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					TECHNICAL DATA SHEET                                                                                                                                                  56-SERIES-O-008
                                                                                           Description                                                             Main Application
     56-SERIES – RCD PROTECTED                                                             The 56 Series of RCD or ELCB                                            Ideal for switching to loads at harsh
              OUTLETS                                                                      protected socket outlets protect the                                    environment to ensure highest
                                                                                           user against an earth fault. Both RCD                                   degree of protection.
                                                                                           & ELCB models feature double pole
                                                                                           switching & respond to earth fault in                                   Materials & Finish
                                                                                           pulsating DC applications. Over                                         - Use of PVC and Valox for all
                                                                                           Current Operating Characteristic                                          plastic components
                                                                                           curves for the ELCB models are                                          - Brass & Copper for all
                                                                                           available on request.                                                     conductivity components
                                                                                                   Superior impact strength, proven                                Option Available
                                                                                                   & tested to operate in extreme                                  56 Series RCD’s are available with
                                                                                                   temperature from -40 C t0 55 C
                                                                                                                                 0                                 both latching & non latching RCD
                                                                                                   Specially formulated chemical                                   modules. To order a non latching
                                                                                                   resistance where harsh chemical                                 product specify “A” in the description
                                                                                                   are used.                                                       (eg.: 56C310ARCD). To order a
                                                                                                   Solvent bonding capability,                                     latching product refer to the
                                                                                                   bonded to standard PVC conduit                                  description below.
                                                                                                   Proven IP66 protection                                          Standards & Approvals
                                                                                                   Greater UV protection against                                   RCD Protected Socket Outlets
                                                                                                   discolouration & degradation.                                   comply: BS4293
                                                                                                   Full range of matching gear                                     IP Comply: AS 1939
                                                                                                   Built in modular form to make                                              BSEN 60529
                                                                                                   assembly simple
                                                                                                   Quick, easy and safe wiring with
                                                                                                   large capacity terminals.
                                                                                                                                                                   Box Quantity           : 1 pc

                                                            TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION & PRODUCT RANGE
                                                                                                          Product Range
 Protection Module Specifications
                                                                                     RCD                                                      ELCB
(used in all RCD/ELCB products)
Rated Opeartional Voltage                           Volts                          230 ~ 240                                                121 ~ 240
Description                                                              Residual Current Device                         Residual Current Device with Overload Protection
Max Thermal Current Enclosed                       Amps                               20                                                  10, 16 and 20
Number of Poles                                                                       2                                                         2
Rated Tripping Current                             Amps                             30mA                                                      30mA
Rated Tripping Time                              Second                             30mS                                                     100mS
Power Consumption                                   Volts                      1.6W at 240Volt                                                  -

                                                                                                                                Product Range
Technical Specification                                              56RCD20-30                             56ELCB10                                 56ELCB16                            56ELCB20
Description                                                        RCD Module Only                 RCD & 10A Overload Protection          RCD & 16A Overload Protection         RCD & 20A Overload Protection
Rated Operational Voltage                           Volts              230 ~ 240                            120 ~ 240                                120 ~ 240                           120 ~ 240
Rated Thermal Current Enclosed                     Amps                   20                                    10                                        16                                 20
RCD Module
Rated Tripping Current                             Amps                  30mA                                 30mA                                      30mA                               30mA
Rated Tripping Time                              Second                  30mS                                 100mS                                     100mS                              100mS
                                                                               2                                     2                                         2                                  2
                                                     Min                 1mm                                  1mm                                       1mm                                1mm
Cable Cross Sections Solid or Stranded
                                                     Max                10mm2                                 10mm2                                     10mm2                              10mm2
IP Rating                                                                IP66                                  IP66                                       IP66                              IP66


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