-5737.                  congratulate our top winners for sharing
                                                                                                 their skills, spirit, and dedication to Scouting.
May                                            plus One June One                                 We thank our 2008 Camporee Scoutmaster,
1         Commissioners Meeting                     As part of the Spring Round-up, Boy
                                               Scout Troops can earn $5 per Scout for            Chris Fischborn and Committee Chairman,
1         District Committee Meeting                                                             Chris Philichi for leading our camporee.
8         Roundtable                           summer camp. How? In order to qualify, a
                                               Troop must conduct an open house, promote         Our Order of Arrow Chapter was the key
8         OA Chapter Meeting                                                                     to the success of our camporee. If you see
8         Online Advancement Orientation       Scouting in local 5th Grade classrooms,
                                               and recruit and register one more youth in        members of the Order of the Arrow, please
10        District Dinner                                                                        thank them for their support.
31        New Leader Essentials                your unit by June 1st over your December
31        Cub, Scout, Varsity, Venture         31st membership. Complete and return              District Dinner
          Specific Training                    a commitment card at Roundtable or call                The district dinner will be held on May
31        Youth Protection Training            Eric Hearn for details. Let’s help Scouting       10th, 6pm, Westside Church of Christ,
                                               grow.                                             17415 NW Walker Rd, Beaverton. The
June                                                                                             District Dinner is an annual awards dinner
5         Commissioners Meeting                New District Executive                            to recognize unit and district Scouters for
5         District Committee Meeting                We would like to welcome our new
                                               district executive Gerardo Cifuentes.             their work in the Sunset Trail District. The
12        Roundtable                                                                             awards include the District Award of Merit,
12        Merit Badge Counselor                Gerardo previously worked with the
                                               Tigard School District in the English Learning    district committee recognition, and the
          Orientation                                                                            Best Pack, Troop, Team, and Crew of the
30        FOS Presidential Goal Deadline       Language Program (ELL). At the time of this
                                               article, Gerardo was finishing his bachelor’s     Year Award. The best unit award is new
July                                           degree in Business and Administration.            this year. The District Dinner is open to all
3       Commissioners Meeting                  He plays soccer for Cascade College               to enjoy. Please mark the date on your
3       District Committee Meeting             and comes to Scouting with many talents.          calendar. The cost of the dinner will be
10      Roundtable                             Gerardo grew up in Mexico City and is             $15 per person. Registration is available
*Save the Date-Burger Burn 8/14 at             fluent in Spanish and the Latino culture.         at
Roundtable                                     Gerardo is excited to join the staff of the       new Oa Chapter advisor
Meeting Locations:                             Cascade Pacific Council and our district.              We are excited to announce the
District Committee Meeting, Commissioners      Let’s welcome him to our district.                appointment of Chris Philichi as the new
Meeting, Roundtable, OA Chapter Meeting:       Friends of Scouting                               OA Chapter Advisor for the Sunset Trail
Beaverton LDS Stake Center, 4195 SW                   The Presidential Goal deadline has         District. The announcement was made by
99th Ave., Beaverton                           passed. However, if your unit has not             the Wauna La-Mon’tay Lodge on March
                                               participated in Friends of Scouting there is      11th.
Key Priorities for the Next 60                 still time. Friends of Scouting is important to        The Order of the Arrow provides many
Days                                           the current and future success of Scouting.       services during the year. These services
•	 Conduct a school night or open house        It only takes a few minutes to conduct a          include camp promotion, unit elections,
     for your Pack, Troop, or Crew.            Friends of Scouting presentation. It can be       Webelos Cross Over ceremonies and OA
•	 Finish your Friends of Scouting             done at a Pack Meeting, or Troop Court of         Elections, and assistance with the camporee.
     program.                                  Honor.                                            They also provide ceremonies and service
•	 Prepare of Cub Scout or Boy Scout                  Units receive 15% discount on summer       to the Wauna La-Mon’tay Lodge each
     Summer Camp                               camp and free or discounted use of council        year.
•	 Encourage untrained leaders to attend       some camping facilities during the rest of             Youth and adult members of the
     training.                                 the year.                                         Order of the Arrow are invited to attend
                                                      The district can assist you with your      the monthly chapter meetings during
Spring round-up                                                                                  Roundtable, Beaverton LDS Stake Center,
     Now is the time for Spring Round-         Friends of Scouting program. If you
                                               need additional materials or information,         7pm.
Up. Spring Round-up is the annual Spring
recruiting program for the Sunset Trail        please contact Patrick Huggins, District
District. If you have not set date for your    Finance Chairman (503) 629-9409 or

                                                                                                   TRUSTWORTHY LOYAL HELPFUL FRIENDLY COURTEOUS KIND

Spring Round-up, now is the time. New
Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts can be brought       Spring Camporee
to camp this summer. Let’s bring new
excitement to your pack or Troop. Let’s if
                                                   A special thank you for those Troops
                                               and Webelos Dens that participated in the
                                                                                                   CHANGES LIVES
                                                                                                  OBEDIENT CHEERFUL THRIFTY BRAVE CLEAN REVERENT
you need assistance, flyers, or additional     camporee. Everything had a good time and
information, please contact Eric Hearn,        everyone came home a winner. We also

