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   The Queensland
   Master Plumber                          May 2004 issue

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President’s Word . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Executive Director’s Comment. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Out There - In Here . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Saxon - Australian Water Heater Manufacturer . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Acting Accordingly . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Contractor’s Law Talk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
Save Water, Save Money, Makes Sense. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
In The Trenches . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
                                                                                                       08      Saxon - Australian Water
                                                                                                               Heater Manufacturer
The Wait Is Over. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
Drain Vision Golf Day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21
New Solar Water Heater Dux Of The Class. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
Philmac Celebrates 75th Anniversary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
2004 Australian National Plumbing Forum. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
Stock Watch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
New Members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
Division Minutes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
MPAQ’s Industry Associates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30

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accuracy of statements made by contributors or advertisers or accepts responsibilty for statements they may express
in this publication. The MPAQ does not accept liability to advertisers, which may be held contrary to the Trade
Practices Act 1974. The MPAQ reserves the right to refuse, cancel, amend or suspend any advertisements or inserts
without reason.
                  President’s Word
By Bob Kimlin, President

While the alligators are snapping…
Have you heard the saying, “it’s hard to remember the original            When launching the scheme, the federal Minister for the
objective was to drain the swamp when you are up to your *!#? in          Environment and Heritage, Dr David Kemp, said it was “the first of
alligators.                                                                                    ”
                                                                          its kind in the world. By choosing water efficient appliances the
                                                                          community could save more that $600 million through reduced
Okay, I’m not sure if that is the correct saying but I am sure that       water and electricity bills by 2021, he said.
you get my drift. How is your year going? For my part I cannot
believe that we are in May already. It seems the older I get the          “By that time, water efficiency labelling is projected to cut
more things speed up. Or, is it truly a case that everything is                                                                 ”
                                                                          domestic water use by 5% or 87,200 megalitres per year, he said.
getting faster? Everyone expects everything done yesterday. We            Nearly half the water savings will come from washing machines,
are all trying to do more with less, or so it seems and just when         about 25% from showers and 22% from toilets.
I think I am getting on top of something along comes another
                                                                          “Water is one of the most critical environmental
So how are you coping? Are you taking some time out for family            issues facing Australia and we all have a role
and friends? Are you taking some important time out to work on            to play in helping reduce water consumption.”
your business instead of in it? We all need to recharge from time
to time and I hope you had the opportunity to relax a bit over
Easter and the long weekends that followed for Anzac Day and              According to Minister Kemp, “water is one of the most critical
Labour Day.                                                               environmental issues facing Australia and we all have a role to play
                                                                          in helping reduce water consumption.
Of course speaking about being up to our “you know what” in
alligators, I wonder if you have taken the time to think about what       Clearly, we wish the government well in its attempts to reduce
is causing these situations to arise. Is it something you have            water consumption and look forward to Master Plumbers’
created yourself or do others impose it on you? Of course only            members providing professional services to support them in
you can know the answer to that but have you taken the time to            achieving their goals.
consider it?
                                                                          2004/2005 Council Nominations
This is what I meant by saying you should take some time to work          Nominations have been called with this journal for members
on your business and not in it. I know I am as guilty as the next         interested in being involved on the Association’s Council. This
person – I get caught up in the day to day activity of running my         process is conducted in accordance with the requirements of
business and I become consumed with doing things but I have not           the relevant legislation and provides that only persons who
taken much time out to work on the business. You know, taken the          are financial members 30 days before the opening time for
time to sit back and review what it is we do and how we could do          nominations may vote in any election. Nominations must be
it better. And especially, what it is that I do and how I could do that   received by midday on the 11th June.
better or even how I could get someone else to do it for me.
                                                                          Brisbane Water
After all, I need to concentrate on what I do best and what               The Association recently had the opportunity to speak with key
will bring in the best return for my business from my personal            players within Brisbane Water about our concerns with government
activities. If I can identify a work method that will save money,         or statutory authorities in general competing “unfairly” for our
or a marketing strategy that will bring in more work or even an           members’ work.
internal procedure that will minimise stuff ups then this is all more
productive in the long run than wrestling alligators on a daily basis.    We were very heartened to hear that Brisbane Water is keen to
Give it some thought, I know I will.                                      work with private enterprise to achieve its objectives. One of these
                                                                          objectives is an 18% reduction in portable water supply use and
Water Labelling Scheme                                                    another is maintaining the integrity of their assets. The association
A national Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards scheme will           was invited to discuss ways in which we could work together and
be phased in later this year. By mid 2005 washing machines,               to put forward proposals on how our contracting members could
dishwashers, toilets and showerheads will be required to carry            be involved. No doubt we will hear more of this in future months.
water efficiency labels.

4       Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland | vol. 45 | No. 4 | May 2004
                   Executive Director’s Comment
By Adrian Hart, Executive Director

Plumber Business Building Seminar                                                “Master Plumbers’ members are noted
Plumber Business Building Seminar was the title of a nearly four hour            for protecting community health and the
seminar conducted at Plumbing Industry House last month which
                                                                                 environment and for providing a service
attracted 70 participants. This was the best attended seminar of its kind
run by the association for some time and demonstrates that there is              which is credible, clean and careful ...”
great interest in how to run a better business.
                                                                                 Fuel Scheme Update
Of course all the technical know how must be in place but then there is          All members should note that the Association will no longer offer access
the issue of running a successful business, being profitable and finding         to the repairs and maintenance or tyre purchase elements of the fuel
time to really enjoy life. After all, isn’t that why you went into business in   scheme. This decision reflects recent history and problems experienced
the first place.                                                                 on the account affecting all members. Current users who feel they are
                                                                                 likely to suffer significant problems arising from this decision are advised
Jeff Bloom of Jeffrey R. Bloom and Associates presented the seminar              to contact the office.
and from the feedback I received he lived up to his promises. Certainly
no one asked for a refund at the end of the evening and many were                New Telstra Mobile Phone Service
lining up to learn more either through his CD series, online newsletter or       We are pleased to announce that the association has negotiated an
one on one coaching.                                                             improved deal with Telstra for the provision of mobile phone services.
                                                                                 While the full details are explained elsewhere the key point is that
Jeff’s presentation focussed on four key areas you need to work on to            members now get a better discount than was previously available on
transform your plumbing business into a profit centre, rather than just          the Telstra scheme.
earning you a wage. The four key areas are marketing, sales, systems
and life coaching.                                                               You will also receive your account direct from Telstra and have dedicated
                                                                                 staff to assist with your enquiries. In promoting this service the
The evening was such a success we have asked Jeff to do a regional               association and Telstra have appointed One Zero to assist in explaining
presentation (more information on that later) and to be a guest speaker          the benefits to members. Handset sales and support will also be
at the conference in Gladstone during September. In fact, in response            provided by One Zero.
to members’ feedback the conference will now feature the concepts of
building better business.                                                        Logo Use
                                                                                 A member asked the other day if they could use the association
Student Associates                                                               logo on their business stationery. The answer is yes. Provided you
In support of the work the association is doing with the Plumbing                continue to be a financial member of the Master Plumbers’ Association
Industry Awards program Council has decided to offer all apprentices the         of Queensland in good standing you are entitled to use the logo on
opportunity to become Student Associates of MPAQ at no charge.                   your stationery and in your advertising. In fact I would encourage all
                                                                                 members to use the logo where ever possible as a way of showing to
This complimentary offer will allow the students to access all the               others that you are a reputable contractor who supports and who in turn
association services previously available to them however they will not          is supported by your professional industry association.
receive the printed version of the journal. Instead they will be offered a
student version of The Queensland Master Plumber via email.                      Master Plumbers’ members are noted for protecting community health
                                                                                 and the environment and for providing a service which is credible, clean
By engaging the students in this way the Association hopes to involve            and careful so show off your membership by using the logo whenever
them more in the industry and over time provide them the opportunity             you can. Copies of the logo are available electronically from the office.
to become full members, if they choose to contract in their own right.           Contact Simone or Deb for assistance or have your printer contact us
                                                                                 for you.
Additionally, we hope to gain valuable feedback from them! As an
industrial organisation it is important that we stay abreast of issues           All members were sent a vehicle decal with the renewal notices last
affecting the industry. It is just as important however for us to stay up to     month. Using the logo in this way is intended to promote your business
date on who will be the future participants in our industry and what their       and the association itself to the general public, so please use them. In
needs will be.                                                                   the near future we will be designing a new decal and will also make that
                                                                                 available for your use. Simply ask when you need something and we
                                                                                 will do what we can to help.

                                                                  Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland | vol. 45 | No. 4 | May 2004                    5
                    Out There – In Here
By Deb Wilson, Member Liaison

Lots of things are happening here at Master Plumbers’. I am              •   Rapid Adjudication. In summary the Building and Construction
so excited! Today it has been decided to give complimentary                  Industry Payments Act 2004 which was introduced to
membership to students within the plumbing industry. What a                  parliament on the 18th March was set down for debate the
fabulous opportunity for our youth to be nurtured through the wealth         week preceding ANZAC Day. We have been advised that the
of knowledge our members can provide! If you have an apprentice              registry will open on the 1st July 2004 and adjudications will
working for you please encourage him/her to contact me.                      commence on the 1st October 2004. If you would like a copy
                                                                             of the summary of the act please contact me.
With your renewal subscription you would have received a new
Membership Benefits flier. Please retain the magnetic back page          The new Telstra telecommunications deal starts this May 1st
after separating it from Wilson HTM’s invitation to attend their         and this will give you a saving of 16% on your calls. We will be
Investment Seminar as this has valuable contact information for our      calling all of our members to offer the benefits of this new
future reference.                                                        plan so please inform the office if you would prefer not to be
As part of my on going education of the plumbing industry I
recently attended an informative meeting with BSA management.            Westside Plumbing
Discussion centered on what the BSA is going to do for our               David Parker of Westside Plumbing started his business in
members. If you don’t mind as I learn these things I would like to       February 1992 after becoming a plumber in 1979. He is a small
share them with you.                                                     maintenance plumber in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane and has
                                                                         a preference for mature age apprentices believing that they are
•   In February 2004 the BSA introduced its new licence search           steadier in practice and worth the extra money for their dedicated
    on the web. It is a full search of all entities that are currently   commitment. His second mature age apprentice has just finished
    licensed or who have held a licence showing a history of all         his term. David attended The General Meeting in April where he
    public record information such as Licence History, Construction      received his 10 year certificate.
    Notifications, Disputes, and Directions to Rectify, Court Orders
    etc. This will enable you to check on the current status of          David says, “I receive everything I want out of Master Plumbers
    anyone you are about to contract with.                                                                                              .
                                                                         and enjoy the ease of access to technical and industrial advice”

