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					CAMPAIGN IDEAS                                                                                      CFC
GENERAL CAMPAIGN FUNDRAISERS                                                Late Meeting Fee

  Balloon or Candy Gram                                                     Employees who arrive late for meetings pay a nominal fee
                                                                            of 25 or 50 cents each meeting in a jar for the campaign.
  Sell and deliver candy or balloons with attached notes                    Lunch Box Auction
  between employees. Employees get affirmation and the
  office gets decorated with colorful balloons or people get
  to have candy!                                                            Employees supply lunches to be auctioned, with
                                                                            encouragement to CEO and management staff to help
  Casual Days                                                               provide them. You can also give prizes for the most
                                                                            creative, nutritional, elegant, and humorous lunches. A
                                                                            speaker from a CFC-funded agency that operates a food
  Sell casual day badges allowing employees to dress
                                                                            pantry can also be there.
  casually on certain days. Employees can purchase the
  badges for $5 (or other amount) each. Your office can hold                Parking Spaces
  themed casual days as well.

  CEO Car Wash                                                              For each person who participates or gives at a certain
                                                                            level, their name can be put in a drawing for a prime
                                                                            parking space, where they can park for a week.
  Employees donate $5 (or other amount) to have their car
  washed during their lunch break by their boss.                            Paid Days Off
  Management can donate car wash supplies.

  Dollar Per Inch                                                           Through human resources or similar department,
                                                                            employees can have their name entered into a drawing to
                                                                            receive whole or half days of paid time off for giving to the
  Employees pay to cut one inch off their favorite executive
                                                                            CFC. Allow time for approval.
  tie each time they give to the community. Executives
  participate in an all-day competition to end the day with                 Picture Match Game
  the shortest tie.

  Executive Auction                                                         Invite employees to try their luck matching baby and/or
                                                                            pet pictures of management on a PowerPoint slideshow
  Get the executive staff to donate one hour of their day to                or other display. Award the staff member with the most
  your campaign and auction off each executive to the                       correct answers a fun incentive (e.g. gift certificate, gift
  highest bidding employee. The executives then must take                   basket, “VIP” parking, etc.). Employees can be charged
  over their employee’s job for one hour.                                   $5 (or other amount) per ballot.

  Half & Half Raffle                                                        Raffles

  Employees each donate a dollar to be kept in a plastic                    Raffle off gift certificates, company mugs/T-shirts,
  container. Hold a drawing where the worker receives half                  parking spaces, vacation days, etc. The sky is the limit!
  the funds in the container and your CFC receives the other
  half.                                                                     Silent Auction

  Jeans Day                                                                 Staff can bid silently on items such as longer lunch hours,
                                                                            “VIP” parking spots, casual days, extra vacation days,
  Each employee who participates or gives at a certain level                etc. Have employees donate items to auction off.
  is entitled to wear jeans on the day of their choice. They
  can earn extra days for adding on to their donation.

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CAMPAIGN IDEAS                                                                                     CFC
  Workplace Battle                                                          Casino Night

