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      Volume 1, Issue 2                                    The Vow
                          Triedstone Full Gospel Baptist Church Marriage Ministry Newsletter

 Featured Articles        “From Our Lead Servants”
 • “Table for Two”                                                         mannerisms, tone, motives and world view;
                                                                           we would not only have a better
 • Keeping It Spicy, At                                                    understanding and appreciation of our Lord
   Home!                                                                   but also a better understanding and
                                                                           appreciation of ourselves and of those whom
  Editor’s Picks                                                          we are called to minister to.

  Activity Month!                                                         In taking just a limited glance at the life of
                                                                           Jesus I discovered that He lived believing
                                                                           that His purpose in God was greater than
                                                                           Himself. Therefore, His personal pain did not
                                                                           warrant the attention it would be given that
                                                                           would inevitably be to the detriment of His
                                                                           initial assignment and the glory that mission
                                Elder Ronell & Minister                    would produce. Paul echoes the
                                      Paula Brown                          same sentiment in his letter to the Romans
                                                                           when he stated "For I reckon that the
  Inside Articles:                    Lead Servants                        sufferings of this present time [are] not
                                                                           worthy [to be compared] with the glory
Music, “How does it               In His Image Marriage                    which shall be revealed in us", Romans 8:18.
       feel” – 3                         Ministry                          To live by (NOT IMITATE) Christ's example
                                                                           and principles is a lofty yet achievable
A Single’s Mind – 4                                                        endeavor. To assist in this process one need

Table for Two – 6
                          Recently, someone asked me some                  to be connected to the Holy Spirit. This
                          questions concerning overcoming                  comes through prayer. Constant and
                          afflictions and abuses of the past, holiness     deliberate communication with the master is
 Marriage Ministry                                                         key. True relationship creates, legitimizes
                          and walking in judgment. The inquiry
 Activity Month – 7                                                        and solidifies the bond of unity. The heavy
                          centered around addressing those who
                          offend you. Is it proper to do so, do we         burdens of our deepest and most difficult
Editor’s Picks – 8                                                         struggles can be made light through the
                          possess the authority and should men and
                          women of God be so offended in the first         assistance of divine allies who are ever
   Resources - 9                                                           present and willing to hold up our arms
                          place? The concern is not an uncommon
                          one. I tend to observe things based upon         through the process until total victory is
                          the call and the charge that is upon my own      achieved.
                          personal life (as we all do). Though Paula
                          and I as ministers of the gospel must walk       Secondly, it takes discipline. Not extreme
                          a fine,... yet distinctive line; the means       discipline but intentional and purposeful
                          always justifies the end. I believe (and it is   discipline. Fasting helps us in this regard. I
                          very easy to do so) that we as born again        am not speaking in terms of fasting from
                          believers (not just ministers) fail to           food alone (though that method is sort of a
                          REALLY consider Jesus's example of the           "spiritual boot camp" for training the flesh);
                          Godly walk that have been well                   but a fast of the mind and heart. In Isaiah
                          documented in scripture. Once we                 58:6 the prophet of the Lord speaks for God
                          REALLY begin to study his style,... not          as he says to Israel; "Is not this the fast that I
                          just that of his teaching but his                have chosen? to loose the bands of
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Continued                                                                                      think about these things".
