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					                             MAY 2008   DOG NEWS FOR DOG LOVERS

  A new breed
of Working Dog

                  Sweetie’s bittersweet story
                  Your mysterious mutt
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                           EDITOR ’S NOTE
                           Going beyond the basic tennis ball
                              If you haven’t gone shopping             But naturally, you can’t just throw a tennis ball. You       tian drool over diamonds? Nothing is too good—or too
                           for the dog recently, you may be         have to chuck it, launch it or hurl it using a special de-      far-fetched—for the prince or princess dog. Designer
                           in for a surprise. The market for        vice that allows you to throw the thing farther than ever       fashions from head to tail are all the rage, including col-
                           dog products has expanded dra-           before and even saves you from having to bend over and          lars, vests, sweaters, coats, boots, sunglasses, hoodies,
                           matically in the past few years as       pick the ball up.                                               harnesses, swimsuits, pajamas—you name it.
      by Trish Nevan
                           more and more people come to                It’s not just balls. Dog toys are changing too. The regu-        And, of course, there are accessories, both for you and
                           accept the notion that dogs are          lar ol’ plush squeaky toy is passé. These days dogs must        your sweet pup. As long as you remember that THE DOG
part of the family.                                                 be stimulated with food puzzles, educated by problem-           IS NOT AN ACCESSORY, feel free to lavish your pet (and
   While pet stores have always provided our four-                  solving find-the-hidden-toy ploys, or entertained with          yourself) with fabulous totes, matching coats, or doggie
legged best friends with a variety of balls, treats, toys           fuzzy characters hiding recorded messages of your sweet         life vests for your fleet of boats.
and supplies, nowadays there is an emphasis on going                and loving voice. There are toys with super-high squeaks            It’s true, these days the idea of spoiling the dog is
beyond the basics with variations on a theme.                       that only dogs can hear, but also ones that grunt, rattle,      reaching new heights. If there is a better dog house to be
   Take, for example, that simplest of dog toys: the                crinkle or say, “Rock ’n Roll, Big Doggy!” Mindless enter-      built, someone is designing it right now. From dog treats
ball.                                                               tainment for dogs comes in the form of videos for your          that look like edible art, to canine couture and heated dog
   No longer is the old standard tennis ball good enough            dog to watch while you’re away from home. And in the            beds with memory foam cushions, there’s something to
for today’s fetching dog. No way. It has been replaced by           more is better category, there’s the squeaker mat toy, filled   appeal to anyone who has a yen to spoil their dog at local
super tough, super bouncy orbs made of space age mate-              with 16 (count ’em) squeakers, guaranteed to meet even          pet supply shops and doggie boutiques.
rials that will last into the next century. They float, they        the most demanding terrier’s squeaker compulsion.                   So bring the family dog, your checkbook and a sense
glow, they can be motion activated to talk to your dog,                Used to be that when crate training your dog (still an       of humor—and be prepared to go where no tennis ball
designed to dispense treats or infused with natural vanilla         excellent idea!) you were limited to two choices: an ugly       has gone before!
extract. Even from the lowest level of basic ball evolu-            wire cage or an ugly hard-sided plastic airline crate. Not
tion comes the mint-flavored tennis ball—so your dog                so anymore! Today you can find dog crates that fit your
will have minty fresh breath when he delivers the soggy             home decor and personal style. There are crates disguised
saliva-covered thing back to you, his beloved master.               as hardwood end tables, with designer rattan walls, soft-
                                                                    sided nylon tent-crates or whimsical scrolls of daisies
                                                                    worked into the wire sides. And for those who like the
                                                                    idea of confining the dog for house training purposes
                                                                    but can’t bear to put their darling dog in something that
                                                                    resembles a cage, try out the latest euphenism for dog
                                                                    crates: “pet palaces” (keeping in mind palaces come with
                                                                                                                                        CANINE CALENDAR
                                                                    palatial price tags).                                                    for dogs and dog lovers
                                                                       Fortunately, no matter what your tastes, you don’t              May 10, Saturday—Tillamook 4-H Dog Club holds its
                                                                    need to look far to find the perfect dog den for your              spring dog show “Paws in the Rain” with showman-
                                                                    own den. Have you visited a pet boutique lately? Dogs              ship and obedience events for members. Contact the
                                                                    are definitely going upscale here on the coast! In recent          county extension service for more information at 503-
                                                                    years—even months—quite a few shops catering to those              325-8573.
                                                                    of us who cater to our dogs have opened their doors.               May 17, Saturday—Clatsop County 4-H Dog Clubs,
                                                                       Is your Collie crazy for cashmere? Does your Dalma-             Classy Canines and Paws in Action, will be holding their
                                                                                                                                       spring dog show at the Clatsop County Fairgrounds fea-
                                                                                                                                       turing showmanship, obedience and rally events. Con-
                                                                                                                                       tact the county extension service for more information
                                                                                                                                       at 503-325-8573.

