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									InsideView Highlights

“ The InsideView mash-up with
  Salesforce CRM gives me great
  functionality and excellent
  usability – basically everything
  I need for boosting sales
  effectiveness – all in one place.
  We have realized huge gains in
  productivity and the sales team
  is excited! ”

Tina Babbi, VP of Sales
and Service Operations, TriNet

•	 Build	intelligent	and	highly	
   targeted	prospect	lists	quickly
•	 Monitor	key	business	events	that	
   affect	your	prospects

                                             InsideView for Salesforce CRM
•	 Get	warm	introductions	through	
   social	networks	for	all	your	
                                             Increase Your Sales Productivity
•	 Get	360°	views	and	real-time	
   updates	for	all	your	prospects	           InsideView increases sales productivity by delivering relevant business and social
   through	LinkedIn,	Twitter,	Blogs,	        intelligence to the point of need. Our technology gathers and analyzes information
   and	other	social	media
                                             from the most relevant social media, user-contributed and editorial sources to
•	 Prepare	for	meetings	in	just	             provide compelling insights about companies and contacts. The InsideView
                                             intelligence is complete, relevant, and accessible right in Salesforce CRM.
•	 Increase	lead	generation,	
   conversion	rates,	and	win	rates*          Complete
                                             InsideView provides the most comprehensive and accurate company and contact
                                             profiles by gathering and analyzing company and contact information from
* Aberdeen Group Sales Intelligence Study,
 October 2009                                thousands of sources, including the most relevant social media such as LinkedIn,
                                             Twitter, Facebook, and Blogs, as well as editorial and user-generated content
                                             providers such as Reuters, Capital IQ, Cortera, NetProspex, and others.
InsideView for Salesforce CRM     Unlike traditional “data”
                                  providers, InsideView not
is a top-rated application
                                  only delivers phone, email,
in AppExchange. Hundreds          and other business card
of market-leading companies       data but also provides

use InsideView for                comprehensive social
                                  media profiles.
Salesforce CRM to increase
lead volume, lead conversion,     Relevant
                                  InsideView delivers
and win rates.
                                  relevant business and
                                                                            InsideView delivers a 360° view of social
                                  social intelligence that helps        profiles so you can be relevant to your prospects
                                  reps know which prospects
                                  to call, how to connect with them using social networks, and what compelling
                                  messages to deliver to them. The intelligence InsideView delivers is relevant
                                  throughout the revenue cycle for lead generation, prospecting, lead qualification,
                                  opportunity management, account development, and territory planning.

                                  Key InsideView capabilities include:
                                  •	 Smart Agents™: InsideView continuously scans 25,000+ online sources to deliver
                                    compelling business insights about prospects, customers, and competitors.
                                  •	 Smart Connections™: Beyond LinkedIn, InsideView helps reps connect with
                                    prospects through their personal and extended professional networks including
                                    colleagues, ex-colleagues, and reference customers.
                                  •	 Social Media Profiles: InsideView allows you to view 360° profiles for your
                                    contacts, including their detailed work history, key affiliations, and real-time social
                                    network updates so that you can be relevant in your conversations.
                                  •	 List Building: InsideView offers dynamic prospect list building by company,
                                    contact, industry, geography, business events and/or social media profiles.

                                  InsideView is seamlessly integrated with Salesforce CRM. Whether you are working
                                  on Leads, Contacts, Opportunities or Accounts, InsideView delivers relevant sales
                                  intelligence right within your workflow–and onboarding is quick and easy.

                                  •	 Automated Provisioning: InsideView requires minimal deployment or
                                    administration efforts. Simply drag and drop InsideView’s VisualForce control into
                                    any of the Leads, Contacts, Opportunities or Accounts objects. Then, have the
                                    user(s) log in. It’s that simple!
444 De Haro Street, Suite 210     •	 Custom Field Mapping: You have complete control over where and how
San Francisco, California 94107     InsideView enriches your Salesforce CRM data down to the field level. InsideView
                                    data enrichment can be applied to both standard and custom fields.
Main: (415) 728-9340
                                  •	 One-click Data Management: With just one-click, InsideView enables you to add
Fax:  (415) 728-9350
                                    new or enrich existing data for Accounts, Leads, Contacts, or Opportunities with                  the most accurate and comprehensive company and contact information.
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