                                                   a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a      Matthew 13:11-15 In them is fulfilled the
                                                   time to mourn, and a time to dance; a       prophecy of Isaiah: " `You will be ever
 wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens,
                                                   time to cast away stones, and a time to     hearing but never understanding; you will
                                                   gather stones together; a time to           be ever seeing but never perceiving. For
                                                   embrace, and a time to refrain from         this people's heart has become calloused;
to let the oppressed go free, and that ye          embracing; ..."                             they hardly hear with their ears, and they
break every yoke"? I thought about a
                                                                                               have closed their eyes. Otherwise they
movie Paula and I saw a while ago which            Mark 6:31 "And he said to them, “Come       might see with their eyes, hear with their
was adapted from a book. That movie was            away by yourselves to a desolate place      ears, understand with their hearts and turn,
called “Eat, Pray, Love”. Well,... like any        and rest a while.” For many were coming     and I would heal them.' 1 Samuel 16:7 But
secular area of artistic expression one must       and going, and they had no leisure even     the LORD said unto Samuel, Look not on
remember to consume the meat and discard           to eat".                                    his countenance, or on the height of his
the bones. Having said that, early in the
                                                                                               stature; because I have refused him: for
movie Julia Robert's character was given a         Philippians 4:11 "Not that I am speaking    [the LORD seeth] not as man seeth; for
lithograph by a ninth generation medicine          of being in need, for I have learned in     man looketh on the outward appearance,
man in the                                         whatever situation I am to be content".     but the LORD looketh on the heart.
country of Bali named Katut. The image             The Covering of the Mouth - Proverbs
was that of what looked to be a man. He            11:12 "Whoever belittles his neighbor
                                                                                               To live by (NOT IMITATE)
had four legs, no head and his face was in         lacks sense, but a man of understanding     Christ's example and
the middle of his chest with the hands             remains silent".
covering the mouth.                                                                            principles is a lofty yet
                                                   1 Peter 3:3-4 "Do not let your adorning     achievable endeavor.
As the image was presented the medicine            be external—the braiding of hair and the
man explained the meaning of the image.            putting on of gold jewelry, or the
He pointed out that the four legs                  clothing you wear— but let your             w,… Shall we just take any form of abuse
represented perfect balance and stability.         adorning be the hidden person of the        or see offences and not respond? Not
He went on to explain that in order to gain        heart with the imperishable beauty of a     necessarily. It is our job, not just as
balance one must be quiet and still. Lastly,       gentle and quiet spirit, which in God's     ministers but as Christians who are
he explained to Julia Robert's character the       sight is very precious". Proverbs 17:28     motivated by the spirit of evangelism
correlation between seeing and                     "Even a fool who keeps silent is            within us which is compelled by love God
understanding. He tells her that she must          considered wise; when he closes his lips,   and the concern of His people. We endure
learn how not to see (or understand) with          he is deemed intelligent". James 1:19       hardness as good soldiers (2Timothy 2:3)
the mind (Note: There is no head) but              "Know this, my beloved brothers: let        and stand on the wall challenging that with
instead learn how to see (or                       every person be quick to hear, slow to      is not like God. However, in doing so we
understand) with the heart (Note: the face         speak, slow to anger".                      must first learn how to discipline ourselves
in the chest area).                                                                            so that we may be able to judge and
                                                   This one my father quoted to every          respond with wisdom and love. For our
Now, I'm not saying that I'm into                  minister that he had the pleasure of        tactic is to; “Make every effort to live in
mysticism, because I'm not. However, I do          mentoring;                                  peace with all men,…” (Hebrews 12:14),
find that most of the world spiritual                                                          but the ultimate purpose of man, is to
concepts find their origin in the scriptures;      1 Thessalonians 4:11-12 "And that ye        glorify God (Herein is my Father glorified,
i.e. it was God that said it first. Bishop         study to be quiet, and to do your own       that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my
Simon Gordon, Pastor of Triedstone Full            business, and to work with your own         disciples.” John 15:8). What better gift is
Gospel Baptist Church of Chicago wrote a           hands, as we commanded you; That ye         there to present to God than a heart that is
book titled “The Human Idea of God” that           may walk honestly toward them that are      persuaded to believe and live for Him?
points this out masterfully. Back to the           without, and that ye may have lack of
image in the movie, notice the following:          nothing".                                   So, Jesus came to pass to saved us from
                                                                                               our past, deliver us in our present and
The Four Legs of Balance - Eccl. 3: 1-8            Seeing with the heart and not the mind      defend us in our future. He was hurt to heal
"For everything there is a season, and a           - Philippians 4:8 "Finally, brothers,       our pains and died that we might live free
time for every matter under heaven: a time         whatever is true, whatever is honorable,    of condemnation. He rose so that we would
to be born, and a time to die; a time to           whatever is just, whatever is pure,         rise from that which tries to bury us. Jesus
plant, and a time to pluck up what is              whatever is lovely, whatever is             became an offence so that we would not be
planted; a time to kill, and a time to heal; a     commendable, if there is any excellence,    so offended.
time to break down, and a time to build up;        if there is anything worthy of praise,
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                                                                Music – “How Does It Feel?”
