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News of the Episcopal
     Diocese of Vermont
Vol. LXX No. 1
                                                                                                                            and Episcopal Life
                                                                                                                                                                   January 2005

         Discuss                           Convocation addresses HIV/AIDS in Africa
   The Windsor Report                      by Lee Alison Crawford                           How Anglican Communion responds to              bishops at the 1998 Lambeth Conference
     with Bishop Ely                          At the 21st annual Province One Convo-        AIDS is key to its future                       to confront international debt. The critical
The Rt. Rev. Thomas Ely invites all        cation, held November 19-20, 2004—and                The first keynote speaker, the Rev. Dr.      need for international debt relief was the
in the Diocese of Vermont to join          for the last time at Mont Marie Conference       Ian Douglas, Professor of Mission and           one topic on which all eight regions of the
him the first week in January for a         Center in Holyoke, MA—150 people from            World Christianity and Director of Angli-       world agreed, and US bishops returned to
discussion of The Windsor Report,          the dioceses of New England gathered to          can, Global and Ecumenical Studies at the       work for the cancellation of $1 billion in US
issued by the Lambeth Commission           hear thought-provoking and, at times,            Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge,         bilateral debt. The Anglican Communion
on Communion October 18, 2004.             challenging discussions about the spread of                                                      has worked together before, Douglas said,
                                                                                            Massachusetts, noted that seventeen years
He wants the diocese to serve as a         HIV/AIDS in Africa. Entitled, “Combating                                                         and how it responds to AIDS will determine
                                                                                            ago he spoke in the very same place on
“community of wisdom” for him in           HIV/AIDS in Africa: Episcopalians Serving                                                        its future.
                                                                                            AIDS. In this presentation, “AIDS and the
preparation for the meeting of the         God’s Mission,” the convocation, through
House of Bishops, January 12-13.
                                                                                            Global Communion,” Douglas addressed            The face of AIDS in Africa
                                           excellent presentations, addressed what is       the Anglican Communion’s response to                Conference attendees next heard from
    Following is the schedule. In case     happening on the ground in Africa and why        AIDS in the context of an extensive discus-     the Very Rev. William Rankin (former
of inclement weather, please call the      Episcopalians should care.                       sion of the recently-issued Windsor Report.     President and Dean of Episcopal Divinity
Diocesan Office (800-286-3437) to
be sure the discussion will be held.
                                              The convocation chaplain, the Rev.            Douglas stated that the real questions facing   School), founder, CEO and President of
                                           Canon Benjamin Musoke-Lubega, from the           the communion are those of ecclesiology         Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance (GAIA),
Tuesday, January 4, 7-8:30 P.M.
                                           Office of Anglican and Global Relations at        and missiology. He sees the HIV/AIDS pan-       a non-governmental organization that
    St. Luke’s, St. Albans
                                           the Episcopal Church Center, opened the          demic as a call to God’s mission.               partners with religious organizations in
Wednesday, January 5, 7-8:30 P.M.          gathering by inviting several participants
    Christ Church, Island Pond
                                                                                                Douglas cited two examples of the           resource-poor countries for community-
                                           to read out-loud stories of ordinary people      power of the Anglican Communion when            based HIV prevention and care. Rather than
Thursday, January 6, 7-8:30 P.M.
                                           struggling against extraordinary odds cre-       it comes together as the “on-going expres-      give conferees a list of numbers of people
    Christ Church, Montpelier *
                                           ated by the invasion of AIDS into their          sion of Christ in an unlimited variety of       affected—because “Statistics are numbers
Friday, January 7, 7-8:30 P.M.
    St. Michael’s, Brattleboro
                                           families. In Africa, almost every family has     global churches that share a common             with the tears washed off ”—Rankin used
                                           been touched by HIV/AIDS. On a 2002 af-          mission.” The first was the response to the      his presentation time to show slides of the
Saturday, January 8, 10 A.M.-Noon
                                           ternoon in Zambia, Canon Musoke-Lubega           Decade of Evangelism in Africa and how          many ministries that GAIA supports. Over
    Zion, Manchester
                                           witnessed 100 people being buried, most of       it gave them new life in new dioceses. The      and over again, conferees saw photographs
Saturday, January 8, 3-5:00 P.M            whom had died from AIDS.
    St. Paul’s Cathedral, Burlington
                                                                                            second was the coming together of all the                         Continued on Page E
    The Windsor Report is available
for download in PDF format through
a link on the diocesan website,
                                           Change in tax law is good news for Good News Garage, which            by Chris Hendrickson                             Social Services of New England,
also has links to study resources and
                                              Stories in the news implying that tax         GNG accepts donated vehicles
other materials.
                                           deductions for cars donated to charities         and repairs many of them to give
    * Since the Feast of the Epiphany      will end are not true. The deduction will        to low-income families to get to
falls on this date, a gathering for din-
                                           continue. However the method of calculat-        and from their jobs. As a result,
ner at 5 P.M. and a Eucharist at 6 P.M.
                                           ing the deduction will change, and that new      the majority of these car recipient
will precede the discussion. Youth
                                           method favors Good News Garage (GNG)             families, in fact 75%, are able to
from the Central Vermont Deanery
will participate in the service and
                                           and similar programs that place the donated      leave state public assistance roles
will meet separately during the            cars directly into the hands of low-income       within a year.
Windsor Report discussion to get           families.                                           Vermonters have been ex-
to know one another and consider              Most people don’t realize that “low-          traordinarily generous to their
possible future deanery youth activi-      income car ownership” programs such              neighbors through the Good
ties. Contact Connie Saeger-Proctor        as GNG are actually a small part of the          News Garage. Approximately
(;          lucrative world of car donations. Other          1400 families throughout the
802-479-1246) for information.             charities—the majority in fact—that resell       state have directly benefited from
                                           donated cars for cash are the ones adversely     that generosity since the program
                                           affected by the new tax law. The new law         began in 1996. The Vermont pro-
                                           targets car donors who claim large deduc-        gram has spawned similar GNG
New look for the Echo                      tions based on the unadjusted ‘”blue book”       programs in Hartford and New
   Beginning with the February             value for cars donated to charities, while the   Haven, Connecticut, Sturbridge,
issue, addresses will be printed di-       charities receive only a small portion of that   Massachusetts, and Manchester,
rectly on the paper in the upper right     on the car’s sale at auction.                    New Hampshire.
corner. The need to create space
                                              Under the new law, donors who give cars              Continued on Page G
spurred me to act on a long-contem-
plated redesign of the masthead. I         that are passed on to low-income families
                                           may still deduct the fair market value of                                                                                 Vermont Land Trust/
also took the opportunity to include                                                                                                                             Jordan Silverman photos
the five themes of the new Strategic        their automobiles, but donors may only                                                                     
Plan for Growth and Ministry on the        deduct the sales price for cars sold by a
“footer” of the inside pages and to        charity.
change the font for the body text and      GNG helps needy families                                                                                     Above: A family stands proudly
                                                                                                                                                                 next to their new car.
most headlines.                               Helping needy families move from wel-
   Your comments and suggestions           fare to work through the provision of an
are most welcome.                          automobile has been the primary goal of
              The editor                   Good News Garage since its inception in                                                                    Left: Mechanic Rick Berg works
                                           Vermont in 1996. An affiliate of Lutheran                                                                   on a donated car.

                           “…thinking about children…”
                                       The Right Reverend Thomas Clark Ely
Dear Children of God:                           “The Child as Consumer: A North Ameri-       know the journey would not have been
    I am thinking about children as I sit       can Problem of Ambivalence Concern-          the same without them.
down to write my column for this edition        ing the Spirituality of Childhood in Late       What I also know is that Jesus was on
of the Mountain Echo. I suppose that is         Capitalist Consumer Culture,” “Where         to something important when he talked
because Christmas is coming and it will         Was God? Spiritual Question of Sexually      about children and the Kingdom of God.
be our granddaughter Elisabeth’s first           Abused Children,” and a Sermon entitled,     It was not about being childish, but child-
Christmas, and best of all we will spend it     “To Such Belong the King-                                     like in our approach to
together! I’m also thinking about children      dom.” Some heavy reading                                      God, and I am always
because Ann and I have been deciding on         perhaps, but it all sounds     “The needs of                  grateful when a child
our year-end charitable giving, and min-        interesting!                                                  reminds me of what that
istries with children figure prominently in          I am also thinking         so many of the                 is about. My intention is
so many of those gifts, both close to home      about children because                                        always to pay close atten-
and around the world in places like the         the Rock Point Summer
                                                                              world’s children                tion, but I know that so
Holy Land, El Salvador and Africa. The          Conferences Committee         tear at my heart                many other things can
needs of so many of the world’s children        has been hard at work                                         and do get in the way. I’ll    day she found her four-year old son lying
tear at my heart and, I suspect, at yours       planning for the future and   and, I suspect, at              try to work on that more       under the Christmas tree among all the
as well. I am so thankful for all the many      how we can build upon the                                     next year.                     presents and looking up at the decorated
ways the people of our diocese respond          strong history of our sum-
                                                                               yours as well.”                     In the meantime,          tree. When she inquired about what he
to those needs, giving personally of your       mer ministry with children                                    I’ll keep thinking about       was doing, he replied, “I’m imagining
time, your presence and your money.             and provide a safe, healthy,                                  children and the wonder-       what it’s like to be a present!” I might try
    I am also thinking about children           fun and rewarding experience of Christian    ful story that many of us heard Bishop          that this year.
because on my desk at the office I have a        community for them in the years ahead.       Margaret Payne tell at the Convention                         Playfully yours,
wonderful picture taken at the acolyte fes-     Being with the campers and the adults        banquet in November. I really can’t tell the
tival we had at the cathedral back in Octo-     who are part of this important ministry in   story the way she did, but it was about the                     +Thomas
ber. The picture is the one that appeared       our diocese is a high point of my summer,
in last month’s edition of the Mountain         and I guess I’m doing some early-win-
Echo, with all the acolytes and me in our       ter thinking about this coming summer
vestments. There are a few other adults
in the picture, and many wonderful adult
                                                already. I hope you are too, especially
                                                about how the children from your family                       Views from the Frontier
acolytes serve in our parishes. But mostly      and church can be part of this summer’s
it is children and teenagers who serve with     exciting program.
