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					...continued                                          outreach
and the stance of a Masai warrior, is a           After attending an unusual but           tive. Since our return, we seek to relate
noted scholar and elder statesman of         joy-filled church service next door, our      something of our African experience
the East Africa Presbytery, who could        Mission group visited the orphanage,          so that each of you, the members and
have commanded great financial suc-          which is partially funded by a portion of     friends of Laguna Pres, can share in our
cess in any number of fields, had he         your donations as distributed through         enthusiasm for Kenya, its people and our
so chosen.                                   the Outreach Committee. First, Rev.           partnership with them.
                                             Muindi had each of the children line
    But this “Mother Teresa of East Af-      up in age order in the red dirt in front             We don’t have answers to vexing
rica” has chosen, instead, to devote his     of the orphanage. Then, we presented          questions raised by Kenya’s problems,
remaining years to the street children       the bears which brought smiles and            I.e. “How can we as Godly people rec-
of Nairobi. For many of the hundreds         laughter to the young children lined up       oncile the haves and have-nots? How
of children he has rescued, AIDS is a        in front. Unfortunately, we had about         can we begin to alleviate the crushing
major factor in their plight.                100 bears too few for each child to           poverty, disease, corruption, tribal con-
                                             receive one, but the older children           flict, drought and environmental disaster?
       “our goal
       “                                     received toothbrushes instead, as             How can one person or one church make
                                                                                           a difference when the need is so great?”
     was not to go                           arranged by Marj Adams, and they
                                             seemed pleased as well, eagerly hold-
                                                                                                How do we not get discouraged?
      as tourists,                           ing up their brushes for a photo.
                                                                                           These are things we must address as
    but as pilgrims;                              We told them all of our VBS chil-        a nation, as a church and as individu-
                                             dren, who made the prayer bears and           als. For those of us on this pilgrimage, it
 seeking not to change                       kept an identical bear so that each           starts with Christ and His leading.
   others, but to be                         child with a bear had a prayer partner
                                             in California who sent them their love
  changed ourselves”                         and best wishes. All the orphans,
                                             though dressed in hand-me-down and
      These children, as young as two        often tattered uniforms, were well be-
and as old as 15, either are HIV posi-       haved, friendly and laughing, pleased
tive themselves (in a country where that     to know they were remembered by
is still a stigma despite its prevalence),   children in a church in California. Rev.
or their parents are dying of AIDS or        Muindi beamed with pride at “his” chil-
their parents are dead and no relative       dren, who previously had so little hope,
will take them in. With many of the 176      but who now, themselves, offered a vi-
children presently residing at Imani         sion of joy and hope to these strangers
(Hope) Hall, we may never know what          from so far away.
tragedy has rendered a mother so
hopeless that she had no other option             With Jerry Tankersley’s leadership
for her child but to drop him or her alone   and Dave Dolan’s guidance, our goal
on the desperate streets of one of the       was to go not as tourists, but as pilgrims;
most dangerous cities in the world. But,     seeking not to change others, but to be
thanks be to God, each child has now         changed ourselves; to view the world
found a home with Bernard Muindi, who        not from our narrow and privileged van-
treats each of them as his own.              tage point, but from a global perspec-
                                                              A project initiated by
                                                         the Women’s Guild of the
     New Orphanage in Limuru                             Presbytery of Limuru and the
                                                         Presbyterian Church of East           We have been made aware and
                                                         Africa, in Partnership with       hope to raise the awareness of oth-
                                                         the churches of the Presby-       ers. If we “Let our hearts be broken
                                                         tery of Los Ranchos, Pres-        by the things that break the heart of
                                                         byterian Church (U.S.A.).
                                                                                           God”, then we can try to follow the ex-
                                                             For more information          ample of Christ and of Bernard Muindi
                                                         about how you and your            and of Mother Teresa, to begin to help
                                                         church can be a partner in        one child, to reach out to one person
  Deepening our partnership with the Presbytery of       the founding of this or-          in need, or to improve one life with
  Limuru, Laguna Pres converged with two other           phanage, contact                  the goal that we all reach Shalom, or
  teams from our Presbytery this summer. Pictured
  are Reverands Dave Dolan, Bernard Muindi and           Rev. David Dolan at (714)         wholeness and lack of want.
  Jerry Tankersley.                                      956-3691, x129 or
                                                                  May it be so.