  Have offices, departments, or staff teams compete                         How can you have a successful Casino Night? Set up a few
  against each other to see who can have the highest                        gaming tables, a bingo table, a snack table, and invite
  participation rate or greatest donation amount raised for                 employees and their families to donate to the campaign
  an incentive such as a free pizza lunch, after-work mixer,                to participate. Have local businesses donate prizes.
  gift certificates, etc. Use the CFC campaign thermometers
  to judge the progress of the teams, and announce the                      Comedy Hour
  winner at the campaign wrap-up meeting.
                                                                            Ask a local comedian or improv group to donate their
                                                                            services over the lunch hour. Or have comedians within
COMMUNITY AWARENESS EVENT IDEAS                                             your company get up for a show. Have employees buy
                                                                            tickets to attend.
  Be an Everyday Superhero
                                                                            [Company’s] Funniest Office Video Contests
  Employees dress as heroes (Batman, Superman,
  Spiderman, etc.) to promote being a hero within the                       Invite employees to create their own “work” home videos.
  community. On their cape or the back of their shirt, have                 Charge an entry fee at a viewing party; offer a prize.
  employees pin a piece of paper describing how they make
  a difference in the community. A prize goes to the best-                  Lights! Camera! Action!
  dressed. For a creative twist, serve hero sandwiches for
  lunch.                                                                    Have employees dress up as their favorite characters from
                                                                            movies or TV shows. Act out a plot that involves CFC or
  Agency Tours and Speakers                                                 helping the community. Incorporate movie plots or
                                                                            famous lines into flyers and e-mails. Raffle off movie
  Have a CFC agency speak at your kickoff events or other                   tickets, DVDs, and movie rental gift cards.
  campaign activities. Also arrange for a tour of one of the
  participating agencies to get a look at the CFC’s impact on               Reality Show Campaign
  the community.
                                                                            Get "real" with your employees and conduct your
  Lunch and Learns                                                          campaign with a theme centered on the reality TV shows
                                                                            that have taken over the world! Hold daily activities with a
  One of the best ways to raise awareness of the CFC’s work                 tie to the popular reality shows (e.g. “The Amazing Race”
  within the community and how we advance the common                        agency tour, “Top Chef” cooking contest, “Weakest Link’
  good is through having one or a series of Lunch and                       putt-putt challenge, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”
  Learns for staff. Lunch and Learns are composed of a                      trivia).
  speaker from a CFC agency talking about their work in
  central Ohio. They can also be continued throughout the                   Tune into the Community
  year to keep staff engaged in the community outside of
  the campaign. Set one or a few up with your Relationship                  Music is a great way to get everyone moving to the CFC
  Manager!                                                                  beat. Rent or borrow a karaoke machine and hold a
                                                                            karaoke kick-off party. Have participants and volunteers
                                                                            dress up as their favorite musicians. Sell employees’ old
ENTERTAINMENT THEME EVENT IDEAS                                             CDs or raffle off stereos, iPod Shuffles, iTunes gift cards,
                                                                            or CDs. Hold a musical talent show complete with
  “American Idol” Contest                                                   revamped songs with lyrics about the CFC.

  Employees hold an “American Idol”-type contest, based
  on the hit TV show. Employees make a donation to vote
  for the singer or singing group of their choice. The person
  or group that attracts the most votes will sing a song in
  front of an audience.

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CAMPAIGN IDEAS                                                                                      CFC
FESTIVAL THEME EVENT IDEAS                                                  cafeteria. Don’t forget bacon, sausage, syrup, butter etc.
                                                                            Each department can donate an item. The proceeds will
                                                                            go to CFC.
  Carnival and Talent Show
                                                                            Wine Tasting
  Hold a carnival and talent show to kick off your CFC
  campaign. As a part of the program, have executives                       Hold a wine tasting and select five wines to be rated. All
  perform songs with lyrics to fit CFC’s work. Have an                      employees and their spouses/guests in attendance are
  executive dunking booth, giving employees the chance to                   given rating sheets. Special drawings are also held for
  dunk their boss, or create a pie-throwing game with a                     contributors to the CFC campaign throughout the week.
  similar setup. Employees can participate in traditional                   The larger the contribution the more chances for prizes.
  carnival games such as the ring/beanbag toss and ducky
  races. The finale event is the Mr./Mrs. CFC Pageant where
  divisions nominate a contestant to compete in the
  pageant. Each pageant contestant must educate the
                                                                     SPORTS THEME EVENT IDEAS
  audience about one CFC agency during the talent
                                                                            “Breakfast of Champions”

  Mardi Gras                                                                Decorate with athletic gear, flags and banners. Company
                                                                            departments become teams, campaign progress is
  Everyone loves a party so why not model your campaign                     marked by moving teams across a playing field poster
  after the biggest party in the world- Mardi Gras! Invite a                towards goal, campaign chair or CEO "coach" gives a pep
  jazz band to play at your kick-off event. Hold a parade                   talk at a kickoff "Breakfast of Champions" where
  float contest, with departments decorating shoeboxes as                   Wheaties is served.
  floats. Sell bead-o-grams (beads with thoughtful
                                                                            Executive Rolling Chair or Tricycle Races
  messages attached). Host a Cajun potluck as your thank-
                                                                            Set up a relay course for executives to go through either
                                                                            sitting in rolling chairs or on tricycles. Let observers “bet”
FOOD THEME EVENT IDEAS                                                      on their favorite contestants.

                                                                            Mini-Indy 500
  Ice Cream Social

                                                                            Rent or borrow remote controlled cars and set up an “Indy
  Set up an ice cream bar with a variety of favorite
                                                                            500” race. Use office supplies to decorate the track.
  toppings. Charge employees by the scoop.
                                                                            Teams can be sponsored to compete. Spectators can
  Lunch Box Auction                                                         place “bets” on the winner.