                                                                                                                                   by Gina Logan
me at the altar each Sunday, and I treasure         Mostly, I guess I’m thinking about
those encounters and am grateful for            children because I am thinking about Je-                                            Farewell!
their ministries. I especially love watch-      sus, the baby. The baby who becomes the         Editor’s Note: “Views from the Frontier,” which has been a regular feature of the Moun-
ing the response (especially the eyes) of       child, the teenager, and the grownup, and    tain Echo for many years, will retire after this issue. My deepest gratitude to its writers,
young acolytes when I ask one of them to        the journey that is part of each person’s    Martha Holden, Gina Logan and, until a few years ago, Karen Sheldon.
hold my crosier or miter. Children have a       life, including my own and that of my
unique way of entering into the mystery         own children. It is a complex journey to         I collect stars. They hang from, or in,     figures; Mary, Joseph, the Baby (who
of liturgy.                                     be sure, but along the way there are some    various locations in my house—glass             traditionally remained absent until after
    Then, the Christmas edition of the          remarkable moments. I know that many         stars, wooden stars, stars in paper, tin,       Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, when
Sewanee Theological Review arrived in the       people have influenced my life, especially    pewter, and brass; stars painted and plain,     one of our children would, ceremoni-
mail and the entire edition is devoted to       as a child. Two of them died earlier this    large and medium and small. I began my          ously, take Him out of the top drawer
the theme, “Children and the Kingdom:           year and I’m not sure I ever thanked them    collection over twenty years ago, when I        of the buffet, unwrap his tissue-paper
Theological Reflections on Childhood.”           enough for all they meant to me. Maybe,      hung a small silver star above the man-         swaddlings, and place Him in the carved,
Essays include: “Children and Theology,”        I could never thank them enough, but I       ger scene, a central part of our family’s       painted manger), three shepherds, two
                                                                                             Christmas decorations. That first star was       angels, three camels, two sheep (there was
                                                                                             meant to guide the Wise Men, who, in our        another, but our Labrador Retriever ate
                  The Episcopal Diocese of Vermont                                           family, spent Advent and the twelve days        it, probably out of sheer loneliness one
                     The Right Reverend Thomas Clark Ely, Bishop                             of Christmas traveling from the living          evening when the family were all away
                                                                                             room to the dining room, from the top           from home), a cow, a donkey, and some
                                  Diocesan Center                                            of the bookcase to the stereo to the coffee     chickens, slightly battered, that did not be-
                  5 Rock Point Road, Burlington, VT 05401-2735                               table to the piano to Bethlehem (the top        long to the original set, but migrated from
   Telephone: 802-863-3431; 800-286-3437 (within Vermont); Fax: 802-860-1562                 of the buffet). After one Epiphany, I put       a toy farm. They were slightly out of scale,
                                                                                             everything away in its wrappings in the         but not as much as the rubber mouse that
                     Web site:
                                                                                             box marked “Creche–Fragile,” but I left         also lived in the stable for several years
                    Ministry Support Team E-mail Addresses                                   the star in place. In time, other stars came,   and could not be persuaded to leave (the
  Bishop Thomas Ely: tely        Canon Connie Saeger-Proctor: clsproctor                     and now my house has—I just counted—            mouse was bigger than the camels, which
  Canon Lynn Bates: lbates       Financial Administrator Julie Giguere: jgiguere             fourteen stars downstairs and three up (so      provoked some argument among several
  Canon Thad Bennett: tbennett Admin. Asst. Valerie Hennessey: vhennessey                    far).                                           of my children, an argument eventually
  Canon Zeke Hanzl: zhanzl       Historiographer Elizabeth Allison: eallison                     Our Wise Men belonged to the same
             Pastoral Enrichment Coordinator Susan Ohlidal: sohlidal                         Italian papier-mache set as the other                             Continued on Page C
                       Receptionist Jan Lawrence: jlawrence
                 Add to all of the above:
                 Canon Jeanette Tweedy:
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                                                                                  Communication            Connection          Celebration               Mountain Echo/Episcopal Life

                         Ask Sr. Bible Person                                                                                        Opinion
                                                                                                 Apology, community, and identity in the Anglican Communion
                     Do you have questions about the Bible?
                                                                                                                                     by John P. Keenan
              If so, ask Sr. Bible Person and get the answers!
                                                                                                     The Episcopal Church—chastened but           were married, however happily. It was
                                                                                                 intact, regretful for harm caused but in-        more obvious later after we moved to
    Note from Sr. Bible Person: In last          them might have actually been Luther-
                                                                                                 nocent of acting to cause harm to anyone.        Vermont, where the diocese had begun
month’s column, I responded to some in-          an—probably the one who brought myrrh,
                                                                                                 I am part of that church, a member since         to attract talented gay and lesbian priests.
triguing questions asked by Anne Knapp           which, as most of us know, is a casserole).
                                                                                                 1976, regularized as priest in 1988, serving     They did their jobs just like everyone else
from Arlington about the genealogy of                Interpretation #4: Each of these women      now in St. Mark’s Church in Newport,             in the clergy. They were no better and no
Jesus. In comparing Matthew’s and Luke’s         is an example of “higher righteousness.” A      Vermont. I am a supporter of the con-            worse than straight priests, for the effec-
genealogies, I pointed out that Luke’s           detailed analysis of this idea can be found     secration of the Right Reverend Gene             tive carrying out of priestly mission has
version lists only men (“…Jacob, son of          on page 353 in The Women’s Bible Com-           Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire,             no particular link to sexual orientation.
Isaac, son of Abraham, son of Terah,”            mentary by Carol A. Newsom and Sharon           for I know how widely respected he has               It was not a great surprise when Gene
etc.), but Matthew includes five women:           H. Ringe.                                       been for many years in the Province of           Robinson was elected bishop in New
Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary              My own theory, based on a recently          New England. I support the ordination of         Hampshire, at least not in Province 1, but
(see Mathew 1:1-17). I have been musing          discovered personal diary of Matthew’s          gay and lesbian priests, having seen many        all around the world Anglicans reacted—
on this oddity and want to share a few           younger sister, is that Matthew was a           become rectors and vicars in our parishes        strongly, critically, angrily. We all knew to
thoughts. Here they are:                         frustrated screenplay writer. Matthew was       and valuable contributors to our councils.       expect some reaction, but I at least did not
    Scholars have offered a variety of in-       a successful evangelist, but, as his sister         I probably would not have given much         anticipate how intense it would become.
terpretations as to Matthew’s motives for        records in a few brief diary entries, what      thought to human sexuality and its orien-        Large segments of the Anglican Commu-
including five women in Jesus’ family tree.       he really wanted to do was break into the       tations had I not met so many gay and les-       nion felt that their exercise of mission had
    Interpretation #1: Some think that           group of the fledgling “soap opera” au-          bian colleagues. It is easier to express lofty   been harmed by our action of electing and
Matthew was nervous about the “whiff of          thors who were becoming popular in the          ideas about the nature of sexuality when         consecrating Gene Robinson. They were
scandal” surrounding the birth of Jesus,         1st century in southern Palestine. Because      the real people you are referring to are not     also disturbed by the adoption of a bless-
such as the idea that if Joseph was not the      of this passionate desire, when Matthew         sitting right across the table, listening and    ing for same sex unions in the Canadian
real father, then who was? Hmmm, we’ve           got around to recording Jesus’ genealogy,       responding to you.                               Diocese of New Westminster.
got a problem here, thought some Jewish          he couldn’t resist referring to some of the
                                                                                                     I came into the Episcopal Church in              We in North America felt that we had
contemporaries of Matthew. In order to           best soap opera plots ever invented. If you
                                                                                                 1976 from the Roman Catholic Church,             come to a new understanding of homo-
combat this kind of gossip, did Matthew          want to read some really good “potboil-
                                                                                                 in which I had been raised. I trained            sexuality, and in this we thought we were
include the five women, each of whom              ers,” check out the story of Tamar and
                                                                                                 for ten years at St. Charles Borromeo            offering the wider church an example of
was involved in an “unconventional preg-         Judah in Genesis 38, or that incomparable
                                                                                                 Seminary in Overbrook, Philadelphia, and         a more inclusive practice of the kingdom.
nancy”?                                          tale of scandal, intrigue, adultery, and
                                                                                                 was ordained to the priesthood by John           But in other parts of the Anglican Com-
    Interpretation #2: Because four of           murder which is the story of David and
                                                                                                 Cardinal Krol in 1966 at the Cathedral of        munion, many felt that we had fractured
these women were involved in a somewhat          Bathsheba. Move over General Hospital,
                                                                                                 Sts. Peter and Paul in downtown Philadel-        that kingdom and embraced practices
immoral act of sexual intercourse (Mat-          we’ve got some great competition for you!
