Types of ASP Net Hosting by anamaulida


									As internet is becoming more and more advanced every day and it is
becoming accessible to more and more people, numbers of websites are
increasing too. Every day we see a new website being launch. This has led
to the increase in the number of web hosting providers. If you can
understand the technology used in creating your website, you will be able
to choose the best hosting for it. If a website is created with ASP .net
framework, then choosing a good hosting is no different than others.ASP
is the next level of ASP (Active Server Pages) and both of them are the
registered products of Microsoft. That's why ASP .net works only on
Windows based platforms and other Microsoft products. This framework
gives the flexibility of acquiring massive amount of data with very less
coding work. As this application works on .Net Framework, it can work in
any .Net languages, like C# and VB .NET. The features and functions of
this application framework have made it much easier for developers to
create dynamic web pages and application with less amount of code and
manage them with more efficiency. Websites created on this application
framework can only be hosted on any three types of ASP .net hosting.
These three types are the following.Virtual Hosting: This type offers a
dedicated server. However, in this type of hosting tangible equipments
are shared with other users. This type is usually expensive, but in
return it provides significant improvement in attributes and storage
space. The average cost of this type is around $24 and provides storage
capacity of around 60GB. In addition, it also provides SQL databases to
some extent.Shared Hosting: In this type, the web pages and applications
of different clients of a web hosting provider are stored on the same
server. It is the most affordable type of ASP .net hosting available in
the market. This type costs around $5 per month. However, there are some
restrictions in this hosting. This type provides around 1GB of storage
space and a single database of SQL. This one is only ideal for individual
webmasters or small firms.Dedicated Hosting: This is a premium and most
expensive type of hosting. In this, the server and the physical resources
are only shared with the owner of the website. Therefore, this ASP .net
hosting provides the best security of your web pages and applications.
The average cost of this type is around $200 per month. But in return, it
provides unlimited SQL database and around 500GB of storage space.

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