6      Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland | vol. 45 | No. 4 | May 2004
                                                                             RT354QLD270x85(SSP) 17/3/04 1:45 PM Page 1

“I receive everything I want out of Master                                     ����������������
Plumbers’ and enjoy the ease of access to
technical and industrial advice”.                                               ����������������
An interesting new product came across my desk the other day.
It is a Fuelstar Combustion Catalyst, which improves combustion
in vehicles giving a complete burn leading to an improvement in
engine performance, better economy, a cleaner engine and lower
emissions of pollutants. There are many testimonials available and
140, 000 of these units have been installed already. Fuelstar in
conjunction with Master Plumbers’ are holding a competition for
interested members to win one of these and to be a testimonial                    ������������������������������
test pilot for our members. Watch June’s column of OUT THERE
– IN HERE for entry details.                                                      ��������������������������������
Interesting Product of the Month is awarded to Les Howson’s
                                                                                  ������������������������������
“ Wondercap” Les has been a plumber for over 25 years and
invented this little baby. Wondercap is a drainage systems cap to
prevent blockages during construction and can also be used as a                   ��������������������������
guide for the tiler. When fitted, It has a base and a 100ml circular
cap that remains in place until all tiling is completed. At this                   ���������������������
stage only the cap is removed and replaced with a grate and the
surrounds are grouted. From a female perspective this not only                                ��������������������������������
looks “great” but it’s easy to clean and cuts out those bathroom
            ,                                                                                  ���������������������������������
drain smells. For enquiries call 07 5539 3665 or check out the                                 �����������������������������������������
website                                                                    ������������������������������������������������
Please don’t forget to send your suggestions, requests, praises and
complaints to me – to steal someone’s quote “We’re listening!”

  Fuel Scheme – Formal
  Please be advised that the following services are no longer
  available as part of the fuel scheme as at 31 May, 2004.                       ������������������������������������������
  •   Repairs and Maintenance
  •   Tyres
                                                                                 � �������������������������������������������

  This change does not affect members’ ability to use the fuel
  scheme for other services. Current users of the fuel scheme are
                                                                                 ����� ������������������ ��� ������������
  encouraged to contact the MPAQ office on (07) 3252 1266 if this                ����� ��������������������������
  decision imposes significant problems.                                         ��� �����������������                                   ��������

                                                             Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland | vol. 45 | No. 4 | May 2004                7
     Saxon - Australian Water Heater Manufacturer

                    Currently celebrating 107 years as a proud        Saxon Solar - The Attractive And Easy To Install
                    Australian manufacturer, Saxon has recently       Solar Water Heater
                    released three new ranges of energy efficient
                    water heaters. In this issue we cover a century                      Unlike a conventional solar installation where
                    of proud Queensland manufacturing, and                               the unsightly storage tank is installed on the
                    review Saxon’s latest product releases – Saxon                       roof, a Saxon Solar water heater has the tank
Solar, Saxon Compact Solar Heat Pumps, and the Premier Range of                          installed on the ground and panels on the
Electric Water heaters.                                                                  roof. This provides for a far more attractive
                                                                      appearance and makes maintenance of the water heater easier for
Johann Sachs, emigrated to Australia in the early 1800’s, where       the householder and the installing plumber.
he founded and managed a carrying business which operated
between Ballarat and Bendigo during the Gold Rush. His son            Saxon offer two 6000 series systems that cater for the hot water
Emil Sachs purchased Alfred Shaw’s Plumbing works in 1897.            requirements of different sized families. The 2-panel system (item
Consequently, E.Sachs & Co was established in Brisbane and            6021) coupled with a large 400-litre heat exchange water heater
manufactured Coolgardie meat safes and gold panning dishes.           and mounting kit is suitable for a 1 to 3 person household. The 3-
Later automotive radiators and mudguards were manufactured.           panel system (item 6032) also with a large 400-litre heat exchange
Business was brisk as the streets of Brisbane were washed with        water heater is suitable for 3-5 persons.
salt water to settle dust.
                                                                      Both Saxon Solar systems are eligible for a $100 deduction
Products manufactured by Saxon include nails, rainwater goods,        off Trade Association membership fees. All you have to do is
down pipe and guttering, builders’ wheelbarrows, core trays and       complete the reward form and return it to your Trade Association.
storage racking, domestic solar, electric and marine water heaters.   Only one form can be claimed per installation by either the builder,
Projects of historical note, were the casting of four ornate clock    plumber or installing electrician.
faces, each weighing 1.3 tones, for the tower of Brisbane’s famous
city hall. E.Sachs & Co was also renown for the high quality wood     The Saxon Solar water heater is designed to operate at mains
stoves produced by its foundry in the 1930’s.                         pressure by connecting directly to the mains water supply. If the
                                                                      mains supply pressure exceeds 1100kPa, a pressure-limiting valve
Today, Peter Sachs Industries Pty Ltd (trading as Saxon) is a         must be fitted before the inlet of the water heater.
wholly owned and operated Australian manufacturing business,
supplying the building, plumbing, geophysical exploration and         During periods of low solar energy gain, the water temperature
marine industries. The company’s core business is the manufacture     can be boosted by the thermostatically controlled electric booster
of environmentally friendly water heating products for domestic,      heating unit. The electronic timer switch supplied will operate
commercial and marine applications.                                   this booster automatically. An override button on the timer can
                                                                      also operate the booster manually. As an optional extra a second
Saxon’s policy of continual product improvement has lead to           switch, called a Booster Switch, can be supplied and fitted in a
the development of an extensive testing facility for the on-going     convenient location such as the kitchen or laundry. This switch can
development of solar, gas, and marine water heaters.                  be a normal on/off switch, allowing the electric element to maintain
Recently, Saxon has added three new innovative and exciting           the set temperature until switched off again, or a “One-Shot
water-heating ranges – Saxon Solar, Saxon Compact Solar Heat                        ,
                                                                      Booster Switch” available from trade suppliers, which will heat the
Pump, and the Premier Range.                                          tank only once then switch off until pressed again.

                                                                      Saxon recommends that systems be installed using the
                                                                      timer switch supplied, without an extra Booster Switch. By
                                                                      experimenting with the timer settings, the householder will
                                                                      find a timer schedule that supplies their needs without frequent
                                                                      manual operation of the booster. The aim of the booster schedule
                                                                      should be to ensure adequate hot water is available for use,
                                                                      while minimizing electricity usage, and maximizing solar energy

8       Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland | vol. 45 | No. 4 | May 2004
The selection of an electricity tariff will be important as to how       Saxon Solar Water Heater Special Features:
the timer schedule is organized. Connecting to off-peak (night
rate) Tariff is not recommended, as solar energy collection will         •   Large 400-litre inner storage cylinder – ensures plenty of hot
be reduced if you do not use a lot of hot water in the mornings.             water is available for household needs
Saxon recommends connection to either Tariff 11 or Tariff 33             •   Inner cylinder made of pure copper to ensure long life
depending on individual household hot water needs.                       •   Attractive installation with tank on ground and solar collectors
                                                                             on the roof
The 6000 series Saxon Solar water heaters are eligible for EPA           •   Choose between two systems (two or three panels) to meet
rebates and REC’s. REC’s applications and EPA rebate forms                   your customers hot water needs
are supplied with the solar water heater. Rebate forms should            •   Water Efficient – Unique cold water expansion which redirects
be completed in accordance with the instructions on the form.                water back into the storage cylinder
Further information about EPA and REC’s can be obtained from the         •   Energy Efficient – Save on power from the sun
following websites.
                                                                         Saxon Compact Solar Heat Pump - Low Hot
The Office of Renewable Energy Regulator (ORER)                          Water Bills
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)                                                                     The new Saxon Compact                                                                                            Solar Heat Pump is one of
                                                                                                              the cheapest to run and
Various conditions apply when claiming REC’s or the EPA rebate. In       most energy efficient water heating systems on the market.
general, the following conditions apply.                                 The technology utilized in the Saxon Compact Solar Heat Pump
                                                                         was originally developed in collaboration with the Melbourne
a. No REC’s can be claimed if a solar water heater is replacing an       University 30 years ago. A rigorous program of on-going
   existing gas water heater installation. However the EPA Rebate        product development has ensured that the Saxon Compact Solar
   still applies.                                                        Heat Pump’s technology is the market leader with it’s superior
b. If the solar water heater is replacing an old solar system the
   number of REC’s is less and depends on the capacity of the old        The most exciting feature of this product is it’s running cost
   tank.                                                                 which are low compared with conventional water heaters

