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       2011 SPRING & SUMMER

   12 NOON AT THE VIllAGE HAll; APRIl 13 WAlk-IN

                Kerry Weller, President
                Bill Zmudosky, Vice-President
                Sally Knapp, Treasurer
                Paul Guardiola
                Jim Outwater
                Chris Muscari
                Molly Sager

               Warren McMillan, Recreation & Park Director
               Kelly Cassinelli, Assistant Recreation Director
               Lowell Fisher, Morning Camp Director
               Tom Fiore, Park Caretaker
All programs are subject to change. Registrants will be notified   July 5 thru August 5, Monday thru Friday, 9 am to 12 noon
of change via e-mail or telephone. If you have any questions       Location: Town of Washington Park
or need more information please call the Recreation Office at      Resident Fee: $215 per child, $100 for third child or more in
677-8278.                                                                         same family
                                                                   Non-Resident fee: $250 per child, $125 for third child or more
RECREATION COMMISSION MEETINGS                                                    in same family
The Town of Washington Recreation Commission meetings are
held at 7 pm in the Village Hall on the first Thursday of every    For children entering kindergarten through entering sev-
month. All meetings are open to the public. To confirm dates       enth grade. We are proud to have one of the most creative,
and times of meetings please contact the Recreation Office.        well-organized, and FUN camps in the county... at a very
                                                                   reasonable fee!
Registration begins on April 9, 2011. Registration forms are       We are excited to welcome back our 11th year camp di-
currently available in the lobby of the Village Hall and in
                                                                   rector Lowell Fisher. We have programs in swimming,
the Recreation Office. Forms are also available on our web-
site: All are urged to register early!        arts & crafts, and music, creative play, and athletics, as
There will be an automatic late registration                       well as special weekly shows by professional entertainers,
fee applied to all program registrations not                       “Freaky Friday” game days, and other special visitors! 7th
paid in full or received by the listed deadline                    grade groups will have a minimum of two off-site trips
in the brochure. Individual payment plans can be set up            during the camp session. The Recreation Commission
for programs without late registration penalties, as long as the   prides itself on the high quality of staffing at our camp
payment plan is established before the registration deadline(s).   that ultimately provides a rich and positive camp expe-
At the time this brochure went to print, sev-                      rience for your child. Camp enrollment will not exceed
eral programs were still being finalized. More                     200 children. All camp registration forms need to have a
information will be published on the website
                                                                   copy of the campers immunization record attached. This
and handouts will be available on the registra-
tion dates and in the Recreation Office.                           applies to new AND returning campers! *Registration&
                                                                   final payment deadline is Friday, May 13th.* The late
Effective January 1, 2008, by the direction and order of           fee for this program is $50 per child.
the Town of Washington Board, there is a non-resident fee
applied to all programs. This applies to ALL non-Town of
Washington residents regardless of you child’s attendance          Our morning camp also offers the following features:
at Millbrook Schools.
                                                                   After Camp Child Care Hour
FEE WAIVER PROGRAM                                                 This program allows morning campers to extend their pickup
A major part of the Recreation Commission’s philosophy is to       time until 1 pm. The participants may eat lunch or play board
allow access to Summer Camp no matter what the financial cir-      games underneath our park’s small pavilion while waiting for
cumstances of the family might be at a given time. If you are      pick up. This service can also be utilized to bridge the gap
dealing with economic hardship, please contact the Recreation      between our morning camp program and swim programs. Cost
Office and request a fee waiver form. Fee waivers are avail-       is $40 per week per family. Non-residents $50 per week per
able for Summer Camp only.                                         family

                                                                   Limited Bus Route
**************************************************                 This limited bus route is to provide children and staff transpor-
                                                                   tation to and from the park. A morning camp bus pass must be
                                                                   purchased for every person utilizing this service. Passes are
The Recreation Office does not send out confirmations. No          $10 per person. A separate form will need to be filled out for
news is good news. Please assume you are registered for the        this pass.
