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					                                                                                                                      J S Battye Library of West Australian History Collection

This collection of posters is available to view at the State Library of Western Australia.
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Date                   PS number                  Venue                   Title                        Performers                   Series or notes           Size         D
April - September 1975 PS48/1975/1                Perth Concert Hall ABC 1975 Youth Concerts Various                                Reverse: artists          91 x 30 cm
                                                                                                                                    appearing and
7 - 8 September 1979         PS48/1979/1          Perth Concert Hall NHK Symphony Orchestra The Symphony Orchestra of Presented by The     78 x 56 cm
                                                                                            the Japan Broadcasting    Japan Foundation and
                                                                                            Corporation               the Western
                                                                                                                      Anniversary Board in
                                                                                                                      association with the
                                                                                                                      Consulate-General of
                                                                                                                      Japan, NHK and Hoso-
                                                                                                                      Bunka Foundation.

16 October 1981              PS48/1981/1          Octagon Theatre         Best of Polish variety (in   Paulos Raptis, Irena Santor, Three hours of       79 x 59 cm
                                                                          Polish)                      Karol Nicze, Tadeusz Ross. beautiful songs, music
                                                                                                                                    and humour
31 December 1989             PS48/1989/1          Perth Concert Hall Vienna Pops Concert               Perth Pops Orchestra,        Musical director John
                                                                                                       Vienna Singers. Elisa Wilson Embleton
                                                                                                       (soprano), John Kessey
Date               PS number     Venue              Title                       Performers                   Series or notes         Size         D
7, 20 April 1990   PS48/1990/1   Art Gallery and Fly Artists in Sound “from the Ros Bandt & Sasha            EVOS New Music
                                 By Night            greenhouse”                Bodganowitsch                series
31 December 1990   PS48/1990/2   Perth Concert Hall Vienna Pops Concert         Perth Pops Orchestra,        Musical director John
                                                                                Vienna Singers. Emma         Embleton
                                                                                Lyons & Lisa Brown
                                                                                (soprano), Anson Austin
                                                                                (tenor), Earl Reeve
2 November 1990    PS48/1990/3   Aquinas College     Sounds of peace            Nawang Khechog (Tibetan      Tour of the 14th Dalai 42 x 30 cm
                                 Chapel                                         bamboo flute & didjeridoo    Lama
                                                                                player). Ben Burgess, D.D.
23 August 1990     PS48/1990/4   St George’s         St. Hallvard-Guttene       Norwegian Boys' Choir        Conductor: Oistein      60 x 43 cm
                                 Cathedral                                                                   Vogt

10 November 1993   PS48/1993/1   Perth Concert Hall The Fureys                  The Fureys                   Australian tour

27 November 1993   PS48/1993/2   Fremantle          “Dandjoo” Together in       I Land, Passion Dance and Australian Music Day
                                 Passenger          Company                     the Big Love Band, Red    ‘93
                                 Terminal                                       Ochre, Souls Ajah, Nungka
                                                                                Dancers, Bizircus, Donna
                                                                                and the Dimes, Get on
                                                                                Down, Bad Boys, Ichinen,
                                                                                Pipeline and Ice Down

16 October 1993    PS48/1993/3   Octagon Theatre    Fiddler at the Octagon      Ernie Gruner (violinist)     Traditional and
                                 UWA                                                                         contemporary Jewish
31 March 1993      PS48/1993/4   Perth Concert Hall Guinness Celebration of     Christy Moore, Donal         Australia and NZ tour
                                                    Irish music                 Lunny, Davy Spillane,
                                                                                Stocktons Wing,
                                                                                Barleycorn, etc
Date                PS number     Venue              Title                        Performers                    Series or notes     Size          D
21 November 1993    PS48/1993/5   St John’s Anglican A concert for St Cecilia     Marillier Baroque Ensemble
                                  Church                                          – Glynn Marillier (recorder,
                                                                                  Jillian Belbin (harpsichord),
                                                                                  Hans Hug (cello)

16 May 1993         PS48/1993/6   Subiaco Theatre     50 years of jazz piano      John Gill                    Scott Joplin to Billy 30 x 27 cm
                                  Centre                                                                       Joel
15 Aug 1993         PS48/1993/7   Lemnos Hospital     Symphony in Shenton Park                                 Director: Graham      42 x 30 cm
                                  grounds             bushland                                                 Wood. Full symphony
                                                                                                               orchestra (69
                                                                                                               musicians listed).

14/01/1994          PS48/1994/1   Fremantle Arts   Summer Tour                    James Morrison, John
15/01/1994                        Centre, Bannamah                                Morrison, Murray Wilkins,
16/01/1994                        Wildlife Park,                                  Mike Nelson

29/03/1994          PS48/1994/2   Perth Concert Hall Australian Chamber           Edward Higginbottom, Ton
7/06/1994                                            Orchestra 1994               Koopman, Richard Tognetti
10/08/1994                                           subscription series
23 - ? May 1994     PS48/1994/3   Regal Theatre      Looking Through a Glass      John Waters
                                                     Onion. John Lennon in
                                                     Word and Music.
6 -10 July 1994     PS48/1994/4   WA Academy of      Fire Without Smoke                                        Jazz Australia
                                  Performing Arts
                                  and Perth Concert
17 – 23 September   PS48/1994/5   Various locations 21st anniversary reunion      Will Upson Big Band
1994                                                 tour of the Will Upson Big
26 September 1994   PS48/1994/6   Club O                                          Buffalo Tom
Date                  PS number      Venue               Title                     Performers                     Series or notes      Size         D
1 October 1994        PS48/1994/7    Fremantle                                     Tumbleweed plus                Presented by Amnesty
                                     Passenger                                     Rosemary Beads, Circus         International
                                     Terminal.                                     Murders, Yummy Fur,
17 – 21 Nov 1994      PS48/1994/8    O’Connors, Lone     The Elks ‘94              The Elks, special guests the
                                     Star, Steve’s,                                Bayou Bros
19 November 1994      PS48/1994/9    Roberts Road,       Groundswell 94            Dave Hole, Things of Stone Launching Australian                  D
                                     Albany                                        and Wood, Def FX, Painters music Week
                                                                                   and Dockers, The Chevelles,
                                                                                   Storytime, Pokerface, The

7 June 1994           PS48/1994/10   Perth Concert Hall Australian Chamber         Ton Koopman (director and
                                                        Orchestra                  harpsichord), Richard
                                                                                   Tognetti (leader)

11 – 13 Nov 1994      PS48/1994/11   Bridgetown          Blues at Bridgetown      Venetta Fields, The
                                                                                  Backsliders, The Elks
4 March 1994, 5 - 7   PS48/1994/12   Orient; Club O      Mr Floppy the unbearable Mr Floppy                                            60 x 42 cm
March 1994                                               lightness of being a
                                                         dickhead tour
                                     Sorrento Soccer                                                              City of Wanneroo
14 June 1994          PS48/1994/13   Club                Music for all seasons     Garry Lee Sextet               event                42 x 30 cm
22 - 23 Feb 1995      PS48/1995/1    Fly By Night Club   Luka Bloom                Luka Bloom                     Diamond Mountain
                                                                                                                  Tour 1995
18, 19 August 1995    PS48/1995/2    Planet;             Gobstopper Tour 1995      Big Heavy Stuff, Rosemary                           59 x 37 cm
                                     Harbourside                                   Beads, Knievel. Also
                                                                                   Yummy Fur on 19 Aug.