                      Caring People…
                                                                                                                                       May 17, Saturday—The Wahkiakum 4-H Council is
                                                                                                                                       holding its 24th annual Great White Tail Run. The run

                     Caring for Animals
                                                                                                                                       is a family event with course distances of 10k, 5k and 2
                                                                                                                                       mile to walk or run at the Julia Butler Hansen National
                                                                                                                                       Wildlife Refuge between Cathlamet and Skamokawa,
                             Complete Medical,                                                                                         Wash. Registration starts at Skamokawa Vista Park at
                                                                                                                                       8:30 a.m. with the run starting at 10 a.m. This year, a dog
                          Surgical & Dental Service                                                                                    division has been added. For an added $1 to registration
                                                                                                                                       fees, participants bringing their dogs can compete for
           Brad Pope, D.V.M.                                                                                                           awards in this division. For more information, contact
                                                                                                                                       coordinator Carol Ervest at 360-465-2275.
       Sheila A. Kilponen, D.V.M.
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Meet the Canine Resources Department
                     by Trish Nevan

There was a time when a working dog spent his or
her days herding cattle, guarding sheep, pulling carts,
patrolling junk yards, sniffing for drugs or protecting an
owner’s property. Today, a newer definition of working
dog is becoming both more popular and commonplace:
the dog who accompanies its owner to work as a com-
    Over at the offices of Sunset Empire Transportation
District in Astoria, a Chocolate Lab named Toby and an
Australian Shepherd mix named Sada spend their work
week brightening the days of workers, greeting visitors,
munching treats, hanging out with the bus drivers and
having a pretty good time at work.
    Five-year-old Toby is the loyal companion of Execu-
tive Director Cindy Howe, while Sada belongs to Howe’s
assistant, Sarah Dailey.
    A veteran at being an office dog, Toby has been coming
to work with Howe for the past four years.
    “With Toby, it was a matter of necessity to bring him
to work,” explains Howe, who believes that dogs are part
of the family and need to be socialized. She says that as
a pup, Toby attended doggie daycare and, along with
Howe’s 12-year-old daughter, Rebecca, has been part of
the local Classy Canines 4-H dog club.
    All that socialization and training has paid off, because
Toby is the epitome of the well-mannered, easy-going,
friendly Lab. He greets people at the door with a happy
grin and a wagging tail, then lays down on his dog bed
or sits next to them, content to just hang out.
    Sada has been coming to work with Sarah Dailey since
she was adopted from the South Pacific County Humane
Society in Long Beach last summer. The five-year-old
Aussie mix has adjusted well to the rigors of the work
week and has proven to be a great pal for Toby. One early
challenge, however, was that Dailey had to be vigilant
                                                                Working dogs Sada (left) and Toby make up the canine resources department at Sunset Empire Transportation
about Sada escaping out open doors due to her Aussie
                                                                District offices. Pictured with their dogs are employee Sarah Dailey and 12-year-old Rebecca Howe.
    Being around the public has been good for Sada.             mad when a dog plops its head on your lap or sits next       the secret, however, is due to the efforts of the Howe and
Dailey says Sada has a natural affinity for babies and          to you. It’s therapy.” She has noticed that most employ-     Dailey families to include their dogs in their lives.
children. “She gravitates toward kids and strollers and         ees enjoy the company of Toby and Sada. “Ninety-eight           Howe says, “To have a really, really, really good
‘little toddler people,’” Dailey reports. Turns out that        percent of the time, the response to the dogs is, ‘Cool, I   dog—an “Old Yeller” dog—you have to make it part of
Sada loves to be the center of attention, too, and her          wish I could bring my dog to work.’”                         your life every single day. The most important thing is
friendly nature fits in well at the office.                        Both women admit that it’s nice to have a dog around      to make that dog a part of family life, all the time, every
    Plus, both she and Toby possess internal alarm clocks,      when working early or late office hours, too.                day.”
making sure that walk breaks, lunch breaks and quitting            Whether by temperament or breeding, both Toby and            Looking at Toby sitting contentedly next to her desk,
time hours are strictly adhered to.                             Sada are well-suited to being office companions. Part of     she smiles and makes her point, “He’s one of us.”
    The dogs also provides a bit of office humor. One in-
house joke is that Sada is referred to as their I.T. guy’s
“agent” (as in the phrase: “talk to my agent”).
    And then there’s the infamous—and hilarious—story
involving Toby and a salesman. Seems a salesman came
into the office to meet with Howe one day and Toby did
his usual upbeat meet and greet, plopping himself next to
the salesman as he made his pitch. Apparently Toby had
an opinion about the deal, though, because with perfect
comic timing, he let loose with a loud and indelicate
passage of gas. After an embarrassingly awkward pause,
Toby gave the man a look and then got up and moved
away from him.
    Both Howe and Dailey recommend having dogs at
work, but say owners have to be sensitive and respectful
to those who aren’t comfortable around them.
    Dailey says that before she brought her dog to the of-
fice, she checked with other employees and set up a trial
day to see how it would work.
    Howe adds, “You have to be aware of the people you
work with. Dogs can be disruptive at the office.”
    However, she thinks most people find the benefits of
having dogs at work are positive. She says, “You can’t get
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                                                            WHO’S YOUR DADDY?
                                                               Probably one of the most frequently asked questions      to detect 134 AKC-registered breeds using their testing
                                                            that people hear when they are out walking their dog is:    methods.
                                                            “What kind of dog is that?”                                     There are pros and cons to doing dog DNA tests.
      TRI-CITY	SPAY	&	NEUTER	                                  Sometimes the answer is easy. Purebreds are obvious.
                                                            And technically speaking, cross breeds are defined as
                                                                                                                            For many dog owners, having a mystery mutt is the
                                                                                                                        only kind of dog to have. Guessing their dog’s heritage

