Benefits of Linux Web Hosting by anamaulida


									Why do so many website builders use Linux web hosting? My guess for this
preference in operating systems would be: stability. Linux is maybe the
most stable operating system in the world.   There are two of necessary
foods: peanut butter and jelly, two major political parties: democrat and
republican, and two kinds of web hosting which make up practically all
web hosting on the planet: Windows based web hosting and Linux web
hosting. The Windows operating system's proprietary API (application
programming interface) which is complicated and which is not entirely
open for developers to know the ins and outs of. As a result, computers
which run Windows as their primary operating system are suspected of
being more prone to crashes. Why is Linux stable? Servers running Linux
web hosting just might be steadier because Linux is an open source
operating system. The code is open to the public so that anyone can read
it and suggest improvements or point out bugs. Over the years, Linux has
been developed in various flavors such as Red Hat. Thousands and
thousands of people have contributed their time and effort to making
Linux web hosting run faster and to provide simpler, more efficient and
bug free code. With an open programming environment, improvements are
made on a continual basis and problems are seen relatively quickly and
solved with a minimum of difficulty. When you are opening a web site,
one of your chief concerns is stability. Any time that the web site
spends offline as a result of technical problems is time that your
customers are unable to use your site, and this is bad for your bottom
line. Businesses tend to want the most stable operating system for their
web sites to minimize the dreaded server crash.   Another issue the
webmasters have to consider when setting up a new online site is whether
the operating system they are using will be able to use the full range of
software and scripts that they require. Again, Linux web hosting is a
winner in this regard. Lots of major web hosting companies offer Linux
web hosting and with so many people using it around the world anything
that you can do with Windows hosting can also be done with Linux web
hosting. Many of the most popular script packages on the web today are
available in both Windows and Linux web hosting versions, with the Linux
web hosting version generally being more stable and having all of the
same features as their Windows cousins. This is of course my opinion and
I am sure that there are some who may disagree. Linux web hosting is
typically available at the same price as Windows web hosting. So consider
that for the same price you can get an operating system for your site on
the World Wide Web which is: ·    stable · runs popular script
packages · Considered the best operating system in the world in terms of
these criteria by many of the internet's most well respected independent
sources of judgment. When you ruminate on all of the arguments for Linux
web hosting over Windows hosting (there are more as I don't even mention
the whole Apache stuff), the decision would seem to me to be a no
brainier: Linux web hosting wins hands down as the operating system that
you should choose if you want to have a stable, reliable and full
featured site that takes advantage of the latest in web technologies.
Getting your web server with the Linux operating system is particular
important for companies which need to set up eCommerce sites. When
customers rely on your site for sending in their orders, you need to make
sure that you web site is running twenty four hours a day. Linux web
hosting with live support might not be a bad idea for mission critical
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