What Spiritual Direction Is...
               –By Deborah Sakach

      Many Christians have found Spiritual Direc-                  Jerry Tankersley, Sr. Pastor
                                                                   Kathy Sizer, Assoc. Pastor, Congregational Life
tion helpful in our noisy world, where many voices                 Steve Sweet, Sr. Associate Pastor
clamor for our attention and we feel the need for
greater reflection.                                     A Word From Jerry:
        We can become so wrapped up in our own
plans, worries, and activities, that we miss God’s      Dear Friends:
gentle voice. A spiritual companion supports you
                                                              The cover picture on this month’s Chimes is a testimony
in daily life, in discerning God’s whisperings in
                                                        to the bond of God’s love that stretches around the world. In it
impending decisions, grievings and ‘stuck ‘ places,
                                                        you see the children that are cared for by my friend, Dr. Bernard
life transitions, and in recognizing your movements
                                                        Muindi. He was moderator of the PCEA, and continues to be a
towards God, and His toward you.
                                                        special servant of God in the world Christian community. To be
       Basically, the once-a-month meeting will help    in his presence, is to experience the touch of one of God’s saints.
you discover how God is at work in your one and         We’ve been friends since seminary days, and always treasure
only life. Once you begin to identify God’s active      our times of being reunited in fellowship. We give a special
love throughout your day – the personal direction       thanks to the Laguna Pres children of our summer’s Vacation
becomes a catalyst for transformation.                  Bible School, for making the prayer bears our group presented to
      One of my professors, Rev. Dr. Allen              these beloved orphaned children in Kenya.
Sproull says, “Spiritual Directors help people dis-
                                                             As we move into the last three months of 2007, please re-
cover who they are and what is important, while
                                                        member that your financial giving supports ministries like those
developing awareness of God in their daily lives.
                                                        of Bernard and Eunice Muindi, and Gary and Lori Cowman in
(In Spiritual Direction) they explore personal life
                                                        Kenya. With gratitude to God for all of His blessings, we give our
issues, work, relationships and attitudes. I help
                                                        selves first to the Lord and then to each other. Let’s make sure
cancer patients (for instance) live with questions
                                                        that our giving expresses the magnitude of our love for the Lord
and ambiguities of life.”
                                                        and the Lord’s mission through us.
Who’s Doing it & How it Helps                                I’ve talked to many of you about a study trip to Israel/
     “It’s a great gift to yourself,” says young        Palestine, now planned for next May, 2008. We will combine
mother, Peggy Monti, who has received Spiritual         with a group from St. Andrews Presbyterian in Newport Beach.
Direction for some eight years. “It establishes a       John Huffman and I have been close friends for years, and have
discipline of pausing, if only once a month, to un-     often spoken of taking this trip together with members of our re-
derstand what’s going on in your life, and how God      spective churches. We both share a special interest in the Middle
may be stirring you to do one thing or another.”        East, in particular, a desire to understand biblical geography and
    A firefighter noticed: “I’ve learned to reduce my   history, and to encourage peace and reconciliation between
work and social commitments to enjoy my family.”        Jews and Arabs.

If you’d like to give it a try...                              During this trip we will visit biblical sites and review the
                                                        biblical message, but we’ll also hear speakers present their
       You don’t have to worry about what you           various perspectives on the barriers to Middle East peace. We
will talk about in your meetings. You won’t have        will listen to strong Jewish voices, along with the voices of Fa-
to prepare an agenda, just show up and let the          ther Elias Chacour and Naim Ateek (both Palestinian Christian
work unfold. Confidentiality is held.                   leaders). Our speakers will witness to the hope they have for
      Call or email Pastor Kathy Sizer and she          new beginnings. I am confident that the trip will be safe, and
will help you choose from one of several trained        that this will present us with an opportunity to review history,
Spiritual Directors at Laguna Pres. (949) 494-7555      biblical truth, and to experience first-hand the dividing walls
x103 or email:              that Jesus Christ came to heal.
      Jerry, continued                              worship
           Israel/Palestine, along with many              Sunday Worship Services
      parts of the Middle East, has been a fo-                         8:30am & 10:00am
      cal point of Presbyterian mission for over
      a hundred years. If you are interested in
      an educational, missional, spiritual jour-     October
      ney with contemporary relevance, this          7   Jerry Tankersley preaching
      10-day trip is for you! See the link on            WORLD COMMUNION SUNDAY
      our church web-site: www.lagunapresch                   Congregation is encouraged to wear Brochures also available in our                ethnic or international clothing
      Church Office, (949) 494-7555.
                                                     14 Jerry Tankersley preaching
            I am grateful that many of you have         10am - New Members/Inquirers’ Class/Lunch
      enrolled in our Adult Education through           thru 2:30pm • Parlor
      the Disciple Bible Study program. We
      offer you many other study and fellow-         21 Kathy Sizer preaching
      ship opportunities too, both short-term           8:30am Adult Ed Class: Holy Spirit • Parlor
      and long-term, to encourage our growth.           10:00am Adult Ed: Middle East Peace, Ron Young • Parlor
      Early in 2008 I’ll gather the Israel travel
      group together, to review places we’ll         28 Jerry Tankersley preaching
      visit and trace the history of Palestine          8:30am Adult Ed Class: Holy Spirit • Music/All Purpose Room
      into the modern period.                           10am Africa Mission/Vision Trip Report • Parlor

           2007 and 2008 are going to be seen        November
      as important years for LPC. Thanks for
      sharing them with me and each other.           4   Jerry Tankersley preaching
                                                         8:30am Adult Ed Class: Holy Spirit • Parlor
            –Grace and Peace,
                     Dr. Jerry Tankersley            11 Jerry Tankersley preaching
You’re invited to join us in...                         Election of Elders & Deacons, both Services

