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					                                       C HRIST C HURCH P RESBYTERIAN

Volume 11, Issue 05
                    G OOD N EWS                                                                            May 2011

Clean Water Mission Continues                                                                   INSIDE THIS ISSUE

                                                                                           CONTENTS                Page
ChristChurch Presbyterian and St. John’s                                                   Clean Water Mission
                                                                                           Continues                   1
Presbyterian Members Attend Clean Water U
                                                                                           Mo Ranch                    2
Brad Urquhart of St. John’s Presbyterian and Woody Speer of ChristChurch Presby-
terian along with 34 others from around the nation, recently attended Clean Water          John’s Musings              3
U’s training school of Living Waters for the World. Living Waters for the World is the
mission resource of the Synod of Living Waters of the Presbyterian Church (USA).           Music Notes                 4
Located at Hopewell Conference Center in                                                   Choir News                  4
Oxford, MS, Clean Water U is a five-day simula-
tion experience designed to equip mission                                                  Message from
teams with the skills necessary to form partner-                                                  Woody Spreer         5
ships with communities in need of clean water,
install a community-based water treatment                                                  May Birthdays               5
system and equip local leaders to lead ongoing
health, hygiene and spiritual education.                                                   Giving Opportunities        6
Having participated in three previous water mission trips in partnership with St.
John’s Presbyterian, Mexico in 2007, Haiti in 2009 and 2010, Woody attended the            Seafarers Boxes Needs       7
CWU 101 class that focused on team leadership, field survey, water testing and part-
                                                                                           Gathering               8&9
nership development.
Woody said, “After participating in the installation side for the last three water proj-
                                                                                           Christian Education        10
ects, it was logical for me to take the next step towards developing and learning the
skills necessary to actually lead a water project team. Although I will not be partici-
pating in this year’s trip to Cuba, I feel that the information I learned from CWU 101     Adult Ministries           11
will be very helpful in assisting those from the congregation in this years’ planned
Cuba trip in November and for future water mission trips. Brad Urquhart attended           Garage Sale                11
the CWU 103 session that focused on installation, operation, operator training, main-
tenance and field water testing.                                                            To the Church Triumphant
A few facts to consider about water:                                                                Jane Dodge    12

• 97% of the water on this planet is salty
• Of the remaining 3%, 2% is locked in the polar ice caps
                                                                                                Newsletter Deadline
• That leaves 1% of water on earth for human consumption, agricultural and indus-                    May 21
trial use.
• And half of water available for drinking and cooking is contaminated.
                                                                                                 Vision Statement:
• The effect of this alarming fact is that 3 million people each year die of water-         Trusting in God’s guidance,
related illness-and most are children. So needless to say, water-related illness is the      ChristChurch Presbyterian
leading cause of death among children throughout the world, and dirty water is the           invites all to join us as we
number one health crisis in our world, and will be for the foreseeable future.                     Gather joyfully,
                                                                                                Grow spiritually and
Continued on page 2                                                                               Give passionately
                                                                                                 in service to Christ,
                                                                                                 each other and our
Continued from page 1

With over 330 systems installed worldwide, Living
Waters for the World is meeting this crisis head on, with
a clean water system and a learning process that is ideal
for use in health clinics, churches, schools and orphan-
By providing a system that’s simple, sustainable and
affordable, and by teaching local leaders to lead health,
hygiene and spiritual education among the community,
Living Waters for the World and its partners have been
able to help those in communities with contaminated
water take ownership of making their own water clean
and safe to drink.
Brad and Woody attended the five day CWU training
April 27-May 1. Woody said, “What I really enjoyed was
the experience level of the instructors as well as the inter-   “Although I will not be participating in this year’s trip to Cuba, I feel that the
actions with other teams that had successfully installed        information I learned from CWU 101 will be very helpful in assisting those from
water systems throughout the world. Although I’d been           the congregation in this years’ planned Cuba trip in November and for future
on three previous trips, there is always a huge gain in be-     water mission trips,” says Woody Speer, first person on the left, top row.
ing able to share your experiences and to learn from oth-
ers as we all shared our best practices and experiences.”
For more information on Living Waters for the World,
contact Woody Speer at or visit the Living
Waters for the World website at http://livingwatersforth-