#4,	5	&	6	River	Walk	in	Seaside				503-738-7040
                                                            a combination of two different purebred dogs, such as
                                                            Puggles (Beagle-Pug mix) or Labradoodles (Labrador
                                                            Retriever-Poodle mix), so their background isn’t all that
                                                                                                                        is just part of the fun of having a dog.
                                                                                                                            For others, however, knowing the genetic background
                                                                                                                        of a family pet could make a difference in training meth-
Hours:	10	to	4                       An	all-volunteer	
                                                            mysterious.                                                 ods and could also help identify particular behaviors as
Mon.-Tues.-Thurs.-Fri.-Sat.                non-profit	         However, when you get into that gray area of mixed       breed traits.
                                             organization   or random-bred dogs, aka “mutts,” the answer can often          For a veterinarian, knowing a dog’s heritage could
         Proceeds	go	toward	                                only be based on guessing games.                            be helpful for diagnosing conditions that are specific to
  providing	discount	spay/neuter	                              But times are changing. Using DNA testing, research-     particular breeds.
  certificates	for	dogs	and	cats	of	                        ers are finding that a dog’s genetic breed makeup can be        And certainly knowing a shelter dog’s genetic makeup
   residents	of	Seaside,	Gearhart	
         and	Cannon	Beach.	                                 more easily determined.                                     could be beneficial in matching potential families with
                                                               In fact, there is a growing market of companies who      compatible breed-type dogs.
       Donations	accepted	during										business	hours    analyze dog DNA for breed identification purposes.              As DNA tests for dogs becomes more widely avail-
                                                               One such company is The Canine HeritageTM Breed          able, the way we think about mixed breeds may change.
                                                            Test. Dog owners simply obtain a DNA sample by swab-        Instead of the old joke about having a “Heinz 57 dog,”
                                                            bing their dog’s cheek and then send in the cells to a      next time someone stops to ask, “What kind of dog is
                                                            laboratory for analysis. For a fee of $79.95, they run a    that?” the proud owner of a mutt may just be able to tell
                                                            DNA diagnostic test to genetically determine your dog’s     you exactly what all 57 varieties are.
                                                            breed composition from 38 potential breeds.
                                                               Another company, the Wisdom PanelTM MX Mixed               Has your mixed breed dog had a DNA test? If so,
                                                            Breed Analysis, works only through veterinarians, using     Bow-Wow! would like to hear about the results.
                                                            blood samples for their testing. They claim to be able      Please contact us at or

                                                                                                                        The Canine HeritageTM Breed Test—
                                                                                                               or call 800-DNA-DOGG.
                                                                                                                        Wisdom PanelTM MX Mixed Breed Analysis—find a partici-
                                                                                                                        pating vet at