                                                     18 Rev. Jane Holslag, guest preacher
                                                        Communion & Commitment Sunday
        Chancel Choir                                25 Steve Sweet preaching
        REHEARSAL: Thursday Nights
          7:15 to 9:00 pm, Music Room                   Youth SS attends Service
        WORSHIP: Sunday Mornings
         Meet 8:00 am, in Fellowship Hall            December
         Sing for 8:30 & 10:00am Services,
         (then leave early in the 2nd Service)       2   Jerry Tankersley preaching
        CONTACT: Linda White (714) 321-9860
                                                     9   Jerry Tankersley preaching
        AGAPE Bells                                  16 Jerry Tankersley preaching
        REHEARSAL: Tuesday Nights
          6:00 to 7:30 pm, Music Room                23 Jerry Tankersley preaching
        CONTACT: Tami Brose (949) 910-8080
                                                     24 Monday • Christmas Eve - Jerry Tankersley preaching
                                                        4:00 & 6:00pm Family Services
               The AGAPE Bells Play                     8:00 & 10:00pm Candlelight Choir & Bells Services
               Sunday, October 14, Both Services
                              c                      30 Kathy Sizer preaching
             A Special Thank You to Harry Desmond
               for Expanding Our Hand Chimes Set     31 Monday • New Year’s Eve - Steve Sweet preaching
              In Loving Memory of Nancy Desmond
                                          adult education
        A 21st Century
           View of

 Worldwide                                                                  Please join us!

 Poverty:                                           A Life Worth Living
                                                      The Promise of the Holy Spirit
       –An Impossible
         Challenge?                                               Who is the Holy Spirit?
                                                    What difference does the Holy Spirit make in my life?
         • 6-Week Study                             • Join us for this non-threatening opportunity to learn
         • Oct. 10 - Nov. 14                          about the Holy Spirit and to ask questions.
                                                    • This Alpha Express gathering includes videos, ques-
         • Wednesdays                                 tions, discussion.
         • 4:00 - 5:30pm
                                                              3 SUNDAY MORNINGS
         • In the Parlor                                Begins Sunday, Oct. 21 • 8:30 - 9:30am
                                                     All Welcome!•Childcare Available by Reservation.
  This Fall, LPC offers you an opportunity to
further understand and experience the root
                                                                      Randi Weber 494-9332
causes of poverty and some key strategies for               
change in a 6-Week study.

  Topics include clean water, pure food, gen-
der issues, and micro-enterprise. Judy Berg-
man has led this study for Women of Vision for      Inquirer’s/New Members
                                                            Class & Lunch
several years, and is excited to bring it to us!

  Pre-Registration essential, starting Sunday,         10:00am – 2:30pm • Parlor
Sept. 9 at the Church Kick-Off, thru Sunday, Oct.          Sunday, Oct. 14, ‘07
7. There is a $10 materials fee when you sign up.
Men and women both are encouraged to attend!

            (949) 494-7555                                     Come find out what
                                                      Laguna Presbyterian Church is all about!
The Heart of the Matter                                       Just call Church Office to sign up.
  Touching Lives of Men, Women                              Babysitting can be arranged with RSVP.
     and Children in Poverty
                                                                     (949) 494-7555
                                       adult education
                                        Weekly Bible Studies
                                        Tuesdays ..............9:15am in HILLS HALL
                                        Wednesdays ........7am in the PARLOR
                                        Everyone is always welcome! Come & enjoy the study and fellowship!

       Hopes & Concerns For
                                                             The Holy Land Trip
                                                                          May 13-22, ‘08
          Arab-Israeli-Palestinian                                      10 Exciting Days!

               Peace                                      With Pastors Jerry Tankersley & John Huffman

                                                      Enjoy a special trip of guided travel to places of Bibli-
                                                      cal interest in The Holy Land, with rare opportunities

 Sun, Oct 21, 10am • Parlor                            to see and experience, first-hand, the steps of Jesus,
                                                                      Paul, and the Disciples.
      Ron Young and Jerry Tankersley will dia-                                              r
                                                           A sample of travel plans from ou
log about Arab-Israeli-Palestinian Peace in light
                                                                 website www.lagun
of this fall’s up-coming U.S.-hosted conference
on this topic.
       Young is founder of the U.S. Inter-religious
Committee for Peace in the Middle East and cur-
rently serves as consultant with the National
Inter-religious Leadership.
     Initiative for Peace (NILI), representing 37
Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders, including
heads of 25 national organizations. Ron accom-
panied the NILI leaders delegation who met with
Secretary of State Rice earlier this year.

    WORD Study Laguna Beach

        Information & Reservations:
     Randi Weber,,
     Shari Beckett,,

                  Books: $10
                                  adult education

                           2008                WOMEN’S RETREAT

                                                MAY 2-4 • FRIDAY                      THRU       SUNDAY
                                                DR. LIBBY VINCENT, SPEAKER
                                                WE’RE ALREADY PLANNING AND PRAYING FOR SPRING!
                                                2008 CO-CHAIRS: DARRYLIN GIRVIN AND GAIL ONODERA

                                                EIGHTY WOMEN! MARK YOUR 2008 CALENDAR, NOW!