Make Your Mo-Ranch
Reservation Now!
ChristChurch to Gather on August 4-7 in the Texas Hill Country
                                                                  What’s your favorite part of the ChristChurch annual retreat
                                                                  to Mo Ranch? Is it the exhilarating cascade down the Mo Slide
                                                                  into the Guadalupe River? Would it be relaxing in cool rapids
                                                                  on a hot afternoon? Could it be the inspiring vespers service
                                                                  sponsored by the youth on Saturday evening or the Sunday
                                                                  morning worship overlooking the entire ranch from the Chapel
                                                                  on the Hill? Or is it simply sitting on the porch of Wynn and
                                                                  Flato Halls with your church family, giving thanks for God’s
                                                                  beautiful creation?
                                                                  Mark your calendar for the 2011 ChristChurch Mo Ranch Re-
                                                                  treat the weekend of August 4-7. Susan and Tim Hightower
                                                                  will soon be taking your reservations for rooms and meals. You
                                                                  may contact them at for more in-
                                                                  And remember that the best part of our annual retreat is mak-
                                                                  ing memories that keep you coming back year after year.
               The river slide at Mo-Ranch

CCP Good News • May 2011                                                                                                                  -2-
                                              John’s Musings

                                                                                                          Rev. John Hirling

Our study this month at Session began       on the sign out front, since that might     One area where I think we might do
with this line from Glenn MacDonald’s,      attract people from the community           better is in trying to involve the par-
The Disciple Making Church: “The            and planning for food might suggest         ents of the CDC kids into activities of
church is the only organization that ex-    that we wanted a relatively predict-        the church. What would happen if
ists for its nonmembers.” MacDonald         able num-ber. To the great credit of        we made sure those parents knew
then suggests that while that is a great    everyone involved, the opinion was: “of     they were invited to church activates
slogan, be careful when you run it by       course, we invite the community. If we      – whether fellowship, social, or mis-
your current members. Disagreement          eat less, we eat less.” (As an aside, do    sional? I don’t have an answer. But I
comes along two lines, one of which         you have any idea what a wonderful          do know that when people aren’t in-
is that other organizations exist for       church this is and what great leaders       vited, we’ve said “no” for them. What
their nonmembers – charities, medical       you have lifted up?)                        would happen if we became more
research groups, volunteer philanthrop-       A somewhat tougher question comes         involved when the CDC parents have
ic associations. The other challenge        up when the size of something affects       an activity for or at the church? Again,
comes from those that seem to hear in       its efficacy. For in-stance, group dy-       I don’t know. But I can’t see a negative
that statement, that the church ONLY        namics theory indicates that if you have    anywhere.
exists for their nonmembers. Most           more than 15 people in a group, some        In Paradoxy, Ken Howard offers this
of us would agree that a church that        people will not share. So if the purpos-    formula for opening ourselves to the
only exists for its members is not really   es of the group can best be achieved        possibilities: Make a friend, be a friend,
a church – certainly not the kind of        by limiting the number of partici-pants,    introduce your friend to Jesus. We’re
church that God would envision. Still,      is it OK to be exclusive? I’ve given this   way past the time where “If you build
the whole conversation raises some          a lot of thought and I come up with         it, they’ll come.”
interesting questions.                      the answer, “No.” If number 16 shows        Grace & peace,
Try these on for size: should a church      up, we need to find a way to have two
ever have an event that is only open        groups of 8 (give or take). We should
to the membership? We talked about          be so lucky.                                John
that before putting the Seder Supper

                   Hail guest, we ask not what thou art;
                If friend, we greet thee, hand and heart
                            If stranger, such no longer be;
                      If foe, our love shall conquer thee.
   An ancient Celtic welcome, found over the door of an old inn in Wales.

CCP Good News • May 2011                                                                                                 -3-
 Music Notes
 The Vagaries of Public Performance

                                                                                                          Sondra Tucker

I have a lot of friends who are church     as a postlude at all THREE of their      But, oh, the times when things come
musicians, either on staff or as volun-    Easter morning services. At the middle   together! That experience is what
teer singers, ringers, or instrumental-    service, he got two pages reversed,      makes the struggles all worthwhile,
ists. My Facebook news feed was filled      and got completely lost. He wrote that   and helps us come through the low
Easter weekend with the excitement of      if he had only played from memory        spots, the practicing, the rehearsals,
musical plans coming to fruition. It’s     (which he could have), it wouldn’t       the tedium of preparation. Kudos
always fun to see what music other         have happened. But he didn’t, and it     to all our Easter musicians, who made
churches are using. My reaction is         did, and he had to STOP, rearrange the   beautiful music for our worship!
either “Ooh, I LOVE that song – we         music sheets, find a pickup spot and
should use that sometime” or “I don’t      get going again. Needless to say, his
know that one; maybe I’ll see if some-     nerves were shattered by the time the
one has a version on YouTube or iTunes     final chord arrived!
that I can listen to”, and occasionally,   Which gets me around to my point.
“Ugh, really?” (I keep that last com-      Stuff happens sometimes. Sometimes
ment to myself.)                           it happens because of distractions or
Then on Easter afternoon came the          nerves; sometimes it happens because
inevitable posts of “Thanks to the         of a lack of preparation; sometimes
choir, brass quintet, herald trumpets,     because of inexperience or arrogance;
and liturgical dancers for a transcen-     sometimes a small mistake diverts your
dant worship!” Absolutely! But I           concentration and things snowball;
privately wondered how much of it          and sometimes things go wrong for no
was true, and how much was a little        good reason at all. You find yourself
post-resurrection public posturing. I      elbow deep in musical muck and you
did, however, have one dear friend, a      just have to claw your way out some-
fabulous organist, who played the fa-      how.
mous Toccata by Charles-Marie Widor

