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									                                                                                                                                2009 October Issue

Bethan Owen
Co-Associate Editor-in-Chief

   Something’s been missing from
Centennial’s sporting events. There
was something a little off with the
football games--lack of enthusi-
asm, maybe?
   But not any more. Cheerleading
is back at CHS after several years
away, thanks to a strong cheering
program at the middle school, two
dedicated coaches, and a team of
girls who aren’t afraid to shake the
status quo.
      Freshman Morgan Feela and
sophomore Sydney Eddings have
a better appreciation of the PAC
lobby than most students. For two
hours a day, three days a week,
Feela, Eddings, and the rest of
the CHS cheerleaders meet in the
tiny lobby for practice. The lack
of space might cramp most team’s
style, but it’s not an issue when you
spend as much of your time in the
air as on the ground. (And occa-
sionally get hit by a falling cheer-
leader--ask Eddings about a white
pair of Nikes to the head) “Hold-
ing people in the air...and tumbling
and yelling at the same time is not
super easy,” Feela said. “It’s re-
ally hard...but some people think            Centennial’s brand new cheerleaders jump for joy as they get the football fans ready for Centennial’s homecoming victory.
cheerleading isn’t a sport.”
   “It IS a sport!” yell about six of    you, if not with their life, than with   of the “basics.” “Cheerleading        with very short notice, leaving no     calls during practice. Cheerleading,
her teammates.                           their unbroken ankle.                    kept me in shape, that’s for sure,”   time to find a replacement coach.      often called the most dangerous
   After watching a practice, that’s       The girl on the top of the pyramid     said coach Alyssa Zech, a Centen-     Now that the sport is back,coaches     sport for girls, has a tendency to be
pretty obvious. It takes a lot of        has her stresses too, as standing on     nial alumni turned cheer coach. “I    Zech and Lane are taking it seri-      underrated. People generally don’t
trust and a lot of leg muscle to do      the shoulders of your teammate,          could eat as much pizza               ously.                                 appreciate the time and work that
what cheerleaders do, with a smile,      leaping up and backwards, and ex-        as I wanted, it was great.” Cheer-      “One, two, three, four. one, two,    goes into every drill, but now that
on a regular basis. Particularly with    pecting to be caught is something        ing left CHS originally because the   three, four. And if you don’t keep     it’s back, expect that mindset to
the cheerleader’s arial stunts, the      most people might call suicidal.         previous coach had gone on to be      your legs tight up there you will be   change. “It’s hard,” Eddings said,
girls who do the supporting have a       Coach Alyssa Lane just calls it one      a judge at cheerleading competi-      getting pushups very soon,” Lane       “but it’s so worth it.”

Princess For A Day
                                                                                     Smiling excitedly and waving to     ing on Amare becoming royalty.         crowns and the dresses.
                                                                                  the crowd, Amare proudly wore a           For one day she could forget          “We are delighted to be repre-
                                                                                  crown, a pretty dress and a sash;     about her health problems and          sentatives of our community.”
                                                                                  she’s 5 years old. Due to the Make    embrace her girly spirit. “We were     Thielen said.
Elizabeth Nelson                                                                                                        all honored to be a part of Amare’s       These girls get involved and help
                                                                                  A Wish Foundation, her wish
Staff Writer                                                                      came true to be a princess for a      dream to become a princess and         out with many activities and want
                                                                                  day. She has terminal brain can-      how much we have an impact on          to encourage other girls to get in-
                                                                                  cer. The three ambassadors of         others,” Becca Thielen said. Am-       volved next year.
                                                                                  the Miss Lino Lakes Scholarship       are will forever remember the day         “Everyone should get involved
                                                                                  program made sure this young          she joined the three princesses.       because it’s a great experience to
                                                                                  girl’s dream came true. The three         After Competing in the Miss        get to know the community and
                                                                                  ambassadors are Caitilin Lasze-       Lino Lakes program, the girls will     what the ambassadors stand for,”
                                                                                  wski, Becca Thielen and Lindsey       participate in many activities like    said Thielen.
                                                                                  Weber.                                parades, coronations, polar plunge,        For next year, the girls will be
                                                                                     Two of the girls, Becca Thielen    a turkey shoot and so much more.       sending out letters and putting up
                                                                                  and Lindsey Weber are seniors           “This program offers a lifetime      posters to get girls involved.
                                                                                  at Centennial. They are typical       of memories and teaches you                “This program is a lot of fun
                                                                                  students. Caitlin is 22 years old;    things you can’t learn in school.”     and worth every minute of it,” said
                                                                                  she graduated from Totino Grace       Lindsey Weber explained.               Weber.
                                                                                  High School and is now a student        To become eligible for Miss Lino        All the girls are very enthusias-
                                                                                  at McNally Smith for music busi-      Lakes, all the girls had to find a     tic about their role and wish the
                                                                                  ness.                                 sponsor. Learning the business         best of luck if pursuing the same
                                                                                     “A parade is for the royalty and   part of a pageant is an essential      course. Contact Becca Thielen or
                                                                                  Amare became a princess,” said        part as well as getting the            Lindsey Weber for further ques-
                                                                                  Lindsey Weber, comment-                                                      tions.
     Princess Amera proud to be royalty, posing with the three ambassadors.

