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MARIE BERENGERE CHAPOTON – Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese General Manager






Located in the heart of Rome, between Via Veneto, Piazza di Spagna, Villa Borghese and Villa
Medici, Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese Hotel represents the sense of harmony between life’s
pleasures and elegance where the “French art of hospitality” meets the very best of local culture.

For those who come to Rome in search of art and history but are also willing to be seduced by its
elegant boutiques, the hotel has the perfect location. It's located within walking distance of Villa
Borghese, the “Galleria Borghese, the Spanish Steps, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain and the most
exclusive boutiques in downtown Rome.

The hotel is housed in a seven-storey 19th century historic building, which was originally a
guesthouse belonging to the aristocratic Ludovisi Boncompagni family. The hotel first opened in
1890 as the Boston Hotel. The owner, a rich Italian, named it in honor of the city where he made his

In the 1930’s and during the legendary “Dolce Vita”, famous artists, actors and film producers
stayed at the hotel. Among them, Federico Fellini stayed in the top floor suite; Ava Gardner and
Walter Chiari chose it as their sheltered romantic getaway from the paparazzi and rumor has it that
Maria Mercader and Vittorio De Sica conceived their son, Christian De Sica here.

For its elegance the hotel is featured among the 190 ”Edifici storici d’Italia”, a list of the most
prestigious historic hotels, restaurants and literary meeting places on the peninsula.

In 2000, the hotel underwent an important renovation at the hand of Jean Quesneville a “very
Italian” French architect who restored it to its original Neo-classical style and beauty. For the
façade pale pink and terracotta colors were used with frieze decorations characteristic of the
original era.

In 2008 Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese obtained its fifth star due to its special care for detail and
traditional French philosophy of comfort and hospitality.

After reaching this important recognition, other significant changes have taken place in Sofitel
Rome Villa Borghese. In the early months of 2010 a new structural renovation began, including total
transformation of the hotel’s terrace. This is destined to become an exclusive lounge, where guests
of the hotel and visitors can relax while feasting on dishes that reflect a totally new concept in
dining. At the same time they can enjoy one of the most spectacular views of Rome and the
Borghese Gardens.

Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese offers luxury based on a concept of hospitality that combines
elegance, excellence in service and the desire to offer a unique and exclusive setting that is
distinguished by its cultural vitality and open-minded spirit.

Sophisticated yet traditional French flair is seen upon entering the hotel lobby in the discrete
greeting of the personnel, the choice of Neo-classic furnishings and warm vivid colors with soft
golden touches and polychromatic marble floors.

The Neo-classical style is the common thread that binds together the lobby, lounge bar and foyer.
The lobby has a warm, intimate sitting area with a large selection of books on art, travel and
contemporary literature as well as international newspapers and magazines. These can be enjoyed
while comfortably sitting on soft sofas in a relaxing setting that feels like home.

The lounge bar has a classic Roman dome overhead while the lounge has British tones. Inebriating
scents from the large selection of aromatic teas and rare liquors make the perfect atmosphere in
which to spend leisurely moments.

The lobby also leads to the foyer with its intimate and private sitting areas. There are armchairs and
couches in fine fabrics, mirrored walls and paintings by contemporary artists. This ambience invites
guests to savor a break surrounded by an intimate, comfortable and peaceful setting.

Three comfortable and fully equipped meeting rooms, named after Italian cities - Bologna, Firenze
and Venezia - are accessible from here. These venues are perfect for business or private meetings.

The hotel’s modern and functional fitness center offers a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere where
guests can exercise even during vacation. It is located adjacent to the meeting rooms.
                           SOFITEL ROME VILLA BORGHESE ROOMS

Housed in a historic building, the hotel has 107 luxurious rooms, each with a unique setting, from
which to enjoy spectacular views of Rome.
The rooms maintain traditional Roman Neo-classic decor with antique furniture and precious
upholstery that combines red or blue backgrounds with gold or ivory touches in which special care
for detail embellishes the ensemble.
All rooms (43 smoking) are furnished with modern technology that guarantees maximum comfort.
All are air-conditioned and feature the innovative MyBed sleep system with orthopedic mattress and
down comforter to guarantee a restful sleep; fine bathrobes and linen sheets add a sense of luxury.
These rooms also have a Bose stereo system and I-Pod docking station, LCD television, high
speed internet access, two phone lines with direct dialing, mini-bar and safety deposit box.