                                              Choir News
                                              You are cordially invited to change your point of view on
                                              Sunday mornings in June! Come sit up in the choir loft and
                                              join the choir. In June, we will forego Wednesday rehearsals,
                                              and sing EASY hymn-based anthems throughout the month.
                                              We will rehearse each anthem on Sunday mornings at 9:45,
                                              ditch the choir robes, and have some musical fun. All are
                                              welcome. No audition required. Child care available upon
                                              request. Contact Sondra Tucker at for

CCP Good News • May 2011                                                                                              -4-
 A Message from Woody Speer
 Your Support Helps Woody Endure the MS150 to Austin

A special thanks to all who supported me this year with
your pledges, donations and prayers. After I arrived in
Austin, a women about my age tapped me on my shoul-
der and said, “My mother would like to speak with you”.
The women introduced me to her mother Karen.Karen,
wearing the crown in the photo to the right, is 76
years old and has lived with MS for 50 years. She said
when she first had MS that the doctors knew so little
about MS back in 1961 that she was diagnosed as hav-
ing emphysema. She said in a few short years she was
confined to a wheel chair as there was little that could
be done back then. She also shared that the modern
medication developed over the past ten years has made
a huge difference in her quality of life as well as in others
with Multiple Sclerosis. She wanted to convey her spe-
cial thanks and appreciation to all of you all for helping
make a difference in her life as well as others with MS.
For those of you who were waiting to see if this middle-
aged body could make it to Austin again before your
wrote your check or had your credit card dinged, here’s         Woody Speer chatting with Karen, who was diagnosed with MS
your chance to donate as per the link at the bottom!                                      in 1961.
My employer, EOG Resources will match your donation.
Thank you all again for your support!
Woody Speer
Donate to Woody at            Brad and Martha Eaves also completed this year’s MS150.

 May Birthdays
 Susan Bell                 9                   Clint Broadhurst       26              Brad Eaves              31
 Anne Swaim                 13                  Martha Eaves           26              Allison Rowe            31
 Richard Bell               15                  Will Speer             27
 Clay Spence                19                  Helen Yingst           27
 Roger Tucker               19                  Warren Elrod           28
 Wandell Card               22                  Stephanie Becker       30
 Lynn Embrey                23                  Matthew Becker         30
 Glory Okoro                23                  Pat Childers           30
 Bob Cunningham             24                  Louise Horst           30

CCP Good News • May 2011                                                                                            -5-
There are many ways to participate in giving at ChristChurch Presbyterian.

The Giving Committee is proud to announce projects for 2011. If you would like to give, participate in the committee or simply
have questions, please contact Karen Persley at

Schedule: April- June   Seafarers Boxes
                        Suitcases for CPS
                        Giving Team CCP Booth at the Bellaire Spring Festival- Focus on Water Project

          July- Sept    Back to School Drive
                        Shoe Collection
                        School Supply Money for CCSC
                        School Supplies for CCP Families
                        Needed Teaching Supplies for the Cuba Water Project in November

           Oct- Dec     Blankets, Warm Clothing, Towels, Soap - Star of Hope Mission
                                                                   Salvation Army
                                                                   Women’s Shelter

           All Year     A supply of Greeting Cards are available to anyone caring to send a note to church members in need of

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance
Bear one another’s burdens ... Galatians 6:2 NRSV

                                            The people of Japan need our prayers as they recover from the earth-
                                            quake, tsunami and the nuclear power plant disaster. Send donations
                                            through Presbytery to:

                                            Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
                                            P.O. Box 643700
                                            Pittsburgh, PA 15264-3700
                                            Memo line Acct # DR0017
                                            Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

                                            For more information on ways to donate to ministries supported by the
                                            Presbyterian Church USA go online to the Presbyterian Disaster
                                            Assistance page at

