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									One World Montessori School                                      One World Montessori School
5331 Dent Avenue                                                            2495 Cabrillo Avenue
San Jose, CA 95118                                                   Santa Clara, CA 95051
(408)723-5140                                                        (408)615-1254
(408)723-9443                                                        (408)615-1347

                 APRIL 2008 PRIMARY NEWSLETTER

April 4, 2008: Passover observed.
April 8, 2008: Parent Information Meeting, San Jose Campus.
April 9, 2008: Parent Information Meeting, Santa Clara Campus.
April 10, 2008: Europe Immersion Day. Flamenco dancers.
April 11, 2008: Minimum Day School ends at NOON
               Wine and Cheese Fundraiser
April 22, 2008: Earth Day celebration at the San Jose campus
April 23, 2008: Claude Ferguson, African Mask Maker, San Jose Campus.
April 24, 2008: Claude Ferguson, African Mask Maker,
Santa Clara Campus
                                                            will be formally presenting the Montessori approach
                                                            to Mathematics.
                 We will be learning about Passover         There will be a sign up sheet in the lobby. Please let
                 on Friday, April 4th.                      us know if you are coming. We need a minimum of
                                                            10 people for the meeting to occur. Childcare will
                                                            be provided upon request.

MEETING                                                     EUROPE IMMERSION DAY

Our next Parent Information meeting will be held            Europe Immersion Day will be held on April 10th.
on Wednesday, April 9th at 3:30 pm. It will be an           We will need help with our celebration. Please
Open Forum where the teachers will be answering             contact your child’s teacher as soon as possible if
your questions. We would like to talk about                 you or someone you know would like to talk about
discipline, potty training, extracurricular activities...   Europe. We would also appreciate any assistance
                                                            you may be able to offer with European food,
There will be a sign up sheet on the white board            recipes, artifacts, pictures or slides.
next to the office. Please let us know if you will be
coming. We need a minimum of 10 people for the
meeting to occur.

Babysitting will be available upon request. Cost is
$5 per hour/per child.