District Contacts                                         District Commissioner                                 District Director
             District Chairman
              Ernie Thompson                                Peter VanHouten                                       Eric Hearn
             H/503.642.3830                                H/503.439.9563                                      B/503.225.5737

                                                                                                      100% Quality Districts in 2010
 Page 40                                   three rivers district                                                           Compass Points
District Calendar                                Troop leaders are encouraged to attend this
                                                 important training. Discussions will include
                                                                                                  for providing leadership to this great
                                                                                                  event. Thank you to the entire OA staff for
May                                              guidelines for Eagle paperwork, project          making this year’s camporee a blast! It will
1        District Annual Meeting / District                                                       be Awesome! For last minute questions call
                                                 selection, and board of review process.
         Committee / Commissioner                                                                 Ken Clark at 503) 657-0562. T-shirts can
                                                 For more information please contact Tom
         Meeting                                                                                  be purchased online with your camporee
                                                 Helwig, (503) 692-1972 / budda56@
8        Roundtable                                                                               registration or at the camporee trading
                                        or Dennis Nguyen 503) 454-
10       District Dinner                                                                          post.
15       OA Chapter Meeting
16-18    Camporee                                Does your idea of a Scouting Dinner Cub Scout Fishing Derby
17       Hooked on Scouting Fishing                                                  No need for a line or a pole…
                                                 involve one of these?                   Join us on Saturday May 17th at the
                                                                                                  Canby Community Pond for the 1st annual
June                                              If so
                                                                                                  “Get Hooked on Scouting” fishing derby.
5        District Committee /                     then
                                                                                                  This event, sponsored by the Molalla River
         Commissioner Meeting                      you
                                                                                                  Chapter of the NW Steelheaders, is open
         NO ROUNDTABLE IN JUNE                   need a
                                                                                                  to cub scouts and their families.
19       OA Chapter Meeting                      break!
                                                                                                  All materials
July                                                                                              will         be
         NO SCHEDULED MEETINGS                                                                    provided, and
Meeting Locations:                                                                                volunteers will
                                                 Come help celebrate another successful
*District Committee – Season Grill, 101 N                                                         be on hand to
                                                 year of Scouting in the Three Rivers District!
Elm St, Canby                                                                                     teach and assist
                                                 Join us as we recognize the efforts of our
*Roundtable – Canby LDS Building, 1285 S                                                          your     scouts!
                                                 fellow Scouters with the presentation of the
Elm Street, Canby                                                                                 This event is
                                                 District Award of Merit and other honors.
*OA Chapter Meeting – Canby Community                                                             absolutely
                                                 Catering provided by the Marquam Inn.
Park A-Frame                                                                                      free,       and
                                                 The cost is $10 per person and registration
                                                                                                  prizes will be awarded as part of the
NEW Eagle Scout Coordinator                      is online at
                                                                                                  derby. Participants can earn their fishing
     A Big Round of Applause for our new              May 10th, 6:00 pm
                                                                                                  belt loop as part of the program. THIS IS
Eagle Scout Coordinator, Tom Helwig.                  Molalla Senior Center
                                                                                                  AN EXCELLENT RECRUITING EVENT, SO
While Tom is a new to this position many              315 Kennel St, Molalla, OR
                                                                                                  PLEASE BRING A FRIEND! (While supplies
of you will recognize him from his work in       For more information please contact Mitch
                                                                                                  last new Scouts joining between now and
the district and at the Norwest Scout Shop.      Jorgenson at
                                                                                                  June 30 will receive a fishing kit.)
Please contact Tom Helwig with any of                 Don’t wait – Please register so that we
your Eagle Scout questions or to schedule        have an accurate count for the caterer.          Summer Changes to Roundtable!
                                                                                                       Roundtable is scheduled to go on
a board of review. H:(503) 692-1972 or           Camporee                                         vacation for the months of June and July,                                  The Three Rivers District Camporee is
                                                                                                  and will return with the District Picnic and
District Annual Meeting                          May 16-18th at Butte Creek Scout Ranch.
                                                                                                  Membership Kickoff in August. This is a
     In accordance with National Council         Thank you to Ken Clark and Randy Tomsik
                                                                                                  slight change from years past so please
bylaws the Three Rivers District Annual                                                           make a note. A formal announcement and
Business meeting will be held at 7:00 pm                                                          reminder will be mailed to each scout
on Thursday, May1st at the Seasons Grill                                                          leader in July.
in Canby. Elections for District Officers will
take place at this time. All voting members
                                                                                                  2008 FOS Completion
                                                                                                        Thank you to all those units that
of the Three Rivers District are encouraged
                                                                                                  participated in this years Friends of
to attend.      (Voting members include
                                                                                                  Scouting campaign. A special thanks to
Charter Organization Representatives,
                                                                                                  those units that reached their Presidential
District Members at Large, and Council
                                                                                                  Goal. There are many units that still have
Board members residing in the Three Rivers
                                                                                                  not yet wrapped up their campaign. The
                                                                                                  Three Rivers District is still short of our goal.
Life to Eagle Scout Class                                                                         Please do all you can to complete your
    This will be offered as part of the May                                                       unit’s goal. Be sure that every family in
Roundtable program. Scouts, Parents, and                                                          your unit has been asked to participate.