                                                             Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland | vol. 45 | No. 4 | May 2004            9
resulting in real savings to the consumer. The Saxon Compact          Saxon offer two models in their range, which will meet the needs
Solar can save up to 80% on customer’s hot water bills.               of small and large families. The 270-litre Saxon Compact Solar Heat
                                                                      Pump with a recovery rate of 100litres/hr typically serves 4 to 6
The Saxon Compact Solar Heat Pump has the same components             persons. The 340-litre systems typically serve 6 to 8 persons. Both
and works much in the same way as a normal household                  models of the Saxon Compact Solar Heat Pump are eligible for
refrigerator. The only difference is that the heat pump produces      RECS and the EPA Hot Water Rebate.
heat rather than cold.
                                                                      Even better still, complete the enclosed Saxon rebate form with
The efficient design of the Saxon Compact Solar Heat Pump             the water heater and you can claim a “Whopping great $100 Trade
does not rely on direct sunlight for its operation. Heat energy       Reward” on each Saxon Heat Pump model. Simply complete the
is drawn from the air. Unlike conventional solar water heaters,       enclosed trade reward form and return it to your Trade Association.
the Heat Pump can produce hot water both day and night, as            Only one form can be claimed per installation by, either the builder,
well as on cloudy days. Current models are now designed to            plumber or installing electrician.
operate at temperatures as low as minus 10 degrees.
                                                                      Next time you install a water heater remember the Saxon Compact
Refrigerant runs through a fan coil (the evaporator) and              Solar Heat Pump is a great alternative to conventional storage and
because the refrigerant is colder than air, it collects heat energy   solar water heaters. Not only because of it’s low energy bills and
from the air, which vaporizes the refrigerant. The vapor is then      its greenhouse gas emission reductions, but also because you’re
compressed, raising it’s pressure and temperature. The high           getting a product that has tried and proven technology.
temperature vapor is passed through coils that wrap around the
water tank (the condenser). As the refrigerant vapor condenses        Saxon Premier Range - Superior Hot Water
back into liquid form, it transfers its heat to the stored water.     Delivery

                      The Saxon Compact Solar Heat Pump is            The Premier Range of Saxon Electric Water Heaters is
                      an ideal energy efficient alternative for       manufactured to provide superior hot water delivery. This is
                      situations where installation of a solar        achieved by increasing the length of the heat transfer coil. The end
                      water heater is difficult or not practical.     result is that the same size tank delivers more hot water for a small
                      There are no unsightly panels on the roof       increase in product cost.
                      requiring extra support to the roof structure
                      at additional cost. The heat pump sits on       For example, upgrade to a Premier 140-litre from the standard
                      the ground just like a conventional storage     Copperflow 140-litre water and you will receive 20% more hot
                      electric water heater. The overall package is   water delivery for a small increase in cost. Upgrade to a 280-litre
                      visually pleasing.                              Premier from a standard Copperflow 140-litre water heater and hot
                                                                      water delivery is increased by a massive 160%.
The wonderful aspect about this product as far as the plumbing
trade are concerned is that it is almost identical to install as a    The Premier range is designed for easy installation, and is far less
conventional storage electric water heater, incorporating the         expensive to install than an equivalent storage water heater. This
same valves and plumbing lines.                                       is because the Saxon Premier water heater is not a pressure vessel
                                                                      and generally does not require all of the safety valves. Where a

10     Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland | vol. 45 | No. 4 | May 2004
Saxon water heater is being replaced by a Saxon Premier, little, if    Saxon remains committed to the development of high quality
any plumbing alterations are required. This makes replacement          innovative and environmentally friendly products at affordable
water heater changeovers fast and efficient, saving your time and      prices for the Australian and overseas markets.
                                                                       For further technical information on any of the Saxon Energy
Even better still, complete the enclosed Saxon rebate form with the    Efficient and Water Efficient Products contact MPAQ on 3252 1266
water heater and you can claim a “Whopping great $30-$50 Trade         or SAXON on 3265 5133.
Reward” on Saxon Premier models. Simply complete the enclosed
trade reward form and return it to your Trade Association. Only one
form can be claimed per installation by, either the builder, plumber
or installing electrician.

Key features of the Premier Range of water heaters are:

•         Long Life Copper Tank
•         Affordable Price
•         Low Installation Cost
•         Extensive Range 140lt
•         Water Efficient
•         Indoor/Outdoor
•         Safer By Design

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                             ��������������������������������� ��                                                             ����
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       ����                                                   �
                             ��������������������������������� ��                               ���� ���� ����� ����� ������
      �����                                                   �
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      �����                                                   �                                 ��� ��� ��� � ����� ������������
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                 �           ��������������������������������� ��
            ����                                              �                                 �������
       � ��� ����            ������������������������������ ���
    ��� �����                                                 �                                 ���������
                             ������������������������������ ���
    ���                                                       �
                             ����������������������������� ���                                  ��
                             ����������������������������� ���                                        ���������������

                                                           Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland | vol. 45 | No. 4 | May 2004      11
                      Acting Accordingly
By Amy Wilson, Industrial Relations Principal

Health and Safety                               Investigate Before Digging                      by an appropriately qualified person. A
                                                Before digging with machinery below             safe means of entry and exit must also be
The Workplace Health and Safety Act             ground, contact 1100 DIAL BEFORE YOU            determined. While someone is working
1995 and Workplace Health and Safety            DIG to find out what services are below         in the confined space, an observer must
Regulation 1997 govern health and safety        ground. It will take approximately two (2)      be stationed at the entrance. Suitable
standards in Queensland. Information            days for the information to be faxed out or     protective gear must also be worn and a
regarding specific issues such as working       longer if posted. For clarification about       life-line may be attached to both the worker
with asbestos or noise levels can be found      the plans received, you will need to contact    and observer.
in Advisory Standards that form part of the     the various service asset owners such
health and safety legislation. A useful link    as electricity, gas, phone or broadband         Hazardous Substances
to obtain health and safety information         directly.                                       Chemicals used by plumbers can be
can be found on the MPAQ website.                                                               hazardous and difficult to dispose of.
Additional information can be obtained at       Once you have the plans it is necessary to      Personal protective equipment (to be                              hand dig around these services to find out      supplied by the employer) must be worn
                                                the direction they are running underground      when dealing with hazardous substances
The following information provides a            before any machinery excavation can take        and adequate ventilation must be available.
brief overview of some of the health and        place. It is possible to employ cable/
safety issues and requirements relating         pipeline services to do this and will need to   In particular, MOMAR a caustic compound
to plumbers. When pricing a job it is           be factored into any quote price.               commonly used by plumbers is a
important to consider health and safety                                                         hazardous substance that requires the
obligations they must meet under the            If you damage any underground services          worker to use gloves, safety glasses and a
health and safety legislation. This can         without checking any plans or potholing         dust mask to avoid exposure.
include obligations for working at heights,     first you may liable for the repair cost.
in trenches and electrical safety.              Most insurance companies will not cover         Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS)
                                                the damage when no attempt is made to           should be used when dealing with
Working at Heights                              check the location of underground services.     hazardous substances. These sheets can
Guardrails and suitable platforms or a                                                          provide guidance on the correct handling
harness system must be used where a             Explosive Powered Hand Held Tools               techniques for hazardous substances.
person could fall at least 3 metres for         Approved warning signs must be displayed        Copies of MSDS can be found on the web
housing construction work or 2.4 metres         around areas in which explosive hand            site
for other construction work. Control            held power tools are being used. An
measures must also be used when working         appropriately licensed person must only         Electrical Safety Requirements
on a roof with a pitch that is greater than     use explosive powered hand held tools.          When working within three (3) metres
36 degrees.                                                                                     of an electrical connection to a house or
                                                Confined Spaces                                 within two (2) metres of overhead power
Using Ladders                                   Confined spaces are a high risk-working         lines, the local electrical supplier must be
Any ladders or trestles used for work must      environment and present many hazards            informed. A site assessment to assess the
be fixed and footed to prevent movement         for plumbers. They are defined as a place       risk and power isolation if required will be
in all directions with three points of          of work where the dimensions or nature of       undertaken which may incur a fee from
contact.                                        which necessitates working in a cramped         the supplier. This is particularly relevant
                                                position or without sufficient ventilation.     to plumbers doing roofing or guttering
Excavation Work                                 Confined spaces can include silos, vats,        work. Prevention of electrical shock when
If a trench or hole is excavated and is more    pipelines, trenches, sewers, manholes,          cutting pipe or using a ladder must also
than 1.5 metres deep, a trench shield or        pump and compressor rooms, pits and             be considered when working on site. To
shoring system designed by an engineer          crawl spaces.                                   prevent a shock when cutting a pipe, use
needs to be fitted to stop collapsing. A                                                        a set of jumper leads attached to the pipe,
barricade must also be placed around the        Before entering confined areas the quality      and a metal spear in the ground to direct
opening to prevent falls.                       of the air supply must be checked for           the current away from you. Ladders coated
                                                oxygen levels, flammable and toxic gases        in fibreglass will prevent the ladder from
                                                                                                acting as an electrical conductor.

12     Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland | vol. 45 | No. 4 | May 2004
All electrical equipment used by a           The department of transport provides strict      load requires a warning device you must
construction plumber must be inspected       guidelines as to how far these objects are       ensure that a red flag of at least 300mm
and tagged by a qualified person every       allowed to protrude from the back, front         square is visible during the day. At night,
three (3) months and every six (6) months    and sides of a vehicle.                          a red warning light that is visible from at
for all non-construction work. It is                                                          least 200m away or at least two reflectors
advisable to use a power control box to      Legal limits exist in relation to the total      must be displayed.
plug electrical equipment into as an extra   height, length and width of a vehicle
precaution.                                  when on the road. The following limits           Front Protrusion Limits
                                             apply for a utility with regard to total legal   A load must not protrude further than 1.2m
For more information, visit the              dimensions.                                      in front of the headlights on a vehicle.
Electrical Safety Office Website at                           -   Total width (inclusive of load) must not     Side Protrusion Limits
                                                 exceed 2.5m                                  Loads must not protrude further than
Transport Safety - How far can               -   Total height (inclusive of load) must not    150mm from either side of a trailer or
your load protrude?                              exceed 4.3m                                  vehicle. Measurement of this distance
                                             -   Total length (inclusive of load) must not    must be taken from the body of the vehicle
Carrying loads on vehicles is a necessity        exceed 12.5m                                 not from mirrors, lights or reflectors. If
that most plumbers can not avoid. Pipes,                                                      you have a trailer with mudguards, you
metal sheeting, concrete reinforcing,        Rear Protrusion Limits                           can measure from the outer edges of the
timber, ladders to name a few, are           Rear protrusion loads of 1.2m from the           mudguard.
transported daily on the back of a Ute       back of a vehicle or trailer are allowable
or van.                                      and do not need warning signs if they are        Many thanks to Kathleen Taylor for her
                                             clearly visible to other motorists. If your      contribution to this article.

