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									BlackBerry® Status Icons

  BlackBerry 6200 &            BlackBerry 7200 &
     6700 Series                  7700 Series

                                                           • Message is being sent

                                                           • Message was sent to the wireless network and is pending
                                                           • Attachment request has been sent
                                                           • Message was successfully sent to the wireless network
                                                           • Attachment request was successful

                                                           • PIN or SMS message was delivered to the recipient

                                                           • Saved draft message

                                                           • Message transmission error (see Message Status field for more information)
                                                           • Attachment request was not successful

                                                           • Unopened email message

                                                           • Opened email message

                                                           • Unopened SMS message

                                                           • Opened SMS message

                                                           • Filed message

                                                           • Message was sent with high importance

                                                           • Placed or received phone call

                                                           • Unopened missed phone call log
                                                           • Unopened voice mail message
                                                           • Opened missed phone call log
                                                           • Opened voice mail message
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