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Praisesong for the Widow By Paule Marshall

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					Praisesong for the Widow
       By: Paule Marshall
PowerPoint by: Carly Hood
Important Characters
   Avey Johnson- The main
 character of the book. She seeks to
 find more about herself and her
   Thomasina Moore- One of Avey’s
 friends who she went on the cruise
 with. She had a very strong
   Clarice- The other friend Avey
 went on the cruise with. Much
 more and understanding than
An Inspiration
  When Avey began her Caribbean cruise
  with her two friends she never expected
  to go home early. One night after a
  troubling dream she packed all her
  bags to leave in the morning. When
  she woke and got ready to go her
  friend Thomasina questioned her
  leaving. Thomasina yelled at Avey
  and told her she was stupid for
  leaving, but she did anyways. She
  was seeking for something else in her
  life. A part of her she did not know she
After the Inspiration
  After Avey took off to set home she
  came across many things. Many
  parts of her life clear up. She finds
  things out about her history and
  embarks on a big adventure she never
  expected to come across.
During this Time
  The author Paule
Marshall had two different
cultures in her life. She
had a Barbadian and also
an American culture. She
loved to know more about
her Barbadian culture, but
lived by both. Most of her
experiences or tales were
from her Barbadian
 In all of Paule Marshall’s books she has a
 theme of how African Americans live. She
 shows experiences of what they went
 through. In Praisesong for the Widow she
 tells what Avey goes through and how she
 finds out about herself. She has shown
 conflict in their lives and the things they
 did to overcome it.
Point of View
  Most of Paule’s point of view comes from
  her parents background and friends. She
  had many cultures in her life and had
  experiences from both. I think she agreed
  some with her American culture and other
  times with the Barbadian side of her. She
  shows her different experiences in her
  books and brings them out for you to
  Avey Johnson was a average women.
  She had a lot on her mind at the time,
  but came across something’s that would
  help her. Memories from her past now
  made more sense. She also inherited
  things from her grandmother which
  also helped her find out what she sought
My Opinion
  My opinion of Praisesong for the Widow
  was pretty good. I thought it was overall
  an okay book that showed different ways
  she came across things. Although see was
  seeking to get home she had other
  experiences on the way. Avey also cut her
  cruise very short, so some of her
  experiences she went through probably
  made up for it.
Others to Enjoy
  If you think you would enjoy
  Paule as an author try reading
  a few of her other books.
  Brown Girl, Brownstones
  Soul Clap Hands and Sing
  Praisesong for the Widow