                                                        Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland | vol. 45 | No. 4 | May 2004             13
                     Contractor’s Law Talk
By Dale Hooper, McKays Solicitors

                                                                                                  MPAQ Councillor Profile

Making Sure You Get Paid                                                                                John Porter
How does it feel to finish the job and not         It must be in writing and clearly state:-     My role as a Councillor is:
get paid or to be paid all the way through         •   what work is to be undertaken;            Treasurer – Keeper of the coinage
and not get the final payment?                     •   how much the work will cost or how        My duties include:
                                                       your charges will be calculated;          Authorise all payments and monitor
Here are some tips from the CashClub,              •   when and how long the job will            budget expenditures
a specialised debt collection division of              take; and                                 I have been with the Association for:
McKays Solicitors, to help you reduce the          •   when and how you are to be paid.          30 years
risk of not getting paid.                                                                        Outside of the MPAQ Council, I work:
                                                The same applies to variations.                  in my business “Porter Plumbing”
1. Know whom you are dealing with.                                                               liaising with major contractor groups,
     If your contract is with the wrong legal   4. Pay attention to the warning signs.           Building advisory committees and
     entity you are likely to have problems        If they don’t pay, stop work but make         Building Codes Australia.
     recovering your money if you have to          sure you comply with your right to            My Hobbies and interests are:
     sue. If you are dealing with a company        suspend works under the QBSA Act. If          AFL – Go the Lions! I also enjoy
     make sure you get the ACN and the             you stop work and haven’t complied            restoring British cars and I am the
     names of the directors. If it is not a        with the Act, you are likely to make          secretary for the Wolseley Car Club Qld
     company, make sure you have the               things worse.                                 and a member of the Jaguar Drivers
     right person – that is, the owner of the                                                    Car Club
     registered business name. You can          5. Deal with complaints quickly.                 The movie that I love the most is:
     do a search in the Department of Fair         If you get a complaint don’t let it fester.   The Great Escape
     Trading to find out whom you really are       Fix the problem and get paid. It will be      The three people that I would love to
     dealing with;                                 cheaper in the long run.                      take to dinner are:
                                                                                                 Leigh Matthew, Nicole Kidman and
2. Be sure they can pay you.                    CashClub is a debt collection division of        Michael Parkinson
     A lot of times people don’t pay because    McKays Solicitors. As a member of the            The best CD in my collection is:
     they don’t have the money or they are      MPAQ you are entitled to free membership         Vivaldi
     professional debtors. Before you agree     of this service which includes free              If I didn’t have to work, I’d be:
     to do a job carry out a Credit Reference   solicitor’s letters of demand and free legal     Wealthy
     Search, you can find out what              advice about your debt collection issues.        On the weekends I usually:
     judgments they have against them,                                                           Enjoy the grand children and the
     whether any court proceedings have         If you want to know more about any               family, get dirty working on cars and
     been issued and what their general         of the tips above or how the CashClub            go to the Gabba to witness the Lions
     credit position is;                        can help make sure you get paid, call            win again and again
                                                Dale Hooper on (07) 4963 0814 or email           My mother always said:
3. Make sure you have a clear contract up Make sure you              “Watch the pennies and the pounds
     front.                                     tell Dale you are member of the MPAQ.            will look after themselves”

14      Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland | vol. 45 | No. 4 | May 2004
                                        Save Water, Save Money, Makes Sense!

                                                                                            Visitors to the van can purchase a selection
                                                                                            of innovative water saving devices
                                                                                            including shower roses, flow restrictors
                                                                                            and hose fittings. There will also be a great
                                                                                            deal of information available about other
                                                                                            Council water efficiency programs, such
                                                                                            as the Rainwater Tank rebate and Green
                                                                                            Homes Guide.

                                                                                            The pilot program will run until June 30
                                                                                            2004, and should be rolled out to other
Over the next few months, residents in       to take our precious water resources           Brisbane suburbs over the next two years.
some Brisbane suburbs will notice a highly   for granted. We need to be smart about
visible blue mobile display van in their     our water usage, to ensure its long-term       The Water sense Blue Van will also be seen
neighbourhood.                               availability.                                  at various community events, including
                                                                                            Council’s Green Days and Greening
The Water sense ‘Blue Van’ community         Brisbane Water’s ‘Blue Van’ will help raise    Brisbane Naturally events.
water efficiency project has been launched   awareness of the new technologies, ideas
to encourage Brisbane residents to get       and products that are making it easier than    Around the home, we can all do a little
involved in managing the city’s water        ever to save water, time and money. It         – and save a lot.
consumption.                                 offers a ‘one stop shop’ for all the water
                                             efficiency tips and product information        Water sense is a clean and green
We all enjoy Brisbane’s world famous         needed to make a real difference to water      community water efficiency initiative; part
subtropical climate, but we can not afford   usage – and water bills!                       of Council’s Living in Brisbane 2010 vision.

                                                         Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland | vol. 45 | No. 4 | May 2004        15
                     In The Trenches
By Gavin Jackson, Technical Officer

Frequently Asked Questions - Part 4

Due to a number of other issues covered in recent Journals, it has
been a few months since I last wrote a “Frequently Asked Questions”      •    Emergency Work
section. Frequently Asked Questions has proven to be popular with
members and I will endeavor to have this section in all upcoming         •    Repairing or replacing a plumbing or drainage pipe that is
journals.                                                                     broken or damaged, but not if the work involves repairing a
                                                                              drain at a connection point or replacing more than 6m of pipe
In part four of “Frequently Asked Questions” we will look at the              or 3m of a drain.
installation of hot water systems and the requirements specified in
the Standard Plumbing and Drainage Regulation to either submit a         •    Other work of a minor nature related to and reasonably
Form 4 of have the installation inspected by the local council.               necessary for, repairing plumbing or drainage.

The purpose of this article is to inform all MPAQ members of their       •    Work necessary for replacing a tempering valve, water heater,
obligations in accordance with the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002.            cistern, pump or water meter.
Since the release of the Act in November last year, many of the local
councils are now ensuring that the appropriate forms are submitted       •    Work necessary for maintaining, repairing or replacing a
and inspections are carried out when required. Unfortunately, with            backflow prevention device or thermostatic mixing valve.
the many councils in Queensland, the level of enforcement of the act
may vary, but like it or not, as plumbers, we must understand our        •    (Note: Emergency Work means plumbing or drainage work
obligations and undertake work in accordance with the requirements.           that must, because of a failure in the plumbing or drainage,
                                                                              be performed to stop a continuing risk to health and safety or
In the last month or so I have received many queries regarding                damage to property).
the requirement to have work associated with the replacement of          •    (Replacing means removing a plumbing or drainage item from
hot water systems inspected by local council plumbing inspectors.             a place and installing a new item of a similar type in the same
Because we are referring to requirements in an act or regulation,             place).
these issues can appear confusing.
                                                                        Following consultation with Building Codes Queensland the
Let’s start by looking at what types of work actually require an        requirements when replacing a hot water system are:
inspection. Section 81 of the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 states;
Regulated work must be assessed for compliance with the Standard        1.   The exchanges of a like for like hot water system. For example
Plumbing and Drainage Regulation. In other words, all work defined           a storage unit replaced with another storage unit in the same
as regulated work must be inspected by the council.                          position does not require a council inspection. The Regulation
Regulated work is defined as work that is not “Notifiable Minor              defines the replacement of the hot water system as notifiable
Work” or “Unregulated Work” Quite simply, if the work being                  minor work. (See definition in the note above of replacing). The
carried out is classified as “Notifiable Minor Work” or “Unregulated         local council must be notified by means of forwarding a Form 4
Work” then a council inspection is NOT required and in the case              Notifiable Minor Works Form no later that 20 working days after
of “Notifiable Minor Work” a Form 4 Notifiable Minor Works Form              the completion of the work. It is important to note that in this
must be submitted to the council. Unregulated work is work that              particular instance new pipework has not been installed as one
an unlicensed person can undertake i.e. replacing tap washers and            hot water system is being replaced with another of the same type.
shower roses.
                                                                        2. Replacing a hot water system with that of a different type and or
Before looking at a number of different scenarios consideration must         in a different location. For example replacing a storage hot water
be given to the meaning of “Notifiable Minor Work” Schedule 2 of the         system with a solar hot water system mounted on the roof. In this
Standard Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2003 defines Notifiable            particular situation the system is not just being replaced but new
Minor Work as;                                                               pipework will be installed to the solar system mounted on the
                                                                             roof. As new pipework is to be installed as opposed to repairing
                                                                             or replacing pipework as defined in the regulation this would not
                                                                             fall under the definition of “replacing” the hot water system.

