Application for grant of regular membership

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					                                                                                   No. _________

To:           The Secretary
              Defence Housing Authority                                              2 x Passport
              Lahore                                                                  Size Photo

Subject:      Application for grant of Regular Membership
                               (for Defence Personnel)

1.      I,______________________________________________________________
S/O, D/O, W/O ________________________Address:__________________________
have   been     allotted   /   purchased     /   acquired    a   Residential   /    Commercial
Plot No. _________ Block________ Phase________ DHA Lahore.
2.      It is certified that I have deposited Rs. 11,200/- (Rupees Eleven Thousand and
Two Hundred) as fee for becoming Regular Member of the Authority (DHA) through Pay
Order/Bank Draft No _____________ dated ___________ and I am already an
Associate Member vide AM No_____________ (if applicable), please grant me regular
3.      My National Identity Card No is.
PA No. ___________ Rank ___________ Unit / Fmn __________________________

                                                   Applicant’s Signature ________________
                                                   Name ____________________________

4.     Accounts Officer’s Remarks
       The applicant has cleared all dues up to date/has to clear the following
       outstanding dues:-
       Date _________                                              ____________________
                                                                    Signature and Stamp of
                                                                    (Accounts Officer DHA)
5.     ADL&E’s Remarks
       It is certified that the applicant is not a defaulter of land.

       Date _________                                              ____________________
6.     Law Offr’s Remarks
       It is certified that the applicant is not in Litigation with DHA.
       Date _________                                              ____________________
                                                                   (Legal Advisor / Law Offr)
7.     Recommended/Not Recommended
       Membership No _________
       Date _________                                              ____________________
                                                                       (Secretary DHA)
8.     Approved / Not Approved
       Date _________                                              ____________________
                           TERMS AND CONDITIONS

1.    Application is acceptable either from husband or the wife, both cannot apply.
2.    In case of Retired Defence Personnel, photo copy of discharge certificate is
required to be attached.
3.    Application can be rejected at any stage in case of false/incorrect or incomplete
4.    Two recent photographs must be attached with the application form.
5.    Photo copy of NIC duly attested to be attached.


1.    I shall abide by the terms and conditions of the Authority, decisions of the
Management and the Rules, Regulations and Byelaws of the Authority as amended
from time to time.
2.    I hereby declare that I am not involved in Property/Real Estate business.
3.    I have read the above terms and conditions and will abide by them.

                                           Signature ______________________

                                           Name _________________________

                                           Date __________________________