William Allen White Children's Book Award by shuifanglj


									              William Allen White Children’s Book Award
                            2008-2009 selection year

TO:   Book Selection Committee Members
FROM: Beverley Buller, Chairperson
RE:   Guidelines for members regarding the Master List for 2010-2011

To be eligible for inclusion on the new William Allen White Award Master Lists, a
book must meet the following criteria:
      1) Published in 2008.
      2) Published in the United States, Canada or Mexico.
      3) Written in the English language.
      4) Written by an author who resides in the United States, Canada or
      5) Fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels and poetry are eligible for inclusion.
      6) Books under consideration should by judged by the following criteria:
                 Qualities of originality and vitality.
                 Clarity.
                 Factual accuracy when historical or informational.
                 Sincerity of author and respect for reader.
                 Acceptance by children.
      7) Titles by authors whose books have received previous WAW
           Award are eligible for inclusion.
      8) Picture books, whose main emphasis is more with illustrations than
           with written text are not eligible for inclusion.
      9) Edited works, compilations, previously published works, and works
           first published in foreign countries then translated and/or reprinted
           in U.S. are not eligible.

Only the very best titles should be included on any of the three nomination
“Rounds.” The Committee’s task is to identify quality rather than quantity.
Members need not feel compelled to nominate the maximum number of titles
allowed on the list unless each meets the above criteria. It is recommended that
you check reviews on a book if you’re the first to nominate it. An easy way is to
go to www.bn.com, type in the title, and you will find editorial reviews.

Plan to discuss books under consideration with teachers, librarians, and young
people. Titles now accessible in your community should be available through
interlibrary loan (ask your local public librarian).

To begin the screening process for the new Master List, please complete the
Round 1 form and return to Beverley Buller <wawselect@sbcglobalnet>
by January 15. The Round 1 titles will be compiled and returned to each
member for further consideration.

The same procedure will be followed for Rounds 2 and 3 as the Calendar
indicates. Deadlines must be observed in order for titles to be included.
The Selection Committee Meeting requires:
      1. Members to be present to vote. (Absent members’ choices will not
         be discussed. Members must have read the book in order to vote.
      2. Members to read all nominated books. The bare minimum of required
         reading is fifty percent of the list. Members should strive to exceed the
      3. Sixty percent of the committee members to have read a book before it
         may be nominated for consideration at the annual meeting.

Suggested Titles

It is often difficult to know where to begin in the selection process. The WAW
Library has begun to receive review books from publishers. A starting point may
be to borrow the books from ESU. To access the list of 2008 titles:

         click on Kellogg Online Catalog
         scroll down to Course Reserves
         click on Search Reserves
         type in WAW Books (Search by Professor’s Name)
         click on Suggested List

Please feel free to utilize the discussion list for the selection committee once it is
functional (you’ll receive an e-mail) to find out what others think about a book.

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