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Chemical Engineering Newsletter Spring


									                                            Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
                                                Newsletter, Spring 2008


Announcing Name Change 1              Announcing Our Name Change
Message from the Chair   2

AIChE News               3   College of Engineering Dean John Wiencek announced the renaming of the Chemical Engineer-
                             ing Department to Chemical and Biomedical Engineering effective immediately.
Kudos                    4

List of Donors           5   The Chemical Engineering Department has been leading the College’s new thrust towards em-
                             phasis on biomedical engineering related research and education over the last decade. It
News Highlights              started with the establishment of a graduate program in Biomedical Engineering in 1998. The
                             first student with a Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering graduated in 1999. The depart-
•    The Department          ment established a Ph.D. program in biomedical engineering in 2004 and the first students were
     changes it’s            admitted into the program. The department graduated the first three students with a Ph.D. in
     name to Chemi-          Biomedical Engineering in 2007. At the undergraduate level, a Minor in Biomedical Engineering
     cal & Biomedical        was established in 2004 and the first students were enrolled that year. In addition to these, the
     Engineering             department also offers a Graduate Certificate in Biomedical Engineering.

•    New Dean ap-            Currently, there are a total of 27 undergraduate and 44 graduate students enrolled in various
     pointed for the
                             biomedical programs in the department. These include 30 students enrolled in the MBE ( Master
     College of Engi-
                             of Science in Biomedical Engineering) and 14 students enrolled in the Ph.D. in Biomedical Engi-
                             neering Programs.

•    ABET visit com-
     pleted success-
     fully                                          Dr. William Lee, III, Professor of Chemical Engineering has served as Di-
                                                    rector of the Program since its inception. Dr. Lee played a key role in the
•    Dr. Carlos Smith                               growth of the biomedical engineering research and education at USF, of-
     and Dr. Tony                                   ten bringing together faculty from various departments in establishing new
     Llewellyn retires                              course offerings and starting of interdisciplinary research efforts. According
                                                    to Dr. Lee, biomedical engineering is one of the fastest growing disciplines
                                                    in the United States with many of the leading universities starting new de-
                                                    partments and offering new degrees in the field. Currently there are more
                                                    than 150 universities in the US offering degrees in bio medical engineer-
                              Dr. William Lee,III   ing.

According to Dean Wiencek, one of the top priorities for the College in the next few years will be the development of a
fully accredited undergraduate program in Biomedical Engineering. The groundwork for this has already begun with the
establishment of a College-wide committee to evaluate the options and determining how to tailor the curriculum to take
advantage of the unique strengths of the College and the needs of the local and regional industrial community. Dr. Lee
will head this committee.

With this name change, USF joins the trend set at chemical engineering departments across the country that have
added a bio- prefix to their name reflecting the changing nature of chemical engineering profession. Within Florida, the
University of Florida at Gainesville, Florida International University, Florida Sate University, Florida Gulf Coast University
and the University of Miami have established departments in biomedical engineering. FAU and UCF also offer programs
in biomedical engineering but do not have departments with that name.
 Page 2                                                                          Chemical & Biomedical Engineering

                  DR. JOHN WIENCEK APPOINTED
                   JOINS CHBME DEPARTMENT
                             Dear Alumni:
                             John Wiencek (pronounced win-sec) is the newly appointed Dean of the College of Engineer-
                             ing at the University of South Florida (USF). He comes from the University of Iowa (UI) where
                             he was Professor and Chair of the Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Department. Dr.
                             Wiencek began his academic career at Rutgers University in 1989. As a native of the mid-
                             west, he welcomed the opportunity to join the University of Iowa faculty in 1995 as an Associ-
                             ate Professor of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering. Dr. Wiencek has received several
                             awards recognizing his contributions to research and teaching including the Henry Rutgers
                             Research Fellowship; the Department of Energy Junior Faculty Award; the University of Iowa
                             Faculty Scholar Award; the Rutgers College Parents Association Outstanding Teaching
                             Award and, most recently, the College of Engineering Teaching Award. His research inter-
      Dr. John Wiencek
                             ests focus on protein biophysics and novel membrane-based water purification. He has pub-
lished over fifty peer reviewed articles and directly advised / graduated eleven PhD students, nine MS students, and cur-
rently advises three PhD candidates. At UI he instituted the Program for Enhanced Design Experience in Chemical En-
gineering, an industry-defined and mentored design experience for senior undergraduates and has maintained funding
for the program from local industry. He has received over $7.5 million in research support from external, competitive
funding agencies including the NSF, NIH, NASA and DOE. He was selected by the College of Engineering students to
be the commencement speaker at the December 2006 ceremony. Dr Wiencek has been involved in a variety of leader-
ship roles for over a decade at UI and completed four years as Department Chair prior to joining USF.