 CCP Good News • May 2011                                                                                              -6
 Seafarer’s Christmas Boxes
 Don’t worry, we don’t have our holidays mixed up. It isn’t Christmas time yet but it is time to start collecting items for the Sea-
 farer’s Christmas boxes. These boxes will be part of over 10,000 boxes given to Seafarers who are on ships that stop at the Port
 of Houston from mid-November until Christmas as they will be at sea on Christmas.
 A collection box for the donated items will be in the narthex staring in April. The idea is to spread the collection over a larger
 part of the year as there are so many other things going on in the late fall. This also allows time to take advantage of sales or
 other opportunities to increase the “bang for the buck.”
 Donation of any of the items will be gratefully accepted at any time but, some items are probably best left till later in the year
 (candy – for freshness and pens, paper, etc in August when school supplies are on sale).
 Suggested items for the next few months are:
 May                                June
 Comb                               Kleenex (individual packets)
 Shaving cream                      Band-aids
 Disposable Razors                  Deck of cards
 Nail clippers                      Black Thread and needle
 Deodorant                          Key Chains
 We are asking for the usual collection of items for the boxes (see list below). Items in the first column are ones we hope to
 include in each box. Items in the second column are items that we need one or two per box so the Seafarers get something fun
 for Christmas.
 If you have any questions contact Barbara Yantis (713-552-9066 evenings or leave message during day) or e-mail chandosy@
 Need for each box                                                             Need two for each box
 Soap                                                                          Address book
 Shampoo                                                                       Disposable cameras
 Toothbrush                                                                    Flashlight
 Toothpaste                                                                    Key chains
 Band-aids                                                                     Playing cards
 Comb                                                                          Puzzles & games
 Dental floss                                                                   Postcards
 Deodorant                                                                     Texas souvenirs
 Shaving cream                                                                 T-shirts
 Disposable razors                                                             Baseball caps
 Lip balm
 Nail clippers
 Gum & hard candy (no chocolate)
 Paper & envelopes
 Pencils & pens
 Needle & thread

CCP Good News • May 2011                                                                                                -7-
The Month of April at ChristChurch

Better Bunch

CCP Good News • May 2011             -8-
  Sunday School and Parent’s Night Out

CCP Good News • May 2011                 -9-
       2011 Session
   ChristChurch Presbyterian
                                      Christian Education
 Class of 2011
                                      Pre-school to High School
 John Becker, Amy Gremillion,         Sunday School
 Priscilla Kennedy, Woody Speer,
 Roger Tucker, Craig Wooten           Pre-school to 5th Grade
                                      Where: Education Bldg. Room 205
 Class of 2012
                                      Middle School
 Homer Borgstedte, Sue Cox,
                                      Where: Education Bldg. Room 222
 Brad Eaves, Aileen Fleming, Karen
                                      High School
 Class of 2013                        Where: Education Bldg. Room 211

 Richard Bell, Mylene Bole, Fred
 Cook, Anne Reed, Gretchen Sparks     Adult Sunday School
 Youth Elders: Matthew Bole,
 Lubna Obou
                                      Wired Word
 Clerk of Session
                                      Where: West Wing, Room 6
 Janice Schessler
                                      When: Every Sunday at 9am
                                      Teacher: Fred Cook
                                                                        Mental Gymnastics
 Rev. John Hirling
                                                                        The Voice New Testament
                                                                        and annotated Bible
                                                                        Where: West Wing, Room 1
                                      Women’s Bible                     When: Every Sunday at 9am
 CCP Good News Contributors                                             Teacher: Homer Borgstedte
 Barbara Buckley, Sue Cox, Aileen     Study.
 Fleming, Liz Gentry, John Hirling,   Where: West Wing, Room 5
 Dorothy Mares, Woody Speer and       When: Every Sunday at 9am
 Sondra Tucker.                       Teacher: Burnette Boyett

 Editors: Aileen Fleming

                                      Congratulations to Our
                                      Kofi Anane-Sekyere
                                      Anne Barkley
                                      Robert Lasu
                                      Samantha Maher
                                      Emma Seward
                                      Jamie Townsend
                                      Eno Serwaa-Mahnu Sekyere
                                      from Vanderbilt!