                                                                                                 phia. When I left the Roman priesthood           that made their confession of our com-
thew lets Mary off this hook by alleging             I appreciated the chance to revisit this    in 1969, I signed a promise not to become        mon faith appear to be inauthentic and
that that she was, indeed, not involved in       genealogical question and to be reminded        a focus of discord by taking any promi-          unacceptable in their cultures. We were
sexual intercourse before Jesus’ birth), the     of how much we don’t know about the             nent role in the church, by reading the          becoming a stumbling block to their com-
first four women therefore are “sinners”          Gospel stories. Obviously, if Matthew had       scripture or teaching classes. Some might        mitment to and preaching of the Chris-
who will be “saved from their sins” (Mat-        thought it was important for us to know         have regarded that stricture as unfair,          tian gospel.
thew 1:21) by Jesus.                             why he included five women in his story,         but—having listened to Ivan Illich talk          Cultural Disconnect
    Interpretation #3: Two of the wom-           he would have explained it. All we can do       about the priest as symbol of unity, not
                                                 now is celebrate these five women as being                                                            I do not like being a stumbling block
en—Rahab and Ruth—were Gentiles;                                                                 discord—it seemed a prudent and reason-
                                                 part of the family tree from which Jesus                                                         to anyone. So I am constrained by the
therefore, Matthew is celebrating divine                                                         able promise, and I intended to keep it.
                                                 sprouted and thereby mitigate some of the                                                        objections of our fellow Anglicans to
inclusiveness, similar to the importance                                                             Yet when Linda and I began our
                                                 patriarchalism that gets imported into our                                                       step back and wonder about the different
of the “magi from the east” in Matthew’s                                                         family, I wanted a chance to participate
                                                 faith stories.                                                                                   perceptions that are filtered to us by our
Nativity story (as Garrison Keillor notes,                                                       more deeply in the everyday life of the          respective cultures. I first became aware of
there is a very good possibility that the            Send questions for Sr. Bible Person in      church. My hero in those days, as now,           such cultural disconnects when as a young
magi were Gentiles, and therefore one of         care of the editor (address on Page B).         was Michael Ramsey, then recently retired        man I landed in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to
                                                                                                 as Archbishop of Canterbury and in               begin my study of the Spanish language
Views from the Frontier                                                                          residence for various periods at Nashotah        and Latin American culture. I would learn
Continued from Page B                                                                            House near where we lived in Wisconsin.          from Ivan Illich about how culturally-
                                                                                                 And there, in our local Episcopal Church,        American patterns of Christian mission
settled by parental fiat: The Mouse Stays         ivory bisque one, chaste and elegant, but I     I found a home, one with good theol-             distorted the Puerto Rican, and indeed
in the Picture).                                 long sometimes for the out-of-scale chick-      ogy, kindly people, and orders of priests,       all Latin American cultures. The lessons
    We set up the creche every Advent,           ens, the stable with its battered roof, the     deacons, and bishops, who tried to respect       for misguided missionaries that have
placing the Magi in the living room, and         figures, chipped a bit, their colors rubbed      and support one another.                         been dramatized in a number of movies
moving them a little bit farther each week,      and worn. I miss the way the mouse                  And some of those Episcopal clergy           and books were driven home to me by Il-
always closer to their destination, which        peeped out from behind a camel, and the         were gay. Not so obviously in my early           lich—how American parish styles and cul-
they would not reach until the morning of        way one shepherd always ended up lying          days in 1970s Wisconsin, for most there          tural forms have been imposed along with
Epiphany. Then, and only then, someone           down (too much Christmas cheer?). I                                                              the gospel upon “mission lands.” North
would rearrange the shepherds and the            miss the suspenseful progress of the Three                                                       American notions of law, time, family, and
livestock, and set Caspar, Balthazar, and        Kings from room to room. (Everyone in                Letters to the Editor (300 words
                                                                                                   or fewer) and Opinion articles are             community were simply assumed by the
Melchior down in their Oriental splendor,        the family took turns moving them, so                                                            missionaries to be universal, when in fact
angling them so that each King had a clear       you got up each morning of Advent and             welcome and encouraged on any
                                                                                                                                                  those assumptions were specific to our
view of the Baby, to whom each held out          Christmastide not knowing exactly where           relevant topic. Did something in an
                                                                                                                                                  culture and not always shared by others. I
his gift. And over the entire scene hung         they’d be.) However, I kept that first silver      article inspire you, aggravate you,
                                                                                                                                                  believe—and hope—that our missionaries
a star. Often, as I passed from room to          star, and now I have these others, too. And       or move you in some way? Share                 today are more sensitive to such cultural
room, the star would swing back and forth        so I will continue to collect stars. They         your reactions with other readers.             issues.
on its fishline tether, sending out sparks of     remind me, now and throughout the year,           Letters must have a name and
                                                                                                                                                      In a similar way, I think that our task
light, just as the original Star must have.      that Love shines out from heaven on the           phone number or email address
                                                                                                                                                  as Episcopalians at this juncture is to step
    The Wise Men have gone, with the             whole world, on all of us. Love’s starry          so I can check details, if necessary.          back and to consider the differences that
creche, to my daughter’s house, where she        rays stream forth, now as then, kindling          Anonymous letters will not be                  do indeed exist across cultural boundar-
and her husband and their three-year-old         anew the light in our hopeful hearts, as          printed, but names may be with-                ies. Two assumptions held by our North
may now trace the passage of the Three           we wait, together, for our Epiphany, our          held upon request. Submissions                 American culture are especially important
Kings from room to room, looking for             miracle. Amen.                                    may be edited for reasons of space.            in the context of the current impasse. The
the Star that shone on the first Epiphany.               Gina Logan is a member of St. Mary’s,                Anne Clarke Brown, Editor
I have a different Nativity set now, a small       Northfield, and a postulant for Holy Orders.                                                                     Continued on Page G
 Mountain Echo/Episcopal Life                  Formation          Liberation              u
                                                                                      Communication            Connection           Celebration                   Page C • November 2005
                                                                                                                                                                    Page C • January

                 More Coming Events                                                          January BBCC retreat will explore
                                                                                             “Learning to Live with Life’s Losses”
                       Winter Meditation Concerts                                            by Debi Paterson                                  retirement, and with chronic illness. “Learn-
                                                                                                 The Bishop Booth Conference Center            ing to Live with Life’s Losses” will emphasize
                            Vermont Youth Orchestra
                                                                                             will sponsor and host a retreat program to        moving beyond loss to engaging in life and
                              Sunday, January 16, 3:00 P.M.
                                                                                             help people find hope and reinvest in their        community, help to normalize the experi-
                      U-32 High School, East Montpelier, Vermont                             lives after experiencing loss. It will begin      ence of recovery and find the Good News
                              Sunday, January 23, 3:00 P.M.                                  Friday evening, January 28, and conclude          of the story in a scripture based program.
               Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, Burlington, Vermont                     by 4 P.M., January 29.                                The fee for the retreat—$85 for a shared
   The Vermont Youth Orchestra, under the direction of Troy Peters, offers an afternoon          Leading the program and serving as            room, or $100 for a single room if avail-
of varied musical works rooted in liturgical music that spans the globe. Included are        chaplain will be the Rev. David Hamilton,         able—includes the program, meals and
works by Rimsky-Korsakov, Tchaikovsky, Chaminade, Daron Hagen and Mendelssohn.               D.Min., Director of Pastoral Care and Su-         lodging. To register, send name, address,
The concert showcases the talents of two senior students. Martha Bruce, from Willis-         pervisor of Clinical Pastoral Education at        telephone and email address with a non-
ton, plays a solo in Tchaikovsky’s “Meditation,” and Roxbury’s Samantha Gelfon plays         Fletcher Allen Health Care in Burlington.         refundable deposit check of $50 (payable
the flute solo in Chaminade’s “Concertino.”                                                   He has lead workshops and seminars on             to Bishop Booth Conference Center)
   The Vermont Youth Orchestra Association has a long history of providing quality           grief for over thirty years.                      to the conference center, 20 Rock Point
music programs for students. The group played a concert of Vermont music at New                  According to Hamilton, there is a com-        Circle, Burlington, VT 05401. For more
York’s Carnegie Hall in September.                                                                                                             information, call 802-658-6233, or email
                                                                                             mon dynamic of loss that may be associated
   Tickets for the East Montpelier concert are available at the door only. Tickets for the   with death of a loved one such as a parent,
Burlington concert are available through the Flynn Box office (86-FLYNN); adults $10;         spouse, child, friend, or pet, with transitions                  Debi Paterson is Director of the
seniors $8; students $5. For information call the Flynn or visit                such as divorce, job, moving, empty nest, or                   Bishop Booth Conference Center.

                  Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
        Vermont Ecumenical Council and Bible Society Service
                                                                                             Read Scripture with all the senses
                            Saturday, January 22, 2005
                    Greater Hartford United Church of Christ
                                                                                             at Cathedral’s Epiphany quiet day
                                Hartford, Vermont                                            by Tanya Wallace                                                  about Jesus with all our senses
   Check the VECBS web site (www.vecbs.or) for details on this annual event.                     The Cathedral Church of                                       alive and engaged?
                                                                                             St. Paul and the Christian                                             Roger Ferlo has served
                                                                                             Meditation Center will of-                                        parishes in the dioceses of
           “Domestic Violence: A Christian Response”                                         fer an Epiphany quiet day                                         Georgia, Pittsburgh and New
                               Friday, January 28, 7:00 P.M.                                 Saturday, January 15, 2005,                                       York, and is the author of two
                          Evening Prayer and Potluck, 5:30 P.M.                              10:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. , at                                      books—Opening the Bible and
                 St. Mary’s Parish, South Main St., Northfield, Vermont                       the Cathedral Church of St.                                       Sensing God, both published
    St. Mary’s, Northfield, will sponsor the presentation and discussion with Auburn          Paul, Burlington. “Seen With                                      by Cowley Press. A gradu-
Watersong-Harter, of Step O.N.E., Newport, and the Rev. Ann Hockridge of Umbrella,           Our Eyes, Touched With Our                                        ate of Colgate University, he
St. Johnsbury. They led workshops at the fall Diocesan Ministry Fair Days. The January       Hands—Reading Scripture                                           earned a doctorate in English
evening discussion will further develop material presented at the Ministry Fairs.            with all the Senses,” will be                                     literature from Yale Univer-
   The evening will begin at St. Mary’s, with Evening Prayer at 5:30 P.M., followed by a     led by the Rev. Dr. Roger Ferlo, an Epis-         sity and trained for the priesthood at the
potluck supper. The 7:00 P.M. presentation will be held at the Community Room at the         copal priest and Director of the Center for       General Theological Seminary in New York
Brown Public Library, a block up South Main Street (Route 12) from Saint Mary’s.             Lifetime Theological Education at Virginia        City. He serves as a trustee at Colgate, and
   The public is invited. Both locales are universally accessible. For more information      Theological Seminary in Alexandria.               is the treasurer of the National Association
and directions, please call the Rev. Lee Alison Crawford at (802) 485-6011.                      Reading a book is one of our most private     of Episcopal Schools.