                                                            YAELISA and CAMINOS FLAMENCOS
The next Parent Information Meeting at
                                                                               Yaelisa and Caminos Flamencos
the San Jose Campus will be held on                                          creates and presents contemporary,
Tuesday, April 8th at 3:30 pm. The Primary staff                             traditional and theatrical dance
programs showcasing the changing face of
flamenco today. The mission of Yaelisa and                        DONATIONS RECEIVED
Camimos Flamencos is to preserve the legacy of          We have already received many wonderful
Spain’s rich artistic heritage and bring it to people
                                                        donations from merchants and organizations.
of diverse backgrounds, enriching the community at
large.                                                  Please show your return support by
                                                        patronizing the following generous donors:
                                                             Abracadabra Art Portraits, San Jose
Friday, April 11th will be a minimum day. School will         Airborne Gymnastics, Santa Clara
end at 12:00 pm. There will be no school and no
daycare in the afternoon.                                     Almaden Valley Nursery, San Jose
WINE AND CHEESE UPDATE                                       Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach
                                                              Asian Art Museum, San Francisco
                                                                     Asian Bistro, San Jose
                                             How to             AVAC Swim School, San Jose
                                             purchase            Bay Area Shakespeare Camp
                                                            Beach Blanket Babylon, San Francisco
                                             tickets for the
                                                              Bear Valley Lodge and Ski Resort
            2008 Wine and Cheese event                             Beck’s Shoes, Campbell
            with a credit card online                              Britannia Arms, San Jose
                                                                      Cache Creek Casino
                                                          California Shakespeare Theater, Berkeley
    1. Go to                              Casa Teresa, San Jose
    2. Click on the “Click Here” link in blue in         The Cheesecake Factory, San Jose (Oakridge)
        the bottom right corner of the screen.             Children’s Discovery Museum, San Jose
    3. You will be taken to the Acteva webpage                      Cicero’s Pizza, San Jose
        for our event                                            Classic Car Wash, Campbell
                                                                    The Crucible, Oakland
Now is the time to purchase your 2008 Wine                Curves for Women, San Jose (Foxworthy)
& Cheese tickets either in the school office or              Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
online at                               David Bruce Winery, Los Gatos
“Friend” tickets are $50.00 and “Patron”                              Disneyland Resort
tickets are $125.00. Remember each family at                           Domus, Los Gatos
One World is required to buy four tickets, so             The Ellen deGeneres Show (Telepictures
get your friends together and come and enjoy                           Productions, Inc.)
this wonderful event!                                            Emile’s Restaurant, San Jose
                                                            Esterlina Vineyards, Anderson Valley
                                                                Exploratorium, San Francisco
                                                            Frankie, Johnnie, and Luigi Too! and
                    Also, 50/50 raffle tickets will          Georgio’s Italian Food and Pizzeria
                    be going on sale, both before                       Gilroy Gardens
                    and after school. If you are                  GoKart Racer, Burlingame
                    available to help sell 50/50            Goldeneye Winery, Anderson Valley
tickets, please sign up on the volunteer sheets              Growing Places Landscape Services
next to the sign-in area.                                                 Gymboree
    Happy Hollow Park & Zoo, San Jose                Yamagami’s Nursery, Cupertino
         Hill House Inn, Mendocino
        Hobees California Restaurants         The following wineries will be pouring at the
           Hotel Sierra, Santa Clara          event, so are donating not only their wine, but
         La Choza Day Spa, San Jose           also their time and energy. We could not do it
         Laser Quest, Mountain View           without them!
         Learning Rainbow, San Jose
           LeMans Karting, Fremont                           Burrell School
Lisa’s Tea Treasures, Campbell (Pruneyard)                      J. Lohr
          The Little Gym of San Jose                         Roudon Smith
Little River Inn Resort and Spa, Mendocino                 Sarah's Vineyard
Lunardi’s Super Market, San Jose (Meridian)               Testarossa Vineyards
  The Marvegos Fine Art School, Saratoga
        Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
       The Mommy Spa, Inc., San Jose          We have also had parents, staff members and
       Montessori Services, Santa Rosa        personal supporters make generous donations,
 Mountain Mike’s Branham Lane, San Jose       Some are included above as business
    Naturell Carpet Cleaning, Santa Clara     donations; the others are listed here – thank
 Neinhuis Montessori USA, Mountain View       you!
           OSH, San Jose (Branham)                               Jane Bator
      Pacific Repertory Theatre, Carmel                 Charika and David Becker
         Paramount’s Great America                          Howard Clearfield
         The Quilter’s Nest, San Jose                   Jessica and Stewart Evans
     Red and White Fleet, San Francisco                       Pascale Marion
     Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and                          Christilla Leon
             Planetarium, San Jose                         Emmanuelle Maillart
              San Francisco 49ers                            Jeanette Montoto
             San Francisco Giants                               Jan Pasquill
   San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art                       Nancy Rice
            San Jose Museum of Art                               Lola Ross
  San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles                       Roger Shaul
          San Jose Repertory Theater
                San Jose Sharks               If you have a donation for the event, please fill
                 See’s Candies                out a donation form and give the form and the
             Sharks Ice at San Jose           donated item to the office or to Auction
  Sierra Railroad (Skunk Train, Fort Bragg)   Coordinators Jeanette Montoto and Lola Ross.
                 Spehar Cellars               Donations must be received by Wednesday,
      The Stinking Rose, San Francisco        April 2nd.
       Sunnyvale Family Chiropractic
 The Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose
  Tiny Tots Diaper Service, Inc., Campbell    SUMMER SCHOOL
       Turley Wine Cellars, Templeton
         Wild Bird Center, Los Gatos                         Your Summer School packets were
    Winchester Mystery House, San Jose                       sent out a few weeks ago, so if you
        The Wooden Horse, Los Gatos                          wish to reserve a space at OWM for
                                                             your child this
summer, please return them to the office before              white socks and PLAIN white shoes. If you need to buy
Thursday, April 10th, with a check equal to the fees for     a new T-Shirt, let us know as soon as possible so we can
one session. After that time, any remaining openings         be sure that we can order enough of them. It is
will be made available to new children who will be           sometimes difficult to find white pants, skirts or shorts
starting in the fall.                                        so we are notifying you now to give you plenty of time
                                                             to shop for them. Easter is often a good time to find
Your deposit will be applied to the last session your        these items. They are also available at Hanna Anderson
child will attend this summer. We are only able to           stores or on line.
provide staff for 36 children this year, so spaces are
available on a first come/first served basis. We are
offering 7 one-week summer sessions starting July 7th        LAST TWO WEEKS OF JUNE
and ending August 22nd.. We will also be offering 2 days     Daycare is available for the last two weeks of June for
of daycare on August 25th and 26th if there is sufficient    Full Day students; this is included in their program.
interest.                                                    However, if we have space, we will accommodate
Any change or cancellation must be made in writing and       School Day and Half Day students who need care on
must be received by May 31st. After that date, you will      those days for an additional charge, which is equal to the
be financially responsible for all sessions in which you     regular daily rate for their program. All parents who
have enrolled your child, whether or not your child          plan to utilize the two weeks of daycare in June
attends.                                                     (regardless of program), need to sign up on the sheet on
                                                             the bulletin board so that we can staff accordingly.
EARTH DAY                                                    Please indicate the days you will be needing daycare and
                                                             the hours you will be dropping off and picking up your
                      In acknowledgment of our               child.
                      stewardship of the earth and living
                      things, we will celebrate Earth Day    CHANGE OF CLOTHES
                      on Tuesday, April 22nd. The
                      children will be making drawings                          The weather is getting warmer and
                      and writing stories prior to the                          the children have been growing
                      celebration, which will be                                during the winter. Please check your
                      displayed on that day. The                                child’s change of clothes bin to make
children will also perform a short Earth Day pageant.                           sure they have the correct size and
The celebration will be held at the Foxworthy campus.        weather appropriate clothing.
The Santa Clara children will be bussed back and forth.
We will be leaving the Cabrillo campus at 9:30 am and        CAR SEAT SAFETY
will be back before lunch.
                                                                                  It has come to our attention that
Parents are welcome to come and participate in our
Earth Day celebration.                                                            some children are not buckled up
                                                                                  in their car seat when they are
AFRICAN MASK MAKING                                                               leaving the school.