District Contacts
            District Chairman                               District Commissioner                               District Executive
             Mitch Jorgenson                                     Dennis Mills                                      Chris Baker
            H/ 503.829.4824                                  H/503.631.4172                                    B/503.225.5707
 100% Quality Districts in 2010
May-June-July 2008                           thunderbird district                                                                                Page 41
District Calendar                                100,000 honored servicemen and women
                                                 who fought for the freedoms of our great
                                                                                                 troop lead a flag ceremony on the first
                                                                                                 day of school? Get creative, think about
May                                              country. This event is May 22nd; bring your     the future, and remember, there is help
1        District Committee Meeting              unit and American flags and scouts to carry     available. Call Scott Mischke (503)225-
1        Commissioner staff meeting              them. If you have questions contact Rick        5718 or Chris Cone (503)225-5741 if you
8        Roundtable, OA                          Chambers (503) 762-1841.                        want assistance in setting a join night or
8        Safe swim/Safety Afloat Training                                                        open house.
         at roundtable                           Popcorn Sale
18-20    Camporee at CUB WORLD!                       The Popcorn Sale begins in September.
22       Flag Placement, Willamette              This is a great way to make money to get
         National Cemetery                       your “Scouting Year” off to a great start.
31       District dinner                         Last year Scouts in the Thunderbird District
                                                 sold nearly $98,000 in popcorn, which is a
June                                             great job, but we would like to reclaim our
5        District Committee Meeting              spot on top of the list this year, so getting
5        Commissioner staff meeting              an early start is key. Let us know who is to
5        District Committee Orientation          be your unit popcorn contact. Questions
12       Roundtable/OA,                          contact Meg Weinert (503) 667-1848.
         No activities-Have fun at camp!
Meeting Locations:                                                                                 Pack 248 boys proudly showing their banner.
*Committee & Commissioners- St. Henry’s
*Roundtable & OA-LDS Church 3600 SE

Summer Camp!
      Every boy should plan on attending
one of our camps this summer. Things are
filling up, so get those plans together and
sign up as soon as possible. If you have
families that cannot afford camp, pick up
an opportunity fund application and turn
it in to the council office by May 1st. If
you are having trouble getting into a            Recruitments
slot, please be aware that talking to the              Now is the time to have a spring
Volunteer Service Desk may prove fruitful,       roundup before everyone goes to the winds
as they are willing to work units in to ensure   for the summer. Every unit should be either
as many boys get the experience they             having an open house or family fun join
want. Call the Volunteer Services Desk at        night at one of the local schools. Sell the
(503)226-3423.                                   fact that soon your unit will be attending
                                                 one of our awesome camps! Your District
Camporee May 18-20                               staff is standing by, ready to create as
     Camporee will be at Cub World this          many flyers as you want, they’re even
year. It’s going to be a great event, with       willing to make sure that someone from
lots of fun activities and opportunities for     the District (maybe themselves) can come
fellowship! The events, the gateways, the        on your recruitment night and help talk
OA tap-out, the great outdoors! If you           to new families. They also have statistics
have any questions please contact Don            on your school if you don’t, so they may
Edwards at (503) 830-9302.                       know how many fliers you want. Just say
Memorial Day Flag Placement                      the word and give them a date, and they’ll
    Show your patriotism and respect this        create flyers. The Council Office also has
year at Willamette National Cemetery.            stickers that any boy can take to school to
Every unit has been assigned an area to          give to their friends. Why not talk to your
                                                 principals now about having your pack or        District Executive Chris Cone
place flags beside the graves of over

