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									                 PRESCHOOL NEWS
 ST STEPHEN PRESBYTERIAN PRESCHOOL                                       NOVEMBER 2010

                                                                 NEWS FROM THE
November 1-12: Marie Callender’s Pie                                  CHURCH
               Fundraiser                                    Are you looking for a church
                                                           for your family to attend? St.
November 9 & 10: Petting Zoo                 Stephen Presbyterian Church invites you to
                                             come and worship Sundays at 9:30 a.m.
November 11: Veteran’s Day                   Our new pastor, Dr. Daniel Gilbert, is
             (SCHOOL CLOSED)                 currently preaching a sermon series
                                             “Knowing God Through His Holy Names.”
November 23 & 24: Pie Pick-Up                The Preschool offers a 15% tuition discount
                                             to families that are also members of St.
November 26 & 27: Thanksgiving               Stephen Church. You may inquire about
                 (SCHOOL CLOSED)             church membership in the Church Office.

                  ******                                       ******

           PETTING ZOO                                           THANKSGIVING
       The Petting Zoo is coming to St.
Stephen Preschool on Tuesday, November           The children at St Stephen Preschool
9th and Wednesday, November 10th during      will celebrate their friendships by sharing
school hours.                                food on Monday, November 23 &
The children will visit the animals on our   Tuesday, November 24 during the mid-
grassy field during their normal outside     morning snack time. A sign-up sheet will
play time. We will take plenty of pictures   be posted outside your child’s classroom.
to share with you.                           What better time to pause and give thanks
                                             for our many blessings.
                                                        Happy Thanksgiving!!

2 PRESCHOOL NEWS                                                             NOVEMBER 2010

                 SAVE LIDS TO SAVE              half hour. You are welcome to use this
                       LIVES                    program whenever you need it – no
                                                advance notice is required.
                 Your lid counts!! Year to
                                                    Note that the teachers will open the
date, we have mailed in over 500 pink
                                                classroom doors promptly at 9:00 am. This
Yoplait yogurt lids supporting Breast
                                                is your cue to enter the classroom without
Cancer Research through the Susan G.
                                                incurring Early Bird charges.
Komen Fund. Each lid is a 10 c donation
that would otherwise go out with the trash
and into our landfill. This way, we win both
ways. Please ask friends and family to
                                                              FAMILY ADVENT CRAFT
collect their lids as well. We are happy to                               EVENT
mail all the lids for you so continue to turn                  St. Stephen Church is hosting
in your clean lids to Room 2 or to your                       its annual Family Christmas
child’s teachers.                               Craft Event on Sunday, November 28th.
           Thank you, Miss Jeanie               This event is open to all St. Stephen
                                                Preschool families, as well as families in
                   ******                       our community. This is a great time enjoyed
                                                by children, youth and adults of all ages.
              MARIE CALLENDER’S                 This is a wonderful time to make holiday
                 HOLIDAY PIE                    crafts, enjoy holiday treats, and spend time
                FUNDRAISER                      with other families. We may even have a
              A flyer and order form was
                                                special visitor from the North Pole! The
sent home last week with information on
                                                event will take place from 4pm-6pm in the
our Holiday Fundraiser. We hope all of our
                                                Sanctuary. Stop in the office and speak with
Preschool families are able to participate in
                                                Tara if you have any questions.
this fundraiser and that it will help lessen
your holiday baking demands. Thank you
for your support!
                                                                 RACE TO NOWHERE
                   ******                                        DOCUMENTARY FILM
                DID YOU KNOW…?                                   There will be a screening of
                 Did you know that you can                       the documentary, Race to
              drop your child off at                             Nowhere, on Saturday,
preschool as early as 8:00 am? We will                           December 4 at 7pm in the
keep track of the days you use our Early        church sanctuary. For more information on
Bird program and simply add the charges to      this film created by a concerned mother
your monthly tuition. The charge is $3 per      turned filmmaker, go to the website,
3 PRESCHOOL NEWS                                                             NOVEMBER 2010, and watch the             children also enjoyed removing a link every
trailer. Tickets are $10 online at               day from our paper chain to count down the or $15          days until Halloween. It was fun to see
at the door. This event is open to the public,   everyone in their costumes, too.
so feel free to pass along the information.          Counting objects seems to be a favorite
We also have fliers in the Preschool Office.     activity in our class. From crackers at
                                                 snack to our rings with counting beads, the
                                                 children are grasping the concept very
                                                 quickly. We have a small blue recycling
                                                 bin in our room and the children are really
           CLASSROOM NEWS                        enthusiastic about filling it up with scraps
                                                 of paper when they are done with their
                  Room 1                         projects. We also asked them to find a big
       Thank you all for helping us with our     blue recycling can at home and ask their
Halloween snack, Halloween festivities and       parents what goes inside.
also for our pumpkins.                               When the cold weather starts, runny
       November will be busy with many           noses are usually close behind. Teaching
Fall projects. We will be observing nature       your child to blow their own nose with a
around us to see what changes Fall brings.       tissue and then throw it in the trash is a
Some of our Fall activities will include         great way to help them become independent
leaves, corn, farm animals, families,            and cut down on spreading germs. In every
Thanksgiving, and our very favorite, the         classroom we have tissues within reach of
Petting Zoo!                                     the children and encourage them to use
       We are working on having your child       them (instead of their sleeves!).
recognize their name on their name tags and          This month we will focus on fall colors,
their cubbie. Also, as the weather turns         leaves, family, being thankful and of course
colder we are learning to put on our own         a turkey project or two. We hope everyone
sweatshirts and jackets to foster                has a wonderful Thanksgiving!
independence. We do something called “the
flipper.” Ask us, we’ll show you.                          Love, Miss Sheryl & Miss Vickie

