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      This evaluation of your group members is due by midnight on the day shown on the calendar. Your evaluation
      points will be negatively affected if you don't turn it in on time! To complete the evaluation, follow the six steps
      outlined below:

      First, review the evaluation criteria tab and evaluate each of your group members on the ten criteria listed.

      Then, find the tab for your section (8am = Sec 1, 2pm = Sec 2, 3:30 pm = Sec 3)

      Find your group members in the section tab and scroll across to the column with your name on it.

      Then enter the score for each of your group members under your column.

      Save the spreadsheet using the following naming convention: "Sec?Grp?_???" with the first ? replaced by your
      section number, the second ? replaced with your group number and the last three ???s replaced with your initials.

      Finally, post this spreadsheet to Blackboard using digital drop box.
                                UNSATISFACTORY                           DEVELOPING
                                          0 points                             1 point
Advanced preparation        Did not come prepared. Was not       Had some understanding of the
for meetings                familiar with assignment. Was not    assignment, but did not provide
                            familiar with related assigned       any evidence of thought about the
                            reading from the textbook.           solution.
Attendance                  Attended no meetings.                Attended most meetings with valid
                                                                 reason for absences.
Contribution of ideas       Did not participate in discussions   Asked questions about topic, but
during meetings             OR did not stay “on topic”.          provides no ideas.

Tolerance                   Usually wanted to have things done Usually sided with friends instead
                            his/her own way. Did most of the of considering all views.
Encouragement/Criticis Discouraged others and didn’t take Sometimes encouraged others, but
m                      criticism well.                    criticism for others interfered with
Responsibility              Did not perform assigned duties      Performed very little of duties OR
                            OR did not take on any duties.       performed duties poorly and/or too
                                                                 late to be useful.
Leadership                  Allowed others to make all the       Sometimes volunteered for a task,
                            decisions OR insisted on making      but not enthusiastically.
                            all the decisions.

Attitude                    Was negative about assignments       Was mostly negative about
                            and/or team.                         assignments or team; positive on
Significant contributions Did no work on assignments.            Did some work on assignments,
to completing                                                    but as little as possible.
Overall rating in              Poor or Below Average.                        About Average.
comparison to other
    ACCOMPLISHED                                   EXEMPLARY                              Names of Group Members:
             3 points                                  5 points                         Joe         Fred
Obvious that the assignment was     Thoroughly read and thought about the
understood but provided limited     assignment, and provided concrete ideas for the
evidence of thought about the       solution. Produced and shared resources.
Attended all meetings, but          Attended all meetings, was always on time, and
sometimes was late or left early.   stayed until finished.
Participated some in discussion     Participated in discussion and made suggestions
and provided a few good ideas       on topic that measurably improved the team’s
about topic.                        performance.
Usually considered all views.       Always helped the team to reach a fair decision.
                                    A good listener and arbitrator. Helped all group
                                    members feel included.
Usually encouraged others, but      Always encouraging, accepted criticism, and
did not use criticism in a          provided creative solutions.
constructive way.
Performed duties as assigned,       Performed all duties in a timely and exceptional
with acceptable results in a        manner. Did additional tasks not required of
timely manner.                      him/her.
Always volunteered to take on    Coordinated group effort with approval of other
tasks that were needed. Provided members. Assigned/sought volunteers for tasks.
assistance to others.            Provided assistance to others. Kept the team on
Was mostly positive about        Maintained a positive attitude about assignments
assignments or team; negative on and team.
Did work on assignments. Could Did a lot of work on assignments. Did last
have done more.                minute items that came up.
      Good to Very Good.                   Very Good to Exceptional!

                                                                                Total   0            0
Group Members:

Group   Name                 Kristofer Rudd Jon Day Lindsay Hill   Ryan Klemetson Jon Young
  1     Kristofer Rudd
  1     Jon Day
  1     Lindsay Hill
  1     Ryan Klemetson
  1     Jon Young
  2     Jordan Beasley
  2     David Johnson
  2     Dima Melnychuk
  2     Jon Heaton
  2     Ben Goldie
  3     Michael Blodgett
  3     Ruth Plater
  3     Daniela Michalkova
  3     Derek Parker
  3     Lauren Billings
  4     Elijah Daley
  4     Thomas Oldham
  4     Antioni Parker
  4     Orlando Lopez
  4     Jessica Nash
  5     Kyle Musgrove
  5     Stephen Kenny
  5     Jeremy Wilkey
  5     Jim Ogilvie
  5     Ben Tingey
  6     David Lau
  6     Kyle Lucherini
  6     Bryce Mosley
  6     Brandon Vorwaller
Jordan Beasley   David Johnson   Dima Melnychuk Jon Heaton Ben Goldie   Michael Blodgett
Ruth Plater   Daniela Michalkova   Derek Parker   Lauren Billings   Elijah Daley   Thomas Oldham
Antioni Parker   Orlando Lopez Jessica Nash Kyle Musgrove   Stephen Kenny   Jeremy Wilkey
Jim Ogilvie Ben Tingey David Lau Kyle Lucherini Bryce Mosley   Brandon Vorwaller
Group Name               Buck Bagwell Rob Barton Nathan Romney   Michael Wilson   Ryan Rowley
  1 Buck Bagwell
  1 Rob Barton
  1 Nathan Romney
  1 Michael Wilson
  1 Ryan Rowley
  2 Eric Fernelius
  2 John Hill
  2 Brandon Clift
  2   Cameron Lee
  2   John Gittens
  3   Quentin Stoker
  3   Owen Toolson
  3   Ryker Willie
  3   Nathan Gardner
  3   Jason Jordan
  4   Andrew Pickup
  4   Nick Smith
  4   Todd DeCoursey
  4   Rebecca Fletcher
  4   John Southcott
  5   Brian Johnson
  5   Steven Wilde
  5   Travis Combs
  5   Parker Moffat
  5   Benjamin Zohar
  6   Courtland Astill
  6   Daniel Holbrook
  6   Jaklyn Mika
  6   Brad Savage
  6   Shawn Hansen
Eric Fernelius John Hill Brandon Clift Cameron Lee John Gittens Quentin Stoker   Owen Toolson
Ryker Willie   Nathan Gardner Jason Jordan   Andrew Pickup   Nick Smith Todd DeCoursey
Rebecca Fletcher   John Southcott   Brian Johnson   Steven Wilde Travis Combs Parker Moffat
Benjamin Zohar   Courtland Astill   Daniel Holbrook   Jaklyn Mika Brad Savage Shawn Hansen
Group Name                      Josh Manwaring   Brett Stephens   Cameron Flanders   Zach Clegg
  1 Josh Manwaring
  1 Brett Stephens
  1 Cameron Flanders
  1 Zach Clegg
  2 Steven Hawkins
  2 Scott De Burgh
  2 David Morris
  2 Maggie Ward
  3 Jesse Wilde
  3 Robbie Irwin
  3 Blake Jones
  3 David Potter
  4 James Choi
  4 Steve Hamm
  4 David Dance
  4 Sun Mo Koo
  5 Chantel Ockerman
  5 Jamie Young
  5 Robert Huey
  5 David Avery
  6 Bracken Hodges
  6 Lexi Rodrigues De Almeida
  6 Corban Russel
  6 Keegan McFalls
Steven Hawkins   Scott De Burgh David Morris Maggie Ward Jesse Wilde   Robbie Irwin Blake Jones
David Potter James Choi Steve Hamm David Dance Sun Mo Koo Chantel Ockerman   Jamie Young
Robert Huey David Avery Bracken Hodges   Lexi Rodrigues De Almeida   Corban Russel
Keegan McFalls