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					                           ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHAPTER
                                                                                    Editor: Roy L. Sanford         February 2009

                                           2009 Calendar of Events
Training Day – March 7 @ 8:30 a.m. –                                  Training Day – June 6 @ 8:30 a.m. –
Contact Pete McIntosh: 303-915-7382                                   Contact Pete McIntosh: 303-915-7382
Training Day – April 4 @ 8:30 a.m. --                                 Training Day – August 1 @ 8:30 a.m. –
Contact Pete McIntosh: 303-915-7382                                   Contact Pete McIntosh: 303-915-7382
Training Day – May 2 @ 8:30 a.m. –                                    August 29 and 30 – Fall Test –
Contact Pete McIntosh: 303-915-7382                                   Contact Bryan Johnson: 303-235-9757
May 16 and 17 – Spring Test –                                         and more to come…..
Contact Bryan Johnson: 303-235-9757

Letter from the President
Hello to all! I hope everything is going great!

I just saw diesel for $1.93. Things are starting to look up. There is a new hope in the air. The ice is starting to break up and melt
away. The weather is oddly warm. It feels like spring is already here. Training days start next month on Saturday, March 7th. The
first test is in May and entries are being received. We are working on a fun hunt that might take place the end of March or the first
part of April. We will have a ProTrainer coming in July. You will be hearing more about these events in the future.

WOW! NAVHDA is 40 years old, has over 75 chapters in North America and thousands of members. That is incredible when you
think about it. NAVHDA is filled with people from all walks of life, young and old who own various breeds of dogs. It is a unique
organization with people from professional to amateur training dogs at different levels with different styles, all volunteering their
time to promote and improve versatile breeds of dogs. What I’m getting at is a dog club doesn’t stick around for 40 years if it fails to
help new members, make the experience enjoyable and keep members happy. A dog club is not successful if it does not change with
the times, adopt and adapt new training methods, and develop a huge breed registry for people so they can breed better and better
dogs. That is what NAVHDA has done based upon its core values of testing, breeding, and promoting versatile dogs.

There were more first-time handlers at the invitational level than ever before. I feel this is due to the members at the local chapters
helping each other to reach their goals. You may think it is an impossible task to train for a utility test, but just remember we all
started at the bottom. My young pup and me is one example. I saw other dogs doing a utility test and thought heck my pooch can do
that. Along the way I stumbled in training but I had NAVHDA members with different training methods and styles to help me along
the way to a versatile champion. Our chapter members possess a wealth of knowledge on training these versatile pooches. If you
have questions DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK and we will be more than willing to help train for any level you want to accomplish.
These are some of the benefits of membership. With all this in mind do not forget to renew your membership.

Birddog One out,

Rob Castor-Ekwall

President – RMC NAVHDA

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                       RMC NAVHDA NEWSLETTER (CONT’D.)

2009 NAVHDA Annual Meeting
By Brian Thoman, RMC Representative at the Annual Meeting, 2009
This year’s annual meeting was hosted by the Pacific Northwest chapter at the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Portland, Oregon.
Friday began with a roundtable discussion with the Executive Council at 1:30 PM. This was an open forum discussion where
NAVHDA members could ask the EC questions. Surprisingly, there were few questions asked. The EC then presented proposed
changes to the by-laws which have not been changed since NAVHDA’s inception. These changes must be approved by NAVHDA
members. There will be a ballot sent later in the year so that members can vote. The proposed changes will available for viewing
online. The proposed changes are a general cleanup of typos and changing of wording to show clearly the intent of the by-laws.
These changes explain more clearly the make-up of the EC and remove a few old positions that are no longer necessary. Please be
aware that this is happening. Be sure to review the changes and vote when you receive your ballot later in the year.

A delegates meeting was held at 3 PM where 21 delegates from NAVHDA chapters were present. At this meeting, three motions
brought forth by local chapters were discussed. The first motion was regarding the formation of a VC breeder’s award. This
motion passed with the specifics to be determined by the EC. A second motion was brought forth to change the wording the AIMS
book regarding the heeling course in the Utility test. The motion requested that the wording about using natural obstacles be
removed and replaced with specific requirements of stakes to include the length and diameter of the stakes. This motion failed by a
large margin with most in attendance believing that the existing wording gives judges and chapters the option to use either natural
obstacles or stakes at the test site. The third motion asked that the EC form a committee to discuss a blood tracking test that
would be separate from other NAVHDA tests. There was a lot of discussion about this motion as there was a similar committee
formed in the ‘70’s for the same topic. It was determined then that it was not feasible and the delegates present voted this motion
down in a close vote.