FEATURES                    2
Max Hoffer                                   Many students at school go           But all students are going to have
Staff Writer                            through this every day, but don’t       to get used to it because it’s not go-
                                        say anything about it. Jake Schmitz,    ing to change.
  A student came to the nurse’s of-     a sophomore, is one of those stu-          “I don’t see us ever having one
fice complaining about back pain.       dents. He walks, on average, 11,000     building. Would it be great? Yes, it
The reason his back was hurting         to 12,000 steps at school every day     probably would, but it just isn’t go-
was because of all the textbooks in     with a loaded backpack weighing in      ing to happen,” said head Principal
his backpack. She weighed the stu-      at 20.6 pounds.                         Tom Breuning.
dent’s bag and was amazed at what            “It doesn’t bother me,” said         In the end, every student is go-
the scale read. 30 pounds! This was     Schmitz. “I like having two build-      ing to have to get used to walking
the most weight Nurse Kathy Zie-        ings and having my classes farther      more because of the two buildings.
man had ever seen in a student’s        apart. I get to walk more and see       “Students should put their books
backpack.                               more of my friends. The weight on       in their lockers. That’s what the
   “I always have maybe one stu-        my back from all of my textbooks        lockers are there for. Walking isn’t
dent a week that comes to me            isn’t that big of an issue to me.”      going to hurt you,” Zieman said.
saying their back hurts from the          Having two buildings is a primary
textbooks they are receiving from       problem related to this issue. With
their teachers.” said Zieman. But       two buildings, walking is something
                                                                                                                         Matt Longen, a sophomor e, walks in the white building in frint of all the
never had she known a student was       every single student has to do more
                                                                                                                         unused lockers with his loaded backpack full of textbooks. “It gets r eally
walking around with 30 pounds of        of. Some like it, some do not.
                                                                                                                                           annoying after a while,” said Longen.
weight on their back.