On Thursday, April 24th, Claude Ferguson, will be                             As childcare providers, we are
leading a workshop with the children on how to create                         mandated to report child
African masks at the Foxworthy campus.                       abuse/endangerment to the Department of Social
Friday, April 25th, Claude will be at the Santa Clara
campus.                                                      Make sure your child is buckled up, it’s the law!

                    As you all know, the 2007-2008
                    Kindergarteners will be graduating
                    in June.                                 SANTA CLARA HOT LUNCH
                    1For the graduation ceremony
                    (which will be held on Monday,           There will be 12 days of Hot Lunch in April:
                    June 16, 2008), the children will        4 Mondays (pasta), 5 Wednesday (Mac and Cheese) and
                    need to wear their blue One World        3 Fridays (pizza).
                    T-shirt, white shorts, skirt or pants,
SAN JOSE HOT LUNCH                                        Thank you to Jennifer Yang and Hsiao-Chien Weng for
                                                          driving to the California Theater Center.
The San Jose Campus offers a variety of hot
lunches for the children, which are both great            SAN JOSE
tasting and nutritious. The menu is filled with
healthy nutritious foods that the children really         Thank you to the Jiang family for caring for our bunny
enjoy!                                                    over Spring Break.

Unfortunately, we need more children to be                MAY PREVIEW
involved in this program for it to continue. So we
urge you to give it a try! If you have questions          May 9, 2008: Minimum Day. School ends at 11:30 am.
about please ask us in the office.                        No daycare.

                                                          May 12, 13 and 14, 2008: Parent-Teacher conferences
A NOTE OF APPRECIATION                                    for returning or Graduating students. No school.
                                                          Daycare for Full Day students only.

                                                          May 15, 2008: Visit from Pope Flynn, the African
                                                          drummer and Alcina, the Belly Dancer.

                                                          May 22, 2008: Africa Immersion Day
                                                          May 26, 2008: Memorial Day. No school. No daycare.
Thank you to the all the parents who donated old
magazines for the classroom. We have enough for a         May 29, 2008: Australia Immersion Day.
                                                          May 30, 2008: Visit from Stephen Kent, the Didjeridu
Thank you to the Andreev family for donating clothes.     player.

Thank you to all the parents who donated eggs for our
Easter Egg Hunt.

Thank you to M. Kamble for cleaning up the playground
side space and preparing it for planting.

Thank you to Jaishree Subramania for bringing back
dolls from Spain.

Thank you to the Nanavati family for bringing back a
place mat from India, to Leah Cline for donating a book
to the classroom in honor of her birthday and to the
Lyon family for donating delicious oranges.

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