District Contacts
       District Chairman                District Commissioner                   District Director                         District Executive
             vacant                           Bob Pierce                         Scott Mischke                               Chris Cone
                                          H/503.661.2931                       B/503.225.5729                             B/503.225.5741
                                                                                                       100% Quality Districts in 2010
 Page 42                                    tillamook district                                                        Compass Points
District Calendar                               rebate! This is a great opportunity to grow
                                                your troop.
                                                                                               and efforts in delivering a quality program.
                                                                                               Please complete a nomination form for the
May                                                   Packs – Spring is in the air and now     District Award of Merit, the highest award
1-31      Spring Recruitment                    is the time to plant the seeds to grow your    that a district can present. Applications
15       District Commissioner Meeting          pack. Spring recruitment is a wonderful        can be found online or at Roundtable.
15       District Committee Meeting             time to invite young people and their
15       Roundtable, 7:00 PM Program            families to join Scouting because you can
                                                                                               Ahoy Mattie! Day Camp
         Planning Packets                                                                            The dates for Tillamook Day Camp
                                                immediately deliver the promise of an
16       Final Camp Payments Due for all                                                       are July 14-18. There have been several
                                                outdoor experience. In the Fall, often
         camps                                                                                 dates published but the actual dates are
                                                packs must wait for better weather to offer
16       Day Camp T-Shirt order due                                                            the one printed in the Council Calendar.
                                                camping or hiking. The cost to attend camp
                                                                                               Even if the dates on the registration form
June                                            is just $65 if paid after
                                                                                               don’t match, please KNOW that the dates
1-30     Spring Recruitment Follow-up           Spring Product Sale/Popcorn Sale               are June 24-27. It is NOT too late to
1        Tiger Cubs may join Cub Scouts
                                                Wrap up                                        sign up and save your spot. Your pack
19       District Commissioner Meeting
                                                     Thank you Billy Springs for again         will receive FREE T-Shirts IF the Council
19       District Committee Meeting
                                                leading the district in a strong Spring        has received your final camp payments
19       Tillamook Pre-Day Camp
                                                Product sale. Thank you to each unit the       by the May early-bird deadline AND the
         Leader’s Meeting – 6:00 PM
                                                participated and their unit chair that made    T-Shirt order form has been completed and
19       Roundtable, 7:00 PM
                                                it possible for the boys to earn those extra   turned in. These forms need to be turned
24-27    Tillamook Day Camp,
                                                dollars for summer camp. There are many        in together by the deadline. Your t-shirts
         Camp Clark
                                                wonderful opportunities that we need funds     will be ordered from the t-shirt order form
July                                            to make happen. Again, congratulations to      indicating what sizes you need for each
         Happy Trails                           everyone who sold and earned their own         of your boys. Please keep a copy of all
                                                way to camp this summer.                       the forms that you turn in and of course, a
Friends of Scouting                                                                            list of the sizes so the boys get the correct
     The      Cascade     Pacific   Council     Summer Camp Staff Opportunities                shirt. The t-shirts will be available at the
appreciates your investment and support               If you know a youth who is 14 or         Pre-Camp leader meeting scheduled for
of Scouting. As the 12th largest council        older, please explain that there are camp      June 19th at 6:00 PM prior to Roundtable
in the Nation, the opportunity to serve         staff opportunities available. Although        at the Tillamook LDS Chapel.
40,000 youth and 15,000 adults takes            outlying day camps do not offer financial
staff, offices, camp properties and             compensation (a paycheck), the experience      Tillamook Camporee
                                                a young person has staffing at camp is             Thank you to the Tillamook Order of
Save The Date                                                                                  the Arrow and Steve Parks for planning
     September 12th with a 7:30 AM              memorable and exciting. They get to meet
                                                many other young people from around the        and executing this year’s Camporee. Due
Tee Time Shotgun style “FORE! Scouting”                                                        to extreme weather the location had to
Golf Tournament. The tournament will be         County and develop or practice leadership
                                                skills that they have learned through          be moved at the last moment and still the
played at Chehalem Glenn Golf Course in                                                        event went off without a hitch. We were
Newberg, OR. The price is $125 per person       Scouting. May young women apply some
                                                may be asking? Why YES! All individuals        so happy to have some Webelos visit the
or $400 per team. If you would like to                                                         event and also happy to have you Scout
sponsor a hole, join the committee or bring     14+ are encouraged to download an
                                                application and learn more about staffing      and Scouters in attendance.
your friends and golf, please contact Roger
Hawks at 503-472-8041 or via email at           at a Cascade Pacific Council camp at           2010 National Jamboree or Sharon Larson  At the              There is space available for youth
at 503-472-3868 or          conclusion of day camp, the Day Camp           and adults to attend the 2010 National
We look forward to friendship, fellowship       management would be pleased to write           Jamboree. This event normally occurs
and a little bit of friendly competition out    letters of recommendation for any youth        every 4 years, however, due to the
on the greens – FORE! Scouting.                 looking for further employment, either at      Centennial of 2010, it has been five years
                                                a Boy Scout or Cub Scout resident camp or      and everyone is very excited. You can
Membership                                      out in the community. Let’s serve each other   attend an informational meeting about
     Troops have until June 1 to have 1         and have an amazing summer.                    the event, get some details and ask your
more youth registered than they did on                                                         questions. For details or to sign up, please
December 31 of last year and if they do         District Volunteer Awards and
                                                                                               visit and click on
so, after asking 5th graders to join, holding   Recognition                                    2010 National Jamboree. This is truly an
a troop open house AND attend a council              At the May Roundtable meeting, we         opportunity of a lifetime.
camp, the troop will receive a $5 per boy       will be recognizing leaders for their time