                                                          By Elders Keabonda’ & Richawn Randall

                                 While driving to a couples’ get-away, my husband put on a song by D’Angelo – “How Does It
                                 Feel?” D’Angelo (Michael Eugene Archer) is an American R&B and neo soul singer-
                                 songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer. While listening to the song, the thought
                                 came to me, “Music accomplishes what it is intended to do!” Music is designed to form a
                                 mood, whether it is happy, sad, rage, despair, sexual or sensual. Music prepares an

 Elders Keabonda’ &              The word music is derived from the word “muse” which means to be absorbed with one’s
  Richawn Randall                thoughts, or to engage in meditation. It is also defined as an aesthetically pleasing,
Are leaders within Triedstone,   harmonious combination of sounds. When our meditation touches pleasing
 as well as within the Joshua    combinations of sound, this then triggers certain emotions to arise within us.
    District of Full Gospel.
At Triedstone Elder Richawn      Although my husband is a musician and has been schooled to appreciate many different
operates as the Youth Ministry   genres of music, I prefer to listen to gospel music. This is attributed to my Pentecostal
   Lead Servant and Elder        upbringing, background and spiritual conviction. I have learned however to enjoy various
Keabonda is the Lead Servant     types of music so consequently, when I am in a place where “secular” music is played, I will
    of the Men’s Ministry.
                                 not reject it, because there may be songs that are pleasurable. An ambiance sometimes
                                 needs to be produced for certain atmospheres. D’Angelo’s song, sexually stimulated me.
                                 This was what the occasion was and the intent of that particular song was to exude that

                                 For many years, in the Body of Christ, “secular” music has been considered taboo. It
    Do not listen                has been referred to as the “devil’s music.” With wisdom now comes understanding.
      and absorb                 The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 3:1 “To everything there is a season, and a time to
  music that will                every purpose under the heaven”. We understand that all music whether jazz,
         create                  classical, gospel, blues, pop and love songs have a purpose and a season. The
   hindrances for                challenge then comes when the decision has to be made for who the particular music
  your life. While               is designed and what purpose is the music being used. As a Christian, one should
   in your season                have an understanding of Biblical principals. Music in its self is not evil, but an issue
     of waiting, if              can arise when unmarried people listen to sexually stimulating music in the wrong
                                 places at the wrong times.
  you desire to get
   closer to God,
  understand the                 P. J. Morton poses a question in his book entitled Why Can’t I Sing About Love?, “If God is
    importance of                Love and Love Is God, how come we can’t sing love songs?” For married couples, we
   good, anointed                encourage you to listen to songs that stimulate your soul, mind, and your sexuality. For those
  worship music.                 that are not married (single, divorced, widowed), we encourage you to recognize and learn
                                 your stimulants, so there are no surprises and you can prohibit and channel them until your
                                 season of marriage. Do not listen and absorb music that will create hindrances for your life.
                                 While in your season of waiting, if you desire to get closer to God, understand the
                                 importance of good, anointed worship music. Married couples, continue to invest in
                                 wholesome love songs. The Lord will bless you if you do. HALLELUJAH!!!!
