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					                                                                                               PRESIDENT’S LETTER

                                          ’m passionate about Young & Healthy. My passion was ignited
                                          about 14 years ago when Renee Korth invited me to attend a
                                          coalition meeting. At this meeting, community leaders discussed the
                                       need to form an organization for children in the Pasadena area who did
    Winter 2004                        not have health insurance. It was inconceivable to think children were
                                       not receiving the proper care, when in need. Boy was I naïve.
                                       Of course, out of this early coalition meeting grew Young & Healthy.
                                       Throughout our 13 year history Young & Healthy has made a
                                       tremendous difference in the areas of medical, dental, mental health
                                       and outreach for thousands of families who do not have the means to
                                       provide health care for their children.
                                       My guess is you are also very passionate about Young & Healthy. Maybe you’re a volunteer –
                                       a dentist, optometrist, pharmacist, physician or therapist. Maybe you’re a volunteer driver,
                                       office worker, or board member. Maybe you received our services. Maybe you have attended
                                       an event and felt the need to support our cause. Whatever your involvement, I thank you.
            O n e - a t - a - Ti m e

                                       Now, I have a request. Please, share your passion with a friend. You could:
                                         • Invite your friends to our office for one of our monthly friends breakfasts or lunches.
                                            It’s an opportunity to educate those who may not be acquainted with the work of

                                            Young & Healthy about our mission and accomplishments.
                                         • Invite a Young & Healthy representative to your workplace to give a talk. Just name the

                                            date and time and we’ll supply the program.

                                       Like so many nonprofits, Young & Healthy is faced with the reality that it is getting harder and
                                       harder to raise funds to support our cause. The need is still great for Young & Healthy in our

                                       community. We have much we want to accomplish. We have hopes and dreams to further
                                       expand our services. You’ve been turned on to our cause. Don’t keep us a secret, share our

                                       success with others and see how much further we will grow.

                                                                                        G AT H E R I N G O F F R I E N D S
                                       Did you know. . .

                                       in a typical 3rd grade Pasadena public school classroom there are:

                                       32 adorable children

                                       21 of those children live at the poverty level (living on less than $30,000 a year),
                                       11 of those children are uninsured and cannot get to a doctor when they have an ear

                                       infection, or to a dentist when their tooth is throbbing.