OFFICER JOHNSON                                                                 Zach Nordine                              an officer, something bad has hap-         “Typically everything I deal with.
                                                                                                                          pend. “We have a job to do and           People that talk to me are gener-
                                                                                Staff Writer                              sometimes people get upset by it,”       ally in some kind of trouble.”
                                                                                                                          said Johnson. So what exactly does           Johnson said the school helps
                                                                                   When you look at a police of-          a liaison officer do? “I’m in and on     with this problem. He gets to do
                                                                                ficer you probably notice the gun,        call all the time,” he said, “I don’t    fun things like talking to classes
                                                                                handcuffs and badge. But there is         have a set agenda”.                      about drugs, alcohol, and tasers.
                                                                                a misconsemption or an intimida-               Mostly, Officer Johnson deals         “That’s the worst part about being
                                                                                tion factor about police.                 with harassment between students,        a street cop,” said Johnson, “Con-
                                                                                  “I’m just a regular guy,” said Of-      physical altercations, chemical use,     stantly having negative interactions
                                                                                ficer Ben Johnson, who is in his          and behavioral issues.                   wears a guy down”.
                                                                                fourth and final year as a Centen-           “My job is unpredictable. Mon-            Officer Johnson suggests that
                                                                                nial High School Liaison officer.         day and Tuesday I didn’t do much,        those interested in a career as a po-
                                                                                Johnson worked as a street cop for        these last few days have been just       lice officer enroll in Police explor-
                                                                                five years previously, and has said       crazy.”                                  ers. Police explorers is a program
                                                                                “I’m ready to go back”.                      When asked about the things he        that gives a really good glimpse
                                                                                          Johnson blames the in-          doesnt like about his job, he re-        into a career in law enforcement.
                                                                                timidation on negative interactions.      sponded,
   Of ficer Johnson in his fourth and final year at Centennial High School.     Chances are, if you have to talk to
                 “I’m r eady to go back” Of ficer Johnson said.

