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									Help Desk Update

Dave Clements
Galaxy Project
Emory University

March 2011 GMOD Meeting
5-6 March 2011
Inputs and Outputs
• Lunch will be here
  – I think in this room.
• Dinner
  – Mt Fuji, Brightleaf Square, 7:30pm tonight.
  – Unofficial
  – Headcount
• Coffee/Tea
• Bathrooms
• Twitter: #gmod11
Software Membership Requirements
 • Codified in Feb 2010, following Jan 2010 meeting
 • Revisions discussed and adopted Fall 2010
 • Version 2 Requirements:
   –   Meets a common need
   –   Useful over time
   –   Configurable and Extensible
   –   Open source license for all users
   –   Interoperable with existing GMOD components
   –   Commitment of support
   –   Support mailing list that is publicly archived
   –   Publicly accessible code repository

GMOD.org and GMOD on the Web
• New and improved GMOD News as part of
  move to OICR
• GMOD Project Statistics Page
• GMOD Promotion Page
• Unified email archive @ Nabble
GMOD Europe 2010 Report
• 4 events, 4 days, 60 people
• GMOD Meeting – 19 Talks
  – Open Microscopy Environment,
    InterMine, BioPivot, CpG Island
    and STR Annotator Plugins,
    GMOD RPC API, CRAWL, DAS, Cosmic GBrowse,
    Project Sustainability, …
• BioMart and InterMine workshops
• Two Satellite Meetings
  – Post Reference Genome Tools
  – Community Annotation

GMOD Evo Hackathon Report
•   5 days, 31 people, 8 subroups
•   GMatchbox
•   GBrowse_syn2
•   JBrowse_syn
•   PhyloBox
•   GMatchbox-JBrowse-PhyloBox Integration
•   Natural Diversity and Phenotypes in Chado
•   Galaxy + HyPhy
•   BioPerl
•   Birds of a Feather / SIGs
•   Monday, All day, @ NESCent
•   Can still sign up
•   Topics:
    – GMOD Evo Hackathon Folowup - Duke Leto
    – Customizing and Extending JBrowse - Mitch
    – GMOD in the Sequencing Center - Chris
      Hemmerich & Dave Clements
    – Your idea here …

• 2011: 5th school, 4rd year
  – Next week @ NESCent, North Carolina, US
  – 55 applications for 25 slots
  – InterMine and SOBA new this year.
  – Plus Apollo, Chado, Galaxy, GBrowse,
    GBrowse_syn, GFF3, JBrowse, MAKER, and
  – Tuition $265, < $55/day
  – Course sessions will become online tutorials

Upcoming Events of Note
• Galaxy Community Conference
   – May, Lunteren, The Netherlands
• Arthropod Genomics Symposium
   – June, Kansas City, Missouri, US
• Workshop on Comparative Genomics
   – July, Fort Collins, Colorado, US
• Fall GMOD Meeting
   – October, Toronto, Canada
• Plant and Animal Genome
   – January, San Diego, California, US
• Biocuration 2012 / BioCreative / GMOD
   – April, Washington DC, United States

(Help Desk) Grant Funded
• Enhancing the GMOD Suite of Genome Annotation
  and Visualization Tools
  – JBrowse, GBrowse  JBrowse, Help Desk
• Help Desk
  – JBrowse, GBrowse  JBrowse, NGS data, transcriptomics,
    developmental atlases, population genomic and natural
    diversity data, workflow and pipeline tools for processing
    large data sets, and software interoperability
  – Continue with documentation, user support, gmod.org,
    training, courses, outreach, annual survey
GMOD Help Desk: Now Hiring

     Scott Cain      Sheldon McKay         Hilmar Lapp
    Carson Holt        Lincoln Stein     Candace Brown
   Brian Osborne          Jim Hu            Jon Auman
       Ed Lee        Peter Van Buren    Dan Blankenberg
  Danielle Wilson     Daniel Renfro      Dave Matthews
  Stephen Ficklin       Todd Vision        Steve Heller
   Mitch Skinner        Nathan Liles       John Aikman
    Ian Holmes      Maryann Martone        Robert Buels
    Phillips Lab        Bill Gelbart      Richard Smith
    Gos Micklem     Brenley McIntosh    Nicole Washington
  Shelley Lawson    Chris Hemmerich    Alexie Papanicolaou
  Jason Swedlow         Cresko Lab       Josh Goodman
    Barry Moore        James Taylor      Randy Campbell
  Alex Kalderimis   LBCC Adv. Design        Suzi Lewis
     Eric Stone          Ben Faga          Mark Yandell
    Steve Taylor       Joshua Orvis         Sue Brown
  Richard Baldock         Heng Li          Matt Bellgard
  Brian O’Connor     Simon McGowan          Don Gilbert
     Denis Tagu        Junjun Zhang          …

                                    For everything

                                          Dave Clements
                                                 Galaxy Project
                                               Emory University

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 http://gmod.org/wiki/GMOD_Mailing_Lists   http://gmod.827538.n3.nabble.com/
• Why?
  – Increased visibility
      Increased adoption
         More projects contributing back
  – Increased adoption & development  funding
• How?
  –   Cite GMOD, GMOD Components
  –   Powered by GMOD icons
  –   Speakers at your event
  –   Graphics & slides for your presentations, posters
  –   Presentation and event promotion
  –   Brochures (GMOD project, events)
  –   Bling!

GMOD Logo Program

                   Logos by John Aikman's Spring 2010 Advanced
                   Design class @ Linn-Benton Community College,
                   Albany, Oregon, United States


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