Furthermore, Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese’s WI-FI system allows Internet access throughout the
hotel - rooms and public areas - from any electronic device.

The exclusive sophisticated program Sensiq, installed in all the rooms, allows guests to be informed
regarding events and initiatives available at the hotel directly from the remote control of their TV.

3 Suites
Located on the seventh floor, the suites are large, comfortable apartments (484 sqf) with panoramic
private terraces that offer spectacular views of the Villa Borghese gardens. All suites have a
bedroom with Queen sized bed and innovative MyBed sleep system, a separate spacious sitting
room furnished with home theater media center and a large marble bathroom with whirlpool tub and

15 Deluxe Rooms
The Deluxe rooms (4355 sqf) have windows or balconies with city or garden views, the innovative
MyBed sleep system that includes a King size mattress (200 X 200 cm), work desk and an elegant
marble bathroom with bath and shower.

31 Double Rooms and 29 Twin Superior Rooms
The Superior rooms (344 sqf) are soundproof, decorated in classic Roman décor, have MyBed
sleep system with Queen size bed (180 X 200 cm), work desk and an elegant marble bathroom
with bath and shower.
11 Triple Rooms
The triple rooms (182 sqf) are soundproof, in Classic Roman style with Queen size MyBed (180 x
200 cm) and twin size sofa bed, fully equipped desk and marble bathroom with shower and tub.

12 Classic Rooms
The Classic rooms (269 sqf) have elegant Roman style furnishings with work desk, are soundproof
and include a marble bathroom with bath and shower.

6 Single Rooms
The Single rooms (about 182 sqf) are decorated in Classic Roman style with fully equipped desk
and marble bathroom with shower and tub.

The luxurious Roman hotel has chosen to increase the pleasure of each guest’s stay by offering, in
each room, a new concept to a good night's rest.

The secret to this innovative bedding system is the synergy created between each and every one of
its components: high quality spring box, mattress, comforter and pillows specially designed to
guarantee a good night's sleep.

Sofitel offers its guests the new bedding system with MyBed innovative technology in addition to
multi-functional areas, comfortable furnishings and personalized lighting.

Epéda has created especially for Sofitel a unique thick latex mattress that comfortably supports
body weight. This orthopedic mattress takes into consideration the distribution of body weight along
different parts of the bed and is able to sustain weight and motion in an intelligent way.
Guests are caressed in premium hypoallergenic mite-free goose down comforters (200 gr of goose
down per sq m).

There are four ergonomic pillows (filled with a careful dosage of goose down and feathers).
This bedding system represents another “must-have” element towards achieving the hotel’s
ultimate goal: to create an exclusive, elegant and warm setting that gives guests the feeling of
being at home. The result is an immediate asset for the client, unquestionable quality rest.

Through the innovative MyBed system, Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese offers guests the fundamental
experience of a good night's sleep.

                                  La Terrasse Cuisine & Lounge
                                                   Le 49
                                          Club Le Boston

Pleasure and entertainment are two fundamental principles of Sofitel.
Wining and dining at Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese is an experience that goes beyond the pleasure
of feasting on high quality products. It becomes an opportunity to enjoy moments with others in a
colorful setting.

Early in the morning, French and Italian cultures blend together to delight guests’ palates at
breakfast. A grand buffet filled with the finest pastries and many different types of bread greets
guests along the lines of a true French tradition: “croissant e pain au chocolat”, fresh-baked cakes
and biscuits, fresh fruits, homemade yogurt, cold cuts and cheeses, biological eggs and a large
selection of breads, the true flagship of the hotel, as well the best Italian ingredients for a vast
selection of high quality tea and coffee blends.

