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					                                                                                                    020 1
                                 County of Santa Cruz
                                                   BOARD OF SUPERVISORS
                                        701 OCEAN STREET, SUITE 500, SANTA CRUZ, CA 95060-4069
                                          (831) 454-2200 FAX: (831) 454-3262 TDD: (831) 454-2123

JANET K. BEAUTZ       ELLEN PlRlE        MARDI WORMHOUDT               TONY CAMPOS                 JEFF ALMQUIST

                                                  AGENDA:         11/20/01

                                                  November 1 3 , 2001

   County of Santa Cruz
   701 Ocean Street
   Santa Cruz, CA 9 5 0 6 0
   Dear Members of the Board:
   I recommend the appointment of the following person to the Long-
   Term Care Interagency Commission in accordance with County Code
   Chapter 2 . 1 1 6 , Section 3 0 , for a term to expire April 1, 2 0 0 5 :
                                      Belicia Govine
                                      2 1 6 Farley Drive
                                      Aptos, CA 9 5 0 0 3
                                      6 8 8 - 6 3 6 0 (H)

                                                   Second District;

    cc:    Belicia Govine
           Long-Term Care Interagency Commission
              APPLICATION FOR APPOINTMENT TO A COUNTY ADVISORY BODY                          0202

                                                         .   ,

     If you are interested in serving on a County.Advisory Bo'dy,
     please complete this application and retifrn it,to the Board, of
     Supervisors, 701 Ocean Street,,Room500, Santa Cruz, CA 9 5 0 6 0 -
     4069. If you are interested in-being considered for appointment
     to more than one advisory body, a separate application myst be
     submitted for each appointment you are seeking.     . _ .

     Upon receipt, your application for appointment will be 'routed to
     each Board member and then filed for further consideration by
     Board members when there is a vacancy on the advisory body. If a
     Supervisor is interested in.nominatingyou for appointment, you
     will be contacted to discuss the appointment, the appointment
     process, and requirements for the advisory body in question.
     Please specify the Commisqion, Committ,eeor Board to which you
     are seeking appointment and provide the requested information.
                                    . , .   .

     Thank you for'your inWerest in'rounty Go'LTernment:


     Name :

     Phone : (Home)

     Supervisorial D i s t r i c t :                     s.-n     .   L*                            o   '   i

     .   .

     Length of Residence in Area:                -   '           -'ye4 S
     Age (Optional):        a Under         21       21-30            31-40 h v e r 40


                        Advisory Body                                             Term

                                                                             /qqg    sra   j3w-4-

                                       (Please see reverse)
Institution               Mai or          Desree            Year

                                       IIsze) -i
Orsanization              Address         Position          Year

              * -?
              Signature                              Date
                                                                         -    "/

B.S.        (1955)    Ur&Jersity of.Califomia at Los Angeles
            Major:     ua
                      H m nBiodynamics, emphasis on Dance
            Minor:    Speech Therapy

MA.         (1972)    Pepperdine University, Los h g e l e s
            Major:    Psychology, emph-asison psychological assessment

Ph.D.       (1989)    Columbia Pacific University, San Rafael, California
                      Transpersonal Psychology, content area Spiritual Atzrzikez~ing
                      Mentor: h g e i e s M e n

1984-85     Certification in Creation Spiritualtty, Institute in Culture and Creation
            Spirituality, Holy Names College, Oakland, California. (This provided an
            intensive yezr G€ sttldy of the Christian M.y.sticalTradition md issues of Sodal

1997-98     Ordained as Interfaith Minister, October 1998, hterhith Seri-hay, Sada C L v .
            Chancellor, Rev. Aaron Zerah. Mentor, Rev. June Rad&&

1991-92     Extended unit, M a r i n County. Supervisor, Rev. Kevin Ti-ipp, Director,
(Fail)      Chaplaincy Services, St. Mary's Hospital and Medical Center, San
            Francisco. Field plzcement, Marh General Hospital, Greabrae,
            California. (1CPE unit)

1992        Extended ~ ~ r t St. rVfxy's Hospital. The Rev. David \$7yatt, Associate
(M-inter)   Director, Chaplaincy Services. Field placement, St. Mary's Hospital and
            Medical Center, San Frmcisco. (I CPE unit)

1993        Extended anit, Marin C ~ ~ n t Supervisor, Rev. Kevin Tripp. Field
(Sprirg)    placemeEt, Baycare Nwsing md Reha?xhtatian Hospitd, Greenbrae and
            Nazareth House, Terra Linda. (1CPE unit)

