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                                                                                        Issue V IVI
Life & Style                                                                                     IV
                                                                                          Issue Issue
                                                                                         April 2007
                                                                                      February 2006
                                                                                     March 2005
                                                                                             October 2008

                                                What is 5 inches?
                      Is the dress code truly fair to everyone...
Kelsey M                                                                                                 How many girls try to
Staff Writer                                                                                             hide? Here, an instance
                                                                                                         where a student sees the
           When shopping for a cute skirt, how                                                           dean approaching and
many girls actually think about the dress code at                                                        quickly tries to hide, us-
their school? On page five of our high school                                                            ing the lunch table.
handbook, it states “all hemlines (including
dresses, shorts, skirts etc.) can not be more than 5
inches about the knee.” Seems like a simple and
pretty lucid rule; however, it causes a chaotic
amount of confusion amongst the 324 females
that attend MHS. Questions pertaining to fairness,
as well as clarity of the rule itself often are sought
when a girl is asked to change her outfit. Hon-
estly, what is five inches anyway? And is it fair        Pictured below, Kelsey M, stand-
for all girls, short or tall, to have to abide by this   ing tall for a clear length check.
strictly enforced rule?
           Mrs. Colleen Larson, the new Dean of
Students, here at MHS, has had 50 to 60 incidents
of girls that have disobeyed the skirt rule since
the beginning of this school year alone.
          “Basically, I think it’s a more than rea-
sonable rule. If someone is wearing something
inappropriate, I simply ask them to call someone
and get a change of clothing. When the girls ques-
tion the length of the skirts, that’s when I actually                                                Above, another student, much
pull out the ruler and measure,” says Mrs. Larson.                                                   taller, poses to prove her dress
                                                                                                     was not challenging the code
           Mrs. DeBlois, Academic Dean of Stu-
                                                                                                     of conduct.
dents has this to say about the five-inch rule. “I
agree with the                                                               (Photos taken by Kelsey M & Timmy M)
                              (Continued on Page 24)

                                      Driving with Cell Phones ….
Breegan S                                 that paying attention to what lies ahead            anyone; take it from Senior Kendra S.
Staff Writer                              should be the number one priority while on                    “I think it is a really bad idea [to
                                          the road.                                           use your cell phone and drive]. My sister
         Officer Josh Mello’s illustrious           Cell phones have become increas-          does it and I fear for my life. I wish she
approachable demeanor and soft eyes sud- ingly intricate over the past few years; you         would stop.”
denly harden when asked of his opinion on can flip, slide, swivel, and adjust your way                  Using your phone while in motion
using a cell phone while driving. “Famous to get in touch with a contact of yours.            can put you into extremely scary situa-
last words. ‘I wasn’t paying attention, I These maneuvers all contain movements               tions, but furthermore, it endangers those
was checking my cell phone.’ Those are    and brain cells that would be better used           around even if they are fully focused on
the famous last words.”                   focusing on the car ahead of you.                   the road.
          Insight into the world of car             Slamming on your brakes at the                      “Recipe for disaster,” was the
wreckages leaves us with an understanding last second to avoid wreckage is scary for          simplest way Officer Mello could navigate
                                                                                                                    (Continued on Page 19)
STYLE                                                                                                                              PAGE 19