16     Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland | vol. 45 | No. 4 | May 2004
   In many cases the replacement of a hot water system can be             representatives from the MPAQ office the opportunity to not only
    defined as emergency work. Again referring to the regulation,         meet the members that we speak to over the phone on a daily basis,
    emergency work is defined as “Plumbing or drainage work               but also discuss some of the issues facing the Association and the
    that must (because of a failure in the plumbing or drainage)          membership as a whole.
    be performed to stop a continuing risk to health and safety or
    damage to property” In most cases the plumber will receive a          From a technical and training point of view feedback is important,
    call from the client saying the hot water system has failed and is    and after attending the meeting I can happily say that the general
    leaking on the floor or outside area. Considering the urgency to      consensus among the members in places like Central Queensland
    replace due to risk to health and the damage to property caused       is that more training programs are offered. The Association is
    by the leaking hot water system, the replacement of the system in     committed to training throughout Queensland and sees the 2004
    this type of situation could be classified as emergency work and      Regional Training Initiative as one of great importance. Many thanks
    therefore defined as Notifiable Minor Work.                           to Ashley Klease, Mark Verhayden and Darryl Quinn for organising
                                                                          such an informative night.
3. Altering the position of a hot water system due to renovations
    of a house. An example would be the construction of a back deck       Free Downloads from Australian Standards
    on an existing house where the client has requested the existing      Members can access all amendments of Australian Standards free of
    hot water system be removed and installed in another position.        charge. This can be most useful if you have a standard that may be
    In this situation new pipework would be installed and the work        some years old. A quick search on the Australian Standards website
    being carried out would not be defined as emergency work. In          will enable you to determine whether or not the information is current
    this situation, in accordance with the Standard Plumbing and          and download any amendments introduced after the purchase
    Drainage Regulation 2003 the work would be defined as regulated       date. This can be done simply by visiting the Standards website at
    work and require a council inspection.                       and entering the standard you wish to view.
                                                                          The website will show what the current standard is i.e. AS2419.2
In Summary                                                                1994 Fire Hydrant Installations Fire Hydrant Valves and below the title
Each time a hot water system is installed, careful consideration must     will list all amendments which can be downloaded free of charge.
be given to the licensed plumber’s obligation in accordance with the      In the case of AS2419.2 1994 an amendment was released in 1996
Plumbing and Drainage Regulation. If you are called out to replace a      that can be accessed and copied. You should ensure your standards
hot water system, and the work is considered emergency work, then         are current but in many cases there is not a need to purchase a new
a council inspection would not be required and ensure a Form 4 is         standard but simply download the amendments.
submitted every time notifiable minor work is performed.
                                                                          Plumbers on the Sunshine Coast take advantage
A confusing issue at the best of times and if members require more        of BCITF Subsidised Courses
information, contact Gavin Jackson at MPAQ on 3252 1266.                  The Master Plumbers’ Association has provided 34 places for post
                                                                          trade training courses on the Sunshine Coast. CNTIL001 Short Course
Copies of the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2003, Plumbing and                in Domestic Wastewater and CNQ12 Site Assessment and Design
Drainage Regulation 2003 and the Standard Plumbing and Drainage           Course for On Site Sewerage Facilities were run in Caloundra in early
Regulation 2003 can be downloaded and copied from the MPAQ                March and mid April. Many participants enrolled in both courses,
web site at free of charge as well as all the         saving themselves $950.00 in course enrolment fees alone simply by
approved forms including Form 4’s.                                        attending the two MPAQ training courses.

Central Division Special Meeting in Biloela                               The Sunshine Coast courses cap off an excellent twelve months of
In early April I was fortunate enough to attend Central Divisions         training for our regional members with 300 places being filled by
Special meeting held in Biloela. Guest speakers included                  plumbers taking advantage of the BCITF subsidised enrolment costs
representatives from local council plumbing inspectors as well as         as well as being able to attend a course in their regions that have
gas inspectors from the Department of Natural Resources and Mines         previously never been offered.
and Energy. In total, twenty-five members were in attendance, which
indicates how strong the Central Division is and the commitment           My sincere thanks is extended to all the members who helped make
and organisational skills of the members. Evenings like this give         these courses possible, especially the guys that assisted in the set

                                                              Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland | vol. 45 | No. 4 | May 2004            17
     In The Trenches (continued)

                                                                            the plumbing contractor but also for the communities in which
                                                                            they work.

                                                                            In 2004 MPAQ will be making application for similar funding
                                                                            provided by the Building Construction Industry Training Fund to
                                                                            provide further courses in Regional Queensland. Members in
                                                                            areas outside of Brisbane no longer need to feel neglected. The
                                                                            Association, with the funding assistance of BCITF is ensuring
                                                                            that location does not prevent a plumber from attending a
                                                                            training course.
up and transportation of the MPAQ training equipment. Also, thank
you to the teaching staff at Yeronga TAFE who committed their time          BACKFLOW REAVALIDATION AVAILABLE FOR ALL PLUMBERS.
away from Brisbane delivering two of the three training courses on          Mackay TAFE is providing backflow revalidation courses for all
behalf of the association. Thank you also to the thermostatic mixing        plumbers in Queensland. Mackay TAFE has an assessment that can
valve manufacturers who supplied the resources to make the MPAQ             be provided regionally, without the need for a plumbing teacher
TMV course a reality. Recognition must also go to the Building and          from another distant TAFE to be present during the assessment. This
Construction Industry Training Fund because without the funding from        substantially reduces the cost for the person being assessed. Those
BCITF these courses simply would not have been possible.                    wanting to be assessed must sit the assessment at a local TAFE and
                                                                            also provide reports for three backflow prevention devices serviced
Restricted Electrical Licence Course Outcomes                               in the last twelve months. The cost to sit the assessment is $50.00.
It was a bit of a concern when a member of the Association informed         Members can contact Steve Bird from Mackay TAFE on 4940 3241
me that the Electrical Safety Office (ESO) would not recognise
licensed plumbers that have completed the restricted electrical course      Volkswagen launches all new T5 range
as being competent to test and tag their own electrical equipment.          I must admit I was a little surprised when the boss asked me if I
MPAQ have contacted the ESO and South Bank TAFE and have been               wanted to spend the night down the Gold Coast test driving the new
informed that on successful completion of the course, the holder of         Volkswagen T5. In all honesty, I didn’t even know what a T5 was at
a NREL1 Restricted Electrical Licence issued by the Electrical Safety       first, thankfully the Volkswagen website filled me in. The launch of
Office IS deemed competent to test and tag electrical equipment             the T5 was shrouded in secrecy, with around 50 eagerly awaiting test
pertinent to plumbing work. For example, this would allow the               drivers flown if from around Australia to attend the launch. We were
licence holder to test and tag equipment such as a drain cleaning           soon whisked away to South Stradbroke Island for the launch. We
machine, extension leads, drills and other equipment used whilst            were met on the Island by the Volkswagen team. A huge marquee
undertaking plumbing work.                                                  erected on the lawn, in it the entire Volkswagen Combi/Transporter
                                                                            range from the early 1950 to the all new soon to be launched T5
It is important to note that the restricted electrical licence does not     Transporter. I was amazed to find a 1960’s Combi, which Volkswagen
allow the licence holder to test equipment owned by another person          informed us, has travelled over 1.5 million kilometers and still has
for a fee (contracting with another person), although employees can         the original owner.
test and tag equipment for the company he or she is working for.

Regional Training 2004
We are now starting to receive a few calls from our members in
Regional Queensland wanting to know what courses are going to
be offered in the regional areas in 2004. You only need to speak to a
member in a regional location that does not have access to a TAFE
offering post trade plumbing courses, and you soon realise how
difficult and costly it can be for them to attend a training course. This
is why in 2003 MPAQ embarked on the Regional Training Initiative
providing training courses with quality outcomes throughout the
regional areas. It was so successful that upon completion of the
program, we have 300 plumbers now qualified to do work they
previously couldn’t. Not only a great result for

18      Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland | vol. 45 | No. 4 | May 2004
After a night of music, dance and everything else that goes with a           wastewater systems that use new technology and materials to reduce
product launch, we awoke ready for a day of test driving the range           the amount of stormwater entering the system.
of T5 Vans. I always thought that one van was the same as the next,
but the T5 was full of surprises. I would have clocked up around             The Gold Coast is one of the fastest growing regions in Australia and
50 kilometres in a T5 packed with a powerful 2.5 litre turbo diesel          is expected to triple its population over the next 50 years. This level
producing 128kw of power and 400Nm of torque. I have never felt a            of growth will place increased demands on the water and wastewater
diesel pack such a punch, this thing absolutely flew, both off the mark      infrastructure in a region that has just experienced the worst drought
and when cruising at speed. The driver has a comfortable car like            on record.
driving position with the gear lever attached to the six-speed gearbox
located on the dashboard.                                                    Members around Queensland should view the work being
                                                                             done on the Gold Coast as the start of a new beginning for
The room in the back was equally impressive. T5 vans provide up to           large residential developments. It is only a matter of time
5.3 cubic metres of load carrying space, providing plenty of room for        when other local councils develop similar programs, best utilising
racks or other types of storage systems commonly seen in vans.               our water resources and provide new and inventive ways to provide
                                                                             essential services to Queensland communities. Having representation
Fair enough, vans aren’t for every plumber, but if you are looking at        on the Pimpama-Coomera Water Future Committee guarantees MPAQ
a new van then serious consideration should be given to the new              members are provided with the most up to date information on this
Volkswagen T5. After all it was awarded Europe’s ‘Van of the Year’. I just   most important initiative.
wish I had the chance to drive the high performance 178kw V6 T5 Van
but then the V10 diesel Toureg 4x4 looked nice. Maybe another day.           Qualified Plumber seeking employment
The Volkswagen T5 will be available in Queensland from                       John Miller has recently moved to Brisbane from the United
June 2004.                                                                   Kingdom and is seeking full time employment. His qualifications and
                                                                             experience is extensive. Please contact the MPAQ office for a copy of
Gold Coast Council endorse the installation of dual                          John’s resume or his contact details.
reticulation and rainwater tank installations
Gold Coast City Council has moved one step closer to mandating               MPAQ involvement in World Skills Australia 2004
rainwater tank and dual reticulation installations in new developments       National Finals
in the Pimpama/Coomera region. A master plan endorsed by                     The cream of Queensland’s plumbing apprentices will be competing
Gold Coast City Council on the 12 March 2004 will reduce water               in the World Skills Australia 2004 National Finals, in the hope of
consumption by up to 84 per cent in Pimpama-Coomera, one of the              representing Australia in Finland in 2005.
City’s strongest future growth areas.
                                                                             The Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland will be sponsoring
The plan for an integrated water management system (the first of its         two Queensland representatives, Ben Vedelago and Peter Greer in
kind in Australia on such a large scale) recommends that two water           their Campaign to become the Australian plumbing champion and
connections be installed in all new homes in the Pimpama-Coomera             move forward to represent Australia in the international event.
area – a conventional connection supplying drinking water to the
kitchen and the other supplying high quality recycled water to the toilet    The World Skills Australia 2004 National Finals will be held at
and outside taps. Rainwater tanks on each property will supply water         the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from 28-30 May.
to the bathroom, laundry and hot                                             Competing in the nationals will be representatives from over 50 trades.
water service.                                                               With over 20,000 square metres of events, competitions and activities
                                                                             the World skills Nationals will be the largest vocational education and
The Pimpama Coomera Water Future Advisory Committee, formed                  training event to be held in Australia.
by Gold Coast City Council in early 2003, has spent 14 months
considering a variety of water saving initiatives that could be adopted      In addition to our sponsorship I have been selected to be one of the
in the Pimpama Coomera region. The Master Plumbers’ Association              judges at the National finals. For me, this is a great honour, and after
of Queensland has representation on the committee along with                 judging the regional event last year, I am pleased to say the level of
representatives from State Government, developers, environmental             skill of our plumbing representatives is second to none and I am sure
groups and residents’ associations.                                          the boys will do Queensland proud.