                                                                                             and silent activities—but it was not always           To register, please send name and contact
                                                                                             this way. In ancient times, and even as late      information, along with a check for $20.00
                      2005 Absalom Jones Lecture                                             as the sixteenth century, most people read        made payable to Cathedral Church of St.
                         by the Rt. Rev. Michael Curry                                       aloud, even if they were reading in solitude.     Paul and earmarked “Quiet Day,” to: The
                            Wednesday, February 16, 7:00 P.M.                                One great scholar of monastic life talked         Rev. Cn. Tanya Wallace, Cathedral Church
                                                                                             about reading as an act of the whole body,        of St. Paul, 2 Cherry St., Burlington, VT
                 St. John’s Memorial Chapel, Episcopal Divinity School
                                                                                             as invigorating as physical exercise! The act     05401. Lunch is included in the fee. For
                       99 Brattle Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts
                                                                                             of reading Scripture can involve an appeal        more information please contact Canon
    The Rt. Rev. Michael Curry, Bishop of the Diocese of North Carolina, will deliver        to all the senses—not just sight, but also        Wallace at 864-0471 x16 or twallace@stpauls
the annual Absalom Jones Lecture and will also serve as celebrant at the Eucharist the       sound, touch, taste and even smell. Can we
following morning at 8:30 A.M. These events commemorate the life and ministry of
                                                                                             reconnect to ancient traditions of reading,       The Rev. Cn. Tanya Wallace is Canon Educator
Absalom Jones, the first African American priest in the Episcopal Church. The annual
                                                                                             and learn to read the New Testament stories       at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Burlington.
celebration helps support the Absalom Jones Scholarship Fund for African American
students at EDS who are preparing for ordination in the Episcopal Church.
    Each event will be followed by a reception in Washburn Lounge. Both are free and
open to the public, although reservations are required as seating is limited. The Chapel     Send a parish team to Province One
and Washburn Lounge are universally accessible. For more information or to reserve
a space, contact Alcurtis Clark at 617-868-3450 extension 306.                               stewardship and evangelism conference
                                                                                                The annual Province One Conference             couraged to send teams. The conference
                                                                                             on Stewardship, Evangelism and Congre-            begins with registration at 11 A.M. on Friday,
                       2005 Safer Church Training                                            gational Development is planned for April         April 8, and concludes after the 10:45 A.M.
                                                                                             8-10, 2005, in Westborough, Massachusetts.        Eucharist on Sunday, April 10. The deadline
                 January 15        St. Peter’s, Bennington
                 January 22        Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Rutland
                                                                                             Addressing the conference theme, “Walk-           for registration is March 14, but previous
                 April 2           St. Andrew’s, St. Johnsbury                               ing with Jesus: Open Eyes, Eager Hearts,          events have sold out before the deadline.
                 June 18           Bishop Booth Conference Center, Burlington                Changed Lives,” will be keynote speakers, the        Materials and meals are included in the
                 September 24      St. Paul’s, Windsor                                       Very Rev. Ruth Lawson Kirk, the Rev. Kirk         conference fee of $160 before February 15,
      All sessions run from 8:45 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. Please register in advance with
                                                                                             Alan Kubicek, and the Rev. Taylor Albright.       2005, and $185 after February 15. Accom-
  Anne Brown (802-672-5250, or, so we will be sure to                  Wiley Beveridge and Diane Davis Andrew            modations are at the Wyndham Westbor-
  have enough materials available. Plan to bring lunch.                                      will serve as conference musicians.               ough Hotel at $73 per night, single or dou-
     The training is required for clergy, church employees, lay eucharistic ministers,          A total of 27 workshops will be offered in     ble. Brochures are available from the Dioc-
  all who work with children and youth (except unpaid church school teachers who             five workshop sessions, with opportunities         esan Center (800-286-3437). For questions
  teach in a public place on Sunday morning), spiritual directors, and those who             to concentrate on stewardship, evangelism         about registration, contact Judith Barnes,
  make pastoral visits in homes, hospitals and nursing homes.                                or congregational development or to select        603-224-1914, or
                                                                                             from all the areas. Congregations are en-

 Page D • January 2005                     Formation           Liberation             u
                                                                                  Communication            Connection            Celebration               Mountain Echo/Episcopal Life

Pastoral Enrichment Program                                                                         Diocesan leaders review ministry
offers online courses from EDS                                                                      by John Morris
                                                                                                        After Bishop Ely was elected in November
                                                                                                                                                     diocese is experiencing “growing pains” as
                                                                                                                                                     a result of numerical growth and spiritual
    [EDS] The Pastoral Enrichment Program          Dr. Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook. The course’s         of 2000 and consecrated in April of 2001, the    growth. As the diocese grows more fully into
of the Diocese of Vermont, in collaboration        primary focus is to examine race and power       Standing Committee and the Bishop signed         living out the ministry of all baptized, and
with the Episcopal Divinity School and the         in our post-modern society and their im-         a Letter of Agreement. One of the items we       works more intentionally out of a model
Pastoral Excellence Project, will offer            pact on our lives and well-being.                agreed on was that there would be a regular      of collaborative decision-making, there
two online courses this winter. “Leading              These on-line courses will use Black-         review of ministry of diocesan leaders.          are bound to be stubbing-of-toes and
Change: Using Change Theory in the Con-            board, an interactive educational software           The first review was held in September        bumping-into-one-another and getting-
gregation,” will run January 31–March 13,          which is accessed through the internet.          of 2002. The second review was held on Oc-       off-on-tangents. Some examples of these
2005. The second course, “From Dialogue            Blackboard is easy to use for most people        tober 24, 2004. On that day, twenty people,      occurrences will be documented in the
to Study Circle: An Online E-Circle Seminar        who are familiar with navigating the web.        including the bishop, met for three hours in     facilitators’ report.
about Race and Power,” will begin in Febru-        Participants will have opportunities to work     Randolph. Representatives of the Diocesan            During the final summing up, one par-
ary and run for eight weeks.                       individually and in groups on line, including    Council, the Ministry Support Team, and          ticipant offered the metaphor of marriage
   “Leading Change,” taught by the Rev.            discussions and forums.                          the Standing Committee participated. The         for the work of the bishop with the diocesan
Dr. William M. Kondrath, views congrega-              The $200 registration fee for either          Rev. Geoff Robbins from Middlebury and           leaders. He suggested that the leadership re-
tions as complex systems. It looks at various      course will be paid through the Pastoral         Kathleen West from Burlington served as          view of 2002 occurred in the “honeymoon
ways of analyzing and intervening in those         Enrichment Program for members of the            facilitators.                                    phase” of the marriage and now we are three
systems to make a creative difference, offer-      Diocese of Vermont.                                  The first question asked was: What is         and a half years into the marriage itself.
ing some basic theories of organizational             To register for “Leading Change,” send        going well in the Diocese? The group listed      Some of the “honeymoon glow” is gone,
change. The course also examines leader-           an email to Chris Carr, Pastoral Excellence      29 things in response. The very impressive       and we are now doing the hard work of
ship as a function of a system more than as        Project Coordinator, at and        list filled three pages of newsprint! The en-     staying connected and living together with
simply a personal characteristic of an indi-       include the following information: name,         tire list will be included in the report being   fidelity and mutuality. The overall sense of
vidual or individuals. Kondrath is Director        e-mail address, telephone number, diocese,       prepared by the facilitators.                    the group gathered in Randolph was that
of Theological Field Education at EDS.             type of internet connection (dial-up, DSL,           The next part of the discussion focused      the marriage is going pretty well.
   “From Dialogue to Study Circle” will of-        cable/broadband, etc.) and how you heard         on “bumps in the road.” A summary of this               The Rev. John Morris is president of the
fer self-awareness and anti-racism training        about this course.                               discussion would include the fact that the              Standing Committee of the diocese and
to persons of faith who share a common                To register for “From Dialogue to Study                                                                priest-in-charge at St. Martin’s, Fairlee.
concern for the critical issues confronting        Circle,” send an e-mail to Gena Gourley,
social justice. The course will be co-taught       registrar, at       ✣          Provincial Convocation looks at AIDS in Africa
by the Rev. Canon Ed Rodman and the Rev.                                                            Continued from Page A
                                                                                                    of orphans, who now have to make do with-        die. It costs so little to prevent AIDS, and
“Building Abrahamic Partnerships”                                                                   out their parents and, in many cases, aunts
                                                                                                    and uncles.
                                                                                                                                                     yet critical measures to staunch the spread
                                                                                                                                                     of AIDS are thwarted. [For information on
offered in Hartford                                                                                 A challenge and some responses                   how to contribute to ERD’s AIDS work,
                                                                                                                                                     visit their web site at and go
                                                                                                        In his powerful and prophetic sermon
    Hartford Seminary announces a new                 The second round of the program                                                                to their “Gifts of Life” catalogue.]