                            Dolce and Gabanna, Fendi, and the Donna Karan:
                          A look at what’s hot this season: Around Town and On the Runway
Rachelle P                                                                high’s, or those cute platforms…these colors will knock those
Staff Writer                                                              last season gladiator shoes out of the water.
           So, Fall is just around the corner and it’s getting to the               We all love the fashion week, the outfits, and the de-
point where those gladiator shoes and the accented miniskirts you         signers. From Dolce and Gabanna, who was our top fashion de-
see so much of around school, as well as the summer dresses, just         signer of the month, to Vivienne West-
aren’t going to cut it anymore. But now the wait for the new fall         wood as our number 10, who is also the
update is finally over. Deep colors like reds, plums and all the          infamous designer of Carrie Bradshaw’s
variations gold, greens, silver, black, white, and navy blue are          wedding gown in Sex and the City: The
being brought back to the fall of 2008.                                   Movie.
           “I’ve seen a lot of scarves, and ballet flats with the                   Remember every woman’s little
skinny jeans around school. Those are okay, and I like designers          black dress? Instead of plain and simple,
too, but I get most of my clothes from Wet Seal, and as long as           on the runway we’re seeing frills, bows,
it’s cute, I’ll buy anything,” says sophomore Omani W.                    and even faux fur are making the dress that
           It’s most likely going to be cold this fall, so the best way   much more sexy and bold.
to warm up are boyfriend styled sweaters, available almost any-                     Lastly, the bows are back! Bows
where. If you’re not quite into the whole sweater thing, then why         on dresses, pants, coats, and shirts, have this season in a praising
not try long fitted shirts with a button up jacket or zip up/ pull        up-roar. To make the “Bow Effect” even cuter, add one to your
over hoodie? Oversized layers look                                                             hair. “I like bows, when I think bow, I think
droopy and can make you look like                                                              girly, and it just makes me
you might have gained a bit. Figure                                                            feel good about myself be-
flattering is a better way to show off                                                         cause it’s cute,” says sopho-
your curves.                                                                                   more Karesse A.
            Also the buttoned, knee                                                            There’s your fashion for this
length jackets along with any type of                                                          fall! New colors and a new
black pants with an accented belt is a plus to keep your legs from                             variation to the things of the
freezing. These make your form appear much narrower.                                           past, you can never go wrong
           As for shoes, the peep-toes are back! Soft colors like                              with a classic iconic dress or
gray, red, and black are good to make your shoes look awesome             anything else for that matter and brightening it
with the new fall theme. Whether they are ankle boots, knee               up.

(Continued from page 18)  his mind              to text. I know it’s wrong but it’s              your roadway privileges taken
                          around cell           hard to stop.”                                   away until you turn eighteen. Does-
phone usage during driving.                              It is recommended for driv-             n’t sound worth it to make that one
“Enough accidents that shouldn’t                ers to pull over into a gas station or           phone call, does it?
have been caused involved cell                  a parking lot if it becomes immi-
phones, too many.”                              nent that they use their phones for
        As it is, 26% of all drivers            any reason.
have been involved in an auto-                           A distraction on the road is
accident within the past five years,            never a good idea, as Senior Savoy
but the most troubling part seems to            K, relays, “I recently got into a car
be that 25% of those crashes were               accident so I think any distractions
cell phone related, an easily avoid-            from the road won’t lead to any-
able circumstance. While some ad-               thing good. I wasn’t even using my
mit their wrongdoing, the troubling             phone! Imagine what would have
thought remains that there are many             happened if I was.”
on the road that still may not be
paying attention.                                       The Rhode Island law states
        Many will even admit to                 that within the first year of having a
their wrong doings. For instance,               license you may not use your phone
senior Valerie H. says “I’m guilty,             for any reason on the road. If
when I drive around I use my phone              caught, you will immediately have
STYLE                                                                                                                      Page 20

                                    Coffee from Around the World:
An inside look to some of the most Worldly Inspired Coffee Houses here in Newport

