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Internet Searching (PowerPoint)


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									Internet Searching:
Options other than Google
           Fairness Disclaimer…
In all fairness, I did use Google to find this


This site provided me with a huge list of search engines …
To Name a Few…
              Something New!
                 (at least to me…)

o   Founded April 2005 by Mario Weiss

o   Meta Search Engine: Yahoo, MSN, Ask,
    Looksmart, AltaVista and Entireweb

o   Results ordered by the number search engines
    where a particular site was found.
                         Why Its Cool
              (at least to me…)
o Lists the engine(s) site appears
o Has Whois link
The Beatles
Official site of The Beatles offers information on new versions and anthologies of
       their music, as well as multimedia exploration of the number one hits.
Save this site Whois http://www.thebeatles.com
       Found on: dmoz Ask.com Yahoo! Exalead

The Beatles
The Beatles and the entire Apple Corps family, both past and present, wish to
     extend their deepest sympathy to the family of Neil Aspinall. ...
     www.beatles.com/ - 10k - Cached - Similar pages
               What is Whois?
o   Whois is a resource that allows you to look
    at the creator, and source of each site

o    Helps verify authenticity and reliability of
                     Good VS Evil
       ( okay, maybe just not as good…)
www.beatles.com                   www.iamthebeatles.com

 [REGISTRANT]                     The data contained in
 Organisation Name: Apple Corps     GoDaddy.com, Inc.'s WhoIs
 Ltd                                database,
 Contact Name: Jeremy Neech         while believed by the company
 Address Line 1: 27 Ovington        to be reliable, is provided "as
 Square                             is"
 Address Line 2:                    with no guarantee or
 City / Town: London
 State / Province:                  warranties regarding its
 Zip / Postcode: SW3 1LJ            accuracy.
 Country: UK
 Telephone: +44 (20776) 19600
 Fax: +44 (20722) 50661
 Email: jeremy@jeremyneech.com

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