2007 was a year of change for us. First and foremost, we changed our name. Our leading
news story discusses the details and rationale for the name change. This change has been
long overdue, as the faculty in the department have been engaged in research and educa-
tion in biomedical engineering. We are all excited about the opportunities that come about
as a result of this change. It is appropriate that this name change should occur in the year in
which we graduated our first Ph.D. in biomedical engineering.

We welcome our new dean, Dr. John Wiencek, who also joins our faculty in chemical engi-
neering. Dr. Wiencek served as Chair of the Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engi-
neering at University of Iowa before becoming the Dean of the College of Engineering at
                                                                                                      Dr. Babu Joseph
This year we also saw many changes in the faculty. Dr. Carlos Smith retired at the end of the year after a lifetime of ser-
vice to the department. He will continue to teach for us though on a part-time basis. He has been a tremendous force in
the building of the department and was instrumental in inspiring generations of chemical engineering students with a
passion for learning and success. His enthusiasm and dedication will be missed.

During 2007 we also saw the resignation of Prof. Francis Moussy who decided to accept an offer from Brunel University
Uxbridge, UK to become the Deputy Director of their Institute for Bioengineering. Dr. Moussy is a leading researcher in
implantable glucose sensors and contributed heavily to our biomedical engineering research program.

Finally, Dr. Tony Llewellyn also retired after many years of service to the department and the university. He served as
the Director of Academic Computing for the entire university during his last few years. He was instrumental in seeing that
USF had the best instructional computing tools available. He continues to be active in his research working with Drs.
Gilbert and Jaroszeski on drug and gene delivery techniques.
Chemical & Biomedical Engineering                                                                            Page 3

     Annual Undergraduate Design

Starting in 2007 the department initiated an
annual Poster Presentation event in associa-
tion with the Senior Capstone Design Course.
This year the class consisted of 35 students.
The students prepared posters based on their
design project and gave a presentation to judg-
ing teams made up of faculty, the industrial
advisory board members and graduate teach-
ing assistants. The judges picked winners in
various categories as follows:

                                                              Board Members Judging the Senior Design Posters
Best Product Design: Anthony Richardson,
David Walker, Audrey Buttice
Best Process Design: Aaron Black, Maureen
Curran, Chris Clark, Amanda Gannon
Best Economic Analysis: Aaron Black
Best Individual Design:David Walker
Best Safety Analysis: Maureen Curran

The winners were given certificates and cash
awards courtesy of contributions from Donovan
Industries and from Prado and Associates.

The contest was followed by dinner sponsored
by the department.
                                                                             2007 Senior Design Class

The 2007 Industrial     the posters in vari-      board      members
Advisory      Board     ous categories such       who     participated
Meeting was held        as detailed equip-        and provided feed-
on Friday, April 27,    ment design, eco-         back.
2007 in the Hall Of     nomics, safety and        Christopher Dennis
Flags.                  environmental     is-     and Tim Fawcett
This year the format    sues.    After   the      are our newest
of the meeting was      competition      the      board     members.
changed to include      board gave feed-          Chris is a 1996
a Poster presenta-      back to the faculty       graduate from USF
tion by the Senior      in terms of how well      ChE Program and
Design Class (see       the students were         is currently working
related       story     judged to be meet-        at Mosaic, Inc. He
above). The idea        ing the expected          served in the US       Members of the Industrial Advisory Board
was to give an op-      outcomes of the           Navy from 1985-        From left to right: Chuck Black, Matt Aldissi,
portunity for the       undergraduate pro-        1991. Tim obtained
                        gram. This feed-                                 Douglas Belle, Debra Stetka, Doug Royster,
board members to                                  his BS and Ph.D.       Tino Prado, Babu Joseph, Don Clark, Gerald
meet our senior         back is very valu-        from USF and is
                        able for fine tuning                             Flemimg, Bradley Mierau, Timothy Fawett,
class on a one-to-                                currently working at   Gordan Miller, Kareen Sheffield,
one basis. The          our undergraduate         Hydrogen Technol-
                        program and im-                                  Christopher Dennis (not shown.)
board     members                                 ogy Applications.
also    agreed    to    proving it on a con-
judge the content of    tinuous basis. Our
                        sincere thanks to all
  Page 4                                                                            Chemical & Biomedical Engineering