             A LL A BOUT                                                                                                         H OMECOMING
                P EER                                                                                                               S PIRIT
              L EADERS                                                                                                    Matt Longen
                                                                                                                          Staff Writer
                                                                                                                             Streets filled with people. Fancy
                                                                                                                          cars. Parade floats. Candy being
                                                                                                                                                                          Although the parade, game
                                                                                                                                                                   and dance are some of the major
                                                                                                                                                                   events in homecoming, spirit week
                                                                                                                                                                   also is exciting.
                                                                                                                                                                       “The student council votes on
Lee Copeland                            something that you can just sign        are getting ready to make the shift       thrown to small kids. This is home-      what the days should be, and this
Staff Writer                            up for.                                 from elementary school to middle          coming at CHS.                           year dress your best day is new.”
                                           Lauren Mayer, a senior who has       school and from middle school               “The parade, it’s just really an ex-   Wilhelm said.
      Not many people know that         been a peer leader since she was a      to high school. Peer leaders do           citing place to be.” said freshman         The freshman class committee as
Peer Leading was known as SODA          sophomore, shared a great truth         so much more than just the 5th            student council member David             well as student council do a lot of
when it was first established about     about how peer leading is effec-        grade kindness retreat and the first      Young-Stephens.                          fundraising for Homecoming, and
26 years ago. Peer leading was de-      tive. Students get a lot out of peer    day of high school for freshman.              Homecoming has always been           the money goes to the school.
fined as a group of students that       leading because it is easier to learn   They also do such things like ninth       something that students, parents,           “I hope that we can raise one or
are there to make the transition to     things about the new school they        grade homeroom banners and 8th            and teachers look forward to every       two grand this year,” said commit-
high school easier, and high school     are now attending from a student        grade spring open house. They did         year, but little know about all of       tee advisor Ms. Bies. The fundrais-
itself simpler.                         at CHS. Nicolette Larson, a fresh-      the every 15 minutes drinking and         the work that the student council        ers sold Dolly Day seniors, t-shirts,
    “Eighth grade you come from         man here at CHS, would have to          driving, and they helped out with         as well as the individual class com-     and eye black.
a team within a house that you          agree with Lauren Mayer. Even           the anti-bullying last year.              mittees put into homecoming to              Homecoming is a major event in
share with 2,300 kids,” Ms. Eaton       though Nicolette would not want            The Peer Leaders group is run          make sure that it runs smoothly.         our school but without the student
shared. It is obviously not that easy   to become a peer leader herself,        by Ms. Eaton along with Donna                 The student council decorates        council and the class committees, it
of an alteration for us, and we all     she thought that the peer leaders       Mckenny, Officer Johnson and              the hallways the Sunday before           all wouldn’t be possible.
know it, because we have all been       were hyper, cool, helpful and fun.      John Paisley. To learn more about         homecoming week.                            “Most of the freshman that join
through it.                             Hearing this makes you think, and       peer leading you can go to the CHS            “It took about 5 or 6 hours to       the class committee rejoin again as
   This group of students, the Peer     it really does make it feel like we     website, and there will be a spot         decorate both buildings hallways.        sophomores.” Bies said.
Leaders come from all different         are all here to look after one an-      just for the peer leading on the left     It was a lot of taping and standing        “I like being a part of homecom-
types of cliques but what they all      other.                                  side under site navigation.               on desks.” Young-Stephens said.          ing, and the student council. They
have in common would be won-              Some peer leaders would say that         “I think it is something to be         “Normally the sports teams come          really are a nice group of people,”
derful leadership skills. Students      they are there as students to help      proud of,” Lauren Mayer shared            in and decorate a certain hallway,”      David Young-Stephens said.
are nominated to be a peer leader;      guide younger students when they        about being a peer leader.                said student council advisor Mrs.
it’s not                                                                                                                  Wilhelm.
FEATURES                                                                                                                                                                                          3
Sherre Szepieniec
Staff Writer
                  European Band Trip
                                        cheese and lunch meat. They
   Over this past summer junior         ate hardy meals for dinner, and
and senior students in the band         dumplings are very popular food.
played in three different European      “The food was amazing and re-
countries. From June 13 to 22 the       ally spiced up,” oboe player Tim
band students went to the Czech         Solfest, a senior, said. The people
Republic, Germany, and Austria.         there on average are a lot thinner
While in Salsburg, Austria, stu-        than in the United States, mostly
dents were able to see where the        because of their diet. “People are
Sound Of Music was filmed. They         really friendly and nice there. Its
saw castles in Salsburg and the         such a different culture people
Czech Republic. They even got           need to go out and see how other
to tour one of them. Cathedrals         people live,” Ulfig explained. The
in Vienna “were gothic looking,”        cost of the trip was $3,500, which
Maddie Ulfig said, a senior who         included the round-trip airfare,
plays the flute in Centennial’s         hotels, and a breakfast and din-
band. In each city they visited         ner everyday. Many students did
they performed a concert for the        fundraising to help afford this trip.
people of the city. Between cities      Something unique the students
it was roughly a six to seven hour      experienced while on the trip was
bus ride. Not only did the students     having to pay .5 euros to use the
perform their music, they also got      public bathrooms. They were able
to see what its like to live in these   to shop at the European stores,
European countries. Living in Eu-       many of which were designer
rope is a lot more expensive than       brands. “It was really neat to see a
the United States. 100 U.S. dollars     totally different side of the world,”   From top left to bottom right: Seniors Maddie Ulfig, Jane Tolkinen and Natialie Benson, at the gardens in Salsburg, Austria.
is about the equivalent of 68 Eu-       Solfest said about the European         The view from the top of the fortress in Salsburg, Austria. An old castle in Vienna, Austria. Maddie Ulfig, Laura Meyer,
ros. Students ate a typical Europe-     styles of living. For the band stu-     Kaitlyn Wright, Kritine Borys, Jane Tolkinen, Catherine Bledsoe, and Natalie Benson. Photos courtesy of Maddie Ulfig.
an breakfast that usually consisted     dents it was a chance of a lifetime
of a hard roll,                         and will never be forgotten.

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     W     “Swift”ness in the

