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					                        Selection of Authoring Tool for Rapid E-Learning
This tool is designed to help you select the most appropriate rapid e-learning authoring tool for your organisation.

Introduction - General guidance on selecting a rapid authoring tool for e-learning.                   Overview

Recommended Shortlists - If you already know what you want eg a tool which will
allow Subject Matter Experts to author in powerpoint, or tools wich cost below
£1,000 or tools that allow collaborative authoring; we have put together a series of               Recommended
recommended shortlists to help speed up your decision making.

Evaluation Matrix - Proposed core selection criteria for selecting a rapid e-learning
authoring tool which can be amended to include your own critieria.                                Evaluation Matrix

Kineo Overview of Authoring Tools - Kineo overview of authoring tools for use
with the evaluation matrix                                                                         Kineo Overview
                                                                                                   of Rapid Tools

For further information on authoring tools and evaluation please contact us at
                                                            Overview     Recommended        Evaluation Matrix   Tools Overview     Home

                                 Selecting an Authoring Tool for Rapid E-Learning

There are a wide range of rapid e-learning authoring tools available on the market. We have put together a recommended shortlist of 6
tools for you to consider. There are, however, a great many tools available, see
authoring-tools.html. This tool is designed to help you select the right tool for your organisation.

We have grouped rapid e-learning authoring tools into three main types as follows:

Rapid desktop based tools        These use Powerpoint or Word as their authoring environment.
                                 Individual licences start at around $1,000, less for tools like Articulate Engage
Server based tools               These are designed to allow collaborative authoring and central content management.
                                 server licences are more expensive and tend to start above $10,000
Systems training tools           These are designed to enable the fast development of systems training using screen captures.
                                 These range from $500 for a desktop tool to over $10,000 for a server based tool.

The right tool will depend upon your circumstances.

If you have subject matter experts creating content or teams that need to be able to develop content quickly with a minimum
of training we would recommend that you look at the Desktop based tools.

If you have a lot of content to be created which will involve regularly updating content and teams of authors developing
content collaboratively you should focus on the Server based tools.

In selecting a tool you may also wish to consider how important the following are to you:

Price & Pricing Structure
Scorm/AICC output and LMS integration
Media integration - video/animation
The ability to publish to flash and html
Ease of adding audio voiceover

We have provided a recommended set of authoring tools to help you with your selection process.
We have also provided an evaluation matrix which allows you to determine which you can use to evaluate any tool. You can decide which
criteria are most important to your organisation and to assign an appropriate weighting.

For further information or help please contact us at
                                                 Overview     Recommended      Evaluation Matrix   Tools Overview   Home

                                          Recommended Shortlists

We have set out below our recommended Kineo shortlists of tools to help speed up your evaluation process.
For more on each tool click the tool name to see our full review.
There are a great many tools out on the market, for a longer list see:

Desktop E-Learning Authoring Tools

Articulate          Powerpoint based authoring tool
                    Articulate Presenter is the best powerpoint based tool in our view which when combined with
                    sister products Engage and Quizmaker enables you to create great e-learning very quickly.

RapideL             Word based authoring tool
                    Comes with over 20 template screen types which you have to work with but very fast
                    development tool. Assets such as audio though have to be prepared outside the tool.

Collaborative Authoring Tools

Atlantic Link       Server based tool which allows content management and collaborative authoring
                    Requires some training but once up to speed a fast and high quality tool.

Systems Training Tools

Captivate           Popular desktop based tool

STT                 Server based systems training tool. STT Trainer is a primarily training, documentation,
                    and performance support solution for enterprise software applications.
Atlantic Link       Atlantic Link's server based tool is also excellent for systems training
                                                                                 Overview            Recommended    Evaluation Matrix   Tools Overview   Home

     Authoring Tool Evaluation Matrix
     We have designed this to provide you with a structure for evaluating the authoring tool of your choice.
     Change or add to the selection criteria and change the weighting according to your needs.