                                                                                                    at Friday evening’s Eucharist, Canon Mu-
interfaith training program, called “Build-        is scheduled for January 2005 and the                                                                As William Rankin said, “AIDS is a ghastly
                                                                                                    soke-Lubega challenged worshippers to
ing Abrahamic Partnerships,” for clergy, re-       third for June 5-12, 2005. For informa-                                                           opportunity” that calls us on a pilgrimage of
                                                                                                    leave behind their complacency, and look
ligious educators and seminarians from the         tion, contact Prof. Yehezkel Landau at                                                            mission. This year’s convocation succeeded
                                                                                                    at systemic injustices—such as social stigma
three Abrahamic faith traditions. Building, or 860-509-9538.                                                             in sensitizing people to the global crisis of
                                                                                                    assigned to people with AIDS, unequal dis-
on its strengths as an interfaith, dialogical      Information on Hartford Seminary and                                                              AIDS and offered tools to assist congrega-
                                                                                                    tribution of economic, technological and
school of practical theology, the seminary         registration information for this program                                                         tions and dioceses in becoming partners in
                                                                                                    medical resources—and to speak out against
has designed this innovative program to be         can be found at ✣                                                                addressing the crisis. Attendees saw the faces
                                                                                                    them. Over $500 given at the offering will
a resource for Jews, Christians and Muslims                                                                                                          with the tears; it is now the church’s task in
                                                                                                    go to the Episcopal Relief and Development
throughout North America who seek a solid
foundation in interfaith ministry.
                                                   Lent teaching resource                           program for HIV/AIDS in Africa.                  mission to bring hope and comfort to those
                                                                                                                                                     afflicted with HIV/AIDS.
    The goals of the new program are three-        will be sent to all                                  On Saturday morning, participants
                                                                                                    heard from people working directly with               The Rev. Lee Alison Crawford is rector of
fold: educating participants about the beliefs
and practices of all three faith traditions;       congregations                                    organizations that provide education, relief                             St. Mary’s, Northfield.
                                                                                                    and resources to people with HIV/AIDS.
creating a safe and supportive environment
in which clergy, religious educators, and
                                                       [ENS] New Lenten teaching resources
                                                   for use in 2005 will invite congregations to
                                                                                                    Workshops addressed US public policy,
                                                                                                    Episcopalians for Global Reconciliation, a
                                                                                                                                                     Diocesan Study
seminarians can forge mutually beneficial
relationships across communal boundaries;
                                                   build hospitality, evangelism, organizational
                                                   transformation, and advertising to welcome
                                                                                                    diocesan Jubilee ministry, and more.             Program class to
                                                                                                        Of particular note is the work of Dr.
and helping participants acquire pastoral
skills useful in interfaith ministry.
                                                   new members to the Episcopal Church.
                                                       Titled “Groundwork” and set for mailing
                                                                                                    Susanna Grannis, member of St. Luke’s,           graduate
                                                                                                    Chester, who has started a foundation,
    The format will be eight-day intensive         to all congregations in early January, the new                                                        Four participants in the Diocesan Study
                                                                                                    CHABHA—Children Affected by HIV/
seminars in January and June. The aim for          resources are centered around lesson plans                                                        Program will mark completion of the
                                                                                                    AIDS. Working primarily in Rwanda and
both sessions will be to enroll 10 members         for use in varied teaching settings. The ef-                                                      two-year course of study with a gradua-
                                                                                                    South Africa, CHABHA has supplied sew-
of each faith tradition, for a total of 30         fort continues a proactive strategy begun by                                                      tion ceremony at Church of Our Saviour,
                                                                                                    ing machines to start up micro-businesses,
participants. Course content will include          General Convention in 2000 to strengthen                                                          Killington, January 29, at 4:00 P.M. Bishop
                                                                                                    sponsored thousands of children in primary
historical overviews; shared text study of         local congregations and to counter mem-                                                           Thomas Ely will officiate.
                                                                                                    and secondary school, paid for taxi bicycles
primary sources and prayers; demographic           bership declines experienced in recent years                                                          Donna Abramov and Joanne William-
                                                                                                    for young household heads, and raised
and sociological data on Jews, Christians,         by all mainline denominations.                                                                    son of Trinity, Rutland, Gaen Murphree
                                                                                                    funds for T-cell monitoring, among other
and Muslims in North America; obstacles                The Rev. Dr. James B. Lemler, director                                                        of St. Stephen’s, Middlebury, and Connie
                                                                                                    projects. [Visit]
to interfaith relationships; communication         of mission for the Episcopal Church, said,                                                        Saeger-Proctor have spent twenty full Sat-
skills needed to create and sustain interfaith                                                          The Anglican Church, with lots and lots
                                                   “Groundwork” will be an educational of-          of help from Episcopal Relief and Develop-       urdays studying and praying together since
partnerships; strategies to counter negative       fering that joins together reflection on                                                          January 2002, under the guidance of Anne
media portrayals; formulating joint inter-                                                          ment and other relief organizations is doing
                                                   the study and proclamation of the Lenten         a Herculean effort in combating AIDS and         Clarke Brown and the Rev. Lee Alison Craw-
faith projects in local communities; web           Sunday Scripture cycle and learning about                                                         ford. The theme for their course of study is
links and e-mail exchanges to foster com-                                                           engaging in preventative measures. ERD
                                                   evangelism, congregational invitation, and       focuses its efforts in nine sub-Saharan          “Learning to be a faithful Christian in the
munication and cooperation among the               mission in the present changing context.”                                                         twenty-first century.”
graduates of the program.                                                                           dioceses where AIDS is attacking young
                                                   Lemler added that the “Groundwork” re-           and old. One of the hardest hit popula-              A second DSP group, meeting at St.
    Libby Hillhouse of St. Andrew’s, St. John-     sources will also provide a thematic comple-                                                      Paul’s, White River Junction, will complete
                                                                                                    tions is children who can become serial
sbury, participated in the first round of the       ment to the Episcopal Church’s new on-line                                                        its course in June. For information about a
                                                                                                    orphans—that is, once their parents die
program. Her article about the experience          visitors’ center,, and                                                        possible group to begin in September, con-
                                                                                                    from AIDS, they might be taken into a
is in the July/August issue of the Mountain        to the related national advertising campaign                                                      tact the Rev. John Morris,;
                                                                                                    relative’s home and that relative may also
Echo, available on the diocesan website.           planned for 2005.           ✣                                                                     802-333-9725.         ✣
 Mountain Echo/Episcopal Life                    Formation          Liberation              u
                                                                                        Communication             Connection           Celebration                     Page E •ENovember 2005
                                                                                                                                                                         Page • January

                                                       ❖ deanery doings ❖
Northwest Deanery 1                                                                                                                              Central Vermont Deanery 6
Beth Crane, Bureau Chief                                                                                                                         Marty Roberts, Bureau Chief
P.O. Box 58                                                                                                                                      P.O. Box 1165
Montgomery, VT 05470                                   News of Parishes and People in the Diocese of Vermont                                     Montpelier, VT 05601
802-326-4603                                                                                                                                     802-223-5506
                                                   compiled and reported by the Mountain Echo “Deanery Bureau Chiefs”                                                                                                            
    The next Northwest Deanery meeting            and a revival of the St. Stephen’s tradition   two boys, Joe and Tom, are looking for-            The children of ST. MARY’S, North-
will take place Tuesday, Feb. 1, at 6 P.M.,       of sending the Three Wise Men traveling        ward to experiencing the cultural differ-       field, church school held a bake sale to
hosted by Holy Trinity, Swanton.                  from home to home before returning to          ences between Vermont and their previous        raise money for CHABHA (Children Af-
    ST. MATTHEW’S, Enosburg Falls, will           the sanctuary at Epiphany. On Nov. 21,         home in Cambridge. Zion has formed a            fected By HIV/AIDS), the Vermont-based
hold a special (and splendid) potluck             Bishop Ely confirmed six young people,          Green Church Committee to develop an            foundation created by Dr. Susana Grannis
dinner on Jan. 16, at the time of their           received two adults and heard the reaffir-      environmental policy and action plan.           of St. Luke’s, Chester. They raised $300,
annual meeting, followed by a celebration         mation of baptismal vows of a third adult.                                                     enough to purchase three taxi-bicycles for
of the Rev. Thora Chadwick’s ministry                The choir of TRINITY, Rutland offered                                                       boys in Rwanda orphaned by AIDS.
                                                                                                 Southeast Deanery 4
with them. The 16th is Thora’s last Sunday        the parish and community a Service of                                                             Debra Rogler of St. Mary’s organized
                                                                                                 [Bureau Chief Volunteer Wanted!
as interim at St. Matthew’s. The Rev. Dr.         Advent Lessons and Carols on Dec. 19.                                                          an old-fashioned quilting bee to make
                                                                                                 Contact Anne Brown at 672-5250 or
Linda Maloney will join the congregation          Guest musicians joined the choir, directed                                                     a “Support the Troops Quilt.” So many
at the beginning of Lent.                         by James Cassarino. The Youth Group                                                            blocks came in that there is enough to put
                                                  and others visited nursing homes and              ST. LUKE’S, Chester, hosted a record         another quilt together in January. The first
    ST. LUKE’S, St. Albans, is presenting a
                                                  other local venues for caroling Dec. 12.       Saturday Night Supper—for attendance,           quilt will go to Richard Santini, a Marine
class on C.S. Lewis’, The Case for Christi-
                                                  Once again on Christmas Eve, all former        money collected and foods donated for           serving his second tour in Iraq. Tammy
anity. Written the years of World War II, it
                                                  Trinity youth choir members were invited       the Vermont Food Bank. Special guests           Breckenridge, owner of Maplewood
is still applicable today. Get togethers for
                                                  to sing at the 7 P.M. service.                 were Congressional Hunger Fellows Judy          Quilts in Northfield, generously donated
discussion will occur around Sunday Sup-
                                                                                                 Stermer and Estera Barbarasa, who               fabric for the cause.
pers at the rectory. Call the parish office,          Women of Trinity were able to donate
                                                                                                 spoke about their work at the food bank
802-524-6212, for dates and times.                over $4,000 to local charities and Trinity’s
                                                                                                 and special programs for the schools.