27 March 1997         PS48/1997/1    Burswood            Aaron Kwok in concert     Aaron Kwok                                          76 x 51 cm
                                     Resort Casino
Date                  PS number     Venue              Title                      Performers                  Series or notes          Size         D
17 – 18 Jan 2004      PS48/2004/1   Sandalford       Emirates symphony at         Dionne Warwick, West                                 60 x 42 cm
                                    Caversham Estate Sandalford                   Australian Symphony
22 May 2004           PS48/2004/2   Perth Concert Hall Scale variable 04: for     Pi Ensemble                 World premiere of     60 x 42 cm
                                                       those with a sound                                     David Pye’s Karakamia
19 February 2005      PS48/2005/1   Perth Zoo          Marcia Hines in concert    Marcia Hines                South Perth Fiesta       60 x 42 cm

30 October 2005       PS48/2005/2   Winthrop Hall,     Chopin & friends           Maria Welna                 Piano and organ          42 x 30 cm
                                    UWA                                                                       recital
19 March 2006         PS48/2006/1   Perth Concert Hall Vivaldi the Four Seasons   Cologne New Philharmonic Performing Vivaldi,         60 x 42 cm
                                                                                  Orchestra                Mozart, Tchaikovski.

10 March 2007         PS48/2007/1   Warehouse Café     Flute! Flute!! Concert     Naoko Matsushita                                     30 x 21 cm
                                    Shenton Park       Classical or Japanese?
31 December 2008      PS48/2008/1   Perth Concert Hall Twenty First Vienna Pops Perth Pops Orchestra, New Presented by Rotary
                                                       Concert                  I Voci Singers, six fine solo Club of Perth and John
                                                                                artists                       Christmass

17 – 18 Dec 2008      PS48/2008/2   Quarry             Live at the Quarry         Tripod             James
21 – 22 Jan 2009                    Amphitheatre                                  Morrison       The
30 Jan – 1 Feb 2009                                                               Whitlams
13 December 2008      PS48/2008/3   Hyde Park Hotel    Bootleg show               Cal Pec and the Tramps,
                                    Backroom                                      Special Brew, Injured Ninja,
                                                                                  Hayley Beth
14/12/2008            PS48/2008/4   Fremantle Arts     Courtyard music            International Human Rights Sunday afternoon,
21/12/2008                          Centre courtyard                              Day Celebration.             free entry
28/12/2008                                                                        ElectricKoraLand.
4/01/2009                                                                         Sneaky Weasel Gang.
                                                                                  Pugsley Buzzard
Date               PS number      Venue               Title                  Performers             Series or notes                   Size   D
6/11/2008          PS48/2008/5    Fremantle Arts      Sonic sessions         Kim Salmon       Jeff Hosted by Lucky
12/11/2008                        Centre courtyard                           Lang        Don Walker Oceans
20/11/2008                                                                   Hank Marvin
26/11/2008                                                                   Abbe May
23/11/2008         PS48/2008/6    Fremantle Town      Emerging WA Talents    Daniel Kossov conducts         Transferred to
30/11/2008                        Hall, Hale School                          Fremantle Chamber              PS323/2008/1
29 November 2008   PS48/2008/7    Geisha Bar,         Massive vibrations     Scott Blackman, Paul
                                  Northbridge                                Raphael, Seretonin, Tony
                                                                             Lopez, Marnie Kent
30 November 2008   PS48/2008/8    Perth Town Hall     People’s Messiah       Collegium Symphonic            Invitation to sing in a
                                                                             Chorus                         large massed chorus

27 November 2008   PS48/2008/9    Metro Fremantle     Get Us Home Tour       The Panics

28 – 29 Nov 2008   PS48/2008/10   Hale School        Noël it All!            John Michael Swinbank          Noel Coward songs
14 October 2008    PS48/2008/11   Perth Concert Hall Spirit of the Streets   Spirit of the Streets Choir,   Inspired by ‘Choir of
                                                                             Perth Male Voice Choir,        Hard Knocks’
                                                                             Working Voices Choir

12 October 2008    PS48/2008/12   St Margaret’s    Allegri Con Brio          Allegri Chamber Orchestra,
                                  Church, Nedlands                           Mario Duella

28 November 2008   PS48/2008/13   Pioneer Women’s Mamma Mia! It’s… Bjőrn     Special guest - Absolute
                                  Memorial, Kings Again                      Kylie

30 November 2008   PS48/2008/14   Indie Bar,      Jeff Martin and The        Jeff Martin and The Armada Australian tour 2008
                                  Scarborough     Armada
29 November 2008   PS48/2008/15   Pioneer Women’s Escape to the park         The Cruel Sea, Ben Lee, Bob
                                  Memorial, Kings                            Evans with Band, Kate
                                  Park                                       Miller-Heidke, Abbe May &
                                                                             the Rockin’ Pneumonia
Date               PS number      Venue              Title                        Performers                   Series or notes     Size   D
23 November 2008   PS48/2008/16   The Esplanade      Global Gathering             Kraftwerk, Mark Ronson
                                                                                  and the Version Palyers,
                                                                                  Gorillaz, Above & Beyond,
24 October 2008    PS48/2008/17   Bar Open,          Apex                         APEX (UK) (Lifted,
                                  Northbridge                                     Renegade Hardware,
                                                                                  Moving Shadow, Horizons).
                                                                                  With local support from:
                                                                                  Killswitch, Frantik, Access,
                                                                                  Double -1-Seven, Sempy

8 November 2008    PS48/2008/18   Sandalford Wines, Symphony at Sandalford        The Ten Tenors with
                                  Swan Valley                                     L’Orchestra di Femmine;
                                                                                  guest Glenn Shorrock
9 November 2008    PS48/2008/19   Sandalford Wines, A Day on the Green            Hoodoo Gurus, Thirsty
                                  Swan Valley                                     Merc, Mark Seymour, The
                                                                                  Reels, Andrew Winton

7/05/2008          PS48/2008/20   Art Gallery of W.A. Scale Variable 08           Nu; Lindsay Vickery;         New chamber music          D
21/06/2008                                            (Read) between the lines;   Australian Art Orchestra     series
6/09/2008                                             Tectonic; Crossing Rope     with the Musicians of
                                                      Bar                         Ngukkur
31 August 2008     PS48/2008/21   Midland Gate        Hyper Festival 2008         Shihad, Birds of Tokyo, Tzu,
                                  Shopping Centre                                 Murph & Plutonic, The
                                                                                  Getaway Plan, Elora Danan,
18 July 2008       PS48/2008/22   Norfolk Hotel      The Flairz are proud to      The Flairz, Abbe May & the
                                                     present their over 18        Rockin’ Pneumonia, Tame
                                                     album launch for Black       Impala, Adrian and Ellen
                                                     Box                          (Empty State), DY Skatergirl

18/07/2008         PS48/2008/23   Hyde Park Hotel;   Rust: east coast street      Rust, The Homicides,     W.A. tour July ‘08
19/07/2008                        Mojos, North       punk                         Surprise Sex Attack, The
                                  Fremantle                                       New Husseins. Chainsaw
                                                                                  Horror, Rust & The
Date                     PS number      Venue               Title                       Performers                  Series or notes          Size   D
30/05/2008               PS48/2008/24   Indie Bar; Clancy’s Sneaky Weasel Gang          Sneaky Weasel Gang
28/06/2008                              Fish Bar
11 – 13 July 2008        PS48/2008/25   St Mary’s Anglican Fully Operational            Enchantment Unlimited
                                        Girls’ School,

21 June 2008             PS48/2008/26   Amplifier           Slim Pickins. The Scotch of Slim Pickins                Touring EP The Scotch
                                                            Saint James                                             of Saint James

29 August 2008           PS48/2008/27   Amplifier bar       The Autumn Isles tour       Autumn Isles, Kites, Will
                                                            fundraiser                  Stoker & the Embers, The
6 September 2008         PS48/2008/28   Hyde Park Hotel     Mile End                    Mile End, Genghis, Bone, DJ Bootleg roster
19/09/2008               PS48/2008/29   Norfolk Basement; Bigger better stronger        Gigantic                    Touring Australia,
20/09/2008                              Rocket Room       world tour!                                               Japan, USA, Canada,

