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					Williamson Campus and
    Harless Libraries

    Welcome You
About Us
• Southern has two libraries: Williamson Campus Library and Harless
  Library (Logan Campus). Students have access to more than
  50,000 books classified according to the Library of Congress
  Classification System. Our libraries subscribe to more than 400
  periodicals in hard copy and microfilm, plus hundreds of more titles
  available on-line.

• Southern is a member of the Online Computer Library Center
  (OCLC), a bibliographic network which provides access to on-line
  cataloging and interlibrary loans for libraries.

• Reference collections are available at Boone/Lincoln and
  Wyoming/McDowell campuses.

• Students and the public have access to 27 personal computers in
  Southern libraries.
Library Hours
           Fall and Spring Semesters
     Monday thru Thursday 8:00a.m.-8:00p.m.
           Friday 8:00a.m.-4:30p.m.

 The Harless Library is open on Saturday 9:00a.m.-
          1:00p.m. except during the summer
    Holiday hours are posted on the institutional
           calendar on Southern’s web page.
Patrons should call during inclement weather before
   traveling long distances to confirm library hours.
Library Circulation
• Patrons may check out library materials
 upon issuance of a library card. Non-
 students must present identification such
 as a driver’s license, etc to receive a card.
 An adult must accompany children under
 14 years of age.
            Loan Periods
• Books, records and audiotapes circulate
 for two-week periods, and may be
 renewed two times unless requested by
 another patron. No renewals will be
 granted by phone. Limit of 3 books on a
 subject at a time.
 Overdues, Fines, Lost Books
• Students who have outstanding fines or who owe
  for lost or damaged library materials must pay all
  amounts before being allowed to register, receive
  grades, transcripts or check out other materials.
  Non-students who have overdue materials or
  outstanding accounts will not be permitted to
  check out additional materials until accounts are

• Lost book replacement charges are the cost of the
  book plus a $10.00 processing fee. Book fines are
  five cents per day per item; overdue reserve
  books are 50 cents per hour.

• Magazines, newspapers, reference materials,
  microforms, etc. may not be checked out.

• Patrons may make copies (for personal
  use only) within fair use guidelines of
  copyright laws.
• Copies are twenty cents each.
• Microfilm copies are twenty-five cents
• Computer printouts are five cents each.
Interlibrary Loans
• Students needing books or magazine articles not
  available in Southern’s libraries may request
  those items on interlibrary loan from other
  libraries. Request forms are available at the
  front desk. The student must pay cost of copies
  or fees charged by lending libraries. Allow ten
  days to two weeks for receipt of loans. Students
  are still responsible for paying any overdue fee
  for items on interlibrary loan.
Reserve Materials

• Instructors may place materials on reserve
 for students to use in the library. Reserve
 materials are for two-hour use in the
 library only, unless the instructor requests
 overnight for certain items. Fines for
 overdue reserve materials are fifty cents
 per hour per item.

• Televisions, videocassette players, slide
 projectors, filmstrip projectors, etc. are
 available for use in the libraries, and for
 viewing audiovisual materials placed on
 reserve by instructors.
Handicapped Facilities

• Kurzweil Readers, computer programs,
 handicap carrels and a large selection of
 large print books and audiocassettes are
 available in both libraries.
Security System

• Items from both libraries are protected by
 security systems. Persons attempting to
 remove items from the libraries improperly
 may have privileges revoked and/or face
 disciplinary action.
• The Williamson Campus Library carries the
 Williamson Daily News in hard copy and
 also on microfilm from 1913-1920; 1935-

• The Harless Library carries the Logan
 Banner in hard copy and also on microfilm
 from 1896-1993.
Special Collections

• Appalachian Collection
• Children’s Collection
• West Virginia Collection
• West Virginia Depository
Appalachian Collection

 Located in the Williamson Campus Library:
 1,200 books, periodicals and audiovisuals
 pertaining to Appalachia. Includes local
 history and genealogical materials,
 National Archive Census tapes for Mingo
 County, WV and Pike County, KY to 1920.
 Microfilm of Williamson newspapers from
 1911-1920 plus 1935-present.
Children’s Collection

• Located in the Williamson Campus Library:
 More than 1,400 children’s books,
 including Caldecott and Newbery award-
 winning titles. Used by students in
 Children’s Literature classes, special
 education classes and for recreational
 reading by all patrons.
West Virginia Collection