Rachelle P                                                           made to be a log cabin, but don’t let that fool you. Their coffee
Staff Writer                                                         comes from the Arabian Peninsula and is very laidback and re-
                                                                     laxed. High demands of the House blend cup is at its peak, along
           Believe it or not, there are coffee houses in our sur-    with the chocolate chip cookies and Panini’s. This wonderful
rounding areas that are very worldly inspired by different cultures little shop sells all three courses including dinner! Take home
around the earth. From the Forests of Latin America to the rolling dinners like Fettuccine and Lasagna are very popular. Workers
hills of Europe down to the oasis of Arabia, these coffee houses     here are wonderfully optimistic and love to answer any questions
have been selling products like there’s no tomorrow.                 you may have. The store offers extra occasions like Wednesday
                                                                     night reading group for young children at 9:30 every week and
Starbucks:                                                           they also cater parties. It was nominated the “Readers Choice
           The first on our list is Starbucks. As I recently found   Award for the Best Coffee in Rhode Island” by the Rhode Island
out, Starbucks receives its coffee from a variety of places in Latin Monthly, in 2008.
America, the Asian Pacific, and even small parts of Africa and
Arabia. This is where the “believe it or not” part comes into play;
I did some background research on Starbucks at their main web-
site, and found that these places are where the coffee from that
from. In-
isn’t it?
about                                                                Cappuccino’s:
Starbucks                                                                      With coffee imported from Italy and pastries made with
is that it’s                                                         a special Italian flare; Cappuccinos makes a perfect place to have
just one of                                                          a one-on-one close up on Italy. You can’t get better than that can
those                                                                you? Of course you can! The food and coffee is tremendously
places                                                               authentic as is the scenery inside the café. The Tosca Almond
where you                                                            Bar’s and Cocoa Mocha Bar’s are extremely popular as are the
say “Hey! This is good! Let’s get another round!” East Main road Mocha and Espresso drinks among the teenage crowd. Extra ser-
is the home of our very own Starbucks. It’s a great place just to    vices include wedding and special event cakes, a bakery shop,
hangout and get some great coffee, not to mention really good        and lunch specials every day, also every Wednesday is a buy one
pastries as well. Speaking of pastries…the high demand of the        get one cupcake free day. Workers here are friendly and make
cookies and other baked goods makes it nearly impossible to          sure you get you order under 5 minutes! They cater for parties
keep them in stores! Same goes with the Lattes and Frappuc-          and make small cookie and chocolate favors which can be that
cino’s. Starbucks not only sells its own coffee, but cute mugs to    elegant touch to any party. Located on 874 West Main Road,
purchase also. This place is a great place to hangout and crash      Middletown, RI, in the Home Depot and Cinema Shopping Cen-
after a hard day at school, or if you were walking around town       ter, this
and happened to want a quick caffeine boost. Check it out, be-       may not
cause not only will you get what you want, but great service from be the
your naturally relaxed and cheerful employees as well. Though,       best
don’t get saddened by the thought of only one Starbucks, there is place to
actually two close to our town, the one in Middletown and there put a
is the one in Newport. So Enjoy!                                     coffee
Custom House Coffee:                                                 but the
           So, there’s a huge football game tonight and you want to interior
kill some time before the game. Unfortunately, you’re too ex-        over-
hausted from a day at school. Why not head to Custom House           rules
Coffee? There are two, one in Middletown and another in Ports- that to a
mouth. The one I wrote about is right off of Rt. 114 at Clock        max.
Tower Square, in Portsmouth RI. This place looks as if it was                                        (photos taken by Rachelle P)
STYLE                                                                                                  page 21

                  Bachelor : Dan Cooney
                   Bachelor : Mark G
                                                                            Editor’s note: The bachelor and
Kelsey M                                                                    bachelorettes are selected by the
Staff Writer                                                                staff to represent single students
                                                  The Wave: Have            and should be recognized for their
       Ladies, look out. There is a single foot- any pick-up lines?         easy going and friendly personalities.
                                                                            They are good friends who may go
ball hunk on the loose! Mark G, or as his         Mark: I don’t need        unnoticed in the school.
friends like to call him “Marky,” is 5’9”, sen- one. The way I ap-
ior at MHS, a stud looking for that lucky lady proach the ladies
to spend all his time with.                       speaks for itself.
       “Mark, hm. He’s tall and a little shy, but
once you bring out his personality you realize The Wave: Where can you be found when
he’s a funny dude and mad chill. He’s got         your not in school?
some swagger. My boy is a real ladies man,” Mark: I’m either playing football or basket-
said best friend, William S.                      ball and when I’m not doing that just chillen
        “He’s a funny kid and has great style,” with my friends.
said fellow classmate Allison V.
       Amber S who has had the pleasure of        The Wave: If you could change one thing
dating Mark says, “Marky is a nice boy and is about yourself what would it be?
very respectful.”                                 Mark: I wish I could be a little taller to im-
       What girl wouldn’t want this amazing       prove my athletic skills.
man in her life?
                                                  The Wave: What is something no one knows
The Wave: What is the first thing you look for about you?
in a girl?                                        Mark: Most people don’t know that my mid-
Mark: Um, probably their eyes.                    dle name is Terrell.