                                       But, did you also know that there are 500 caring Young & Healthy volunteers who make
                                       a real difference in the lives of those 32 adorable children?
                                       Come learn how these volunteers are improving the odds for growing up healthy in
                                       Pasadena…you won’t be sorry.
                                       Please join us for breakfast or lunch at one of our next Gathering of Friends! Just give
                                       Jan Cantwell, Development Associate, a call at 626-795-5166 to reserve your spot. We
                                       have openings on the following dates: March 25th, April 29th, May 27th, and June 24th.
B OA R D O F                                                LETTER FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
Linda J. Roth, President     At a recent staff meeting we discussed a slogan used by a major American company:
Wilma J. Allen
Celia C. Ayala, PhD          “We owe our success to a lot of little things.”
Brad A. Ball
                             We had quite a discussion about all the “little things” that go on at Young & Healthy. People often
Diane Bertelson
                             discredit their own contribution to our efforts because somehow they think they are “too small.”
Regina Birdsell
Matthew Dalany                           “Oh, I just took care of one cavity.”
Tonita Fernandez                         “I just work in the Young & Healthy office every week.”
Priscilla Gamb                           “It’s just a pair of glasses.”
Helen Gamble                             “One child in my therapy practice isn’t much.”
Luis Herrera                             “It was just one prescription.”
Alison Hodgkiss
                                         “I only drove one family to an appointment.”
Jamie Baker Knauss, MD
                                         “My donation hardly puts a dent in your budget.”
Sharon S. Muir
                                         “It’s fun for me to teach kids how to brush their teeth.”
Kathy J. Onoye
Shelby Dietrich Rector, MD
                                         “Oh, it was nothing – no big deal.”
Jordan Sollitto              We hear this all the time, but what is just a “little thing” to you is, indeed, a very big deal to the
Alma M. Stokes               children we serve. Every day dozens of people give a little, but that quickly adds up to a community
Elizabeth Jones Stork        who cares for its children in competent and kind ways; always adding a measure of hope for their
Ann Evanilla Wasson          future.
Kathleen V. Williams, PhD
                             Some of the “little things” that have recently come our way:
Lori J. Wynstock, MD
                                    • Spa 180 held a raffle for a facial with Young &
H O N O R A RY L I F E                Healthy as the beneficiary.
D I R E C TO R S                    • There were Alternative Gift Markets at All Saints,
J. Donald Thomas, MD                  Neighborhood, First United Methodist, First
Lorna Touryan Miller                  Congregational churches and Westridge School.
                                    • Cars were donated.
                                    • Our grant writers, The Wellspring Group, made
                                      homemade muffins for our Friends Gatherings.
Margaret Allen
                                    • A Stitch in Time in San Marino held a needlepoint
Mike Babcock
                                      sale just for us!
Gary L. Conrad, MD
                                    • A volunteer and donor brought a poinsettia to every
Virginia Crockett, MD
                                      staff member.
James Fullerton
                                    • There are burrito, Jamba Juice, and candy sales at
Sr. Daleen Larkin, SNMJ
                                      High Point Academy and Polytechnic School to
Judith R. McDonald
                                      benefit us.
Kathryn Nack
                                    • National Charity League helped us prepare 1,500
Drew Pinsky, MD
                                      outreach packets.
Anne W. Pursel
                                    • And always, there’s dozens of professionals every week
Elsie Sadler
                                      who carve out a little time for a child who really
Senator Jack Scott
                                      needs them!
Dorothy L. Trice, MD
Larry Wilson                 We too owe our success to a lot of “little things!”
                                                                                                           Alison Hodgkiss at
                             With a grateful heart!                                                  A Stitch in Time in San Marino
                                                                                                        holds up a needlepoint
                                                                                                                sale item.
                             Mary Donnelly-Crocker
                             Executive Director

                                     Nestle who uses the slogan to describe their chocolate chips. And you know,
                             P.S. It’s
                             without those “little things,” chocolate chip cookies would be, well … pretty boring ☺.

                                                                                                       WISH LIST
                                                                        CALL ME
                                                                                                  Young & Healthy is looking for
What a joy to be working with Young &
                                                                                                     professional volunteers in
Healthy volunteers! After working here at
                                                                                                        the following areas:
Young & Healthy for the past few months,
I have gained an understanding of the health                                                  ✰ dentistry        ✰ physical therapy
care needs in our community. Now, I am eager                                                  ✰ endodontics      ✰ neurology
to learn more about what needs exist for our                                                  ✰ mental health    ✰ pharmacy
community’s volunteers.                                                                       ✰ pediadontia      ✰ urology

Young & Healthy recognizes that we would not                                                          Community volunteer
exist if it were not for our volunteers. We are                                                       opportunities include:
simply a bridge between the families who need                                                 ✰ transportation for families to
help and the people in the community who are                                                    appointments
able to provide that help. Amazingly, everyone         Alex Paschal, Program Director         ✰ Spanish-English translation for
involved benefits from the experience.                                                          families at appointments
We have quite a variety of volunteer opportunities that range from providing
                                                                                              Please contact us at 626.795.5166
professional medical, dental and mental health care to stuffing folders to use for
outreach or teaching first graders about the importance of dental care. The best
thing about volunteerism is that there are no age requirements or special skills
necessary. To volunteer is to give back something you already possess; whether it is
able hands willing to get paper cuts, or bilingual skills that enable therapists to better
                                                                                                  CHECK OUT OUR
communicate with parents. We want to provide the children of our community                         NEW WEBSITE
with needed health care and we want to provide volunteers with opportunities to    
get that incredible feeling that comes from helping those around you.
Call me, I would love to hear what interests you about volunteering!
                                                                                                  C A R D O N AT I O N
Alex Paschal, Program Director                                                                 Do you have an automobile or
(626) 795-5166                                                                                      truck to donate to
                                                                                                    Young & Healthy?
                                                                                             Your seldom used or soon-to-retire
                                                                                                vehicle can be a sizable tax
                                              DO ONE LITTLE THING                                deduction for you in 2004
                                                                                              and a boon to Young & Healthy.
Call Norma Palacios at
                                                                                                           Please call
Norma is Young & Healthy’s Family                                                                    626-795-5166
Advocate and can enroll uninsured children                                                         to make your donation.
in any of the public or private health
insurance programs designed for low-                                                           NEW SERVICE FOR
income families. Young & Healthy is proud
to partner with the Pasadena Public Health
                                                                                             DONORS & VOLUNTEERS
Department and the Pasadena Public                                                             Everyone needs a notary from time
                                                  Norma Palacios, Family Advocate
Schools in this outreach project, which has                                                      to time…and Young & Healthy
insured 11,604 children to date.                                                                will offer this as a free service to
There are still thousands left behind, call today…
                                                                                                      donors and volunteers.
It’s just a little thing.
                                                                                              (All others, a donation of $10.00 per
                                                                                                signature would be appreciated.)
                                                                                                      Call Chastity Trueba at
                                                                                                    to make an appointment.

