Below are draft minutes from the Acklington Parish Council meeting

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					Minutes from the Acklington Parish Council Meeting held in the village hall on Tues 3rd March 2009

Present:     Cllrs J Newton, D Barras, E Critchlow, T Corson, J Davison, G Orr, Mrs A Sharpe
             and L Welch. County Councillor J Watson, DC Hobrough
             The Parish Clerk in attendance – Mrs L Hamlin

1     Co-option of Councillors

      Cllr Newton welcomed Mr Garry Budge and Mrs Lesley Craig to the meeting and the Clerk
      arranged the relevant paperwork to be signed for co-option on to the Council.

2     Apologies for Absence: - None

3     Declarations of Interest in items on the Agenda - None

4     The minutes of the meeting 6 January 2009 were signed as a true record after two minor
      amendments were made.

5     Public Questions - None

6     Matters Arising therefrom:

      a. 30mph restriction request
      NCC has responded to a request to extend Acklington’s as per Broomhill signage. NCC state
      that the distance for the speed signs at Broomhill were introduced some time ago before the
      criteria was changed and therefore the signage cannot be extended at the C107.
      b. Replacement Bench
      Clerk to look at costings of a vandal proof 1.8m seat from NHS at Coopies Lane and make a
      comparison to the price from Also Clerk to contact to see what
      arrangements can be made in relation to delivery charges if Felton is also ordering seating and
      also the possibility of discount on the order.
      c. Land by entrance into Diary Court
      Clerk reported that Clarke Homes are unwilling to move the fencing at this area but are happy
      for the neighbouring property to look after the grassed area. Clerk responded stating that this
      was not viable and therefore Clarke Homes would have to ensure the land is kept tidy. Clerk to
      write to the neighbouring property – Cllr Sharpe to provide full name of resident.
      d. Email addresses via web page
      Cllrs Davison and Critchlow to speak to the parish web site designer Brett Grieves to see the
      viability of setting up email accounts for Parish Councillors.
      e. Guyzance junction update
      A meeting to ascertain what work can be undertaken at the Guyzance Junction resulted in
      agreement for signage to be installed both North and South bound warning of “long loads
      crossing”. The one going North to be sighted just to the south of Birchwood House, the one
      going South to be just before the new layby. From the Swarland side looking South there is a
      hedge causing issues with sight line which will be cut back. Finally next month an area of non-
      skid surface will be put on the carriageway in this area. One proposal was to widen the central
      reservation however there is currently an issue over land ownership for this but this is now being
      looked into.
      No public notice had been given for when the road was closed off to undertake work – Clerk to
      contact Mr Fraser to request why the Parish Council had not been informed.
      f. Potential allotment land
    Northumberland Estates have written to state there is no land available at present to allocate to
    allotments but will contact the Parish Council should this situation change.

7   Reports from District and County Councillors

    DC Hobrough reported that the District Council is winding down. The Operations Committee
    was cancelled due to lack of business. He said it was a sad situation as the District Council has
    worked well for Parish Councils and could result in a drop in representation of Parish Councils.
    DC Horbrough said this would be his last meeting and he thanked the Parish Council for making
    him welcome.
    Cllr Newton thanked DC Hobrough for attending the meetings and said his input will be missed.

    CC Watson suggested the Parish Council may wish to write to the Chief Executive of ADC to
    thank him for past support.
    At Full Council the forecasted council tax was approved. Also in terms of the budget this has
    been agreed by all parties. If this had not been the case there would have been major issues in
    moving forward.
    There is more information coming out of NCC every day with new systems being put in place.
    There should be no changes to Parish Councils in the coming year and charitable donations will
    continue for at least another year.
    In terms of jobs staff should know within 1 week where they stand. There are a lot of voluntary
    redundancies and should only be 70-80 enforced redundancies. Front line staff will be
    unaffected and there are very few redundancies from ADC.
    Cllr Barras stated he had heard there would be more redundancies at the end of year one and it
    was agreed this would probably be the case.
    Month Area Committee Meetings will be held in the evenings with published venue and date for
    the public and Parish Councils to attend.
    It is intended to hold four Parish Forums per year.
    At a recent surgery a request was put in for a dog bin at Bunny Lane and also anti fly tipping
    signage to be installed there. Clerk to submit requests.
    Also at this surgery the closure of Hadston Nursery was raised. This affects people within
    Acklington in terms of both pre-school children using this nursery and also the breakfast and
    after school club for the first school children. A meeting was held with 40+ parents this will be
    followed up with a meeting at County. There has been no consultation before this decision was
    made. Clerk to write a letter of objection to this closure.

    Cllr Newton stated he had been unable to attend the meeting of parishes re The Charter. The
    Clerk explained that the Parish Councils in attendance (Felton, Thirston, Shilbottle, Newton on
    the Moor & Swarland and Longframlington) had agreed to produce a letter to go to the Full
    Council of NCC stating they will not adopt The Charter. Clerk to circulate letter to Parish
    Councillors to see if they wish for Acklington to be included on this letter.