  Exploring What Makes Us Different
          from Each Other...                                     M.O.A.C.
                                                       Mothers Of Adult Children
    DIFFERENCES                                          Sponsoring Opportunities for ALL
                                                              to Grow in Our Faith

     with Margie Smith                                              UPCOMING DATES:
                                                     Wed. Oct.10-Nov. 14 (4-5:30) • Parlor
     from Central Union Church, Honolulu              Come join the 6-Week program led by Judy Bergman to
                                                explore “A 21st Century View of Worldwide Poverty”. This is a pre-
  Sunday Evening October 7                      registration study with a $10 materials fee, so plan to commit and
   7:00pm • Dessert Served                      sign up for this opportunity to further your understanding of the root
                                                causes of poverty and key strategies for change!
      A delightful Christian Friend, Daugh-
ter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Mother-in-law and
Grandmother, Margie is here on the main-             Holidays
land, attending her annual board meeting              We may take a break for the holidays, but we will be schedul-
for Hawaiian Islands Ministries.                ing a talk with Steve Sweet in the New Year. Don’t forget to put the
      Maggie will lead a lively discussion      Women’s Retreat on your 2008 calendar for next May 2-4.
about building relationships that respect
and even celebrate differences. Bring                  Email
friends and taste the best brownies you’ll             If you know anyone who would like to be on the email
ever eat! Indeed, this evening promises         list, please send me their information. I look forward to see-
you a “mind shift.” Don’t miss it! Preview:     ing all of you at the upcoming events!
Margie’s website                     Jan Jonker, email:

                                 Jan Jonker, email:
                                 (949)464-9877 • (949)735-1033 (cell)
                                   adult education
                                          Care Giver Support Group
                                          On Hiatus till after Holidays

                      e of Date & Ti
          Notice Chang orning, Nov. 18)
                     n. m
        (Formerly: Su
                                                                      Your Own
                                                                      Faith Story
                                                                      4 Monday Afternoons
                                                                      Starts November 5
        Holiday Time                                   Ceil Sharman presents a 4-Week workshop, for
                                                    adults, to “Writing Your Own Faith Story”.
             Monday                                     Want to record your story for family, friends or grand-
           Nov. 19, 2007                            children? Would you like to reflect on “God-sightings”
       4:00-5:30pm • Parlor                         in your life? Join the Story Workshop, facilitated by Ceil
        Led by Jackie Pearson                       Sharman on 4 Mondays.
    Holidays can stir up memories of lost               No previous story writing experience
of loved ones missing from our festivities.
                                                    is needed, and you are welcome to attend
    To help us face these moments, Jack-            even if you are a “graduate” of our last
ie Pearson presents some practical steps            workshop. Sign up in the Office, or at the
to bring relief and comfort. The commu-             cart on Sunday, November 4, between
nity is welcome.                                    Services on our Patio, or during the
   Why not invite someone you know?                 week in our Office (949) 494-7555.

                                           Feel Better Soon,
                                              Fair & Faithful
                                                  Sandy Grim...

                                                               Your Congregation Family
                           church family

                              Homebound                           DEACONS
                               Members                               2007
                           Please call us (949) 494-7555,          (not all pictured)
                            if you have more information.
                                                                1    Lewis, Melanie
 Elizabeth & Joseph Bray    Bea Fraser                           2      Hunt, Valerie
      - At home                - Care home, Mission Viejo        3      Mattingley, JoAnn
 Jean Bulleit               Eleanor Hensel                       4      Palmer, Sam
    - Liz Home Care             - At home                        5      Pines, Helen

 John Bulleit               Mary Hirsch                          6      Shoemaker, Kathy
    - The Wellington           - Crown Cove, Corona del Mar      7      Crumley, Ken
                                                                 8      Cullings, Diane and John
 Edna Campbell              Marion John
    - At home                  - Orangevale, CA                  9      Landrum, Doug & Kris
                                                                10      Jensen, Alice
 Clyde Chivens              Mary Marriner
     - Morro Bay               - At home                        11      Gregory, Lynn
                                                                12      Johnson, Olivia
 Kay Courtney               Barbara Switzer
    - San Diego                - Independant Living             13      Boehm, Christine
                                                                14      Girvin, Darrylin and Tom
 Gladys Enfield
     - Washington                                               15      DeJager, Sara
                                                                16      Beehan, Cheryl
                                                                17      Carmichael, Pat and Stan
                                                               18a      Fulton, Bob and Julie
                                                               18b      Eriksen,Beth
                                                                19      Craig, Maggie and Rick
                                                                20      Freeman, Betty
                                                                21      Norman, David and Sally
                                                                22      Hansen, Walter
                                                                23      Olrich, Earl
                                                                24      Nulle, Craig
                                                                25      McCormick, Phil
                                                                26      Roberson, Linda
                                                                27      Brown, Dana Loughridge
                                                                51      Wade, Nancy
                                                                52      Bell, Charlie and Margie
                                                                52      McGill, Susan
                                                                53      Altuzarra, Kelly
                                                                53      Brown, Pat and Susan
                                                                53      Campbell, Cynthia (Cindy)
                                                                54*     McGill, Rockney
                                                              Advisor   Rev. Kathy Sizer

Your Deacons
                                      Do A Good Turn,
                    Make A Qualified Charitable Distribution From Your IRA
Do you have an IRA? Are you 70 1⁄2 or older?
Is financial support of charities that are dear to your heart important to you?