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A Single’s Mind
ide Story Headline Step “-Simply put, I can’t afford
 Whoever said maintaining                                                   accountable and further more
 abstinence is all sunshine and        to place myself in positions that    keep my business just that –
 roses, is a lie! And you read         will cause me to stumble. Yes,       MINE. So, be careful who you
 right, not a “ liar” but a LIE! And   to maintain integrity this will      share your life with. Everyone
 I don’t know where this rabid         mean that there are some             isn’t equipped to handle your
 ideology comes from that              places that you just won’t be        call.
 equates virginity with the            able to go. It will even mean that
 absence of sexual desire, but if      there are some people that you       And lastly, I constantly
 one more person tells me what I       won’t be able to hang with, but      challenge myself to “Think
 don’t know, because of what I         trust. It’s better to operate in     Beyond The Moment”. For me
 haven’t had, I’m laying the           caution now as oppose to             this is the one that come the
 smackdown on Everybody, Lol.          having to repent later. So, in       easiest. I find in thinking about
 Ok, I’m being silly. But y’all get    short, if you know you have a        my future, it makes me less
 my point. Regardless of where         propensity to “break weak” in        prone to detour from God’s
 we fall on the “experience”           certain     situations,    AVOID     plan. There’s something very
 scale, I think we ALL can             THEM.                                sobering about thinking about
 identify with the fact that doing                                          the repercussions beyond the
 the right thing isn’t always easy.      Hear No Evil. See No Evil.         act. And at this point in my life, it
                                       Speak No Evil - I know it’s          would cost me too much to
  I share these words because it       going to sound old-fashioned         throw it all away. Not only would       Messenger Shanika Collins
 seems as if lately I’ve come          but I just can’t entertain           it compromise me, but I just            Lead Servant for the Young
 across an unusually large             EVERYTHING I see or hear.            don’t want my husband to find                Adults Ministry
 number of my co-laborers in the        And I think sometimes we            that I have given away what is
 faith who seem to be                  underestimate the media’s            rightfully his. And even more
 discouraged when it comes to          ability to influence our thought     than that, I just don’t want to
 the whole abstinence and              process. Now am I saying that        make God look bad. So, if that
 waiting thing. From the tone of       you should turn off the TV and       means deferring some things,
 some I’ve heard frustration,          radio all together? Certainly not!   well then I’ll defer. If it means I
 weariness and even the sound          No, I’m just saying be conscious     have to let some relationships
 of defeat setting in. So, I           of what you allow yourself to        go, then I’m throwing up the
 decided to pen these words for        entertain. Remember, the Spirit      deuces. And if that means I’m
 any who may be feeling a little       lives inside of you. Be careful of   considered churchy or a bit
 weary in the fight. And trust,        the things you allow to sit          prudish by folks on the outside
 although I’m an advocate for          beside Him.                          looking in, well then its like
 abstinence I don’t speak from                                              “Redman” used to rap, “ I’ll
 the place of “I’ve got it all         I must be disciplined and            beeeee dat. I’ll beeeee dat. I’ll
 together.” No, honestly if            remember to Fast & Pray –            beeeee dat.” LOL!
 maintaining my testimony was          Even the word says that some
 something that was all up to me,      things only come by Fasting and      See, at the end of the day, you
 I would’ve given in a long time       Praying. Fasting, prayer and         can call me a lot of
 ago. Truly, I know it’s no good       studying are all weapons of          things…easy just won’t be one
 of my own.                            warfare. And it’s impossible to      of them. ;-)
                                       be equipped for any kind of
 But here’s the thing, I do believe    battle if you’re not in your word    So, that’s all. To those who are
 there’s a place we can get to         nor seeking God. Really, if you      like me and are still holding out,
 where it becomes much easier          have no substance in you, what       don’t lose heart! Know that
 to NOT have sex than it does to       will you draw from when              obedience        precedes      the
 actually have sex. I know that        temptation comes?                    blessing. The promise that God
 you’re having issues, believe
                                                                            has for you far outweighs any
 me I know how you feel. This is       Accountability – I can count on      temporary fix the devil could
 what I do to maintain and get         LESS than one hand how many          ever present. So, press on.
 through being single…… First          people I consider “inner court”      Keep lifting The Standard. It
 and foremost, I constantly say        friends. But those I do have are     looks good on you! Blessings.