20/06/2008               PS48/2008/30   The Rosemount, Saritah                          Saritah                     Conscious roots, soul,
21/06/2008                              Kulcha, Redcliffe                                                           melody, message,
22/06/2008                              on the Murray, Ye                                                           groove
26/06/2008                              Olde Quindanning
27/06/2008                              Inne, The Settlers

11 October 2008          PS48/2008/31   Fly By Night Club   The Day Jay Came To         Big Jay McNeely, with      King of the honkin’ sax
                                                            Town                        Adam Hall and the Playboys

30 August 2008           PS48/2008/32   Burswood Dome       Andrea Bocelli in concert   Andrea Bocelli, Czech
                                                                                        National Symphony
30 April – 2 July 2008   PS48/2008/33   St George’s         Concerts-After-Noon         Various school and colleges Winter recital series
Date                PS number      Venue             Title                    Performers                     Series or notes      Size   D
18/07/2008          PS48/2008/34   Amplifier,        Who will be…The next big Various                        Uncovering WA’s best
19/07/2008                         Rosemount, Fly By thing for 2008?                                         original music
25/07/2008                         Night, Rosemount
14 October 2008     PS48/2008/35   Burswood Dome      A wonder spring night        Stevie Wonder
9 October 2008      PS48/2008/36   Capitol            2008 Australian tour         Carcass
10 October 2008     PS48/2008/37   Metro City         Angel in White Party         Godskitchen               10th year anniversary

5 October 2008      PS48/2008/38   Bakery Artrage     Ladytron                     Ladytron, Familjen
8 July 2008         PS48/2008/39   Metropolis         Joe Satriani Australia ‘08   Joe Satriani              Australian tour
18 July 2008        PS48/2008/40   Shape Nightclub    Dark times and desperate Bulletproof, Rregula,
                                                      measures                    Wrath, Form7
31/07/2008          PS48/2008/41   Capitol. Burswood The Fratellis. Priest Feast. ‘Special guests’. Judas    Two sided poster
16/09/2008                         Dome.                                          Priest, Sepultura’s Max &
4 – 14 Sept 2008    PS48/2008/42   9 venues           Tecoma with special         Tecoma                     For the road tour
10 September 2008   PS48/2008/43   Burswood Theatre Daniel O’Donnell              Daniel O’Donnell, Mary
5 September 2008    PS48/2008/44   Perth Concert Hall Crossing Roper Bar          Paul Grabowsky, Australian The finale concert
                                                                                  Art Orchestra, Wagilak
                                                                                  musicians, Ruby Hunter

13 August 2008      PS48/2008/45   Challenge Stadium Paul Weller                   Paul Weller
Date               PS number        Venue             Title                      Performers                   Series or notes        Size         D
18/08/2008         PS48/2008/46     Mandurah Perf     Songs to make you smile    Justine Clarke with live     Children’s concert
19/08/2008                          Arts Centre,                                 band
20/08/2008                          Morley Sport &
21/08/2008                          Rec Centre,
22/08/2008                          Fremantle Town
23/08/2008                          Hall, Claremont
                                    Bunbury Ent.
                                    Centre, Joondalup
                                    Baptist College

13 August 2008     PS48/2008/47     Perth Concert Hall Winner of 2008 Sydney     [Not provided]
                                                       International piano
21 August 2008     PS48/2008/48     Octagon Theatre MGT From a Dream             Wolfgang Muthspiel, Slava Australian tour
                                                                                 Grigoryan, Ralph Towner

1 January 2008     PS48/2008/49                       Battle of the bands        Local and upcoming bands City of Stirling youth 42 x 30 cm
2 February 2008    PS48/2008/50     Penrhos College   A touch of music in the    Justin Freind and Katherine Songs from Broadway 21 x 30 cm
                                                      night                      Jenkins                     and the West End

3 February 2008    PS48/2008/51     Kings Park        An evening on the green    Joe Cocker, Renee Geyer,                            60 x 42 cm
                                                                                 Mia Dyson
1 January 2008     PS48/2008/52     Perth Concert Hall Monday morning recitals                                Summer Series          60 x 42 cm D

22 February 2008   PS48/2008/53     King’s Park       Cyndi Lauper               Cyndi Lauper, Katie        Outdoor concert          60 x 42 cm D
                                                                                 Noonan, Kate Miller-Heidke

24 February 2008   PS48/2008/54     Claremont         Aussie Rock celebration    Rose Tattoo, Noiseworks,     Playing Bon Scott      59 x 42 cm
                   Transferred to   Showgrounds       concert ‘08                The Angels Band, The         AC/DC classics.
                   PS265/2008/1                                                  Screaming Jets, Dave Hole,   Unveiling the statue
                                                                                 The Party Boys               of Bon Scott.
Date               PS number      Venue              Title                     Performers                   Series or notes       Size       D
16 February 2008   PS48/2008/55   Claremont Football Claremont Rock            Chain Reaction               Rock’n’roll dance     42 x 30 cm
                                  Club                                                                      night
1 February 2008    PS48/2008/56   Ambar              Destination? New year     Agent 86, Signal Drivers,                          41 x 29 cm
                                                     music 08.                 Karl Sav, Dfuzhion, Lyndon,
23 February 2008   PS48/2008/57   Perth Concert Hall Leo Kotke                 Leo Kotke                   Australian tour        42 x 30 cm

22 February 2008   PS48/2008/58   Metro City         Clap your Hands Say Yeah Clap your Hands Say Yeah, Australian tour           42 x 30 cm
                                                                              Manchester Orchestra

27 – 30 Mar 2008   PS48/2008/59   Karakamia Wildlife Pi                        Cathie Travers, David Pye,                         15 x 52 cm
                                  Sanctuary                                    Buddle / Robinson

19 January 2008    PS48/2008/60   Artrage The Bakery An evening with Andrew    Andrew Weatherall            DJ producer remixer   60 x 42 cm
26 January 2008    PS48/2008/61   Langley Park       Stay pumped               End of Fashion, Red          Australia Day youth   60 x 42 cm
                                                                               Jezebel, The Silents, The    concert
17 March 2008      PS48/2008/62   Perth Concert Hall Omar Faruk Tekbilek and   Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Savas   Sufi, folk and       60 x 42 cm D
                                                     Ensemble                  Őzkők, Yannis Dimitriadis,   contemporary music
                                                                               Itamar Erez, River           from Turkey & Middle
                                                                               Guerguerian, Murat           East
26 April 2008      PS48/2008/63   Perth Town Hall    Hits of love and war      Justin Freind, Katherine     Songs from the war     30 x 42 cm
                                                                               Jenkins                      years
5 April 2008       PS48/2008/64   Amplifier Bar      The Autumn Isles          Autumn Isles, New Rules      ‘Wish lists and sunken 60 x 42 cm
                                                                               for Boats, Circuits of the   lands’ EP launch
                                                                               Sun, Kites.
10 April 2008      PS48/2008/65   Regal Theatre      The Delltones Bopa Doo    Delltones          Celebrating 50 years            60 x 42 cm
                                                     Wop national tour                            1958 - 2008
14/03/2008         PS48/2008/66   The Bakery, Mojo’s Van She ‘Cat & the Eye’ Van She              New digital single              60 x 42 cm
15/03/2008                                           Australian tour
25 April 2008      PS48/2008/67   Fly By Night Club Thomas Mapfumo and the Thomas Mapfumo and the                                 60 x 42 cm
                                                     Blacks Unlimited        Blacks Unlimited
Date            PS number      Venue            Title                     Performers                  Series or notes         Size       D
6 April 2008    PS48/2008/68   The Esplanade    V Festival 08             The Smashing Pumpkins,                              60 x 42 cm
                                                                          Duran Duran, Queens of
                                                                          the Stone Age, Mika, The
                                                                          Jesus and Mary Chain, etc

