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									Chapter Nine The Island – 2007 “Why are we running?” Claire refused to run any further. “That’s the same thing that happened on the plane. Maybe if we stayed it would put us back where we belong.” “Or maybe it would send us someplace worse.” He threw back at her. “I’m not taking the chance.” He tugged her along. “Come on, let’s go.” “Where are we going?” She tried to dig her heels in so they couldn’t go any further. “Anywhere that Sheena,” Sawyer replied, “And her band of merry men can’t find us.” He looked up at the sky and it was normal once more. The earsplitting hum was gone, as well. “Whatever that was, it’s gone.” He added under his breath, “For now, at least.” They kept walking until they came to the sonar fence that guarded the Dharma Barracks. “What is this?” Claire looked at it like it was an alien from outer space. “Damned if I know.” He looked at her, then he remembered the agreement they’d struck with each other. “I guess this is where you and I part company.” “What are you talking about?” The thought of being on her own on Nightmare Island wasn’t very appealing. In fact, the idea scared her to death. If she didn’t have him with her, she didn’t know how she’d survive. “We said if we got away from Sheena,” he reminded her, “We’d go our separate ways, since you don’t trust me and think I’m lying about being on 815.” “You don’t trust me, either,” She reminded him. “Like you said, all we have is each other. I think we so stick together. This isn’t any place either of us wants to be alone in.”

“Whatever, you say, Lamb Chop.” He was secretly relieved, not that he showed it. He made a move to walk toward the sonar fence. “What do you think you’re doing?” She wanted to know, as she grabbed him by the arm to stop him. “I’m going to find out what’s inside there.” He told her, shaking her off. “We just got away from one band of cutthroats.” She complained, “And already you’re looking for another. I told you what I wrote in my diary about these Others. They kidnapped me and try to steal my baby from me. What if they’re inside? What do you think they’ll do to you? Throw you a tea party?” “I don’t intend for them to catch me,” Sawyer told her. “The only reason Jane of the Jungle caught me was because I was trying to save you.” “Why can’t you just leave it alone?” She asked. “Because there may be food inside there,” he told her. “And if I don’t get some food inside me soon, I’m going to start gnawing on you, Sweet Cheeks.” He looked at her. “Are you coming or going?” “I’m coming,” If she didn’t, he would go inside there without her. And she didn’t want to be left out here alone. They walked about half an hour before they came to the abandoned barracks. “I don’t think your Others live here,” he told her looking around at all the abandoned houses, “Unless they get off on living in a ghost town.” “What is this place?” Claire looked around. “Where did all the people go who lived her?” “I don’t know,” Sawyer replied, as he headed into one of the houses, “but let’s hope they left some food behind.” “You can’t just go in there,” Claire objected. “That’s somebody’s house.” “I don’t see them around to object.” He replied, as he entered the house and flipped on the light switch. “Well, what do you know? The power is still on. Best thing to happen to me on this island since I got here.”

“This isn’t right.” She continued on in the same vein. “Then I guess if I find any food,” he turned to her and smiled, “you’re not going to want eat it?” He smirked at the look on her face. “That’s what I thought. I love the way people have convenient morals when it doesn’t affect them, but when it does they throw them right out the window. You go ahead and keep your hands clean and make all the right noises about how wrong this is. I’ll do the dirty work and share my ill-gotten bootie with you, afterwards.” “Should we leave the lights on?” She worried. “What if someone sees them and comes to investigate. We still don’t have any kind of weapon to defend ourselves with.” “You’ve got a point.” Sawyer admitted. “Tarzana is probably out combing the jungle for us as we speak. No sense in tipping her off on just where to look.” He added with a smile. “But maybe if we’re lucky that bright light beamed her and her thugs right off the way it beamed us on.” “That’s what you’re hoping for, isn’t it?” She realized with disgust. “That’s a horrible thing to wish on anyone.” “In case you’ve forgotten, Mother Theresa,” he snapped back, “they were about to kill us and would have if that bright light hadn’t shown up when it did.” He started rooting around in the cupboards. “Aha! Pay dirt!” “What?” She tried to look over his shoulder to see what he found. “Can goods.” He held up two cans of spaghetti to her. “I never heard of a brand called Dharma, but it could taste like dog food and I’d still eat it. That’s how hungry I am.” She took the cans from him and took them over to the counter where she found a can opener to open them. “Since you found them,” she replied. “The least I can do is warm them up.” “While you do that,” he said as he headed out of the kitchen, “I’m going to forage for anything else that might be of use, if that’s okay with you.”

