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Thursday 24 March 2011 at 7.30 p.m. at Holmes Chapel Library

Part I – Public and Press present
1. Attendance        Mr A Pierce (Chairman)              Mr WN Guthrie
                     Mr WA Ashworth                      Mrs IM Mackenzie
                     Mr JA Clowes                        Mr AC Rickards
                     Mrs PA Cotton                       Mr DE Savage
                     Mr L Gilbert                        Mr MJ Street

2. Apologies         RESOLVED (c10/11/81) to approve apologies from Cllrs. Brownlow
                     and Parry.

3. Declarations of   None

4. Council Minutes   RESOLVED (c10/11/82) to approve the minutes of the Council
                     meeting held on 10 February 2011 as a true and accurate record and
                     to be signed by the Chairman.

5. Committee    RESOLVED (c10/11/83)
Actions and       1. To approve the actions and recommendations of the Strategy
Recommendations      Committee held on 24 February 2011.
                  2. To approve the actions and recommendations of the
                     Amenities Committee held on 3 March 2011.
                  3. To approve the actions and recommendations of the Technical
                     Services Committee held on 10 March 2011.

6. Matters Arising   The Clerk reported on the following:
                        1. Sanofi Aventis – Representatives met Paul Moore and Simon
                            Isherwood of Bluemantle before this meeting. The issues
                            should be considered further at the next Strategy Committee
                        2. Dane Valley – Cllrs. Clowes and Savage are preparing a
                            display for the Annual Parish Meeting. Some figures have
                            now been produced but these need to be broken down into
                            different parts of the scheme. Cranage PC met earlier this
                            week and are reviewing the plans. In the circumstances it is
                            recommended that the Amenities Committee should proceed
                            with plans for the Dane Valley. This is still a joint project, but
                            recognises that the Holmes Chapel side is in a position to
                            proceed more quickly and easily.
                        3. Play Areas – A meeting was held on 7 March 2011. Cllr.
                            Guthrie will report to the next meeting of Amenities
                        4. Donations – All the approved donations have now been paid.
                        5. Benchmarking - The final report has been delayed due to
                            computer problems but is anticipated soon
                        6. Leisure Centre – The Clerk had received a response (copy to
                            be circulated) from CEC setting out guidelines for booking
                            arrangements which are to be discussed at a meeting to be
                            held on 28 March 2011 with CEC and the Head of the School.
                            The Amenities Committee will review the situation following
                            that meeting.
                        7. Station parking – Complaints have been received about
                          restrictions and clamping following an alleged change of
                          ownership of the car park. Cllr. Rickards had made enquiries
                          and had been informed that there has not been a change of
                          ownership; but they have introduced a parking regime which is
                          intended to ensure that users park correctly in marked bays
                          and do not cause obstruction. Those who breach the parking
                          requirements will receive a penalty notice. There are no plans
                          to introduce charging in the car park.
                       8. Traffic Task Group – Cllrs. Gilbert and Street and the Clerk
                          met Fiona Bruce MP on Saturday 12 March 2011. She is
                          going to discuss the issues with the Chief Executive of CEC
                          and report back. The Clerk had since spoken to Glyn
                          Chambers who is going to look at possible sources of grant
                          funding for consultancy.
                       9. Lighting of playing field footpath – CEC are waiting for
                          delivery of the shades for the lighting columns before work can

7. Sanofi Aventis   An informal meeting was held between some members of the Council
site                and Simon Isherwood of Bluemantle before this Council meeting.
                    RESOLVED (c10/11/84) to refer comments to Strategy Committee for
                    further consideration pending the formal application by Bluemantle to
                    CEC Planning.