                               La Terrasse Cuisine & Lounge

La Terrasse Cuisine & Lounge is Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese's newly completed terrace, with a
breathtaking panorama overlooking Rome and the Villa Borghese gardens. Open daily between
noon and midnight, one can enjoy Mediterranean meals or have a glass of a selection of Italian or
French wines. The terrace is the ideal place to relax in an elegant atmosphere.

Designed by Lorenzo Felici, a young Italian-French architect, La Terrasse Cuisine & Lounge is a
superb example of sustainable architecture created with light functional furnishings. The panoramic
windows invite guests to enjoy the outstanding view while the reflection of its many mirrors, the
warmth of wood furnishings and brass and copper fixtures-warm-colored materials, which call to
mind the sunlight, used in creating the decor, mirror the surrounding setting.

La Terrasse Cuisine & Lounge offers Mediterranean dishes made with high quality seasonal
ingredients. Mozzarella delicacies from the Campania region prepared in three ways, samples of
cheeses, San Daniele prosciutto with cantaloupe and rocket salad, small lasagna with giblets,
artichokes and melted parmesan cheese, a bridge of calamari over olives and broccoli in broth,
grilled sea bass with barley, mushrooms and clams.
The experienced barman will surprise cocktail lovers with Signature Sofitel Cocktails especially
created to please Sofitel guests worldwide. To be noted is the “Aromojito” for men or women, a
revised version of the Mojito (lime, fresh mint, white sugar, soda and rum)with cloves and cinnamon
for a distinct masculine taste and with “Wyborowa” and rose petals for a delicate feminine taste.

Giuseppe D’Alessio, Executive Chef at La Terrasse Cuisine & Lounge

Select ingredients, love of Italian and French tradition and constant innovation are the
characteristics that distinguish the cuisine and the professional nature of Chef Giuseppe D’Alessio,
the new head of La Terrasse Cuisine & Lounge since January 2011.

The impressive rooftop restaurant, a jewel of the Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese, has been entrusted
to the extraordinary capabilities of the young Salerno-native Chef born in 1974, who initiated his
culinary career in the late nineties.

After numerous experiences in Italy, D’Alessio refined his culinary skills in Europe, working in the
restaurants of luxury hotels in England, France and Germany. Among them, two have received
Michelin Stars; Orrery in London and Jacques Maximin in Vence, France.

D’Alessio arrived in Rome in 2004, for a prestigious position at the famous restaurant, La Terrazza
dell’Eden, where he worked alongside the Executive Chef.

Giuseppe D’Alessio’s great expertise, creative skills and capacity to reinvent popular traditional
Italian dishes emerge powerfully through his cooking. His Campania roots are evident in every
menu proposal, emphasizing authentic and natural ingredients, their unique and creative
preparation, while always respecting the local culinary traditions.

Basic flavors are chosen with great skill in order to “cultivate” the palate of patrons to have them
experience true Italian cuisine. The Chef’s desire is that the international clientele of the Sofitel
Rome Villa Borghese, will be able to recognize, once experienced, the real character of Italian
gastronomy. The ingredients used, selected with great care from trusted sources, are therefore
exclusively Italian, traceable and often representing a zero-mile selection.

According to D’Alessio philosophy, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish or pasta, everything
necessary in the kitchen, is already available in our own country, one of the richest in the world
from an enogastronomic point of view.
The new Chef’s menu, proposed to guests of La Terrasse Cuisine & Lounge, is in fact a triumph of
Mediterranean flavors and aromas, created with locally grown ingredients, to entice patrons from
the entrée to the dessert with fresh dishes prepared to satisfy the senses of taste, sight and smell.

The antipasto proposals range from “Burrata with tomato confit with vegetable tempura” to
“Millefeuille duck fois gras with smashed potato & apple”, from “pan-fried shrimps with green pepper
and salad of Roman chicory, crispy bacon & crustacean oil” to “Creamy Spello’s bean soup with
squid julienne, garlic croutons”.