The Master Plan also includes water efficient design principles such         For information on World Skills, visit the website
as water sensitive urban design and the use of ‘smart sewers’ -
                                                                Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland | vol. 45 | No. 4 | May 2004                19
  The Wait Is Over

The new Waterworks “RM Series” of floor standing, mains
                                                                      “A product which provides an ideal balance
pressure water coolers, is a world first in design and construction
that is made right here in Australia. This new generation of water    between form and function”
cooler is just at home in the harsh industrial environment as it is
in the modern corporate office, so it seems the days of the rusty     Internally, only the highest quality components, tubing and
old steel water cooler hiding at the back of the factory, are well    fittings are used and all of the connections are as per the
and truly numbered.                                                   Australian standard. There are refrigeration capacities of 10, 20
                                                                      and 30-litres per hour, and there are also the options of filtration
Waterworks Australia Pty Ltd have used their 18 years of water        and different tapware combinations. While quality has always
industry experience and an extensive series of field trials, to       been paramount throughout the development of the RM Series
develop a product which provides an ideal balance between form        coolers, it was not at the expense of value for money. The RM
and function. Apart from the obvious aesthetic advantages of          coolers are very competitively priced and as a result are now
these water coolers over the traditional products on the market,      being exported with great success.
the pigmented polyethylene used in their construction also has
some inherent advantages of its own, which lend itself perfectly      As further proof of this product’s status as a market leader, let’s
to the water cooler cabinet. You may know the material has been       talk colour. The old traditional mains pressure coolers had the
used for many years to construct water storage tanks, so it’s         option of white, beige or steel. Because of the revolutionary
obviously UV stable, but it has also been used increasingly in the    materials used, the Waterworks RM Series coolers are produced
marine industry for boat and paddle craft construction. This is       in a unique granite finish, but are also available in a myriad of
because apart from its enviable strength and impact resistance,       different colour options. They can even be produced with a front
it is completely rust proof. In fact, the polyethylene cabinets are   access panel of a different colour to the cabinet, which you can
impervious to virtually any chemical damage… even sulphuric           use to reflect your corporate colours or your favourite
acid can’t hurt ‘em.                                                  sporting team.

20     Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland | vol. 45 | No. 4 | May 2004
                                                                                  Drain Vision Golf Day

Waterworks has always been at the cutting edge of water cooler          The April golf day at Karana Downs was another successful event.
design in Australia and New Zealand with an extensive range             Sponsored by Drain Vision, tee off commenced at 11am and the
of water coolers including bottle-top, mains-pressure, remote,          following scores were recorded:
and wheelchair-accessible products. They have coolers to suit
virtually any application from the home, the office, the factory         A Grade Winner      N. Berry
and the school, right through to the mine site and offshore              Second Place        B. Paramenter
diving or drilling platforms. The new RM Series coolers are a            Third Place         G. Hartley
fitting addition to their range and represent the state of the art in    B Grade Winner      D. Smith
this industry.                                                           Second Place        J. McCoy
                                                                         Third Place          .
                                                                                             P Courtney
If you’d like any further information or advice on the water             Visitors Winner     B. Ellison
cooling options now available, just contact your local Plumbing          Second Place        W. Roberts
Wholesale outlet or check out the Waterworks website at                  Third Place         R. McCourt                                                   Secret Pairs        T. Elwood, J. Brouwers

                                                                        The Rims Pipeline golf day will commence at 11am on Friday 4th
                                                                        June at Carbrook.

      Building and Construction Industry (Portable Long Service Leave) Authority

                                                              in long service leave claims
                                                             in long service leave claims
                                                                     to June 2004
                                                                     to March2003

                              Are you registered?
                       Portable long service leave
                 for building and construction workers

                    Freecall 1800 803 491                                          
                                                            Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland | vol. 45 | No. 4 | May 2004      21
     New Solar Water Heater Dux Of The Class

A new solar hot water system developed by Dux Hot Water                  Dux SunPro is designed and engineered to suit all Australian
provides one of the highest financial benefits of any equivalent         temperature extremes.
solar system sold in Australia.
                                                                         It’s one of the few solar water heater systems sold in Australia
The Dux SunPro is a hybrid system, which combines the best               with an optional installation for cold climates, designed to
features of the company’s proven twin element electric water             prevent the water in the solar collectors freezing and causing
heater with Europe’s leading solar technology.                           damage to the system.

Homeowners who replace their electric hot water system with              Unlike other/most other solar hot water systems, Dux SunPro
the SunPro system could be eligible to create up to 34 Renewable         does not require a special tank. And because the Dux SunPro is a
Energy Certificates (RECs) under the Federal Government system.          split system, only the slim solar panels appear on the roof, greatly
                                                                         enhancing the visual appeal of the Dux product.
RECs is a form of tradable currency, supported by the Federal
Government as an incentive to reduce electricity consumption by          Dux’s hybrid technology means the solar components can be
the use of renewable energy sources such as solar.                       combined with either of the company’s popular domestic electric
                                                                         hot water tanks, Proflo and Marathon.
Considering variables such as the current value of one REC on the
open market, the RECs rating of SunPro represents an effective           Tanks suitable for the Dux solar system are available in three sizes
rebate on the cost of installing the system of over a thousand      – 250 litres, 315 litres and 400 litres – to suit different household
                                                            Plumbers Ad QLD 17/2/04 3:26 PM Page 1
dollars.                                                            needs.

In addition, installation of SunPro could also entitle the
homeowner to a further state government rebate.
                                                                                       ���� ��� ����������� ���������
                                                                   ���                   ����������������������
In South Australia, for example, SunPro attracts a
further rebate of $700.
                                                               Brokered by:
                                                               RURAL &
“With rising energy costs, the various rebates and
incentives on offer and with many local governments            INSURANCE
requiring more energy efficient housing, home owners           BROKING
need to consider their hot water options carefully, said
                                                  ”            PTY LTD
                                                               A.C.N. 093 483 928
Dux’s manager of environmental products, Richard

Mr Taylor says SunPro is also designed to generate            ���������
considerable long-term savings for home owners.
“Solar Hot water is one of the few household products         ����������
that actually pays for itself due to the resulting            ��� ��������
substantial reduction in electricity bills, said Mr Taylor.

Studies show solar hot water systems also have a
substantially lower impact on the environment than
equivalent electric systems.                                       It’s easy to insure through Rural & General
                                                               We can even arrange for you to pay your Premium Quarterly!
According to the Australian Greenhouse Office, electric           FREE CALL - FREE QUOTE
hot water storage produces an average of 4.0 tonnes of             PHONE               Toll Free                    1800 227 473
greenhouse gases per year, while a solar-electric system           FAX                 Toll Free                    1800 802 956
produces about 1.8 tonnes.                                         EMAIL     
                                                                   WEBSITE    –or–

22        Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland | vol. 45 | No. 4 | May 2004
������ ������������������������������������������������                       ������������������������������������������������������
�����������������������������������������������������                         ����������������������������� ������� ��������������
������������������������������������������������                              ��������������������������������������
�������� ������ ��� ������� �� ����������� ����� ������� ������               ������������������������������������

  ������� ���   ����� � ������������������������������������������������� �������������������������
                � ����������������������������� ����������������� �������������������� ��������������������

                ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������   �����

             16th - 19th September                                                 in gladstone  Country Plaza Quality Hotel
Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland     This destination has many attractions and     Expand your knowledge about your
is proud to announce the 41st Annual State     recreational activities on offer. Enjoy the   business, network with other contractors
Conference in September (Thursday 16th         Botanical Gardens, a trip to the islands      and suppliers. For more information contact
- Sunday 19th). This year we will be heading   or fishing on the lake. There will also be    MPAQ on (07) 3252 1266 or watch your
north to Gladstone.                            business/technical seminars, technical        mailbox.
                                               tours and networking opportunities.

                                                Philmac Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Adelaide-based specialist pipefittings manufacturer, Philmac, is        “More than 40% of the products
celebrating its 75th anniversary this year.
                                                                        manufactured at Philmac’s North Plympton
Established in 1929 by engineer Malcolm “Mac” Phillips, Philmac         facility are exported...”
developed the first all-plastic compression fitting for polyethylene
pipes in 1970. The company is now the world’s leader in design
and manufacturer of innovative polyethylene compression fittings        A new logo has been developed to commemorate the milestone
and valves.                                                             anniversary, which is being featured on all product packaging,
                                                                        advertising and promotional material throughout the year. Sales
More than 40% of the products manufactured at Philmac’s North           promotions and special events will also take place to celebrate the
Plympton facility are exported, with destinations ranging from          75 years.
Europe and the United Kingdom to America, Asia, The Middle East
and Africa. Applications range from plumbing to municipal water         Philmac is now part of the giant Aliaxis Group and is also
and gas systems, industrial applications and irrigation.                celebrating 21 years of exporting products to the overseas market.

The company has been able to stay ahead of competition and
develop effective products by adopting a culture of innovation and
won the Large Advanced Manufacturer category of the business SA
export awards in 2003.