8. Partnership         1. Stuart Gammon from Holmes Chapel Partnership gave a
                          presentation to the Council prior to the formal meeting. He had
                          reported on the following:
                        The Partnership was launched in October 2010 to succeed the
                          Parish Plan Implementation Group in order to involve the
                          whole community of Holmes Chapel, including the traders and
                          residents. The first full meeting was held in January 2011.
                        5 Thematic groups have been formed, each with a Chairman.
                        Glyn Chambers had agreed to continue to act as Project
                          Manager and Mr Gammon thanked the Council for the initial
                          funding for the Project Manager. Grant funding has been
                          awarded for a further year, which will fund the Project
                          Manager and leave a small surplus.
                        The Partnership had assisted with setting up the U3A,
                          completed a litter bin survey and is working with the Council
                          on traffic and play area projects.
                        A grant has been received from CEC for a cycling project
                          within Holmes Chapel.
                    The Chairman had thanked Mr Gammon for his presentation.
                       2. Arising from the report:
                    RESOLVED (c10/11/85):
                        To arrange a meeting with the Partnership, after the elections
                          in May, to discuss future working arrangements to avoid
                          duplication of work and obtain the best for the village
                        To extend the existing SLA with Glyn Chambers for a further
                          12 months subject to receiving the necessary funding

9. Quality          RESOLVED (c10/11/86) to appoint the Chairman of the Council and
                    the Chairmen of the Committees to review the Council’s portfolio prior
                    to submission for Quality accreditation.
10. Local Service   The Clerk reported on a meeting, also attended by Cllrs Savage,
Delivery            Clowes and Gilbert, with Chris Alman of CEC held earlier on 24
                    March 2011. CEC are asking for decisions to be made by Town and
                    Parish Councils by the end of May 2011 with the services transferred
                    on 1 April 2012 or, in the case of devolved services, by August 2012.
                    There will be a 12 month pilot scheme running in Congleton for
                    devolved services.
                    RESOLVED (c10/11/87)
                        The Clerk to obtain the CEC Asset Register and costings to
                           prepare a report to the Strategy Committee.
                        Strategy Committee to consider the report and discuss the
                           matter fully with a view to making recommendations to the
                           new Council
                        The Clerk to publicise the matter via the web site and
                           newsletters, so that electors are aware of the possible
                           increase in the Council’s precept.

11. Finance –       RESOLVED (c10/11/88) to approve the following:
accounts for
payment              Already Paid
                     SO    RS Cussons     Rent April – June 10                937-50
                           Barclays       Bank charges March – June 10         11-50
                           Barclays       Bank charges June – Sept 10           9-20
                     SO    RS Cussons     Rent June – Sept 10                 937-50
                           Barclays       Stopped cheque 721                   12-50
                           Barclays       Bank charges Sept – Dec 10           11-50
                           DR Cowgill     Salary February 2011                533-69
                           NL Clarke      Salary February 2011                324-37
                     761 BT               Clerk phone                          97-71
                     762 BT               Office phone                         72-01
                     763 HC U3A           s.137 donation                      350-00
                     764 CAB              s.137 donation                      780-00
                     765 St. Luke’s       s.137 donation                      500-00
                     766 Vic Club         s.137 donation                       1000-
                     767    United        Water – office                       32-56
                     768    EQH Ltd       Partnership February 2011           600-00
                     769    SLCC          Subscription – clerk 2011           106-00
                     770    ChALC         Training x 2                         60-00
                     771    RS Cussons    Service charge & insurance          434-01
                     772    NL Clarke     Stamps and postage                   20-52
                            Barclays      Bank charges Jan – March 2011         6-90

                     To be paid
                     SO     RS Cussons    Rent – Jan – March 2011             937-50
                     773 HMRC             Tax and NI to year end              745-09
                     774 Weaver           Office laser printer                456-00
                     775 SLCC             Registration for CilCA NLC          150-00
                     776     BT              Internet Office                 115-16
                     777     HC Today        Exhibitor’s fee                  10-00
                     778     Broxap          Memorial Planter               3201.60
                     779     DR Cowgill      Salary – March 2011             533-72
                     780     NL Clarke       Salary – March 2011             324-37
                     781     United          Water office Feb – 11 Mar 2011    6-82
                     783 HC                  Transfer of remaining funds     200-00
12. Borough         RESOLVED (c10/11/89) to suspend standing orders and receive a
Council reports     report from Cllr. Gilbert as follows:
                        Caroline Elwood has been appointed Borough Solicitor.
                        CE is renewing their Highway Maintenance contract in
                            October 2011. There are 3 companies left in the tendering
                            process. This does not include BAM Nuttall, the present