Then there’s good news for you. Congress has encouraged individuals who are 70 1⁄2 and over to make charitable donations and in
the process, benefit themselves. However, the opportunity exists for a limited time—only through December 31, 2007, unless
extended by Congress.

The Pension Protection Act of 2006 included a provision which allows Traditional and Roth IRA owners who have attained age 70 1⁄2
the ability to make charitable contributions of up to $100,000 per year directly from their IRAs to an eligible charitable organization
without incurring any adverse federal income tax consequences. (Owners of Traditional IRAs must begin taking Required Minimum
Distributions once they turn 70 1⁄2. Roth IRAs do not have Required Minimum Distributions.) Distributions from SEP, SIMPLE and
SAR-SEP IRAs are not currently eligible.

The Advantages for the Donor
When you make a contribution to a favorite charity, there’s always satisfaction in knowing that you’ve helped them advance their mis-
sion. But there are additional benefits to making a charitable donation this way:
     •     The amount of the IRA distribution that is directed to a charitable organization is not included in the donor’s adjusted gross
     •     The amount of the IRA distribution that is directed to a qualified charitable organization is not included in calculating an
           individual taxpayer’s limitation on charitable deductions. For a generous individual, this is important since there are deduc-
           tion ceilings depending on the type of donation and the nature of the charity, and an annual ceiling based on adjusted gross
     •     Owners of Traditional IRAs may satisfy all or part of their Required Minimum Distributions.

Taxpayers Who Are Most Likely to Benefit
Because of these advantages, making a charitable contribution this way will be particularly beneficial to taxpayers who are:
    •    Individuals in high tax brackets since the distribution will not be included in AGI
    •    Individuals who do not itemize deductions. (A direct gift from an IRA will avoid the additional income tax otherwise payable
         if the distribution was first included in AGI and then the Standard Deduction was taken.)
    •    Very generous charitable donors who may be giving the maximum permissible amount each year (i.e., 50% of AGI). A direct
         gift from an IRA does not count toward the limit.

Watch Out for These Snags
There are some pitfalls to avoid when making charitable contributions from your IRA.

Not all tax-exempt organizations are eligible to receive these distributions, so make sure the distribution is made to a qualified tax-
exempt charitable organization. The IRA owner—not the financial institution where the IRA is held—is responsible for making the
determination on whether the organization is an eligible charitable organization.

Make sure the financial institution that holds your IRA is able to make qualified charitable distributions before you initiate your distribution.
The distribution must be made payable to the charity by check or the distribution may be sent by wire to the charity’s account(s).

If you intend to make a qualified charitable distribution from your IRA, do not take a normal distribution from your IRA and then write a
personal check to the charity for the amount of the distribution because this results in a taxable distribution.

For More Information
If you would like to learn more contact your tax advisor or the Church office. Reprinted with permission – Morgan Stanley, Laguna Beach

      Contributions, as of Sunday, September 16, 2007
                                Annual Budget ............................... $1,140,0000
                                Received to Date ........................... $700,190
                                Amount Needed by Year End ........ $439,810
                                Amount Needed This Week ........... $27,488
                 evangelism                                                outreach
Hospitality                                                              Friendship Shelter
                                                                            Open House
     Shared life is a way of being present to another per-
son so that another person can be present to you. It’s a
quality of being, of living. A sharing attitude makes room
inside of you so that others can crawl in and you can crawl
out into them. You become touched and touchable, sup-
porting and supportable. A Christian home is one with the
doors open, and a Christian community of any form has
doors open and swinging both ways. There’s life moving in
and life moving out. I could summarize Jesus’ most radical
teaching as a call to “universal table fellowship” (see with
whom he eats, whom he invites to the banquet, and then            Saturday, August 18th was “Open House, Ribbon
you will know why they killed him!).                              Cutting,” day as the Friendship Shelter opened their
                                                                  doors to celebrate generous volunteers & donors.
     Don’t tell people to come to our church or to come to hear
Jerry and Kathy and Steve preach. Ask them to come over for       Laguna Presbyterian Church, through the Outreach
                                                                  Committee, has a long history with the Friendship
supper! That’s more real and natural. Talk to them over the
                                                                  Shelter through monthly tithing and volunteerism. On
back fence. We hope our life is good news. When out, neigh-       hand to help with the celebration was City Council
bors see our unity and our good news, and maybe then they’ll      member Jane Egly. LPC members present were
say, I’d like to come celebrate and worship with you.             Rick Craig, Beth Eriksen, and Rick Shoemaker.
–The Spiritual Family and the Natural Family - Daily Meditation   Pictured L. to R. Polina Hym, Jonathan Andersen,
by Richard Rohr                           Jane Egly, Santos Orellana, Rick Shoemaker, Beth
Center for Action and Contemplation                               Ericksen, Helen Maxwell and Peter Maxwell.