28 March 2008   PS48/2008/69   The Bakery       The “Tomas Ford is poor   Tomas Ford, Brash and       Artrage                 42 x 30 cm
                                                and going on tour which   Sassy, The Transients,
                                                is hard to do when your   Voltaire Twins, Turbine 37,
                                                poor so he’s having a     DXU, D’Cyphr, Hickey,
                                                fundraiser” fundraiser    Delete Delete DJs

6/03/2008       PS48/2008/70   Fremantle Arts   Jazz Mo’                  Hip Mo’ Toast, Graham       Fast hot jazz under a   42 x 30 cm
13/03/2008                     Centre                                     Wood Trio, Scope, Troy      cool night sky
20/03/2008                                                                Roberts Quartet
30 March 2008   PS48/2008/71   Pioneer Women’s An evening with Harry      Harry Connick, Jr                                   60 x 42 cm
                               Memorial Kings   Connick, Jr and his big
                               Park and Botanic band

29 March 2008   PS48/2008/72   Members Equity Jack Johnson                Jack Johnson, Matt Costa                            60 x 42 cm
27 March 2008   PS48/2008/73   Pioneer Women’s Air with special guests    Air                                                 59 x 42 cm
                               Memorial Kings
                               Park and Botanic

18 March 2008   PS48/2008/74   The Capitol      From the Jam              Bruce Foxton, Rick Buckler British band              42 x 30
8 March 2008    PS48/2008/75   Quarry           Swing Out                 James Flynn and his mini    Presented by Solo to    42 x 30 cm
                               Amphitheatre                               big band; Del Fuego.        Symphony
4 March 2008    PS48/2008/76   Bakery Artrage   Coco Rosie                Coco Rosie                                          42 x 30 cm
Date                  PS number        Venue                Title                   Performers                 Series or notes      Size       D
7 March 2008          PS48/2008/77     Amplifier bar        Operation Beehive       Operation Beehive,         EP launch            42 x 30 cm
                                                                                    Pathaway, The
                                                                                    Remedials, The Preytells

2 March 2008          PS48/2008/78     Wellington Square Future Music Festival       Chemical Brothers, John                        60 x 42 cm D
                                                                                     Digweed, Roger Sanchez,
                                                                                     Svenvath, The
                                                                                     Shapeshifters, MarkKnight,
                                                                                     Who Made Who, Aesop
                                                                                     Rock, etc.
1 May 2008            PS48/2008/79     Perth City Farm      An extraordinary evening Mal Webb supported by Mr Music-making and      30 x 21 cm
                                                            with Mal Webb            Sister                     storytelling
14, 22 June 2008      PS48/2008/80     Fly by Night Club;   Eric Bogle with John     Eric Bogle, John Munro                         42 x 30 cm D
                                       Irish Club of W.A.   Munro

14, 17-19, 24 June 2008 PS48/2008/81   Boardwalk          African spirit            Soweto Gospel Choir        A new show from the 42 x 30 cm
                                       Theatre; His                                                            heart of Afirca
                                       Majesty's Theatre;

9 March 2008          PS48/2008/82     Fly by Night         Malaika                 Malaika; Tarisai Vushe;    South African         60 x 42 cm
                                                                                                               musicians and singers

21 June 2008          PS48/2008/83     Bakery Artrage       Barry Adamson           Barry Adamson; The Bad                          60 x 42 cm
                                       complex                                      Seeds; Magazine
20 June 2008          PS48/2008/84     Albie's Bar          When the flood comes    The Audrey's; J. Walker                         60 x 42 cm
                                       Busselton; Fly By                            (Machine Translations)
                                       Night; Civic Hotel

31 May 2008           PS48/2008/85     Bakery Artrage       !!! (Chk, Chk, chk)     !!! (Chk, Chk, chk)                             60 x 42 cm
Date               PS number      Venue               Title                       Performers                 Series or notes     Size       D
21 April 2008      PS48/2008/86   Charles Hotel       A tribute to Alan Corbet    Various performers         Presented by JazzWA 43 x 30 cm
                                                                                                             and the Perth Jazz
6 January 2008     PS48/2008/87   Esplanade &         Summa Dayze                 Various performers         Open air concerts   60 x 42 cm
                                  Supreme Court
21 June 2008       PS48/2008/88   Fly By Night Club   Blues n Roots charity       Howie Morgan, Rose         Hands of Hope        21 x 14 cm
                                                      concert                     Parker, Maera, Andrew      Ukraine
22 June 2008       PS48/2008/89   Fly By Night Club   Perth Metro Pipe Band       Battlefield Band           Scottish             30 x 16 cm
                                                      fundraising concert                                    contemporary music

1 June 2008        PS48/2008/90   Callaway Music      Three rising stars!         Shuan Hern Lee (5yr),      Piano recital         30 x 42 cm
                                  auditorium, UWA                                 Lawrence Ng (8yr), Kevin   organised by Yoon Sen
                                                                                  Chow (11yr)                Lee Music School

15 November 2008   PS48/2008/91   Norfolk Basement Bird to Prey. We are not       Bird to Prey. Mitey-Ko,    CD launch            42 x 30 cm
                                                   kiongs here.                   Gosia Basinska, Turin

25 April 2009      PS48/2009/1    Fly By Night Club   Betty Harris                Betty Harris with Adam Hall Soul queen of New
                                                                                  and the Velvet Playboys.    Orleans
                                                                                  Sugar Blue Burlesque. DJs
                                                                                  Mohair Slim, Claude and
                                                                                  Northern Soul DJs.

17 January 2009    PS48/2009/2    Norfolk Basement Sundays Away                   Sundays Away, Seven        Album launch
                                  Lounge                                          Weapons, Jonathan Brain

20/03/2009         PS48/2009/3    Fremantle Arts      Soft Soft Loud: Soldier’s   Guapo and Cathie Travers; Open air concerts
3/04/2009                         Centre              Tale by Stravinsky; Fused   Australian Brass Quintet
                                                      with Abbe May
1 May 2009         PS48/2009/4    Kulcha              Inspired                    August Third               Perth trio
Date               PS number      Venue               Title                     Performers                Series or notes         Size   D
26/02/2009         PS48/2009/5    Prince of Wales     Astronaut                 Astronaut; Boys, Boys,
27/02/2009                        Bunbury, Crown                                Boys; Accolades vv Ruff
6/03/2009                         Hotel Collie,                                 Styles;
                                  Rosemount Hotel

20 March 2009      PS48/2009/6    Perth Concert Hall In concert                  David Hobson, Teddy Tahu
                                                                                 Rhodes, Sharolyn
14 February 2009   PS48/2009/7    Araluen             The amazing Blues Festival Lloyd Seigel, Dave Hole,
                                                                                 Blue Shaddy
14 March 2009      PS48/2009/8    Kalamunda           East meets West            Krzysztof Piotrowicz,    Russian 7-string Roma
                                  Performing Arts                                Mardae Selepak           Gypsy and Spanish &
                                  Centre                                                                  Latin American guitar

18 April 2009      PS48/2009/9    Perth Concert Hall Mary Duff                  Mary Duff                 Vocalist

18/04/2009         PS48/2009/10   WAAPA Mt Lawley, Pianist Ambre Hammond Ambre Hammond,                   Transferred to
19/04/2009                        Fremantle Town                         Fremantle Chamber                PS323/2009/1
                                  Hall                                   Orchestra