Bodo Winterhelt, one of NAVHDA’s founders, was present for the Annual Meeting. He suffered a stroke last year and his memory
is certainly affected but he is still very passionate about dogs. Bill Jensen read the President’s column authored by Bodo from the
1973 NAVHDA newsletter (which has since become the VHD magazine). The article is as applicable today as in 1973. Bodo spoke
after they read his article; and, with tears in his eyes, thanked everyone involved with NAVHDA for turning his dream into what it
has become. Note that this year marks NAVHDA’s 40th anniversary.

Keep an eye out for emails from surveymonkey. NAVHDA has started to use them to better survey the membership. If you see
one please complete the survey. It’s important that NAVHDA has accurate information from its members.

A New Senior Judge!
By Roy L. Sanford, RMC Newsletter Editor, 2009

Congratulations to Brian Thoman on being approved as a Senior Judge at the 2009 NAVHDA Annual Meeting!
In order to be approved as a Judge, the individual has to train and handle a dog that scores 180 points and earns a prize 2 or better in a
UT test. It is also necessary to attend a Handler’s Clinic in the previous three years or a Judge’s workshop. To become a Senior Judge
that individual must also apprentice as a Senior Judge similar to that as a regular apprentice.
Brian trained and handled his dog to become a VC last year. As an apprentice to become a Judge, Brian worked 19 test days and saw
129 dogs. This included apprenticing at the chapter in Salt Lake as well as in Missouri, Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado. As an
apprentice to become a Senior Judge, Brian worked at least five days and saw at least thirty dogs last year.
According to Brian, about half of NAVHDA’s Judges are Senior Judges. There is one Senior Judge assigned at each test although
there may be more than one Senior Judge present. Their opinion carries equal weight with the other Judges in the scoring. They have
overall responsibility for the testing process making sure the test runs smoothly, and making sure all the paperwork is completed.
Again, Congrats to Brian! Send your compliments to him at "Brian Thoman" <>.

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Minutes of the Rocky Mountain Chapter Board Meeting
By Ken Horner, RMC NAVHDA Secretary, 2009

January 20, 2009

Present: Board Members Scott Wilkey, Roy Sanford, Liz Dyer, Rob Ekwall, Tom Lund, Pete McIntosh, Bryan Johnson, and Ken
Horner. Guest: Joe Castinado

The meeting began with a discussion regarding birds for training days and test days. Discussed and decided on the following:
       Ducks: No problem as Secor can provide at any time.
       Chukkars: No problem for the Spring Test, but Secor is getting out of the business this summer. We can buy the chukkars
       from Secor and store them until they are needed with Ron near Cobb Lake. Ron is willing to do this for the chapter for
       only the cost of the feed. The Board agreed to move forward with this. We will need about 90 birds per test as well as
       some for loss while we store. A total of 220 birds will be needed this year.
       Pheasants: Liz is to contact Tedford farms and Mike Minelli for birds. We will need 30 pheasants.

It was discussed that the training day for March 7, 2009 was listed as March 8, 2008 on the Newsletter. We need to issue an e-mail
correcting the error and also provide the correction on the next newsletter. Ken will issue the e-mail.

Scheduling the drop off of Porta-Potty for the training days and the tests was discussed. Liz will contact the company we have used
in the past to schedule for all dates.

Judges for the 2009 tests were discussed. Rob has confirmed judges for both tests. For the spring test, the judges will be: Lynn
Erickson/Scott Wilkey, Emil Roethlisberger and Mark Krueger. The judges for the fall test will be: Emil Roethlisberger, Scott Wilkey
and George McMann.

Next topic was a discussion of the chapter hosting a 2009 training clinic in July. Suggestions for clinicians included Blaine Carter and
possibly Al Harmeyer. Rob will contact Melissa regarding the same.

Rob noted that he has received communication from Bob West asking whether our chapter is doing anything for youth hunters.
After discussion, it was decided that we need to get more clarification from the national organization to see what they expect from
the chapter in this area. We will ask Brian Thoman to research this at the annual meeting. Tom Lund volunteered to get in touch
with CYO regarding what the Chapter can do to contribute/support that organization. He will also discuss the topic with Swift
ponds to see if there is something we can do for or with them.

Holding a Fun Hunt was discussed. The Board felt that it would be good to do—a good way to encourage new members as well as
getting more existing members involved, and a good way to kick off the training and testing season. Ken and Rob will coordinate the
rules. We will try to hold the Fun Hunt the Sunday after a training clinic in March or April.

