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       Droitwndch Spa Area Partnership Meeting Notes
   Wednesday 2         June 2010 @ The Old Library, Ombersley Street East, Droitwich Spa,
Cllr Pam Davey Chairperson        Wychavon District Council                                        PD
Janet Yates                       Wychavon District Council                                        JY
Deborah Dale                      Worcestershire County Council                                    DD
Geoff Trevis                      Worcestershire Wildlife Trust                                    GT
Cllr Lynn Duffy                   Wychavon District Council                                        LD
Stuart Haywood                    Civic Society                                                    SH
Carol Pratt                       Droitwich Spa & Rural Council for Voluntary Services             CP
Cllr Roy Murphy                   CALC                                                             RM
Rachel Cockayne                   Worcestershire Primary Care Trust                                RC
David Morris                      Droitwich Spa High School                                        DM
Pam Craney                        Droitwich Spa Town Council                                       PC
Cllr Margaret Rowley              Droitwich Canals Trust                                           MR
Marie Horne                       Wychavon District Council                                        MH
                                          Guest Representation
Michael O’Donnell                 Worcestershire NHS Trust                                         MO
Richard Brighton        For Droitwich Spa              Cllr Maurice          Worcestershire County Council
Clare Hyton             Festival Housing               Cllr Ted Sheldon      Worcestershire County Council
Sue Heelas              Spa Housing Association –
                        replacing Alan Moorhouse

Introduction        Notes                                                                    Action
1. Welcome          PD welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the guest
and Apologies       representative Michael O’Donnell. Apologises were noted.
2. Minutes &        Draft minutes from 7th April 2010 meeting. Amendments recorded.          MH - to correct
Matters arising     CP noted that her initials were GN which may cause confusion, JY         for future
                    stated this was an error to be rectified.                                minutes.
                    PD – raised concerns about minutes being distributed late, stating
                    that if actions are to be completed by members they would need to
                    know as soon as possible. JY explained that although draft minutes
                    are typed up promptly following the meetings, she is responsible for
                    checking before sending them out. Due to a very busy period
                    arranging St. Richard’s Festival there was a delay in doing this.
                    However, if individuals attending the meeting can record those
                    actions they are responsible for then this avoids having to wait for
                    the minutes. If members are not present then JY will contact
                    separately about actions identified for them.
                    Minutes were approved as a true and accurate record of the
3. Update on        JY advised that Sue Heelas would be replacing Alan Moorhouse
Membership          from Spa Housing Association. He has moved to another position
                    which covers community and anti-social behaviour, so there is a
                    possibility we may still have some contact, as these are relevant
                    topics for DSAP.
                    A representative for community/resident associations still needs to      JY to speak
                    be sorted it – at the last meeting it was suggested we invite them to    with LD, CP,
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                 attend as guests and then see if someone is interested in joining the    PC about
                 board. JY was asked to do this. She advised she would need help          contacts for
                 with this as she doesn’t have contact details for community/resident     associations
                 LD suggested that a Declaration of Interest should be noted. LD
                 stated that she has an interest reference the Gloverspiece Care
                 Farm Animal Roadshow. JY & CP felt that is was not necessary for
                 her to leave the room.                                                   JY – To add to
                 It was suggested Declaration of Interest should be added as an           the agenda for
                 agenda item.                                                             future mtgs.

Core             Notes                                                                    Action
4. DSAP          Projects 07/08 – Credit Union
Manager’s        No further progress – have e mailed Jackie Kain to advise we would
Report           like to meet.

                 Projects 08/09 Updates
                 1. Theme : Children and Young People
                 1.1 Spa Youth Zone
                  Progressing well – manager is busy developing new activities
                  Spa Housing kindly made a donation of £3,000
                  Ongoing negotiation with a number of potential tenants –
                 Children’s Services have committed to a year, Connexions planning
                 to take up office space
                  Strategic meeting held at WDC to discuss possible support from
                 YSS                                                                      JY is co-
                  Submitted application to the regional Market Towns Awards – Spa        ordinating
                 Youth Zone is the West Midlands winner of the Social and                 presentation
                 Community Category. There will be a presentation at the Market           as wants to
                 Towns meeting in Ledbury on 28th June – one of the category              ensure DSAP
                 winners will be selected to attend the national finals.                  is recognised

                 Projects Update 09/10
                 2. Theme : Better Environment
                 2.1 Heritage tourism – no further progress since last meeting
                 2.2 Gateways to Droitwich Spa – no further progress

                 3. Theme : Children and Young People                                     PD mentioned
                 3.1 Youth Zone Activities                                                Rural Play
                 Ongoing – c/f to 2010/11                                                 Area Grant –
                 3.2 Artificial Cricket Wicket – in progress.                             JY to circulate
                 4. Theme : Stronger Communities
                 4.1 Droitwich Arts Network – ongoing c/f to 2010/11.
                 4.2 Event Resources – worked with Wychavon Leisure to install
                 event noticeboards at Droitwich Leisure Centre. Working on
                 something similar for the window of Lido café.