8   Finance

    a)    The Clerk circulated the financial summary and there were no queries.
    b)    The following list was put before members and approved for payment:
                 000207        L Hamlin            133.05
                 000208        CAN Donation          15.00
    c)     Receipts - None.
    d)    The External Auditors require the Parish Council to review the Risk Assessment
          document, effectiveness of internal audit document and the appointment of the Internal
          Auditor during the year by the 31 March 2009 – this was undertaken in the May 2008
     e)    Cllr Corson stated Mr Chris Davies had asked if the Parish Council would be donating to
           the memorial to RAF Personnel. The Clerk confirmed she had written to state the Council
           had committed to £25 and this would be payable once Mr Davies was in a position to
           progress the memorial. Copy of this letter to be resent to Mr Davies.

9    Planning

     a.    To report on any planning decisions:
           A/2008/0466 - High Hazon Farm. Conversion of building to form residential - REFUSED
           A/2008/0548 & 0621- School House, Acklington. New driveway, pavement & access -
           A/2008/0614 - 5&6 Diary Court – TPO - APPROVED
     b.    To consider any planning matters:
           A/2009/0096 – 4 Guyzance Village. Replace sash window – no objections from Parish

10   Requested Agenda Items

     a. Position of Grit Bins (DB)
     A request was made for grit bins at Field House Close/Acklington Drive, middle of the village of
     Acklington and also at Guyzance. CC Watson to action.
     b. Modernisation of A&E (DB)
     Cllr Barras raised concerns about the proposals for a new A&E at Cramlington. There is the
     issue of extra travel for those needing A&E, extra pressure being put on the minor incident unit
     at Alnwick and concern raised about the flight path of the air ambulance as this site is in the
     flight path for the Airport. Clerk to write a letter of concern.
     c. Pathway from Acklington to Togston (LW)
     Cllr Welch reported the pathway is hazardous and in need of repair. Clerk to request this is
     reviewed under health and safety grounds.
     d. Speed Signage (LW)
     Cllr Welch asked when the speed signage would be in place. CC Watson stated one post has
     been put in at Rivergreen so work has started. Cllr Welch then asked when we would get the
     use of the signage and was informed that the Parish Council has no control over this.
     e. Prevention of Access to the Green (LW)
     Cllr Welch informed the Parish Council that the wooden posts had been removed. It was agreed
     to try to get the hedge reinstated. Clerk to chase up this request.

11   Correspondence Received

     a.    Letter of thanks from Acklington First School for the donation for the swimming transport.
     b.    ADC – Alnwick Area Health Forum – Cllr Sharpe to attend.
     c.    NALC – Royal Garden Party – Cllr Newton does not wish to be considered.
     d.    Great North Air Ambulance donation request – no donation at present
     e.    Alnwick Playhouse donation request – no donation at present
     f.    CAN donation request – it was agreed to donate £15

     Clerk to circulate the donations made over the last two years and who generally requests
     donations so a definitive list can be drawn up as to which organisations the Parish Council will
     commit to donating to annually.

12   Items for Circulation

     CAN newsletters
     Boundary Committee Consultation Document
      Clerks and Council Direct
      Town and Parish Standards newsletter
      Community Forum Papers

13    Urgent Items

      •     Cllr Davison raised the issue of the works being undertaken at Guyzance Hall and
            wondered why the Parish Council had not received any planning applications relating to
            this work. Clerk to contact Mrs Thew of ADC.
      •     Cllr Critchlow asked what the situation is with regard to the gritting request at Guyzance
            Junction – Clerk to chase up.
      •     Cllr Barras has received a request for another post box within the village, suggested site
            beside the bus stop. Clerk to request another post box.
      •     Cllr Welch confirmed that Cavil Head has been sold to Mr Chippendale, owner of Shades
            of Green.
      •     Cllr Sharpe stated the recent hedge cutting had resulted in thorns and debris being left on
            the walkways and a lamppost had been hit in the village. Clerk to look into what can be
            done about this.
      •     Cllr Corson stated hedging in Millennium Walk needs cutting back as it is encroaching on
            the public right of way. Clerk to contact Mr Derbyshire at NCC.
      •     Cllr Critchlow reported a collapsed manhole on the road from Bank House to Guyzance
            which has been exacerbated by the tarmacing undertaken by BT. Clerk to report to NCC
      •     Cllr Craig asked if the passing places that were to be incorporated with the development
            at Bank House had been undertaken as what is there is unacceptable. Clerk to contact
            ADC Planning.

14    Items for Next Agenda

      Bench by notice board in Guyzance (EC)

Chairman closed the meeting at 9.20 pm
Next meeting: Annual General Meeting to be held on WEDNESDAY 6 MAY in Acklington Village Hall
after the Annual Parish Meeting to be held at 7.30pm.