           Love, Miss Maria & Miss Sherry
                                                                   Room 2
                  Room 5                                The month of October whooshed by
We had such a blast with all of our              faster than you could say, “Bibbity, Bobbity
Halloween activities! Some highlights            Boo!” Our heads were filled with
were our black playdough, hammering golf         everything pumpkin: pumpkin collages,
tees into real pumpkins and watching our         pumpkin bread, pumpkin carvings,
carved pumpkin glow in the dark. The             pumpkin hammering, pumpkin seed tasting,
4 PRESCHOOL NEWS                                                             NOVEMBER 2010

pumpkin measurements, pumpkin anatomy,          have noticed they have a great sense of
pumpkin guts (we loved that one!),              humor. Our class is one of high energy,
pumpkin stories, and pumpkin songs. And         laughter and merriment! We continue to
when we weren’t talking pumpkin, we were        build our curriculum based on their
busy making spooky Halloween art. It’s          curiosity and capabilities. They seem to all
always just a little bit sad to take down all   be willing to visit different areas of the
the glittery bats, cats, ghosts, spiders, and   classroom, thereby enriching their
Jack-o-Lanterns, but now we welcome the         preschool experience. We are providing
month of November.                              many cutting, writing and building
       The frenetic energy of Halloween         experiences for your children. They are
will be replaced by the beauty and calm of      playing while learning.
the Thanksgiving season. We will be
exploring the history of the Pilgrims and              We encourage your children to
Native Americans, learning how to set a         practice their self-help skills, which include
table, doing various Fall art projects          putting on their own jacket or shoes, putting
including some involving turkeys, as well       their belongings in their cubby, and
as other fun activities. This will all          cleaning up their spills. We know that
culminate in a wonderful classroom              when your children are at home it may be
Thanksgiving celebration as we will sit         easier/quicker to do the task yourself but
down to share food and friendship and           these skills are helpful and necessary for
count our many blessings. We feel               your child to acquire before they go to
extremely fortunate to be surrounded by our     Kindergarten. Independence is a good
amazing preschool children and their            thing!
families each and every day. May we take        Thank you for all your help with the
this opportunity to express our deepest         Halloween activities and providing our
appreciation for all you do, not only for       nutritious snacks. . If you did not get a
your children, but for us too.                  chance to sign-up, there will be many
              Happy Thanksgiving!               opportunities for you to help with cooking
      With Love, Miss Jeanie and Miss Toni      purchases, Thanksgiving snacks and other
                                                items the classroom may need in the
             Room 3                             coming months. We are a team, working
Dear Room 3 Parents,                            together to make your child’s school year
                                                successful, rewarding and fun!
      As another month has flown by, we                      Love, Miss Carol & Miss Betsie
are amazed at how inquisitive, engaged and
cooperative your children are. We also
5 PRESCHOOL NEWS                                                           NOVEMBER 2010

In October, look what we learned through our “Halloween play”:
Room 1:
Pre-Math:          Measured our height on a classroom chart with measuring tape
                   (numerical awareness and measurement)
Pre-Writing:       Painted spider webs in pie tins with marbles
                   (develops control in small hand muscles)
Pre-Reading:       Used rhythm sticks to make music
                   (understand rhythm and rhyme in language)
Pre-Science:       Made & painted with “puffy” paint from mixing glue & shaving cream
                   (observe changes in materials when mixed together)
Core Intelligence: Contributed to a circle graph about what can be made with apples
                    (understand that everyone’s ideas are valuable)
Room 5:
Pre-Math:          Glued circles, squares, triangles & rectangles onto pumpkin shapes
                   (concepts of shape, size and location)
Pre-Writing:       Hammered golf tees into pumpkins
                   (develop muscles used in writing)
Pre-Reading:       Sang spider songs, painted with spiders, and read spider books
                   (concept development across the curriculum)
Pre-Science:       Baked apple crisp with real apples - measured, stirred, & tasted
                   (whole-part relationships and concepts of volume & measure)
Core Intelligence: Worked as a class to build a 38 foot road with blocks
                    (work cooperatively with peers)
Room 2:
Pre-Math:          Made a sticky-dot chart for the number of people in our families
                   (whole-part relationships numerical value)
Pre-Writing:       Laced spider webs
                   (strengthen small hand muscles used in writing)
Pre-Reading:       Played a Halloween matching/memory game
                  (recognize the relationship between pictures and words)
Pre-Science:       Observed experiments with dry ice & ice cubes
                   (create a sense of awe and wonder with science)
Core Intelligence: Participated in an apple taste test and charted our results
                  (nutritional awareness & recognize value in everyone’s opinions)
6 PRESCHOOL NEWS                                                             NOVEMBER 2010

            MORE CLASSROOM NEWS (cont.)

Room 3:
Pre-Math:          Played “Frogs on a Log” sorting & counting game
                   (color, pattern, shape, and number sense)
Pre-Writing:       Practiced cutting apple shapes and made patterned paper chains
                   (create patterns and strengthen small hand muscles)
Pre-Reading:       Listened to books about apples, leaves, and Halloween
                   (encourage love of reading & relate books to the world around us)
Pre-Science:       Estimated how long it takes for an apple and some grapes to rot
                   (form hypothesis and observe changes)
Core Intelligence: Made freshly squeezed apple juice
                   (learn about nutrition, tastes, and observe changes from solid to liquid)

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