Rob brought up the idea of logo hats and shirts for the chapter. Tom volunteered to get in touch with Keith Richardson at Sierra
Trading Post as well as some other contacts he has in the Graphics field regarding the same. He will get back to the Board with
some samples as well as cost estimates.

Motions at the annual meeting were discussed. All are in agreement with the Invitational Breeders Award. Regarding the blood
test, there was confusion on exactly what was included in the motion. The consensus was to have Rob find out the substance of the
motion and forward to the Board. (It was noted however, that if the motion was to include the blood track in any part of any
existing NAVHDA test, the Board would not vote in favor of it. If it was separate from any test, the Board would approve the
National organization setting up a committee to explore the same.)

The AKC Mentor Program was discussed. A motion was made by Tom Lund and seconded by Scott Wilkey that the Chapter
should move forward with the application process to run a test in 2010, but not formally commit or set a date at this time. The
motion was voted upon and passed by a 6 to 1 vote. Roy and Ken will work on the application process.

With that the meeting was adjourned.

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                       RMC NAVHDA NEWSLETTER (CONT’D.)

Treasurer’s Report
By Liz Dyer, RMC NAVHDA Treasurer, 2009

As of 1/31/09, the balance in the checking account is $1155.10 with no outstanding bills. Membership renewals are coming in.

From the Director of Training
By Pete McIntosh, RMC NAVHDA Director of Training, 2009

I hope that everyone has had a fun and productive hunting season!

Well hunting season is all but ending, and spring is just around the corner, so it is time that we start to think about training for that
next test or that next hunt in the fall. As a club we will start our training on March 7 th. As usual the first training day will be centered
on the NA test. Our plan is to get some of our experienced handlers to set up stations where we can help with some pointing,
tracking and some swimming (dependent on water). After that some of us will be working our older dogs that we may want to get
ready for UT testing. So even if you are just starting, you may want to stick around and watch or help. This is a great opportunity to
see what you have to look forward to. It is also a great opportunity to meet people that are in the same phase of training as you.

Since the last board meeting in January, I have been trying to think of how we can make the most of our training dates. Several good
ideas were brought up, and I would also like to get some input from the membership. One of my favorite ideas that was suggested is
a mentor program. I think it is always good to have someone to contact if and when you need help or a new idea to keep you
moving forward. The objective of the RMC chapter training days is to transfer knowledge between members with experience and
training knowledge to people seeking knowledge to work with their own dog. We also discussed getting together and working on
force breaking. This will be a project we hope to tackle after the NA test. I look forward to hearing from everyone and their ideas,
or need for training days. Send your input to

Equipment for Training Days:
        Leash - No longer than 6 ft, 4 ft is better.
        Flat collar - Make sure you bring a flat collar for your dog. A choke chain, prong color, or e-collar is not always the
         correct collar for a given task.
        Check cord - For use on specific tasks, like the track in NA. A rope will work, but you may need gloves. This is not a
        Water bottles for the dog - Carry water into the field for the dog. On a typical training day in CO you could go
         through at least 6-8 bottles of water for your dog. Bring a dish for water also.
        Water bottles for the handler - Carry water for yourself. Water and sport drinks work well. Bring more than you
         would ever think you will need.
        Blaze orange hat or vest
        Lightweight vest or backpack to carry equipment into the field
        A place to secure your dog when not actively training. A crate, or dog box, inside your car (will your dog EAT your
         car?) Keep in mind that your dog is less of a distraction to everyone, when put away, so we can teach YOU how to train
         YOUR dog.
        Birds to train with, bird cage, bird bag, blank pistol, string for a drag, shotgun and shells

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Birds for Training
Members are reminded that during training days birds that are purchased with chapter funds are used for demonstration purposes
only by the various trainers. It is up to the chapter member to locate and purchase birds that will be used for their personal training
needs. If you need birds on training day for personal use, ask for directions from one of the trainers. Call ahead to check availability
since many game bird farms are low on birds during the spring training season. Sources for birds include:
Secor’s Field Trial Game Birds: Located about a mile north of the Cobb Lake training area. (970) 568-3326

Tedford Farms: Located near Fort Lupton, CO. (303) 857-2501

New Website Launches!
By Joe Castanado, RMC NAVHDA Web Master
According to recent Nielsen poll over 72% of us Americans use the internet, WOW! So it made sense for us here at the Rocky
Mountain NAVHDA chapter to give our website a fresh look. You can still access the website from any internet browser that you
have access to at your home or the local library. Just type the following address in the right location and presto, you are at the
electronic home for the Rocky Mountain NAVHDA chapter. Here is the address That’s it and once you are
at the main page of the site you will see an easy to use navigation pad with buttons to the various web pages that we have available.