 to myself “Shanika, Watch Your        people I can trust to keep me
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  After All of The Funeral Arrangements Are Done,…

  Reality       and    the  REAL
                                     made the decision to be in right
                                     covenant and join together in
  questions set in. I know I have    marriage. Like many other
  to raise three children, take      couples we had our share of
  responsibility of my mother in     trials and tribulations but we
  law, go to work and pay these      learned to endure.
  bills all by myself? LORD, WHY
  DID YOU HAVE TO TAKE               On December 5, 2006 A
  HIM!!!?                            Chicago police officer came to
                                     our home to inform me that
  When God calls your spouse         someone fitting my husband’s
  home what do you do?               description was found in the
                                     truck that we owned. I went
  My husband Ron and I met in        with the officer to where the
  the fall of 1992. We worked        truck was and found my
                                     husband. He had suffered a              Jimell Topps along
                                     massive heart attack! After           husband Ronny Lewis
                                     breaking down at the scene I               (Ron made his
                                     remembered      asking    God           transition in 2006)
                                     “WHY” and “LORD,… “WHAT
                                     WILL I DO NOW”!?
                                                                               along with their
                                                                            children. Jimell is a
                                     Many nights I’ve questioned             faithful member of
                                     God. Many nights I cried,             Triedstone. The Vow is
                                     prayed and fasted. Then one              grateful to her for
                                     day my son came into my               sharing her testimony
                                     bedroom one night and said to
                                     me, “Mom,… if God knows how
                                     many hairs are on your head
                                     and has taken care of us [all
                                     this time], why do you think he    the Kirk Franklin song “Imagine
                                     is going to leave us now”? I       Me”.
“Mom,… if God knows how many         knew then that I was going to
hairs are on your head and has       be just fine. It was then that I   Today, I can testify that God
                                     knew that I had to exit my pity    has blessed me beyond
taken care of us [all this time],                                       measure! The Lord has been
                                     party and do as God would
why do you think he is going to      have me do. While going            right by my side. He has
leave us now”?                       through the process, it was the    carried me (as the elders use
                                     Lord that always sent my           to say) a mighty long way.
                                     closest aunt and my good           Now, I must confess that I’m
                                     friends      to     give    me     not what nor where I was
                                     encouragement. I learn how to      before but I can see myself
  together at a high school. I was   put it in God’s hands.             getting better each day, striving
  divorced with 2 kids, he was                                          for what God wants me to be!
  single with none. In 1996 God      During those trying times the      In the end, my hope is to be an
  blessed us with our first child    scripture that I quoted all day    encouragement to others and I
  together, a son (Ron Jr.). In      everyday was Philippians 4:13      pray that I can use my
  1999 Ron gave his life to the      – “I can do all things through     experience to touch someone
  Lord and he joined Triedstone.     Christ which strengthened me”.     else so that they too can strive
  On September 22, 2002 we           I couple that affirmation with     and thrive in God.
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                     Table for Two Chicago Area Restaurant Review
                                                                     Elder Devry and Minister Tiffany Graham
                     Mercat a la Planxa
                     638 South Michigan Avenue                            drunken noodles, spicy basil leaves and
                     Chicago, IL 60605                                    pineapple fried rice. If your looking for
                     312-765-0524                                         something light you must try the "worlds
                                                                          best" avocado egg rolls, the crab and
                     OMG!!! Anytime you go to a restaurant two            cream cheese egg rolls or the angel
                     days in a row your either really greedy or the       wings. I've been a regular at this
                     food is EXCELLENT! I'll go with the food is          restaurant for 8 years and I've yet to be
                     EXCELLENT! I've been here about 3 times in           disappointed.