As a first course, guests can choose between three different versions of the Risotto Bio “Carnaroli”,
prepared Piemontese-style, Milanese-style or with pecorino, zucchini, and shrimp, or the “Kamut
Linguine with pesto, scallops, and pachino tomatoes”, “Homemade ravioli with cuttlefish and
creamy fish sauce”, or classic Roman dishes like “Bucatini all’Amatriciana” or “Mezzi rigatoni alla

Second courses, of meat or fish, emphasize the Chef’s passion for original combinations. For
seafood dishes, D’Alessio has created the “Pan-fried turbot filet with red onion marmalade, orange
dressing”, the “Baked sea bass filet with vegetables and pulses broth, smashed potatoes”, the “Wild
salmon with small calamari, tomatoes & capers”; for meat dishes “Chicken breast bio with smoked
scarmorza cheese and roasted vegetables”, “Filet of beef with spinach flan and smashed potatoes
with garlic” or the “Rack of lamb coated with aromatic bread crumbs and tomato couscous,
chickpea cream”.

The extensive menu also offers the possibility to sample great French and Italian cheeses, or to be
amazed by the colorful “Parisienne”, a tray of traditional French pastries like blueberry or chocolate
fondant “Macarons”. Guests can order the “All chocolate” dessert, or the unparalleled “Giuseppe’s
Cheeky tiramisù”, the “Soft biscuit with dried fruit & cinnamon iced coffee parfait” or the “Exotic fruit
salad with green tea”.

At La Terrasse Cuisine & Lounge, experience a culinary journey of light, original and fresh flavor.
Chef Giuseppe D’Alessio, in a few short months, has marked the gastronomic selection of the
Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese with his unmistakable touch, a cuisine entirely dedicated to great
Italian traditions, while at the same time, open to creative experimentation and to the influences of
celebrated French cuisine.
                                               Le 49
Le 49, previously the stables in which Caravaggio used to find refuge, is now a comfortable and
elegant venue reserved for breakfast and special events.

It is characterized by arches and vaulted ceilings and has mosaic floors and contemporary artists’
paintings along the walls. Sofitel demonstrates its deep artistic and cultural calling by giving the
artists ample display space.

                                        Club Le Boston
The Club Le Boston is one of the two bar of the Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese, offers an ideal
atmosphere for a moment of relax, or an afternoon meeting sipping some tea, or for an after dinner
with a Cognac and Armagnac selection.

An elegant British style room, with a fireplace, welcomes guests ensuring privacy and tranquility.
                        MEETING ROOMS AND SPECIAL EVENTS

Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese has three spacious and elegant meeting rooms, which originally
belonged to the Maroniti College. In 1960 these venues where adjoined to the hotel complex.

Named after the cities of Venice, Florence and Bologna, Sofitel’s meeting rooms are elegantly
decorated venues, furnished with the latest multi-media technological equipment. Together with
Boston Bar and Le 49 that can be converted to suit the occasion, they are ideal settings for
business meetings and other special events.
There is a self-service business center with the latest technology such as internet, printer and upon
request fax, flip chart, Wi-fi connection, computers, translation and secretarial services, video
equipment and overhead projector.

To make a business meeting become a special event, Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese has created a
program called Inspired meetings, a personalized service to help organize meetings with diverse
activities ranging from a coffee break to luncheons, from evening cocktails to dinner, from relaxing
breaks with soothing massages to having the chef or barman reveal their trade secrets, from wine
tastings, to private visits in the Villa Medici gardens or guided tours of the city and its surroundings.

Bologna Meeting Room
The most prestigious meeting room is called Bologna. This room is 
        70 square meters, with a 40-
45pax capacity, decorated in a Neo-classic style and features a dome that lets in natural light.
Because of its semi-oval shape, it is considered the perfect exclusive room for top- level encounters
such as a Board of Directors Meeting.
In the event of special prestigious meetings with many participants, the Bologna room and the
adjacent Florence meeting room can be adjoined by simply opening the two communicating doors.