program(s) you have selected. You will be contacted only if
there is a problem.                                                COUNSELOR -IN-TRAINING I PROGRAM FOR
                                                                   MORNING CAMP
DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE !!!                              July 5 thru August 5, Monday thru Friday, 9 am to 12 noon
                                                                   Location: Town of Washington Park
Nothing spoils a good program quicker than everyone wait-          Fee: $150        Non-Resident fee: $165
ing until the last minute to register. If there are not enough
registrations by a certain date, the program may be can-           Anyone entering the eighth grade in September 2011 may ap-
celed. Coming in on the day the program begins won’t res-          ply to be a CIT I at the camp. If you are looking for an above
urrect it, so please register early.                               average CIT program look no further! Our program will trans-
form our CIT’s into well-rounded young adults with invaluable        five optional group workouts (listed above), food guide, journal
knowledge. After completion of CIT I they will be more than          and personal workouts as well as weekly e-mail coaching. Par-
ready to take on our CIT II program. They will learn the re-         ticipants will also receive a kick-off party to inform and moti-
sponsibility of working with children plus so much more. The         vate at the start of the challenge. At the end of the challenge a
program will provide certification in babysitting from the Red       finale party will be held to reward and celebrate success! The
Cross and CPR/First Aid from the American Heart Association.         average participant loses 8-12 lbs and 5-8 inches! Take the
This program should not be missed. Please bring current immu-        first step towards a healthier you! Join Donna Iannacchino,
nization record to registration. Every CIT will receive a T-shirt.   an AFAA certified personal fitness trainer, for an information
*Registration & final payment deadline is Friday, May 13th.*         meeting on April 9th at 11 am at the Village Hall.
The late fee for this program is $50 per child.
                                                                     ADULT BOOT CAMP
COUNSELOR -IN-TRAINING II PROGRAM FOR                                Location: Village Hall
MORNING CAMP*                                                        Dates: April 17, April 25, May 1, May 9, & May 15
July 5 thru August 5, Monday thru Friday, 9 am to 12 noon            Time: 5 pm – 6 pm
Location: Town of Washington Park                                    Resident Fee: $100         Non-Resident Fee: $115
Fee: $150        Non-Resident fee: $165
                                                                     There is no clock watching in this hour long work out! You
Anyone entering 9th grade in September 2011 may apply to             will remain engaged and challenged in a dynamic and fun boot
be a CIT II at the camp. This program is intended to further         camp style work out. You will get integrative and complete
prepare you for your quest to be a counselor next year at camp.      body training including: Strength, Cardio, Core Stability, Bal-
Participants will be taught various skills, techniques, and ac-      ance, Flexibility and Agility. You will burn calories, which is
tivities that are fundamental in the making of a good counselor.     critical in weight management and weight loss, tone and con-
Please bring current immunization record to registration. Every      dition your body while exercising in a fun group setting. You
CIT II will receive a T-shirt. *If your child is 14 years old by     will be empowered to do your personal best each class while
April 1, 2011 they may submit a counselor application for pos-       keeping you engaged and your body challenged. By continually
sible employment. If your child is not hired by the camp they        challenging your body you will continually improve as your
can sign up for the CIT II program without late fee being as-        body tries to adapt to the ever changing methods. These work-
sessed. *Registration& final payment deadline is Friday, May         outs are designed with so much variety you will be excited to
13th.* The late fee for this program is $50 per child.               come to class to see what’s next! You will learn and experience
                                                                     techniques that require little or no equipment; as a result you
TOWN OF WASHINGTON YOUTH DEVELOP-                                    can take what you learn with you while not in class! Some tech-
MENTAL BASKETBALL CLINIC                                             niques used are: body weight exercises, weight bands, agility
Location: Guertin Gymnasium, Village Hall                            ladder, sand bag training, running and sprint drills, plyometrics;
Fee: $90 per resident camper                                         yoga/stretch, pilates and the revolutionary TRX training is also
Non-Resident fee: $105                                               incorporated for a well-balanced, effective and ever changing
9 am to 11:30 am, August 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20.      workout!