The Wave: What do you consider your big-          The Wave: Would you prefer boxers or
gest turnoff?                                     briefs?
Mark: I don’t prefer girls with big teeth.        Mark: Boxers.
The Wave: If you could plan a perfect date,         Celeb Crush– Beyonce
                                                    Movie– Harold and Kumar
what would it be like?                              Food– chicken
Mark: First I would take her out to dinner at a     Color– blue
                                                    Future Aspirations– wants to own his
nice restaurant and then take her to a movie of     own business/corporation
her choice.

The Wave: How would you describe yourself
to someone who just met you?
Mark: I’m athletic and have a great sense of
humor.                                                             (photos courtesy of google images)
STYLE                                                                                                                             page 22

            Bachelorettes: Katie & Cassie O
Jordan P
Style Editor                                                                      No doubt Cassie O has swept many off their feet, but at
                                                                        this moment in time she is single and ready to mingle. She is
          Along with her close girlfriends, one thing Katie O loves     known to be quite the heart breaker, but her charming smile and
to do is dress up and gallivant through Newport for a night out on      her happy-go-lucky personality is definitely worth the effort.
the town.                                                                         “Cassie is hilarious, she has something to say about eve-
          “Katie always dresses so cute, I love all of her outfits,”    rything, and it always cracks me up,” said junior Rachel P, a
says fellow classmate Sarah J.                                          friend of Cassie
          Besides looking fabulous she is quite the mathematician.                Cassie is very blunt and will always tell it how it is. She
She is currently studying Accounting and Algebra II honors. She         almost seems opposite from her sister at times, and she loves to
may come off as quiet at first, but once you get to know her she is     gossip, but at heart she is an honest, loving person who will con-
quite the wild thing.                                                   tinue to be there for you, listen, and support you in what ever you
          To many, she is a great friend, to family, she is a won-      do. Cassie is a genuine young lady and any man would be lucky
derful sister, and to one lucky fella, she can be the best thing that   to call her his “girl”.
ever happened to him.                                                             After reading this short, but very sweet interview The
                                                                        Wave conducted with our very own bachelorette of this issue, if
Below The Wave gets a more in depth look at the real Katie              you like what you see, then don’t be shy to hit that up.
                                                                        JP: What do you look for in a man friend?
JP: What do you look for in a man friend?                               CO: “Intelligent, hard working, and a good sense of humor. Oh,
KO: “Just a good personality and he has to make me laugh.”              and good looking.”

JP: At first sight, what do you find most attractive about a            JP: At first sight, what do you find most attractive about a
guy?                                                                    guy?
KO: “The first thing I look at is his teeth and his hair,. His teeth    CO: “His teeth, his style, and their first impression on me.”
have to be nice.”
                                                                        JP: One thing that would repulse you.
JP: One thing that would repulse you.                                   CO: “I hate it when they have nothing to talk about, zero conver-
KO: “Greasy hair and not knowing how to dress. Absolutely no            sation starters in mind.”
sense of style is the worst.”
                                                              JP: How would you describe yourself to someone who has yet
JP: How would you describe yourself to someone who has yet to me you?
to me you?                                                    CO: “I’m always happy, very optimistic thinker, and friendly.”
KO: “I’m outgoing, fun to be around, funny, very loyal, and a
good listener.”                                               JP: Do you generally look for someone with the same inter-
                                                              ests as you?
JP: What hobbies or activities do you enjoy?                  CO: “No not really, I like them to be more athletic and always up
KO: “Gymnastics and shopping.”                                for anything.”

JP: Do you generally look for someone with the same inter-              JP: Describe your perfect date with a man friend.
ests as you?                                                            CO: “First, he’ll pick me up, then we’ll go out to a nice dinner or
KO: “No, I’m more into guys who do manly sports, surfers are            some coffee, he pays of course. More specifically, if it were dur-
usually pretty cute.”                                                   ing the summer time, we would spend the day at the beach and
                                                                        have some fun in the sun.”
JP: Describe your perfect date with a man friend.
KO: “Well, he would pick me up in a sexy car, preferably a              JP: If you could secretly giggle at one thing pertaining to
Porche, take me out to dinner, then we would catch a movie ei-          your sister what would it be?
ther out or back at the house.”                                         CO: “Well, I would have to say she is ridiculously obsessed with
                                                                        the entire Beckham family.”
JP: If you could secretly giggle at one thing pertaining to
your sister what would it be?                                           JP: Any pick up lines?
KO: “She’s, no doubt, into the blondies.”                               CO: “If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put “U” and “I”
STYLE                                                                                       Page 23