District Contacts                                          District Commissioner                          Sr. District Executive
             District Chairman
                                                                   Vacant                                     Sharon Larson
               Steve Jensen
 100% Quality Districts in 2010
May-June-July 2008                               tuality district                                                                            Page 43
District Calendar                              unit operation. Roundtable is designed
                                               for all unit leaders. Cub Scout leader
                                                                                                them upon arrival at camp.
May                                            roundtables are for Cubmasters, assistant        Are Your Boys Signed –up for
1      OA Meeting                              Cubmasters, den leaders, Webelos den             Camp
2-4    District Camporee @ Jewell              leaders, and pack committee members.                  Cub Scouts( Including kindergartners
       Elk’s Preserve                          Boy Scout leader roudntables are for             entering 1st grade Tigers) and Boy Scouts
6      District Committee/Commissioners        Scoutmasters, assistant Scoutmasters, and        can attend camp this summer; a tremendous
       Meeting                                 troop committee members. Varsity leader          way to retain their interest in scouting!
8      Roundtable                              huddles are for Varisty Scout Coaches            Contact 503-226-3423 about available
9      New Leader Essentials,                  and other team leaders.          Venturing       sessions, or visit for an up-
       7-8:45pm, Helvetia Community            roundtables are for adult crew leaders.          to-date list of oven dates and reservation
       Church                                  On occasion, youth officers should attend        forms. See you at camp!
14, 16 Cub Scout, Boy Scout,                   as well. Roundtable is designed to provide
       Specific Training, 7pm, Helvetia        a genuine sense of fellowship and provide
                                                                                                Tuality District Spring Training
       Community Church                        leaders with specific helps they can use         Taking Place!
15     OA Meeting                              during the coming month. Every item in the       •	 New Leader Essentials will be on May
June                                           program has been thoughtfully planned                  9th. Time is 7-8:45pm. Location is
3        District Committee/Commissioner       and carefully prepared. Don’t miss out on              Helvetia Community Church
         Meeting                               our next exciting event May 8th, 7pm.            •	    Cub Scout Specific will be taking place
5        OA Meeting                                                                                   May 14, 16th 7-9pm. And June 6th,
6, 7     Webelos Leader Outdoor
                                               Program Planning Kits Available                        2008. Location is Helvetia Community
         Training 6:30pm Friday-4pm            at May Roundtable                                      Church.
         Saturday- Camp Soda Springs,              Our District Commissioner Scott              •	    Scoutmaster/Assistants;         Varsity
         Gales Creek                           Harris announces that all of the materials             Coaches/Assistants training will be
7        BALOO Training 9-3pm. Camp            necessary to help your unit enjoy an ideal             taking place on May 14, 167-9pm.
         Soda Springs, Gales Creek.            year of scouting will be available at the              You must attend all three of the above
12       Roundtable                            May Roundtable meeting.                                sessions to be trained!
13       District Potluck Dessert, 7pm,        Annual District Recognition Event Camp Ireland                                      looking             for
         Floral Building, Washington
         Country Fairgrounds.                  Date Change                       Rangemasters!
19       OA Meeting                                 This year we will honor the great                Would you be interested in a paid
                                               scouters in Tuality district with a pot-luck     position at camp this summer? Do you
July                                           dessert on Friday, June 13th. Time is 7-9pm      enjoy teaching and working with youth?
10       District Picnic, Camp Ireland         and the location will be the Floral Building     Ireland is seeking 18 year old and older
Meeting Locations:                             at the Washington County Fairgrounds.            responsible scouters to conduct the BB and
*District Committee/Commissioners-6:45pm       Free, convenient parking is located behind       Archery ranges this summer. If you can only
Jackson School House, Hillsboro.               the Cloverleaf Building. Admission is free,      serve one week, your participation would
*Roundtable-LDS Stake Center, Jackson          please bring a desert to share. The district     be greatly accepted. Camp runs between
School Rd, Hillsboro, 7pm                      will provide napkins, cups, plates, and          July 7- August 8th and has 5 one week
*OA Meeting-7:17pm, Helvetia Community         silverware.                                      programs. Please contact Camp Director
Church                                         Day Camp T-Shirts Free To Early                  David Noyes if interested, dnoyes@
Roundtable                                     Birds
     Roundtable is held every 2nd Thursday          Day camp shirts will continue to be free
at the LDS Church on Jackson School Rd at      in 2008 for boys whose fees are paid by
7pm. A friendly, capable staff is on hand      the early-bird date of May 16. When the
to attend to any scouting need or question     den also submits a Day Camp Shirt Order
you may have. Plan on a fun evening! The       Form by than date. This will benefit dens by
purpose of roundtable is to: 1. Provide        providing shirts prepackaged as ordered.
the unit leadership with the will to do- the   Every den is encouraged to pay fees by
morale, enthusiasm, inspiration, and vision    the early-bird date of May 16th and also
that periodically renew the desire to serve    submit the Day Camp Shirt Order Form by
youth. 2. Provide the skill to do- skills,     May 16th. By doing these two things, the          Zach with Troop 855 received his Eagle rank this year. Here
techniques, information, program ideas-        den will pay a reduced rate for camp, and         he is offering a pin to his Eagle Mentor fellow Eagle Scout
the know –how that makes for successful        be assured of free t-shirts being ready for       and Troop Committee Chairman Tim Giesbers.

