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         The Windscreen
March 1, 2010

                                       Hear Ye, Hear Ye
       Inside this issue:                                                British Car days
                                          Last month's sweet-
                                                                      are less than 60
                                       heart run was a great
Activities Calendar                2                                  days away, so
                                       event, thanks to Jarvis
                                                                      watch your email
Sweetheart Run                     5   and Jeri Penninger for
                                                                      inbox for a specific
                                       planning and execut-
Museum Tours                       5                                  call for volunteers.
                                       ing. And now, another
                                                                      this group has
Nostalgic Ad                       7   event and fun-filled
                                                                      always been
                                       month of March beck-
Tucson Winners                    10                                  generous with their
                                       ons-- check the sched-
                                                                      time and we anticipate
Advertisers                 11/12      ule for our planned
                                                                      the same this year to
                                       museum tours, and                                          Promoting the Preservation,
Classic-Fieds                     13                                  make another car
                                       normally scheduled                                         Ownership and Operation of
                                                                      days move smoothly
                                       events.                                                        British Motorcars.
                                                                      and still be fun for all,
                                          No one can accuse
                                                                      including the organizers
                                       us of not having
                                                                      and volunteers.
                                       enough excuses to get

                                       together, drive our
                                       cars and EAT.                               Ed Townley               FYI
                                          Our monthly meet-
Articles, opinions and sug-            ing program on March                                        March General Meeting
gestions printed in The                10 promises to be in-                                       will be held at Hilton Gar-
Windscreen are those of                teresting, as Nathan                                        den Inn, 2550 S. Don
the author(s) and do not                                                                           Roser. Dinner at 6pm
reflect the opinions or offi-          Dickerson will present
cial policy of the BMCSNM or           a recap of the Tucson                                       vice 5:30. Meeting at 7pm
it’s governing Board of Direc-         British car roundup,                                        ***************
tors, officers, or members.            and Walt Kowalski will
No authentication is implied           do his monthly tech                                         After problems with our
by the publisher. Technical            session after the meet-                                     old website, a new ver-
tips are printed for informa-                                                                      sion is now up and run-
                                       ing, showing us how to
tion purposes only and
                                       check our fuel sending                                      ning. To open it you must
should not be taken as ad-
vice or instruction. If uncer-         unit to see if it is func-                                  retype
tain about whether to at-              tioning properly BE-                                        www.zianet.com/bmcsnm
tempt a mechanical repair,             FORE we install it in                                       in your address bar (do
ascertain the validity of the          the tank. Also, Belinda,                                    not use the link in your
technical tip by consulting            head of the hotel food                                      favorites list as this will
with an experienced me-                                                                            only take you to the old
                                       service crew promises
chanic. Neither The Wind-
                                       a meal appropriate for                                      deleted site). After open-
screen nor the BMCSNM is
responsible for statements             the "bit o' Irish" in all of                                ing you can then save it in
or claims made by contribu-            us.---wear your green.                                      your favorites and delete
tors, advertisers or in classi-                                                                    the old link. Questions?
fied ads.                                                                                          Suggestions? Contact
                                                                                                   Rona at bmcsnm@q.com

                               2003 Jaguar X-Type
                           Owners: Lester & Lee Townsend

 March 2010
 Sun            Mon       Tue       Wed            Thu       Fri          Sat
                      1         2             3          4         5               6
                                    General                             ZuhlTour
           7          8         9   Meeting   10     11            12   & Coffee
                                                                          Nite     13
AL Bkfst   14     15         16               17     18            19              20
           21     22         23               24     25            26              27
De Vinci
           28     29         30               1          2         3               4
           5          6         7             8          9         10              11
                                                                             Page 2
         Schedule                                     If interested in attending any of the events below
                                                        that are not British Car related and there is no
         Of Events                                     contact listed, please contact Steve Caufman for
                                                      Remember, should you participate in events other
• Mar 10: *General     Membership Meeting.
 Hilton Garden Inn, 2550 S. Don Roser (University     than BMCSNM club events, you have a chance to
 and Don Roser). 6pm for nosh and natter. Pay at       have your show entry fee paid by the club if you
 the door. Remember, only cash, debit or credit       display our Club Banner. Contact Ed Townley to
 cards accepted. Meeting begins at 7pm. Pro-           place your name in the pot for a paid show entry
 gram:: Summary of Tucson Roundup by Nathan
 Dickerson. Tech Session: How To Test A Fuel
 Sending Unit presented by Walt Kowalski.

• Mar 13:   NMSU Zuhl Museum Tour. (see pg

• Mar 13:   Coffee Nite: International Delights,
 corner of El Paseo and Idaho. 7PM.                             Additional Events

• Mar 14:  American Legion Breakfast. Meet            Mar 6: NSRA Appreciation Day. Adult Toy
 at Subway Subs on N. Main St prior to 9am. Cara-     Factory, Las Cruces. Info: Bob Nall
 van begins at 9 to breakfast.                        575.382.5742.