                     4 months and will probably go again before
                     the snow melts. It's just that good. I've never
                     had garlic spinach with pine nuts, shreds of
                                                                          Sprinkles Cupcakes
 “Sian Marina Thai                                                        50 East Walton Street
 Restaurant is one   green apples sprinkled on top. It sounds very
                     different and it is, but it's very good. I went      Chicago, IL 60611
 of my favorite                                                           312-573-1600
                     with my sister on the 1st trip and the
 restaurants. The    chocolate balls we had for desert were soooo
 food is always      good I had to come back the next day with my         Located right off the magnificent mile is a
 fresh and the       husband for desert only. I've never had fried        small cupcake boutique that you can't
 service is always   chocolate balls with melted marshmallow and          miss. Even if you can't see the sign you
 nice.”              some type of sauce drizzled on top melt in my        won't miss it because there's usually a line
                     mouth until eating here. It was the best desert      of people standing outside waiting to place
                     I've ever had in my entire life.....I'm not          an order. Sprinkles has approximately 5
                     exaggerating! It was a little more expensive         chairs for people that want to dine in so
                     than your average tapas restaurant but it was        you would fare better to just grab your
                     worth it. When you go try to get a table next        cupcakes and making a dash. I went on
                     to the window and you'll have a beautiful view       Valentine's day and waited in line for
                     of Michigan Ave. During the weekends                 about 10 minutes for 3 cupcakes. I
                     Mercat is busier but you can still get a seat in     ordered red velvet, carrot and strawberry
                     a reasonable amount of time. The only thing          and they were delicious. I didn't eat them
                     that didn't please my palate was a rice dish. It     all in one day but I easily could have if I
                     was too dry and lacked flavor.                       didn't use a little self-control- LOL.
                                                                          Anyway, red velvet was my favorite
                                                                          because the cream cheese icing was
                     Sian Marina Thai Restaurant
                                                                          scrumptious. I don't like deserts with too
                     80 River Oaks Center Drive
                                                                          much frosting so these cupcakes definitely
                     Calumet City, IL 60409
                                                                          fit the bill. The carrot cupcake was very
Mercat a la Planxa   708-862-3438                                         tasty as well because I could taste the
                                                                          cinnamon and spices in each bite. The
                     This is one of my favorite restaurants. The          icing on the strawberry cupcake was
                     food is always fresh and the service is always       better than the cupcake itself because the
                     nice. This is a great place if your grabbing         strawberry taste wasn't strong enough.
                     lunch with friends, celebrating a special            They have a huge variety of flavors to
                     occasion or having an intimate dinner. They          chose from and although each cupcake is
                     play great jazz every other Friday Nite, which       $3.25, it's a nice treat. I 'm sure you can
                     brings out a variety of people and the portion       find a cupcake at a lower price but they
                     sizes are nice for the price. For those that live    may not taste as good. Overall, if you
                     within the area it's a nice "regal beagle" spot,     want a nice desert or want to surprise
                     but it's also provides a really nice and elegant     someone with a special treat Sprinkles will
                     dining experience. My favorite dishes are            help you get the job done.
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                                                         June Is Our Activity Month!
          Triedstone Full Gospel Baptist Church
             In HIS IMAGE Marriage Ministry
                           Marriage Ministry Activities

                                 Friday, June 3, 2011

                           *Rosemont 18 Muvico Premium Movie Theater
                                 $20.00 per person

                                Friday, June 10, 2011

       *Geja’s Café “Romantic Fondue Dining Experience” – Prices Varies

                             Saturday, August 13, 2011

                                                                     * Spirit of Chicago
                                      Afternoon Cruise
                              Total Per Person $60.00
                                 Payment Plans Are Accepted
                             Payment Plans Dates Are Listed Below:
                                 Sunday, May 29, 2011
                                 Sunday, June 11, 2011
                        Final Deposits Due - Sunday July 3, 2011
  Please contact Elder Ronell or Minister Paula Brown to coordinate any payment arrangements.
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Keeping It Spicy At Home!
Purchase a carton or two of Strawberries. Pick up a pack of chocolate chips and some cooking oil from your
local Aldi’s Food Store. To prepare: Lay out a dish and cover with a sheet of waxed paper. Wash Strawberries
and stick toothpicks through the stem down the center of the Strawberry. Over the stove, add your chocolate
chips and a cup of cooking oil. Melt your chocolate over low heat, stirring frequently. Add more oil as
needed for the chocolate to be the consistency you like. Once the chocolate is melted and smooth, dip your
Strawberries into the chocolate, covering as much as possible. Lay the Chocolate Covered Strawberries on the
waxed paper. After you fill your sheet, place Strawberries into the Refrigerator to cool. Within 10 minutes, you
will have Homemade Chocolate Covered Strawberries! Enjoy!