This time she didn’t offer an objection. This was a matter of survival. It was time to throw your morals out the window and do what you had to do. Elsewhere on the island Ilana and her crew were recovering from being in the epicenter of the bright light and piercing noise. The light had faded and they realized to their shock their prisoners were gone. How they had managed not to be brought to their knees the way Ilana and her people had and escaped was a miracle. It was almost like the light and noise had had no affect on them. The wild idea popped in her head that it was almost like they had made the noise and light appear so they could escape. She couldn’t help recalling how they had been on that boat and it had vanished right before their eyes. Even more puzzling, not to mention shocking was once the light faded they saw a man they had never seen before lying on the ground at their feet. “I’m back,” Jin looked around in shock. “The island brought me back.” “Who are you?” Ilana demanded to know, shoving the butt of her rifle in his face. “My name is Jin.” Jin replied. “Have you seen my wife? Have you seen Sun?” “I believe there was a woman named Sun on our flight.” Ilana replied. “It crashed on the island they call Hydra.” “Is she all right?” Jin asked in panic. “Yes, she’s fine,” Ilana replied. “She was fine enough to attack a man named Benjamin Linus.” “He’s back on the island, too?” Jin wasn’t happy to hear that. Jack never mentioned that. “Yes,” she replied, not liking him taking her interrogation out of her hands. “Now it’s time you answered my questions. Who are you and where did you come from? And where did the other two go?” “I told you,” he repeated. “My name is Jin Kwon. I don’t know how I got here. I was on a plane one moment then it started having trouble. I heard this

loud humming noise and there was this blinding light and after that I woke up here.” Ilana couldn’t miss the eerie similarity between Sawyer and Claire’s story and this man’s tale. Was it possible the bright light had taken them away and brought this man in their place? Just what was going on here? “What flight were you on?” She suddenly asked. “Was it 815?” “No, 815 landed safely in Los Angeles.” Jin told her. “This was another plane.” “That’s not possible,” Ilana stared at him in shock. “Flight 815 crashed on this island. I can show you the wreckage if you need proof.” “It was Jack.” Jin explained. “He came back to the island.” “Yes,” Ilana recalled. “He was on our flight, along with Sayid Jarrah and a couple of others. They just disappeared before we crashed.” “They ended up in 1977,” he told her. “Somehow the island had flashed James and I back to 1977 and it did the same to Jack, Kate and the others. Jack got this idea in the head he could undo our plane crash if he blew up the Swan station before it was built so it wouldn’t cause our plane to crash on the island and it would land safely in Los Angeles.” “And it worked?” Ilana asked in disbelief. “We landed safely,” Jin sighed, “but not all of us were on the flight. My wife, and James and Claire were missing. So were Rose and Bernard.” “James and Claire,” she repeated their names. “Would they both be blonde? Him tall and slim with green eyes; her not very tall with blue eyes?” “Yes,” Jin answered excitedly. “You’ve seen them. Where are they?” “They disappeared,” Ilana told him, “and you appeared in their place.” “Are you saying you think they’re on the plane I was on?” Jin asked.

“I don’t know.” She told him. She decided to treat him a lot kinder than she had Sawyer and Claire. “I take it when you were on this plane it was 2004?” She remembered Sawyer and Claire thought it was 2004 and that’s when Oceanic 815 had originally crashed on the island. “Yes, it was.” Jin eyed her cautiously. “Why? What year is it here?” Jin was filled with fear that he might be back in the past, again. “It’s now 2007.” She told him. “You’ve traveled three years into the future.” She held out her hand to help him to stand. “I know where your wife is. I’ll take you to her.” She’d thought that Jacob was the one that made all the things happen on the island, but now that he was dead she was beginning to wonder if it ever really was him. She highly doubted it was Samuel, either. Samuel didn’t like people coming to the island, so he’d hardly bring more people there. That only left the island. It was the island that was doing all these things. She found that thought very unsettling. It would mean the island was alive with a will of its own and that thought scared the living daylights out of her. Los Angeles – 2004 Jack spent a long night answering questions about why he had come to the Rutherford residence. Jack explained he had met Shannon on flight 815 and had heard about her brother’s death and had just dropped by to give her his condolences. That he had been on 815 to escort his father’s body back for burial, so he knew how she felt. He just hoped the police didn’t learn he had refused to help Boone when he’d been brought into the ER. Sabrina Carlyle was arrested and booked on first degree murder. Jack could have sworn as Shannon’s body was loaded on the stretcher to be taken to the county morgue, that she had a smile on her face. In death, she had gotten her revenge on her stepmother. As Jack walked out of the police department he wondered if Sabrina would be put in a holding cell near Kate and Ana-Lucia. County lock-up was becoming filled with women that Jack knew. Jack got into his car and headed to Nadia’s residence. He remembered where she lived from his return in 2007. He figured he’d find Sayid there. He still