• Located in the Harless Library:
 Approximately 2,200 books, periodicals
 and audiovisuals pertaining to West
 Virginia. Includes local history and
 genealogical materials, National Archive
 Census tapes for all counties in West
 Virginia and also the Logan Banner on
• The Williamson Campus Library is also a
     repository for West Virginia state
        government publications.
Library Staff
          Interim Director of Library Services
                   Kimberly Maynard
                  Williamson Campus
      Anita Messer-Library Technical Assistant II
       Vera J. Hale-Library Technical Assistant I
      Debbie Church-Library Technical Assistant I
             Marsha Hylton-Library Clerk
                     Harless Library
   Naomi Blankenship-Library Technical Assistant II
     Linda Vernatter-Library Technical Assistant I
         Delores “Gabby” McCoy-Library Clerk
              Kristin Hodge-Library Clerk
                Boone/Lincoln Campus
   Susan Ferrell-Information Specialist Technologist
             Wyoming/McDowell Campus
  Nathan Henderson-Information System Technologist
Library Databases

• Southern Libraries offer a variety of
 databases which allow you to search for
 reference materials when doing a research
 paper, speech or other type of paper.
Our Databases Are:
• College Source Online—Database of college catalogs
•   Encyclopaedia Britannica—Online Encyclopedia
•   HORIZONS-Southern’s Online Catalog
•   Infomine-WV Library Commission; database of library
    holdings in West Virginia
•   Literature Resource Center—Database of literary resources
    including full-text articles and indexes. (Only available on
    college network computers)
•   Infotrac-Database of various magazine articles; formerly
    known as SearchBank. (Only available on college network
•   New Smartthinking—An online tutoring service
•   New Issues & Controversies—A database containing “in-
    depth investigations of today’s top issues”
How to Use the Humanities Index
Below is an example of an entry taken from the
  Humanities Index when looking for a periodical
  on William Faulkner.

Traveling with Faulkner. H.J. Spillers. bibl. f Crit
  Q v45 no4 p8-17 Wint 2003
Title. Author. Article contains a bibliography.
  Magazine Citation. Volume and Number of
  Issue. Date of Issue.

Now you can look in our periodicals in hardcopy or
  on microfilm for this periodical. If we do not
  have it and you really need it, we can order it
  for you through interlibrary loan.
     How to Use the Reader’s Guide to
           Periodical Literature
            Example of a Periodical Entry:
Predation (Biology)
   Attack of the killer whales [attack upon gray whale calf] S. Flood.
Il National Wildife v. 38 no3 p36-9 Ap/My 2000

Explanation: An article on the subject “Predation”, entitled “Attack of
the killer whatles”, and written by S. Flood. The phrace “attack upon
gray whale calf” has been added by the indexer to clarify the meaning
of the title. Square brackets are used to indicate these editorial
interpolations. The article is illustrated. It appears in National
Wildlife, volume 38 number 3, on pages 36 through 39 of the
April/May 2000 issue.
                       Example of a Book Review:
Coren, S. The Pawprints of History. 2003
  The New Yorker v78 no45 p88-92 F 3 2003. L. MacFarquhar

Explanation: A review of a book by S. Coren, entitled “The Pawprints
of History”, and published in 2003. The review appears in The New
Yorker, volume 78 number 45, on pages 88 through 92 of the
February 3, 2003 issue. The author of the review is L. MacFarquhar.
                How to Use IPAC
• Click on the IPAC-Horizon Icon
• There are several ways to do a search. You can go directly
    to the search box and type in what you want to search or
    you can click on the search tab located at the top of the
    screen and do a search by genre such as subject, author,
    title etc.
•   Once you have chosen your method of searching, type in
    your subject, author, etc and hit enter.
•   Your search results will then come up. These results will
    show whether the Williamson Campus or the Harless
    Library holds the book. (If we do not hold the book that
    you want, but the Harless Library does, we can get that
    book for you through interlibrary loan which usually takes a
    day or two for us to receive).
•   Each search result screen displays ten titles and to get to
    the next set, simply hit the next page number or hit the
    NEXT button.
•   Once you locate the book that you want, write the collection
    and the call number down and bring it to the circulation
    desk and we will gladly show you how to find that book.
    (Reference books CANNOT be checked out)