    On Feb. 5, from 1 to 5 P.M., St. Luke’s       discretionary fund this year, thanks to a                                                      Northeast Deanery 7
                                                                                                 A Faith Alive Team, chaired by John
will have a craft show and sale, the great        January fundraiser and a successful fall
                                                                                                 DesLauriers, is working with guest coor-        Janet Smith, Bureau Chief
bakers will have their wares for sale, and        rummage sale. Their annual holiday party
                                                                                                 dinators to plan a Faith Alive Weekend for      P.O. Box 103, Sheffield, VT 05866
some special items will be placed in a si-        was a joyous event, with a pot luck supper
                                                                                                 growth and renewal Jan. 28-30.                  802-626-5649
lent auction. Last, but not least, there will     and gift exchange. They collected new toys
be a chance to sit down and have some             to be donated to the Women’s Shelter for                                             
wine and cheese and relax. For further            needy children in the community.               Three Rivers Deanery 5                              The members of ST. JOHN THE
information, contact Russ Walters, 868-              ST. PAUL’S, Vergennes, has been             Genie Rayner, Bureau Chief                      BAPTIST, Hardwick, expanded their
5899 or Sally Sweeney, 527-1383.                  blessed with the addition of the Rev. Lucy     218 Birch Knoll, Rutland, VT 05701              knowledge of the Bible at two after-ser-
    At HOLY TRINITY, Swanton, Zoom                Pellegrini as their new deacon. On the                                                         vice gatherings in Advent with the Rev.
Zone–After School continues to be a fun           fourth Sunday, St. Paul’s parishioners                                                         John Morris’s lively and informative
                                                  (and others) are invited to join Lucy and
place for campers to learn about fellow-                                                                                                         “Sprint through the Bible.” Skillfully
ship and sharing. The monthly themes              a small group from St. Stephen’s, Middle-         The congregation of ST. MARTIN’S,            mixing knowledge and humor, which he
help them understand how they can share           bury, at Helen Porter Healthcare and Re-       Fairlee, is in the final stages of the process   enhanced with clever cartoons, Morris
the love of Christ through community              hab at 4 P.M. for a simple Evensong with a     in which they and the Rev. John Morris          brought the Bible to life, inspiring his
ministry. Campers have sent letters to            brief homily. St. Paul’s has begun an Adult    are discerning their future relationships.      listeners to rush home and start retracing
children at Our Little Roses Home for             Forum between services. In January the            In a thank-you letter to ST. JOHN’S,         the tours he had laid out for them.
Girls in Honduras, made Thanksgiving              restoration of St. Paul’s 1862 Hook pipe       Randolph, for a package and the thoughts            ST. MARK’S, Newport, will begin for-
cookies and decorations for Martha’s              organ will begin, thanks to funds saved        and prayers of parishioners, Staff Ser-         mation of a Covenant Group Jan. 8, with
Kitchen, made crafts to share at home,            over several years                             geant Karl King, a parishioner, writes          a study program taught by John Keenan
and learned about fellowship with                                                                that things are “tense with a lot of things     using Understanding the Old Testament
other campers. Zoom Zone will meet on                                                            going on in Falluja and elsewhere” in Iraq,     by Bernhard Anderson. Members of the
                                                  Southwest Deanery 3                            but that it “can be a great nation …” He
monthly basis, 3:30-6 P.M.. in the Parish                                                                                                        Northeast Deanery and all others inter-
Hall, on Jan. 27, Feb. 17, March 24, April        Sarah Smith, Bureau Chief                      writes, too, of the “beautiful kids who just    ested are invited. The group will meet the
28, and May 26. All children ages 6-11 are        5849 Vermont Route 7A                          want a better life.” Given his report that      second Saturday of each month at 10 A.M.
invited to join.                                  Arlington, VT 05250                            “we get attacked on a nightly basis, but
    Open Door Dinners at Holy Trin-               802-375-6974                                   we follow our training and hope for the
ity—the first Friday of the month, 5:30-7                                                         best,” this writer is sure that the thoughts    Champlain Deanery 8
                                                     Activities throughout the deanery in
P.M. in the Parish Hall—serve the com-
                                                                                                 and prayers of everyone in the diocese are      Linda Morrell, Bureau Chief
                                                  December stressed the real meaning of
munity and involve a partnership with the                                                        added to those in Randolph.                     192 Third Street, Colchester, VT 05446
                                                  Christmas through gifts and services for
Swanton Teen Center.                              the less fortunate in our communities.            OUR SAVIOUR, Killington, hosted a            802-878-9137
                                                                                                 very successful ecumenical Thanksgiv- 
                                                     ST. JAMES’, Arlington, held its annual
                                                                                                 ing gathering with members of Bethany
Otter Creek Deanery 2                             Santa Lucia Festival Dec. 11, with the of-                                                     Betsy Yung, Bureau Chief
                                                                                                 Mennonite Church in Bridgewater and
                                                  fering going to the Northshire Interfaith                                                      102 Allen Rd., So. Burlington, VT 05403
Donna Abramov, Bureau Chief                                                                      the Sherburne and Bridgewater United
                                                  Council’s “Faith in Action” program.                                                           802-658-1433
P.O. Box 76, Chittenden, VT 05737                                                                Church of Christ congregations. Also
                                                  Children from St. James’ and the Federated
802-483-6150                                                                                     invited were the international workers              Most parishes will hold annual meet-
                                                  Church presented a live nativity Dec. 19.
                                                                                                 who come to live and work in and around         ings this month. Your participation is en-                                  ST. PETER’S, Bennington, distributed        Killington during the ski season.               couraged. Used cell phones, batteries and
   The Women of ST. THOMAS‚ &                     the poinsettias decorating the church to                                                       accessories can be donated to the Chit-
                                                                                                    In writing about the planning and
GRACE, Brandon/Forest Dale, gathered              the sick and shut-in of the parish after the                                                   tenden Solid Waste District; those in good
                                                                                                 managing of the properties of Bethel’s
on Dec. 8, to arrange cookie platters to          Christmas service. A favorite tradition is                                                     condition will be given to the Battered
                                                                                                 CHRIST CHURCH, Karen Speerstra, or-
take to individuals in the community.             the annual Christmas Pageant presented                                                         Women’s Shelter, and damaged ones will
                                                                                                 ganist and music director, quotes author
   ST. STEPHEN’S, Middlebury, will                on Advent IV and written by long-time                                                          be sold to Recycle North to raise funds for
                                                                                                 David Spangler: “Newness is a spiritual
host a Newcomer’s Gourmet Festival Jan.           parishioner, the late Katrina Hemenway.                                                        the shelter. There are volunteer opportu-
                                                                                                 energy that acts within a structure or con-
15, at 6 P.M. Longtime parishioners (over         The cast is made up of all who wish to                                                         nities at Fletcher Allen Health Care; call
                                                                                                 dition to open it out, to create spacious-
two years) are asked to bring their best          participate. On Jan. 6, a Feast of Lights                                                      847-3536, option 3 for more information.
                                                                                                 ness, and to energize and enliven it so
gourmet dish (and recipe) to share with           will celebrate Epiphany with lessons and
                                                                                                 that energy and life flow more freely and            The CATHEDRAL CHURCH OF ST.
newcomers and wannabe newcomers.                  carols and the sharing of lights.
                                                                                                 gracefully…” This is certainly true, in the     PAUL, Burlington, is holding an Advent
The Sheldon Graves Funds have granted                ZION, Manchester, welcomed the              work Lori Borden and Karen Bindrum              Listening Campaign during Advent and
$10,000 and the general funds $10,304 for         Smith Family from England to the com-          have accomplished in spearheading the           early January to listen to members’ stories
community outreach. Gaen Murphree                 munity at a Thanksgiving service and           transformation of the parish house.             and concerns about the community. This
reports the Worship Committee initiated           dinner. The Rev. Chris Smith will serve as                                                     is a continuation of the relationship with
the season of Advent with wreath-making           associate rector, and Catherine and their                                                                         Continued on Page G
 Page F • January 2005                          Formation          Liberation             u
                                                                                      Communication            Connection          Celebration              Mountain Echo/Episcopal Life

Apology, community, and identity in the Anglican Communion                                                                      Continued from Page C
first is that each of us is first and foremost     priesthood, and lately to the episcopacy.       future, but rather a mode of adjudicat-            Jesus in our earliest gospel? “Repent and
an individual. The second is that sexual         This seems a natural move to liberal            ing and thus channeling difference and             believe the gospel,” he says in Mark, and
orientation is fundamental to our identity       Episcopalians—as it does to most younger        lust for control. In the same manner, I            there is no indication that only the guilty
as individuals.                                  people in this country, the surveys             do not think that we can export to other           are to repent.