                               –Ceil Sharman, Evangelism          –Rick Shoemaker, Outreach Committee

                       Comfort Knitters
                       4th Fridays at 9:30am

                                                                       Thursday Morning
         We knit separate squares that are sewn together
                                                                         PRAYER GROUP
    into one larger afghan, giving us something tangible to
    comfort a member of our church family, where words are
                                                                          8am in Blue House
    not enough.
         We can always use more hands and hearts - and              We meet to pray for those ill
    even if you don’t know how to knit, we can use your                in our congregation.
    help! We invite you to join with us, on these 4th Fridays,
    or even work at home, if you cannot make the meetings.                   Everyone invited.
    You can help comfort someone who needs an extra mea-
    sure of goodwill and care woven into their lives.                         Matthew 18:20:
                                                                    Jesus says, “For where two or more
                Join us at Bonnie’s House                          are gathered in my name, I am there
                                                                               among them.”
       Call: Bonnie Changstrom-Simon 499-3479 or
                  Katie Coffin 497-1559
                                                                     Diane Cullings (949)494-7245

                LPC GOLF
    Please join us on the last Friday of each month for 9 holes of golf
   at Aliso Viejo Golf Course. This is a great opportunity to meet new
         friends and socialize with other members of Laguna Pres.
         For more information, please contact Stan Carmichael at
            or (949) 715-3761

                                     Orange County Council
                               Boy Scouts of America

                            An Invitation

     All Adult Leaders of Scouting
                    for Laguna Beach Troop 35
                   To Support the Scouting Movement in Orange County
You’re Invited to a Gathering, Honoring All Troop 35 Scoutmasters & Committee Chairmen

                    4-6pm, Sunday, October 7, 2007
                        At the Home of Gary and Betsy Jenkins
            RSVP: George Staight (949) 887-6896
      Pledge cards for Donation to the Orange Council Boy Scouts of America will be available.
                                                        OCTOBER Birthdays
                                                 1    Janet Zaayer
                                                 2    Betty Doerr, Kathy Shoemaker
                                                 3    Richard Campbell, Linda Hall, Nicolette Sweeney

   CLIPPERS                                      5
                                                      Charlotte Dyess, Kathleen Fay
                                                      John Beckett, Tara Reyns
     Annual                                      7    Jon Robertson, Alan Siegrist, James (Lyn) Wilder
 Bar-B-Que Picnic                                8    Jennifer Armendariz
       Catered Dinner                            9    Julie McElhiney, Liz Wetzel
                                                 11   Christine Boehm, Kris Landrum, James Skelton
     6:30pm Friday Night                         12   Susan Davis
       October 19, 2007                          13   Ken Cornelison, Darrylin Girvin, Richard Olshausen
       Fellowship Hall                           14   Laurel Dolan, Laura Niebaum
                                                 15   Christopher Brazelton, Denise Marquette, Kara O’Keefe,
 Catered dinner. Marv Drew will
                                                      Nancy Peacock
make a slide presentation entitled,
 “Where In The World Are We?”                    16   Nicole Harvey, Trever Hathaway
Sign-up Sundays in Courtyard between Services.   17   Arlita Smith-Gens
                                                 19   Susan Giusto, Melanie Lewis
       Cost: $11 per person.
                                                 20   Elizabeth Pettker
                                                 21   Stefan Andersen
                                                 22   Aurora Steinle, Amantha Writer
                                                 23   Mark Bergman
                                                 24   Betty Lacy, Jim Sadler
                                                 25   Jim McCluskey, Bob Pruitt,, Linda Beers-Steinhoff
                                                 26   Mary McReynolds,
                                                 28   Juliie Carver
                                                 29   Elisabeth McElroy
                                                 30   Jennifer Gibbs
                                                 31   Carolen Sadler, Bruce Willats

       about                                                   Deaths
Open Door?                                                Jay Shelley Stirrat
          Contact our                                  Memorial Service was held
   OPEN DOOR                                             September 20, 2007

   COMMITTEE                                      Kurt Roger Christopher Berry
     Voicemail:                                             Memorial Service
(949) 494-7555 x 411                                        Octobeer 5, 2007
                  church family
Our Last Waltz
      When I first saw Nancy my spirit
sang to my soul. I wanted to marry
her immediately. I was in love! On our
first date she felt the attraction too. For
35 years our spirits danced on warm
winds and swirled amidst the eddies
of life. Our bodies always sang electric
when we embraced. There was noth-
ing but joy and love in our lives.

    After a doctor visit, she told me she had cancer. It spread. Our only
option was time. I felt this huge hold ripped from my body. She endured
the oncology and radiation routine for fifteen months without any com-
plaint. There was constant pain. Towards the end she spent almost two
weeks in the hospital. Nancy said, “I am at peace with God and dying.”
She entered Hospice.