   Sara Rae Nasca
     A B
                                           LL          LOOD,
   Bethan Owen
   Jon Antus
                                           WEAT AND
Front Page Editor
   Megan Stetson
Features Editor
   Courtney Kueppers                A letter from the
Centerspread Editors                Editor-in-Chief
   Dani Lehman
   Mariza Avis
                                       First issue of the year! Horray!
Sports Editor                       Go Inscriptions! In case you are un-
   Ryan Nelson                      aware, I call myself Sara Rae, and
A & E Editor                        I’m a junior this year. I’m sure as
   Bethan Owen                      everyone is just as excited for this
OP / ED EditorS                     year as I am. Especially for this is-
                                    sue. Why am I so wound up? Be-
   Nathan Mechtel
                                    cause the journalism class is ex-
   Jon Antus
                                    tremely creative with their stories,
   Erica Her
                                    and I have one talented group of
Music Editor                        newspaper junkies.
   Tom Schreiner                       Congrats to all new editors! Ex-
Business Manager                    cept Tom because he was an editor
                                    last year. It’s nice to know that I
   Madi Growe
                                    have such a strong group of edi-
Photo Editor                        tors to help me out. I’ll warn you
   Matt Larson                      right now; this stuff gets stressful.
Copy Editor                         But, I look forward to working
                                    with all of you through the time of      Jon Antus and Nate Mechtel
   Tess Bittner
                                    annoyance. I also look forward to        Ninja in Training and Samurai
Staff Writers                       seeing what the new writing staff is
   Sam Adams                                                                     JON: No, this is not an article      gotta say, Michael Jackson was one       things? She must have been pretty
                                    capable of. Recruiting is awesome.
   Brittany Blum                                                             about the Iranian bomb scare, this       of the greatest pop stars, of all        embarrassed, and then she let Tay-
                                    I just hope I don’t scare you away.
   Lee Copland                                                               is much more important…and               time!                                    lor come up and finish her speech,
                                    I’m actually more worried that
   Ali Fischer                                                               should probably be addressed…                JON: Alright, not gonna lie, I       that was pretty cool of her.
                                    Nate, Matt, and Jon will scare you
   Annalisa Gifford                                                          again…and again…and again. So,           don’t see the relevance, I mean, I          JON: …Yeah, wow, that was like
                                    away. They are really mean, I know.
   Madi Grove                                                                as I’m sure you’re all aware, Kanye      totally agree, but how does that         the first relevant thing you said
                                    Old news (pun intended). But you
   Bryon Hall                                                                West decided to interrupt Taylor         even relate to…                          this whole time. I agree, Beyonce’s
                                    have to stick with it!
   Sarah Handley                                                             Swift during her acceptance speech           NATE:Jon, Jon, I’m gonna let         feelings should be observed here,
                                        I love everything about news-
   Bao Her                                                                   at the VMA’s earlier this year. Now      you finish, but I just wanna say, se-    how would it feel if somebody
                                    paper; the writing, the interview-
   Erica Her                                                                 personally, that was kinda…              riously, you can not listen to thrill-   went and embarrassed you in front
                                    ing, the layout, the publishing and
   Andrew Hetchler                                                              NATE: Jon, Jon, I’m gonna let         er without wanting to get up and         of millions of people? Would you
                                    distributing. There’s nothing more
   Max Hoffen                                                                you finish, I really like what you got   dance, or march, like the marching       have been able to handle it with
                                    satisfying than seeing your article
   Joel Jaeger                                                               going here with all the words and        band, cause they play that song,         the grace she did, I submit that
                                    that so much work has gone into
   Joan Kagunda                                                              stuff, but I just wanna say, that this   and it’s pretty sweet, but yeah, any-    most of us could not.
                                    being read by your peers. And I
   Courtney Kueppers                                                         is America, and we have the right        way, that’s how it relates. Hope I           NATE: Yeah, yeah, fo sho, I
                                    love the fact that I have the privi-
   Dani Lehman                                                               to say what we feel whenever we          answered your question.                  totally agree, so I guess the silver
                                    lege to share these expirences with
   Matt Longen                                                               want cause America is one of the              JON: Nope, not even close.          lining is, even though Kanye was
                                    other avid people.
   Derek Nadeau                                                              greatest countries, of all time!         Pretty sure I’m still thoroughly         foolish for acting the way he did, at
                                      Inscriptions is now, more than ever,
   Molly McNaughton                                                               JON:…. Ummm, yeah, that             confused. But oh well, I guess I’ll      least everything turned out ok.
                                    open to absolutely anyone at Cen-
   Elizabeth Nelson                                                          seemed really familiar, anyway, con-     just continue on with my point.
                                    tennial High School. If you like to
   Brooke Nielson                                                            tinuing on. That was kind of inap-       Despite the fact that Kanye did
                                    write, or oraganize, or deisgn, or
   Zach Nordine                     take pictures, or have great ideas,
                                                                             propriate for Kanye to just bust in      something inappropriate in front           “This is much more im-
   Ryan Peterson                                                             on stage and interrupt Taylor Swift      of millions and embarrassed both          portant, and should prob-
                                    room R314 is always open. You
   Cecelia Porter                                                            during her speech, I mean…               himself and Beyonce…
                                    don’t even have to join the club to                                                                                         ably be addressed, again,
   Hannah Smith                                                                 NATE: Jon, Jon, you’re getting             NATE: Jon, Jon, I’m gonna
                                    get published. Just simply put your
                                                                             good with all the words and the          let you finish, but you bring up a          and again, and again.”
   Sherre Szepieniec                poem, or editorial, or story idea, or
   Ashley Ramm                                                               grammar and the writing and stuff,       good point, anybody think about
                                    letter to the editor in the blue green
                                                                             and ima let you finish, but I just       how Beyonce felt about this whole
Photographers                       box that is oh so pretty in R314.
   Matt Larson                      Please don’t forget to put your
Adviser                             name and grade on it!
                                        As said by Jon Antus-“Today
   Andrea Krueger
                                    is the tomorrow that you worried
   CONTACT US                       about yesterday. All is well.”
Inscriptions is the official stu-
dent newspaper of Centennial
High School, with the purpose
                                      --Sara Rae
to educate, inform, and to
stimulate thought among the
student and staff population.
We welcome any student sub-
missions, and encourage the
voicing of opinion. Submis-
sions must be signed and will
become property of Inscriptions.