Individuals All                                  say—for we have come to see and experi-         provinces of the worldwide Anglican                    As an individual priest of this church,
    Cultural assumptions are indeed only         ence homosexual orientations simply as          Communion our cultural understandings              I here express regret, without making the
that—assumptions. They are not always,           different from heterosexual orientations.       of sexual individualism. If we insist that         excuse that we certainly did not intend
or perhaps even often, actually true. So to      If indeed we are created straight and gay,      other cultures and churches fit into our            for other people to feel injured. Our ac-
claim that we Americans regard ourselves         what possible reason could one advance to       mold, we reduce the church to yet another          tion did break with the cultural norms
as individuals is not to make the case that      exclude gay persons from any human role         player in the global culture wars. How can         of many other peoples and cultures
we actually are so, but merely that when         or service? Or indeed, from any sacramen-       we even hope to discuss our issues with            within the Anglican Communion, and it
we face issues of who we are, we appeal to       tal calling? Within our cultural orbit, this    people whose languages do not have the             constituted an innovation in our shared
the social preconceptions of our own cul-        makes perfect sense.                            words to describe sexual orientation as a          Anglican tradition.
ture. We feel that no matter what groups             Many other cultures do not share our        fundamental element of the identity of                 The next step beyond this expression
we may participate in, we are each one           North American assumption that sexual-          individuals?                                       of regret is to develop an apologetic that
an individual, each one possessed of our         ity is constitutive of identity. Many indeed       I think perhaps the reason that the             is culturally sensitive and not confron-
inherent being, prerogatives, and respon-        do not share the notion that individual         worldwide Anglican Communion became                tational. In a word, if we are to argue
sibilities.                                      identity is the central issue.                  so upset with the consecration of Gene             intelligently our case in a global context,
    This attitude is evident in our reaction         These issues are deep and complex, and      Robinson, although they had seemed                 we must address the cultural assump-
to the Windsor Report’s call for an expres-      they have been argued for centuries. What       more or less undisturbed by the Ameri-             tions underlying the way in which we
sion of regret on our part. As individuals,      is the difference, if there is one, between     can Church’s ordaining gay and lesbian             as Christians identify ourselves. Are we
we are innocent of offense, and so we            being and acting? Is nature, the principle      priests, is that a bishop is a representative      indeed individuals, differentiated by
hesitate to apologize. In fact, we don’t be-     of action, identical with essence, the being    of that worldwide communion, partici-              gender and sexual orientation? Or are we
lieve that we should apologize, for in our       of a being? What makes a person real? Is        pating in the Lambeth meetings, and                synergistic members of a united body?
culture to apologize means to confess to         the mystical body of the church more real       potentially in other meetings or interna-          Do gender and orientation not matter at
wrongdoing, to assume individual respon-         than the body of each of its individuals?       tional bodies representing the heart of            all? …such that they simply do not figure
sibility for the deleterious results of our      Or is it just a metaphor for a “voluntary       the Anglican tradition. Apparently, the            in issues of morality? …or such that they
actions. But I am familiar with cultures         association” of individual Christians? Why      ordination of gay priests may be regarded          redefine issues of morality? These are
that have very different understandings          is one cultural construction of sexuality       as a matter of local cultural differences,         some of the issues we must consider in all
about the individual and the commu-              preferable to another? Who gets to say?         but not the consecration of a gay bishop.          honesty and with all sensitivity to the fact
nity and very different attitudes about              We Episcopalians in the United States          And so, aware that—however uninten-             that, although we live and think within a
the meaning and importance of apology            have certainly not solved these questions,      tionally—we have stumbled into a realm             culture that is bounded, we must address
within a community.                              but over the last fifty years we have, in our    of cultural meanings that we had not fore-         ourselves to a church that is global.
    I lived for a few years in Japan, where      typically democratic way, come to some          seen, I would think it quite appropriate              The Rev. John P. Keenan, Professor Emeritus
people apologize at every turn, not neces-       consensus: With the obvious exception           for us to express regret, indeed to apolo-         of Religion at Middlebury College, is priest-in-
                                                 of a few dissenting parishes and dioceses,      gize. Are these not the very first words of                          charge at St. Mark’s, Newport.
sarily because they commit offenses any
more frequently than we do, but simply           we accept as priests, or at least allow other
because they know that this is an effec-         dioceses of our Church to accept, gay and
                                                 lesbian people.
                                                                                                 Good News Garage                                   Continued from Page A
tive way of maintaining harmony within
                                                                                                     Since Good News Garage opened its              a concert of Christmas music to a large and
a group. In that hierarchical society,           What to Do Now?
                                                                                                 doors, hundreds, if not thousands of non-          enthusiastic audience at St. Paul’s Cathedral
everyone knows that the leader of any                I am not at all sure what course of         profits have jumped on the bandwagon of             December 8 to benefit Good News Garage.
group—a business, a school, a church—is          action we ought to adopt now, and I am          accepting car donations from the public.           The concert was part of a six-event tour
expected to accept blame for any action          quite happy that the decision is not left to    But there’s a big difference. Most of these        through New England on behalf of the
by the group that might cause harm or            me. I have spent too many years in foreign      programs convert all of the cars received to       programs of Lutheran Social Services.
inconvenience to others. In practice, this       cultures and too many nights in my study        cash by selling them upon receipt. While              Thank you for the great generosity you
attitude toward making apologies is a very       reading foreign books, but it does seem to      Good News Garage does sell some cars to            have consistently shown your fellow Ver-
significant cultural difference.                  me as an observer that our strategy ought       help fund the program, cars that run, have         monters. As always, you can call 877-GIVE-
Sexual Identity                                  to be different from what it has been.          limited body damage, low on-going main-            AUTO (877-448-3288) to donate a car. To
    Ever since the launching of the gay              Democracy is a good and treasured           tenance and operating costs and pass state         learn more go to
rights movement, we in the United States         part of our heritage. But, despite the          inspections are given to needy families.           Pass the word.
have argued and debated issues of sexual         present war in Iraq, I do not think that        How you can participate
orientation and identity. In the Episco-         we can forcefully export democracy, for it                                                            Chris Hendrickson is President and CEO of
                                                                                                     Good News Garage is currently experi-                              the Good News Garages.
pal Church we have negotiated among              presupposes a history of coming to terms
                                                                                                 encing a dip in donations. Since the new
ourselves—and we are both straight and           with lust for power and with ideological
                                                                                                 tax law does not take effect until January
gay—to ordain gays and lesbians to the           divergence. It is not a plan for anybody’s
                                                                                                 1, 2005, donations made by the end of              Cully Lecture
                                                                                                 2004 will yield maximum benefit to both             Continued from Page H
                                                                                                 the donor and GNG. After January 1, if
   deanery doings                                   Continued from Page E                        your donated car has enough life in it to be
                                                                                                                                                    presentations on liturgical posture and
                                                                                                                                                    gesture, as well as a viewing and discussion
                                                                                                 passed on to a needy family, your deduction        of the video, Dancing With God, from St.
VIA (Vermont Interfaith Action). On              more information contact Pat Sequin 878-        remains the fair market value of the car. This     Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church in San
Dec.19, the high school youth group sang         3698 or Mary Carlson 899-2197.                  is the case with cars that can benefit from         Francisco.
carols and made cookies to deliver to the            Parishioners from TRINITY, Shel-            the expertise of the GNG mechanics and
residents of 3 Cathedral Square.                                                                                                                    Reactions
                                                 burne, volunteered as bell ringers at           still run for a year or two or three.
   Kevin Casey and Russ Stratton are             the Salvation Army kettles at the Price                                                                The 2004 Cully Lecture Workshops were
                                                                                                     Donors who give a car to the Good News
leaders of the junior high youth group at        Chopper. Families of low-income and                                                                well received and well attended. People en-
                                                                                                 Garage that doesn’t make it to a needy family
ST. ANDREW’S, Colchester, and Carol              at-risk children provided wish lists of                                                            joyed the opportunity to share a meal and to
                                                                                                 may still deduct from their taxes the amount
Hood-Cross leads the senior high group.          items for the Giving Tree, and gifts were                                                          reflect together on our liturgical life in some
                                                                                                 the car is sold for if the value is greater than
The Sunday School had a successful Party-        purchased for distribution. Send your                                                              of the places where we worship weekly.
                                                                                                 $500. If less than $500 the donor sets the fair
Light Candle fundraiser.                         stories and remembrances of the recently        market value.                                          The Rev. Gordon Bardos, commented,
   The adult education class at ST.              restored Trinity bell tower from previous                                                          “We’ve long taught worship to be a multi-
                                                                                                     Of course, all of this assumes that car
JAMES’, Essex Junction, reflected on              years to Jeanne-Marie Diehl DuFort at                                                              sensory, many-layered experience. This
                                                                                                 donations are motivated by the hefty tax
Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s The Mystery of the                                                                            year’s Cully Lecture brought this teaching
                                                                                                 break. Our experience tells us that most car
Holy Night. The junior choir led the sing-           Jonah and The Whale has been cast,                                                             to a new and exciting reality. Clearly, there
                                                                                                 donors give because they care, and because
ing at the Christmas pageant on Dec. 19.         and rehearsals are underway at ALL                                                                 are multiple ‘right’ ways of celebrating the
                                                                                                 donating a car really does change a life.
The singles group, The Sole Mates, will          SAINTS’, South Burlington. The parish                                                              liturgy.”
                                                                                                 Von Trapp concert benefits GNG
continue their social activities by attend-      is participating in the JUMP grocery bag                                                             Mark Howe is organist and music director at
                                                                                                     Elisabeth von Trapp, with Erich Kory
ing UVM sporting events in January; for          collection.              ✣                                                                          the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Burlington.
                                                                                                 on cello and Chas Eller on keyboard, gave
 Mountain Echo/Episcopal Life                  Formation          Liberation              u
                                                                                      Communication            Connection            Celebration                     Page G • November 2005
                                                                                                                                                                       Page G • January

              Diocesan Calendar                                         Winter youth ministry events planned
                                                                        by Connie Saeger-Proctor                                   for adults who minister with young people too!