    Our hope was to reach our 35th anniversary. Towards the end, Hos-
pice workers told me to tell her that it was all right to go, but Nancy said,
“I have to wait for God.” Sunday morning, June 24, 2007, I rose from a
short nap; she had renal failure and labored breath. I held her, saying I
loved her, “and it was all right to go.” Nancy said, “I want to see God.” A
few seconds later she clearly said, “I see God!”, then died in my arms.

    The void has rendered me useless. I was always skeptical and cau-
tious, but no longer. There is a God! He is there by our side, waiting for
each of us. Nancy saw him and left me a gift of such magnitude I am still
overwhelmed. Death will not part us; Nancy said, “I will wait for you.”

                            –Harry E. Desmond

       Pastor’s Podcasts
       The Laguna Presbyterian Church PODCAST is a great way to
       refresh your inspiration, via your computer, or download and
       take sermons with you on your IPOD! Thanks to Faulkner White,
       each Sunday morning, the sermons are ‘captured’ and added
       to digital archives accessible on our website. Just click on
                     church family

                                                   SERVING IN
                                                   THE MILITARY:

MATT AMPAGOOMIAN CPL, served in Army National Guard, Kosovo. Home now,
his Guard unit is drilling out of Santa Ana. He is son of Barbara and George, both retired

ALENE ARNOTT S.K. 1, U.S. NAVY, Cheatham Annex Naval Supply Center, Williams-
burg, Virginia. Has served for 19 years. Daughter of Hal and Sandi Werthe.

JONATHAN EASLEY ARMY CAPTAIN, OH-58 Scout Helicopter pilot, Air Calvary
Troop Commander for 82nd Airborne, now home from Iraq and stationed at Fort Bragg,
North Carolina – Cheryl Beehan’s son.

SHERWOOD MCMILLION BUC (SCW), U.S. NAVY, now home from Iraq, is with
NMCB-18 (Navy Mobile Construction Battalion), a Seabee Reserve Battalion comprised
of engineers, architects, and journey level construction tradesmen in direct support of the
Marines. Sherwood is a member of Laguna Presbyterian Church, husband to Elaine and
father to Ashley McMillion.

THOMAS D. MICHAELS MARINE CPL. Corporal Michaels is in 1st Recon Battalion,
First Marine Division, now based back in Camp Pendleton. He is now Combat Water
Safety Swim Instructor. Parents are Barry and Denise Michaels.

GEOFF MOORE SECOND LIEUTENANT, Air Force,Intelligence, Emily Culling’s

GREG OGILVIE CAPTAIN Gregory Glenn Ogilvie was recently promoted to Captain
in the U.S. Navy and continues on active duty. He is assigned to Naval Special Warfare
Group One, in San Diego, as a battle watch captain for the Special Forces Mission Sup-
port Center. Greg is a member of Laguna Presbyterian Church, husband to Donna, and
father to Ian and Megan Ogilvie.

KEVIN A. ROBERTSON MARINE CPL has been deployed to Iraq, grandson of Ott and
Flossie Thompson.


CHRIS SHARMAN LT. COMMANDER Senior Intelligence Analyst for the Joint Intel-
ligence Task Force on Combating Terrorism, just returned from Coalition Headquarters in
Baghdad, Iraq, Fred and Ceil Sharman’s son.
         children’s                                               LPC Preschool 494-0504
                                                                                   OCTOBER 2007
 See front page story about our                                                      September was a month for change and new begin-
    VBS outreach to Africa!                                                     nings. Returning students adjusting to a new classroom
                                                                                and teacher can be as difficult as the first time at school.
                                                                                There have been some changes in classrooms for the
                                                                                teachers this year. Fortunately the wonderful, caring staff
                                                                                understands these feelings and is flexible so adjustments
                                                              went well once again. Once again Randi Weber with the Mom’s Group orga-
                                                              nized coffee and food in Tankersley Hall the first two days of school at 9:00
                                                              AM so the Moms and Dads of new students could gather with other parents
                                                              and some former teachers to make the “leaving” easier.
                                                                   The first few days we saw the positive results of our fun summer
                                                              program, a lot fewer tears and separation anxiety for children and parents.
       SUNDAY SCHOOL                                          Everyone is settling right into the routine with lots of smiles and laughter.
         SCHEDULE                                             Our enrichment programs, Music with Jessica Alaniz in the morning and
                                                              Mandy Writer in the afternoon; then Gross Motor Skills “Gym” with Kath
                   8:30am                                     Neglia began the second week. Our first Chapel will be on Monday and
                                                              Tues., Oct. 1 - 2 with one of our Christian Ed. Directors, telling the children
 Babies thru 2 Year-olds – Nursery
                                                              stories and singing songs.
 3 Year-olds thru 3rdGrade – Room 3
                                                                       Our Extended Day program grows daily as the children adjust to
 (Older students meet for lesson)                             school and ask to stay longer. We are blessed to have such a devoted
 4th & 5th Grade – Church with parents                        staff to work both the morning and afternoon program. The sharing of the
                                                              facility with the afternoon classes and Extended Day is going well.
                  10:00am                                         Thank you to Sandy Grim, Jim Hind, Joe Severson, Reynolds Car-
     Babies thru Toddlers in Nursery                          pets and Kevin Pratt Painting, who helped make new lights, a new phone
     2 Year Olds    Room 4                                    system, cleaning and painting possible for the start of school!
     3 Year Olds    Room 3                                        We have had several requests for scholarship help, so if you can,
     PreK/Kinder    Room 2                                    please add to our Pat Drew Scholarship Fund to help these families.
     1 Grade
                    Room 5/6
                                                                   If you missed the opportunity to paint a ceramic tile and would like
     2nd Grade      Room 8
                                                              to honor someone special, to say “Thank You”, to celebrate a birthday or
     3rd Grade      Room 7
                                                              surprise someone at Christmas, we will offer the opportunity to purchase
     4th & 5th      Room l
                                                              and paint tiles again this year…start planning your tile now. The cost of
     Jr. & Sr. Hi   Blue House
                                                              the tile and installation is $25. Call the Preschool Office for more details.
                                                                 The Lord is so good!                                         –Marilyn O’Keefe