Director: Ken Dawson
                                                                     AMERICAN GIRL DOLL TEA PARTY
Come and learn both sides of basketball- offense and defense.        Location: Town Park, Camp Building
This camp will prepare you to defend the basket with defensive       Date: Friday, June 3rd
techniques, boxing out drills, and defensive team playing. Of-       Time: 6 pm – 8 pm
fensively, you will learn one-on-one moves, moving out with          Fee: $10 child      $5 adult
the ball and turning up your shot. Boys and Girls ages 7 & up        (child’s fee includes one raffle ticket for American Girl Doll raffle)
welcome. *Registration & final payment deadline is Friday,
June 30th.* The late fee for this program is $40 per child.          Bring your American Girl Doll, Barbie doll, or any doll or
                                                                     stuffed animal to our first annual AMG Tea Party. You and your
COMMUNITY FIT CHALLENGE                                              “friend” will enjoy an evening of pampering and fun! Tea and
Location: Village Hall                                               cookies will be served to all! You will have the opportunity to
Dates: April 17, April 25, May 1, May 9, & May 15                    have your hair, makeup, and nails done by DC Boces Cosme-
Time: 5 pm – 6 pm                                                    tology staff. A vendor will be onsite if you are interested in
Resident Fee: $175 per person and $125 for spouses                   purchasing any doll clothing or accessories. Take some time
Non-resident fee: $190 per person and $140 for spouses               to stop by the arts and crafts table and create a take home proj-
                                                                     ect. Before you leave, make sure you stop by the photography
Open to adults of the community, this challenge helps different      studio and get a picture of you and your “friend” as a keepsake
levels of fitness from self-proclaimed couch potatoes to current     from this wonderful event. Music will be played for those of
fitness enthusiasts trying to ramp up their results. Each partici-   you who want to continue the party on the dance floor. Regis-
pant will get a private pre-fitness and post-fitness assessment      trations are needed by Friday, May 13th.
with the instructor (to measure improvements), three one-on-
one coaching sessions (scheduled by you and the instructor),
LESSON PROGRAM                                                      Saturdays September 3 to November 5
All lessons will be taught by certified Water Safety Instructors    For children entering grades kindergarten through sixth.
(WSI) under the American Red Cross program. These highly            Fee: $50 Non-Resident $65
qualified instructors allow us to offer area children a progres-
sive learn to swim program under the Red Cross curriculum           This very popular program is now entering its 9th year of
and guidance. Each day’s class runs for 30 minutes. Lessons         competition.
will take place Monday through Thursday, with a make-up day         The Town of Washington and the Town of Stanford will once
on Fridays. Total of 8 classes per session. Minimum of 4 and a      again be playing against each other. Games are played once a
maximum of 6 students per class. A parent or guardian must          week on Saturdays with one practice during the week. Practice
be present at all times during the lesson. Fee is $100 per ses-     season begins in late August. Registration fee includes full uni-
sion and $115 for non-residents. There will be a WSI instructor     form for every player. Volunteer coaches and paid referees will
at registration at the Village Hall to discuss swim lesson levels   be needed. *Registration & final payment deadline is Friday,
and schedules.                                                      July 1st .* The late fee for this program is $25 per child.

MILLBROOK SWIM TEAM                                                 YOUTH TENNIS PROGRAM
July 5 - August 5, Monday, Wednesday, Friday afternoons             Monday through Friday
Ages 5 - 18                                                         Location: Millbrook Community Tennis Courts
New member fee: $70 ($85 non-resident), for boys, and $80           Fee: $ 65 Non-Resident fee: $ 80
                   ($95 non-resident) for girls, which includes     Ages: 6 to 14
                   a team bathing suit
Returning 2010 member fee: $50 ($85 non-resident) (with last        Session I :    July 5 to July 8      7:45 am – 8:45 am
                   year’s suit)                                     Session II:    July 11 to July 15    7:45 am – 8:45 am
Time: Practices 1 to 2 pm, swim meet days until 4 pm                Session III:   July 18 to July 22    7:45 am – 8:45 am
                                                                    Session IV:    July 25 to July 29    7:45 am – 8:45 am
Practices and home meets at the Town of Washington Park.