19 March 2009      PS48/2009/11   Perth Concert Hall Good Lovin’                David Campbell            Australian tour

29 March 2009      PS48/2009/12   Mojos Bar           Creature of Habit album   Carus Thompson and
                                  Fremantle           launch tour               quests
22/05/2009         PS48/2009/13   Mandurah            Barbara & Frank: the      Sharon Owens, Sebastian   Barbara Streisand and
23/05/2009                        Performing Arts     concert that never was.   Anzaldo                   Frank Sinatra
                                  Centre, Perth                                                           imitators
                                  Convention Centre

11/03/2009         PS48/2009/14   Regal Theatre,      Gary Puckett [Union Gap] Gary Puckett
13/03/2009                        Bunbury
Date               PS number      Venue             Title                       Performers                     Series or notes        Size   D
16 March 2009      PS48/2009/15   Club Capitol      The Summer Slaughter        Necrophagist, Dying fetus
1 March 2009       PS48/2009/16   Wellington Square Future Music Festival       Basement Jaxx, NERD,
                                                                                Pharrell Williams, CSS, Paul
                                                                                Oakenfold, Steve Angello,
1 January 2009     PS48/2009/17   Government        Summer series, morning
                                  House Ballroom    recitals
12 February 2009   PS48/2009/18   Joondalup Resort  Valentine’s concert, Songs Damien Leith,               10th anniversary of
                                                    of a generation                                        City of Joondalup
4 January 2009     PS48/2009/19   The Esplanade and Summer Dayze               Underworld, Armin Van
                                  Supreme Court                                Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Eric
                                  Gardens                                      Prydz, etc
31 January 2009    PS48/2009/20   Kings Park and    Believe Again tour         Delta Goodrem
                                  Botanic Garden
22/01/2009         PS48/2009/21   Fremantle Arts    The Waifs summer tour      The Waifs plus Mama Kin
24/01/2009                        Centre, Wignalls 2008-2009
25/01/2009                        Winery Albany,
28/01/2009                        Leeuwin State
29/01/2009                        Winery, Queens
                                  Park Theatre,
                                  Performing Arts

25 May 2009        PS48/2009/22   Ellington Jazz Club Chamber Jam               Imperial String quartet with
                                                                                Matthew kidd 7 Adam
                                                                                Pinto; Pro Arte Collective;
                                                                                Arundo Reed Quartet.

19 April 2009      PS48/2009/23   South Fremantle Floral Pianism              Pianist: Yoon Sen Lee.           Floral art
                                  Senior High School                          Florists: Ivy Chan, Emily        accompanied by piano
                                                                              Elliot                           music
12/03/2009         PS48/2009/24   Government         Violinist Rudolf Kowlman Rudolf Koelman, Fremantle        Conductor: Daniel
14/03/2009                        House Ballroom,                             Chamber Orchestra                Kossov Transferred
                                  Fremantle Town                                                               to PS323/2009/2
Date               PS number      Venue               Title                      Performers                Series or notes           Size         D
19 February 2009   PS48/2009/25   St George’s         Vivaldi The Four Seasons   Cologne NJew Philharmonic
                                  Cathedral                                      Chamber Orchestra

17 July 2009       PS48/2009/26   Fly By Night        Peter Combe in concert     Peter Combe                  Kids show and big kids 60 x 42 cm
                                  Musicians Club                                                              show
26 June 2009       PS48/2009/27   St Joseph Church    2009 mid year concert      Phillia Philharmonic                                39 x 51 cm
                                  Subiaco                                        Orchestra, Heaven String
23 June 2009       PS48/2009/28   Perth Concert Hall Australian tour 2009        Ladysmith Black Mambazo                             60 x 42 cm

19 - ? May 2009    PS48/2009/29   Regal Theatre       The Bar at Buena Vista.   The Bar at Buena Vista                               60 x 42 cm
                                                      The grandfathers of Cuban
11 July 2009       PS48/2009/30   Fly By Night        Zigatango                 Zigatango, Craig Sinclair,                           56 x 42 cm
                                  Musicians Club                                Lara Norman, Perth Tango
                                                                                Club, Astor Piazzolla

12 June 2009       PS48/2009/31   Paramount           The Wire magazine launch Gyroscope, Eskimo Joe, Red                            60 x 42 cm
                                                      party                    Riders, DJ Armee
13 – 22 Feb 2009   PS48/2009/32   Various locations   Do what lifts            Saritah                    Single launch tour         56 x 42 cm

14 August 2009     PS48/2009/33   Kulcha, Fremantle East meets west returns      Krzysztof Piotrowicz,        Guitarists             42 x 30 cm
                                                                                 Mardae Selepak
25 July 2009       PS48/2009/34   Don Russell         The vocal magic of the Ten Ten Sopranos                 Australian tour        42 x 30 cm
                                  Performing Arts     Sopranos
26/07/2009         PS48/2009/35   Fremantle Town Strings of the Fremantle        Fremantle Chamber            City of Perth winter   42 x 30 cm
2/08/2009                         Hall, Perth Town Chamber Orchestra             Orchestra                    arts season
17 July 2009       PS48/2009/36   The Rocket Room The Atom Hearts                The Atom Hearts, The         EP launch              42 x 30 cm
                                                                                 Scotch of Saint James, the
                                                                                 Painkillers, Stereoflower,
                                                                                 the Velveteens
Date                   PS number      Venue             Title                       Performers                   Series or notes         Size       D
28 June 2009           PS48/2009/37   St Andrews Church Gloria. Vivaldi, Gloria.    Chapel Choir. Jane                                   42 x 30 cm
                                      Subiaco           Stanford, Magnificat and    Artelaris, Shamara de
                                                        Nunc Dimittis. Pieces by    Tissera. Conductor : Paul
                                                        Bach, Bruckner, Franck      Sealey. Organ: Tim
                                                        and Purcell                 Robertson

13 June 2009           PS48/2009/38   St George’s         Rachmaninov Vespers.      Conductor: Joseph Nolan      A capella concert by    42 x 30 cm
                                      Cathedral Perth                                                            candlelight
6 October 2009         PS48/2009/39   Perth Town Hall     Music from the musicals   The Entertainers                                     42 x 30 cm
                                                          for Holly Wood's happy
11 October 2009        PS48/2009/40   Snadens Pianos      Piano party               Kathy Chow, Fiona Wang,      Duets, trios and four   42 x 30 cm
                                                                                    Cindy Kalai, Danielle Lam,   hands on Shigeru
                                                                                    Roland Brand, Allan Hon,     Kawai pianos
                                                                                    Yoon Sen Lee

29 Sept, 29 Oct 2009   PS48/2009/41   Ellington Jazz Club Bitter sweet & twisted    John Michael Swinbank,    Coward, Porter and         42 x 30 cm
                                                                                    Tim Cunniffe              Sondheim songs
30 October 2009        PS48/2009/42   Forrest Place Perth Cabaret cadenza           Jay Weston, Fiona Cooper Celebrate the Spring        42 x 30 cm
                                                                                    Smyth, David Wickham, Zoe Racing Carnival
                                                                                    Kikiros, Robert Hofmann.