• Mar 21:    Airport Breakfast.. Meet at              Mar 7: Wheels of Britain. Heritage Square,
 Fairacres Post Office prior to 9am. Caravan to       Phoenix, AZ. Info: Shirley Blahak,
 Airport at 9AM.                                      Shirley@azwildblue.com
        Leonardo da Vinci El Paso Mu-
• Mar 28:
                                                      Mar 27: Wheels of Dreams Car Show. Las
 seum Of History Tour. (see pg 5)                     Cruces Field of Dreams. Info: Randy Maxey

Questions, comments or suggestions concern-           Apr 2-3: Smok’n Oldies Car Show & Swap
ing activities? Contact Any Parliament Member.        Meet. Pre 74 vehicles. Deming. Contact Ben
                                                      Kellogg 575.546.6243.

*Note: An optional entrance to our meeting room is    Apr 10: Golden Gears Swap Meet. Alamo-
now available. The Outside North door to our meet-    gordo. Contact Jack Harris 575.434.0200.
ing room will be ajar for those members parking at
                                                      Apr 23, 24, 25: British Car Days. Las Cruces.
the rear or North side of the building. This is the
middle door on the ramp and will have a sign indi-
                                                      May 1: Christian Rodders Swap Meet. May-
cating BMCSNM Meeting Room. Management has
                                                      field HS, Las Cruces. Open show. Contact Ray
made this entrance option available to us so we       Trigg 575.524.3371.

                                                                                                           Page 3
                             BMCSNM Parliament:

Prime Minister:                              Ministers At Large:
Ed Townley (575) 526-7807                    Walt Kowalski (575) 382-8098
healeymnster@gmail.com                       wkowalski@zianet.com

Chancellor of the Secretariat:                Ron Saltzman (915) 497-6137
Joan Lane (575) 525-9105                      frame@zianet.com
                                              Jarvis Penninger (575) 522-0941
Chancellor of the Exchequer:                   jarvisp@zianet.com
Lynn Farthing (575) 532-1951

                             Committee Chairs:

British Car Days Chair:             Web mistress:
Walt Kowalski                       Rona M. Lujan
 Ed Townley                         (575) 202-4271

Interim Newsletter Editor:          Monthly Raffle Chair:
George Duckworth                    Ron Saltzman
(575) 526-2318                      (575) 647-8965
gclyde1@comcast.net                  frame@zianet.com

Membership Chair:
George Duckworth
(575) 526-2318

                                                                            Page 4
                                                          The tables were
           Sweetheart Run                                 nicely decorated,
                                                          thanks to Geri Pen-
  A slightly brisk and      valve on one of the           ninger and there
breezy Valentine’s         carbs on his recently          were sweet goodies
                                                                                          Your Interim
Day morning saw forty      refurbished Healey.            for all the ladies.
                                                                                      Newsletter Editor can
-four people gather at     But with a little time, a      Brunch was plentiful
the Hilton Garden Inn      borrowed socket                and tasty. Best of all     still use those articles,
for our Annual Sweet-      wrench, screw driver,          it was less expensive        tech-tips, cartoons,
heart Run where the        some goop, rubber              than advertized and
ladies all received a      gloves and a hose                                           jokes, pictures, etc
                                                          to show our appre-
rose.                      clamp along with tech-         ciation to the ladies      ***********
                           nical help from Ed and         in our lives the Club
It was a well laid out                                                                Contact George if you
                           Walt, Bill was able to         paid for their meal.
drive by Jarvis cover-                                                                 have any changes
                           get it temporarily re-         A big thank you from
ing a tad over 30 miles
                           paired enough to               us to them.                  regarding mailing
including a stop at
                           head on out to the
Stahmann Farms to                                         Bye the bye, Bill and          address, phone
                           Club House long after
draw a card and have                                      Ginger were able to
                           the last car had                                             number, e-mail
a photo op by Ed                                          make the trip home
                           headed out for the last                                    address, and sale or
Townley.                                                  suffering only a
                           leg. Ed (who must be
Only one hiccup oc-        related to Wrong Way           stuck accelerator           purchase of a British
curred at Stahmann’s       Corrigan) got turned           and a tad more pet-                  Car.
when Bill and Ginger       around a couple of             rol leakage.
Haynes experienced a       times resulting in a           (pictures on page 9)
steady stream of pet-      delayed arrival for
rol from the overflow      brunch.                        Many more on web