News from the Biomedical Engineering Society
The Biomedical Engineering Society elected new offi-
cers for the academic year 2007-08. These are:
Korie Fairbairn: President
Yasser Amashton: Vice President
Jamie Frazier: Secretary

The Society takes part in the College of Engi-
neering EXPO every year. In 2007 they re-
ceived the Best Display Award for their exhibit
at the EXPO. They also organized a visit to
Linvatec, Inc., a Largo based company that
specializes in orthopedic devices. In addition to
this, the society has been active in College of
Engineering barbecues and also the Open
House organized by the Engineering council.

                                                                Korie Fairbairn: President   Dr. William Lee, III: Faculty Advisor

ABET Accreditation Visit

 The department was visited by an examining team from
 the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technol-
 ogy (ABET) during Fall, 2007. During the visit the team
 met with faculty, students and administration in addition
 to visiting the instructional facilities. The faculty did an
 outstanding job of preparing for the visit. Although the
 official decision on the renewal of our accreditation will
 not be announced till Spring of 2008, the preliminary
 reports indicate that we met and exceeded the expecta-
 tions on every category. Kudos to our faculty and staff
 on an outstanding job of creating and maintaining a
 very high standard in our undergraduate program.
                                                                                 Sandy setting up ABET file folders

In anticipation of the visit, the department revised its undergraduate program educational objectives and the
current program objectives are shown here.

The overall objective of the bachelor’s degree program in chemical engineering at the university of South Florida is to
prepare graduates for successful careers in the chemical engineering and related professions. Accordingly, graduates
of this program who have chosen to pursue a career in engineering shall achieve the following within a few years after

1. Demonstrate professional engineering competence by holding positions of increasing responsibility
   in industry, business, government and /or educational institutions

 2. Publish papers, reports, patents and/or technical presentations at local, national, international
    meetings or within the professional organization/company that they are affiliated with.

3. Continue to improve their technical skills, knowledge and understanding through continuing educational
   pursuit of advanced degrees, and/or pursuit of professional license in their chosen profession.
                                                                                                                             Page 5
Chemical & Biomedical Engineering

2007 Visitors to the Department
                          During 2007 we were visited by a number of distinguished visitors. These include:
                           Dr. Michael Schule r                  Cornell University
                           Dr. Nanette Bishopric                 University of Miami
                           Dr. Christine Grand                   NC State University
                           Dr. William Ditto                     University of Florida
                           Dr. Flordeliga Villanueva             University of Pittsburg
                           Dr.Ravi Kothapalli                    Shiners Hospital for Children, Tampa
                           Dr.Zeng Ma                            Florida State University
                           Dr. Dinender Singla                   University of Central Florida
                           Dr. Zong Ping Luo                     Florida Orthopedic Institute, Tampa
                           Dr. Peter Murry                       Nova Southeastern University
                           Dr. Eric Crumpler                     Florida International University
         Kudos                                                                                  Dr. Carlos Smith was recognized as the
                                                                                                professor of the Year and presented an
Undergraduates:                           Graduate Students:                                    award at the Chemical Industrial Advisory
                                          Brandon Smeltzer was recognized as the best TA of     Board Meeting held on April 27, 2007.
                                                                                                 Dr.Yogi Goswami has been invited to
Rosana Lastra Vicente won 1st place for the year.
                                                                                                deliver the keynote address in the confer-
her oral presentation at Moffitt for the Jefffy Jimenez was selected as one of the Success-
                                                                                                ence on the subject of Renewable Energy
Undergraduate Reearch Symposium.          ful Latino Students 2007 and presented with a gift
                                                                                                to be held at Tel Aviv University May 20-
                                                                                                21, 2008.
                                          Eva Williams received the Indevaar and Srinath
                                                                                                Dr. Yogi Goswami is the 2007 winner of
                                          Scholarship from CoE for the 2007-2008 academic       the American Society of Mechanical Engi-
                                          Andre Hall was awarded a full scholarship by the      neering’s (ASME) “Frank Kreith Energy
2007 Scholarship Winners:                 University of Cincinnati to the 2007 Engineering      Award” for his continuing excellence in
                                          Education Grantees Conference in Arlington, Va to     renewable energy research and outreach.
 Chemical Engineering Alumni Scholarship:
                                          present the UC NSF REU site Program poster.           He also was awarded the 2007 Hoyt
 Ryan Cates                               Venu Varanasi received a career award from the        Clarke Hottel Award.
                                          National Institutes of Health. His interests are in   Dr William Lee was nominated for the
 Jürgen Mittmann Scholarship: Nathalia
                                          how intracellular functions are enhanced by the       Jerome Krivanek Distinguished Teacher
 Barbosa, Timothy Gates
                                          corrosion products of silica-based glasses.           Award for 2007.

