IRS Wage GarnishmentLevy- DWK Tax Group Wants The Responsibility Of The IRS Back Tax Problem by anamaulida


									Get what thousands of DWK Tax Group clients already know...Meaningful,
Effective and Trustworthy IRS Tax Attorney Representation...Handle the
problem "Veraciously" the first time Around. Get to the Core of the
Problem and Move on!!      Taxpayer WARNING!! Do your Due Dilligence and
"Google" the firm's name with the word "Complaints". You will be suprised
with what you see. Protect yourself. Live at your Full Earning Potential.
Time to Confront.

  Have you received a call to visit your Human Resource Department? Have
you been told that you will be missing a major portion of your next
paycheck? If you have, you have an IRS Wage Garnishment / IRS Wage Levy.
DWK Tax Group is your Nationwide Internet Tax Resolution Company,
provides all 50 States and Territories with Real IRS Tax Relief.
Experience the reality of "SERVICE" and "COMMUNICATION" throughout the
entire process.        Have "CONTINUED" representation through out the IRS
Tax Resolution Experience.        3 Phases to IRS Tax Resolution:        1)
Immediate Phase - Release Wage Levy, Release Bank Levy, Information
Discovery       2) Compliance Phase - Prepare and submit Unfiled
IRS/State Tax Returns. Our Tax Attorneys will fax the completed returns
directly to IRS Collection Unit. DWK Tax Group's Enrolled Agents
(Licensed by IRS) will prepare accurate and timely tax returns in 72
hours. Have you not filed for 10 years? Done in 72 hours.        3) "Core"
Solution Phase - DWK Tax Group is only interested in getting to the
"Core" of the problem associated with your EIN or Social Security Number.
Do not leave yourself open ended.        The tax man knows no borders,
make a conscious change of commitment to resolve and settle the IRS Tax
Issue before you experience an IRS Bank Levy or an IRS Wage
Levy/Garnishment. DWK Tax Group will release your Wage levy in 24 to 48
hours.       WAGE GARNISHMENT RELEASE, FLAT FEE: $450.00        If you
have received an IRS Notice to Levy, you need to contact DWK TAX GROUP
immediately.       Our IRS Tax Attorneys will protect your assets before
the IRS Executes on the Notice to Levy.    When you know your money is on
the line, you have to act fast! The IRS won't give up without a fight,
but now you're armed with the knowledge you need to quickly fight back
and save your money.        Avoid Bankruptcy because of IRS Tax Problems
Affordable Payment Plan available    Take charge of your life   End IRS
Wage Garnishments    Ask about -œSenior-• Discounts   Ask about DWK Tax
Solution Packages 1, 2, 3 or 4. (Taxpayer must be analyzed to declare
possible eligibility to qualify for IRS Tax Relief)        Call us when
you need answers, call us when you ready to make conscious change.     1 -
8 6 6 - 2 2 6 - 6 1 0 2        DWK will not take your case unless we can
rectify the back tax issue and help YOU save money.        Visit us today
@ DWK Tax Group's Website:

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