 As sweet
 as her
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                            DEAR ANNIE ANSWERS YOUR DOG QUESTIONS

                       Training tips and tricks
                      Dear Annie,                             so maybe call it “wiggle.” When you give Dottie a bath
                         My four-month-old setter mix         she is almost always guaranteed to shake off once or
                      is getting too big to jump up on        twice. When she does, tell her “good wiggle” and give
                      people so I’ve been trying to get       her lots of praise. Before she can shake off again, tell her
                      him to stop. I’ve tried putting my      “wiggle!” (since she is going to shake off again anyway)
                      knee in his chest when he jumps         and when she does, tell her “good wiggle” again and
    by Annie Oliver
                      up (doesn’t work), and some             praise her. You should be well on your way to having
friends recommended stepping on his feet when he              Dottie shake off on command.
jumps up. Seems kind of mean to me. Do you have any
better suggestions on how to stop this behavior?              Dear Annie,
                                             —Knee Jerk          I trained my dog by using treats for rewards. Howie,
                                                              my Husky mix, is really good about responding to my
Dear Knee Jerk,                                               commands if he knows there’s a treat involved, but he to-
   I agree that knees to the chest and stepping on feet       tally ignores me if he knows I don’t have a food incentive
are kind of mean. Besides, they might teach the dog to        for him. (His nose always knows!) I would like him to pay
be nervous around you.                                        attention to my commands whether or not there’s a treat
   The best way to teach a dog not to jump is when he         for him—how do I break his habit of deciding whether a
jumps on you, hold his paws, throw his feet off and say       command is worth doing only if he gets a bribe?
“off.” Encourage him up again by being silly and excited.                                            —Deal or No Deal
When he jumps up again, repeat. Eventually the dog will
refuse to jump on you and then you praise him like crazy,     Dear Deal or No Deal,
telling him “good off, good off.”                                Using treats every time Howie responds correctly to

   Once the dog gets the concept of off, you can tell him     a command is a good way to teach a new skill. Now that
“off” before he has the opportunity to jump on anyone         you know that Howie understands your commands, you
and he should keep all four feet on the ground.               need to reward him with treats only some of the time. If
                                                              you reward Howie with a treat randomly, it reinforces
Dear Annie,                                                   his response to a command, but does not make him de-
   With all the wet weather we get, I thought it would be     pendent on the treats.
a good idea to teach my dog to “shake off” before com-           Does Howie have a favorite toy? Try rewarding Howie
ing into the house after being outside. Like most dogs,       randomly with his toy when he responds to a command.
Dottie waits until she’s in the house before giving herself   Then eventually switch back to using treats randomly.
a good shake! Can you give me some ideas on how to               Howie will be interested in seeing when the next
teach Dottie to shake off on command? Do you think I          reinforcement will come, so he will behave more con-                                        THE PINK PLACE
                                                                                                                                                      inside Astoria Grooming

should I use some different command besides “shake            sistently. With this random reinforcement, if you do
off” to avoid confusion with “shake paw” (which she           not have a treat or a toy, Howie is much more likely to
does know)?                                                   respond anyway.
                                                              If you have a dog training or behavior question for                          Doggie Boutique
Dear Waterlogged,                                           Annie Oliver, send it to Bow-Wow! Attn: Annie O
    Do you have a dry spot outside where Dottie can shake at P.O. Box 130, Warrenton, OR 97146 or e-mail
off? We have a small covered back porch where our dog, speak@bowwowdognewscom.                                                Spring Entire Store
Ivy, can shake off before coming inside. If Dottie has to
shake off out in the rain, that could be why she waits till      Is your dog is shedding like crazy right now? If you’re     Cleaning! 25% OFF
she gets inside to shake.
    To teach Dottie to shake off on command, you need
                                                                 a nature lover, gather up some of your dog’s fallen
                                                                 fur and place it in a mesh laundry bag. Then hang
                                                                                                                                A shop                          325-5024
to catch her shaking off where you want her to and call          the bag out in a nearby tree and watch as the birds         within a shop
it something. “Shake off” does sound like “shake paw”            swoop in and take it for nesting material.                   3162 Marine Drive 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Tuesday-Friday

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                                                     Pets and the People
                                                       who Love Them

              271 N. Hemlock, Cannon Beach 503/436-9800
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                                                       Sweetie’s                                                                             we can find your owner, or perhaps a new one?”
                                                                                                                                                 I thought about it and decided I better take this chance.
                                                                                                                                             A dog’s got to do what a dog has to do. I jumped in her