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Resources A Ministry of Prayer
“To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing
– Dr. Martin Luther King
                                                                      A - We do! Our marriage has certainly endured
                                                                      some challenges early on. Most of them were self
                                                                      afflicted. However, God has used our marriage to let
                                                                      others know you can overcome the stigmatism of
                                                                      step-parenting to just parenting. We have learned to
                                                                      love each other when faced with sickness (Jay went
                                                                      through his cancer treatments), through difficult
                                                                      financial years and through learning each other.
                                                                      The Vow-Do the to of you feel pressures
       Brother Jay and Minister Beverly Johnson                       Involved with the stance of being a “Role Model”?
        Join them every Wednesday morning                             A - Yes, we have to remember people use our
         for prayer @ 6:00am (CST)Call in                             marriage for encouragement with their marriage. We
        number:218-862-1300Code:368244                                can’t just pretend to like each other, we much
                                                                      genuinely like each other. Sometimes married people
                                                                      forget to like each other, loving each other sometimes
    In The Vows ongoing effort to search out and highlight            seem easier than liking each other.
    couples who are striving to be aligned with Spirit,               The Vow-Beverly, after all this time what makes you
    (understanding that the Spirit is the source of love for a        wake up each morning and still choose Jay?
    husband and wife) and recognizing the divine potential in         A - He takes such good care of me. He knows me and
    marriage for the glory of God. We, the “In His Image              loves me in-spite of my past, my failures and my lack
    Marriage Ministry” take great pleasure in introducing the         of cooking. I love how he is a Godly man. I love how
    Triedstone family to a couple who is operating in ministry        he brings reconciliation to our disagreement and will
    together to bless the body of Christ. There ministry has          not let them linger. I love how he is such a protector
    grown into a great following nationwide. There gift and the       of me.
    primary focus of their ministry is centered around prayer.        The Vow- Same question Jay, after being together for
    Jay and Minister Beverly Johnson are the founders of True         so long what makes you wake up each morning and
    Worship Fellowship Ministry based out of the state of Texas.      still choose Beverly?
    They’ve been married for 18 years and began their ministry        A - Because I am still in love with her even when we
    when recognizing the great need for intercession. The can be      don’t agree. I love how she preaches; I love how she
    found at lets meet this anointed         loves God and loves me and treat her kids. I love the
    couple.                                                           business women she is.
                                                                      The Vow-What qualities do you believe a person
    The Vow-How did you meet?                                         needs to have in order to be a good spouse?
    A – (Beverly) We met in Norfolk Va. I moved to VA with            A - Love and reverence for God. Willing to
    my brother and Jay was serving in the US Navy. We met             compromise, be a good communicator. One must be
    two days after I moved there and have been together               trustworthy and not be afraid to say I’m sorry. Have
    since then (20 1/2 years).                                        the Ability to show love and be that example of love.
    The Vow-What did the two of you do on your first date?            Be patient and kind to one another.
    A – (Beverly) Welllll, we were not save then and went to          The Vow-Just for fun, what would be the Johnson’s
    the club. However, it was ironic because he said he would         dream vacation and why?
    never take me there again because I was too special.              A - Our dream vacation was to go on a cruise to the
    The Vow-Jay what attracted you to Beverly?                        Bahamas and God blessed us to go. We wanted to go
    A. I was attracted to her smile. I saw warmth and truth           a place that was extremely beautiful and cell phones
    in it.                                                            and work computers could not distract us. A place
    The Vow-Beverly what attracted you to Jay?                        where we could be into each without jobs and kids
    A - I was attracted to his looks of course. He is a very          (as much as we love are children)
    handsome man. But, more importantly I was attracted to            The Vow- Speaking of family, how do you handle
    the man he is. Warm, caring and loving. He took our son           stress in the home?
    from day one and treated him as if he was his blood son.          A - We pray and pray and pray. We talk, even if we
    And, I can’t leave out he is an AWESOME cook.                     don’t feel like it. Jay has a way of forcing me to talk
    The Vow- As far as your walk in Christ is concerned do            about me hurts, pain or anger in such a gentle way.
    the two of you consider yourselves role models and if so,         We forgive and move on. We deal with the thing that
Page 10 of 10                                                  The Vow
tries to stress us out, before it deals with us.