                                                                                                         Rapidel       Articulate         Captivate       STT
                             Your Selection Criteria
                                                                              Your Weighting              Score          Score             Score         Score
1    Price & Pricing Structure                                                        4                        3           2                  2           2
2    Input tool                                                                       4                        2           2                  2           2
3    Screen capture tool                                                              2                        2           2                  2           2
4    Scorm/AICC output                                                                2                        2           2                  2           2
5    Media integration - video/animation                                              2                        2           2                  2           2
6    Collaborative development                                                        2                        2           2                  2           2
7    Publish to flash/html                                                            2                        2           2                  2           2
8    Audio voiceover                                                                  2                        2           2                  2           2
9    Ease of use                                                                      2                        2           2                  2           2
10                                                                                    2                        2           2                  2           2
11                                                                                    2                        2           2                  2           2
12                                                                                    2                        2           2                  2           2
13                                                                                    2                        2           2                  2           2

     Raw Score                                                                                                 27          26                26           26

     Weighted Score                                                                                            84          80                80           80

                                                                                       Overview                     Recommended                  Evaluation Matrix               Tools Overview                        Home

                Kineo Overview of Rapid Authoring Tools

       Evaluation Criteria                            RapideL                          Articulate                    Atlantic Link                      Mohive                           STT                        Captivate

                                             Individual licences from                                           Server based licence.      Server based licence.      Server based licence.      Individual licences from
       Pricing Structure                                                      Individual licences from $600
                                             $1,999                                                             Starts from above $10,000. Starts from above $10,000. Starts from above $10,000. around $500

                                                                                                                Has own authoring          Has own authoring
       Input tool                            Converts Word to flash.          Converts powerpoint to flash.     environment but can import environment but can import Own authoring environment Simple screen capture tool.
                                                                                                                powerpoint.                powerpoint.

       Screen capture tool

       Scorm 1.2


                                                                              Imports swf video and             Imports swf video and         Imports swf video and          Imports swf video and
                                                                              animations. Can develop nice                                                                                                  Imports swf video and
                                             Imports swf video and                                              animations. Also has          animations. Also has           animations. Also has
       Media integration - video/animation                                    interactive animations with                                                                                                   animations. Also has flash
                                             animations                       Engage tool. Also uses
                                                                                                                flash animation               flash animation                flash animation
                                                                                                                                                                                                            animation templates.
                                                                              powerpoint animations.            templates.                    templates.                     templates.

       Collaborative online development

       Publish to flash

                                                                              Can record audio separately       Can record audio              Can record audio               Can record audio               Can record audio separately
                                             Have to record audio
       Audio voiceover                       separately and import.
                                                                              and import or record directly     separately and import or      separately and import or       separately and import or       and import or record directly
                                                                              over slides.                      narrate directly over slides. record directly over slides.   record directly over slides.   over slides.

                                             Very limited, if any training,                                                                                           Authoring environment does
                                                                                                                Authoring environment does
                                             required. Probably half a        Very limited, if any training,                                                          require some training. It is
                                                                                                                require some training. It  Authoring environment does
       Ease of use                           day required to become           required. It takes a day or two
                                                                                                                takes around 3-4 days to   require some training.
                                                                                                                                                                      estimated it takes 4 days to Limied training required.
                                             familiar with the word           to become an advanced user.                                                             get a user up to an
                                                                                                                become an advanced user.
                                             interface.                                                                                                               advanced level.

                                                                              Rapidel, Breeze but neither                                                                    Atlantic Link, SAP tutor,
       Similar competing products            Articulate, Breeze
                                                                              have flash animation tool
                                                                                                                Mohive, Composica             Atlantic Link, Composica
                                                                                                                                                                             Global Knowledge
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Camtasia, Viewlet Builder

                                             Four main question types:
                                                                              Quizmaker module provides                                                                      9 question types including
                                             single selection, matching                                                                                                                                     9 question types, including
  ?    Questions                             selection, matching and
                                                                              wide range of over 20 question Range of question Types
                                                                                                                                              Range of question types        multiple choice, sleection,
                                                                                                                                                                             drag and drop.
                                                                                                                                                                                                            multiple choice, hotspots

                                                                           Excellent all round authoring        Our recommended                                         STT Trainer is primarily a
                                             Good desktop tool, very                                                                          Good collaborative server
                                                                           tool which combined with             collaborative server based                              training, documentation,
                                             fast, uses templates which                                                                       based tool. Ideal for                                         ideal low cost tool for
       Kineo Overall Comment                 provide consistency but limit
                                                                           Quizmaker and Engage allows          tool. Ideal for managing
                                                                                                                                              managing large volumes of
                                                                                                                                                                        and performance support
                                                                           you to create high quality e-        large volumes of changing                               solution for enterprise             creating systems training
                                             flexibility.                                                                                     changing content.
                                                                           learning.                            content.                                                software applications.

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