                                                                                                                                             car and off we went.
                                                                                                                                                 The lady explained to me that she and her husband
                                                                                                                                             believed I had been dropped off, but that she and I would
                                                                                                                                             check with the local veterinarians to see if anyone rec-
                                                                                                                                             ognized me. Then she gave me the name of “Sweetie”
                                                                                                                                             because she said I was a sweet dog!
                                                                                                                                                 Unfortunately, not one of the veterinarians knew me or
                                                                                                                                             my owner. The lady then told me we’d head back to the
                                                                          lot and curled up under a tree to sleep the best I could,          church to ask if anyone there knew. There they explained
                  Story and illustration                                  but I sure was scared.                                             that I had been dumped, and that the humane society had
              by Margie Merritt of Woodburn                                  The next day, I eagerly looked around the church and            been called to pick me up. The lady responded that she
                                                                          grounds for my owner, but to my dismay, I was still all            hoped to find me a new home. She lived 21 miles away
It was Easter Sunday, four years ago. I’ll always remem-                  alone. My hopeful outlook that my owner would return               and on the drive, told me that she would love to keep me,
ber that day. My owner said, “Let’s go for a ride!”                       grew more dim as each hour passed. I began to realize              but she already had two dogs and eight kitties.
   I was so excited. I loved car rides. I eagerly looked out              that I had to face reality: I had been dumped and no                   During the next couple days an ad was placed in the
the windows to see the sights.                                            longer had a home.                                                 newspaper to find a new home for me, but only one party
   We pulled into a church parking lot right next to a sign                  I wondered what I had done to deserve such treat-               replied and decided I was too large. Within a few days,
stating: No dogs allowed! I looked at my owner—hadn’t                     ment. I had tried to make my owner happy! I came right             it was noticed that my health was not good, as I hardly
the sign been noticed?                                                    away when called, I stayed near the house and did not              ever wanted to eat.
   The next thing I knew, I was ordered out of the vehicle,               run away, I did not dig in the yard. I even walked by my               I was brought to the vet and after numerous tests, it
with bowls of food and water placed next to me and my                     owner’s side without a leash. I thought I had been a good          was discovered I had salmon poisoning. There was noth-
owner took off! I was shocked. This must be some sort of                  dog. What had I done so wrong?                                     ing the doctor could do as it had already progressed too
a joke! Surely my owner will come back for me.                               The day slowly dragged on with me wistfully watch-              far. (Perhaps that is why I was dumped, who knows? But
   At first I cried but then I decided I needed to just wait              ing every car going by. I was wishing my owner would               if it was, I wonder how my previous owner would feel if
there until my owner returned.                                            have a change of heart and take me back home. After a              thrown out like a sack of garbage when sick?)
   The first day wasn’t so bad. I could watch the cars                    long night, day three of being on my own stretched end-                I lived for three more months before passing on. The
whizzing by on the busy street a few feet away. And the                   lessly before me. I was so depressed; what would I do? I           lady who picked me up tried to make me as comfortable
Easter service drew a big crowd. But then it got dark. I                  went to listlessly lay under a tree, I didn’t feel good.           as possible and let me be part of the family after all. I
wondered how long was my owner going to be gone. A                           Suddenly, a car pulled up and a lady climbed out. I             had two “brother” dogs to socialize with and we took
dog likes a warm place to sleep! Perhaps I should cross                   didn’t know her, so I barked. She walked toward me,                walks together. I tried to take care of my new “Mama”
the street ad check out that office…I need shelter!                       stopping a few feet away. She looked at me, and began              and growled if someone came too close.
   I took a few steps across the road. Suddenly, there                    talking to me. This is what she said: “Are you lost? Don’t             Life was very short for me; I was only three years old
was a squeal of brakes, a car swerved around me and                       be afraid, I’ve come to see if you need help. My husband           when I died. The main reason I’m telling my story is to
the driver yelled out the window, “Crazy dog, get out                     works across the street at that office. He told me you             say, “Please watch your dogs carefully. Don’t let them eat
of the street!”                                                           almost got run over the other day and you might need a             raw salmon, and if they are ill, don’t throw them out like
   I dashed in front of the next vehicle back to the church               hand. Why don’t you come with me and we’ll go see if               trash!”                                            —Sweetie