The Vow-What was the motivation behind starting
/having a desire to start/work in ministry?
A - Being obedient to the voice of God. Letting others
know if God loves them.
The Vow-What challenges are there in operating a
ministry along with your spouse?
A - (Jay) Being available, because of my line of work
being a police officer.
(Beverly) Balancing my time between being a minister, a
career women, mother and wife. Understanding my first
ministry is to my husband.
The Vow-What would be your advice to those
husbands/wives who work in ministry and are challenged
by fears, lack of family support and financial limitations?
A - Trust the assignment God has given you. Sometimes
after people receive their assignment from God they stop
praying as it pertains to the assignment. But, you have to
pray for instruction in order to maintain a balance. Don’t
allow yourself to get frustrated by who will or who want
receive you. Remember God has a prepared people to
hear the Word he has gifted you with. Remember; when                      Jay and Beverly Johnson along
God called you to work in the ministry, provision was
already just have to walk it out.
                                                                          with there Children, Tyrone
The Vow-What do you believe is your spouse’s greatest                     (Right)and Daughter Shanell
spiritual gift to the kingdom/to you?                                     (Lower Left)
A- (Jay) Missey’s greatest gifts and intercessory prayer
and the teaching of God’s Word.                                   thrilling and interesting. We do not become
(Beverly) Jay’s greatest gift is the spirit of discernment.       complacent with each other.
God has provided him the ability to recognize what is             The Vow-How do you handle each others
genuine from what is pretence; what is of God from what           imperfections?
is not of God.                                                    A - We laugh about it, pray about and learn how to
The Vow-Being Ministerial Leaders how do you balance              live with it. We do not try and change each other we
ministerial and personal obligations?                             pray that God will change us to live with what we
A - Prayer and never forgetting what the bible says about         may see as an imperfection. And, we communicate
taking care of home: 1 Timothy 5:8 But if any provide             about the things that annoys us.
not for his own, and specially for those of his own house,        The Vow- Let’s have some more fun. Imagine that
he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.           your life was a musical with a great soundtrack.
Then when remember what the bible says in 1                       When it came to the intimacy scene, what would be
Corinthians 13 And though I have the gift of prophecy,            the song selection that you would want playing as you
and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and              entered the bedroom?
though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains,        A - Here I am by Seal
and have not charity, I am nothing. If we can’t love each         The Vow-Which scripture best expresses the values
other everything else is in vain.                                 of the (Johnson) family?
The Vow-As a couple what has been your biggest                    A - Acts 2: 39 - For the promise is for you and for
ministerial challenge?                                            your children and for all who are far off, everyone
A - Remembering not to allow people to put you on a               whom the Lord our God calls to himself.”
pedestal. Allow God to elevate you and the ministry. Stay         The Vow-What is a good recipe for a happy
focused on the assignment God has given us. It is easy if         marriage?
you are not careful to allow people to make you think you         A - Trust, Love & Laughter
have accomplished this on your own. And, most of the              The Vow-What does the future hold for The
time it is not because of ill intent. It is human nature for      Johnsons?
people to recognize gifts. But, you can’t allow it to make        A - Many, many, many years of love, friendship and
you become boastful.....stay humble.                              fun vacations. Our future is holds greater ministry
The Vow-If you could choose one word to describe your             because we serve a GREAT GOD!
relationship, what would that word be?
A - Learning. It is a strange word to use. But, we are still
learning each other. That is what makes fun, alive,

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