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					If you have never done any self-assessment when filing your tax returns,
then it probably means that you do not have a UTR number. If you have
just become self-employed and now you need to get a UTR number, you can
apply for it through so many channels. There are three main channels
through which you can apply for your UTR number; through the internet,
through the post, and through the telephone. However in this article, we
are not going to look at all these means; we are only going to focus on
the fastest of them which is the online application.       Step 1

  The first thing that you should do when you want to apply for this
number online is to visit the website of the HM Revenue and Customs at You may need to go through the website thoroughly as you can
easily get mixed up on your first visit their. As you check out the
website, you will realize that the website has been categorized into
different sections i.e., a section for individuals and employees,
employers, and businesses and corporations. Since you will be applying
for a UTR as an individual, you should pick on the tab -œindividuals and
employees.-•       Step 2      Once you are on eth page of individuals
and employees, you will be redirected to another page that begins with -
œI want to-¦-•. Click on the tab that says -œregister as self-employed.-•
A point to note about the registration process is that you should only
register as a person who is self employed if at all you have already
started out; you cannot register as someone who is planning to be self-
employed.       One the page indicated above, you will be given several
directions on what next you should do. You will be required to fill a few
forms to provide some very specific information.      Receiving Your
Number      Once you have filled all the details that you will be
required to fill, the next step that will be required of you will be to
wait for the confirmation email from the HM Revenue and Customs. They
will write to you, telling you that they have received your application
and that they are working on it. They will also give you a tentative date
on when you should expect your number. Within a few weeks, you will
receive your UTR number through the post. It is important to note that
they will not send you this number through your email because of security
reasons. They will not want to create a situation whereby someone else
lays hands on your documents and use the information therein for unlawful
gains.       Want to learn more about UTR Number Online ? Find out about
this and much more at .

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