                 5. Theme : Improving Health and Wellbeing
                 5.1 Community Food Initiatives – no further progress.
                 5.2 Grow Your Own at Home – project successfully completed.

                 6. Theme : Economic Success
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                 6.1 Business Forum – c/f to 2010/11

                 Projects Update 2010/11
                 Budget : Committed £16.828, Balance £13,172

                 3. Theme : Children and Young People
                 3.2 Youth Zone Activities
                 3.1.1 Be Alcohol Safe
                 Project progressing well and featured in front page of Droitwich
                 (i) Safe Zone is being used by approx. 20 young people/week
                 (ii) Alcohol workshops – good programme of activity.
                 (iii) Under 13s – Saturday club now well established with 20 + young
                 people/week. Have sorted out staffing and now have some young
                 3.1.2 Have met with Age Concern and Connexions to set up inter-
                 generational computer project. Planning to start in June.

                 4. Theme : Stronger Communities
                 4.1 Art in Empty Shops - project started 12th April. Generating a lot
                 of interest. Currently one shop in the shopping centre. Held
                 successful art workshop at St. Richards Festival.
                 4.2 Music and Arts Festival – plans in progress for town event on
                 10th July and other activities taking place during the week long
                 festival. All schools in the pyramid have agreed to participate in a
                 joint performance on 15th July.

                 5. Theme : Improving Health and Wellbeing
                 5.1 Adopt a Garden – Age Concern has secured funding from Health
                 Improvement Fund. Project in development.

                 6. Theme : Economic Success
                 6.1 Local Distinctiveness – organised St. Richard’s Festival on 1st
                 May in conjunction with Classic Car Rally.
                 6.2 Business Forum – making progress. Further forum meeting held
                 24th May. Negotiations in progress to secure assistance with
                 development of the forum. Online forum to be launched soon.
                 Meetings with Best of Droitwich to explore options for partnership

                 Older Peoples Theme Group
                 No further progress.

                 Healthy Living Theme Group
                 Meeting with Rachel Cockayne to look at option for resurrecting this
                 group and a way forward.

                 Action Plan
                 Finalised action plan – printed copies now available.

                 Related Activities
                 1. Events
                 1.1 Printing and circulation of joint events/lido flyer. Widely          JY- Look into
                 distributed via schools, shops, partners organisations and TICs.         distribution of
                 1.2 Organised Wychavon Summer Events advert in Worcester Now             “Discover
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                 – will advertise music festival and town walks.                            Droitwich Spa”
                 2. Canal Marketing Sub Group
                 Attended meeting 19th May – working on marketing plan. Initial plans
                 are update bulletins to keep people informed of progress and any
                 new activities e.g. interpretation panels.

                 3. Town Centre Forum
                 Attended meeting 14th April.

                 4. Wychavon Chairman’s Business Lunch
                 Attended business lunch 15th April – discussed a number of topics of
                 interest to local business. Main theme was developing tourism and
                 opportunities from the canal.

                 5. DSYPAG – Youth Organisations
                 Attended meeting 10th May – discussed number of options for

5. Location of   5.1 Droitwich Spa Town Council has decided to charge for room use.
Meeting          Up to now they have agreed that we could use the Council Chamber
                 free of charge. We could move the appraisal panel to the Droitwich
                 Contact Centre but JY felt this would not be suitable for board
                 meetings – room not large enough and would need to finish by
                 12pm. If we continue to use the Council Chamber. Cost would be
                 £36/meeting or £216/year. A number of suggestions were raised :
                 (i) PD - suggested that as the Town Council are one of our partners,
                 they might consider giving a grant to subsidise the cost now
                 involved. CP stated that this would create unnecessary paperwork in
                 completing an application in relation to the grant.
                 (ii) JY – we ask members to host meetings on a rota basis. It was
                 felt this would cause too much confusion.
                 (iii) JY – we use the Old Library and pay a hire fee as recognise it is
                 run by DCVS, which is a charity. CP stated that the price could be
                 negotiated and would be cheaper than the Council Chamber.

                 The view of the board was to use the Old Library for the time being
                 and see how it goes.

6. Chairman’s    6.1 Main comment concerned the Music Festival – Partnership
Report           supports this festival although For Droitwich Spa organises this
                 event. PD stated it was important to continue with the support.