District Contacts
            District Chairman                             District Commissioner                                 District Director
             Mark Mcomie                                       Scott Harris                                      David Noyes
           H/503.640.4600                                  H/503.359.5312                                      B/503.225.5731
                                                                                                      100% Quality Districts in 2010
 Page 44                                          wapiti district                                                        Compass Points
District Calendar                                information at roundtable.                      recruit a Tiger Leader for the Fall. That
                                                                                                 will give them a chance to prepare and
May                                              Don’t Get Lost on the Eagle Trail               will definitely help you in recruiting Tigers
1        District Committee Meeting                   At the May Roundtable we will be
                                                 conducting a special discussion/training        in the Fall. Make sure to have a plan to
8        Roundtable, Tigard LDS Church.
                                                 for Scouts, parents and leaders on the          invite these new boys to summertime pack
                                                 Life to Eagle process. How to prepare           activities and camp.
8        Commissioner Staff Meeting
8        OA Chapter Meeting                      for the Eagle Project. Understanding the        Spring Recruiting
8        Life to Eagle Orientation               procedures and the paperwork involved.               There are hundreds of families within
9-10     OA Ordeal – Camp Lewis                  If you have found yourself lost on the Eagle    Wapiti District that would like to learn
16-17    OA Ordeal – Meriwether                  Trail or you want to avoid becoming lost,       more about Scouting and how it can benefit
27       Council Court of Honor                  attend the May Roundtable.                      their children. Each unit should provide an
30-31    OA Ordeal – Baldwin                     What are you                 missing      at    opportunity this spring to invite families and
                                                                                                 friends to attend to learn more about the
June                                             Roundtable?                                     adventure of Scouting and to receive an
5        District Committee Meeting                   Have you checked your mailbox? Yes,        invitation to join. Promotional flyers and
6-7      OA Ordeal Cooper                        each unit has a mailbox at our monthly          reminder stickers can be obtained from the
12       Roundtable / District Dessert           roundtable at the Tigard LDS Church 15555       council office. Boys-to-boy and parent-
July                                             SW 98th Ave, Tigard, 97224. We have             to-parent recruiting is another method that
         No Meetings                             current, relevant information and passionate    has proven successful. Don’t make Scouting
         Summer Camp                             Scouters to share that information with you.    a secret in your community. Reach out and
         Unit Summer Time Program                Each month we pass along the most current       share it. Come to roundtable each month
                                                 information and resources to enhance your       for more information and resources.
Meeting Locations:                               units program. If you are not there, you
*Roundtable and District Meetings: Tigard        will be missing out.        Do you have a Leader that you
LDS Church 15555 SW 98th Ave, Tigard,
97224. Meetings start generally at 7pm.          Does your Pack have its own want to recognize?of Merit is a special
                                                                                The District Award
                                                 Trainer?                    award for Scouting Leaders who have given
Key Priorities for next 60 days                      When you need advice about Scouting         special service to Scouting. Any registered
1.	 Plan Recruiting Event               who do you go to in your Pack? Are you                   Scouting Leader is eligible. This Award is
2.	 Recruit 08-09 Tiger Leader          finding that people often come to you for                presented at the District Dessert in June.
3.	 Log in to good turn for America and help? Do you have people that struggle                   What are you Missing at Roundtable?
    report service projects.                     attending the local trainings? Your pack
4.	 Sign up for 2009 Summer Camp                 can have its own trainer to help make sure      Are you excited about what’s
5.	 Get leaders to training                      that all your leaders get this valuable         next?
6.	 Sign up for Popcorn Sale                     information.     Contact Tom Kroen 503               The key to keeping boys excited about
7.	 Review trained leader Rosters and            692-2799, If you              Scouting is not really what they are currently
    submit changes.                              want more information on how to become          doing. It is the anticipation of what is
8.	 Track Webelos to Scout Transition            a Pack Trainer.                                 next.     Having a well planned program
9.	 Schedule Annual Program Planning                                                             with regular highpoints will keep your boys
    meeting for your unit.                       The new Calendars are Here!                     excited about Scouting. Summer Camp is
10.	Final Payment Deadline for Camp                   Planning is Vital to a unit’s good
                                                 health! Planning kits for each unit are being   a highpoint in the Scouts adventure. Are
    May 15th.                                                                                    your boys signed up for camp? Are they
                                                 distributed at May Roundtable. These kits
Packs, Report to your Principal                  are full of tools to use in planning a year     excited about what is next? It is not too
                                                                                                 late to sign up for camp.
Now                                              of program for packs, troops, teams, and
      Now is the time to start making plans      crews. Schedule at least three planning         Are you ready for the Fall Popcorn
for a successful fall recruitment campaign       meetings between May and July. New              Sale?
in your Pack. Cub Scout School night Pre-        youth and parents will be excited to join            Last year over $45000 of popcorn
Kickoff will be at Roundtable in August.         in September, with a whole year of fun          was sold netting over $15000 to the units.
All packs need to have a representative at       already planned!                                Look for Earlybird sign up forms and lets
this meeting. Packs should meet with their       Recruit your Tiger Leader Now                   get ready for another great sale!
principal in May to set their Fall Recruitment       Hold a kindergarten information night
Date. This should take place within the          Now. at your school. This is a recruiting
first 3 weeks of School. Come to get more        event primarily designed to help you

District Contacts
             District Chairman                              District Commissioner                             District Executive
                 Tom Kroen                                       Don Glazier                                   Todd McDonald
             H/503.692.2799                                  H/503.639.6877                                   B/503.225.5750