  The Institute Of Plumbing Australia Celebrates 50 Years

In September this year, people in the plumbing industry from
                                                                        “The Australian National Plumbing Forum
all over Australia and many parts of the world will meet at the
Sheraton Hotel, Perth to take part in a suite of events. Such           is shaping up to be an exciting event with
events will run from 1st September until the 4th September 2004         participation by various government entities,
and will include the World Plumbing Council 2004 Annual Meeting,
                                                                        training providers, manufacturers, suppliers,
the inaugural 2004 Australian National Plumbing Forum and the
Master Plumbers’ Association of Western Australia awards for
                                                                        designers and plumbers from all walks of life.”
excellence dinner.
                                                                        training providers, manufacturers, suppliers, designers and
The institute, as an active member of the World Plumbing Council,       plumbers from all walks of life. Support and participation by
supports the proposal to enhance and promote the World Plumbing         sponsors and exhibitors is extremely strong and the exhibition is
Council in regional areas by linking annual meetings with               to be expanded to cater for the demand for space.
significant local events and is proud of this opportunity to host
such a meeting in Australia.                                            The emphasis of the forum concept is to restrain speakers to
                                                                        precise introductions of topics or questions and then to encourage
The institute is pleased to be associated with the Master Plumbers’     open debate from the assembled delegates. Wherever possible,
and Gasfitters Association of Western Australia and see the             a consensus opinion of the forum will be reached allowing
staging of their Awards for Excellence presentation dinner at the       stakeholders to utilise the answers as a consensus of Plumbing
conclusion of the institutes’ 50th Anniversary celebrations as a        Professionals to enhance professionalism or to lobby governments
demonstration of goodwill within the plumbing fraternity.               or authorities in promotion of best practice plumbing.

The Australian National Plumbing Forum is shaping up to be an           For further information, registration brochures and on-line
exciting event with participation by various government entities,       registrations are available at

                                                            Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland | vol. 45 | No. 4 | May 2004       25
                         Stock Watch
by Warwick Foot, Wilson HTM Financial Adviser

When to sell
ASX surveys indicate that 60 per cent of respondents found the         There are two distinct types of investors; the aggressive investor,
decision to sell a harder decision to make than the decision to buy.   or trader, and the portfolio investor. The ease with which you are
                                                                       able to make sell decisions will depend on which category you
The bottom line is that there is never a right time or a wrong time    fall into.
to sell.
                                                                       The Aggressive Investor - The Trader
Investment decisions are different for each investor; some will be     This sort of investor normally has a higher risk/reward profile. They
looking for capital growth, some for yield, and some a bit of both.    are happy to take a quick profit and move on to the next investment.
Some will want to hold stocks for tax minimisation and some
won’t.                                                                 These investors will normally have a target gain and target loss, say
                                                                       10 per cent, on each investment before they realise the loss or gain
The basic starting point is that investors need to be flexible and     by selling the shares, and then move onto the next investment.
ready for change, and need to know what they expect before they
make an investment.                                                    The sell decision for this type of investor is not a hard one. If the
                                                                       investment under performs they are quick to move onto their next
To help with the sell decision investors need to ask themselves        investment target.
some questions.
                                                                        Capital gains tax issues would not play an important role in their
•     What sort of risk profile do they have?                          decisions as they normally have a shorter-term view.
•     What do they expect from their investment from the start?
                                                                       A changing investment landscape, hot sectors, and disappointing
They need to consider the wider investment landscape and how           company results are all triggers for this sort of investor to sell
this will affect their investments.                                    or buy.

26         Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland | vol. 45 | No. 4 | May 2004
The Portfolio Investor                                                    Individual Company performance
The portfolio investor is the more likely profile to have problems
with the decision to sell.                                                At the company level, investors need to be aware of any
                                                                          fundamental changes that have occurred in the company since
A far more conservative investor with a much lower risk /reward           they purchased the stock, for example:
profile than the trader, this investor will have a longer-term view,
and will take into consideration the dividend and capital growth          •   Has there been a change in management that could prove
prospects of each investment.                                                 to be unpopular?
                                                                          •   Is competition increasing, resulting in a drop/fall in sales?
They will tend to hold an investment for twelve months for tax            •    Is the company repeatedly issuing profit warnings?
minimisation purposes, and have a strong relationship with an                  Has the company reached the valuation that the investor
adviser, who is instrumental to any decisions to make changes in              was looking for and therefore is the investor happy to sell
the portfolio.                                                                the stock?
                                                                          •   Has the company gone from a growth stock to a mature
This investor is slower to react to hot sectors or hot stocks, and will       business and therefore is it no longer suitable for the
take a more balanced view on their investment.                                investor’s portfolio?

When making the decision to sell or buy, investors need to take           Most investors seek some form of guidance and input when
into consideration what is happening at three levels; the economy,        making decisions. The relationship with an adviser gives
the sector and within the company itself.                                 them a second opinion and also provides experience, research
                                                                          ideas, and reassurance in their decision making. Through this
Economic environment                                                      relationship they continually have a person to bounce ideas
At the highest level, investors need to take into consideration           off and receive updates on their investments and portfolio
factors affecting the economy. Following are some of the                  reviews.
questions that you will need to have answers for:
                                                                          So far there has been a good response to the Wilson HTM
The rising Australian dollar.                                             Investment Seminar on May 18. If you require further
•   What impact does this have on companies with large export             information please contact me on 3212 1317.
•   How does it affect their earnings for the next few years?             This communication was prepared for multiple distribution and does

Rising interest rates                                                     not take account of the specific investment objectives of individual

•   Does this force companies looking to expand to sit on the             recipients and it may not be appropriate in all circumstances. Persons

    sideline waiting for the right time?                                  relying on this information should do so in light of their specific

Slowing of world growth                                                   investment objectives and financial situations. Persons considering

•   This will affect demand for commodity-based stocks such as            action on the basis of this communication are advised to contact

    resource stocks                                                       Wilson HTM Ltd for individual advice in the light of their particular

Sector performance
At the next level, investors need to assess how the sector they
have invested in is performing, for example:

•   Has it changed since they invested?
•   Is demand still high and what is the outlook?
•   Will it run out steam like the technology boom did in March
    2000, or is there a more steady form of growth?
•   Is supply out stripping demand and are there now too many

                                                          Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland | vol. 45 | No. 4 | May 2004                 27
 New Members

                                                                                          MPAQ Staff Member Profile
          Member Name                  Company Name                Awarded Division


     Mary MacKenzie              Jem products                     Industry Associate

     Dave Mulcahy                Mulcahy Plumbing                 Brisbane City

     Allen Kable                 Alkab Pty Ltd                    Redcliffe/Pine Rivers

     Zane Wilce                  Atomic Plumbing Services         Toowoomba

     Ray Skillicorn              Isle Plumbing Pty Ltd            Gold Coast

     February                                                                                   Juliet Jones
                                                                                          My role at the Association is:
     Desmond and Peta Pears      Allclear Gas and Plumbing        Brisbane City
                                                                                          Office and Accounts Manager

     Cameron Stanton             Cameron Stanton Plumbing         Sunshine Coast
                                                                                          My duties include:
     Glen and Margaret Soboll    Plumbfix                         Central                 All accounting aspects along with
                                                                                          keeping Adrian and all staff in line
     Alan Leighton               Al’s Plumbing Professionals      Redcliffe/Pine Rivers

                                                                                          I have been with the Association
                                                                                          for: Almost 3 years

     Michael Leslie              Plumbers by Trade                Logan
                                                                                          My Hobbies and interests are:
     Lachlan Pegler and Drew
                                 Queensland Industrial Cladding   Toowoomba               Kids, Guitar and Great wine

     April                                                                                The movie that I love the most is:
                                                                                          Pirates of the Caribbean
                                 Wombat Plumbing, Drainage and
     Terry Lahrs                 Gasfitting
                                                                                          The three people that I would love
     Darryl Bell                 Brookhill Plumbing Services      Far North Queensland
                                                                                          to take to dinner are:
     Chris Cunninghams           Data Systems Northside           Brisbane City           David Beckhams older brother,
                                                                                          Sean Connery and Mel Brookes.
     Shane Rolfe                 Shane Rolfe Plumbing             Redlands

                                                                                          The best CD in my collection is:
     Ray Whilley                 Edwards Hot Water Pty Ltd        Industry Associate
                                                                                          Bruce Springsteen

                                                                                          If I didn’t have to work, I’d be:
                                                                                          Sitting on my back deck, doing

                                                                                          On the weekends I usually:
                                                                                          Rouse on the kids and play with
                                                                                          the dog

                                                                                          My mother always said:
                                                                                          ‘I think you need therapy’