13. Outside         The following reports were made:
Bodies              Sandbach Almshouses Charity - Cllr. Mackenzie reported on the
                    last meeting of the Trustees – a note is to be circulated
                    Community Rail Partnership: Cllr. Rickards has retired from the
                    Committee but is willing to attend a meeting with the new Council
                    representative following elections in May 2011.
                    Village Volunteers - Cllr. Clowes reported on the following:
                          The Planters have been installed at the village entrances.
                            CEC have provided the soil and plants and the VV will plant
                            them this weekend.
                          A memorial planter has been ordered to replace 2 bollards by
                            the disabled parking space outside Barclays. The funding has
                            been obtained through a grant from CEC and money raised by
                            friends of some young people killed in road accidents in the
                            Holmes Chapel area.
                          New litter bins are being installed following the survey
                            completed by Village Volunteers and the Partnership.
                    Local Area Partnership – this has now been reformed and is asking
                    for representatives to volunteer. Details had been circulated
                    ChALC – Cllr. Cotton reported on a meeting she attended on 2 March
                    2011. A presentation was given by the Office of National Statistics
                    regarding the Census. The Area Meeting is looking for a new
                    Police - Councillors reported on their evenings at Middlewich Police
                    Station. A document has been received outlining the powers PCSO
                    have; a copy is available at the office. The PCSO report for February
                    2011 had been circulated.

14. Annual Report   The Chairman and Clerk reported on items to be included in the 2011
                    Annual report. The report will include items on elections, progress on
                    schemes and Local Service Delivery and will be finalised after the
                    closing date for the elections on 4 April 2011 and when the summary
                    of the year end accounts is completed.

15. Meetings /      The Council considered items for inclusion in future agendas:
Agendas             Strategy – Local Service Delivery, Sanofi Aventis and s.106 money
                    Amenities – Leisure Centre, Local Service Delivery
                     Technical Services – Local Service Delivery, Traffic Task Group
                     Finance – RESOLVED (c10/11/90) to hold an additional Council
                     meeting on 14 April 2011 immediately after the Finance Committee to
                     approve the year end accounts for submission to audit.
                     Annual Parish Meeting – The Council is to invite those who have
                     received financial donations over the past year, the PCSO and the
                     Chairman of the Community Rail Partnership.

16. Council          The Clerk reminded the Council that local elections will be held on
Elections            Thursday 5 May 2011 and that action is required before 5 April 2011
                     for those wishing to stand for election.

17. Chairman and     The Chairman and Clerk reported on the following:
Clerk’s reports         1. Holmes Chapel Today – This is taking place on Saturday 14
                           May 2011. The Parish Council is to have a stand. The
                           Chairman will open the event
                        2. Census – The office is to be used as a Help Point.
                        3. Action for Market Towns – The Council’s membership has
                           been renewed by CEC. This gives grant funding opportunities
                           and sources of help and advice.
                        4. Election – This is the last full meeting of this Council. The
                           Chairman thanked those members not standing for re-election
                           and for their valuable contributions over the years. The
                           Chairman indicated that he would not stand for re-election and
                           thanked members for their support.

18. News items       The Clerk to publicise proposed Local Service Delivery.

Part II - Private and Confidential Business – None

The meeting closed at 9.05 p.m.

These minutes will be submitted for approval at the next meeting scheduled for 14 April
2011. Until then they are draft minutes.

Signed as Chairman of the Council as a true and accurate record:


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