     NMSU Museum Tour
                                                       Leonardo da Vinci Tour
 What: Tour of the Zuhl Museum on
the NMSU campus.                                 Sunday March 28 is available for us to tour The
                                         Leonardo da Vinci exhibit. There are about 30 models
When: Sat March 13, 2010 10 am           of Leonardo’s machines, including the war wagon, a
Where: We meet on NMSU Campus            side wheel paddle boat, and a helicopter. All designs
at the Museum 755 College Dr (one        are from the 1500's.
building East of NMSU Police De-                 Parking available diagonally across the street
partment)                                for free on Sundays. There is a short movie on Leo-
                                         nardo for which only 35 seats are available it is a
Attraction: A rare and exquisite col-    short one and if we have more the rest can visit the
lection of all kinds of precious         exhibit and later see the movie.
stones and gems from around the                  The charge is $9.00 per person
world. Approximate time of the
tour: 1 1/2 hours                                Meet at Harley-Davidson parking lot between
                                         10:30am and 11:00am. Caravan leaves promptly at 11
This is a private showing for our car    with a lunch stop in La Union at Union Station before
club and there is no charge. Do-         heading to the museum. The exhibit is only 3 blocks
cents will be present to conduct the     from I -10 which will make for an easy return.
tour, and possibly Mr. Zuhl as well.
Afterwards we adjourn to The
Game for lunch.

                                                                                                      Page 5
        Tucson Roundup Pictures                                        BCD Basket
Club Member winners     dated website.                                   Raffle
at the 2010
Tucson                                                                Again we are so-
Roundup on                                                            liciting members
page 10.                                                              to participate in
More pic-                                                             our ever popular
tures next                                                            British Car Days
month and                                                             Basket Raffle. This
also placed                                                           has proven to be a
on our up-                                                            valuable method
                                                                      of raising money
                                                                      for the Club. If
                                                                      you would like to
                                                                      donate a basket
                                                                      please contact
                                                                      Rona M. Lujan as
                                                                      soon as possible
                                                                      at 575-202-4271 or
                                                                        Thank You

       $       TREA$URER’$ REPORT
                      As of 2/28/2010:

                                               Welcome New Member(s):
                                         Jim Lester, Alamogordo, 1978 Triumph Spitfire

                                                                                     Page 6
Nostalgic British Motorcar Ads

                                 Page 7
                                      Got Tech-Tips? Send

       February General Meeting         them to George

 Another great turnout
for the February meal
and meeting. Lots of
Valentine related
items were given
away at the raffle. Ed
discussed some ideas
for our upcoming Brit-
ish Car Days. Ron Far-
thing won the contest
for wearing the oldest
event T-shirt from the
1982 Austin- Healey
50th Anniversary
event at Snow Mass,
CO. The meet-
ing was followed
by a Tech Ses-
sion from Walt on
Spark Suppres-
sion or What Is A

                                   Volunteers Sought
                                   British Car Days are just
                                  around the corner and your
                                  assistance is needed for us
                                  to provide the quality event
                                  that attendees expect from
                                  Whatever you can help us
                                   with whether a little or a
                                    lot, please contact any
                                     Parliament member.

                                                     Page 8
Sweetheart Run

                 Page 9
                              Club Regalia
                                                                                                Always in
  Club regalia for sale:                                       2006 British Car Days T-
                                                               shirts 8 large, 14 XL            search of
                                                               @$8.00 each                  pictures of your
                                                               We also have left over T-
                                                                                             LBC, cartoons,
                                                               shirts and polo shirts:        tech tips, old
                                                                                            British Car ads,
                                                                                            and other items
                                                               See Lynn Farthing to          that might be
                                                                                              of interest to
  BMCSNM embroidered           BMCSNM lanyards $4 each.                                        our readers.
  patches @$5.00 each.                                                                       Please contact
                               2008 British Car Days ball
                               caps $10 each. Dash
                               plaques $1.50 each, and Car
                               Badges $25 each.
                               2007 British Car Days polo
                               shirts with pocket 4 small, 9
                               medium, 2 large @ $25.00
  BMCSNM pins @$3.00 each.

                           Tucson Roundup

                                                                                      When utilizing the
Club member attendees at the Tucson British Car Register “Round-Up                services of businesses
2010” reported having a good time. And as usual they brought home
their fair share of awards. Our club winners were:                                who advertise with us,
Car show awards went to Bob and Caryl Hammel - Jaguar XJ12; Bob Pat-               please tell them you
tison and Julie Fitzsimmons - Morgan Plus 4; Bob and Judy Kirschner -
Triumph TR 3; Eric Hoover and Deborah Gaynor - Triumph TR 5; Mike                     saw their ad in the
and Pat Alexander - Triumph TR 6. Longest driven distance award -
Eric Hoover - Triumph TR 5.                                                           Windscreen and
Gift basket raffle winners - Judy Kirschner, Eric Hoover, Kathleen Cor-            thank them for their
dova. A hearty “well done” to all those Club members who attended.