                                                                            Office Olympics
  Have employees create gourmet lunches to be auctioned
  off to the highest bidder. Give prizes for the most                       The perfect fundraiser along with this year’s summer
  creative, nutritious, elegant, or humorous meals.                         Olympics! Teams (by department or random) are formed
                                                                            throughout the office and must pay an entry fee ($25 per
  Taste of [Company Name]                                                   team or other amount). Teams will participate in events
                                                                            over lunch or after work such as paper airplane flying,
  Create a "Taste of Ohio" event. Invite local restaurants in               trashcan basketball, darts, and/or relays (three-legged
  the area (or even your own employees) to set up their best                race, potato sack race, egg-on-a-spoon race, etc.). Give
  dishes for employees to purchase and sample in order to                   medals or small trophies to the top teams. Invite CFC
  raise funds for your campaign.                                            speakers to talk about cultures throughout Ohio.
                                                                            Organize an international potluck luncheon where
  Waffle/Pancake Breakfast                                                  employees bring their favorite ethnic dishes and
                                                                            showcase music from around the world.
  Sell tickets and have people sign-up for their choice of
  pancakes or waffles. Cook breakfast in your company

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CAMPAIGN IDEAS                                                                                      CFC
  Playing the Field                                                    OTHER EVENTS & ACTIVITIES
  Use baseball, basketball, football, golf or hockey themes.                  Back to School
  Teams of employees advance around bases or down the
  field according to their donation levels. Include sports-
                                                                              Relive the glory years of school (without all the
  related competitions and prizes for participants.
                                                                              homework). Collect school supplies for a CFC agency.
  Tailgate Party                                                              Hold a spelling bee between departments. Contestants
                                                                              must spell each word correctly or everyone on the team
  Have a Monday night tailgate during football season or a                    must pay. The winning team receives a prize. Another
  Saturday afternoon tailgate for Ohio State during college                   idea is to e-mail CFC pop quizzes to employees and give
  football season. Each employee brings $5 or $10 as well                     the winners a prize. Along with this theme, you can give
  as a potluck dish (hot dogs, wings, chili, etc.). A colleague               away customized lunchboxes too. Have employees’ kids
  can host the event in their home to be more cost-                           help decorate flyers.
  effective, or you can hold the event in the company
                                                                              Balloon Popping for Prizes
  parking lot.
                                                                              Ask business partners to donate prizes. Before filling a
                                                                              balloon with helium, put a note inside some of the
TRAVEL/VACATION THEME EVENT IDEAS                                             balloons with the name of a prize. In other balloons, put a
                                                                              note with a CFC fact. Pledge forms and other office notices
  Be a “Lifesaver”                                                            can be shaped like balloons. Have employees purchase
                                                                              and pop balloons.
  Have some fun, beach-style! Sand, sunglasses, beach
  balls, and “The Beach Boys” music make your office feel                     Board Game Contest
  like you are on the beach. Employees who donate are
  awarded life preserver pins to wear around the office to                    Recruit employees to play a chosen board game (e.g.
  show that they are lifesavers within the community.                         Trivial Pursuit, chess, Scrabble, etc.). Create a bracket
                                                                              and pool around the winning team or allow employees to
  Bon Voyage!                                                                 move/acquire a game piece for every gift.

  With a traveling theme, you can host a “Bon Voyage”                         Children’s Drawing Contest
  party as a victory celebration. Everyone who gives
  through CFC gets a “passport” to get into the party. Top                    Give employees photographs of some top executives to
  contributors will be put into a drawing to win a prize,                     take home for their children under 12 to draw. Charge a
  possibly donated from a travel agency.                                      ballot fee to vote for the best portraits. Display the
                                                                              winning portraits. Variations of this event: have children
  Vacation at Work                                                            draw people helping other people; poems, collages, and
                                                                              photos can also be submitted.
  Whether you transform your campaign into a Hawaiian
  luau, African safari or the Australian outback, employees                   Garage Sale
  are sure to have a wild time. Organize a scavenger hunt or
  hula-hoop contest. Have a themed potluck and encourage                      Have employees donate household items, books, CDs,
  staff to dress up too (e.g. grass skirts, safari outfits).                  and videos for a company- or department-wide sale with
                                                                              the proceeds going towards your CFC campaign.

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