wasn’t giving up on the hope that he could stop everyone who had died on the island from dying here, but he needed help. Kate was out of the question, so that left Sayid. He found Sayid sitting in a car outside of Nadia’s house. “Sayid,” He walked over to the car and stuck his head in the window. “What are you doing out here?” “I don’t think I can watch her die for a second time, Jack.” Sayid told him sadly. “So I’m sitting out here watching her from afar. If I stay away from her, perhaps she will live. It’s enough for me just being close to her.” “Sayid,” Jack said something that went directly against what he was hoping was true. “It doesn’t matter what you do. If Nadia is going to die, Nadia is going to die. You staying away from her won’t change that. The only thing you’ll be doing is taking away from yourself the time you could have with her.” “How can you be sure of that?” Sayid wanted to know. “You can’t know that for sure.” “They’re all dying, Sayid.” Jack told him. “The ones who died on the island, they’re dying here all over again. Boone, Charlie and Shannon are all dead.” “Shannon?” That got a rise out of him. “How? When?” “Her stepmother shot her, last night.” Jack told him. “Instead of Ana-Lucia shooting her by accident, her stepmother shot her on purpose. Charlie drowned because he was high on drugs. They’re all dying in ways similar to how they died on the island.” “Why have you come to me, Jack?” Sayid suddenly eyed him suspiciously. “It doesn’t matter.” Jack told him. “Just go to Nadia. Be with her for as long as you can.” He walked away and headed back to his car. As he did, Sayid stared at Nadia’s house for a long moment before deciding to climb out and go to her. He headed to the airport and booked a flight to New Mexico. Kate said she’d help him if he went to New Mexico and got Cassidy Phillips to come visit her. When she found out Sawyer was still back on the island, she might change her

mind, but he didn’t know what else to do. She was the only one he could get to help him. On some level Jack knew trying to save the people from flight 815 was a hopeless cause. It was as hopeless as when he tried to save Boone on the island. But he needed to do something. If he didn’t do anything and just thought about what was going on he felt he would go mad. He just had to keep moving and doing something. Even if what he was doing was useless. Locke’s plane landed in Los Angeles and he didn’t mention to anyone that his traveling companion has disappeared en flight. What would be the point? Who would believe him? It appeared the island wasn’t done with them, yet. Would it begin popping each one of them back to the island one-by-one? The thought was unsettling, but it fitted in with this game motif that underlined everything that had happened to them from the moment their plane crashed on the island. Jin was right when he suggested he was avoiding going to the Oceanic Six and asking them how they got back to the island. He remembered his visits to them before when he tried to get them to go back to the island. If that was anything to go by, they wouldn’t tell him what he wanted to know. So, he decided to go see Hibb, first, and put off seeing them for a little while longer. The only problem was how to find him. Since Jin was gone and with him his contacts, he decided to go to the only other person he could think of who could tell him where Hibbs was. That was Charles Widmore and that meant getting on the next available flight to London. Like Jack, he needed to keep moving and doing something. Even if what he was doing proved to be useless. At least he had the illusion he was actually doing something. The Island – 2007 Sawyer and Claire were sitting at the kitchen table eating their dinner of Dharma canned spaghetti. They’d turned off all the lights and left the refrigerator door open to give them some light, so they weren’t totally in the dark. While he’d been foraging, Sawyer found some clothes they could wear. They were a bit mildewy but otherwise clean. He’d also discovered the water

was running, so he and Claire had taken their turns taking a shower. After everything they’d been through in the last few days, they felt almost human again. They were in a house, they were eating dinner at a kitchen table and they had been able to take a shower. They could almost pretend they weren’t even on the island. Almost. “So,” Claire brought up the subject she’d been wondering about. “What made you decide to become a con artist? It’s not exactly the profession most kids grow up dreaming about.” “This one did,” he told her. He’d also found some Dharma beer and they were both drinking a can of it. “A con artist caused my parent’s death and I wanted to find him and make him pay, so the only way to do that was to become him.” “Did you ever find him?” She wondered secretly what he meant by make him pay, but she had a pretty good idea. “And what do you mean become him?” “I started calling myself,” he explained, “the same name he used when he conned my mother. I even started pulling the same types of cons he pulled. I hoped he’d find out and come after me or someone in that world would mention him and I’d be able to find him.” “You didn’t answer my question,” she reminded him. “Did you ever find him?” “No,” Sawyer sat back and took a swig of his beer. “Sawyer’s still out there somewhere doing to some other kid’s parents what he did to mine.” “Did you say Sawyer?” Claire sat up in her chair suddenly on the alert. “Yeah, why?” He looked at her suspiciously. “Does that name mean something to you? Do you know him and where I can find him?” “I wrote about a Sawyer in my diary.” She told him. “He was amongst the survivors of flight 815. You said you usually go by that name, so do you think I was talking about you?” “It depends,” he flashed a smile at her, “what did I do? I can’t imagine it’s anything good. You and I weren’t…” He gave her a suggestive leer.