      Unleash	Some	Love
                                                                                                                                             at	the	South	Pacific	County
                                                                                                                                               HUMA NE	SOCI ETY
                                               Keda                                                                  Roxy                                                            Abby
                                         Belgian Tervuren mix                                                      Aussie mix                                                     Lab/Shepherd mix
                                          9 year old tan female                                               2 year old gray female                                          4 year old black/tan female
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                                        Active Enterprises                                                       Ace Towing                                                      Beach Puppy
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                                                                                                              toll free 888/480-5893                                    
                                           Come see me at the South                                             Come see me at the South                                         Come see me at the South
                                        Pacific County Humane Society                                        Pacific County Humane Society                                    Pacific County Humane Society

           Rottweiler                                                              Rufus                                                           Mandy
           10 year old                                                               Rottweiler                                                Picardy Shepherd mix
        black & tan male                                                             10 year old                                                      4 year old
             sponsored by                                                         black & tan male                                                tan & griz female
       Jocie’s                                                                       sponsored by                                                     sponsored by
  Cleaning Services                                                           Carol Shappee,                                                   Deborah Boone
          503/791-0525                                                                                                                          State Representative
                                                                             Ladye & Peaches                                                       Oregon HD 32
       Come see me at the South                                                 Come see me at the South                                         Come see me at the South
   Pacific County Humane Society                                             Pacific County Humane Society                                    Pacific County Humane Society

  SOUTH PACIFIC COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY                                   330 2nd Street NE           Long Beach, Wash.               360-642-1180       Hours: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday
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  Ask the Groomer     by Connie Fery
                        Q. I don’t understand why
                                                                             LOVE TO SPARE?
                                                                       Consider being a pet foster home. Fostering a pet is a way you can temporarily help
                        grooming is so expensive. I have
                        a Maltese-Poodle mix I bought for
                                                                   homeless or needy pets get prepared for the day when their new home is found.
                        $350. Her hair grew so fast pretty             Pets need foster homes for a variety of reasons:
                        soon I couldn’t even see her eyes          • Fostering alleviates overcrowding at a shelter
                        anymore. Every groomer I called            • Helps meet special needs of very young or older animals
                        seemed to cost a lot compared to           • Allows an animal to adjust from previous neglect or abuse
                        what I pay for my own haircuts.            • Provides training and social skills to increase a pet’s likelihood of adoption
                        A. Does you hairdresser run the            • Helps dogs who don’t adapt well to the stress of shelter life
                        risk of you lashing out with sharp         • Offers a safe, loving environment for pets recovering from medical treatment
                        teeth just because you don’t like              Local shelters and many purebred rescue organizations have foster programs and are
         Bear           the haircut? That’s a risk a dog           willing to help you foster a pet that fits your lifestyle. If you have love to spare, fostering
                        groomer takes daily, although I do         a pet is a rewarding and life-changing experience.
try to make sure my customers like their haircuts—it’s
safer that way!
   Seriously, what are you paying for? Overhead, time,
experience and expertise.
   Of course a dog isn’t one round blob like a head, but
rather a blob with four legs, a tail and a head. Not to men-
tion, a good groom includes nails, ear hair trim and anal
expression. Do you get that service at the hairdresser?
   The time it takes to groom your dog, for instance, is
extensive: a pre-clip to rid the pet of excess hair, a bath,
a fluff dry and a scissor finish. Whatever you pay is a
bargain considering we’re talking triple the time factor.
Although I’d opt for the high-end groom (which may cost
$5 to $10 more), you’ll win in the “expertise” department.
Remember, all the legs should match and be balanced
and the face should be even.
   You know when you take your car in to be serviced
that an oil change is less expensive than a tune-up. Why?
Because a tune-up requires more time, experience and
expertise. Do you bargain shop for that service as well
or do you want the best? It’s up to you.
   One way to save money is to ditch the fluffy puppy
look and go for the “grow it and mow it.” Then go in
for the mini clips (feet, face, tail, tummy) in between                           Now available online
full grooms.
Of course the cheapest way to have your dog groomed
is to do it yourself! Have fun (and I’ll see you next                  WARRENTON’S COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER
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Connie Fery is co-owner of Astoria Grooming and is a Na-                     Call 503-861-3331
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   Whose hair looks better–                                                                                                            PREMIUM
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    Yours…or the dog’s?                                                                                                                MADE IN THE USA, CERTIFIED ORGANIC

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                                       Pit Bull Terrier                                              Chow/ Shepherd mix                   by Annie Oliver
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