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   DISTRICT 5520
    “Inside Passage”

The purpose of this project is
 to significantly increase the
amount of money raised by RI
 District 5520 for The Rotary
  Foundation which, in turn,
 will ultimately increase the
money available for grants in
          this District.
                          J. Joe Wright

I was given the gift of Rotary by RI District 5730 PDG JB Roberts.
He taught me that Rotary is a service club, not just a civic club. He
encouraged me to take to heart the Declaration of Rotarians in
Business and Profession which states that “I am expected to
consider my vocation to be another opportunity to serve.”

Since becoming a Rotarian in 1996, I have served the Plainview, TX
and Ruidoso, NM Rotary Clubs in numerous capacities including being
President of the Plainview Club and I am currently the Treasurer of the
Ruidoso Club. I am a PHF (x3), a Benefactor and was very humbled to
have been awarded The Rotary Foundation’s Citation for
Meritorious Service last summer for my fundraising activities in RI
District 5730.
This same Cruise/Raffle
fundraiser has been
used in Rotary
International District
5730 for the past six
years and has resulted
in a total contribution of
over $1.4 million for The
Rotary Foundation,
hundred’s of PHF’s for
the district’s members
and lots of fun for the
scores of people that
have participated in the
District Cruises.
        Benefits of the Raffle

•   Individual club members who sell the raffle tickets can become
    Paul Harris Sustaining Members (every Rotarian every year)
    and potentially do so without spending their money.
•   Individual members that choose to purchase the raffle tickets
    themselves are being Paul Harris Sustaining Members and have
    the added bonus of winning two cabins on the District cruise.
•   All club members (especially those selling tickets) can use this
    program to create excitement about and interest in Rotary.
•   Actively participating clubs will have far more of their members
    become Paul Harris Fellows and thus more involved, vested
    Benefits of the District Cruise

•    Participating Rotary families (and their friends) have the
     opportunity for a great cruise experience at the best fare
     offered by Princess Cruises.
•    Participating Rotarians “build good will and better friendship”
     through a shared experience and often advance the causes of
     Rotary by sharing ideas and concerns in a non-competitive
•    All club members can use this program (especially those going
     on the cruise) to create excitement about and interest in Rotary.
        How the Raffle works
•   Each club member is given one (or more) booklets of ten
    tickets in an envelope with their membership # (or some
    means of tracking the $).
•   $ from the sale of the tickets, completed ticket stubs (and
    unsold tickets) are to be returned to the appropriate club
    officer in the tracking envelope.
•   The clubs are then responsible to track the donations of the
    individual members, get the $ to The Rotary Foundation and
    the stubs and accounting documentation to the Loren Kuehne
    prior to the District Conference.
•   At the District Conference, the winning ticket will be drawn
    with the person that bought and the person that sold the
    ticket each being awarded the following prize:
  An inside cabin on the District Cruise (or
  another Princess cruise of their choice) at
   a value not to exceed $1000.00/person
    including NCF’s (non-commissionable
         fees), gov’t fees and taxes.

Airfare and transfers between the ship and the port’s
     airport are the responsibility of the winners.
  Booking is to be done within 30 days of the raffle
 and the cruise is to be completed on or before the
        completion date of the District Cruise.
 How the District Cruise works
• The District Leadership determines a cruise date and
• SOUTHWEST PASSAGE will reserve the appropriate #
  of cabins, negotiate group rates, etc. for the District
  5520 group.
• Cruise participants would contact SOUTHWEST
  PASSAGE directly to reserve their cabin on the cruise.
• SOUTHWEST PASSAGE then makes the bookings,
  collects the money and distributes documents and
  information as needed.
• Founded in 1992, choose to become
  “cruise only” Agency in 2003
• Joe & Vickie Wright are SW Passage,
  work from a home office both are MCCs
• Primary clients are Rotarians and
  professional photographers
• Have arranged cruise travel over 40
  major groups including Rotary District,
  Professional Photography, Bank, Seed,
  Consulting, Family and University Groups
      RI DISTRICT 5520
“Inside Passage” ALASKA CRUISE

   August 25 – September 1, 2007
Seattle, Washington

 Juneau, Alaska     Victoria, British Columbia

Ketchikan, Alaska        Skagway, Alaska
Tracy Arm
Sawyer Glacier

Henry Gannett, a member of the Harriman Expedition, which
named most of the glaciers in Prince William Sound may have
had his tongue slightly in cheek when he wrote:
        “There is a word of advice and caution to be given to
those intending to visit Alaska for pleasure or for sightseeing.
If you are old, go by all means, but if you are young … Wait!
The scenery in Alaska is much grander than anything else of
its kind in the world, and it is not well to dull one’s capacity
for enjoyment by seeing the finest first!”
Princess Cruises
Cruising is not only a very
elegant, romantic way to
 see the world – it is also
arguably the best value in
       travel today.
                ALASKA CRUISE FARES

Cabin Type      Inside Cabin   Outside Cabin     Balcony Cabin   Mini-Suite

Price/Person*      $999            $1469             $1699         $1899

                      *double occupancy, space available
          from the Call of the Wild by Robert Service

       “… but can’t you hear the wild? It’s calling you.
Let us probe the silent places, let us seek what luck betide us,
            let us journey to a lonely land I know.
             There’s a whisper on the night wind,
              there’s a star agleam to guide us,
          and the wild is calling, calling … let us go.”
This presentation was photographed and produced
                 by J. Joe Wright

All photographs taken on “Inside Passage” Alaska
Cruises during the summers of 2004 and 2006.

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