     Turn submissions in to
   Mrs Krueger’s room at R314.

OPINION & EDITORIAL                                                                                                                                                                  5
  Weighted Grades
                                                                                                               past it anyway. Some would argue
                                                                        Jon Antus                              yes, please weight my grades, it
                                                                                                               will make me feel better about the          “Untill more colleges get to
                                                                        Co-Associate Editor-in-Chief
  Really worth It?
                                                                                                               grades I get in my tougher level              throwing out of the high
                                                                            The recently proposed weighted     classes.                                     schools weighted system,
                                                                        grading scale system presents cer-          I personally am all for the              I think it’s a good thing”
                                                                        tain advantages to the students of     weighted system, it would make
                                                                                                                                                                         -Mr. Saunders
                                                                        CHS. For those of you who don’t        us all a lot happier, I think, which
                                                                        know, having a weighted grading        would create an even more posi-
                                                                        scale would mean that those of         tive learning environment.
                                                                        you getting a B in an honors or AP        Even if our grades do get re-
                                                                        class, would receive a 4.0 GPA for     weighted by the college admission              “ Yeah. I think
                                                                        that B, and that an A would get you    staff, students who truly worry
                                                                        a 5.0                                  about their GPA but find them-                 it’s a good idea”
                                                                           “The problem is,” says Principal    selves falling behind in the classes,
                                                                        Tom Breuning, “there is no stan-       could breathe easier knowing that
                                                                                                                                                                  -Tim Solfest
                                                                        dard weighted grading system. We       even with a B in all of their AP
                                                                        already know that colleges will take   classes, they can still secure a 4.0.
                                                                        your grades, un-weight them, and           Breuning says, “With any sys-
                                                                        weight them the way they want          tem that you have, you need to
                                                                        them to be weighted.”
                                                                                                                                                               “Students take more
                                                                                                               find a way to reward to students
                                                                             This presents the question; is    for taking on the challenge of               vigourous classes because
                                                                        the proposed system even worth         more rigorous coursework, with               they can handle it, so why
                                                                        it? “I could argue both ways,“ says    out punishing the students not               should they be given the
                                                                        Principal Breuning, “but in my         taking as rigorous coursework.”              cushion of the grading
                                                                        personal opinion, yeah, it’s prob-                                                  systeym”
The report card on the right is what your grades could look like with   ably time Centennial moved in that                                                          -Mrs. Weiland
the new proposed weighted grading scale system. Photo by Jon Antus      direction.” Some would argue no,
                                                                        don’t weight the grades, there’s no
                                                                        point; the colleges will just look