 100% Quality Districts in 2010
May-June-July 2008                              willamette district                                                                     Page 45
District Calendar                               is $80, which covers training materials,
                                                hat, T-shirt, and food during the camping
                                                                                                 Vegas Area Council for 19 months.
                                                                                                      Brad currently lives in Monmouth and
May                                             portion. Sign up is available online at          is a very welcome addition to our District.
1        District Committee Meeting    or contact              Be sure to introduce yourself to Brad when
8        Roundtable                             Steve Utter at 503.581.6601 ext. 208 at          you see him at Roundtable or when he is
17       Outdoor Training                       the Salem office.                                out meeting with our Scouting family.
June                                            Cub Scout Olympics — June 23
5        District Committee Meeting                  The Willamette District will hold its
12       Roundtable                             annual Cub Scout Olympics on Saturday,
21       Cub Scout Olympics                     June 21 starting at 9 a.m. and finishing up
24-26    Trail to Fist Class Day Time           with an awards ceremony at 2 p.m. This
27-28    Trail to First Class Overnight         long standing event is sure to be fun for all
July                                            the Scouts that attend. There will be the
4        Independence Day                       many athletic activities for all of the boys
                                                in the Pack to participate in. Be sure to sign
Meeting Locations:                              up at www.cpcbsa,org/register/
*LDS Chapel, 45th St
                                                Nee Deep Cub Scout Day Camp
Year Round Recruiting                                 Are you ready for the Big Show? Day
     The importance of finding or replacing     camp is where it’s at. Cub Scouts from near
unit members both youth and adult will          and far and the four corners of the district
improve your units program and make             will converge at Firemen’s Park for fun and
it fun for everyone. “More hands make           adventure. A sample of what the camp
light work” will truly make your units          committee has planed: BB gun and archery
outings and activities the best! Your units     safety instruction, wood and leather
Growth Coordinator should be looking for        projects, first aid for Cub Scouts, plants
marketing opportunities that will attract       and animals, and a whole lot-a-fun. Camp
new members. Working with your units            runs two consecutive weeks – July 7-11 and
sponsor, neighborhood schools, church, etc,     July 14-18 and are filling up fast. Don’t let    District Executive Brad Burge
will provide ways to invite boys to join your   any Scouts miss out on the fun. Get them
unit. The Scout Service Center has blank        registered at the Scout office today.
flyers that can be printed with your units      Thanks to Leaders
joining activity and contact information.            Let’s give a big thanks to the leaders      Scout Expo a Great Success
As the wise old man once told me “I don’t       that have made so many of the districts               On April 12th Willamette District held
know a First Grader that doesn’t want to        events that have already happened                its annual Scout Expo at Stayton Middle
be a Cub Scout”. Please call Steve Utter        possible.      Robert Baugh for Klondike         School. The event was a huge success with
503.581.6601 x208 for help in delivering        Derby. Scott West for Scout Expo. Sean           many units and outside vendors hosting
the promise of Scouting to your areas           Cooper for District Derby. Cott Thompson         booths. Events ranged from leatherworking
youth.                                          for the District Dinner. David Lauden for the    to a fast pitch machine hosted by the
Trail to First Class                            Camporee. Finally a great big thanks to          Volcanoes and the district pinewood derby.
     Willamette District leadership is          all who served on the committees for these       All who attended had a great time.
excited to offer a first year Scout program     events we could not have done it without              Special thanks go to Scott West for
this summer. Scouts will attend camp from       you. Also, We need to thank Cott and his         organizing the event as well as Sean
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on June 24-26 at Firemen’s     training team for all of the time that they      Cooper for organizing the pinewood
Park, and an overnighter will culminate the     give up to help ensure that every boy gets       derby. If you missed the fun this year be
camp on June 27 at Camp Morrison. All           a trained leader.                                sure to come next year.
Scouts who are not First Class are invited to   Welcome to Brad Burge
attend. This is a great opportunity for young        Willamette District has a new District

                                                                                                  TRUSTWORTHY LOYAL HELPFUL FRIENDLY COURTEOUS KIND
Scouts to partake in a fun and educational      Executive, Brad Burge. Brad is a native
camp experience using the patrol method,        of the Willamette Valley having grown
troop model, and emphasizing Scouting’s
core values. Scouts will earn credit for over
                                                up in Independence and graduating from
                                                Central High School. After high school
                                                                                                  CHANGES LIVES
                                                                                                  OBEDIENT CHEERFUL THRIFTY BRAVE CLEAN REVERENT
25 requirements (Tenderfoot–First Class)        Brad attended college in Wisconsin before
over the course period. Participant cost        serving as a District Executive in the Las

District Contacts
        District Chairman                  District Commissioner                District Director                     Sr. District Executive
        Steve Anderson                          Steve Potter                      Steven Utter                             Brad Burge
       H/ 503 587-3675                      H/503.873.2384                 B/503.581.6601 ext. 208                 B/503.581.6601 ext. 206                 

                                                                                                      100% Quality Districts in 2010
 Page 46                               varsity and venturing                                                         Compass Points
District Calendar                            Venturing now ten years old                      Come on down to the Cabinet
                                                 Yes, to some of us it seems like only
May                                          yesterday when those green uniforms first
27         Venturing Program Cabinet                                                               Adults and youth alike are welcome
                                             showed up. Ten years have gone by since
           meeting                                                                            to join the active Venturers in the Council
                                             the beginning of the Venturing Program.
31         Venturing Aviation day at                                                          Cabinet. The Cabinet needs help putting on
                                             Stay tuned for a beautiful shoulder patch
           Evergreen Aviation Museum                                                          events throughout the year, and promoting
                                             commemorating this event. It will be
June                                                                                          the Venturing Program throughout the
                                             available at the volunteer services desk.
24         Venturing Program Cabinet                                                          council. They meet the fourth Tuesday of
                                             Evergreen Aviation                 Museum        every month at the Council Office.