                          January 2005
Windsor Report Discussions                                                 Youth ministry is for young people, but if you are          All young people grades 6-12 and those who
   4 St. Luke’s, St. Albans, 7-8:30 PM                                  someone who ministers with young people, this is for       minister with them: Please mark your calendars
   5 Christ Church, Island Pond, 7-8:30 PM                              you too.                                                   and plan on attending a Diocesan Youth Network
   6 Christ Church, Montpelier, 7-8:30 PM                                  High School Young People and those who minis-           Gathering on Saturday March 5, 2005, at St. John’s in
   7 St. Michael’s, Brattleboro, 7-8:30 PM                              ter with them: Be on the Diocesan Youth Committee          Randolph. There will be a time to meet and reconnect
   8 Zion, Manchester, 10 AM–12 noon                                    (DYC) that plans the Youth Retreat for high school         with others around the diocese, learn what is happen-
   8 St. Paul’s Cathedral, Burlington, 3-5 PM                           young people. Young people on the committee create         ing in other churches, attend workshops, and plan the
4     Fresh Start, Good Shepherd, Barre, 9:30 AM-2 PM                   the retreat theme, develop and lead workshops and          calendar for the upcoming year.
                                                                        worship. They also plan a lot of cool, fun activities,         Deanery 7 (in the North East Kingdom) invites
6     Ministry Developers, Christ Church, Montpelier, 1-4
                                                                        like the Episco Disco, and Kool Aid snow sculptures.       young people and those who minister with them to
7     Deadline, February Mountain Echo                                  The planning meeting scheduled at Trinity, Rutland         an overnight retreat on March 18-19. Watch for more
8     Diocesan Study Program, Mission Farm, Killington, 9-4             on February 5-6, 2005, is for the event at the Bishop      information.
8     Christian Formation Committee, Christ Church,                     Booth Conference Center in Burlington on April 1-3,            Just a note of recognition to those in the diocese
         Montpelier, 12 Noon                                            2005. If you are a leader of your peers or want to be,     who have joined me on the team that is planning the
9     Bishop at St. Dunstan’s, Waitsfield                                please plan on attending!                                  spring Province 1 (New England) Youth Event: Ted
11    Diocesan Consultants and Interims meeting, St. John’s,               High School Young People: The Dioceses of               Calcagni, Katy Marshall, and Corrie Wilcox (young
         Randolph, 5-8 PM                                               Vermont and New Hampshire are co-sponsoring an             persons) and Alden Franzoni (adult). The event is for
11-13 House of Bishops, Salt Lake City, Utah                            exciting trip to the Cathedral Church of St. John the      all high school young people in New England and will
                                                                        Divine for Nightwatch, on February 11-13. Partici-         be held at Camp Bement in Western Massachusetts.
15    Safer Church Training, St. Peter’s, Bennington,
                                                                        pants will experience the world’s largest gothic cathe-    The first planning meeting was in September and a
         8:45 AM-3:30 PM
                                                                        dral, participate in many games and activities with        second is scheduled for January 21-23, 2005. Thank
15    Diocesan Study Program, St. Paul’s, White River, 9-4              other young people from Vermont, New Hampshire             you for your leadership and ministry. We look for-
16    Bishop at St. James’, Essex Junction                              and other places and denominations. Friday night,          ward to the event April 15-17, 2005.
18    Clergy Day, St. John’s, Randolph, 10 AM-4 PM                      there will be a candlelight meditation. Saturday, you          Information on all of these events is posted on the
20    Diocesan Ministry Support Team, Diocesan Center                   can choose one of four site-seeing trips around New        diocesan website at <>
22    Safer Church Training, Good Shepherd Lutheran,                    York City. These trips include Museum of Natural           or contact Connie Saeger-Proctor, Canon for Youth
         Rutland, 8:45 AM-3:30 PM                                       History, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Statue of Lib-        Ministry at or 802-
                                                                        erty, Rockefeller Center, Ground Zero, the Empire          479-1246.                   ✣
23    Bishop at St. Paul’s, White River Junction
                                                                        State Building, and more. There are spaces available
24    Rock Point Summer Conferences Committee,
         St. John’s, Randolph, 5:30-8 PM
29    Diocesan Study Program, Mission Farm, Killington, 9-4             New format extended reach of 2004 Cully Lecture
         Graduation, 4 PM
                                                                        by Marke Howe                                              cally, with the eucharistic rite from the 2nd-century
29-30 “Learning to Live with Life’s Losses,” BBCC
                                                                            The Kendig Brubaker Cully/Christian Century            Didache forming the framework for each event. Thus,
30    Bishop at Church of Our Saviour, Killington                                                                                  after the gathering around hors d’oeuvres, people
                                                                        Lectures have taken place at St. Paul’s Cathedral
                                                                        since the 1980s, out of the generosity of Iris Cully       took places at tables, blessed bread and shared. Then,
                                                                        and The Christian Century. Until recently, lecturers       during the main course, quiet conversation addressed
                   Diocesan Youth Calendar                              would normally speak in Burlington. Late in 2002,          such questions as: Where have you felt God’s pres-

D                       For information about the activities of the
                        Diocesan Youth Committee, contact Keri &
                                                                        the Cathedral Chapter discussed the possiblity of
                                                                        shifting the pattern, making the lectures available
                                                                        more broadly throughout the diocese as a series of
                                                                                                                                   ence? What is your first memory of being in church,
                                                                                                                                   and did you feel included or excluded?
                                                                                                                                       Conversation in the context of a Power Point
 Y                            Alden Franzoni, 802-644-8989
                         For information about other diocesan
                        youth activities, contact Connie Saeger-
                                                                        workshops and inviting not one person but a team of
                                                                        people focused on the same issue. Basing the work-
                                                                        shops in parishes could bring the issue of context to
                                                                                                                                   presentation prepared by Donald Schell followed.
                                                                                                                                   He asked the participants to describe their feeling

                                                                                                                                   response and talk about a series of photo or artistic
                           Proctor, Canon for Youth Ministry            the fore, and leaders from different worshiping com-       images of the buildings and gatherings of people.
                                     802-479-1246                       munities would allow for a conversational dynamic,         The goal was to articulate differences between wor-
                               rather than a lecture.                                     ship in a temple and worship in a household. Most
                                                                        Planning for the 2004 events                               western church architecture, including in Vermont,
                                    2005                                                                                           evokes temples, which have a series of entrances into
                                                                            As the musician at St. Paul’s, I felt there might be
          Feb. 5-6       DYC Planning Meeting                                                                                      increasingly holy places of increasingly restricted ac-
                                                                        an interest in liturgy and set about seeking a group of
          Feb. 11-12     Night Watch, St. John the Divine, NYC                                                                     cess—the tabernacle being the most restricted and
                                                                        workshop leaders to come to the diocese in October,
          Apr. 1-3       DYC High School Retreat                                                                                   holiest place. In contrast, Christian worship derives
                                                                        2004. The group—Judy Dodge (parish musician, St.
          Apr. 15-16     Province I Youth Event                                                                                    from Jewish household rites celebrated, for the most
                                                                        Columba’s, Washington, DC), Clayton Morris (li-
          July 26-31     Episcopal Youth Event, Berea, KY                                                                          part, at the dining room table. Our worship tradition
                                                                        turgical officer, The Episcopal Church), and Donald
                                                                        Schell (co-rector, St. Gregory’s San Francisco)— was       says household, but our buildings suggest temple.
                                                                        asked to lead workshop participants in an extended             Participants then moved into the worship space in
                                                                        conversation about worship and its present and future      a simple dance, while singing. There, the space was
           The J. Warren and Lois McClure                                                                                          observed, appreciated and tested; for example, people
                                                                        shape in the diocese and in individual parishes.
          Discipleship–Discovery 2000 Fund                                  Four parishes agreed to be hosts for the 2004          were given the opportunity to stand behind the altar
                                                                        Cully Lecture workshops: Immanuel, Bellows Falls;          and in the pulpit. There was singing in two or three
              Funds Available for Parish Use                            St. James’, Arlington; Christ Church, Island Pond; and     places in the space. At all times, there were questions:
                As of November 1, 2004                                  St. Paul’s Cathedral. Each congregation provided the       “How does the space feel?” “Is it welcoming?” “What
Initiative I                                                            team with a series of photographs of the church, in-       are the sight-lines like?” “Does the seating encourage
    The Bishop Butterfield Revolving Loan Fund            $ 142,132      side and out, as well as a floor plan. They also wrote      a sense of the gathered community, or does it pull us
Initiative II                                                           a description of the life of the congregation and a        into a more solitary experience of church?” “If it were
                                                                        statement about where the community would like             to be changed, what would enhance the community’s
    The Talent and Resource Network                      $ 16,597
                                                                        to be in ten years. Finally, the parishes with evening     worship?” “What would create a space more in sync
Initiative III
                                                                        presentations were asked to provide a supper in three      with a lively, joyful, or solemn household gathering?”
    The Congregation Renewal and
        Emergency Assistance Fund                        $   5,552      courses, so that hors d’oeuvres could be eaten stand-          The group moved back to the place where the meal
Initiative IV                                                           ing as people gathered, an entrée could be enjoyed at      had been eaten for dessert, the blessing and sharing
    The Diocesan Outreach Fund                           $ 16,147       tables and dessert could be served at the end of the       of the cup, and a final celebrative dance to the round,
                                                                        evening.                                                   Shalom chaverim.
Appropriate uses for each initiative, application forms and
requirements may be found in the Diocesan Handbook. For further         Lecture takes to the road                                      The longer workshop at the Cathedral on Sat-
information, please call the Diocesan Office.                                The three evening presentations in Bellows Falls,      urday, October 9, included the Noonday Office and
                                                                        Arlington, and Island Pond were structured liturgi-                                    Continued on Page G

Page H • January 2005                     Formation            Liberation           u
                                                                                Communication             Connection           Celebration               Mountain Echo/Episcopal Life

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