Florence Meeting Room
The Florence meeting room is 60 square meters with a 40-45pax capacity and is decorated in a
classic style.

Elegant and soundproof, it is the hotel’s most versatile meeting room. The seating can be arranged
in a theater and stage arrangement, as one long table or in a horseshoe setting. It can also be used
for exclusive exhibitions.

Venice Meeting Room
The Venice meeting room is 45 square meters, has a 20pax capacity and is characterized by
natural lighting, wood furnishings, precious fabrics, gold, stucco, marble, and columns. On the
hallway floor there is an antique mosaic that belonged to the Maronite church, a reminder of its
noble past.

Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese offers a new service to health conscious guests who wish to work out
and keep fit even on vacation: the brand new fitness center.

Located on the main floor, the fitness center features state of the art Technogym equipment such
as “Jog Visio i-Pod”, a treadmill with touch screen program selection and TV that can be used
during the training session, “Unica Evolution Silver” a multifunctional machine used to exercise all
muscles of the body with 25 different exercises available in a single machine and “Vario Visio i-Pod”
the newest step machine for smooth move cardio-vascular training with digital “visioweb” platform.

A wide range of barbells and weights complete the offer and assure a totally functional training.

Sport lovers will receive an in room gift that includes: a bottle of mineral water, an apple, a high
energy snack bar and a jogging map with all the different itineraries in the city. An i-Pod is available
upon request to work out to the beat of music.

Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese’s strategic position, next to the vast Villa Borghese Park allows guests
to continue their open air training by venturing into one of the most luxuriant areas in Rome: jogging
itineraries, trails with facilities or cycling trails make this sporting experience even more exciting in
the Roman capital.

This new area represents an additional value to the hotel and the special attention it shows towards
the ever-growing number of persons who dedicate extra care to their physical wellbeing. The fitness
center is open 24/7 and is free of charge.
                                MARIE BERENGERE CHAPOTON
                         Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese General Manager

Marie Bérengère Chapoton is a highly experienced hotel Manager, with ten years experience in the
Accor group. She has been at the head of Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese since 2008, a year that
marks the beginning of the hotel's repositioning strategy. She is personally responsible for its entry
in the luxury hotel market in Rome.

After graduating from Glion Hotel School in Montreux, with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant
Management, Marie Bérengère Chapoton continued her education by obtaining a Masters in
Business Administration in International Hospitality Management, through a study program
organized by the Essec Business School Paris-Singapore and Cornell University’s School of Hotel

Following a series of assignments in the operations department for the Accor group in Asia, USA,
Canada and Europe, she became General Manager ad interim and team Manager for Le Paradis
Boutique Resort & SPA, in Koh Samui, Thailand. She then joined Accor’s headquarters where she
was in charge of analysis of financial process in North America as well as project management in
France, Southern Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Before becoming head of Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese, she was Project Manager for Italy and
EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

She speaks English, Spanish, Italian and her mother tongue, French.

Among numerous guests that have chosen Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese as their favorite place to
stay in Rome are:

Al Bano

Walter Chiari

Leonard Cohen

Vittorio de Sica

Federico Fellini

Ava Gardner

Bill Gates

Bob Geldof

Mikhail Gorbaciov

Maria Mercader

Frederic Mitterand

Yussou N’Dour

Pink Floyd

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Nicolas Sarkozy


Simple Minds


The French Rugby team

Lech Walesa

Sofitel is the only luxury brand name present in all five continents with 130 hotels in over 50

Sofitel offers contemporary hotels and resorts that match the beauty, quality and excellence which
today’s versatile traveler seeks.

Whether they are in the heart of cities such as Paris, New York, or Beijing or hidden in marvelous
landscapes in Morocco, Egypt, the Fiji Islands or Thailand, each Sofitel provides a true experience
in the “art de vivre”.

As of 2006, the Sofitel group has been carrying out a re-organization project that has induced them
to reduce 50 hotels worldwide, which no longer met up to their required standards and upgraded
other hotels, such as the Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese to a luxury level.