23 October 2009        PS48/2009/43   St George's         Streets to angels         The Spirit of the Streets                            42 x 30 cm
                                      Cathedral                                     Choir, Perth Male Voice
                                                                                    Choir, Mercedes College
                                                                                    Select Choir.
2 - 21 Oct 2009        PS48/2009/44   Various locations   WA rockin' roots tour     Nathan Kaye, Alix Bidstrup                           42 x 30 cm

11 September 2009      PS48/2009/45   WAAPA Mt Lawley Distance                      Grigoryan Brothers           Australian tour         42 x 30 cm

3 September 2009       PS48/2009/46   Hyde Park Hotel     Music feedback            Voltair Twins, Roly Skender, Launch of Music       42 x 30 cm
                                                                                    Timothy Nelson, Black        Feedback youth
                                                                                    Board Minds, Mister and      mental health project
                                                                                    Sunbird, Stone Circle, Nat
Date                 PS number       Venue                Title                     Performers                  Series or notes          Size       D
28 August 2009       PS48/2009/47    Don Russell          Doug de Vries Diana Clark Doug de Vries, Diana Clark, Australian tour          42 x 30 cm
                                     Performing Arts      Trio                      Stephen Grant
11 October 2009      PS48/2009/48                    Hugh Masekela, the sound Hugh Masekela, Chris Gudu
                                     Perth Concert Hall                                                                                  60 x 42 cm
                                                     of Africa
20 November 2009     PS48/2009/49    Pioneer Women's Seal                     Seal                      Soul tour                        60 x 42 cm
                                     Memorial Kings
                                     Park & Botanic

21 November 2009     PS48/2009/50    Perth Convention     Sinful attraction tour       Tori Amos with special                            60 x 42 cm
                                     Exhibition Centre                                 guests

10-20 Sept 2009      PS48/2009/51                         Totally huge new music       Various                      Presented by Tura    60 x 42 cm
                                                          festival                                                  New Music
22 - 29 November 2009 PS48/2009/52   Various locations    Diesel hits and blues tour   Diesel                       National tour        60 x 42 cm
18 April 2009        PS48/2009/53    Subiaco Arts         The Road to Anaheim          Alliance, Vocal Evolution,   In support of the     30 x 21 cm
                                     Centre               concert                      BlackJaQ, Nexus, Ambrosia    Alliance Quartet,
                                                                                       String Quartet, Johnny       competing in
                                                                                       Young Talent School.         International Quartet
                                                                                                                    Contest, Anaheim July
11 - 20 December 2009 PS48/2009/54   Denmark, Albany, Saritah                          Saritah                                            56 x 42 cm
                                     Margaret River, Mt

5 December 2009      PS48/2009/55    The Navy Club        A night of very saxy brass Brassalicious, Just Sax.                            42 x 30 cm
Date               PS number      Venue               Title                      Performers                 Series or notes   Size       D
12-15/11/2009      PS48/2009/56   Quarry              Live at the Quarry         Sarah Blasko;                                60 x 42 cm
20-21/11/2009                     Amphitheatre                                   Tim Finn;
17-18/12/2009                                                                    The Church;
27-28/01/2010                                                                    The Ten Tenors.
11 December 2009   PS48/2009/57   Kulcha              Spirit of the guitar       Jonathan Paget, Craig Lake                   42 x 30 cm

28 March 2010      PS48/2010/1    Fremantle Park,     Blues'N'Roots festival     Multiple performers,                         42 x 30 cm
                                  Fremantle                                      including John Butler Trio

9 February 2010    PS48/2010/2    Ellington Jazz Club Brenda Lee                 Brenda Lee, Ben                              30 x 21 cm
                                                                                 Vanderwal, Ray Walker,
                                                                                 Graham Wood, Matt Millis

-                  PS48/UND/1                         Stimmen and saiten         Helena Hendel, Leonard
15-17 [?]          PS48/UND/2     Swanbourne,         Vegetable curry tour       Crent: Kent, Paul, Chris,
                                  Orient and                                     Jason
20 - 23 January    PS48/UND/3     Fremantle Arts      Under the stars with Vince Vince Jones, Barnie McAll,
                                  Centre, Bannamah Jones                         Jonathon Zwartz, Tim
                                  Wildlife Park, Hyde                            Hopkins, Hamish Stewart
                                  Park Hotel

12 March           PS48/UND/4     Hyde Park Hotel     On Tour: Tuck and Patti                                 Duo
14-16 April        PS48/UND/5     Lumiere Cinema,     The Underground Sessions Steve Kilbey, Kim Salmon
                                  Fly By Night Club                            and Matthew de la Hunty.
                                  and Club Original
Date              PS number     Venue            Title                    Performers                         Series or notes       Size      D
7 – 8 May         PS48/UND/6    Swanbourne Hotel The Sweet Blue Midnights

5 -15 June        PS48/UND/7    Dolphin Theatre     India Song                Marguerite Duras               Murdoch University
9 July            PS48/UND/8    Perth Concert Hall Greenpeace No Time To      14 live acts, radio and TV
                                                   Waste family concert       personalities
31 July           PS48/UND/9    Fly By Night Club Jimmy Smith. Jazz –         Jimmy Smith
                                                    blues master.
9 September       PS48/UND/10   Burswood            The Delltones. The        Delltones. Steve Davis
                                Showroom            Sunshine Club Tour.

4- 5 October      PS48/UND/11   Metropolis, The     D:Ream on tour            D:Ream, DJ Peer
18 - 23 October   PS48/UND/12   Actors Centre       Giles (is that you?)      Tilly Ozsdolay, Josie Giles,   Really Beyond Opera
                                Northbridge                                   Kate Hall                      and Time…
13 November       PS48/UND/13   Fly By Night Club   The Backsliders           The Backsliders                                                 D
1 December        PS48/UND/14   Perth               John Denver in Concert.   John Denver                    25 years of music     41 x 58 cm D
                                Entertainment       Celebration world tour.
2 December        PS48/UND/15   Perth               70’s Superstar Celebration K.C. and the Sunshine Band, Hosted by Molly
                                Entertainment                                   Gloria Gaynor, Marty       Meldrum and Donnie
                                Centre                                          Rhone, Ted Mulry Gang,     Sutherland
                                                                                John Paul young
16 September      PS48/UND/16   Metropolis          Angelique Kidjo: The        Angelique Kidjo and eight
                                                    sensational voice of Global piece group of singers,
                                                    Groove                      dancers and musicians

7 July            PS48/UND/17   Ozone Bar           Devils on Horseback       Devils on Horseback. Errol     Album launch
                                                                              H Tout.
26 January        PS48/UND/18   Fly By Night Club   Vika and Linda            Vika and Linda                 Launch album ‘Hard
9 December        PS48/UND/19   Fremantle           Nick and the Bad Seeds.   Nick and the Bad Seeds.
                                Passenger           Dave Graney with the      Dave Graney with the Coral
                                Terminal            Coral Snakes              Snakes
Date                   PS number     Venue               Title                      Performers                     Series or notes         Size      D
19 February            PS48/UND/20   Steve’s Hotel       The Elks                   The Elks. Special guests:
                                                                                    Steve Tallis, Dave Clarke
21 May                 PS48/UND/21   Hyde Park Hotel     Martin Taylor              Martin Taylor                  Jazz guitarist. Perth
                                                                                                                   Jazz Society.
28 May – 2 June        PS48/UND/22   Murdoch            Entropy Concerto: a true    Serge Tampalini
                                     University Theatre story.

