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Your Future!

Yup, it is up to you!
Understanding Your EXPLORE Results:
 Preparing for a World of Possibilities
   EXPLORE shows you your academic strengths
    and weaknesses in English, math, reading, and

   EXPLORE helps you search for careers and
    learn which ones might be right for you

   EXPLORE helps you choose high school
    courses that will prepare you for college and
 EXPLORE includes four multiple-choice
 The 4 Parts to the Explore Test
     English,40 questions 30 minutes
     Math, 30 questions 30 minutes
     Reading, 30 questions 30 minutes
     Science, 28 questions 30 minutes
   The EXPLORE Student Score Report gives information
    about your knowledge, skills, interests, and plans. You
    can use this information as you plan your high school
    coursework and begin thinking about college and work.
   Your report tells you how you did on the EXPLORE tests
    and how your scores compare to those of other students
    across the nation.
   It contains information about your educational and career
    plans, interests, high school coursework plans, and the
    amount of help you think you need in seven areas.
Your Scores
Your Estimated PLAN Composite
Score Range

    What might your ACT score be?
What do I do now?
Now that you’ve taken EXPLORE, you know much
 more about your skills, career interests, and
 readiness for college. Using your Score Report,
 ask yourself some questions:
   Does my high school course plan include challenging
    college prep courses?
   What skills do I need to work on to be sure I am on
    target for college?
   How can I learn more about careers that interest me?
Comparing Plan & Act

         Hillmans Average
          Explore :13
           Plan : 16
           ACT : 19
Areas in Which You Would Like
Additional help

      Now how do you get it?
Your Plans for After High School
Study Skills Checklist for
   Set a regular time and place to study each day and
    throughout the week.
   Keep a daily “to do” list.
   Set goals for yourself.
   Do your reading assignments before the material is
    discussed in class.
   Pay close attention and take good notes in class.
   Prepare for tests during your regular study times instead
    of cramming at the last minute.
College Readiness

                    Does it
Benchmarks for College
     English           13
     Mathematics       17
     Reading           15
     Science           20

     Are you prepared? What will it take to have
      you prepared in the next 4 years?
     How can you build your skills?
NCAA – Play Sports?

   Required that you receive a 17 or higher
    on your ACT in order to play college
Your Career Possibilities
Your Career Possibilities
Financial Planning for College
   Start learning now about how much college will
   Learn about different forms of financial aid
   Start saving now for college
   Think about how good grades and ACT scores
    can help make college more affordable
Scholarships - ACT
 Scores to earn
 21 – some $
 23 – Financial aid
 26 – Big $$$
 29 - Anywhere
Score Report
Side 2
Keys to Good Educational and
Career Planning
   Take challenging college prep courses in
    high school.

   Explore the many career options available
    to you and think about how your career
    choices will affect your future.

   Set career goals and develop an
    educational plan to achieve them.
Take this stuff home!!!!!!
 After the test, this is an outstanding
  website to explore with your parents
 http://www.actstudent.org/explore/index.ht

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