                                                                    The camp bus will pick up the children enrolled in Morning
Head Coach, Andrew Rossi, and Assistant Coach Jennifer              Summer Day Camp and bring them to camp. This program is
Bissonette will return as the team’s coaches. This program is       run by USPTA instructor, Joe Coogan.
rich in a history that dates back to the late 1960’s! The team
combines a fun atmosphere in a competitive setting. A great         WOMEN’S TENNIS NIGHT WITH INSTRUCTION
program for children to experience a swim team program in a         Thursdays from July 8 to August 5
relaxed summer environment. Through the six-week program,           Time: 6 to 7 pm
the team will swim against other towns such as Freedom Park         Location: Millbrook Community Tennis Courts
of Lagrange, Tymor Park of Union Vale, and Stanford among           Fee: $65         Non-Resident fee: $80
                                                                    Come out for an evening of great exercise, fun and instruction
The season in capped off with a fun picnic and awards in Au-        with other women and the wonderful game of tennis! The for-
gust.. Volunteer adults are needed to assist the coaching staff.    mat will be 45 minutes of instruction then round-robin doubles
Please let us know if you can help! *Registration & final pay-      play. Joe Coogan, USPTA instructor will lead this program.
ment deadline is Friday, May 27th.* The late fee for this           Limited to 12 participants.
program is $40 per child.

July 12 – August 13; Tuesdays (6 to 7:15 pm) and Saturdays
(9 to 10:15 am)                                                               ** JUST FOR SENIORS **
Location: Dutchess Day School
Ages: 5 through 13
 Fee: $50 which includes a t-shirt    Non-Resident fee: $65

This program will once again be headed by Nigel Pink who            COMPLIMENTARY SENIORS PICNIC
has over twenty years experience of coaching youth soccer in        Wednesday, June 8 at 12 noon
England and has been very involved in promoting and orga-
nizing soccer for many years with the Recreation Commission.        The Town of Washington Recreation Commission would like
The emphasis of the program will be on learning and develop-        to invite you to a picnic lunch at the Town Park in Mabbets-
ing both individual and team skills through fun activities that     ville. Grilled chicken, salads, and dessert will be served along
reflect the ages and skills of the participants. *Registration&     with refreshments. To make your reservations please call the
final payment deadline is Friday, June 3rd .* The late fee for      Recreation Office at 677-8278. We would like a final count by
this program is $25 per child.                                      June 1st.
CIRCLE LINE CRUISE & SHOPPING AT THE                                 FOxWOODS CASINO
SEAPORT, NYC                                                         November 6, 2011
June 29, 2011
                                                                     Come to Foxwoods and enjoy a day of fun. The bus will depart
This full island cruise provides passengers with three hours of      at 8:30 am. The cost of this trip is $25 for residents and $35
relaxation and discovery. Depart at 12:30 on Circle Line Sight-      for non-residents. This price includes a meal voucher and $10
seeing’s most popular cruise and learn the secrets of the city: 3    keno play.
rivers, 7 major bridges, 5 boroughs, over 25 world renowned
landmarks and, of course, a magnificent close-up of the Statue       HOME BOUND BOOK LENDING PROGRAM
of Liberty. Discover Manhattan like the great explorers and see
the city and the outer boroughs via the water. Enjoy a lunch of      This Millbrook Free Library program is open to all hom-bound
a sandwich, chips, cookies and a soft drink. After the cruise,       residents of the Village of Millbrook and Town of Washington.