AIChE Student Chapter

          Current officers
President: Christopher Monteparo
Vice President: Ryan Cates
Secretary: Heather Latham
Treasurer: David Walker
Public Relations Officer: Jasmina Hodzic
Special Events Officer: Stevany Horne
Expo Officer: Bradley Ridder
                                                           Scenes from the AIChE Picnic Student and Faculty Volleyball Match
Webmaster: Minoo Mostafavifar

As usual the Student Chapter of AIChE put on a Chemical Magic Show at the Annual Engineering Expo held in February. Our
thanks to the many AIChE officers who worked hard to put on a great show for visiting middle and high school students.
The USF ChemE Car team made its debut at the Southern Regional Conference with a working Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car. We are
currently working on a new car for the competition this year in Auburn. In the Fall Semester, we toured with Mosaic on their
College Day where students were able to talk with USF Alumni and AIChE members.
AIChE Chapter also hosted the Annual picnic held at USF Park in November. It was a huge success, it was attended by about
70 faculty and students from the department. The highlight of the event was a faculty student volleyball game which the stu-
dents won handily.
Page 6

                                          Chemical & Biomedical Engineering

                        Below is the list of alumni and donors who have contributed to USF during 2007.
                                      We would like to thank all of them for their generosity.

                                                            List of Donors
                         Norma Alcantar and Ryan Toomey                    Rebekah and D. John Griffith Jr.
                         Roberta and Thomas Brookins                       Sonja and Stephen Hunter
                         Gwendolyn and Scott Campbell                      Dennis J. Klein
                         Roberta and Dean Cherre, Jr.                      Philomina and Babu Joseph
                         Roy Kaplan                                        Faustino L. Prado
                         Janese and Christopher Dennis                     Michael A. Schweitzer
                         Julie and John Doan                               Lisa and Kirk Searls
                         Donovan Industries Inc.                           Trustee Sherrill and Mr. Tomasino



Joe is currently the Vice President of the USF Engineering Alumni Society. He graduated USF
in 1977 with a BSChE and returned for a Masters in Environmental Engineering in 1992. He has
worked as a Process Engineer for Rohm & Haas and Cargill and is currently a Process Engi-
neering Supervisor and Engineering Manager for PegasusTSI in Tampa (PegasusTSI has previ-
ously operated under the names of Mustang, Raytheon Engineers, and also Badger).

As a Process Engineering Supervisor / Engineering Manager for PegasusTSI, Joe is responsible
for the design of chemical plants for clients in the US and abroad. These projects can typically
range up to $200MM and include industries such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizers,
refining, energy, municipal, and consumer products. He has published papers on Uranium Ex-
traction from Phosphoric Acid, Refinery Wastewater Treatment, Anaerobic Wastewater Treat-
ment, and Industrial Stormwater Modeling and Design. He is also certified as a Hazard Analysis
Facilitator and holds PE licenses in 11 states and territories.

In addition, Joe is active in other USF organizations such as the USF Handball Club where he is the tournament director for the up-
coming State of Florida 4 Wall Handball Tournament in March.

                        Alumni Comments/Notes to Chemical & Biomedical Engineering Department Form
               Detach and Mail to Chair, CHE Dept ENB 118, 4202 E. Fowler Ave, USF Tampa, FL 33620 or email to

          Name: ___________________________________________________________
          Year of Graduation and Degree Obtained: ______________________________

          Tell us about your milestones in your life and career: _______________________________________________________________

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