“No, we weren’t,” she glared at him. “Is sex all you ever think about?” “I’m a man,” he gave her a look, “you’re a woman, and were in a tropical paradise. The only thing missing is a couple of loin cloths and we’d be Adam and Eve. What else should I be thinking about?” She decided to ignore that comment. “Don’t you see?” She asked him excitedly. “It proves you were on the plane. You’re not an Other.” “I already knew that, Barbie.” He told her. “But it still doesn’t prove you were on the plane; only that I was. I guess I’ll just have to trust you.” “One thing I don’t understand.” She was confused about something. “I obviously knew you as Sawyer, so you told everyone that was your name. So why did you tell me your name was James when we met a few days ago?” “I don’t know.” He tipped his head back and stared at the shadows on the ceiling. “Sometimes I get sick of being Sawyer, even though that’s who I am now. I should have listened to my uncle and just let it go. I’ve hurt a lot of people who didn’t deserve to be hurt and I still haven’t found the bastard. Maybe I never will.” “Why don’t you give it up?” She suggested. “After all I’ve done,” he looked over at her, “I can’t give it up. It would mean everything I’ve done would be for nothing. It has to end with me finding him. Finally finding him is all I have to live for. If I didn’t have that, what would be the point?” She decided to drop the subject. “Why weren’t we rescued like the others?” She brought up something else that was bothering her. “That’s the last entry in my diary. That’s we’d been found and were about to be rescued. Yet, if what Ilana said was true, we were still here three years later.” “Maybe because we weren’t on the plane when it crashed,” he suggested something he’d been thinking about. “What are you talking about?” She thought they just had settled this. “Of course we were on the plane.”

“But not when it crashed,” he told her. “I think that bright light beamed us down, Scotty, right before it crashed. Maybe the island wouldn’t let us leave when the others were rescued, if they were rescued.” “You make it sound like it’s alive.” A chill went up her spine. “It’s just an island.” “Is it?” Sawyer asked her. “Not many islands have polar bears running around on it or strange bright lights that suddenly appear out of nowhere. We’ve obviously been living on this island for the last three years, but it’s like our memory banks have been rewound to the moment the island bopped us off the plane, but whatever happened on this island still happened.” “Like being on that boat?” The whole idea creeped her out that they’d done things they had no memory of. That she had killed someone she had no memory of killing. “It would explain us both having amnesia.” Sawyer pointed out. “Like that Ilana chick said, amnesia is not a team sport. Two people don’t get it at the same time. And our memories have been erased back to the same exact moment.” “So,” a look of horror filled her face. “We’re getting a redo?” Then something even more horrifying occurred to her. “Or maybe we’re just going to do everything all over again like we did it before.” “What are you talking about?” He didn’t like what she was suggesting. None of the things he’d done before that he could remember he’d ever want to do again. “I wrote in my diary,” she revealed. “How Sawyer got tortured by a couple of the other passengers because they thought he had someone’s inhaler, only he didn’t, and isn’t that what just happened to you with Ilana? It isn’t exactly the same thing that happened before, but it’s just like it. The only difference is you got stabbed during the interrogation the first time around, and this time you didn’t.” “What else happened to me?” He wanted to know. “Did I die?”

“No,” she answered. “But you were shot and almost died, and you were kidnapped by the Others and held prisoner by them.” She felt the panic rising up inside her. “If it’s all happening all over again to you, then that means everything that happened to me is going to happen all over again, too. That means the Others are going to kidnap me just like they did before.” Santa Rosa – 2004 Hurley had been waiting for days for Libby to get back to him about the numbers. For the first time since he’s used them to play the lottery, Hurley had some hope he might finally be free of them. Maybe if she could find out what they were, he could stop being afraid of them. Maybe she would find out they didn’t mean anything and everything had just happened by coincidence and he only started thinking they were cursed because a crazy man had told him they were bad numbers. “Hello, Hugo,” Libby forced herself to smile as she entered his room. She didn’t look happy. “You found out what the numbers mean,” Hurley guessed, with a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. “They are bad numbers, aren’t they?” She was so sure her friend would tell her they meant nothing and she could come back and put Hurley’s mind at rest. His belief that these numbers were somehow bad seemed to be the crux of his current mental problems. If she could assure him the numbers meant nothing, then they’d be well on the way to helping Hurley back on the road to recovery. Instead just the opposite had happened. She hadn’t been prepared when her friend had told her he believed they represented a date a little over three years from now. How was she supposed to tell Hurley her friend thought on that day Armageddon would take place?

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