enjoy an hour and a half of shopping at the Seaport! The cost of     It is open to all home-bound residents of the Village of Mill-
this trip is $35 per person. Non-resident fee is $45. Bus leaves     brook and the Town of Washington. The Home Bound program
at 9:00 am.                                                          provides home delivery of Millbrook Library books to library
                                                                     patrons who are unable to get to the library on their own. Vol-
CASINO DAYS AT EHRHARDT’S & MT. AIRY                                 unteers from the Friends of the Millbrook Library will deliver
CASINO                                                               and pick up library books from residents’ homes on a monthly
August 24, 2011                                                      basis. If you are interested in becoming a part of this program
                                                                     please contact the Millbrook Free Library at 677-3611 x 2 or by
Join us for a full day of fun at the beautiful Ehrhards in           e-mailing the
Pennsylvania. The schedule for the day is as follows:
                                                                     TOWN OF WASHINGTON PARK
10:00 am Arrival at Ehrhardt’s; coffee and apple streusel cake
served. Jewelry and gifts available. 10:30 am until 11:30 am;        A town owned facility for recreation of its residents, with swim-
Games and Trivia with Tonylou Productions.                           ming, picnic areas, concession stand, basketball court, ball
                                                                     fields, sand volleyball court, mini-golf putting green, fishing
11:30 am – 1:00 pm; Lunch: Tomato juice, Ehrhardt’s famous           dock, and expanded playground!
broccoli salad, home baked bread, Yankee pot roast with veg-
etables, stewed chicken and biscuits with gravy, amorosi pasta       Park opens only for picnicking on Memorial Day weekend,
                                                                     12 - 7 pm.
carbonara, strawberry cheesecake, coffee and tea.
                                                                     Park & pool open weekends starting June 4 – noon - 7 pm
                                                                     Open daily, 12 - 7 pm, June 18 – August 22
1:00 pm Depart for Mt. Airy Casino; relax after your delicious
                                                                     **Park and pool will remain open weekends only noon – 7 pm
meal and enjoy the ½ hour ride along scenic Route 390 to the         through Labor Day**
casino. Upon your arrival our staff will get you settled in for
an afternoon with lady luck! Enjoy the casino’s huge variety of      Park pavilions are available for rental - call for further
slot machines and table games. Time to take out our comple-          information and dates.
mentary $15 slot play card and test your luck!!!                     2011 season park tickets will be available to purchase at the
5:00 pm Depart from Mt. Airy                                         Recreation Office at the Village Hall and at the park beginning
                                                                     on Memorial Day weekend at the following prices:
You MUST bring a valid government issued ID with you in or-
der to enter the casino and receive your slot play card. Accept-          Town Residents                    Non-Residents
able forms to bring are: driver’s license, state ID card, passport
or military ID. Form chosen must have a photo, address and           Family up to 5 persons   $110    Family up to 5 persons $175
date of birth. The cost of this trip is $35 for residents and $45    Each additional add        $5    Each additional add      $5
for non-residents. Bus will depart at 8:30 am.                       Adult                     $55    Adult                   $55
                                                                     Sr. Citizen/Child         $50    Sr. Citizen/Child       $50
HAWAIIAN LUAU At Mt. Haven in Milford, PA                            Millbrook Camp Staff*     $25    Millbrook Camp Staff* $25
September 21, 2011
                                                                     *This pass is intended for the morning camp staff teenager
                                                                     who stays at the park after camp has ended at 12 noon. It can
You’ll be greeted with a Hawaiian Lei, and a delicious all-you-
                                                                     be utilized any day of the week from June 18 through August
can-eat breakfast buffet including Hawaiian pineapple upside         22. For more information please contact the Recreation Office
down cake and coffee. Throughout the day you’ll have a choice        677-8278.
of things to do including: bingo, gift shopping, movies and a
choice of outdoor activities. Enjoy a live Hawaiian show. After      Mailing address: Town of Washington Recreation
the show it’s time for the fabulous Hawaiian Buffet! Artistically                     P.O. Box 970
carved fresh fruit, vegetables, rice, and of course a suckling pig                    Millbrook, NY 12545
highlight a very special menu! Make sure to try one of our pre-      Email address:
mium Pina Coladas!! The cost of this trip is $40 for residents       Phone numbers: Recreation Office         677 - 8278
and $50 for non-residents. Bus will depart at 8:30 am.                                Park & Pool             677 - 9545

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