CCP Good News • May 2011                                                                            -10-
Adult Ministry
                                                                                          Good News is a monthly publication of Christ-
                                                                                          Church Presbyterian, and is sent to members,
Better Bunch                                 Ladies’ Book Club                            visitors, and friends.
Pack your sunscreen and join us for a        The Ladies’ Book Club meets the 4th          POSTMASTER: Send changes of
tram tour of Galveston. The tour is 1        Tuesday of the month at 7pm. Join us         address to:
½ hours and will include many of the         May 24 at the home of Becky Van Com-              ChristChurch Presbyterian
carved trees. We will leave from 3rd         pernolle. We will discuss The Glass Castle        5001 Bellaire Boulevard
                                                                                               Bellaire, TX 77401
Street at 8:00 am. Lunch afterward will      by Jeannette Walls. If you have any
be at Miller’s Landing on the Seawall.       questions, please contact Lucy Seward at     Bulk mail postage paid at Bellaire, TX
Cost for the trip is $10 for the tour plus or Mylene Bole at         USPS #105.
                                                                                          All articles for submission should be sent to church-
                                                                                 Issue deadlines are the 20th of
Sign up form will be in the Gathering        Friday Night Bridge                          the month.
Space or contact Barbara Buckley at                                                       All material is subject to editing for space and con-
281.498.0483 or          Friday Night Bridge is back. Join us         tent; every effort will be made to include all articles.
                                             Friday, May 20 at the home of Keith and
Mark your calendars for the June 15 trip     Sue Cox. Contact Sue for more informa-       STAFF DIRECTORY
to see the Painted Churches and Sep-         tion.                                        John Hirling
tember 8. If you have somewhere you                                                                 Interim Pastor
would like to go/do/see or to eat, please    Parents’ NIght Out                           
let Barbara Buckley know.
                                             Parents’ Night Out is a wonderful oppor-     Drew Harrison
                                             tunity for parents to enjoy a Friday Date            Director of Youth and
                                             Night! On the 4th Friday of the month,               Christian Formation
Wednesday Night Dinner                       bring your children to the Fellowship

Join us each Wednesday evening for           Hall to enjoy dinner, a movie and fun in     Sondra Tucker
dinner in the Fellowship Hall. Enjoy an      a safe environment. We take children                  Director of Music
evening meal with your church family         from the age of 3 ½ through 5th grade.      

and friends.                                 Friday, Our May 27 night will be from        Linda Weise
                                             6 – 9:30 PM.                                         CDC Director

                                                                                          Diana Lee
                                                                                                   Financial Administrator

                                                                                          Dorothy Mares
                                                                                                  Office Administrator

                                                                                          Church Office
                                                                                                  Phone 713-667-6574
                                                                                                  Fax 713-667-6583

                                                                                          Child Development Center (CDC)

                                                                                                     Volunteer Interfaith
   It’s never too early to starting thinking about what you can do-                                  Caregivers SW
                                nate to the                                                          713-772-8181
                     October 1, 2011 Garage Sale.                                          

                                                                                          Presbytery of New Covenant
 Donations are being accepted and can be dropped off in the West                         
                          Wing room 4.
                 Dorothy has the key to let you in.

CCP Good News • May 2011                                                                                                      -11-
To the Church Triumphant
“Death is swallowed up in victory ... Thanks be to God, who gives us the victory
through our Lord Jesus Christ.” -- 1 Cor. 15:54-57

Jane Dodge
Longtime Bellaire resident Jane Edwards Rehm Dodge passed away at age 97 on April 7, 2011, in Houston. She was born August
20, 1913, in Chicago, IL. She graduated from the University of Texas in 1935, where she majored in botany and was inducted into
Phi Beta Kappa. She taught elementary school in Burleson, TX, until she married Carl Dodge (Sr.) in 1940 and moved to Houston.
They moved to Bellaire in 1946 after WWII. Jane and Carl Sr. had three children, Carl, Jr., Margret, and Lee.
Jane was preceded in death by her two sisters, Margaret Rehm (1917-1940), and Willa Gene Shirley (1924-2005). She is survived
by her brother Paul E. Rehm and his wife June of Abilene, her three children Carl (& Elsie) Dodge of Houston, Margret (& Robert)
Simmons of Houston, Lee Dodge of Colorado, grandchildren Jon-Eric Simmons of Austin, Allison Dodge of Connecticut, and Elissa
(& Dave) Lyon of New York, and one great-granddaughter Calder Jane Lyon.
The family wishes to thank the staff of Clarewood House for the care she received since 2006, and Katherine Brown who was espe-
cially attentive to her needs.

        CHRISTCHURCH Presbyterian                                                                             Organization
        5001 Bellaire Boulevard                                                                                US Postage
        Bellaire, TX 77401                                                                                     Bellaire Tx
                                                                                                              Permit #105
        Address Service Requested

                                 Join us on Sunday!
                              Christian Education 9:00 am
                                   Worship 10:15 am

                                                              Address Label