7. Members       7.1 Wychavon Strategic Partnership – reference was made to the
Report           meeting notes of the 23rd March 2010. JY advised that Tracy
                 Perkins has been appointed as the new Support Officer for
                 Wychavon Strategic Partnership. Tracy, Cherrie Mansfield and the
                 3 Partnership Managers will be meeting soon to discuss possible
                 support – suggested ideas are monitoring the progress of projects
                 and collating outcome information.
                 7.2 Update from Partners.
                 CP – none.
                 GT – Still pushing to develop the community woodland area.
                 Meeting took place on the 27th May 2010 at Chawson Barn however,

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                 there was not a very good turn out.
                 SH – Civic Society met with developers regarding the community
                 woods to discuss the planning process. The good news is that they
                 will re-align the road. Formal consultation will be taking place next
                 month. However, the bad news is that they will not consider funding
                 the foot bridge. Public meeting taking place on 7th June about the
                 development. There are lessons to be learnt – better to discuss
                 ideas with developer rather than wait for the planning application.
                 RM – Displays at St Richards House and on the Salt Day with
                 laminated photos. Historic walks are still taking place – walks for
                 organised walks are very successful. The Malvern Walking Festival
                 visited and enjoyed the walk, this is very good publicity. As summer
                 approaches there is an increase of interest. Publicity is excellent.
                 Rural news - meetings taking place on 15th June and 30th June
                 regarding Hartlebury Incineration plant.
                 DD – Distributed leaflet and flyers advertising Droitwich Area Forum
                 the meeting which is taking place 16th June 2010.
                 PC – Town Plan has gone to Wychavon.
                 DM – A competition will be held to choose a new name for the
                 Theatre at Droitwich High School. The awards evening will take
                 place at The Chateau Impney on 1st July 2010. Anyone wishing to
                 attend is welcome to go along.

8. Appraisal     8.1 CP advised there were no new grant applications. However, a
Panel            panel meeting was held to consider the application from
                 Gloverspiece Care Farm Roadshow, which was deferred as further
                 information required. Panel recommended awarding grant of £3,000
                 – subject to submission of further information (3 quotes,
                 arrangements for private hire, structured agreement for access to
                 land and animals, detail of loan). Members unanimously agreed
                 subject to meeting all the criteria. There was a concern about time
                 pressure and not progressing beyond September.

Core             Notes                                                                    Action
9. Health        9.1 Guest speaker Michael O’Donnell gave a presentation on Health        JY – to forward
Issues           and the Health Services in Droitwich Spa. MO handed out                  email from MO
                 presentation papers to member of the board.                              of
                 The Chairperson thanked MO for his presentation and requested that       presentation to
                 he report back to the board in about six months to give an update.       all members.

                 9.2 RC met with JY to look at ideas on developing an action plan and
                 the Health and Wellbeing Group. A meeting was held early last year
                 and points and ideas raised were summarised. There has been very
                 little progress since Paul Madill left. RC and JY are proposing a
                 Core Group to include clinicians and community representatives and
                 then a wider group to feed into the action plan. The Core Group will
                 need to report back on key issues, what has been. One of the main
                 functions of this group will be to identify what already happens and
                 opportunity for new projects.

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Core             Notes                                                                     Action
9. Health        CP raised concern as there is already a Health and Social Group for
Issues           voluntary organisations. This meets every 6 months and usually
(cont.)          attend by 8-10 people. The main problem is participation by
                 clinicians. CP concerned the Theme Group could add further
                 duplication. JY pointed out this was the first time she had heard of
                 this group even though the proposal for the Theme Group had been
                                                                                           RC – to speak
                 raised at previous meetings. It was suggested that RC liaise with CP
                                                                                           with CP for
                 to obtain more information about this group and whether there is
                 scope for it to take on the role of the Partnership’s Health Theme
10. Canal        10.1 MR – referred to the press release from the British Waterways,
Development      that stated “A delay in the restoration’s final stage of the completed
                 Barge Canal between the River Severn and Droitwich will open later
                 this year, with the junction canal scheduled to follow in 2011.”
                 JY – stated that she had not heard from Jason Leach regarding
                 apologies PD was concerned regarding the relationship between the
                 Partnership and British Waterways.

11. Brine        11.1 PD stated there was nothing further to report, although still
Baths            progressing. John Brackston unfortunately is ill at the moment .
12. Droitwich    12.1 In depth discussion regarding DSAP written response to the           JY- to consider
Spa Town         town plan. The following points were raised :                             revising tone
Plan             (i) The main concern is lack of consultation with Partnership about       in letter before
                 the recommendations prior to printing the final report. A draft copy      sending.
                 should have been sent to DSAP to allow comment on the proposed
                 recommendations. This would have allowed DSAP to advise which
                 recommendations they could follow up and which ones they could
                 (ii) The question was raised as to why a letter is required. JY
                 advised WDC are currently reviewing the plan and therefore it is
                 important that DSAP registers its comments as part of this process.
                 This will help address any challenges which may arise as to why
                 DSAP has not followed up on recommendations identified for them,
                 some of which are beyond our control.
                 (iii) CP stated that the response should not be directed to Father
                 Doug Chaplin as he is not in a position to take on the issues that we
                 are raising. It was decided to send the letter to Andy Ford at WDC
                 as he is dealing with the Plan.
                 (iv)Some members were concerned about the tone of the response
13. AOB          13.1 It was suggested starting the meeting earlier – will now start at    JY- to bring
                 10am with refreshments from 9.45am.                                       meeting
                                                                                           forward to

                                    Meeting ended at 1.30pm
                         Next meeting will be on 4th August 2010 10.00am
                               @ The Old Library, Droitwich Spa
                                  (Tea and coffee from 9.45am)

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