                 Bachelorettes continued...
Favorites:                                     Favorites:
Subject- Math                                  Subject- English or Spanish
Food/Restaurant- Steak with A1 sauce and       Food/Restaurant- Mashed potatoes and gravy
mashed potatoes                                Season, why?- “Fall because I love all the
Season, why?- “Tie between winter and sum-     changing colors.”
mer, summer you can wear cute dresses and go   Fashion Icon- Kristen Cavalleri
downtown without getting cold.”                Celeb Crush- Jesse McCartney
Fashion Icon- Victoria Beckham and Whitney     Movie- “There’s a lot, I don’t really have a fa-
Port                                           vorite.”
Celeb Crush- David Beckham                     TV Show- Beverly Hills 90210
Movie- The Breakfast Club                      Ice-cream- “I’m lactose intolerant.”
TV Show- Desperate Housewives, The Hills,      Starbucks- Pumpkin Spice latte
and Beverly Hills 90210
Ice-cream- Peanut Butter Cup
Starbucks- “Caramel Macchiato or Frappa-
chino, depends on the

                                                                    (Photos couresty of
STYLE                                                                                                                              Page 24

Amber C
News Editor

        What are your first thoughts when you wake up in the
             “Food!”- AJ J (12)                                                 “Yay! School!”- A.J
                                                                                S (9)
             “I have to pee.”- Brit-
             tani M. (12)                                                       “Oh what a glorious
                                                                                day!”- Brian A (10)

                                       “Where’s the                                                         “Oh God, I
                                       snooze but-                                                          have Amber in
                                       ton?”- Chelsea                                                       class.”- Mr.
                                       W. (11)                                                              Eric Godin

 (Continued from page 18)                      rule unfair is constantly on the minds of        then there are others who do their best to
school rule because its not punitive and not   those girls aforementioned.                      abide by the rule,” says senior Pat W.
meant to punish. Rather meant to establish               “To be honest not many girls own                  The rule has brought much con-
an acceptable standard in academic set-        skirts that are five inches above the knee,      troversy into the halls of MHS and from
ting.”                                         not cute ones anyway. And as for being           that tension has erupted. There have been
          Despite the amount of issues that    fair, shorter girls may seem like they have      several meetings and attempts at making
Mrs. DeBlois, as well as Mrs. Larson has       an advantage because when your tall its          the rule more agreeable. It is evident that
had with girls who refuse to see the rule as   more obvious but we get in trouble just the      the faculty is doing their part in revising
fair, they hold a firm belief in a modest      same,” says junior Cassie O who has had          the rule because the new rule that is being
dress code.                                    numerous altercations with the deans about       enforced is that the hemline must be five
          Although she has not had any         her skirts not reaching the five-inch mark.      and a half inches above the knee rather
issues this year, in previous years another              “I hate being tall,” says senior       than just five inches. As the faculty en-
faculty member that has played a huge role     Erin H who has also been told to change          deavors to amend the rule, the students
in enforcing the five-inch rule introduced     her outfit due to dress code violation. “I       could do their best to abide by the rule and
the mathematical aspect of the issue.          could be wearing the same skirt as some-         challenge it on a different level then dis-
          “Mathematically it is fair for all   one else and it would automatically be           obeying the rule completely. Is there an
girls because on every girl (give or take a    shorter on me.”                                  end to this on-going fight in sight, or will
little depending on height) will have 60%                In the midst of the disagreements      girls still fidget with their skirts when pass-
of their [top] leg covered,” says math         between the girls at MHS and the faculty,        ing a teacher? The basic belief is that the
teacher Deana Smith.                           there also lies the opinion of the male stu-     teachers of MHS hold the deciding vote on
          On the contrary there are mem-       dent body.                                       the dress code. The question is will the
bers of the female student body that dis-                “I think in some cases the rule        students and teachers work together to
agree with the rule and consistently try to    should be applied, but in others it’s a little   revise the rule or will it remain the same?
get away with wearing their skirts. The        excessive. There are some girls who abuse
idea that height differences make the skirt    the rule and wear really short skirts, but

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