The website has information on how to contact the board members, the latest newsletters, test results (both local and national) and
dates of important upcoming events. We also have test entry forms, membership information and a section for classifieds and
advertisements. These ads are placed by RMC-NAVHDA members at nominal cost, or by non-members for a fee that goes to the
Chapter fund. And best of all we have a place to showcase your dogs and adventures. We are welcoming pictures and stories as
well as how-to guides from our members. Above all the website is a place to get up-to-date information and another medium for us
to introduce others to our organization and the NAVHDA training system. Come visit the site and give us your input as we are
always looking to improve how we get information out to our members and friends.

If you have questions or suggestions contact Joe at

Chapter Officers for 2009
Rob Castor-Ekwall, President                         
Scott Wilkey, Vice-President                         
Ken Horner, Secretary                                
Liz Dyer, Treasurer                                  
Bryan Johnson, Director of Testing                   
Pete McIntosh, Director of Training                  
Tom Lund, Director of Promotions and Fundraising     
Roy Sanford, Newsletter Editor                       
Joe Castanado, Web Master                            

Note: Director of Judging is currently open.

Feel free to contact these people to ask questions, make suggestions or voice your opinion.

Puppies for Sale
WPG Puppies born 11/13. Both parents actively hunted (dam hunts ducks and pheasants), sire UT prize I, dam NA prize III, AKC JH.
OFA good and CERF clear. Pups all pointed at 4-5 weeks. Brian and Arlis Keller 970-590-4855.

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                      RMC NAVHDA NEWSLETTER (CONT’D.)

Remote Trainer for Sale
For Sale: Excellent Tri-Tronics 80C G2 remote trainer. Includes transmitter, collar receiver, owner’s manual, training guide, training
video, recharger, and carry box (not Tri-Tronics). Original cost over $300. Yours for $195. Used only a dozen times as a backup for
another remote trainer. Contact Roy Weeaks at or telephone 303/773-6981

RMC NAVHDA Newsletter
We’re always looking for good information and stories to include in the newsletter. If you have something that you would like to
contribute, please contact Roy Sanford at or call 303-683-6357.

Paid Advertisements
In the past we have seen items like ads for litters of puppies, training equipment, and other services. Advertisements in the RMC
Newsletter are published for the information of all RMC members. Accuracy of all information is the responsibility of the
advertiser. A donation of $10 is asked for each submission to help offset the cost of mailing the newsletter. The editor reserves the
right to edit for length to fit into the newsletter’s format. Let us know if you have an advertisement to run in our newsletter!

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                          RMC NAVHDA NEWSLETTER (CONT’D.)

Rocky Mountain Chapter 2009 Renewal Application
It’s time to renew your membership in the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association.
Memberships run from January 1 through December 31 each year. Members joining after August 1st will have a valid membership
through the following year.
Below is an easy renewal form that you can print out, fill out, and send in with your membership dues.
Please note, the 2008 Board of Directors voted to raise dues in 2009. Membership dues are now $35. To continue your
membership, receive our newsletters and/or communications, receive advanced information about upcoming events and other
membership benefits, it is important that you renew your membership for 2009. We have a great year planned with 2 tests
scheduled in the spring and fall along with some great training days mixed in during the year. Check out our web Site at for updated information on test dates and other activities. We will have access to Swift Ponds on
Mondays (shared access with the Ft. Collins retriever club) for water training which is an added bonus for all of our members. CYO
has granted us permission to use the ponds for our Spring and Fall test dates as well as 2 additional dates during the year for any
functions we would like to hold for our members.
It is only though your continued support that we can fund our local chapter. Thanks much for your continued support and we look
forward to hearing from you soon.

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                                2009 Rocky Mountain Chapter Application

Name (please print)                                                                                                     $35 per year membership dues
                                                                                                                         includes all family members
Spouse/Significant Other Name (if applicable)

Children’s Name(s)/Age(s) (if applicable)


City                                                                        State                                       Zip

Phone                                                            E-mail

Breed of Dog(s)                                                                                    Date Joined Chapter

NAVHDA Registration Number _______________________________

If you want to receive the RMC Newsletter via the internet please write your preferred email address below.

Make checks payable to: RMC NAVHDA. Mail chapter dues to: Ken Horner – 19159 E. Hinsdale Lane, Centennial, CO 80016.
Chapter members must belong to NAVHDA International. Membership includes a chapter newsletter. Dues may be tax deductible.
Check with your tax professional.

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