                                                                                                      Page 10
Barb’s Flowerland, 2001 E. Lohman, Las Cruces (10-20% discount to
BMCSNM members)
The Frame & Art Center, 1100 S. Main, Las Cruces 526-2808 (10% discount
to BMCSNM members)

                                                                     Page 11
Advertise your business
or service here. Prices
     on page 13.

                          Page 12
                                                          1/8 page Ad: Business card 1 year— $50.00
                                                          1/4 page Ad: 1 year— $75.00
              Motor Vehicles                              Line listing as a club Sponsor—1 year--$20.00, or
                                                          Free, if discounts are offered to club members
For Sale: 1978 Triumph TR-7, low miles, coupe with        Classified Ads: Free if they pertain to British cars, parts
sliding sunroof. Beautifully restored, white              or service for non-commercial parties.
w/black/green interior, by Walt Kowalski. $4,500.
Contact Walt Kowalski 382-8098 or
For Sale: 1980 Triumph Spitfire. Has headers, rebuilt                    Parts and Services
weber carb, new HD radiator, new tires, new battery.
Needs interior, top, 2nd gear synchro, and 2 freeze           For Sale: New Parts for your LBC. Your
plugs. Extra parts. Asking $1100 obo (over $1400 in-          club parts connection is always available to
vested). Call George 575-526-2318 or                          buy parts from Moss Motors and Victoria
                                                              British. Moss Motors Distributor--Email Ed
                                                              Townley healeymnster@gmail.com with
 For Sale: 1988 Sterling. Complete. Parked in 1999.           your order.
Engine knocking. $500 OBO. 1982 Jaguar XJ6. Engine            Need parts for your spridget?? 74 and 76
fire. Exterior and interior good. $700 OBO. Lloyd W.          midget Donor cars still have some parts—
White 524-3102 or 635-0325.                                   Email Ed Townley at
For Sale: Removable hardtop for TR6. Might fit a              healeymnster@gmail.com with your
TR5/250 and maybe even a TR4. Aftermarket unit by             wants/needs.
Custom Hardtops of California. White fiberglass but           EBAY auction service---Sell your parts on
can be painted any color. Very good condition. Needs          EBAY and turn unwanted or extra parts into
some rubber seals. $450. Mike Alexander 522-0627.             cash.—bring me your stuff to sell, and I will
                                                              take care of the rest—I will take pictures,
For Sale: 1971 MGB-GT with lots of parts such as deck         write the description, list the items, pack
lid, glass, doors, etc. Asking $4,000 OBO. Bob Wolf           and ship to the auction winners. All you
575-824-4878. Chaparral                                       have to do is get the stuff to me, with any
For Sale: Factory steel hardtop for TR-6 and TR-250.          special requirements (reserve amounts,
Color: Inca Yellow. Will be difficult to buy in a few
                                                              starting prices, etc.). Call or email for more
                                                              info. Ed Townley (575)526-7807 or
years. Very nice condition. New replaced white head
liner installed in stock vinyl fabric. New quarter win-
dow rubber included. $1,800. Kent Martin                      For Sale: Large inventory of new and used
575.336.4670.                                                 MGB parts. Purchased inventory of Taos Ga-
                                                              rage. Hall Automotive, 306 East First, Capi-
For Sale: Spring Cleaning early. Jaguar engine circa          tan, NM. Contact club member Virgil Hall
1967 from a 420 sedan $500. 2 Jaguar transmissions,           575.354.2216 (work) or
one with overdrive, the other with overdrive parts            shooter@valornet.com.
$100 each or both for $150. 1 1979 VW fuel injected
engine complete $250. 1 Austin America engine com-            For Sale: Olympia 2 ton engine hoist
plete $150. Ron 575.647.8965 or frame@zianet.com.             ($75.00), XL engine stand ($25.00) and Cy-
                                                              clone Blast Cabinet with stand ($150.00).
For Sale: 1990 XJS Jagette convertible with Corvette
                                                              Mike Reaves, Silver City,
engine and transmission conversion. Restored to origi-
nal condition. "New Bright Red" with tan leather inte-        jumireaves@signalpeak.net.
rior. New black top (power) and tires. Chrome wheels.         For Loan: Bill Haynes is in possession of
Real road rocket. A bargain at $5950! Call David Derk-        Lester Townsend’s tow dolly. It is available
sen 575-541-1120.
                                                              for loan to club members, but Lester has first
                                                              dibs. Contact Bill Haynes 526-3507 for infor-
For Sale: MGB speedometer still not working? These
Moss repair parts may help fix it for only $80: Non-OD
speedometer cable (331-565), angle drives (021-511 &
435-745), cable grommet (281-900). Herb Hothan 575-
647-1487 or herbeenie@yahoo.com

                                                                                                            Page 13
British Motor car Club of
 Southern New Mexico

          PO Box 2703
      Las Cruces, New Mexico

The Magic Lives On. . . .

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