24 January             PS48/UND/23   Mojo’s Bar          The Autumn Isles with      Autumn Isles, Circuits of
                                     Fremantle           special guests             the Sun, The Novocaines,
                                                                                    Miranda Pollard

27 January             PS48/UND/24   Mojo’s Bar          Loren solo                  Loren, Simon Kelly and        Photocopy
                                     Fremantle                                       Nathan Kaye
19 December            PS48/UND/25   Fremantle Arts      David Brewer: Life of Riley David Brewer                  CD launch
2 – 3 November         PS48/UND/26   Burswood Dome       Playtime!                  Hi-5
19 June, 20 June, 21   PS48/UND/27   Prince of Wales,    Circuits of the Sun        Circuits of the Sun with the
June, 27 June                        Bunbury; The                                   Happy Endings, The
                                     Crown, Collie;                                 Chemist
                                     Settler’s Tavern,
                                     Margaret River;
                                     Rocket Room,
6 December             PS48/UND/28   Ginger’s Garage,    I will not fall            Nat Ripepi, Djiva, zxspecky,   Organised by
                                     Northbridge                                    One Tiger Down, Hayley         Murdoch students to
                                                                                    Beth, Damien Thornber &        raise funds for Zonta
                                                                                    The Orphans                    House Women's
20 - 22 April          PS48/UND/29   Fremantle Town dig deeper                      Rhythm Elixir, Los Locos, DJ                           63 x 42 cm D
                                     Hall; Swanbourne                               Paul Gamblin
                                     Hotel; Lone Star
Date             PS number     Venue               Title                       Performers                      Series or notes         Size   D
16 - 22 May      PS48/UND/30   Settlers Inn        Reconciliation: an          Simon O’Dwyer (Celtic
                               Margaret River;     Irish/Aboriginal cultural   horn), Maria Cullen (Irish
                               Duck Inn Subiaco;   experience                  percussion), Alan Dargin
                               Fenians; Fly By                                 (didgeridoo), Philip
                               Night Club; Irish                               Conyngham (didgeridoo)
                               Club Subiaco

2 August         PS48/UND/31   Hyde Park Hotel     Bootleg                   The Devil Rides Out, Big
                                                                             Wheels Little Wheels, The
                                                                             Order of the Black
                                                                             Werewolf, mystery guest
11 August        PS48/UND/32   St George’s         Organ concert spectacular Joseph Nolan
23 October       PS48/UND/33   Perth Concert Hall Inti-Illimani                Inti-Illimani, John Williams,                                  D
                                                                               Paco Peňa
11 October       PS48/UND/34   Club Original, East Featuring Yummy Fur         Yummy Fur, Animal
                               Perth                                           Kingdom
2, 9 September   PS48/UND/35   The Harbourside Sirens, Arkanum Ark of Ra

Wednesdays       PS48/UND/36   Connections,        Reach                       DJ Kulture, DJ Scout
15 February      PS48/UND/37   St George’s         French romantic organ       Stewart Smith
                               Cathedral           music
1, 10 December   PS48/UND/38   Fremantle Town      Carols and Choruses         Fremantle Choir and             Excerpts from
                               Hall; Cottesloe                                 Orchestra                       Handel’s Messiah
                               Civic Centre
19 May           PS48/UND/39   PICA                Maxi Mal!                   Alea new music ensemble         Benefit concert for
                                                                                                               Amnesty International

19 February      PS48/UND/40   Hyde Park Hotel     Clarion Fracture Zone       Sandy Evens, Tony Gorman, Perth Jazz Society
                                                                               Nicky Parrott, Alister
                                                                               Spence, Andrew Dickeson
Date          PS number     Venue              Title                    Performers                   Series or notes          Size         D
22 December   PS48/UND/41   Koolroom           Bloody great! All ages   Verona, Storytime,
                                               attack!!                 Valvolux, Bucket, Mountain
                                                                        Hope, SubVert
20 November   PS48/UND/42   Harbourside,       Forest Fever             Wooden Fische, Mobius,       Proceeds aid old
                            Fremantle                                   Psychodrama, Volcana,        growth forest
                                                                        Humbug, Steve, DJ Jem        preservation
4 January     PS48/UND/43   Club Original      Sweet oblivion           Yummy Fur, O, Lost,          All ages gig
13 August     PS48/UND/44   The Orient Hotel   Lamia + Superscope       Lamia + Superscope
3 December    PS48/UND/45   Grosvenor Hotel    The Butterfly Gig        Lamia, Mountain Hope, The Proceeds to Stand
                                                                        Feends, Shallow, Effigy, O!, Against Sexual Assault
                                                                        Yummy Fur, The Hedonists,
                                                                        Volcana, Psychodrama,
                                                                        Blue Tile lounge, Molasses

18 July       PS48/UND/46   Fremantle Town     Ensemble Arcangelo       Ensemble Arcangelo,
                            Hall               performs Geminiani,      (unnamed) special guest
                                               Vivaldi & Handel         artist
30 April      PS48/UND/47   Grosvenor Hotel    Joypod and Lamia
26 – 27 May   PS48/UND/48   Fremantle Town     Songs of the Sea         Fremantle Choir, Nedlands Premiere of ‘Sea
                            Hall                                        Primary School Choir.     Poems’ by Richard
                                                                        Conductors Prue Ashurst, Swan.
                                                                        Denny Atkinson.

29 – 30 May   PS48/UND/49   York              York Music Festival
27 November   PS48/UND/50   Floreat Hotel     In performance!           Jam in Jazz Band             Cabaret
26 July       PS48/UND/51   St Andrews Church A wind serenade           The Perth Wind Virtuosi:
                            Subiaco                                     Neil Fisenden, Joel
                                                                        Marangella, Allan Meyer,
                                                                        Jane Kircher, David Evans

10 December   PS48/UND/52   Orient Hotel       Skin                     Lamia, special guests        CD launch                42 x 30 cm
                            Fremantle                                   Yummy Fur.
Date              PS number     Venue               Title                    Performers                       Series or notes        Size       D
5-20 August       PS48/UND/53   Connections         Michael Michelle’s world Tooshie, Ariel Ester, Miss                              59 x 42 cm
                                                                             Kerry, Lizzy and Michael
28 October        PS48/UND/54   Koolroom            Storytime, Mechanism of Storytime                                                61 x 42 cm
26 - 27 June      PS48/UND/55   PICA cabaret        Full colour liftout      Cathie Travers, Graeme           Music for amplified   60 x 42 cm
                                lounge                                       Leak.                            office worker, piano,
                                                                                                              electronics and fish
                                                                                                              tank with guest
                                                                                                              drummer Gary Ridge.

7 October         PS48/UND/56   The Freezer         Jazz Dive presents a night                                Tropical dancers and   60 x 40 cm
                                                    in Havana                                                 tenor sax. Salsa,
                                                                                                              rhythmic rap, funky
                                                                                                              beats, soulful jazz

30 October        PS48/UND/57   Perth Concert Hall Mark Trevorrow and the        Mark Trevorrow, John                                60 x 42 cm
                                                   John Thorn Trio               Thorn Trio
26, 28 October    PS48/UND/58   Voyager Estate,    Saffire                       Gareth Koch, Slava           Australian guitar      60 x 42 cm
                                Octagon Theatre                                  Grigoryan, Karin Schaupp,    quartet. National tour
                                                                                 Antony Field
5 August          PS48/UND/59   Perth Concert Hall Take Flight                   Australian String Quartet    Season concert three 42 x 30 cm

29 May - 1 June   PS48/UND/60   Clancy’s Fish Pub; Symbiosis                     Symbiosis, special guests                           42 x 30 cm
                                Settler’s Tavern;
                                Indie Bar; Red Cliff

8 March           PS48/UND/61   Leopold Hotel       The Santana experience       Soul Sacrifice                                      42 x 30 cm

9 March           PS48/UND/62   St Alban's Highgate Recital - pipe organ, flute, Dominic Perissinotto, Neil   Handel, Bach and       44 x 31,
                                                    soprano                      Fisenden, Rae-Helen          others                 30 x 21 cm
Date               PS number     Venue                Title                      Performers                  Series or notes       Size       D
8 - 18 March       PS48/UND/63   Esperance,           Eureka! Larrikins in the   Eureka                      Folksongs, poetry and 74 x 50 cm
                                 Norseman,            Goldfields.                                            yarns
                                 Kambalda, Boulder,
                                 Leinster, Leonora,
                                 Laverton, Southern
                                 Cross, Merredin

