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					                                                                                            Height: 5’9”
                                          Jennifer Harder                                   Weight: 130 lbs.
                                         Theater Film Voiceover                             Eyes: Blue/Green
                                                            Hair: Blonde

MilkMilkLemonade*                                 Linda                          Horse Trade/Astoria Perf. Arts Center
         NYIT Award: Outstanding Actress in a Featured Role
Song for a Future Generation                      Shy                            Horse Trade/The Management
SportSexDeathPorn                                 Housewife                      WTE Theatre/Montréal Fringe Festival
Y-E-L-L                                           Deb                            Ensemble Studio Theatre - Youngblood
The Chalk Boy (Los Angeles)                       Breanna                        Company of Angels
The Chalk Boy (NYC & Wash. DC)                    Penny                          Horse Trade/Capital Fringe Festival
Armor of Wills                                    Norma                          The Beggars Group/Horse Trade
The Cherry Orchard                                Carlotta                       Columbia University
Self-Obsession in Blue                            Zoë                            Capital Fringe Festival
Aloha, Say The Pretty Girls                       Wendy                          The Management
I.E.                                              Gina/Agnes                     Faux-Real Theatre Company
This Jungle of Cities                             Lefty Valentime/Malka          The UnConvention
Demon Lover                                       Her                            The Professional Actors’ Collective
Psycho Analysis                                   Lead/Company Member            Dublin Fringe Festival
Love You Back                                     Erica (Lead)                  Independent
Moon Over New York                                Rachel (Lead)                 Independent
Left Hook                                         Blonde Bombshell (Supporting) ProActIve, Roger Del Pozo
Delusions of Grandeur                             Ann (Lead)                    Independent
Sunshine                                          Carrie (Lead)                 The Professional Actors’ Collective
20-Anything                                       Bridget (Lead)                ScenePartners Productions
St. Adnan’s (animation)                           Ginger St. John (Lead)        SVA
Lost Gringa                                       Trisha (Lead)                 Pratt Institute
Within The Ivory Tower                            Sarah (Supporting)            YALE
Pause                                             Susan (Supporting)            NYU
{not} so far                                      Alice (Lead)                  NYFA
NYU, Tisch School of the Arts, BFA Drama with Honors
  Acting                              Damyan Popchristov, Raina Von Waldenburg
  Shakespearean Verse                 Louis Scheeder
  Speech, Masks                       Arthur Bartow, Per Brahe
Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute
  Acting                              Geoffrey Horne, Robert Castle, Hope Arthur
  Voice & Dialects                    Jan Douglas, Kristen Samuelson, John Van Wyden
  Dance                               Geoffrey Ferguson, Carlos Fittante, Madeline Reiss
Stonestreet Film & Television
  Film & Dramatic Series              Chris Lutkin
  Sitcom, Soap Opera                  Angela Pietropinto, David & Linda Laundra
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
  Acting                              Michael Caven, Michael Murphy, Annie Ryan
  Text                                Garry Hynes, Eammonn Jordan, Michael West
  Speech/Dialect/Voice                Helena Walsh, Cathal Quinn, Paul Keenan
Private Classes
  Voice                               Melvin Jordan
  Commercial                          Terri Cole Juhasz, Colleen Patrick
  Voiceover                           Alice Elliott, Johnna Gottlieb
Improvisation & Comedy
Accents: Irish, English, German, Slavic, Midwestern, Southern
Instruments: Trumpet
Dance: Ballet, Tap, Clogging, Modern, Toe, Gymnastics, Jazz, Swing

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