                                                                               Principal Breuning
                                                                        Erica Her                              me,” Mr. Breuning said, after giv-        teacher himself. “My kids are my
                                                                        Staff Writer                           ing a few more stories.                   greatest accomplishments,” he
                                                                            “She had every reason to fail        This is just one example that re-       said. Mr. Breuning is a father of
                                                                        but succeeded,” Principal Tom          minds him of why he is here. “You         five childrean and a husband to his
                                                                        Breuning said, as he rememberd         go into education because you             lovely wife.
                                                                        one of his students. She was a for-    want to help,” he said.                      He has taught for ten years and
                                                                        mer student from the high school           He grew up in East Blooming-          coached a wrestling team as well.
                                                                        with many motives to fail, but Mr.     ton, Minnesota and worked for the            It’s been his 9th year at Centen-
                                                                        Breuning gave her a helping hand.      original Met Stadium selling pop          nial High School as an administra-
                                                                           Life seemed as if it was against    and food in the stands, and on the        tor and he is all about teaching, and
                                                                        her he said, she had the choice to     chilly days he sold hot cocoa in his      helping students achieve their goals.
                                                                        give up, but instead took life into    teens.                                    “Centennial High School has made
                                                                        her own hands and made it into             Mr. Breuning was on the wres-         me who I am today,” Mr. Breuning
                                                                        what she wanted it to be and found     tling team and had an awesome             said. “I am passionate about this
IN THE OFFICE-Principal Tom Bruening, taking a quick snap shot, giving
                                                                        success.                               teacher who was his inspiration to        place.”
a friendly smile. Having those many centennial buttons behind him shows
                                                                         “Those are the things that touch      become a
his school spirit. Photo by Erica Her

                                                                              ENERGY DRINKS; GOOD OR
       EKO                          WINTER
                                     FUN!                               Andrew Hetchler BAD?
                                                                        Staff Writer
                                                                           Energy drinks are very common
                                                                        at this school, but do all the stu-
       Testimonials from                                                dents drinking them know the bad
       Satisfied Customers:                                              things about them?
       The 45 costa rican exchange                                          Popular energy drinks, such as
       students had a blast tubing at                                   Monster, Venom and Amp are
       Eko Backen....... thank you!
                                                                        loaded with caffeine and sugar,
                                 Dave S.                                which are unhealthy.
                                 Mahtomedi Schools
                                                                          Brandon Schire, stated that he
                                                                        drinks about two to three energy
       The students had the greatest time tonite. They were
       singing all the way home! THANK YOU for allowing us to use        drinks a day because they “taste
       your Fine Facility.                                              good and give him energy for the
                                                            Wendy       day”.
                                       Spanish German Instructor
                                                                           He spends about five to six dol-    A student drinks a popular energy drink, Monster, at our school. Photo by Andrew
                                         Spring Lake Park Schools                                              Hetchler
                                                                        lars on energy drinks each time he
       The most fun I have had in a very long time.                     buys them, so he spends almost         just as good as normal, even with         their ability to learn.
                                                               Heidi    twenty dollars a week on energy        the energy drinks.”                          Energy drinks may be suitable
                                                      St. Croix Falls   drinks alone.                            But there are negative side effects     for some students, but others
                                                                           When asked if energy drinks af-     to energy drinks as well. Some stu-       that get hyper from energy drinks
       22570 Manning Trail, Scandia, MN 55073                           fect the way he learns he replied      dents that drink too many energy          should not be drinking them dur-
                  (6 miles east of Forest Lake)                                                                drinks in a day get hyper and jittery,    ing school.
                                                                        “no, I learn
 • 651-433-2422                                                                     which can affect


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