6 June             PS48/UND/64   Hyde Park Hotel      Wormhole live in concert Wormhole; Dr                                         30 x 21 cm
                                                                               Preposterous; Masonik; Sir
26 April           PS48/UND/65   Fly By Night Club    Abbe May and the Rockin' Abbe May and the Rockin' Howl & Moan album           42 x 30 cm
                                                      Pneumonia                Pneumonia                  launch
5 - 13 May         PS48/UND/66   Parkerville          The all-nite café        Interlude, Spastica        Poster designed and       76 x 56 cm
                                 Amphitheatre                                                             printed by Frank
11 December        PS48/UND/67   Regal Theatre        Eric Bogle in concert    Eric Bogle                                           77 x 52 cm

10 September       PS48/UND/68   Perth Concert Hall The Spinners in concert      The Spinners                Songs of the tall ships 77 x 51 cm

                   PS48/UND/69                        A2Z                                                    Reggae music live      51 x 76 cm

20 June            PS48/UND/70   Octagon Theatre      Eric Bogle in concert      Eric Bogle. Mucky Duck                             76 x 52 cm
                                                                                 Bush Band.
8 November         PS48/UND/71   Octagon Theatre      Redgum in concert          Redgum                                             76 x 50 cm

14 April           PS48/UND/72   Octagon Theatre      Dutch Tilders              The Elks, Graham Lowndes.                          76 x 25 cm

17 October         PS48/UND/73   Octagon Theatre      An unusual concert         David Helfgott, Perth       Proceeds aid Peter     42 x 30 cm
                                                                                 Chamber Soloists, Rumay     Holland's campaign
                                                                                 Ensemble.                   for Federal seat of
12 -14 September   PS48/UND/74   Subiaco Arts      Up close and personal. 15 The Idea of North                                      60 x 42 cm
                                 Centre; Fly By    years of the Idea of North.
                                 Night Club; Perth
                                 Jazz Society.
Date                 PS number       Venue               Title                      Performers                    Series or notes        Size       D
30 September         PS48/UND/75     Octagon Theatre     Cris Williamson in concert Cris Williamson, Tret Fure,   15th anniversary tour, 42 x 30 cm
                                                         with Tret Fure and         Judy Small.                   'The Changer and the
                                                         Australia's own Judy small                               Changed'.

19 August            PS48/UND/76     PICA                Coco Pox                    Sic, Bloom, Sugar Child,     Act of Youth presents 59 x 42 cm
                                                                                     Humbug.                      an all age gig

10 July              PS48/UND/77     Shenton Park Hotel The Rosebuds                 The Rosebuds         Debut performance             30 x 43 cm
                                                                                                          and single launch
28 April             PS48/UND/78     His Majesty's      Jazz at the Maj         Billy Clowes, Jim Cook,   Fundraising charity           42 x 30 cm
                                     Theatre                                    Barry Cox, Wency D'Souza, concert to benefit
                                                                                Roger Garrood, Frank      breast cancer
                                                                                Gibson, etc.              research
21 May               PS48/UND/79     Fly By Night Club Tierra. Explorations     Tim Andrew and Tierra.    CD launch                     42 x 29 cm
                                                        beyond Flamenco         Special guest Los Buskas.
28 May               PS48/UND/80     Shenton Park Hotel Head                    Head, Millennium, Mutt,                                 42 x 30 cm
7 - 8 May            PS48/UND/81     Swanbourne Hotel The Sweet Blue Midnights The Sweet Blue Midnights Presented by 94.5Fm             43 x 30 cm
                                                                                                          and Revue
27 February          PS48/UND/82     Atomic, Mends      Eu4ria                  Eu4ria                    Live string quartets by       42 x 30 cm
                                     Street                                                               Mozart, Hadyn,
Every Sunday         PS48/UND/83     Zanders,           Live music every Sunday Cathrine-Ann                                            42 x 30 cm
                                     Scarborough Beach

28 January, 29 January PS48/UND/84   Fremantle Arts   Kate Ceberano + friends        Kate Ceberano                                      76 x 52 cm
                                     Centre; Bannamah
                                     Wildlife Park.

30 June              PS48/UND/85     Fly By Night Club   Dale Barlow in a night of   Dale Barlow, Fusewire, Ric Last Australian    42 x 30 cm
                                                         jazz fusion                 Eastman, Marcus Dengate, preformance prior to
                                                                                     Simon Styles, Graham       European tour
                                                                                     Wood, Simon Jeans
Date              PS number     Venue               Title                       Performers                    Series or notes      Size       D
27 - 28 October   PS48/UND/86   Fly By Night Club   Mouth to mouth              Black Eyed Susans,                                 42 x 30 cm
                                                                                Matthew De La Hunty,
                                                                                Greta & Mo.
16 December       PS48/UND/87   Fly By Night Club   This show will change       Sensitive New Age                                  68 x 48 cm
                                                    your life *conditions apply Cowpersons, Birzircus.

12 December       PS48/UND/88   Metropolis          Taylor Steele's Good       Pennywise, Bodyjar, Blink- Non-stop festival of     62 x 43 cm
                                                    Times surf video           182, Beaver Loop.          surf and rock
                                                    Australian premiere tour
22 July           PS48/UND/89   The Lab, Subiaco    Gordons Ball               Superscope, Thermos            Act of Youth presents 59 x 42 cm
                                                                               Cardy, Liquorice Fix, Tucker   an all age gig
9 September       PS48/UND/90   Perth              Dance party!                Village People with Alicia     Live concert         72 x 48 cm
                                Entertainment                                  Bridges. Playing with a 12
                                Centre                                         piece band.
17 October        PS48/UND/91   Perth Concert Hall Cor Godre'r Aran            The Aran Mountain Choir        Australian tour      34 x 21 cm
21 - 22 July      PS48/UND/92   Fly By Night Club    My Friend the Chocolate   My Friend the Chocolate                             73 x 60 cm D
                                                     Cake                      Cake
17 March          PS48/UND/93   Old Fremantle jail - Bonanza                   Cinema Prague, Story Time,     Cinema Prague CD     84 x 59 cm
                                workshop                                       Circus Murders, Yummy          launch
                                                                               Fur, "O", Spank, Bizircus,
                                                                               Rakini, Perth Highland Pipe
14 March          PS48/UND/94   Regal Theatre       Garbarek                   Jan Garbarek Group             A Nordic journey     60 x 42 cm

14 October        PS48/UND/95   Fly By Night Club   Warren Zevon live          Warren Zevon with special                           60 x 42 cm
15 August         PS48/UND/96   PICA                Tom Guralnick              Tom Guralnick             Evos New Music            60 x 42 cm

7 - 10 July       PS48/UND/97   Swanbourne Hotel, The raw funk power tour      Swoop                                               64 x 46 cm
                                Lonestar Saloon,
                                Orient Hotel,
Date              PS number      Venue               Title                      Performers                Series or notes        Size       D
6 - 11 August     PS48/UND/98    Guildford           A series of organ recitals Dr Arthur Wells, Andrew   Promoted by the        42 x 30 cm
                                 Grammar, St         featuring Dr Arthur Wells Beaizley.                  Perth Organ and
                                 George's            and Andrew Beaizley                                  Harpsichord Festival
                                 Cathedral, Wesley                                                        Committee
                                 College, Holy
                                 Trinity York
5 November 2010   PS48/UND/99    Winthrop Hall       Nedlands Symphony         Nedlands Symphony          Conductor: Ian         42 x 30 cm
                                                     Orchestra                 Orchestra                  Westrip. Gregory
                                                                                                          Baron (Cello).
13 Janaury        PS48/UND/100   Octagon Theatre     Angelo Campana            Angelo Campana             West Australian        43 x 28 cm