28      Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland | vol. 45 | No. 4 | May 2004
                                                                                                               Division Minutes
GENERAL MEETING G1/04                                   and union issues. He noted EBA pay rates               funds from the other states to operate
                                                        were having an effect on other areas and yet           effectively. It was currently run in holding mode
Date: 7:30pm April 20 2004                              EBA’s were not delivering industrial harmony           with volunteer support from SA and now Qld.
Venue: Plumbing Industry House                          as expected, since lost time disputes were still       Qld Gas Association
                                                        occurring. A lot of companies were saying they         Mr Watson reported on the new association.
1. Attendance                                           would not renew their agreements but it seems          Problems had arisen with changes to the AGA
R. Kimlin (Chairman), J. Porter, B. Wallace, W.         the “larger end of town” still require them.           and John Flemming, Chief Gas Examiner,
Watson, N. Berry, R. Fingleton, A. Jackson, G.                                                                 had pushed for a Qld organisation to provide
Bergman, J. Ritchie, R. Brouwers, M. Rudd, J.           Training                                               services here. Mr Watson is now on the
Mole, D. Parker, K. Bird, M. Gillding, G. Bell and J.   Mr W. Watson advised he was on the Board of            committee, which is mainly focussing on
McCoy.                                                  Construction Training Queensland and reported          2nd tier products. An expression of interest
                                                        certificates 2 & 3 roof plumbing training              had been called for organisations capable of
2. Apologies                                            packages had been accepted nationally. The             certifying products, Certificates will be coded
R. Paindaveine, A. Bruce, S. Barnes, D. Quinn, P.       union had sought roof apprentice wages to              and used on appliances.
Lynch, D. MacKenzie, W. Cuthbert, G. Elwood, P .        be based on EBA rates however this was not
Maxwell and C. Poynton.                                 supported.                                              Social & Events
                                                                                                               Mr A. Jackson advised that the conference
 3. Confirmation of Previous Minutes                    The Building and Construction Industry Training        would be held in Gladstone this year. The
The Chairman regretfully advised that minutes of        Fund (BCITF) has budgeted to assist employers          committee is aiming at a family orientation to
the previous meeting held in conjunction with the       with additional funding for 1000 apprentices.          attract more members. He urged all members
2003 Conference at Noosa were not recorded.             Members should contact Craig Atfield from              to attend and to bring others along. The
                                                        CTQ/BCITF or their regional coordinator as soon        registration fee being set at only $350+GST
4. Presentation of Certificates                         as possible.                                           was designed to get the numbers along. The
Mr David Parker of Westside Plumbing was                                                                       2005 conference will be held on the Gold Coast.
presented with a ten-year membership certificate.       A special project has been undertaken to look at
                                                        the high attrition rates of apprentices within the   6. General Business
5. Reports                                              building and construction industry. Deborah
                                                        Wilson Consulting has been engaged to assist         Ken Bird OAM
  Council                                               in the project.                                      The Chairman congratulated Gold Coast member,
  The President, R. Kimlin, reported that the                                                                Mr Ken Bird, on being awarded a Medal in the
  current Council is working well together and          CTQ will relocate to the Construction Training       Order of Australia. Members showed their
  that there was a good sharing of information          Centre at Salisbury later in the year when their     support by acclamation.
  between each other and with the staff. He             lease expires.
  noted some changes within the mix of staff and                                                             Discount Internet
  requested any questions members may have be           Mr R. Brouwers advised he had done an                Mr Brouwers advised he spoke with Deb Wilson
  put to either himself or the Executive Director.      exercise with the MPAQ planner looking at how        from the office regarding member discounts for
                                                        much time was wiped out by annual leave,             broadband Internet connections. Deals could be
  Constitution & Rules                                  rostered days off, sick leave and college release    done for $29 month.
  Mr B. Wallace reported that some sections             etc for apprentices. He said the lost time and
  of the Association’s rules were inconsistent          costs associated with training an apprentice         Plumbing Act
  with legislation and advice had been sought           made it prohibitive. Also, he criticised the         Mr Brouwers asked what the current stand of
  from McKays Solicitors. In respect to changes         system of giving 6 months credit off the first       the association was in regards to the act and
  approved at previous special general meetings         year of apprentices who had completed a pre-         regulations. He noted the Logan Division was
  nothing had been done until recently however          vocational course. It would be better to apply       trying to do the right thing with form 4’s but
  application has now been made to the                  the credit in the third or fourth year when the      many plumbers were not up to speed with the
  Queensland Industrial Relations Commission to         apprentice costs can be recovered more easily.       requirements and therefore not complying. All
  have these changes implemented.                       It was noted that employers could also take on       players should come together to make the average
                                                        apprentices who have not done a pre-vocational       plumber aware of their responsibility. It was noted
  Building                                              course.                                              that funds were not available.
  Mr R. Fingleton reported on work to be
  undertaken on the building. In doing so he             Members discussed the need to reduce                 Mr Watson advised that the Plumbing Industry
  tabled photographs of the roof and associated         employment costs to help bring on new                Commission in Victoria was able to fund training
  flashings. The work was necessary to upgrade          apprentices. The government had recognised           updates for the industry at no additional cost
  maintain integrity and presentation. He noted         this partly with the training levy collected by Q    to licensees. He noted this funding was largely
  the important repairs would be done first                                                 .
                                                        Leave and paid through the BCITF It was noted        derived from the fee charged on compliance
  followed by new painting, signage and tidying         that it is hard to employ and train apprentices      certificates issued on jobs over $500.
  the forecourt. In addition consideration will also    but employers must continue otherwise there
  be given to removing the roller door, relocating      will be no qualified tradesmen in future and this     Concern was expressed with some local
  the storage boxes and creating a formal area,         would result in de-regulation of the industry.       authorities charging a fee of $45-$50 to collect
  incorporating the museum pieces.                                                                           form 4’s and not doing anything as a result. In
                                                         Mr Wallace expressed his surprise at the lack of    Victoria the cost to register compliance certificates
  The opportunity to create advertising signage         interest by young people in obtaining a trade in     was only $21 and 5% of all work was then
  and generate passive income was also                  the building and construction industry.              audited. It was felt that in Qld the “good guys” are
  discussed. Mr Brouwers suggested any                                                                       disadvantaged yet again. MPAQ needed to meet
  advertising space also include the promotion          Licensing                                            with the Minister to sort something out.
  of the association itself and members. The            A report prepared by David MacKenzie was
  improved presentation of the building will in         tabled for information.
                                                                                                             7. Close
  itself enhance the association image.
                                                        Master Plumbers Australia
                                                                                                             There being no further business to discuss the
  Industrial                                            Mr Watson advised that NSW had withdrawn
                                                                                                             meeting was declared closed at 8.35pm.
  Mr J. Porter reported on enterprise bargains          from MPA and therefore there were insufficient

                                                                  Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland | vol. 45 | No. 4 | May 2004                      29
   MPAQ’s Industry Associates
AAP Industries P/L                              Firepipe Supply P/L                             Reliance Worldwide*
Abey Australia P/L                              Fluidflo Pty Ltd                                Rheem Australia P/L*
Alliance Sales and Marketing                    Hi-Rise Pump Repair Service                     Rinnai Australia P/L
Aquadux P/L                                     Hirco Manufacturing P/L                         Robert Bosch Australia
Aquaknect Flexibles (A/ASIA) P/L*               Humes                                           Rocla Pipeline Products
Aquasavers                                      Icon Industries                                 Rye Australia*
Argents Australia P/L                           Interbath Australia                             Saxon Sales*
Austral Plumbing Supplies                       James Hardie FRC Pipes*                         Shorco Sykes Hire
Australian Leak Detection                       Jem Australia P/L                               Solahart Industries Underwood
Bendigo Bank Ltd                                John Sivyer Holden                              SouthCoast Automotive Group
BHP Building Products                           JT Keysell                                      Storm Plastics (SA) P/L
BIGA Training Inc                               Kembla Tubes & Fittings*                        Stramit Industries P/L*
Brisbane & North Point Institute of TAFE        Kenny Industries P/L                            Stratco (QLD) P/L
Brisbane Wholesale Hardware P/L                 Key Plastics P/L*                               Suntop Enterprises P/L
C.O.E.S. Australia                              Kleenmaid P/L                                   Tacron Australia P/L
Caroma Industries*                              Leaf Free Gutter Guard                          Taylex Queensland P/L
CF & T Washroom Equipment                       Loctite Australia P/L                           Technicon Industries P/L
Classic Australian Building Products            Megasealed Bathrooms Australia P/L              Thermon Australia P/L*
Colonial Sheet Metal                            Moody & Winter Sales P/L                        Tom Stoddart P/L
Con-Serv Corporation (Aust) P/L*                Oasis Sales                                     Tontine Fibres
Crane Copper Tube*                              OGO Marketing Pty Ltd                           Townsville Plumbing & Hardware Supplies P/L
Cuno Pacific P/L*                               OneSteel Fire Systems                           Tradelink Plumbing Supplies
Davis Engineering                               Origin Energy Asset Management Ltd              Tyco Backflow Systems*
Dorf Clark Industries Ltd*                      Philmac P/L*                                    Vinidex Tubemakers P/L*
Dux Manufacturing*                              Plumbers Hardware Distributors                  Waterworks Australia P/L*
Ecosol P/L*                                     Queensland Pipe & Cable Location Services P/L   Webforge (QLD)
Enware Australia P/L*                           Ramtaps P/L*                                    Wilson HTM
Ergon Energy P/L                                Red Telecoms P/L                                Zip Heaters (Aust) P/L*
Everhard Industries P/L*                        Rehau Pty Ltd

* Members of MPAQ Manufacturers Forum

MPAQ Council                                                           Life Members                      MPAQ
The Executive President
Bob Kimlin
                                   Past President
                                   Bill Watson
                                                                       WP Brouwers
                                                                       G Cottee
Monitor for Gold Coast and         Monitor for Central and Logan       REA Davies
Far North Queensland               P: 07 3273 2333                     CC Gayler                         Plumbers’ and Drainers’ Examination
P: 07 4725 0611                    F: 07 3273 3188                     F Huysing
                                                                                                         & Licensing Board
F: 07 4725 5983                                                        DJ Murray
                                   Councillors                         MJ Moor                           David Mackenzie
Senior Vice President              Shane Barnes                        T Morris
                                                                                                         Nev Berry
Nev Berry                          Monitor for Brisbane City           M Nelson
Monitor for Fraser Coast and       P: 07 4039 0716                     J Porter
Redcliffe                          F: 07 4039 0757                     GC Richardson                     Gas Licensing Advisory Committee
P: 07 5450 0457                                                        NF Sharman
                                                                                                         Bill Watson
F: 07 5450 0450                    Alf Jackson                         BS Soden
                                   Monitor for Toowoomba               WB Watson
Junior Vice President              P: 07 4165 4413
                                                                                                         MPA Ltd
Russell Fingleton
Monitor for Gladstone and
                                   F: 07 4165 3848
                                                                       Trustees                          Bill Watson
Sunshine Coast                     Darryl Quinn                        G Cottee
P: 1300 652 880                    Monitor for Mackay and Bundaberg    B McGrath OAM
                                                                                                         Water Industry Training Association
F: 07 3252 3435                    P: 07 4939 2319

                                   F: 07 4939 1804
                                                                       Meritorious                       Nev Berry

John Porter
P: 07 5532 6933
                                   Bruce Wallace
                                   Monitor for Central Highlands and
                                                                       Service Members                   Construction Training QLD
T: 07 5532 6576                    North Queensland                    B McGrath OAM
                                                                                                         Bill Watson
                                   P: 07 3397 3126                     T Morris
                                   F: 07 3394 3419                     B Pocock
                                                                       D Powell
                                                                       B Wallace
                                                                       A Chapman

30      Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland | vol. 45 | No. 4 | May 2004
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