This ambitious investment and remodeling project is estimated to come to a conclusion by 2012.
                                      SOFITEL’S HISTORY

1964    The first Sofitel opens in Strasbourg, owned by a subsidiary of the Bank of Paris and the
Bank of Holland.

1974    The first Sofitel in the United States opens in Minneapolis.
1979    Sofitel merges with UHT hotels (owned by UTA airlines) and marks the beginning of Sofitel
        Maeva, Sofitel Moorea and Africa hotels.

1983    Founding of Accor Group.
1991    Sofitel merges with 72 Pullman hotels.
1995    Sofitel network includes 100 hotels, 18.472 rooms and 12.500 employees in 40 countries
        around the world.

1997    Sofitel enters the multi-brand Accor Group.

2000    Sofitel Philadelphia and Sofitel New York open.

2002    Sofitel starts a new expansion strategy by opening new hotels in Europe (London,
        Marseille, and Cologne), Africa (Marrakesh), North America (Chicago, Washington,
        Montreal) South America (Quito) and Asia (Shanghai and Bangkok)

2004    Sofitel opens 31 hotels, 20 of which are part of the Dorint brand, in Gemany, Austria,
        Holland and Spain.

2005    Sofitel continues its expansion campaign in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Fiji Islands,
        Tunisia, Great Britain and Spain.

2006    Sofitel further expands by opening hotels in Belgium, Brazil, Poland, Saudi Arabia plus 8
        new hotels in China. At the same time, the brand renews its image with Sofitel Los
        Angeles (USA) and Sofitel Scribe (France)

2007    Sofitel unveils its new marketing strategy of becoming an upper level luxury hotel brand.

2008    Sofitel becomes an independent entity in the Accor Group, bringing together only the best
        hotels in the company and remodeling 70 of these within the year following new directives.
        With a network of 161 hotels, Sofitel obtained 23 awards by 2008.

2009    Sofitel launches two new affiliated brands, Sofitel Legend and SO by Sofitel.
                                       SOFITEL PHILOSOPHY

Sofitel creates unique modern luxury hotels and resorts in the most beautiful and fascinating places
around the world by wisely and creatively mixing its French origins with the best of local culture.

Sofitel’s philosophy is explained as follows:

    o    A passion for excellence: the desire and pleasure of constantly aiming to achieve

    o    The essence of pleasure: a refined balance between the comfort of being at home and the
         sought out feeling of being elsewhere.

    o    An open-minded spirit: diversity seen as an added value through the combination of two
         elements, cultural blending and a desire for originality.

Sofitel’s French elegance is expressed through the architecture of its hotels, each one reflecting its
French origin together with the best of local culture through local food and wine and an atmosphere
that makes each stay an exciting experience.

The essence of Sofitel Luxury Hotels can be told in 10 « brand magnifiers », concepts which honor
the brand name. Among these are a series of daily rituals that underline life at the hotel from
sunrise to sunset: the care and elegance of savoir-faire, the refined French art of hosting, a
devotion to good taste, the ability to engage all senses, to guarantee restful sleep and the
opportunity to experience local culture.

Special care begins with the personnel’s polite welcome and cordial manners all the way to minute
details that include daily polishing of the hotel’s plaque, arrangement of fresh flowers and candles
as well as the aroma and selection of music in public areas. Other distinctive features include
personalized service and restful sleep with Sofitel’s MyBed sleep system and last but not least a
culinary selection where fresh baked French baguettes and pastries, cheeses and famous wine
labels from around the world are a constant presence.


Via Lombardia, 47
00187 Rome
Tel +39 06 478021

Communications and Press Relations Manager for Sofitel EMEA
Régine Le Brun


IMAGINE Communication
Via Giacomo Barzellotti 9b
00136 Rome
Tel. +39 06 39 75 02 90
Fax +39 06 45 59 94 30

Information and high resolution photos posted online at : italianconnections.net

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