                                                                                                  S AV E T H E S E DAT E S
                                    FROM A CHILD WITH A BIG ❤
Young & Healthy services for uninsured children in                                                 Come see Young & Healthy
the greater Pasadena area include:
                                                                                                           at work!
Medical                 Dental
Pediatricians           Ongoing referrals to Y&H                                                 Mobile Dental Clinic Tours
Neurologists              volunteer dentists
Cardiologists           1st grade Dental Education                                                  SATURDAY, MAY 22, 2004
Dermatologists            Program
ENT                     Hygiene                                                                            9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Podiatrists             Annual Mobile Dental Clinic
                        Mental Health Services
                                                                                                    Madison Elementary School
Physical Therapists
Asthma & Allergy        Comprehensive case management                                            515 Ashtabula St., Pasadena 91104
Orthopedics             A referral site; linking children
Anesthesiology            with Y&H’s mental health
Gastroenterology          volunteers (LCSW’s, MFT’s,
Internal Medicine         Clinical Psychologists, and
Nephrology                supervised practicum students)                                          J. Donald Thomas Award
                                                               Artwork by Ronald, age 9, as a
General Surgery         “I Think I Can!” The Resilient
                                                               thank you to volunteer dentist,
Urology                   Child Program
                                                                  Sylvia Beeman, D.D.S.
                                                                                                     and Annual Meeting
Radiology               Insurance Outreach and
Plastic Surgery                                                                                     THURSDAY, JUNE 10, 2004
                        Advocacy Helping families                During the 2002-2003
Pharmacy                obtain affordable health insurance
Emergency Room Visits
                                                             school year, Young & Healthy                Call 626-795-5166
                        and assisting families to navigate     served 2,948 children with
Vision                  the health care system.                   the listed services and
                                                                                                       for more information.
Optometry               Transportation, Translation and            received $758,448 in
Ophthalmology           Case Management can also be                professional in-kind
                        provided.                                        donations.

                                                                                                       advocate for children’s health care needs.
                                                                                                       • We believe that it is our responsibility to
                                                                                                       other community institutions.
                                                                                                       accomplished through collaboration with
                                                                                                       • We believe that our mission can best be
                                                                                                       lives of its children.
                                                                                                       can make a substantial difference in the
                                                                                                       their expertise and services, the community
                                                                                                       • We believe that if enough people volunteer
                                                                                                       to have access to quality health care.
                                                                                                       • We believe it is the right of every child
                                                                                                          health care volunteers.
                                                                                                          through community and professional
                                                                                                          families in the greater Pasadena area
                                                                                                          underserved children from low income
                                                                                                          quality health care for uninsured and
                                                                                                          Young & Healthy provides free access to
                                                                                                                        MISSION STATEMENT


                                                                                                                  Pasadena, CA 91106
                                                                                                                  37 N. Holliston Avenue
     Permit No. 1199
      Pasadena, CA
       U.S. Postage

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