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      Held at The Council Office, St Margaret’s Hall, St Margaret’s Street, Bradford on Avon,
                                   on Tuesday 26 August 2003

      Cllr Michael Bowen (Chairman)
      Cllr Jocelyn Feilding
      Cllr Minna Gillham
      Cllr Malcolm Hewson
      Cllr P Leach
      Cllr F Lewis
      Cllr J Repton
      Cllr M Sandford
      Cllr P Sutton

      Mrs D Holmes (Town Clerk)

      Cllr Alison Craddock
      Cllr Vicky Landell Mills
      Cllr P O’Callaghan

      In the absence of the Chairman, Cllr Bowen took the Chair.

85.   Magnus Huckvale addressed the Town Council about the new website and possible integration
      of the Town Council web site. He spoke of the professional design of the site, the use of it for
      marketing local businesses and for the promotion of the activities of clubs and societies in the
      town. He advised that there was a news section, a calendar of events and a forum for

      In answer to questions from members, Magnus advised that he and his team would be happy
      to manage the town council site but it would be independent with links between the two sites.
      Members would like it to be clear to users that the editorial was owned by the Town Council.
      Magnus stated that the first step would be to take over what is already on the old site and he
      would ensure that it was easy for the Clerk and office staff to transfer minutes and reports to
      the new site.
      Councillors were keen that information should be made available and accessible.

      Magnus advised that the aims of the web site were to foster a community spirit and put local
      people in touch with each other.

      Cllr Hewson commented that the main items required for the Town Council site were minutes,
      reports, a directory, announcements, and St Margaret’s Hall. One of the sites should ensure
      that transport routes and directions to the town is covered and that to include rail information.

      Magnus advised that the cost of setting up the site independent of the community site but
      integrated would be £300 with an annual maintenance cost of about £150.

      The chairman congratulated Magnus on his website and thanked him for addressing the Town

86.   Minutes
      It was agreed that the minutes of the meeting held on 29 July 2003 were accepted as a true
      record with one addition to minute 59. to read ‘Cllr Sutton raised the issue of alcohol abuse
      in the town centre’.

87.   Matters Arising
      i)      Minute 59. Crime in Bradford on Avon

                Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 26.08.03
Cllr Sandford reported that he was concerned at the continuing difficulties of the youth worker
and it was
That a letter be sent to Sgt Rees thanking him for his visit and asking for continuing support for
the youth worker.

ii)      Minute 57 Riverside Tidiness
The clerk advised that she had received a positive response from Chris Waters (WWDC) who
had advised that the Westbury Gds riverside area will be included in the normal maintenance
of the gardens.
To thank Mr Waters and ask if the rubbish could also be removed from the river at the same
time, particularly whilst the river was low.

iii)     Minute 61 i). Access kerbs
Cllr Feilding reported on a meeting with Ceri Williams from WCC regarding choice of darker
colour kerb. The meeting was not too useful because only black and white photographs were
available. Julian Kashdan Brown (NWDC) had since advised him that there were many more
alternative kerbs available at cheaper costs and with narrower widths. No decision had yet
been reached. However he reported that by the stone bus shelter the proposal was that the
whole pavement would be raised to form a cushion.

iv)     Minute 61 vii) Quality Status
The clerk reported that an application form for AQA accreditation had now been received and
she intended to complete it when time permitted.

v)      Minute 66 d). Office Safe
The clerk reported that the suppliers had confirmed that the safe could be bolted to the floor.

To purchase a safe for £424.95 from the Consortium.

vi)     Minute 70. Cultural Strategy for Wiltshire
Michael Bowen as a representative of the working group presented comments for approval. It
to add sports activities to the list of cultural provision and to forward the comments to WCC by
the deadline of 29 August.

v)        Minute 71.Mount Pleasant Centre Trustees
The response from Bishop, Longbotham & Bagnall was circulated and considered in detail..
Cllr Feilding was concerned that Trustees could be held responsible for mistakes of other and
even previous trustees. The discussion considered whether the Trust or the Town Council
should offer indemnity but concluded that it was only fair for trustees acting on behalf of the
council to be covered. If the Town Council offered indemnity it could then obtain insurance for
the liability.
It was proposed by Cllr Hewson, seconded by Cllr Feilding and
That the Town Council should arrange to indemnify any trustee (one for Mount Pleasant) acting
on behalf of the Town Council and to take out such insurance as is necessary having consulted
with WALC on the mechanism. After consultation has taken place, the insurance should be
taken out and indemnity arranged up to the cost of £500 subject to the satisfaction of the clerk
and the Mayor.

vii)    Minute73. St Margaret’s Street
The clerk advised that she had not received a response from Rev Steve Maguire about setting
up a working group

viii)   Minute 75. Bradford in Bloom
It was noted that that the presentation will be on Sunday 7 September at 3.00 pm at the
Council offices, St Margaret’s Hall. All members welcome.

         Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 26.08.03
      ix)     Minute 79.1 WALC training course for new councillors
      Cllr Bowen advised that as he had been the only one to attend the last training course, he did
      not want to go to this one alone but no other members were available to attend.
      No one to attend

      x)       Minute 79. Real Time Passenger Information at bus stops
      Cllr Feilding reported that he had met with Ceri Williams and agreed that the real time
      information should go inside the stone bus shelter and on a flag outside the metal bus shelter.
      He also advised that Ceri Williams might be able to assist in moving the metal bus shelter to a
      more suitable position behind the bench.

      xi)       Minute 72. Closure of Magistrates Courts – Proposed Judicial Review.
      The clerk had circulated a letter received from Keith Robinson, The chief Executive of Wiltshire
      County Council advising that the legal advise that the County Council had taken is quite clear
      that there do not appear to be strong legal grounds for seeking an application for a Judicial
      Review and the County Council could be open to challenge if it committed public funds with
      little prospect of success.

      After a great deal of discussion, and consideration of the suitability of the magistrate’s court
      building, it was
               To write a letter to Trowbridge Town Council suggesting that in view of the letter
      received from Wiltshire County Council, that it might be worth in the first instance writing to the
      new Lord Chancellor on behalf of all local councils who have pledged allegiance, asking if the
      proposed closure could be reconsidered for all the reasons previously stated; the distance from
      West Wiltshire towns and villages to the new courts, the difficulty in travelling, the lack of local
      pressure from being tried in the vicinity of the crime, the waste of time and money from
      adjournments from non attendance. It wad agreed however that the pledge of £2000 for the
      fighting fund should stand.

88.   Declarations of Interest.
      There were none.

89.   Members of the Public

      There were no members of the public.

90.   Chairman's Announcements

      There were none

91.   Web Site
      Cllr Feilding proposed and with all in favour it was
      That the Town Council instructs Magnus Huckvale to set up the Town Council web site as
      explained at a cost of £300 and to assist in maintenance of the site for a fee of £150 per
      annum. Magnus Huckvale to be asked to provide a copy of the aims and objectives of

92.   Minutes of Committees
      The minutes of decisions taken under delegated powers in respect of the under mentioned
      committees were noted:

              Planning Committee                         22 July
              Town Amenities Committee                   5 August 2003
              St Margaret’s Hall Working Group           6 August 2003

                Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 26.08.03
      Riverside Enhancement Working Group 12 August 2003
      Land on Tory Working Group          18 August 2003
      It was noted that Recreation Committee has been deferred to 2                September after
      Planning Committee.

93.   Middle Rank Hand Rails
      The Chairman explained that hand rails had been erected in three locations being
      Middle Rank to Tory, Wine Street to St Mary Tory and Wine Street to Budbury Close.
      The local residents did not appreciate the type of handrails and 5 residents had written
      to complain about the railings between Middle Rank and Tory, these being Susan
      Chapman, Carol Clay, Stephanie Mountstephen, Susan Otway and Mary Clarke, all
      residents of Middle Rank.

      The chairman explained that Peter Leach, The Chairman of Town Amenities had taken
      on decisions made before the May elections but had been to meet with all the
      residents. He advised that the fixing of the handrails on the section between Middle
      Rank and Tory was not good, the design was poor and there appeared to have been
      no consultation. He thought that the handrails might have suffered vandalism after they
      had been put in.
      He also said that there was a motley collection of handrails around the town and that
      there had been no complaints about the other two sets.

      However Cllr Leach recommended that the hand rails between Middle Rank and Tory
      be removed and that the order was cancelled for a fourth set between New Town and
      Middle Rank.
      The clerk advised that there was a financial issue as the handrails were to be match
      funded by the Five Towns Initiative.

      It was RESOLVED
      To instruct the builder to remove the set of railings between New Town and Tory and
      not to proceed with the fourth set.

94.   Land on Tory Working Group
      Cllr Feilding reported that the group held its first meeting on 18 August 2003 and
      considered that the trees were a valuable asset to the town. The recommendations of
      the group were considered and it was
      RESOLVED to agree that

      i)         The Town Council purchases the land for £1 plus legal costs

      ii)     The Working Group carries out a leaflet drop in Tory and Tory Place asking for
      residents’ views on the future use.

      iii)    In the absence of any alternative better suggestions, after the consultation, the
      Town Council accepts the offer from a near neighbour to the site, to lease the land for
      5 years subject to the conditions:

             a) The owners should not extend their existing garden into the woodland area.
             b) The woodland should be managed in order to protect the backdrop, which
             starts at the top of Masons Lane to the East and extends to this woodland. The
             land should be managed to the approval of the Town Council.
             c) The footpaths should be kept clear.
             d) Free public access should be given

       The results of the consultation to be first considered at the next Town Council
      The leaflet was approved and Cllr Repton offered to deliver it.

           Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 26.08.03
95.   Riverside Enhancement Working group

      Cllr Leach advised that he had nothing to add to the minutes, which had been circulated.
96.   St Margaret’s Hall
              a)      Costs
                      The clerk advised that the architect was still negotiating with the builder about
                      the final bill, which we should receive by the next council meeting.

              b)      It was RESOLVED to approve the additional item to rehang the rear door
                      between the stage and the office boundary to allow room for secure cupboard
                      and to fit lock for security for £393.50 plus VAT

              c)      Flood Drill
                      It was RESOLVED to note that the first flood drill will be on Monday 6
                      October at 6.30 pm.
                      Members of flood team are: Cllrs Landell Mills, Lewis, Feilding, Hewson and
                      Leach, Sandford, David Lewis, John Holmes, Chris Jerrison, Debbie Slater,
                      Graham Ruthen, Diane Holmes, Sandra Bartlett and Diane Cox.

              d)      Working Group
                      It was RESOLVED to agree to the recommendations of the Working Group to:

                      a. accept the quote from Townsend Print for 2000 leaflets at £290

                      b. commence the service to have a door runner in the hall foyer to be
                         changed weekly for £2 per week.

                      c.   purchase cups and saucers from Old Time Dance Club at the discretion of
                           the clerk

                      d. scotch guard the carpet in the offices if possible.

                      e. note the inclusion of St Margaret’s Hall in yellow pages under ‘Halls’ for a
                         cost of £30

                      f.   instruct the hall manager to paint the internal foyer doors and provide a
                           new stainless steel bin (approx £60) to smarten up the foyer.

97.   Drinking Water Trial
      It was noted that the drinking water cooler currently in the meeting room is on free trial and
      it was RESOLVED to rent the cooler for £3.46 per week and purchase the spring water at
      £6.95 for 19 litre bottle.

98.   The Bull Pit
      a)      The clerk advised that Andy Cadwallader from WCC had forwarded copies of plans to
      Alan Creedy and had been informed that no community planning projects are currently on the
      table so there was no conflict. It was noted therefore that instructions had been given for the
      build outs to be replaced with stone at additional cost as agreed.

      b)    The Chairman commented that he would prefer the seats not to be memorials and it
      was RESOLVED that sponsorship would be more appropriate if available.

99.   Community Planning
           a)       Cllr Hewson reported on the Bradford on Avon and District Community
                    Planning Transport meeting on held on 19 August.          He advised that the
                    group would be having a stand at the community open day on 14th September
                    which Cllr Hewson saw as the first stage of consultation.

              b)      The clerk advised that the community open day had arisen as a result of a
                      community Planning meeting where attendees had split into groups one of
                      which has evolved into the traffic and transport group, and the other had
                      organised a celebration of Bradford on Avon.

               Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 26.08.03
               It was noted that the Community Open Day would take place on 14 September in and
               around St Margaret’s Hall when a host of events would be taking place. The Town
               Council would be putting on a display of photographs in the meeting room and it was
               That the Clerk should purchase some display boards for approximately £350 from the
               Consortium, which would allow the photographs to be displayed at this event, at the
               Town Gathering and for future events such as the West Wilts Show.

               c)        Cllr Hewson explained that secretarial support was required for Community
               Planning meetings and whilst funding to employ a secretary was to be found
               elsewhere, the Town Council was being asked to supply the use of photocopier and
               that the Town Council was keen to support this local initiative and was please to offer
               facilities for the use of the secretary to the Community Planning Group by way of

100.           The Town Achievement Award 2003
       It was noted that 3 nominations as attached to these minutes were received. A vote was taken
       and after a great deal of debate it was
       That the winner should be Martin Valatin and the close runners up to be highly commended
       were The Bradford on Avon Millennium Embroidery Team and Magnus Huckvale . It was
       further agreed that all nominees should be sent a letter of commendation and be invited to
       attend the town gathering.
101.   Town Council Conference
       i)     It was noted that the Conference will be at Braeside Centre in Devizes on 4 October
       approximately 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

       ii)      It was RESOLVED to agree to employment of facilitator, Trish McCue (as last year) for
       a fee of £250.

       iii)    No further subjects for discussion were raised.
102.   The Town Gathering Friday 10 October 2003
       i)     No further suggestions were made for the list.

       ii)     It was RESOLVED to agree the appointment of a musician possible a cello player for
               background entertainment.