July                                         Venturing Day May 31                             Venturing Ride September 20th
                                                  Venturers are invited to check out the           Venturing Ride for 2008 will be at
22        Venturing Program Cabinet
                                             Evergreen Aviation museum on the 31st            Butte Creek, and will involve horseback
                                             to see planes, learn about weather, see          riding and other fun events! This will also
Meeting Locations:
                                             helicopters, and have an IMAX experience         be where we recognize the Venturing
*Venturing Program Cabinet meeting at
                                             for only $11. At this price, it is an absolute   Leadership Award.
Council Office, 2145 SW Naito Pkwy.
                                             steal. To find out more about the events,
                                             call Cory Fuqua at (503)434-4185, or
                                             E-mail him at Cory.Fuqua@sprucegoose.
                                             org. This is sure to fill up fast, so sign up
                                             today! Only 40 spots are available. Pre-
                                             registration required.
       Council Vice President, Venturing            Council Adviser to Venturing
                Dennis McGary                               Scot Forbes
                503.579.3140                             B/503.225.5736

                                                        sea scouts
District Calendar                            Stoeckler, proud mother, and Skipper of
                                             the Genesis, the Stoeckler children have
                                                                                              711 and 734 have all met or exceeded
                                                                                              their Presidential goal. Thanks guys
May                                          earned 3 eagle and 4 quartermaster               and gals. The 2008 Campaign Victory
1          Key 3 Meeting                     awards. Brothers Christopher, Carsten and        Celebration is set for Wednesday, May
1          Fleet staff Meeting               Kevan have all earned both eagle and             21, 2008 at the Water Resource Education
15         Skippers & Mates                  quarter while their sister Christen joins        Center in Vancouver, Washington starting
31         All Hands Base Duty               her brothers earning her Quartermaster           time 6:00 pm. All Executive Board, District
June                                         awards. “Scouting became a way of life           and Community FOS team members are
5          Key 3 Meeting                     for our family - and in a very true sense        invited to attend. Please RSVP by May
5          Fleet Staff Meeting               of the phrase - Scouting Changes Lives. It       16th
19         Skippers & Mates                  certainly changed everything about my            Recruiting & Membership
July                                         life and that of my children” says Robin.              Sea Scout gained a valuable
4          Reliant Cruise                    Congratulations for a job well done.             commodity in the person of Silver Beaver,
                                             2008 FOS Campaign                                Mark Roth. Mark joins the Sea Scout team
Sea Scouting Changes Lives                        This years Friends of Scouting              after several years of successful service
     In the fall of 1991 Carsten Stoeckler   campaign is on track to be a big success         in the Sunset Trail District. Good thing are
was invited by a friend to attend a          campaign activities have been brisk due          starting to happen. If you know of any
Webelos Woods and things would never         largely in part to this year’s finance chair     interested teenagers that want to learn new
be the same for the Stoeckler family. In     Sue Owen. Sue is the wife of Sea Scout           skills while having great fun and adventure
2008, Kevan Stoeckler, youngest child        Commissioner Phil Owen and boy are they          then contact your local Boy Scout Council
of the Stoeckler family was awarded his      a dynamic team. This year’s campaign is          and ask for the local Sea Scout Executive.
Quartermasters thereby crowning a 17         on track to be the earliest completion date
year trek in scouting. Inspired by Robin     in the last five years. Ships 202, 601, 678,

District Contacts
              District Chairman                         District Commissioner                              District Executive
                  Jim Larsen                                  Phil Owen                                     Vernard Taylor
              H/360.695.0867                             B/503.244.7986                                    B/503.225.5743

 100% Quality Districts in 2010
May-June-July 2008                                               Page 47

                             FOR SCOUTING

                             A Boy Scout is always
                              when he shops for all his gear

                                           at the

                               Nor’West Scout Shop
                               2145 SW Nalto Pkwy
                               Portland, OR 97201
                               Phone: 503-243-5022
                               Fax: 503-243-5090
                                Hours: Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri: 9 am - 5:30 pm
                                       Wednesday: 9 am - 8 pm
                                       Saturday: 10 am - 4 pm

                                           100% Quality Districts in 2010
{inSert yOur COMpany
Advertise with the Compass Points and
        Reach a Targeted Market
  of Over 11,000 Scouting Volunteers!
  For Ad Space Prices and Availability,
           Call 503.225.5767
        Donate a Car or Boat
Donate any used complete vehicle or boat. (It
could be a car, truck, recreational vehicle, or
boat.) The Cascade Pacific Council, BSA and
Volunteers of America, Inc. (VOA) have joined
forces in efforts to raise money for programs.
Donations are tax deductible to the extent of the
law and any vehicle will be picked up
for free. Contact Shelley Staudinger at
Note: Tax laws changed on January 1, 2005. For vehicles up to
$500 in value, the donor will state the value. For vehicles over $500
in value, the donor will be able to claim only the actual amount the
charity receives for the vehicle. In our case, vehicles are sold at
auction by the Volunteers of America. As always, it is suggested that
a donor consult his or her tax professional for information. These
tax laws also apply for charitable donations of other goods as well.

                                                                                      What are you doing this summer?
                                                                            These boys enjoyed the sun and surf at Adventure Cove
                                                                            last summer. See page 22 for current availability and
                                                                            then make your reservations today at the Scout Office.

                                                                        TRUSTWORTHY LOYAL HELPFUL FRIENDLY COURTEOUS KIND

                                                                        CHANGES LIVES
                                                                        OBEDIENT CHEERFUL THRIFTY BRAVE CLEAN REVERENT

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