1994           Volunteer Training for Zen Hospice Project, San Francisco Frank Ostaseski,
(Spring,       Director. Field placement L a p a Honda Hospital, Hospice Unit, Eileen
Summer)        Lemus, supervisor.
1994           Vol-snteer Training, Hospice of the Central Coast, Laupette Todd,
               Field placement, Hospice House.

hIarriage, F d y and Child Counselor, State of California, License $5981

Certiied Practitioner of Clinical Hypnosis, State of California, #493

Academy of Regiitered Dance Therapists (-4DTR), American Dance Therapy Association,             #32

Certified Practitioner of Essential Integration, a deep tissue body work, Institute of Essential
 htegration, Santa Monica, Cahfomia

Lifetime Instructor in Psychology, California Community Colleges, #27262

Part time Staff Chaplain, Pastoral Care Department, Queen of the Valley Eospital, Napa,
California, June to December 1993. (part time item was eliminated)

Private practice in Transpersonal Counseling, specializing in mental imagery for self healing.
Arcata, California. 1979 to November 1983.

Clinical Associate to Lawerence Weiland, M.D., Eureka, California, 1979 to 1981. (Dr. Weiland
retained me as an associate to provide stress counseling to some of his patients.)

Clinical staff, Holistic Health Center, Beverly HI.&. September 1976 to A p d 1979. Developed
Energy Flow Analysis for 'de style assess-nerd. (This was one of the fist holistic health centers
in California.)

Social Rehabilitation Counselor, Los Angeies Department of Mental Health, Compton,
California, 1969 to 1974. (Note that these were the years 1k-rnLediateIyfoUov~ig Watts
Riots in South Centrd i o s Angeles. My assignment was at South East Mental Health Service
in Compton, the community geographically adjacent to Watts.)
Sodd Case Worker, Los ,4nge!es Deparkxent of P ~ b l i 5ccid Ser,.;lces, South Central L s s
hgeies, i965 to i969.

Visiting Instructor, Hospice Caring Project, Santa Cruz. Training for Spiritual Care
Volunteers. Summer 1999.

Instructor, ”Empathic Listening.” Interfaith Seminary, Santa Cruz. Summer 1998.

Guest Instructor, Class Exploring Grief and Loss. Victoria, British Columbia. Fall 1992.

Guest Instructor, Oasis Center, Chcago, Spring and FaU 1992. Course: ”Corscious Living,
Conscious Dying.”

‘instructor, Department of Continuing Education, Humboldt State University, classes in holistic
health and mental imagery. 1979 to 1983,1987.

Summer Faculty. Naropa Institute. Boulder, Colorado. 1987. Course: “MovingYour Dreams.”

Supervisor for advanced d x x e therapists in Los Angeles ~ o m u r i i t y1974 to 1979.

Supervisor for candidates for marriage, family and cWd counselor License, 1977 to 2979.

                                        NrnSIC R/o[NLsTRY

Created Sacred Passage, a contemplative bedside m i n i s t r y offering live vocal music and
                                             n skilled nursing facilities. Co-sponsored by
sounds to hospice m-d comfort care yatients i .
h e r Light &Enistries and I/U Venture, Santa Cruz County. 1999 to present.

Music Practitioner Intern, Music for Healing and Transition F’rogan, 2000 -2001. Mentor,
Martha Lewis, RMT, CMP.
                      C O M ” SERVICE, SANTA CRUZ COUNTY

Menber Task Force, C h Our Own Terms Coalition, Spring 2000.. This has evolved into the
End of Life Coalition Steering Committee for Santa Cruz County.

Volunteer, Ombudsman/ Advocate of Santa Cruz County. Spring 1999 to Sumrner 2000.

Facilitator, ”Year to five: Living +hsYear as t h o ~ g h were Yo*xLast” study/ support g m p ,
1998-99. Vipassana Santa Cruz. 1999-2000.

Co-facilitator study groxip for Nfetta Meditation (lovhgkindness), Vipassana Santa C r i , 1998.
(withSue Dirksen)

Coordinate home visits, Vipassana Santa Cruz, 1997 to present, as directed by Mary Orr.

Member, Board af Directors, Vipassa;.ta S m t a C Z April 1999 to przsext.

Men-berj Spiritual Care A-dvisory Council, Hospice Caring Project, 1998 to present.

Member, Volunteer Spiritual Care Training Committee, Hospice Caring Project, 1998 to

Member, Senior Outreach Peer Counsehg, (FFamilv Service Association) Fall 1998 to present.
                                             4                                          0207
                      COMi\/IuNITy SERVICE, 1LfONTEW COUNTY
Volunteer, Hospice of the Central Coast. 2994-95.