103.   Aerial and street maps
       This item was referred from the planning committee.
       It was RESOLVED
       To agree to purchase maps for the meeting room wall and suggestions of web sites were given
       to the clerk to track down suitable maps.

104.   Status of Unresolved Issues
       Cllr Sutton advised of his concern that some issues, which required long standing attention,
       might be forgotten. Cllr Hewson suggested keeping a register of issues for such items and it
       was RESOLVED that such a register should be kept.

105.   Personnel Committee
       The chairman reported that there was an adhoc situation currently in existence with regard to
       staff matters and consideration was given to setting up a Personnel Committee to oversee
       personnel matters when necessary including the clerk’s annual staff appraisal. A long
       discussion followed and Cllr Lewis reminded the council that it was a corporate body employer
       with responsibilities for Health & Safety issues and its aims and objectives should be clearly
       written up. She advised that if the skills were not available within the council, they should be
       bought in. Cllr Leach added that it was important that appraisals were carried out correctly.
       There were differing views on membership and the Chairman wished to defer this matter.

                Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 26.08.03
       Cllr Hewson proposed that a Committee of 4 members should be set up, Cllr Leach seconded
       the proposal and it was
               That a committee of four members be set up as a Personnel Committee but that
               membership be deferred to the next meeting.

106.   Clerk’s Training
       A request from the clerk for training under the Local Policy distance-learning course provided
       by the University of Gloucester was considered at a cost of £185 per module and the clerk
       proposed to undertake 2 modules per year. Details of the modules had been circulated.
       It was proposed by Cllr Hewson and
       To agree to the payment of training for the clerk in 4 modules over the next two years at a cost
       of £185 per module.

107.   Correspondence for Consideration.
1)      Bishop, Longbotham & Bagnall                   The Three Horseshoes
        Application for licence from Clifford Roy      RESOLVED
        Saull for sale of liquor                       No objections

2)      Woollcombe Beer Watts Solicitors               The Barge Inn
        Application for licence from Nigel Paul        RESOLVED
        Jewell, Samantha Louise Courtice, Alan         No Objections
        Twomey and Kirsty Brown for sale of liquor

3)      Mr A Green, Bradford on Avon Community         Emergency Planning
        Emergency Volunteer
        Would like to report back to the council in    RESOLVED
        September with details actions required to     Mr Green be invited to report to the next
        bring the town plan up to date. He is          council meeting in person but also be asked
        prepared to send a written report or come in   for a written report

4)      Kurt Paulus Woolley Festival                   Woolley Festival
        Summary of this years event                    RESOLVED
5)      West Wiltshire District Council -Jon Poole     Polling Station provision Bradford North &
        Electoral Administrator                        South Wards
        As St Aldhelms Court, St Margaret’s Court      RESOLVED
        and Bethell Court will no longer be            To write a letter to WW Housing Society for
        available, suggestion is to use Spencer        an explanation as to why the sheltered
        Moulton Bowls Club, St Margaret’s Hall and     schemes can no longer be used a polling
        the Wiltshire Music Centre. Comments or        stations and causing their own residents
        queries requested by 8 September.              inconvenience in having to walk much
                                                       further to cast their votes.
                                                       Further RESOLVED
                                                       To reply to Jon Poole advising that whilst St
                                                       Margaret’s Hall would be acceptable, the
                                                       Spencer Moulton Bowls Club would be a
                                                       very poor second best to St Aldhelms and
                                                       the Wiltshire Music Centre is a very long
                                                       walk for many residents and not at all a
                                                       good replacement for Bethell Court
108.   Correspondence to Note

       The correspondence was noted and it was RESOLVED to write to English Heritage in support
       of the Bradfordians’ request for permission to use the Tithe Barn for a Summer 2004

                Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 26.08.03
109.   Reports
       a)      Cllr Sutton reported that Arriva were the preferred bidder for the control of the Waterloo
               line and it was agreed that a letter be sent to Mr E Cameron of Arriva Trains asking for
               the train to Waterloo to be retained.
       b)      Cllr Feilding reported that the new WWDC Planning Committee met on 3 August but
               only one Bradford on Avon District Councillor turned up despite there being some
               important Bradford on Avon applications for consideration and they did not appoint
               substitutes to vote. It was agreed that a letter be sent to all four District Councillors.
110.   Accounts for Payment
       That the Town Council accounts having been checked by Cllr Lewis with invoices and direct
       payments amounting to £20,644.07+ VAT be approved (attached to these minutes).

       The meeting closed at 10.00 pm.

                Minutes of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Meeting held on 26.08.03

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