                                  2007-08 Preschool Teachers
Top, L to R:          Kim Niemann, Ann Schott, Anne Herzog-Herr, Olga Simon, Linda Cheatley, Rhonda Ellis, Many Writer, Allison Keefe, Toby Scott
Middle, L to R:       Patricia Alderson, Connie Magnusson, Linda Clemence, Marilyn O’Keefe, Sonja and Mikalya Roby, Katherine Inoye, Margaret Martin
Bottom, L to R: Barbara Pierce, Kathy Neglia, Jessica Alaniz, Madhavi Foes, Lynn Drazba, Janelle Stihl
                 youth                                          parenting
            October 07
                 All Youth
      Prayer Ministry: Remember to pray for
our ministry, at least 5 minutes each week -
Leaders, students, programs, campus, etc.
      Angels Game: 6th-12th grade is going
to the Angels Game, Sept. 21st! Infor-
mation is in the September Youth mailer. If
                                                           Dads’ Group
                                                     Encouragement & Support for Dads of All Ages
you need a flyer, give us a call.

         High School – Logos                                “as iron sharpens iron,
                                                        so one man sharpens another”
       Logos: Midweek outreach program in
the Blue House, 7 to 8:30pm, Wednesdays                    New Time: 6-7pm Mondays
- for talks, small groups, prayer, worship,             Blue House (back parking lot of Church)
games, fellowship, videos and more.
       Game And Supper Night: Next GAS                          Dates: Monday Nights
night Wed. Oct. 3, Nov. 7. Bring $4 for dinner!            Oct 22 • Nov 19 • (No Dec. mtg)
       Molokai 2008: The High School Spring
Break Mission Trip to Molokai for 2008 will be         Rev. Dr. Steve Sweet (949) 494-7555 X108
April 7-13. Registration materials will go out
at the end of Sept.
       Sunday School: Gather together for
worship & Bible study in Blue House, 9-10am.

                                                    Moms’ Group
      Contact: Rev. Dr. Steve Sweet 494-7555 x108

                                                         Friendship, Fun & Faith Building
                                                         9:30 to 11:30am, Each Friday
                                                         In the Parlor • Bring a Friend!
                                                              All Moms welcome!
       Middle School- Caravan
      Caravan: Mid-week outreach
program in the Fellowship Hall from
6:30pm until 8:00pm on Mondays,
for talks, fun, games, music, fellowship,
small groups, videos and more.
      Game And Grub Night: Next GAG
night will be Monday, Oct. 1, Nov. 5, in the
Fellowship Hall, so bring $4 for dinner and
be ready for a great time!                                                             This year’s book:
      Sunday School: Gather together for
                                                           “Queen of the Castle”
worship and Bible study. We meet in the Blue
                                                       “52 Weeks of Encouragement for the Uninspired,
House from 9-10am.
                                                    Domestically Challenged or Just Plain Tired Homemaker”
Caravan All-Nighter -Tme and date to be                             by Lynn Bowen Walker
      Contact: Jill Pink 494-7555 x110                         Nursery and Toddler Care available                                    by reservation, for a nominal fee.
                               September 07
               Fall Kick-Off

                               How Sweet It Is!
                      Pie-Judging Contest Results:
1st prize with 73/80 pts.         Darrylin Girvin.................... Black Bottom Pie
2nd prize with 69/80 pts.         Josh Cooper...................... Avacodo Pie
3rd prize with 68/80 pts.         Maria Bonn........................ Pumpkin Pie

Other Tasteful Participants:      Lisa Van Riette.................. Blueberry
                                  Meg Schaefer.................... Apple
                                  Carmen Aguilar ................. Cranberry
                                  Susan McGill ..................... Cream Cheese
                                  Sandy Petering ................. Bananas Foster, Peach Plum,
                                                                    Strawberry Cheese Chocolate
                                  Pamela Polzin ................... Dutch Apple
                                  Barbara Stroup.................. Raspberry Cream

     VBS Photos Summer 2007
    September 07
 Fall Kick-Off

Bar-B-Que & Fair
                   • OCTOBER
                   Presbyterian Church

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                                         415 Forest Ave.                      PERMIT NO. 10
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