                                              _ _ I COUNTY
                          CO&lMUNlTYSERVICE, M a RN
Board of Directors, Marin Spiritual Health Care, 1994 and continuing

Member and active volunteer, Living./Dying Project, 1988 - 1993 (Following the death of my
mother, my work has been almost exclusively in the area of death and dying)

Member, Master Gardeners of Marin Co., 1988 - 89. Member training committee 1989.

Board of Directors, Center for Health Advancement, 1979-1983. (Our role was to provide
lnformation of alternative health services to the greater Arcata/Eureka comn-tulnity.}

Zditor, "The Good Healtl HearLhe," 1950-33. (This became a monthly, free newsletter of L&e
Center for Health Advancement, a s known as "The Good Health Company.)
Board of Directors, Full Circle, 1979-87. ( O u r mission was to bring teachers of consciousness
and spirituality to Humboldt County. )

                                    RESEARCH PROECTS
Psychotherapist, Cancer Research Project. Center for the Healing Arts, West Los Angeles.
1975-76. (This was a prototype of present-day cancer work. Patients were seen weekly by a
therapist and taught meditation techniques; patients had their own weekly support group;
therapists had weekly sqervisionlsuplphort group; Carl and Stephanie Sirnontcn joined us
quarterly to share learnings from their Fort Worth, Texas, cancer project.)

'The Use of Movement as Adjunctive Therapy in the Rehabilitation of Psychiatric Day
Patients," Rehabilitation Services Revue, May 1965. Vol. 3, No. 7.

"Social Recovery -- A Special Project with Chronic Psychiatric Patients," Journal of the Los
Angeles County Departmmt of Mental Health 1972.

Co-editor, What is Dance Theram Reallv? ADTA, Baltimore, hfaryland, 1973.

"Dance Therapy in the Community -- the Mental Health Consultation Model." Focus VU,
A.AHPSX, Wasbingtcn, D.C., 1974.

"Movement Therapy -- A Transpersonal-Transformational Approach," Chapter i Eisht
Theoretical A~uroaChes Dance-Movement Theram. Peray Bemtein, ed., Kendall-HA,
New York. 1979.

"Tiinking T r i i - Remaining Trim: Hypotherapeutic Applications for Weight Maintenance."
Proceedings of International Congress of Hypnosis. Taromino, Italy. April 1981.
"Looking at Dreams through Creation Centered Giasses." Creation Maeazine. Vol. i, No. 4.
September 1985.

Guest Column. Point Reves Licht. August 1991, August 1992.

                                                                                              .   .-. . . .   ..   _.. . . ..

                               PRQFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS                              0208
Member, Association of Interfaith Ministers

Chxter member, American Dance Therapy Assouation
           Board of Directors 1972 - 1976; Member at Large 1972
            Ckirperson, National Conference, Smta Monica, 1972
            Co-chairperson, National Conference, Asilomar, 1975
            Registry Committee Member, 1972-76; chairperson 1975-76

Clinical member, American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

Professional menlber, Association for Transpersonal Psychology

Member, Northem California Society of C h c d Hypnosis

                         SPECPAL ITWINING I PSYCHOTHERUY
For the academic year of 1968-69 I was one of 14 women selected to be trained to become a
Mental Health Counselor in a pilot prject sponsored by the Psy&ologicd Research
Department of the University of Southern Cali€ornia. Faculty included James Hillman, PhD.,
Carlo Weber; S.J., PhD., Fred Stoller, PhD., Solon Samuels; MD., and Everett Shoestrum, PhD.
                         SPECIAL % W G             T
                                                a DANCE m w Y

Movement in Depth. Mary Whitehouse, West Los Angeles. 1960-64.

Voluntary Clinical Internshp, Saint Elizabeth Hospital. Marian Chace, Washington D.C.,
Spring 1964.

lildividual intensive tutorial with Stan Tofand, Victoria, British Columbia. July 1992.

14 Hour h h d e l l Coma Workshop with AxxLo1d l ,        Phd. Eell-Jue, WA. October 30,31,
November 1,1992.

Lava Rock Clinic with h o l d khdell, PhD. Santa Cruz, CA. March 1995.

hkmbez-, Psi C i the National Honor Society - Psychology

Listed in:   VVho"s Who of America, Tenth E&ti~n
             World ;t%o"s Who of Women, Fourth Edition
             International Who's Who of Intellectuals. First Edition
             Who's 1 4 % ~ the WestL19th Edition

       certlficate. "Women as Heroes," Redwood Broadcasttng. July 1982.

Co-chairperson, KEET-TV Fine Arts Auction., 1983. (Ikblic Broadcasting System)